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Name dcss:brainstorm:god: revolving doors
Summary An attempt to reconcile the differences of the two Door God proposals by mikee and roderic. The god names are placeholders.
Further informationDoors God (A),
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The Gods of Revolving Doors

Long Description

Whilst most gods favour the solitary life, their typically enormous egos preventing such meaningful relationships, not so Dorlok and Portho. These two fell in love as but young and idealogical immortals and have remained bound together since; so long has their unity endured, in fact, that each would consider it inconceivable to ever leave the other - though to a casual observer their constant bickering and squabbling might indicate otherwise.

The primary cause of such disagreements inevitably almost always boils down to a single - almost trivial-sounding - point of argument; namely, each others' opinion on the correct and proper natural resting state of doors.

Dorlok is careful and conscientious, believing keeping doors closed to be the correct path to a safe and long life. Portho, by contrast, considers the best approach to be opening doors as quickly as possible just in case something might be on the other side; and keeping them very firmly open so that approaching threats might be plainly visible.

This minor disagreement has fuelled centuries of feuding between the two; and whilst each has grown to despise the other's view on life, it is this very debate that has kept them firmly together; and in this, neither would be complete without the other.

Short Description

Dorlok and Portho are virtually a married couple amongst the pantheon of entirely solitary gods. Followers must attempt to find balance amongst the very conflicting whims of both if they wish to avert both the seething jealousy of Dorlok and the raging loneliness of a depressed Portho. This is by no means an easy task, but the combined strengths of the two gods working together in harmony will far outweigh the costs. Dorlok favours conservation, caution and safety; whereas Portho appreciates the headstrong who press forward to tackle danger where it stands.

More Philosophy

  • Dorlok appreciates the tactical significance and safety of doors, and the value in keeping things closed off (physically and spiritually)
  • Portho sees all doors as new beginnings and an opportunity for new experiences, which one should always take at the earliest opportunity; doors should be open for all

Likes and Dislikes

Dorlok likes Portho likes
Closing doors (when safe) Opening doors (as quickly as possible)
Keeping them shut Leaving them open
Cowering for safety in closed doorways Fighting proudly in open doorways
Stopping and resting on stairs and in portals Charging immediately down stairs and into portals
Leaving or setting traps (?) Disarming traps (?)

Both like

  • Discovering new doors

Neither likes

  • Anything that destroys doors, stairs and portals
  • Anything that masquerades as a door, stairs or portal
  • Returning through a door through which you have already passed (what's done is done)


These are all possibilities listed for completeness, but clearly there are way too many abilities listed here, and it needs trimming down significantly.

Dorlok abilities Portho abilities
Heal in closed doorway Defend in open doorway
Seal door shut Teleport between open doorways on level
Pass through doorway without opening it Open door(s) in LOS
Peek through closed door Open grate

Dual abilities

When both gods are balanced these additional abilities are available:

  • Door Tomb (create doors around you)
  • Detect doors/stairs/portals/shafts/perhaps other traps on level
  • Create doors to pass thru walls
  • Turn doors into mimics


Because these two gods are eternally bound, to worship one is to worship the other; they come very much as a package. Unfortunately, they have wildly contrasting opinions on certain protocols; and so adopting this religion becomes a game of balance.

When your favour with both gods is properly balanced, you may take full advantage of the range of powers offered by each. When imbalanced, whilst the favoured god's powers may be slightly stronger, you will be troubled by regular opposition from the other.

Dorlok has a severe jealous streak, which you will strongly feel should you find too much favour with Portho. On the other hand Portho, when appreciated significantly less than Dorlok, falls into a dangerous spiral of depression, loneliness, and nihilism.

At this point I'm not detailing any exact algorithms for how the balance will work. Basically I'm imagining dual-piety; the ultimate aim is to have both at six stars, so there have to be enough ways to increase piety for both, as well as ways to decrease one while increasing the other for balance.

When you fall out of favour with either god, you will suffer their penance - a toned-down version of the punishments you will receive from both should you renounce faith!

Dorlok jealousy / penance

  • Doors refuse to open for you
  • Winds blow you back downstairs
  • Grates block off your retreat (only when you have Portho grate opening ability)
  • Doors slam shut while you're in the doorway, damaging you

Portho depression / penance

  • Doors fly open when monsters are on the other side (particularly when you're resting)
  • Doors turn into enemy mimics
  • Portals/stairs move while you rest
  • Shafts appear under your feet


This idea formed while thinking about the two separate proposals by mikee and Roderic; both had a similar overall theme (“God of Doors”), but both came at it from completely opposite angles. Even then, a lot of the abilities suggested by the authors and other commenters had a certain amount of crossover. I started imagining what it would be like if both gods existed, how they would absolutely detest each other for not respecting their own view on keeping doors open/closed. It occurred to me this was somewhat like a married couple who'd spent years together but constantly argued over whether the toilet seat should be left up or down. And that's where this bizarre idea came about to quite literally “marry” the two proposals ;) The whole “balance” theme was dpeg's idea on ##crawl-dev.


Please leave any comments and feedback! — mumra 2011-09-02 21:59

The first thing that occurred to me with this whole door god thing was “open the door that should never be opened” which might periodically summon an ugly thing or very ugly thing — rfholloway 2011-09-13 14:30

That strikes me as possibly a jealousy effect of Dorlok (“Am I really so ugly?”) … — mumra 2011-09-13 14:43
I would cut “Returning through a door through which you have already passed” because it will make Autoexplore more complicated
Door lock and port ho. :/
Autoexplore would need some consideration anyway, since the player has to make a decision *any* time they go through a door. I can see there could be some tedious aspects to the whole mechanics. Need to think about it some more… And, the names do need revising ;) — mumra 2011-09-15 12:14
Autoexplore does not scum by opening/closing doors even it is not optimally designed. Perhaps adding a minor or nil counting effect for the second time and progressively increasing them because the gods get angry and bored if you are spending too much time playing with the same door. — roderic 2011-11-14 16:37
Very nice summary. In the dislikes I would add taint doors with blood (sometimes it happens). Portals entering should be also favoured. In Abyss a high piety level should allow a more frequent generation of return portals than usual. — roderic 2011-11-15 16:07
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