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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0012373 Bug Reportfeaturenew2020-10-15gressupRatskin Cloak - No Warning That Hell Rats Incite Ely Wrath
 0012372 Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-10-15vtSetting option always_show_zot to true causes misreport of status
 0012371 Bug Reportmajornew2020-10-07Ge0ffAuto-explore doesn't stop for enemies behind iron grates
 0012370 Source Cleanupminornew2020-10-05bcadrenFor some reason LUAFN(dgn_map_by_tag) has a first and a third argument; but no second argument.
 0012369 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-28bcadrenevilmike_abyss_exit_krakenshould have the no_pool_fixup tag
 0012368 Bug Reporttextnew2020-09-28damerellGod wrath still loves food
 00123671Bug Reportminornew2020-09-26damerellAsh reveals type of invisible monster by Scrying
 0012365 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-24SiegurtBattlesphere doesn't move to shoot sometimes
 0012364 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-16FlugkillerIt is possible to get trapped in due_jungle_book due to deep water generation
 0012363 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-16aperiodicpotential to get trapped in vault
 0012361 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-05SiegurtTomb generated with no access to W:2
 0012360 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-03YermakWebtiles CKO: list of scores upon finishing the game is messed up.
 0012359 Bug Reportminornew2020-09-02bcadrenLocal Tiles Never Properly Shows Positive gain on the HP and MP Bars like Webtiles
 0012358 Source Cleanupminornew2020-09-01bcadrenBad type check in melee_attack::handle_phase_attempted()
 0012357 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-31vtCursor not redrawn after opening and closing a nested menu in do_look_around loop if the mouse is on the map
 00123561Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-08-31twelweuse_animations = false doesn't override lightning rod
 0012352 Bug Reporttrivialnew2020-08-26SarAuto-exclusion incorrectly calls lunar statue "an orange crystal statue"
 0012351 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-25SarShapeshifter changes into a slime, gets pacified by Jiyva, keeps changing forms while still being peaceful
 0012347 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-19YermakMessage for tin of tremorstones is incorrect when LoS is limited (fog/walls).
 0012346 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-16Le_NerdDelver + Pikel interaction
 0012345 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-16YermakMonsters wearing cursed items appear red in ctrl-x list.
 00123421Bug Reportminornew2020-08-15PsycloneNo warning timers for Bailey
 00122131Bug Reportminornew2020-08-14YermakWebtiles: pressing 'Enter' in game opens chat window sometimes.
 0012343 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-13YermakDelver problems with portals on D:5
 0012339 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-10YermakSometimes wand of clouds lights up area further than it actually affects.
 0012338 Bug Reportcrashnew2020-08-08Midn8write error while saving: Success
 0012332 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-05YermakWebtiles: targeter path is overshadowed by water borders.
 00123352Bug Reportminornew2020-08-05twelweAcrobat amulet active while channeling searing ray with wait command
 0012334 Bug Reportminornew2020-08-03YermakInvisible oklob plant reveals information about itself when being hit.
 00123312Bug Reportminornew2020-08-02YermakCanceling evoking requires double 'Esc' now.
 0012333 Bug Reporttweaknew2020-08-02damerellMonsters with wands of polymorph will zap them at you even when in a badform already
 0012329 Bug Reportmajornew2020-07-29hayenneRunes do not count in the Sprint VI ("Thunderdome")
 0012327 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-27hayenneHunger messages on Jiyva piety gain
 0012324 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-22hayenneAutoexplore won't explore when unopened runed doors are on the level
 0012318 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-16YermakDjinns in CKO trunk
 0012314 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-13CanOfWormsFont rendering issue with "W" character
 0012313 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-11hayenneLRD aim helper portrays safe tiles as being affected by the explosion
 0012312 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-11hayenneLRD does not auto-target behind the statues (it does manually)
 00123103Bug Reportcrashnew (advil)2020-07-10andrewcrash on downstairs to V:5
 0012309 Source Cleanuptrivialnew2020-07-09bcadrenarrival_aquarium_a and arrival_aquarium_b still have no_submerge tag
 00123025Bug Reporttextnew2020-07-06hayenneMonster defeat order is shuffled in the morgue log
 0012306 Source Cleanuptrivialnew2020-07-05bcadrenIce Beast and Sky Beast are still listed in I instead of Y in dc-mons.txt
 0012305 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-05Patashucheibrodos_fertilizer needs no trap generation mask in hallway
 0012304 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-05CanOfWormsStorm card gives limited information about its functionality
 0012303 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-05CanOfWormsDraw Four messaging can be hard to parse if there's a lot of events occuring
 00122941Bug Reportminornew2020-07-04CanOfWormsAutotravel breaks when entrance is covered with temporary firewood
 0012301 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-03bcadrenAbominations have unique HP behavior immediately overwritten with default uselessly.
 0012300 Bug Reportminornew2020-07-03bcadrenthe X->V attack description on serpents of hell is wrong.
 0012298 Bug Reportminornew2020-06-30YermakEnclosed vault
 00122951Bug Reportminornew2020-06-30YermakAshenzari: manuals are unidentified until in inventory.
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