Sethygir the Sunken, Water God

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Sethygir the Sunken

The patron deity of an ancient civilization that now lies in watery ruin, Sethygir the Sunken yearns to draw as many domains as possible into his demersal realm. Sethygir bestows the strength and versatility of the waters upon his devotees, who may command the mighty powers of the sea and polymorph fluidly amongst various forms of aquatic life. Worshiping Sethygir liquidates your MP, melding both health and magic into a single source of vital essence, and expands your essence pool as you gain piety.

Upon joining, your MP bar goes away and your health becomes a purple essence bar (EP). Your MP is not added to your HP, but Sethygir does give a boost to your max essence based on piety (somewhere around [(piety/8) + 5] seems about right). Any abilities that normally take MP draw it from EP instead at a 1:1 ratio.

MP channeling and crystal ball of energy become unusable, and MP drain attacks have no effect on EP. Ring of magical power has no effect, but ring of vitality increases EP by 15. Curing and heal wounds affects EP as it would HP, and !magic restores your EP as well. Borgnjor’s Revivification cannot be used. For all other purposes EP counts as HP and you have no magic bar.

Sethygir's abilities use Invocations, but all of them also involve the water tiles that are currently in LOS.

Piety gain

Appreciates: Killing landlubbers
Depreciates: Servants who are lax in their duties (Piety decays over time)

  • Rafter of Sethygir (Upon joining)
    You can swim gracefully through shallow and deep water without penalty. You are immune to steam and Engulf status. You can begin training Invocations. You always know the location of all water tiles on the map (but receive no information about what is near or in the water).
    + Aqua Vitae (Passive): You no longer have an MP bar. Your HP becomes essence (EP) from which both magic and physical damage are drawn. MP channeling and crystal ball of energy become unusable, and MP drain attacks have no effect on you. You get a bonus to max EP based on piety. Something like [(piety/8) + 5] seems about right.)
  • Seafarer of Sethygir (*)
    + Monsoon season (Passive): Temporary flooded squares (shallow water; at higher piety, deep water can be generated) spawn around you during exploration. Scales up with piety. These squares eventually time out; when outside of LOS they time out *very* quickly.
    + Form of Eel (Active, 3 EP, Food and piety cost: Small). Can only be used while in water. Turn into an electric eel. Movement restricted to water while in this form. Can temporarily “submerge” at cost of breath (equivalent to invisibility, except that you can’t attack in any way while submerged). Can shoot bolts of electricity for 2 EP a pop. Your highest weapon/fighting skill is used to “count” as unarmed combat for purposes of Eel form melee damage, which uses same formula as spider form but without poison branded attack. Low failure rate at 3 or 4 Invocations.
  • Boatswain of Sethygir (**)
    + Drown (Active, 5 EP, Food cost, piety cost: Small). Hex-like targeting. Range 8. Checks targets HD. Chance to hit scales up with Invocations skill. Only works on breathing targets. If you succeed, will remove water tiles in LOS at random and fill the target's lungs with water. Deals considerable “asphyxiation” damage per turn and afflicts target with Engulf status, preventing them from speaking. Length and damage scale up to max depending on how much water is drained from your surroundings. Low failure rate at 6 or 7 Invocations.
  • Deck Cadet of Sethygir (***)
    + Form of Sea Nymph (Active, 6 EP, Food, piety cost: Moderate). This form does not time out unless ended through abilities menu, however, piety decay is increased while active. Turn into a Sea Nymph, an amphibious humanoid form. You get weapon and full armor slots while keeping all non-equipment-related intrinsic traits of your own race as well. When you go into this form for the first time, anything you equip that cannot be worn in your normal form will be stored by Sethygir on your behalf in “Davy Jones' Locker,” and will instantaneously reequip should you re-enter this form. While in Sea Nymph form you gain the Aqualung ability (small hunger cost, breath cool-down), which gives +Regen of your EP but dehydrates water tiles in LOS as your EP is restored over time in this way. Low failure rate for Sea Nymph Form at 7 or 8 Invocations.
  • Chief Mate of Sethygir (****)
    + Boil (Active, 5 EP, Food, piety cost: High). Once activated, lasts multiple turns during which you can do other stuff (cf. recall or recite). All water in LOS becomes hot. Generates steam over water tiles. If a water tile has been in LOS for at least two turns, the water may evaporate completely, pouring out numerous steam clouds to surrounding tiles, dealing steam damage to enemies and blocking LOS. Low failure rate at 10 or 11 Invocations.
  • Captain of Sethygir (*****)
    + Form of Kraken (Active, 9 EP, Food, piety cost: Very high). You must have four tiles of open space around you in order to enter Kraken Form. All water in LOS disappears and a large pool is created directly underneath you, pushing adjacent enemies back (size/depth depending on how much water was in LOS upon entering this form). While in this form you get access to “Ink Cloud” (food cost, 6 EP) which creates a special fog that you can see through, but which inflicts blindness upon your enemies; triggers a very long breath cool-down. You spawn tentacles that operate as aggressive allies that attack enemies in LOS. Your damage for melee is calculated with your highest weapon/fighting skill being used in place of Unarmed Combat. You get a large bonus to EP, but your AC and EV are heavily penalized, much like Dragon Form. Low failure rate at 15 or 16 Invocations.
  • Commodore of Sethygir (******) No new abilities.
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