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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00124561Bug Reportminornew2021-01-19YermakLarge rocks are not in Q list and not in '(' ')' cycle.
 0012458 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-19YermakTorpor snails stopped affecting player through grates.
 0012457 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-17StairdancerItem scroll of enchant weapon buggily placed in feature at (3, 30)
 0012455 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-16YermakAwkward messaging when red devil attacks and hops backward out of view.
 0012454 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-16CanOfWormsThe player can get unprompted penance for hitting allies from AOE effects interacting with invisible enemies
 0012452 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-15YermakEnslave Soul gave me hostile Rupert.
 00123634Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14aperiodicpotential to get trapped in vault
 0012451 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14YermakAutofight_throw with Minor Destruction quivered (range 5) fizzles at a monster out of range.
 00124492Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14KamiKatzeCigotuvi's Monster is not listed in the Vanquished Creatures section of the morgue
 0012450 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14Lici_the_CrawlerIcons for spells and abilities sometimes show up in the monster description and sometimes don't
 00124482Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14YermakRed devil doesn't activate traps by hopping backward.
 00123521Bug Reporttrivialnew2021-01-14SarAuto-exclusion incorrectly calls lunar statue "an orange crystal statue"
 0012447 Bug Reporttrivialnew2021-01-14FakerFangirlBad Item
 0012445 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14YermakAutotravel can't get you to Depths because D:15 is disjunct.
 0012444 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14YermakOn the first turn of Xom confusion you're fiven the list of evocables upon pressing 'V'.
 0012442 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-14PtFThis showed up when I transported to Abyss 3.
 0012441 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-13MajangDeep Elf Elementalist spawns elementals outside of runed vault
 00124381Bug Reportminornew2021-01-12SiegurtGozag gold detection reveals entire contents of stack
 00124371Bug Reportminornew2021-01-11hittemvvvhardSome/all enemies missing in level examination with X ] [
 0012436 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-11YermakFormicid doesn't move after activating Dig if key was pressed fast.
 0012434 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-11YermakAutofight moves player towards monster behind runed door.
 0012433 Bug Reportminornew2021-01-10Lici_the_CrawlerWeapon not showing on Nessus
 00124311Bug Reportminornew2021-01-10Lici_the_CrawlerExp potion assignment menu doesn't let you select useless skills
 0012429 Source Cleanupminornew2021-01-07bcadrenDifferently is misspelled in a comment in
 00123941Bug Reportcrashnew2021-01-06quikGame crashes when using fsim
 00124211Bug Reportminornew2021-01-04YermakSpit Poison ability doesn't have its range showed in description.
 0012428 Source Cleanupminornew2021-01-03bcadrenDuplicated if Statement.
 00114532Bug Reportminornew2020-12-28Le_NerdNo Wizlab timing announcements
 0012425 Source Cleanupminornew2020-12-28bcadrenShatter duplicates how AC works instead of calling apply AC.
 00124191Bug Reportminornew2020-12-23said46New macros menus - not all macros, buggy visualization
 0012418 Bug Reportminornew2020-12-23YermakRing of Shadows overrides "Eos".
 0012416 Bug Reportminornew2020-12-22YermakAbyss: Item 28 stones buggily placed in feature at (24, 3).
 00123141Bug Reportminornew2020-12-22CanOfWormsFont rendering issue with "W" character
 0012413 Bug Reportminornew2020-12-21GoratrixInformation leak in gold detection
 0012411 Bug Reportminornew2020-12-21YermakBoots of flying with Evo sacrificed: irresolute behaviour
 0012408 Bug Reportminornew2020-12-20SiegurtFloor dropped +5 animal skin
 00124076Bug Reportminornew2020-12-17erfBuild fails on the new M1 Macbook
 0012403 Bug Reportminornew2020-12-12SiegurtMessage order when killing a hasted creature
 00123981Bug Reportminornew2020-12-03Lici_the_CrawlerSacking hand as a Gnoll sets your bow skill to 0 but doesn't turn the training off
 00123971Bug Reportminornew2020-12-02Lici_the_CrawlerExploration traps trigger 1 turn late after landing a teleport
 00123511Bug Reportminornew2020-11-27SarShapeshifter changes into a slime, gets pacified by Jiyva, keeps changing forms while still being peaceful
 00123562Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-11-18twelweuse_animations = false doesn't override lightning rod
 0012384 Bug Reportminornew2020-11-17NekoatlBeastly Appendage melds hats for Octopode
 0012377 Bug Reportminornew2020-10-28sdynetWhen using Tremorstone with Spectral weapon, a warning message appears.
 0012376 Bug Reportminornew2020-10-26sdynetIf I kill an enemy at one with a spect weapon, no spect will be created.
 0012374 Bug Reporttweaknew2020-10-23uz-sparkTreat Quasit DEX draining attack as venom
 0012373 Bug Reportfeaturenew2020-10-15gressupRatskin Cloak - No Warning That Hell Rats Incite Ely Wrath
 00123671Bug Reportminornew2020-09-26damerellAsh reveals type of invisible monster by Scrying
 0012365 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-24SiegurtBattlesphere doesn't move to shoot sometimes
 0012361 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-05SiegurtTomb generated with no access to W:2
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