Hello crawlers! A new version is fast approaching, and the team is getting ready to feature-freeze, as mentioned in the last trunk update. With the freeze comes a focus on fixing bugs and polishing the game to a release state, and that is where you come in. As we’ve mentioned before, crawl can’t be what it is without community contributions. If you’ve been curious about crawl development and want to get your feet wet, fixing bugs is a great place to start. To guide you, here is a list of 23 bugs that seem (to this dev) approachable entry points that would be nice to fix before the 0.23 release and tournament.

If you can fix one of these bugs send us a pull request on GitHub, be sure to follow our coding conventions and be aware of the process described in the contribution guide. Happy hacking!

  1. 11706 Little-known and misleading behaviour with polymorph on ugly things,
    shapeshifters, undead
  2. 11782 i_feel_safe despite having monsters in view
  3. 11833 Wand of Digging targeter on Barachi is too short.
  4. 11839 Potion Petition ignores “no potion heal”
  5. 11836 No warning for Demonspawn when reading scroll of Holy Word
  6. 11831 Transmutation spells can show max duration
  7. 11806 Weird interaction between Shadow Step, Nightstalker (?) and dispersal trap
  8. 11792 Issues when initially worshipping Jiyva
  9. 11825 Passwall/Nemelex gifting messaging
  10. 11758 If a mummy is killed by Grand Finale, the wrong character location is passed to death curse handler
  11. 3734 Fast travel down on bottom level gives wrong message
  12. 11705 Monsters who are immune to nets do not display that, when the net is thrown with ‘F’
  13. 11701 Guardian Golem clouds don’t dissipate when leaving LOS
  14. 11649 Put bazaar items on top of shopping list.
  15. 11522 Autoexplore ignores enemies behind traps
  16. 11310 False warning when trying to use lightning rod through mushroom.
  17. 11463 Tengu flight EV bonus is applied after equipment EV bonuses.
  18. 11381 Yellow draconians in forms have rCorr according to % screen but not A screen.
  19. 11374 Petrify should show on death messages in the same way as paralysis.
  20. 11315 No friendly fire warning is displayed while using Damnation with portal projectile
  21. 11306 Trying to put on incompatible armour in forms results in unhelpful message of wrong item type.
  22. 11814 Pain’s message inconsistent against invisible creatures
  23. 11738 Setting a confirm_action for an ability generates a Y/N prompt every time the ability menu is opened