Pleasure Goddess

“Embrace your highest pleasures and deepest pains”


Goddess of desire, mistress of excess, and above all, sensation, Wynnsym is delights in the self-indulgence of her followers. Unquenchable in her thirsts and obsessions, she offers intoxicating rewards to those with enough appetite to serve her. While Wynnsym would be perfectly content to watch a follower waste away in blissful indolence, those who venture forth and seek out new experiences for this queen of intemperance will find themselves invited to share in part of her seductive power.


Status effects

Unlike the majority of other deities, Wynnsym grants no piety for killing. She has no particular interest in death, other than elating in the emotions and experiences which accompany it. Rather, to gain piety, Wynnsym requires that a worshiper undertake the greatest possible pursuit of novel sensory experiences. In the Dungeon Crawl setting, this occurs in the form of status effects.

From the moment they join her religion, worshippers garner a one-time piety gain for each new (that is, as yet unexperienced/unknown) status effect they become affected by, such as being ‘berserk’ or ‘slow’. More common status effects result in a standard piety gain while rarer experiences generate a little more.

Examples of ‘common’ status effects:

  • Agility/brilliant/might, berserk, breath, fly, haste, invisible, teleporting, being unable to control teleportation, confused, exhausted, fast+slow, slow, being on fire, being in water, etc.
  • Various degrees of magical contamination, various degrees of poison, various degrees of rotting
  • Most lower-level (<5th) spell imparted status effects (e.g. corona, confusing touch, ozocubu’s armor, repel missles, sure blade, etc.)

Flavor text – “Wynnsym is enjoying the experience” (+1 piety)

Examples of ‘uncommon’ status effects

  • Augmentation, bargain, cling, sage, stealthy, telepathy, fear, mesmerized, misled, retching, suppression, umbra, zero strength/dexterity/intelligence, etc.
  • Various transmutated forms (e.g. Bat Form, beastly appendage, Blade Hands, Dragon Form, Spider Form, Ice Form, Statue Form, Lich (Necromutation), Pig Form, Fungus Form, Tree Form, Porcupine Form, Wisp Form)
  • Most higher-level (>5th) spell imparted effects (e.g. darkness, death channel, death’s door, deflect missiles, delayed fireball, disjunction, leda’ liquefaction, phase shift, powered by death (regeneration), ring of flames, tornado, etc.)

Flavor text – “Wynnsym is greatly enjoying the rare experience” (+2 piety)

Inflame passions

While personal sensory experiences are capable of generating sufficient piety to grant one a modicum of abilities and favor with the goddess, they are not enough in isolation to promote a worshipper to the highest levels of divine prestige and reward. In order to accomplish this, a devout follower must endeavor to elicit powerful pleasures and pains in those around them as well. The ability to do this is covered in the ‘inflame passions’ section below.

Minor piety gains

Due to her decadent domains, Wynnsym necessarily appreciates hedonist behavior. While some indulgences, such as lust, have as yet no meaningful in-game expression, a few immoral behaviors do. These are mostly for flavor and are as follows:

Gluttony – Each time a follower achieves 12,000 nutrition points (the maximum of “engorged”) he or she stands a small chance of receiving a piety gain.

Note: this gain is balanced by the reality that anyone who intentionally seeks piety through this means will quickly waste an inordinately large amount of permafood (Since chunks give 1,000 and are not permafood, it’s more difficult to accomplish 12,000 through chunks alone) and starve to death.

Flavor text – “Wynnsym delights your gluttonous feast”

Indolency – Every turn wasted doing nothing (NOT including healing or regaining MP) yields a very small chance of piety gain.

Note: again, anyone who intentionally seeks piety through this means will quickly waste an inordinately large amount of food and risk encountering dangerous out-of-depth monsters.

Flavor text – “Wynnsym appreciates your slothful inactivity”

Greed – Hoarding increasing amounts of gold leads to piety gains. Each amount is randomly determined and roughly 2x as much as the previous amount (e.g. 118, 242, 446, 887, 1611, 3203, etc.). Each figure can only be reached once per game. So if you reach 1k gold and are rewarded for it, you will never be rewarded for reaching 1k again.

Flavor text – “Wynnsym smiles upon your greedy hoarding of gold”


  • Inactivity and abandonment

Note: inactivity increases the chance of Wynnsym’s capricious effects. See ‘Extras’ below.


  • Suffer a negative status effect for an extended duration of time
  • Be prevented from being afflicted by any beneficial status effects for an extended duration of time

Species/class restrictions

All who may feel sensations are free to worship Wynnsym. Practically, this means all except the undead. Mummies couldn’t use her potion gifts anyway.

Powers overview

  • - -None-
  • • Divine euphoria (passive)
  • •• Inflame passions
  • ••• Recall sensations
  • •••• -None-
  • ••••• Gift: mind-body altering substances
  • •••••• Grant wish

Powers in-depth

Piety level: “Devotee”

No new abilities

Piety level *: “Sensate”

Divine euphoria (passive) - at the first level of piety and beyond, Wynnsym may occasionally help to protect her worshipers against particularly painful experiences, such as being burned, frozen, or any similarly harmful effect. This is a passive ability, the chance of which increases with piety.

Technically speaking, divine euphoria accomplishes this by providing one randomized resistance level to any of the major (fire, cold, electric, etc.) or minor resistances (acid, rot, mutation, etc.), including hellfire and silence. Which resistance is affected, if, and when, all remain unknown to the worshiper.

This is an occasional, one-time shielding effect with a chance of invoking itself upon receiving the corresponding damage or effect. Once it’s expressed, the possible resistance randomizes and a timeout begins, after which this effect has a chance of manifesting once more.

Flavor text - “You feel the divine euphoria of Wynnsym flood your veins and lessen the pain”

Piety level **: “Pleasuremonger”

Inflame passions – At a minimal cost of food, magic points, and piety, followers can invoke a touch of the goddess to exacerbate the latent emotions of all nearby monsters capable of feeling such. Although this ability initially costs a small amount of piety, Wynnsym revels in rousing mass passions, and the cost is redeemed upon a successful invocation affecting at least one monster. For each monster affected beyond the first, a follower can actually yield a progressive gain of piety.

Although this ability has the potential to generate many unpleasant and disarming effects in one’s foes, it is not specifically designed for such, and merely intensifies one of many possibly emotions. At lower levels of piety/invocations, it stands a roughly proportional chance of bolstering a monster as much as weakening one. As a follower increases in piety/invocations, advantageous effects become more preponderant, but the risk of inadvertent monster buffing never comes close to vanishing.

The following is an example list of possible effects that might occur with such an ability:

  • “The {monster name} swells with feelings of love and affection!”
    • Affected monster is temporarily rendered charmed
    • Duration is raised with higher invoke & piety
    • Duration ends if the monster is attacked
  • “The {monster name} is rapt with feelings of pure joy!”
    • Affected monster is temporarily rendered “friendly” (e.g. freed slave)
    • Duration is raised with higher invoke & piety
    • Duration ends if the monster is attacked
  • “The {monster name}’s heart fills with utter relief”
    • Affected monster is temporarily rendered neutral
    • Affected monster is cured of mental/emotional status effects
    • Duration is raised with higher invoke & piety
    • Duration ends if the monster is attacked
  • “The {monster name} sneers jealously at {target}”
    • Affected monster selects a random monster in its line-of-sight and attacks it.
    • Duration is raised with higher invoke & piety.
  • “The {monster name} is overcome with a profound sense of wonder”
    • Affected monster is rendered 'dazed'
  • “The {monster name} is left breathless in sheer awe”
    • Affected monster loses ‘speaking’ and ‘spellcasting’ flags during duration.
    • Affected monster loses breath weapon abilities during duration.
    • Duration is raised with higher invoke & piety.
  • “The {monster name} is filled with overwhelming terror!”
    • 50% chance affected monster drops its weapon (if any)
    • Affected monster flees as per fear spell effect
    • Duration is raised with higher invoke & piety.
  • “The {monster name} is stricken with a crushing agony and despair!”
    • Affected monster is afflicted with 'pain' as per the spell.
    • Affected monster is afflicted with 'slow' as per the spell.
  • “The {monster name} is flooded with a wave of divine ecstasy!”
    • 70% chance affected monster is temporarily 'confused'
    • 30% chance affected monster is temporarily 'paralyzed', or until attacked
    • Affected monster is reduced to animal level intelligence or below
    • Affected monster gains an additional hit dice (due to analgesia)
  • “The {monster name} is beset with a crippling feeling of exhaustion”
    • Affected monster is temporarily put asleep
    • If awakened, monster is subject to 'exhaustion' – e.g. no special abilities
  • “The {monster name} turns green with envy!”
    • Affected monster gains the ‘steal’ flavor to their attack
    • Affected monster gains the ‘flee’ flag
  • “The {monster name} gives you a look of desperate hunger!”
    • Affected non-carnivorous monster gains the ‘steal food’ flavor to their attack
    • Affected carnivorous monster gains the ‘eat corpses’ flag and heads towards the nearest corpse
    • Affected monster gains the ‘flee’ flag
  • “The {monster name} glows with the embrace of divine euphoria!”
    • Affected monster gains ‘glow’ flag
    • Affected monster gains one or more extra hit dice (due to analgesia)
  • “The {monster name} surges forth with zeal!”
    • Affected monster is afflicted by 'haste', as per the spell
  • “The {monster name} is filled with unquenchable anger!”
    • Affected monster is afflicted by 'berserk', as per the spell
  • “The {monster name} shouts in astonishment!”
    • Affected monster shouts
  • “The {monster name} is empowered by a feeling of pain-deadening bliss!”
    • Affected monster has minor healing cast upon it
    • Affected monster is given a small bonus to armor class
  • “The {monster name} looks dangerously exhilarated!”
    • Affected monster is subject to effects of a 'speed' brand (2x attack speed, 90% damage)
  • “The {monster name} is fueled with a mystical sense of fury!”
    • Affected spellcasting monster casts a random spell 1d6+1 times in a row
    • Affected monster gains ‘glow’ flag
  • “The {monster name} jeers at you scornfully”
    • Affected monster gains a temporary bonus in attack damage
  • “The {{monster name} pulses with a divine thrill!”
    • Affected monster gains a temporary bonus to evade
  • “The {monster name} glares at you in pure hatred!”
    • Affected monster gains a temporary bonus to accuracy

Piety level ***: “Connoisseur”

Recall sensations – Wynnsym is a goddess of sensations and experience. As such, followers with sufficient piety may exchange some of this to recall at random one of the novel status effects that they have experienced in the course of their journeys. Much like with the ability to 'inflame passions', which sensation this ability manifests is unpredictable. A follower may suddenly experience anything from standing once more on ‘death’s door’ to merely discovering they are knee-deep in 'water'. This effect can even include status effects experienced while under another god, such as Okwaru’s ‘Finesse’ and Shining One’s ‘Divine shield’, for example.

As with all status effects, the duration is always fleeting but grows in proportion to invocations skill and piety. While the status effect manifested starts equally balanced between helpful and harmful effects, an increasingly higher level of piety and invocations skill increases the chance that a follower is able to recall a beneficial status effect; it by no means ensures one.

Piety level ****: “Libertine”

No new abilities

Piety level *****: “Grand Debauchee”

Gift: mind-body altering substances – At the fifth star of piety, Wynnsym occasionally offers random potions as god gifts. These are weighted toward more common potions (e.g. berserk rage, agility/brilliance/might, curing, heal wounds, invisibility, etc.), but there is always a potential of more uncommon substances (e.g. gain experience, gain strength/intelligence/dexterity, etc.) appearing as well. These substances are never harmful or negative potions, nor even limited to potions a follower has already ingested.

Piety level ******: “Arch-Hedonmancer”

Wish fulfilled – Upon reaching maximum piety, Wynnsym offers the chance to satisfy nearly any materialistic desire. This ability works similarly to reading a scroll of acquirement. This ability unfortunately costs a very large amount of piety and cannot be used with any sort of regularity. In fact, using it more than halves your piety level, casting you down from 6 stars to 2.


Capricious effects

Though not anywhere near the spontaneous nature of the chaos god Xom, Wynnsym does have a whimsical side and occasionally she will bestow upon her followers a seemingly random status effect for their, or more likely her, enjoyment. The probability of this manifests more frequently for followers who find themselves infrequently subject to experiencing a status effect (particularly those who abstain from using her recall sensation ability), whether new or well-worn. Unlike the ‘recall sensation’ ability, this divinely inspired status need not be one already experienced. Although still novel, if divinely gifted such a status effect no longer confers any piety gain when experienced during or later in one’s journeys.

The beauty of this whimsy, is that it allows a character to potentially experience nearly any of Dungeon Crawl’s many dozens of status effects, particularly those that he or she would never otherwise have the ability to encounter. Then, should he or she decide to utilize the ‘recall sensations’ ability, it’s possible to feel such an effect all over again!

Whip of Wynnsym

Rumors suggest that there may exist an artifact whip blessed by Wynnsym. This whip is said to have a branding similar to that of ‘chaos’, but which only bestows/removes status effects. Whether or not this item exists is currently unknown.


Clearly, Wynnsym is a ‘status effect’-centric deity. Her abilities influence both the character and monsters in profound but temporal ways. In a Dungeon Crawl world that is expanding toward characters that have substantial equipment restrictions (e.g. felid, octopode, etc.) Wynnsym offers increased resources for these beings to overcome their limitations and even goes so far as to help them acquire a particular piece of specific equipment.

Obviously, this is just an outline of a possible status effect centric god/goddess. His or her tastes could easily be expanded to encompass far more or less than submitted here. I acknowledge that at least some of the ideas here have been mentioned in other forms as well. While I know it’s quite unlikely that this deity might be incorporated even in part, I do hope it sparks some dialog regarding a status effect centric deity or such in-game abilities more generally. Thanks for reading! :)

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