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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00114542Documentationtextnew2019-10-14AnganiSwamp worm harpoon shot correction
 00120951Bug Reportmajornew2019-10-12XenobreederAncient macro files conflict with trunk
 0012094 Bug Reportminornew2019-10-12kitchen_aceLack of warnings etc. with equipment melding and stat zero
 0012093 Documentationtextnew2019-10-12AnganiSceptre of Torment inconsistency
 0012092 Bug Reportminornew2019-10-12YermakWebtiles: when you click 'Login to chat' while spectating, 'User' input box isn't in focus.
 0012091 Bug Reportminornew2019-10-12YermakToggling show_game_turns option in game has no effect in Tiles.
 00120782Bug Reportminornew2019-10-11kitchen_aceBanishment to abyss via distortion caused game to register as entering Depths:5
 00078351Bug Reporttextnew2019-10-11putridmelonClosing parens missing at top-of-inventory help instruction
 00088871Bug Reporttextnew2019-10-11XentroniumMisleading text when renouncing religion?
 0012089 Bug Reportminornew2019-10-09vtFire vortices move around while resting
 00120871Bug Reportminornew2019-10-07GrumpyCatalarm trap spawned on staircase
 00120831Bug Reportminornew2019-10-05kitchen_aceSummon-ness of Fedhas' allies changes at high invocations
 00120822Bug Reportminornew2019-10-04SiegurtBad interaction between Fedahs summons and friendly fire spells
 00120403Bug Reportminornew2019-10-04YermakPin rc file edit window.
 0012081 Bug Reportminornew2019-10-02SenteiBatty enemies don't indicate that they are wandering/haven't noticed you
 00120551Bug Reportminornew2019-10-02nubiniaMinotaur lost a point of magic for no obvious reason
 00120741Bug Reportminornew2019-09-28kitchen_aceOverly vertical layout with new tiles for starting screen
 00120732Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-09-28kitchen_acetile_player_tile affects display of player on new starting screen with icons
 00120701Bug Reportminornew2019-09-28kitchen_aceSpecies not always highlighted on the ?% screen
 00120722Bug Reportmajornew2019-09-27Le_NerdEscape key randomly remapped
 0012068 Bug Reportminornew2019-09-25nubiniaPlant on stairs stopped auto-travel.
 0012067 Support Requestfeaturenew2019-09-23SenoraRatonFelid oversight
 0012066 Bug Reportminornew2019-09-21vtInfo leak for haloed monsters
 00120621Bug Reportminornew2019-09-12YermakPinned elephants are able to move by using trample.
 0012060 Bug Reportminornew2019-09-10Le_NerdDuplicate antique items for wrong price
 0012058 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-09-07fra_cCrash in Thunderdome against Mara
 00120022Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-09-06NormalPerson7Vaults placing vault-specific tiles do not have their tiles restored correctly after summon forest
 0012057 Bug Reporttweaknew2019-09-05damerellConfusing display of cost of crosstrained skill
 0012056 Bug Reportminornew2019-09-05kitchen_aceDepths shown as "visited" after Xom moves entrance around
 00120542Bug Reportminornew2019-09-04MainiacJoeElemental Evokers Never Recharged; Portal
 00120522Bug Reportminornew2019-08-26PekkekkeMonster "Blink Other" Ends Tornado
 00120511Bug Reportminornew2019-08-26PekkekkeDispersal trap ends tornado
 00120501Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-08-21kitchen_ace"The buggy slime creature returns to its original shape as it dies."
 0012047 Bug Reportminornew2019-08-17asdumonster at the edge of los unable to act
 00120421Bug Reportminornew2019-08-10damerellSilver weapons damage worshippers of chaotic gods, but comments strongly imply they should not.
 00120411Bug Reportminornew2019-08-07PekkekkePasswall despawns an enemy
 00120383Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-08-06geekosaurD:1 arrival vault has monsters in LoS on turn 0
 0012039 Bug Reportmajornew2019-08-04damerellAsh Transfer Knowledge doesn't necessarily increase max HP
 0012037 Bug Reportminornew2019-08-03YermakWrong message upon mutation becoming permanent via Ru sacrifice.
 00117871Bug Reportminornew2019-08-03KillmatronixGame doesn't show my quivered items.
 0012036 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-31YermakAmulet of regeneration is grayed out for bloodless vampires even without monsters in los.
 00120351Bug Reportminornew2019-07-31YermakVampire's % screen says "regenerating quickly".
 00120221Bug Reportminornew2019-07-23YermakBuggy autoexplore around transporter
 00120232Bug Reportminornew2019-07-21Le_NerdGozaq shops don't close after desertion
 0012027 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-07-18ReaverCrash in timeout_terrain_changes() in from combination of Shoals and Lugonu's Corrupt ability
 0012026 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-17YermakWebtiles map doesn't show features you saw briefly (on the turn you were teleported, blinked, fogged).
 0011957 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-14YermakWielded weapon is displayed incorrectly.
 00120144Bug Reportmajornew2019-07-12Le_NerdChangelog not accessible, sometimes game not starting.
 00120201Bug Reportminornew2019-07-05YermakBuggy skill target window
 00117711Bug Reportminornew2019-07-02YermakThe other floor is shown on X-map when trying to travel to unreachable stairs.
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