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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00115251Bug Reportmajornew2018-07-15stoneychipsInventory screen remains when selecting e(v)oke item - Unable to aim
 00115234Bug Reportblocknew2018-07-15FingolfinMenu boxes open 2 and close 1
 00115241Bug Reportcrashnew2018-07-15GoriceCrash on approaching rune door vault in Shoals
 00115205Bug Reportminornew2018-07-15pedantFew issues with UI update
 00115133Bug Reportminornew2018-07-15erfSpells headers don't align with columns
 0011522 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-15PekkekkeAutoexplore ignores enemies behind traps
 0011521 Bug Reporttextnew2018-07-15PekkekkeDS powered by pain
 0011519 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-14RoGGaMonsters in a blocked out area in Swamp
 0011518 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-13RoGGano auto-pickup for Phantom Mirror since not on un/recognised list
 00115051Bug Reportminornew2018-07-13RoGGawhen player is CONFused, still able to command allies where to go (with 't' key)
 0011517 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-13PekkekkeConfusion Blocks Spell Library
 00113101Bug Reportminornew2018-07-11YermakFalse warning when trying to use lightning rod through mushroom.
 0011516 Bug Reportfeaturenew2018-07-10kitchen_aceMore variation in ghosts for ghosts vaults, when playing offline
 00115152Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-10RoGGaDescription screen text overlays in trunk
 00115101Bug Reportminornew2018-07-09kitchen_aceDescription text colours are strange and unreadable
 00115121Documentationtextnew2018-07-09RoGGaFAQ.txt still contains: by 'p'raying on the altar
 0011514 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-09Ultraviolent4Dazzling Spray wants to target friendly fulminant prisms by default
 0011511 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-08kitchen_acePrompt to continue (un)equipping armour with monster in view doesn't actually show monster
 00114362Bug Reportminornew2018-07-07SiegurtAmulet of the Acrobat cancels EV bonus with non-actions
 0011507 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-07XenobreederInconvenient paging behaviour
 00113461Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-02espaisEdmund's sprite doesn't remove weapon when Tukima's Dance triggers
 00106594Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-07-02bsdbeardPetrify lists success chance vs player ghosts, which can't be affected
 00115042Bug Reportminornew2018-07-01MuffindrakePolymorphing a frenzied shapeshifter causes it to become "indifferent"
 00115021Bug Reportmajornew2018-07-01jackofbladesCTRL sticks if i move my character in tiles version
 00115001Bug Reporttextnew2018-06-29damerellQazlal worshippers get messages when donning or doffing cloud immunity
 00114992Bug Reportminornew2018-06-25SvankensenVault inaccessible, even from above or below
 0011501 Bug Reportminornew2018-06-24mdonaisIncompatible bones file
 00114591Documentationtextnew2018-06-24RoGGaSlave description states: "Killing this monster yields no experience, nutrition or items."
 0011498 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-06-19FlibulleTiles version crashes on launch
 00114924Bug Reportcrashnew2018-06-18SiegurtGame crashes when attempting to pray to Lugonu
 0011497 Bug Reportminornew2018-06-17NormalPerson7Killing Pikel's slaves with Gozag results in corpses.
 00114901Bug Reportminornew2018-06-10NormalPerson7The estimate of XLs required to mindelay/no shield penalty does not account for progress toward the next XL
 00114951Bug Reportminornew2018-06-10TerrapinRuned door doesn't block monsters
 00114682Bug Reportmajornew2018-06-08Ge0ffSpecifying an unsupported colour in menu_colour crashes the game
 00104611Bug Reportminornew2018-06-08minmayRuned door autoannotation and forgetting level map
 00114893Bug Reportminornew2018-06-08NormalPerson7Error message when autofighting with polearms
 00114021Bug Reportminornew2018-06-08LasiaceGyre and Gimble does not work correctly for Wu Jian martial arts
 00114622Bug Reportmajornew2018-06-03CadexRanged attack targeting errors
 00114864Bug Reportcrashconfirmed2018-06-01SiegurtWhen I try to go upstairs, the game crashes
 0011487 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-31NormalPerson7Unintended behaviour with some corpses being un-choppable preventing counterplay to twisted resurrection.
 0011484 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-28NormalPerson7Radius 2 LRD targeter is inaccurate when there are interfering walls.
 00114831Bug Reportminornew2018-05-28JarrodbLarge graphical error
 0011482 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-27NormalPerson7Potion of resistance greys out rings of rPois/rCorr
 00114801Bug Reporttextnew2018-05-26NormalPerson7Summoning spells' descriptions state "up to X creatures" when what is really meant is "up to X packs"
 0011481 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-26eberingLua map error in Shoals:4
 00114791Bug Reportminornew2018-05-22ebexcluding a huge gate that you have seen only part of yet doesn't exclude its unseen tiles
 00114771Bug Reportminornew2018-05-21MainiacJoeOssuary entry vault placed no portal
 0011476 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-05-20NormalPerson7"You feel yourself speed up message" prints when post-berserk slow expires but still under the effects of stat zero
 0011475 Patchesminornew2018-05-17Ge0ffDisplay real MP for Deep Dwarves when necessary
 0011474 Patchesminornew2018-05-17Ge0ffFix coloring for current MP in Webtiles
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