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Proposing New Gods

Before proposing a new god, check if a similar concept has been proposed. Read over the Consolidated Gods page and all other proposals below. If possible, rather than submitting yet another concept, instead adopt an existing concept and embellish it.

Brief Concepts

  • Consolidated Gods : Page to propose short god concepts to be fleshed out. New ideas should start here. Innovative gods which drive discussion will be given their own pages later.

Lengthy Concepts

If you have a lengthy concept that is very fleshed out, consider creating a new page under the dcss:brainstorm:god:propose namespace. Do not title your page with the proposed name of your god; instead use the following format:

  • {Foo} God

where {Foo} is the general concept encompassing your god (eg: Health, Greed, Negativity). See examples in the index below if you need help with this.

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