Scroll God

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Summary A god focused around the collection and use of scrolls. Provides an alternate way into spell usage for those not wanting to go into spell casting, but does not make a non caster as powerful as a caster.
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Ansci, The Page Master

Ansci is the god of knowledge. Desiring to know all that is written, Ansci's followers sacrifice scrolls of knowledge and books of power to him. The flow of information to Ansci is not one-sided however. All Ansci followers are granted a special book of knowledge, which is influenced by the knowledge they give to their god. Ansci at times may gift his followers with usage of scrolls within their books, and even spells occur. All knowledge is fleeting however, and as the knowledge of the special book is used it fades.


  • Passive: Scrolls sacrificed are auto identified
  • Passive: Erase Knowledge, removes a spell or scroll from the book of knowledge in exchange for experience (depends on what is erased)
  • 1star, Reader : May summon a book of Knowledge. (Piety, only 1 may exist at a time).
  • 2stars, Scholar : Whenever a scroll is sacrificed, a 1 use copy of that scroll appears in the book of knowledge (Stacking up to 3, Passive).
  • 3stars, Librarian : Whenever a book is sacrificed copies of its spells appear in the book of Knowledge. Charges for each spell are equal to 10-spell level. (Stacking, Passive).
  • 4stars, Truth seeker : NA.
  • 5stars, Reader of all : Sacrificed scrolls have a % chance rising with piety for a second charge of them to appear (Passive).
  • 6stars, Architect of Knowledge : Sacrificed spells have a % chance rising with piety for double charges of them to appear (Passive). May designate an item in the book of knowledge to learn more about (Piety)



  • Sacrificing scrolls (+1 Piety).
  • Sacrificing books (+Piety based on spell levels in books).
  • Long standing faith (+1 Piety every 520 turns).


  • Hording knowledge (using scrolls/books rather than sacrificing)
  • Destruction of Knowledge (destruction of scrolls/books)
  • Leaving him (Penance)


If you are available for a gift and piety>150 Ansci either gifts additional charges on a scroll/spell in your book of knowledge weighted to the 6* designation (not guaranteed), or gifts charges of scrolls or spells (as if sacrificed by the player) that they have not seen before.

Gift timeout is a little bit longer than Trogs.


Penance is set to 50.

  • All scrolls and books in inventory are destroyed.
  • Ignites scrolls and books in vision. Scrolls have 5% chance of reducing penance by 1. Books have 50% chance to reduce penance by 1.

Using the book of Knowledge

The book is used as if i was a cross between a spell book and a scroll. Read from the book, select spell/scroll, effect happens. Power of effect is controlled by Evocations. Using to book trains Evocations.


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