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Name dcss:brainstorm:god: it that was bound
Summary Yet another God to use more of my god ideas.
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Also known as It that was bound:

It that was bound

  • It is a deity for those evil beings who are willing to join It in slavery, in exchange for power.
  • It is evil.
  • Target audience includes armoured casters (except summoners and warpers) who are willing to live with/around some fairly strict conduct, in exchange for a variety of benefits. Generally these are more useful to crusader types (who want to cast in armour anyway.)
  • The history is: at the dawn of time, TSO vanquished It, but because It was a true God, could not destroy It. So, TSO bound It in servitude instead, forcing It to dwell in agony on the threshold between the worlds, and police the gates between them. It will accept as “worshippers” any who will aid It in servitude, especially if they help It indulge It's sadistic desire for revenge against all things.
  • It doesn't allow summoning or translocation spells, but wants summoners and warpers to worship It rather than continuing to use those branches of magic. So when beckoning goes in, It will attempt to recruit them with offers of helping them forget that magic rather than having It hunt them down and devour their souls.


  • It gets angry whenever a worshipper casts a translocation spell, uses a translocation effect (even from an item! Scrolls, distortion weapons, etc all piss It off) or casts a summoning spell or uses a summoning effect.
  • Allowing frightened creatures (of any kind) to escape from you pisses It off, likewise running away from any creature which It has marked.
  • It demands servitude. Piety from It declines fairly rapidly over time; killing a summoned creature every so often prevents this decline but you don't gain piety from doing so otherwise (and maybe we can't have this at all since it is scummable?)
  • It gets pissed off when you go through gates. Of course, you're going to do this *anyway*, so sucks to be you, I guess.

Gaining piety from It

  • It likes kills of living intelligent creatures, provided they are frightened.
  • If a monster in LOS uses (tries to use) a translation or summoning effect in LOS of you, It will mark it for destruction, and you gain piety if you kill it.
  • It particularly likes it when you kill As. It cannot protect you from the wrath of the shining one (obviously), but It is very pleased when you stick TSO in the eye.
 Idea: It should like it when the player enslaves or controls other creatures. --- //[[user:fazisi]] 2010-09-21 19:24//

Benefits of worshipping It

  • 0: “You can project an aura of dread.” Invocation: 1MP, 0 hunger, 0 piety. Anything in LOS that is frightened of you is also Slowed (with no chance to resist). Special: if you have Translocation or Summoning magic skills when you use this power, they are *untrained* and your INV gets the XP. Additional effects are possible, depending on INV, piety, and MR of the target:
    • 0 Pain damage.
    • ♦♦ Confusion.
    • ♦♦♦♦ Paralysis.
  • ♦ “You ward the gates.” When anyone (including you) attempts to cast Summoning or Translocation spells within LOS of you, first, It will mark them for death. Marked monsters are always visible to you, regardless of intervening walls, clouds, etc, but not distance! If a marked creature gets out of your LOS distance, the mark vanishes, earning you 1 wrath from It. Second, It will attempt to disrupt the spell (chance of success depends on piety, INV skill and level/hit dice of the casting monster). If successful, the spell does not go off and instead It does something bad to the caster. All of this works better while you are praying, but you incur a lot more wrath from It if you are praying when a marked creature gets out of your LOS distance.
  • ♦♦ “You cast magic, though you are heavy with metal.” Armoured casting. Your INV skill partially offsets the penalty for casting in heavy armour. Any time a spell succeeds when it would've failed, you get a message and lose a piety. You can't turn this off to conserve piety. Also might provide
  • ♦♦♦ “You have an air of doom about you.” Your INV reduces the effective hit points of monsters for fear calculations. This effect is magnified three-fold against marked creatures.
  • ♦♦♦♦ “You stand and bar the way.” Invocation: 0MP, Honeycomb, 1 piety. Lasts until you move. You get a free attack against any hostile creature that moves adjacent to you, or moves away from you. If the hostile creature is summoned or marked, you get a free stab attempt (eqv. to a distracted enemy,) likewise if the enemy is frightened. Of course, once frightened enemies start to get out of your reach, you have to chase them down (or blast them with Conjurations.)
  • ♦♦♦♦♦ “Your doom belongs to It alone.” You are protected against Hell effects and Mummy death curses. Note that you need to recover from your point of wrath before the hell effect immunity can be used. Message is “The doom of this one belongs to It, and none other.”
  • ♦♦♦♦♦♦ “While praying, you chain souls in servitude.” It is so pleased by your service that It trusts you to recruit new servants for Its work. When you slay an enemy while praying (especially a marked enemy), lose some piety and you get a pet “p” or even “W” (shadow, hungry ghost, wraith, etc.) This should probably be restricted to living, intelligent enemies.
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