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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00114791Bug Reportminornew2018-05-22ebexcluding a huge gate that you have seen only part of yet doesn't exclude its unseen tiles
 0011478 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-22mibe420Opening a door with a movement key while serpents lash is active consumes a charge of serpents lash
 00114771Bug Reportminornew2018-05-21MainiacJoeOssuary entry vault placed no portal
 0011476 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-05-20NormalPerson7"You feel yourself speed up message" prints when post-berserk slow expires but still under the effects of stat zero
 0011475 Patchesminornew2018-05-17Ge0ffDisplay real MP for Deep Dwarves when necessary
 0011474 Patchesminornew2018-05-17Ge0ffFix coloring for current MP in Webtiles
 0011473 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-16VortMouse hover lags on species selection screen
 00114711Bug Reportminornew2018-05-15DeliriousApeMolten Gargoyles untargetable by LRD
 00097271Bug Reportminornew2018-05-14thromnambularTentacle connect failed! What the heck! severed status 1
 00011221Bug Reporttweakconfirmed2018-05-14tiktokOS X tiles has no keyboard-based right click modifier
 00007641FR: Interface Improvementsminorconfirmed2018-05-14OG17Allied plants hide items
 00114701Bug Reportminornew2018-05-10NormalPerson7Offered same spell twice by Vehumet.
 00114675Bug Reportcrashnew2018-05-09kawacatooseCrash when loading save
 0011468 Bug Reportmajornew2018-05-04Ge0ffSpecifying an unsupported colour in menu_colour crashes the game
 00114613Bug Reportcrashnew2018-05-03arteymixASSERT(_parent) in '' at line 268 failed in Flatpak build
 00109361Bug Reportminornew2018-04-30droogieHigh score file race condition
 0011465 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-30LeszczynekPoG portals drawn below items
 00114221Bug Reportminornew2018-04-29aidanholmCasting Poisonous Vapours can leak information
 00113205Bug Reportminornew2018-04-29NormalPerson7Shapeshifter shown as incorrect monster in monster list.
 00113878Bug Reportmajornew2018-04-28NormalPerson7Menus sometimes randomly remain on-screen when closed.
 0011463 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-28NormalPerson7Tengu flight EV bonus is applied after equipment EV bonuses.
 00114621Bug Reportmajornew2018-04-28CadexRanged attack targeting errors
 00114422Bug Reportminornew2018-04-28gressupOzocubu's Armour Stays Intact During Barachian Hop
 0011459 Documentationtextnew2018-04-27RoGGaSlave description states: "Killing this monster yields no experience, nutrition or items."
 00113581Bug Reportminornew2018-04-25YermakCtrl-x behaves buggily with items apported from piles.
 00114571Bug Reporttweaknew2018-04-25joshWeapon brand messages print after fragile weapon crumbles to dust
 00114531Bug Reportminornew2018-04-25Le_NerdNo Wizlab timing announcements
 0011454 Documentationtextnew2018-04-24AnganiSwamp worm harpoon shot correction
 00114522Bug Reportminornew2018-04-24joshDraconian Berserker of Trog can end up with spellcasting aptitudes
 00114311Bug Reportminornew2018-04-23NormalPerson7Scores screen after death sometimes highlights the wrong character.
 00114511Bug Reportminornew2018-04-21SurrSpells are visible in M screen after sacrificing the spell school to Ru
 00114452Bug Reporttweaknew2018-04-21damerellXP seems odd in linecrawl (possibly in Sprint in general)
 00110421Bug Reportminornew2018-04-17LeszczynekSummoned friendly butterfly flying over a Zot trap summons a friendly eldritch tentacle.
 00114271Bug Reporttextnew2018-04-13damerellOdd message combination when unwielding a Fragile artifact
 00114482Bug Reportminornew2018-04-13NormalPerson7Statues do not have "It cannot regenerate" in their description
 00113092Bug Reportminornew2018-04-13NormalPerson7Putting on jewellery with *Contam or *Drain prompts the player twice.
 00114471Bug Reportminornew2018-04-12NormalPerson7According to the x-v monster description, animals can be recited to.
 0011446 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-12OloloevQuaffed potion of experience worth 120`000+ XP potions (without actually quaffing it!)
 00114132Bug Reportmajornew2018-04-12MalevolentUnlinked temporary item: uncursed triple crossbow
 00114411Bug Reportminornew2018-04-07LeszczynekLong lists cut off when spectating online
 00114324Bug Reportminornew2018-04-06PekkekkePlayer Ghost Spawned Twice
 0011440 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-06MainiacJoeMara clone stays in Vile Clutch after blinking
 0011439 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-06xbonClicking doesn't work after alt tabbing.
 0011438 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-05NormalPerson7Beogh does not forbid raising orcs with animate skeleton/animate dead.
 0011437 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-05PekkekkeSkill costs ignore sacrifice skills
 0011436 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-05SiegurtAmulet of the Acrobat cancels EV bonus with non-actions
 00114341Bug Reportmajornew2018-04-04NormalPerson7Ghosts with the amulet of the acrobat get the EV+15 bonus.
 0011417 Bug Reportminornew2018-03-22NormalPerson7Berserked ranged enemies will try to get range on the player.
 0011420 Bug Reportminornew2018-03-19NormalPerson7Rakshasas can copy themselves while paralysed.
 0011418 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-03-19damerellNaga can Spit Poison in hog form
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