Rhundival, God of Loyalty and Protection

This god proposal attempts to fill the design space of a “Defensive God.” This god should be attractive to races that have poor natural defenses like ogres, and races that have fewer escape options like formicids and naga.


Rhundival (pronounced “rune-dih-vall”) is the deity of protection and loyalty. Every time you go to a new level, a marker is placed, and you are given vision of its location. A randomized timer is then set. You must prove your loyalty by traveling to the marker and erecting an altar by praying. If you place the altar before the timer runs out, you gain additional piety. Rhundival dislikes it when you leave a level without first creating the altar. Piety does not decay over time. As his followers are loyal to him, Rhundival is loyal to his followers, and he will protect his followers against mighty odds if they trust in his power. Rhundival enjoys protecting his followers, meaning the majority of his abilities do not cost piety. Instead, Rhundival's piety is a resource that places restrictions on traditional low-risk Crawl tactics like stairdancing or emergency escape measures. While Rhundival by no means prevents these tactics, their piety depreciation is significant enough incentive for players to try riskier tactics.



  • Creating altars for him


  • Running away from fights:
    1. Using a staircase with monsters in sight
    2. Using teleportation scrolls with monsters in sight
    3. Deactivating a glyph with monsters in range
    4. Probably more stuff?

Powers Granted


  • . . . . . . - Erect altar: Current form: Pray while standing on holy ground to erect an altar to Rhundival and gain piety. Potential mimigame-y version: Creates an altar to Rhundival at a spot of your choice, and turns all surrounding tiles into floor. Creating the altar at the spot determined by Wsomething grants piety. If you create the altar before a randomized time period ends, you gain additional piety. Creating an altar temporarily afflicts you with mark of the sentinel, but also temporarily grants you hp and mp regeneration and bonus AC as long as you stay in LoS. Bonuses scale with piety. Killing enemies during this period, and while standing in sight of the altar grants piety. Eventually, the mark and the bonuses disappear and you no longer gain piety for killing monsters in LoS. Running away with enemies in sight before the effect is over causes penance. If you leave when there are no enemies to defend against, there is no penalty. This ability is sort of like a once-per-level defense mini game. You can avoid the mini game by killing nearby enemies before creating the altar, but you get less piety. On the other hand, since piety doesn't decay over time, this might not be such a bad thing. Aspects of this conduct are not final, and are subject to change.
  • * . . . . . - Glyph of Rhundival: Activated ability. Creates a temporary glyph that exalts Rhundival's glory, preventing movement and removing walls directly around you but granting powerful bonuses. (These bonuses are subject to change as development progresses. Possibly include multiple glyph types, each confirring different bonuses? We're looking for a good balance of offensive and defensive buffs without just mindlessly granting the player everything at once, and multiple glyph types let us keep all of that utility at the cost of interface complexity. Will have to play it to see if it's a good trade.) The tiles around you revert to normal when the glyph disappears. The glyph disappears after a certain amount of time. It can be deactivated early (which is an instant action), but doing so when monsters are in its range is depreciated. Duration and power depends on your invocation skill and piety. Costs food and has an exhaust timer.
  • * * . . . . - Redirection: Whenever a monster attacks you Rhundival may be redirect its attack at a (different) monster adjacent to you.
  • * * * . . . - To be determined. Possibilities: “Draw Enemy:” Moves all enemies closer to you. It synergies with glyph, but at the same time, it gives you the power to undo mistakes like a bad glyph placement. I am personally not a fan of this… for Rhundival. It's an awesome ability that would be very strategically interesting and fun to use, but it cheapens the risk of Glyph too much by letting you just suck things in if you place a bad glyph. It's also not thematically appropriate. I'd like to see a “vaccum” or “black hole” type ability somewhere for sure, just not directly on Rhundival. <Thundamoo>
  • * * * * . . - Fearless charge: Rhundival allows you to focus a distant target by personally protecting you against ranged attacks. Grants swiftness and a chance of reflecting incoming fire like a shield of reflection but mesmerizes you to your target. You can't attack or target any enemy other than the targeted one during the duration. Ends after a certain number of turns or when the enemy is killed. This ability is designed to intentionally break Crawl's rule of letting ranged enemies come to you and allowing the player to start more fights on their own terms.
  • * * * * * . - Grand Cross: Activated ability. Raises temporary stone walls at a target location. The walls can't be adjacent to two or more walls, so you can't block passages. You target a 3×3 cross area with the ability, and a wall is guaranteed to be created at the center. Each other tile checks if a tile can be created there (i.e. if it wouldn't block a passage or create a blocked passage, if there's no monster standing there), then checks your invo and piety to see if a tile IS created there. At max piety and invocation, you will always create a 3×3 cross of tiles.
  • * * * * * * - Retributive Destruction: passive ability. When an enemy attacks you, there is a chance that Rhundival will reduce their AC and MR with a chance based on Piety and tension. This effect is permanent and stacks multiple times. If a monster that wears armour has their AC lowered to zero, the armour is destroyed (unless it is an artifact). Defensive characters are more prone to drawn-out conflicts, which this ability most benefits.


Leaving Rhundival causes a delayed retribution. He is a patient god, and will give you some time to return to him. If you don't, you suffer deeply for your disloyalty.

  • May prevent teleport attempts at high tension
  • May degrades a piece of your armor by 1-3 levels of enchantment. This can affect artifacts
  • May reduce your MR and AC while at high tension
  • If you are fighting monsters in a corridor, the tiles surrounding you are all turned into floor
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