Uukiru the Fearless

This god provides a high-risk, high-reward gameplay style.


Uukiru is the god of fearlessness, favoring risk-taking and challenges.00



  • Killing (slow piety gain).
  • Adds an ability Challenge Call, which gives extra piety.


  • None.

Powers Granted

  • 0* - Challenge Call: Sets a status that will at a future time result in word of recall being cast at the player's location. The recall will use similar rules to the rules used to determine whether convokers use recall: not too many monsters already in LOS, enough dangerous monsters on the floor remaining. Won't trigger if you're in an enclosed space. At the moment the recall happens, the piety gain triggers, +1 (2?) piety per monster recalled. XP or piety timer between uses?
  • 1* - Damage bonus: All enemies take +15% damage from all sources for each equipment slot the player could fill but leaves empty. The “weapon” slot doesn't count, but the second hand does. The maximum multiplier is limited to the number of piety starts the worshipper has.
  • 2* - Perfect Aim (piety cost ~5): All your attacks and spells have a 100% chance to hit.
  • 4* - Ignore the Pain (piety cost like sanctuary): Instead of taking damage, you get a status that converts the damage to status counters. Every turn the status loses one counter and deals one irresistable damage to you. If the status time runs out you suffer all the remaining counters as damage immediately.


* You take 50% increased damage during penance. * You periodically get word of recall dropped on you.

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