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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0011127 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-29YermakItems seen on Xom teleportation journey can still be picked up by monsters
 00110821Bug Reportminornew2017-06-29nicolaeTransporter vaults in the Vaults using post_place have some issues
 0011126 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-29prozacelfWebtiles time-out results in lost scroll
 0011125 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-26LavandulaMonsters stop being bribed without any obvious reason
 00111226Bug Reportminornew2017-06-26FixerBad resizing on small screens (fullscreen mode)
 0011124 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-26andreasuseless 'stop flying' option present in dragon form while wearing ring of flight
 0011123 Bug Reportmajornew2017-06-26LavandulaPoison and Bribe Branch
 00111113Bug Reportmajornew2017-06-25nymphicusTiles version displaying off center in Windows 10
 0011121 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-23hollowmanTrunk Graphics Issue:
 0011120 Documentationminornew2017-06-23chikinnRemove mottled draconian from table of aptitudes
 0011119 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-23YermakLamp's of fire trail is disrupted
 00111161Bug Reportminornew2017-06-22YermakBlink mutation isn't shown as suppressed in tree from.
 0011118 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-20LavandulaNo confirmation prompt before evoking berserk through items with Cheibriados
 0011117 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-20LavandulaMystical force of hell can spawn second eldritch tentacle
 0011115 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-20YermakGraphics issue: Leda's and lava
 0011114 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-19YermakBarachi prefers longer travel using land which is weird
 00102784Bug Reportmajornew (gammafunk)2017-06-19NikitaMouse hover lags
 0011113 Documentationminornew2017-06-18emikaelabackground_creation.txt refers to enum.h and not job-type.h
 0011112 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-18WoogInvisble disturbance not stopping rest
 0011108 Bug Reportfeaturenew2017-06-14ManManNo warnings provided beofre attacking monsters while using Elyvilon's Divine Protection
 00109514Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-06-13shummieSome wins showing up twice in scoreboard
 0011107 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakGaining robust mutation should expand your current hp along with mhp.
 00111061Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakSlow status lasts a turn after elephant slug is dead.
 0011105 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakAutopickup mode shouldn't change on saving and resuming the game.
 0011104 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakUmbra + halo wrongly stops invisibility under TSO.
 0011103 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-06-12YermakSwitching between gods while training only Invocations gods is clunky.
 0011102 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Yermakauto_eat_chunks tries to pick up chunks instead of eating off the ground.
 00109021Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakShopping list total cost is shown wrong due to duplicate items.
 0011101 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakRegen status from spell isn't greyed out with 'no regen' mutation and monsters in sight.
 0011100 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakMP cost of evoking Olgreb's staff isn't shown anywhere.
 0011099 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakWeird runed door
 0011098 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12YermakEnslaved monster doesn't stop constricting an enemy when charm is ended.
 0011097 Bug Reporttextnew2017-06-11MattlistenerLetter adjustment mis-reports c, i
 00092015Bug Reportminornew2017-06-09NOPEGhost moth watching "@player_only@"
 00110941Bug Reporttextnew2017-06-08nikheizen"Fragile" Randart Property Prompt Spam
 0011095 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-08moxianPolearm and ranged tabbing is broken when 1-9 keys are bound to CMD_TARGET_*
 00110932Bug Reportmajornew2017-06-08d3k0High score crash and "nimbled to death by software bugs" caused by ASSERT(birth_time) in '' at line 1922 failed.
 0011090 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05orbisvicisRemoving the Robe of the Night does not refresh LOS
 00027481Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05OG17Autoexplore gives incorrect completion messages with disjointed areas
 00019043Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05doyexclusions can cause an incorrect end of exploration message
 0011088 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05ellipticInvisible monster disturbances stop autoexplore/travel even when on the other side of glass.
 0011087 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05orbisvicisMaxwell's etheric cage and MPRegen
 0011086 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05orbisvicisSinging sword and noise meter
 0011084 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-04KenranDisconnected region in Crypt:2, unreachable via stairs
 0011083 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-04koboldinaPolymorphing a caster and then killing it does not grant the extra Trog piety for killing casters
 0011079 Bug Reporttextnew2017-05-31HisShadowUnindentify Faerie dragon scale in inventory haved wrong description
 00110771Bug Reportminornew2017-05-28nubiniaDouble Josephine
 00110731Support Requestcrashnew2017-05-25stoneychipsTrunk game in progress hangs at "loading" page
 0011074 Bug Reportfeaturenew2017-05-25nikheizenWebtiles players do not recieve "m"essages from console spectators
 0011072 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-23SpharaGhost Crab summons appeared friendly
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