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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0012211 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-23ICCPlayer ghost got deleted spell "Regeneration"
 00122102Bug Reportminornew2020-02-23YermakSome scarf depictions take too much space on a player doll.
 00108392Bug Reportminorconfirmed2020-02-23PlatinumSpiderZap bounce around corners behaves differently online and offline
 0012209 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-23YermakGame doesn't show bounce path for Shock and Lightning Bolt unless you aim explicitly at a wall.
 0012208 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-23YermakWebtiles: you are no longer able to select and copy text in game with your mouse other than in ctrl-P log.
 0012207 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-23YermakUskayaw: Line Pass confuses more monsters than it claims to.
 0012205 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-21Artagascan not wall jump towards merfolk avatar when mesmerized
 00120292Bug Reportminornew (Reaver)2020-02-20YermakArtefact jewellery is sometimes not on autopickup (depends on base type).
 00117296Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-02-18silenthRoxanne's dropped spellbook not marked for autopickup
 00121931Bug Reportminornew2020-02-18YermakCrawl ingame manual: going to a next page skips a line of text.
 0012203 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-18YermakBug with cloning and BVC constriction.
 00121981Bug Reportminornew2020-02-17nubiniaFire Elementalists have old Book Of Flames
 00122021Bug Reportminornew2020-02-17YermakTremostone can't be thrown with shift-direction.
 0012200 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-16YermakWrong attack prompt when using Cleansing Flame.
 0012199 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-15bcadrenIf Erica spawns with an artefact scimitar it doesn't draw her normal unique weapon sprite.
 00121771Bug Reportminornew2020-02-14john_scienceNew Scroll of Acquirement Menu Bug
 00121941Bug Reportminornew2020-02-13Euph0riaInventory display bug
 0012197 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-11sdynetOklob and plant is immune to Datura, but a probability check on the screen.
 00121841Bug Reportminornew2020-02-11GoratrixArtifacts offered (but not acquired) by new acquirement are logged in morgue as if they were acquired
 0012196 Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-02-10hittemvvvhardcannot autotravel to shaft
 00121922Bug Reportcrashnew2020-02-08fra_cCrash when opening the closed gate to the Realm of Zot in the Ten rune challenge Dungeon Sprint
 0012190 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-02FlugkillerFoxfires are affected by torpor snail slow
 0012188 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-02FlugkillerFoxfire blocks autoexplore despite being able to move through them
 00121861Bug Reportminornew2020-02-01YermakWebtiles: it's no longer possible to log in from spectator chat using only keyboard.
 0012187 Bug Reportminornew2020-02-01YermakAttacking an ally should require double confirmation for good gods and Okawaru.
 00121851Bug Reportminornew2020-01-29StairdancerSpriggan Druid awakening trees from outside of LOS
 0012183 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-25joel_jpaVampiric draining doesn't show exclamation marks corresponding to damage like other spells
 0012182 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-24aidanholmWrong water rendering during more when exiting abyss into shoals
 0012181 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-24YermakSpellbinder issues a prompt when attacking near demon guardian.
 00121791Bug Reportminornew2020-01-23Artagaspointless line of fire warning when starfire-ing next to a glass wall blocking deep water
 0012178 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-22sdynetThe ancestor has been cloned.
 00121743Bug Reportcrashnew2020-01-21SiegurtGame crashes on load
 0012176 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-17vtAfter resting, hp bar does not update
 0012175 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-17KillmatronixOOFs stuck with the squares next to the allied one being the only one they attack
 00121702Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-01-11hittemvvvhardnet trap revealed by magic mapping has wrong tile
 0012173 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-09FlugkillerPain targeter sometimes doesn't properly respect allies that are in the way
 0012172 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-06john_scienceUndead Kraken and Electric Eels are "flying" but can't leave deep water
 000756311Bug Reportblocknew2020-01-06Wraithslayout_gridlike traps teleporting players
 00119301Bug Reportminornew2020-01-02RoGGaerror in CAO's player scoring page
 0012169 Bug Reportminornew2020-01-02vtWhen spectating, menus remain open after player closes them
 00121431Bug Reportminornew2019-12-30Yermakmessage_colour rc option is broken.
 0012155 Bug Reportminornew2019-12-19vonbrandCrash when leaving (was killed -- again)
 00121502Bug Reportminornew2019-12-16PekkekkeTorpor snail not slowing player
 0012152 Bug Reportminornew2019-12-16CanOfWormsNo prompt for melding +Inv equipment while invisible
 00018253FR: Interface Improvementstweaknew2019-12-10ortoslonnotify when item in shoplist becomes wearable
 0012151 Upload: Graphicsfeaturenew2019-12-09ShtopitA Splash Screen
 0012146 Bug Reportminornew2019-12-06vtSkill target box draws incorrectly
 0012141 Bug Reportminornew2019-12-02kitchen_aceTornado can destroy trees that should be indestructable in vaults
 00121401Bug Reportminornew2019-12-01Octopode-monk-of-XOMFocus Bug regarding Webtiles / Spectator Chat
 0012139 Bug Reportminornew2019-11-29quikStrange light effect when berserking
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