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Name dcss:brainstorm:god: uryon
Summary Additional deity to use some of my favorite notions.
Further information See my philosophical comments here: God Mechanics
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Uryon the Dragonslayer

  • Uryon is a deity targeted at mixed fighter/casters, crusaders especially. Thematically, Uryon is the brash deity of youthful innocence and of vanquishing evil (and mighty) foes through cunning, cleverness and magic. Uryon is the dragon and giant slaying youth, and while Uryon is a champion of goodness, Uryon also values pluck and courage more than ethical purity. Finally, Uryon is the patron of heroic poetry.
  • Uryon is good.
  • Uryon is a minor deity and should not be guaranteed.


  • Uryon will not accept big races (Ogres, Trolls, Nagas, Centaurs or Draconians) as followers. Unlike other good Gods, demonspawn and undead are okay.
  • Uryon gets mad if your followers/allies attack anyone smaller than *they* are.
  • Uryon gets mad if you have “slaves”. This means that while *necromancy* as such is okay, raise skeleton and animate dead are not. Not sure about the spell that makes abominations - are they slaves or followers?
  • Uryon gets mad if you attack anything smaller than you are when your enemy is at a disadvantage. Collateral kills for small enemies also piss him off. This counts *double* when your small enemy is afraid, you bully.
  • Uryon gets mad if you kill smaller enemies using any means other than weapons, including conjurations, heroic poetry→immolation scrolls, etc.
  • Uryon gets mad if you run away from a dragon or giant (OCTDd) while praying.

Gaining piety from Uryon

  • Uryon wants you to kill things with weapons (including missiles), especially big things, especially giants and dragons (OCTDd). Kills with spells, collateral kills, etc do not *anger* Uryon (unless the kill is smaller than you) but don't net piety either. Actually, collateral kills for OCTDd may be sufficiently spunky that you get some piety anyway.
  • Provided your enemy is bigger than you are, Uryon favors kills when your enemy is at some disadvantage (generally, eligible for stabbing.) Piety gain is more likely.
  • Uryon favors kills when you are adjacent to multiple threatening enemies, even if some of them are small. Fighting while outnumbered also takes courage.

Benefits of worshipping Uryon

  • Here is a proposed ordering for his powers. I've now modified them so that he *does* use INV.
  • * Heroic Poetry:
  • Uryon gives you the power to recite heroic poetry - this uses up a scroll (often a cursed scroll), and trains/depends on Invocations. Reciting heroic poetry drops an offensive effect somewhere in LOS with smite targeting. The effect depends on the scroll, all of these effects (except immolation and recharging) check MR and are substantially more effective against OCTDd, and completely ineffective against anything smaller than you:
    • default (any scroll not listed) - 3×3 confusion burst.
    • blink, remove curse, teleport - 5×5 teleportation burst.
    • enchant armour, enchant weapon iii, vorpalize weapon - 3×3 paralysis burst.
    • fear, paper - fear burst, but centered *over there*.
    • fog, silence - fog cloud, but centered *over there*.
    • holy word, torment, vulnerability - holy word, but centered at a remote location instead of on you.
    • immolation - as the scroll but centered *over there*, doesn't check MR. Killing small things with this pisses Uryon off.
    • magic mapping - 5×5 banishment burst
    • random uselessness - 3×3 polymorph burst
    • recharging - ball lightning but centered *over there*, doesn't check MR. Killing small things with this pisses Uryon off.
    • summoning - as the scroll, but get celestial hounds instead of abominations, and you get 1-4 of them, berserk, *over there*.
  • ** Uryon provides you with a bonus when you attempt to beat enemy magic resistance (by any means). This bonus is substantially larger against OCTDd, and while you are praying. It generates a message so you know what it does for you. The size of the bonus is dependent on your INV skill and your piety.
  • *** Uryon raises the rate at which you recover from magic contamination. Again, this depends on piety and INV. Each time magic contamination is removed, you have a chance of losing 1 piety.
  • **** Uryon gives you the resist slow intrinsic, now that the amulet no longer exists.
  • ***** Uryon periodically gets excited and *intercedes* on your behalf, if you are praying. See next subsection.
  • ****** Gifts. Uryon will sometimes give you ammunition if you have missile skills. Bullets, darts and needles will have bigger plusses and are more likely to be branded than arrows, javelins or bolts. Otherwise, gifts from Uryon are generally scrolls, of which you get a mixture, most of them cursed or useless (for use with your heroic poetry ability.)

| No, stones are never branded as I know. And (vegatable-only) food gift is another evident that Uryon is a Spriggan-only god. — ahyangyi 2010-02-10 14:26

I've been running into branded *sling bullets*, sorry. If you think the food gift is broken for spriggans, I've removed it. — drpraetor 2010-02-11 01:58

| A quick note - a god whose powers consist almost exclusively of reusing existing mechanics won't be very popular among Crawl developers. Gods should feel godly, not trigger comparisons with spellbooks. This excites no one. b0rsuk

I think that is a mischaracterization. It's true that I won't need to add much in the way of new mechanics for this, but I view adding new mechanics - unless you really need them - as inelegant. Better to use existing mechanics if you can. The heroic poetry power which dominates the text above is really quite minor. BTW, I intend to code this deity up myself. — drpraetor 2010-02-09 16:15

I don't feel good about this. I'm especially against the meat eater thing. You didn't give a thematic reason about this and this looks like a handicap for those who are already unsuited for Uryon. — ahyangyi 2010-02-10 14:26

Because gangly kids prefer veggies? If the vegetarianism is a major concern for people, consider it gone. — drpraetor 2010-02-11 01:58

Praying to Uryon

  • While praying to Uryon, you get no piety *except* by killing OCTDd, but that piety is increased.
  • Your religious bonus to beat enemy MR is increased.
  • When you strike an enemy while praying, you may *smite* it. This does extra damage, and there's a small (MR dependent) chance that you'll slow or confuse enemies, which is larger the bigger the enemy and even larger if it is OCTDd.
  • If you run away from enemies while praying, you lose piety. If you run away from OCTDd while praying, you gain penance.
  • When you kill an enemy while praying that *would* give you piety (larger enemies, or any enemy if you are surrounded), or when you kill a favored enemy, you get an additional chance for an intercession.
  • IF you have summoned animals, Uryon may turn one or two of them celestial (a template I will need to add) and make it permanent.
  • Uryon may throw lightning bolts or summon air elementals against your enemies.
  • Uryon may paralyze some OCTDd, or frightens and slows other large enemies.
  • Uryon may gift you even if your gift counter isn't full.


  • Uryon gets mad when you eat meat, this conduct gets worse as your piety rises:
    • 0 Uryon lectures you.
    • * Lose 0-1 piety.
    • ** Lose 1 piety.
    • *** Lose 1 piety, gain 1 penance 1/3 of the time
    • **** Lose 1-3 piety, gain 1 penance 1/2 of the time.
    • ***** Lose 3 piety, gain 0-2 penance.

> He is a spriggan only god with this Conduct.andorxor

Is it really *that* bad? It sucks early on, but once the game gets going if you have spellcasting it isn't that bad. Note two optional powers I've proposed below that might blunt the impact of this, but need balanced feedback. My main concern would be that Uryon is *so* good for Spriggans that other gods will be worthless, rather than that the powers (which are pretty awesome did you read them?) wouldn't outweigh food inconvenience for other characters. — drpraetor 2010-02-11 01:49

After re-read the whole article, I come up with following random thoughts:

  • However I'd rather remove the meat conduct, and add back the vegeterian food gift. All the three small races benefit from this. I still can't see thematic reasons for vegeterism, “Uryon also values pluck and courage more than ethical purity”, so he shouldn't care too much with what the followers eat, is it right?
  • About the reducing magic contamination: it should only increase the magic contamination decay rate. But whenever the contamination doesn't decay (hasted or invisible), it should still not decay.
  • Not sure about overpowerness. In the other hand, will it become an end-game switch god? Will almost every Spriggan convert to him before entering Zot?
  • Why it's a good god? I am not objecting this, I'm just can't see enough reasoning. (That is, why the good gods don't think Okawaru as good but see Uryon one? What's the (thematic) difference?)
  • I recommend to remove some of the pray effects. Unless we can list all of them in the introduction page, it will be encouraging spoiler. It's also annoying to have a lot minor effects mostly for flavor reasons.

ahyangyi 2010-02-23 13:17

Random but recent comment: since this god is fixated on size (a great idea, in my opinion), please be aware that at some distant point in the future, there may be size changing in Crawl. See Size System. — dpeg 2010-09-20 02:16
Size changing already exists, I believe: see Dragon Form (now allows player to trample enemies, etc.)

andy 2011-06-28 20:42

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