Alchemy God

Named something along the lines of “Ulziri the Unquenchable”, I really haven't given the name much thought.


A god of Alchemy, inebriation and all things liquid. This new god from a foreign land endeavors to add one of every potion to his collection. As his follower you are tasked with sacrificing the various potions of the dungeon to him, to help build his collection. With each potion your piety grows as you unlock new powers and abilities. This god was once a great alchemist. So great that he was able to concoct a potion capable of granting him godhood. Maybe if you fetch him the Orb of Zot, he'll share the recipe. The other gods, very upset with his unconventional ascension, have no other means for revenge, except to exact retribution on his followers. (I'm toying with that last bit as a potential conduct.)


Rather than gaining piety that decays over time, your piety is fixed to the number of potions you've sacrificed.

Piety is gained at the following milestones…

  • 1 star: 25% of potions sacrificed.
  • 2 stars: 50% of potions sacrificed.
  • 3 stars: 66% of potions sacrificed.
  • 4 stars: 80% of potions sacrificed.
  • 5 stars: 90% of potions sacrificed.
  • 6 stars: All potions sacrificed.
Effects from Piety
  • Penance: God turns every thing you quaff into water/booze.
  • 0 star: fullsome distillation ability. god identifies sacrificed potions
  • 1 star: evaporate ability.
  • 2 stars: cloud protection/evaporated potion effects.
  • 3 stars: intrinsic preservation, sip ability.
  • 4 stars: Divining/Sense fluids, Amphibiousness.
  • 5 stars: Enemies w/ bite attacks get confused on successful bite, rPois, short range confusion breath attack.
  • 6 stars: Synthesize potion ability.

A major aspect of this god is his potion gifts. As he comes from a very different locale, his cabinet is full of strange potions that cannot be found elsewhere. He will gift them to you in exchange for “ingredients” In short, you gift corpses and natural foods, he gifts from his unique potion set. These potions have special effects when quaffed, and when used with the evaporate invocation.

  • Fullsome Distillation: Same as spell. 2mp.
  • Evaporate: Same as spell for normal potions, creates special effects from gifted potions. 2mp, food. uses invocations.
  • Sip: Identify potion without using it. 5 turns, fails if interrupted, perhaps a chance of spilling it.
  • Divining/Sense fluids: Not sure whether passive or active. If active detects potions, water and lava tiles. Cost 5mp, food. uses invocations
  • Confusing breath: Penetrating 3 tile range. Cost 3mp, lots of food. uses invocations.
  • Synthesize potion: Like Fullsome Distillation but creates a potion based on the value of the corpse. The bigger the corpse the better the potion, corpse must be fresh. Cost 8mp, many turns, uninterruptible. uses invocations.

This god values sacrifices in ascening order: contaminated corpses, poisonous corpses, mutagenic corpses, degenerative corpses, fruits & veggies. These sacrifices do nothing for piety. They just reduce the gift timer, which otherwise doesn't move. After each gift, the timer is set beck to it's original value, for you to whittle back down again for more potions.

Some potion ideas...
  • fire resistance: quaff for extended rF++, evaporate for 3×3 flame clouds
  • cold resistance: quaff for extended rC++, evaporate for 3×3 freezing clouds.
  • elec resistance: quaff for extended rElec, evaporate releases ball lightning on target tile.
  • holy protection: quaff for extended rN++, protection from holy if possible, evaporate for holy explosion (or possibly miasma)
  • Eagle Eye: quaff for increased Accuracy, evaporate causes blindness effect if possible or reduced accuracy
  • flight: quaff for extended flight status, evaporate causes 3×3 knockback and airstrike
  • lubricant: quaff causes melee equivalent of reflect missiles, evaporate creates 3×3 mist that enemies to drop their equipment.
  • selective amnesia: quaff for spell forgetting, evaporate creates 3×3 mist that prevents non-demonics from spellcasting.
  • charisma: quaff for charm human ability (passive or active?) & bargain status, evaporate creates 3×3 mist that causes monsters to attack whatever is near them.
  • butterfly breath: quaff for 8 uses/timed access to butterfly breath (think you barf a stream/cone of butterflies), evaporate creates a massive swarm of butterflies.
  • stealth: quaff for greatly increased stealth, evaporate creates a short 5×5 silence zone.
  • decontamination: quaff for glow removal, evaporate creates a 3×3 distortional cloud.
  • darkness: quaff reduces LoS to a much smaller radius, evaporate creates large persistant smoke clouds.
  • hearing: quaff grants effects of antennae, evaporate causes target to hear voices, rendering it permanently confused.
  • learning: quaff grants +1 to a random skill level, evaporate causes 3×3 mist of pacification as monsters become enlightened.
  • possession: quaff grants 3 random positive effects (might, resistance, haste, etc.) but has the effect of mesmerizing you towards random opponents while active, evaporate spawns neutral demonic horde.
  • eldritch: quaff grants randomly branded aux tentacle attacks, evaporate creates aggressive disembodied tentacles.
  • Midas: quaff grants touch that turns enemies that don't resist into gold pieces, evaporate turns target into gold (both cases, the amount is based on enemy size)
  • Crumbling: quaff grants touch that reduces crumbly enemies to rubble, evaporate causes very high powered LRD.
  • Ironform: quaff grants major AC bonus, iron blast ability, slow movement, evaporate creates 3×3 petrification cloud.
  • lava form: quaff grants heat branded melee, throw lava ability, lava immunity, rF++, evaporate creates pack of molten gargoyles.
  • jellyform: quaff grants acid attack ala spines, spit acid, damage reduction, evaporate creates 3×3 acid splash (maybe Degeneration?)
  • vapourform: quaff grants high evocation, travel through walls(maybe just monsters), evaporate creates 3×3 area that causes enemies to fall through the floor.
  • wraith form: quaff grants rN+++, rC++, draining unarmed attack that raises dead, evaporate creates 3×3 area of reaping/ raise dead.
  • resurrection: quaff “You've never felt so alive!” perhaps massive healing, evaporate restores 3×3 area of monsters to life, i.e. not undead. They retain hostile/friendly status.
  • Penance: the tasteless.
  • 0 star: the thirsty.
  • 1 star: %race% apprentice.
  • 2 stars: the refresher.
  • 3 stars: the sipper.
  • 4 stars: the mixologist.
  • 5 stars: the inebriant.
  • 6 stars: the Brewmaster.
Conduct Ideas

Random level appropriate wrath effects from the other gods. They're taking their anger for your god out on you.

Possibly a restriction on spellcasting (no conjutations or enchantments).

Please make suggestions!


Upon leaving, all of your potions are turned to water. All further potions you find are as well.

Occasionally you get hit by various clouds and negative potion effects.

He gets you drunk. (randomly confusion, sleep, sluggish, fumbling attacks, slurred speech (reduced spell success)

Misc. related thoughts

Some of these ideas might be rolled into random Xom effects.

It would be nice to have potions as an added option to acquirement. You would get one or two higher end potions of a type you had not yet discovered.

Un'IDed potions from him would have yellow names indicated their origin.

Whatever his power for gaining full piety is, it should either be decent or mostly for style points as very few characters would reach that point without going deep into the extended game. The god's important points should be covered by *. .

Arguments For / Against

= For =

  • Has an otherwise unexplored theme.
  • Ability set mostly avoids overlapping with other gods
  • Somewhat differentiated from other gods in how his followers gain piety
  • Offers new opportunities for different play styles. Stabbers get confusing breath, potions tailored for them, ranged attackers get various distracting clouds, melee attackers get special buffs from potions, can toss potions at their feet.

= Against =

  • As b0rsuk says below the idea may be too narrow for a god of 'Alchemy'. Perhaps for a god in general? I may have adhered to a specific theme too tightly.
  • I'm not familiar enough with implementation, but I don't yet know how practical some of the items/abilities are from a coding standpoint.
  • Perhaps Fullsome / Evaporate combo is already well tread by virtue of being in two different class' starter books.
  • Conducts need to be better developed.

This sounds like a very narrow god idea. I have my own half-fleshed vision of an Alchemy/forge god. His powers would include:

  • His altar is a giant forge, strongest powers require bringing an item to it (challenging in, say, Pandemonium)
  • Ability to fix items (remove minuses - good for corroded items, nets, etc)
  • Ability to remove a single power from a randart (fix randarts without scumming)
  • Make a randart out of any item. In case of weapons and armour, existing plusses have no effect. The item gets some random bonus instead (I dislike putting multiple scrolls into a single item)
  • Temporarily reassign ability points (Str, Dex, Int)
  • Acid splash, with chance to destroy items and dungeon features

b0rsuk 2010-10-13 15:36

Power ideas:

  • Duplicate Potion (piety cost)
  • Acquire Random Potion (piety cost)
  • Mix Potions (the player must pick 2 potions, and can choose the new potion from 3 possible choices. The choices might be somewhat randomized, or picked from possible characteristics of the chosen potions)
  • Apply Potion (Smite-targets a victim, and applies the potion effect to them. It would be like the target quaffed the potion: heal your allies, mix up special nasty stuff for enemies, etc.)
  • This god would allow access to rare and/or god-specific potions. Rare potions would NOT become commonplace: the player would simply have A CHANCE of mixing up a really good potion from two other potions (from the 3 possible choices power above.) Two good potions could become a better potion, a nasty potion opposite in effect(s) to the potions, or a randomized result.
  • When I say “god-specific” potions, I'm actually thinking about needle-effects. Right now a blowgun is the Swiss-Army Knife of weapons in DCSS if you get the right needles: sleeping, paralysis, even special effects like Frenzy-ing a target. The Alchemy-god could be like this, but instead of making simple projectiles with neat (but harmful) effects, the player could now potentially get whatever effect they wanted, good OR bad!
  • It is somewhat similar to Nemelex. However, Nemelex's cards are either spells that are buffed (like longer range than a castable version) or just outright not available to the player through other means (like Acid bolts.) Nemelex's powers let the player have some control over which cards they MAY pick.
  • The Alchemy-god would essentially deal in potions, rather than cards.
  • However, while using cards grants a Nemelex follower access to spell effects, Alchemical potions (and potions in general) are more direct and varied in their effect, and the player would have more control over the outcome than with Nemelex's cards.
  • The Alchemy-god would boil down to this: while effects might not be as wide-ranged as Nemelex (which with certain decks give things like Summoning and teleportation), the player's control over the end result(s) would be much higher and more precise.
  • The beauty of having Alchemy in a game is that the level of interaction is as deterministic as one wishes. You can go very basic, like just finding and quaffing pre-defined potions, to mildly interactive (like Evaporate, allowing usage of potions way beyond just quaffing them), to whole-hog Build-Your-Own-Potion for a given task like in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
  • I have no desire to run all over virtual Creation gathering ingredients for ultra-specific potions, which is why I suggested earlier that any Alchemy-god have an “Acquire Random Potion” power coupled with a simplified mixing-and-making interface, with several possible outcomes determined by (A) the potions mixed and (B) LIMITED randomization factor. One of the great things about RPGs is that players can at least TRY to do and be whatever they want, and that's what's great about DCSS. What other RPG let's you be a pacifist follower of Elyvilon trying to heal and get along with monsters? DCSS is just brimming with great features and things no one else can/will do.

andy 2011-12-08 20:15

You can never reach six stars when you use just a single potion?He gives you potions,you better sacrifice immediately that your piety doesn't drops?You start with 6 stars if you made it to the temple without finding a potion,which will drop as soon as you find a potion? — andorxor 2011-12-09 09:19

Mixing up stuff, “Apply Potion Effect to Target”, and bringing back Fulsome Distillation and Evaporate sound GREAT! Also, you might combine the Homunculus (at custom-player-designed summons to this god idea. Full Metal Alchemist, anyone? — Andy 2013-02-14 20:25
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