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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00123103Bug Reportcrashnew (advil)2020-07-10andrewcrash on downstairs to V:5
 0012309 Source Cleanuptrivialnew2020-07-09bcadrenarrival_aquarium_a and arrival_aquarium_b still have no_submerge tag
 0012308 Source Cleanupminornew2020-07-08bcadrenThe Oklob Plant Summoner in Fedhas Sprint has a Removed Spell
 00123025Bug Reporttextnew2020-07-06hayenneMonster defeat order is shuffled in the morgue log
 0012306 Source Cleanuptrivialnew2020-07-05bcadrenIce Beast and Sky Beast are still listed in I instead of Y in dc-mons.txt
 0012305 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-05Patashucheibrodos_fertilizer needs no trap generation mask in hallway
 0012304 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-05CanOfWormsStorm card gives limited information about its functionality
 0012303 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-05CanOfWormsDraw Four messaging can be hard to parse if there's a lot of events occuring
 00122941Bug Reportminornew2020-07-04CanOfWormsAutotravel breaks when entrance is covered with temporary firewood
 0012301 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-03bcadrenAbominations have unique HP behavior immediately overwritten with default uselessly.
 0012300 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-03bcadrenthe X->V attack description on serpents of hell is wrong.
 0012299 Bug Reporttextnew2020-07-02gressupDeath Knight Monster Description References Haunt (Shywoof)
 0012298 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-30YermakEnclosed vault
 00122951Bug Reportminornew2020-06-30YermakAshenzari: manuals are unidentified until in inventory.
 0012297 Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-06-28EmufarmersTypo in Saint Roka dialog
 0012296 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-28YermakAshenzari: uncursed scarf of harm is in the list of identifiable items.
 00122923Bug Reportcrashnew2020-06-28SenteiTeleported up a level and into wall when trying to write an annotation on that level, crashes when trying to move
 0012293 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-28damerellfake_noisy() doesn't work and never did.
 00122911Bug Reportminornew2020-06-26YermakInterlevel travel to vault entrance leads to a different location.
 00122651Bug Reportminornew2020-06-21Le_NerdPotion of stabbing + Gozaq gold distraction not working correctly
 00122891Bug Reportmajornew2020-06-21Midn8Rollback on disconnect when on skills menu with 0 skills being trained
 00113103Bug Reportminornew (ebering)2020-06-20YermakFalse warning when trying to use lightning rod through mushroom.
 0012287 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-20YermakShift-x, shift-e stopped jumping to closest exclusion.
 00122862Bug Reportcrashnew2020-06-19TenayaGame crash using a portal in pandemonium
 00122821Bug Reportminornew2020-06-19YermakArtefact amulet of reflection gives no SH.
 000756312Bug Reportblocknew2020-06-18Wraithslayout_gridlike traps teleporting players
 0012285 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-18Yermaknicolae_blasting_shop issues unnecessary confirmation
 00122841Bug Reportminornew2020-06-18YermakSome monsters ignore restriction on range of their abilities.
 0012283 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-17TenayaUskayaw forgets piety-based abilities after crash
 0012281 Source Cleanuptrivialnew2020-06-15bcadrenThe @return comment on _skill_rdiv() in is wrong.
 0012280 Source Cleanuptrivialnew2020-06-15bcadrenThere's a line in _acquirement_weapon_subtype() which has no effect.
 0012278 Bug Reporttweaknew2020-06-14Midn8Inescapable altar vault
 00122692Bug Reportminornew2020-06-09ManManWand of digging graphical error
 0012276 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-05vtAC prediction in item description does not account for Ozo's Armour
 00122721Source Cleanupminornew2020-05-26bcadrenkennysheep_room_grid has code that never executes
 0012271 Bug Reportminornew2020-05-26bcadrengammafunk_jiyva_shrine lacks a glyph definition
 0012267 Bug Reportminornew2020-05-22CanOfWormsClumsy Status (dexterity stat zero) can increase EV
 0012263 Source Cleanupminornew2020-05-16bcadrenLine 227 of ossuary.des doesn't do anything.
 00121842Bug Reportminornew2020-05-14GoratrixArtifacts offered (but not acquired) by new acquirement are logged in morgue as if they were acquired
 0012151 Upload: Graphicsfeaturenew2020-05-13ShtopitA Splash Screen
 0012259 Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-05-11aidanholmprompt_for_quantity() does not handle initial backspace correctly
 0012258 Bug Reportminornew2020-05-11bcadrenSif and Kiku will not give book gifts if an aquatic player is standing in deep water
 00122563Bug Reportminornew2020-05-10YermakSpectators see time instead of turns (show_game_time).
 00122331Bug Reportminornew2020-05-10vtFrozen ramparts does not recolor the ground behind some features
 0012253 Source Cleanupminornew2020-05-09bcadrenkennysheep_nondecorative_pillar has a depth error
 0012252 Bug Reportminornew2020-05-09bcadrengrunt_potential has tags that never execute
 0012251 Bug Reportminornew2020-05-09bcadrenlemuel_mausoleum overflow vaults have weird placement behavior.
 0012249 Bug Reportcrashnew2020-05-03FlugkillerGame crashed after going back a page in the browser when you have to select a new skill to train
 0012248 Bug Reportcrashnew2020-05-03FlugkillerGame crash after using grand finale
 0012107 Bug Reportminornew2020-05-03YermakInterlevel travel is broken (buggy now).
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