Uru Lai Kah, the Sturdy

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The subterranean god of earth and ore, Uru Lai Kah grants worshipers stone-like resilience and dominion over rock. Uru Lai Kah will protect adventurers from hostile polymorph and translocation effects (though not banishment), but frowns upon intentional use of teleportation or blinking, preferring that you use the dungeon’s extant system of hatches and shafts, including ancient tunnels available only to those who worship Uru. Although Uru Lai Kah does not actively punish flying, devotees who are not in contact with the earth will be deprived of most of Uru Lai Kah’s divine abilities until they reconnect with terra firma.

Versatile, defense-oriented god who
1.) devalues common maneuvering and escape options (teleport, blinking, and flight)
2.) alters how you explore the dungeon and think about your surroundings
3.) provides several abilities that involve interesting trade-offs, producing powerful effects but exposing you at the same time in various ways, via creating noise and removing diggable wall tiles from around you at random (thus removing cover).

Piety gain

Uru appreciates returning enemies to the bosom of the earth (Killing dudes). Bonus piety for killing flying dudes

Piety loss

Uru deprecates intentional teleportation or blinking (penance). Intentionally using teleportation or blinking while under penance will result in wrath and further piety loss.


Any of Uru’s wrath effects may be accompanied by an extremely loud noise at your location. All escape hatches and shafts are unavailable while under penance/wrath. All walls are indestructible while under penance/wrath.
+ Earthquake: Only happens when you haven’t been on level for very long. High chance to wake enemies, level-wide.
+ Uru may remove, shift, or place walls around you.
+ Uru may permanently increase regeneration rate and/or the AC of an enemy or set of enemies you are fighting.
+ Uru may shaft you one level, but will not drop you into a new branch (you won’t go from dungeon 16 to depths), nor will Uru shaft you down into a branch end. — Even the god of stone has a heart.
+ Uru may sic denizens of the earth against you; strength of the enemies is determined based on your character level. (Deep Dwarves, Deep Trolls, Iron Trolls, Gargoyles, Earth Elementals, Iron Dragons, etc.)

  • Pebble of Uru Lai Kah (Upon joining)
    + Stalwart (Passive): +4 AC. You are immune to hostile polymorph. You are immune to unintentional teleport, blinking, etc.; but you are *not* immune to banishment. This ability still applies even while flying and while under penance.
    + Tunnel Maps (Passive): All escape hatches and shafts are revealed and pre-mapped. A flat but randomized number (1dX) of “tunnels” is generated on all dungeon levels. Once generated these tunnels are fixed in location and number. Tunnels function as escape hatches up or down and are likewise pre-mapped, but they are only accessible to those who worship Uru.
  • Rock of Uru Lai Kah (*)
    + Remove Wall (Active, 2 MP, Food cost: Small, no piety cost). Touch range. Silently erodes one adjacent rock wall. Cannot be used while flying.
  • Wall of Uru Lai Kah (**)
    + Spirit of Stone (Passive): Toggle on/off in abilities menu. “You can draw revitalizing power from the earthen walls around you.” Entering Spirit of Stone takes 30 aut (“You attune yourself to the spirit of rock.”) Exiting is instantaneous. You enjoy enhanced HP regen. While regenerating health in Spirit of Stone, random rock walls in LOS, with a preference for ones adjacent to you, may erode. If no viable rock walls are in LOS you receive no bonus to health regeneration. Power of +regen scales up with piety. Flying will immediately end Spirit of Stone. You cannot activate Spirit of Stone while flying.
  • Rampart of Uru Lai Kah (***)
    + Shard of Earth (Active, 3 MP, Food/piety cost: Small). Range 6. Damages target. Must be next to at least one rock wall to use. Randomly destroys one adjacent rock wall. Sends a concussive blast of stony debris as a projectile at a target. Power scales up with piety. Cannot be used while flying.
  • Tower of Uru Lai Kah (****)
    + Fissure (Active, 5 MP, Food/piety cost: Moderate). Touch range. Very loud. Target non-flying creature is cast into a shaft. Cannot be used at branch ends, in the Abyss, or in Pandemonium. Cannot be used while flying.
  • Battlement of Uru Lai Kah (*****)
    + Earthwork (Active, 6 MP, Food/piety cost: High). Smite targeted, range 4. Extremely loud. Raises a temporary wall out of the earth. Cannot be used while flying.
  • Fortress of Uru Lai Kah (******)
    Expert Tunneler (Passive): Your remove wall ability can now remove any wall type; however, removing non-diggable walls produces an extremely loud noise.
This is an interesting and well thought-out design! Some comments nonetheless:
I believe that piety gain could be more interesting than just killing monsters. The rock theme should allow this. Here's one random idea (probably not so hot): you only gain half piety for killing on a level; the other half is stored. You get that half if you leave the level, with a bonus if you use a tunnel/shaft to an unexplored level. After that, you don't get piety for killing monsters on this level anymore (not even if you lure them to a new level.)
+1 for abstaining from using or special-casing Passwall and earthy monsters!
Pebble power: this is interesting, but could be extended from vertical only (i.e. across levels) to also allow tunnels within a level: this would be a new trap type, only available to followers of the rock god, and act like single-use doors. Nifty (perhaps bad) idea: using a tunnel creates a large rock.
I really like the Wall power — the effect might be different than increased HP regeneration, but that's not the point. Battlement overlaps with a power of the Defense god currently under implementation.
Flavour: there's a host of mythology about people who gained strength from the earth (and becoming weak when lifted into the air); we can nod to that in the god's description (without mentioned the sources explicitly, of course). — dpeg 2014-05-09 13:10
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