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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00124862Bug Reportminornew (Kate)2021-04-11YermakScarf of invisibility isn't greyed out with sacrificed Evocations.
 0012558 Bug Reportminornew2021-04-11YermakReally fire in your ally the briar patch's direction?
 00124182Bug Reportminornew (Kate)2021-04-11YermakRing of Shadows overrides "Eos".
 0012557 Bug Reportminornew2021-04-05KateDisconnected transporter vault
 00125133Bug Reportminornew2021-04-03SarYred zombies don't get destroyed on abandonment
 00124885Bug Reportminornew2021-04-02YermakQuivered item can be changed inadvertently.
 0012553 Bug Reportminornew2021-04-01YermakDj cannot autoexplore out of bog centre.
 0012552 Bug Reportminornew2021-03-31YermakGetting prompt when trying to cast Shatter near friendly orb of destruction.
 00125411Bug Reportminornew2021-03-31vtkilling pikel may not poof minions
 00125302Bug Reporttrivialnew2021-03-31Lici_the_CrawlerAutopickup exceptions not being respected when stepping on fully un-IDed jewellery
 0012548 Bug Reportminornew2021-03-30YermakAre you sure you want to burn the ?
 0012547 Bug Reportminornew2021-03-29sterrahail storm hits death channel ally on dying
 0012545 Bug Reportminornew2021-03-27Le_NerdRu offers sacrifice armour to octopodes
 001134010Upload: Graphicsminornew2021-03-09roctavianNumerous tile changes, end of 2017
 0012529 Bug Reportminornew2021-03-01YermakVampires (and grey dracs) are affected by dream dust (supposedly they should be immune).
 0012526 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-28YermakNew Ash skill boost doesn't cooperate properly with skill targets.
 00118502Bug Reportminorconfirmed2021-02-27geekosaurcrawl thinks all of D:12 is a Vaults entrance?
 0012523 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-26YermakZin: imprisoned monsters don't run away from Sanctuary after they are freed.
 0012520 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-25YermakAnother message for event out of LoS.
 0012512 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-17SarSerpent of Hell didn't spawn (possibly)
 00125101Bug Reportminornew2021-02-17SarBad interaction between auxiliary attacks and Enslave Soul
 0012508 Bug Reporttrivialnew2021-02-17damerellclua can cause assertion failure in
 0012506 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-16YermakQuivered ability is displaced after changing form.
 0012504 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-15Yermak!experience trains useful skills only
 0012502 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-14YermakPoisonous Vapours can choose resistant enemy for its default target.
 0012501 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-14YermakWeird double message upon identifying last amulet by buying it.
 00124991Bug Reportmajornew2021-02-13geekosaurdisplay problems with multiple monsters
 0012498 Bug Reporttrivialnew2021-02-13hittemvvvhardexclusions on transporter entry portals are shown as being on "downstairs" in ctrl-o dungeon overview
 0012495 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-13YermakAquatic species get wrong exploration message in sewer_sea map.
 00124931Bug Reportminornew2021-02-13YermakSome spells' animations linger too long with --more--.
 00124893Bug Reportminornew2021-02-08Siegurtsave_dir concatenates with 'scores' file path with no trailing slash for high-score files
 00114533Bug Reportminornew2021-02-04Le_NerdNo Wizlab timing announcements
 0012483 Bug Reporttrivialnew2021-02-04damerellNeutral monsters never speak
 0012482 Documentationtextnew2021-02-04damerelldprf doesn't always do anything with DEBUG_FOO options that invoke it.
 0012475 Bug Reportminornew2021-02-02YermakSmall problems with skill targets.
 00124731Bug Reportminornew2021-02-01YermakTabbing with autofight on stopped working (save provided).
 00124413Bug Reportminornew2021-01-31MajangDeep Elf Elementalist spawns elementals outside of runed vault
 0012472 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-29Lici_the_CrawlerLow damage of spectral unique orcs
 0012468 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-26Euph0riaGraphical bug in mimimap display
 00124671Bug Reportminornew2021-01-26Ge0ffIt's not possible to assign a macro to ; (semicolon) in Web Tiles
 00124601Bug Reportminornew2021-01-26Le_NerdBuying scrolls in shop circumvents auto-slot adjustment
 0012466 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-26Ge0ffA rune room without shallow water path in Cocytus
 00123636Bug Reportminornew2021-01-22aperiodicpotential to get trapped in vault
 0012462 Bug Reporttrivialnew2021-01-22hittemvvvhardcannot autotravel to webs, even though autotravel will path through webs
 0012458 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-19YermakTorpor snails stopped affecting player through grates.
 0012455 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-16YermakAwkward messaging when red devil attacks and hops backward out of view.
 0012454 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-16CanOfWormsThe player can get unprompted penance for hitting allies from AOE effects interacting with invisible enemies
 0012452 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-15YermakEnslave Soul gave me hostile Rupert.
 00124492Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14KamiKatzeCigotuvi's Monster is not listed in the Vanquished Creatures section of the morgue
 0012450 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14Lici_the_CrawlerIcons for spells and abilities sometimes show up in the monster description and sometimes don't
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