Stealth God (A)

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Erebos is the creeping darkness. He's constantly watching and hiding, for where there is light, he not far behind. He dwells in corners and caves and is universal. People worship Erebos to gain this ability to become one with the darkness and move about it. They are to become formless and simply be a shadow.

  • Gain for killing, and sacrificing corpses (flavour: destroy evidence (aepoch)).
  • Bonus piety for enemies that are killed with a stab. Note that this includes stabs from confusion, petrify, hibernation etc.
  • No penance for.
  • Meld into the walls. Followers begin to become shapeless as they literally seem to become part of the wall and thus gain a stealth boost from being next to one at any given time. No piety is used and this is constant. Having multiple walls next to you does not stack the ability.
  • Meld into the shadows. The followers begin to literally become shadows at will so long as they stay still as all shadows should. While in prayer, if the character is not moving, they become invisible (exception is chopping up a corpse). This uses piety slowly. Mainly functions to allow long range stealth users to be position themselves as an invisible sniper and shoot at enemies. The character still makes noise while doing this so it is limited to those with bows, darts, blowguns, etc. Note that enemies that can see invisible will be able to see you.
  • Shadow step. As the followers come ever closer to being just a shadow, they can merge and travel along other shadows to reach wherever they need to be. Invokable ability, basically, the character can blink next to a selected creature (hostile, friendly, or neutral, it does not matter) and land on a random square next to said creature. You can't blink to a creature that is surrounded for obvious reasons. Uses a good amount of piety and MP.
  • Become a shadow. The final step is go back to Erebos' altar and pray with enough piety. With this, the character becomes an undead shadow, as the same effect as a successful Necromutation is cast upon them. This still gets you banned from any good religion. Ideas to make it different from Necromutation:
    • Downgrade enemy see invisible to sense invisible and sense invisible to none. aepoch (Could also be a separately gained passive power.)
    • Reduce noise. aepoch
    • Make your unarmed attacks bypass AC. evktalo

No gifts. No direct stealth boosts. (evktalo)

  • You begin to glow, both the mutation variety and the non-stealth variety, though without the negative energy protection.
  • Shadow demons and such are summoned in often.
  • Enemies at random become invisible.
  • You lose the effects of the Necomutation if you did not cast the spell yourself.

Overall, I think Erebos does help with stealth characters, but he's still very applicable to characters who are not just based on stealth. The invisible sniper ability is very usable by generally long range characters as well as striker characters which can use the shadow step. The shadow step itself is an interesting means of transportation as you can jump to islands or over rivers and say, use allies such as summoned monsters from scrolls of summoning to act as jump points. And of course, the necromutation form is useful for just about anyone.

Making unarmed attacks bypass AC in shadow form could make this god very desirable for e.g. Trolls, Ghouls and Demonspawn. Especially for Trolls this could be interesting, as they're not the stealthiest type normally.

Additional idea/thought from the “hiding evidence” flavour bit: when/if blood stains get gameplay effects (other than pointing out unseen, but monster-triggered traps), praying could erase the blood stains around you. — evktalo 2010-03-20 13:30
Since nobody's done it yet, I'd like to point out that the bounty hunter god would help stealth (among other strategies) in a unique and significant way and should probably be mentioned here. — tgw 2010-03-26 20:02
I like the flavor of this god. I was recently thinking on it as a minor god whose altar appears sometimes during a period of time -as a portal does-, surrounded by dark dusk. This dark god tries to lure you despite you have already a religion, with the extra benefit of being hidden from your ex-god and making their wrath less prone to happen; sometimes your abandoned god can find you -mostly if glowing or by other reasons. – roderic 2011-11-17 16:29
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