the Forgotten, God of Preservation

This proposal has three core purposes; serving as a good god accessible to the undead; a god-source of multiple lives/greater protection than Zin; and a gateway for the undead to gain the ability to worship the original good gods.

Initial: (4)


“Through me nothing has to die.”

“The forgotten is an older good god, related to, but shunned by the other good gods for accepting the worship and helping the undead. He does his best to preserve all life and unlife and directly fights against the rot.”



  • Creating zombies. (Chance proportional to your level and piety and the HD of the target turned into a zombie).
  • Pacifying undead. (Through Reconstruction, a Wand of Healing, etc.)
  • Killing demons.
  • Killing worshippers of Fedas Madash and evil gods.

Lost (Conducts related to the good gods):

  • Attacking any undead.
  • Attacking any non-Hostile entity.
  • Attacking non-demons that are distracted/sleeping, etc.
  • Allowing undead allies to die. (This causes Simulacra to always have a piety cost; be careful).
  • Butchering.
  • Eating sentient beings.
  • Use of morally wrong spells:
    • Corpse Rot
    • Sublimation of Blood
    • Dispel Undead
    • Twisted Resurrection
    • Bolt of Draining
    • Call Imp
    • Summon Demon
    • Demonic Horde
    • Summon Greater Demon
    • Malign Gateway
    • Summon Horrible things
    • Ignite Poison (Only prohibited when it would burn corpses; using it to ignite clouds is allowed, but risky)
    • Lee's Rapid Deconstruction (Only Prohibited when combined with Petrify.)
    • Inner Flame
    • Glaciate (Only prohibited when it causes death directly.
    • The Poison spell school, Except Cure Poison.
  • Use of prohibited weapons/Items:
    • Venom-Branded
    • Draining-Branded
    • UndeadHunter
    • Rod of Demonolgy
    • Demonic Weapons
    • Bottled Efreet
    • Black Knight's Barding
In my opinion, piety gain for killing special uniques is too minor. The laundry list of bad things is too long — remember that all of this has to be explained in the ^ screen! — dpeg 2014-03-05 21:16
You are probably right about Uniques; though Good gods do get positive flags for killing followers of evil gods (which most commonly means Beogh Orcs); a similar note is worthy here, but outside of Beogh the 'evil god flag' is usually only raised on Uniques. And yea; the list is a bit long when SPECIFICALLY STATED like that…but all the good gods have similar ones the ^ screen version is just a simplified version saying the logic behind the prohibition instead of the long list of everything that is. Of note, I think the list is actually shorter than TSO's. — bcadren 2014-03-06 19:06


  • *: Preservation (passive): Slows the rot of corpses and chunks, coagulation of blood, the natural rot on a ghoul and the hunger rate of the living. [How much it is slowed depends on piety being very closed to stopped at 200.]
  • ***: Entombment (active, 8 Piety): Similar to the retired spell “Tomb of Doroklohe”; but also petrifies you (living) or puts you in a sarcophagus (undead) during the length of the spell. [Surrounds you in diggable rock in order to hide you from enemies for a period of time; the length of time you are paralyzed and hidden from enemies varies with piety].
  • ***: Greater Preservation (passive): More things are now preserved. All zombies you create and now classed as 'Greater Zombies'. This allows them to retain their intelligence, allowing them to continue to use magic and ranged weapons and follow you up and down stairs. They also get a (Piety/2) HP boost compared to normal zombies (as a percentage of their normal HP). Also, beings such as Orc Warlords maintain the Warlord stats, rather than becoming a simple Orc Zombie. However, after 5d(Piety/4) turns; greater zombies become neutral. Simulacra last twice as long.
  • ****: Reconstruction (active, 5 MP, 2-3 Piety): “Attempts to physical rebuild the target, restoring intelligence of the undead and mindless as well as physical healing.” Works like lesser healing on living targets and greater healing on undead and most mindless targets (Bugs and slimes, but not plants). Small chance of making undead/mindless targets allied; larger chance of making them neutral (pacifying them); cannot pacify the living. When used on self at full health; cures 2d4 rot.
  • *****: Reaping Brand (Altar Prayer): Pray at an altar to brand your current weapon as “Reaping”.
  • ******: Mummification (Living Worshipers) (Active, no PIETY cost): You are turned into a mummy of your race. All apts. except Necro are permanently lowered '-2', you gain a Necro spell booster and you are undead for all game purposes. Non-physical mutations are removed. Unlike spawned-in mummies you now have multiple lives. Every time you die:
    • You receive the message “It took decades, but I think I've got most your body back together.”
    • You lose 2d6 HP (permanently).
    • You are advanced 250k aut into the future. (This give you a hard limit of 8 lives because of 'the Apocalypse' at the 2 million aut; and give players that use this significantly lower scores than those that don't.)
    • You lose two XP levels.
    • You experience Skill XP loss (permanent) equivalent to red level draining.
    • You lose 75 piety.
  • ******: Purification (Undead Worshipers) (Active, 50 Piety): You are cured of being undead as well as the god can manage; leaving you in a half undead state.
    • Mummies: “I've done what I can to restore you to who you were before you died. Go forth and live your life anew.”
      • Dispel undead does half damage.
      • Torment and pain do half damage.
      • Mutation causes both a mutation and some rot.
      • You may use Holy Wrath weapons.
      • All current rot is removed.
      • You may drink potions.
      • You have a normal hunger clock (Slow Metabolism 2).
      • As you have tried to reform from your unnatural ways you may now transfer to any good god with some piety retained.
      • You are now branded as a 'holy mummy'. [Race change when checking stats.]
    • Ghouls: “Your rotting form is too damaged to cure completely; but I've done what I can.
      • Dispel undead does half damage.
      • Torment and pain do half damage.
      • Mutation causes both a mutation and some rot.
      • You may use Holy Wrath weapons.
      • All current rot is removed.
      • Your rot rate is halved permanently.
      • Eating no longer cures rot; but remaining Satiated or better stops it.
      • Normal hunger clock shows.
      • Saprovore mutation dropped to level 1.
      • As you have tried to reform from your unnatural ways you may now transfer to any good god with some piety retained.
      • You are now branded as a 'Partially Deceased'. [Race change when checking stats.]
    • Vampires “You are completely returned to life; though some of your vampiric ancestry remains.”
      • You are considered living for all in game purposes.
      • You may both drink blood and eat food at your discretion.
      • Your vampiric ability set is permanently locked to 'Full' level.
      • Except 'Bat Form' which is permanently unlocked.
      • As you have tried to reform from your unnatural ways you may now transfer to any good god with some piety retained.
      • You are now branded “Former Vampire”. [Race change when checking stats.]
The first tactical power available (Entombment) is interesting but at *** piety it comes quite late: this god does little for worshipers before that!
In some edge cases, having Greater Preservation can be worse than not having it, when it comes to zombies. Not sure if that's too fringe to matter or not.
Flavour of Mummification and Purification is flawless! — dpeg 2014-03-05 21:24

Taking on and abandonment

In addition to Demigods; the Forgotten does not accept worship from Demonspawn.

Characters who have been mummified (but not racial mummies) cannot leave the Forgotten. Situations that would result in excommunication cause instant permanent death.

As the Forgotten is in a tenuous position with the other good gods; no penance is given for leaving him unless you take on worship of a god he doesn't like. This list is slightly different than other good gods:

  • Lugonu
  • Beogh
  • Yredelemnul
  • Makhleb
  • Fedhas Madash

[In short, the Forgotten doesn't consider Kikubaaqudha evil; but considers Fedhas Madash evil (due to being against rot).]

Some piety may be maintained when transferring from the Forgotten to another good god and vice versa; but transferring from a good god to the Forgotten DOES result in some penance.


(Passive) :

  • Everything rots at an increased rate and your hunger rate doubles. [Rot rate doubles on Ghouls].
  • Chance of any undead you create to spawn “Greater” and hostile.
  • All enemy undead normally spawned are “Greater”.
  • Anything you kill may spawn a hostile zombie.


  • 50% chance: Summon 2d5 level appropriate hostile greater zombies.
  • 25% chance: Reconstruction cast on all enemies in LoS (if no enemies on LoS, reroll).
  • 25% chance: Greater god-specific penance:
    • Fedhas Madash: Chance of turning all your plants hostile. If this works on a walking mushroom; it is upgraded to a death cap.
    • Yredelemnul: Chance of turning your slaves to hostile or neutral.
    • Beogh: Chance of turning your Orc Brethren into hostile greater zombies.
    • Lugonu/Makhleb: Necromancy miscast.
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