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Flavour: Dooroklohe (don't worry, this is only a working name) is a sort of counterpart to Ashenzari within the pantheon of gods. Rather than promoting enlightenment, Dooroklohe advocates that doors figuratively and literally remain closed.


  • Passive: All followers of Dooroklohe can walk through closed doors.
  • Passive: All open doors on a level are immediately detected (presumably so that the player can close them).
  • Active: All doors in sight become friendly door mimics.
  • Active: Life-saving ability 'tomb of dooroklohe': like the tomb card effect but with closed doors instead of walls.
This would be very effective against non-door-opening monsters or single enemies, but otherwise only gives you at most two turns of protection. Perhaps combined with the 'Seal Door' ability I proposed on the other Door God thread this would be more useful, giving you about enough turns at least for a teleport to kick in.


  • Killing monsters capable of opening/eating doors.
  • (possibly and for only the first time) Closing doors.


  • Opening doors.
  • Piety decay over time


  • All doors immediately close to the player and do not open.

Final thoughts: I understand that currently these abilities are not enough to attract the typical player to this god. Something else is needed and I will try to think of more. Ideas/feedback from others is of course welcome. - mikee

Interesting idea, not sure if there's enough yet for a god.
If this is a god who is about closing off things… then what if the player could seal branch stair and portals to gain piety? Opening them later would be possible, but at a massive piety hit. This is the opposite of all-runer god appeal, of course, but I don't mind that. (Obviously, you couldn't seal an entrance after you've used it.) — dpeg 2011-09-02 10:27

What I'm wondering is if there's any way to flavour this to cover more of Traps & Doors. Traps have a similar tactical effect to doors in closing areas off, or at least inhibiting movement. An oft-requested feature is the ability to create traps; maybe that could be another ability of this god? — mumra 2011-09-01 15:41

Ideas: Active: Door to the face; When a monster stands on a open door tile, you can close it(ability by targetting, or need to be in reach?) to inflict damage and make the monster fallback a step. The door will be closed again. Chance of door to break?

Active: Door jamming; You can jam a closed door, making it jammed. Those who attempt to open it will need to take a few turns to get it open again. Chance of door to break?

These abilities are good (and something similar proposed for the forum's door god). For the interface, it'd be best to not ask for a specific door, just apply it to all doors in sight. This makes it feel more godly, too. If you could only apply it to an adjacent door, it'd feel more like a feature of high strength. — dpeg 2011-09-02 10:27

Active: Convert wall to door; Target a wall to change it into a door. Would work well with passive ability to walk trough doors to escape.

Passive: Doorokhloe protects you from shafts by closing them up for you. ragdoll

Active: Door to anywhere.You can step through a door to any other door on the level andorxor

Again very interesting and almost identical to something proposed on the forum thread :) Since that thread keeps getting mentioned but there isn't a link here:
What I find particularly interesting about the two proposals is the number of similar themes, but also the directly opposing nature of the gods. I have a kind of crazy idea about how to tie both versions together while still preserving both themes; I need to develop my ideas some more and then I'll write it up (probably as a separate proposal). — mumra 2011-09-02 20:29
And here it is: Doors God (B)mumra 2011-09-02 22:14

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