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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0012713 Bug Reportminornew2022-09-02Ge0ffSome AoE spells cannot target/harm hostile fire vortices
 00127121Bug Reportminornew2022-08-31MajangFrozen Rampart unexpectedly shows an extended range
 0012711 Bug Reportminornew2022-08-25sdynetThe servitor killed the enemy with ball lightning. I didn't get any experience.
 00126871Bug Reportminornew2022-08-18YermakFR: simplify looking at monster standing on a pile of loot (plus adjacent bug).
 0012706 Bug Reportminornew2022-07-07Ge0ffLookup menu shows wrong stats for scythes and hammers
 0012705 Bug Reportminornew2022-06-23Lici_the_CrawlerLook up menu doesn't show monster weakness
 00079902Bug Reportminornew2022-04-12pubbyEsc doesn't close webtiles spectator chat
 0012701 Bug Reportminornew2022-04-01YermakScroll-swinging takes 3 auts.
 0012699 Bug Reportminornew2022-03-29sdynetEven after Zin was expelled, the color of the weapon was red.
 0012698 Bug Reportminornew2022-03-28sdynetIf the enemy is transparent, the inner flame does not work.
 0012696 Bug Reportminornew2022-03-10YermakA part of V:4 with timed portal accessible only through V:5.
 0012695 Bug Reportmajornew2022-03-07Octopode-monk-of-XOMDCSS 0.28 - recasting statue form over deep water in Cocytus with permaflight from ring gives error message
 0012694 Bug Reportminornew2022-03-06YermakVampiric draining leaks info on rakshasa's clones.
 0012693 Bug Reportminornew2022-03-03YermakInfo leak: "The zombie hands lose their grip on something."
 00126786Bug Reportminornew2022-02-28YermakKeypresses stopped queueing up (in certain situation).
 0012691 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-26YermakExclusion on Coc:6 downstairs caused prompt when escaping Coc:7.
 0012690 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-24YermakTrying to rampage with Ozocubu's armour active causes double prompt.
 0012689 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-23YermakArbalest "Damnation" gas some excess warnings.
 0012686 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-21Ge0ffLua errors in wizlab_borgnjor
 0011648 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-19YermakStatues block Dith's Shadow step and effect of ?holy word but not effect of ?immolation
 0012685 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-19YermakSometimes PgUp skips some lines in inventory.
 0012684 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-19Yermak'Cloud' status is still red for characters with clarity but without rPois standing in noxious fumes.
 0012683 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-17YermakStatus 'Engulf' persists after the character is trampled away.
 0012681 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-12Ge0ffThere is no explosion when MCC vaporises inner-flamed monsters
 0012680 Bug Reportminornew2022-02-07Lici_the_Crawlerminmay_heptomino_l4 looks like a swastika
 00126341FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2022-02-02YermakLocal tiles: can't copy text with mouse.
 00126681Bug Reportminornew2022-02-02YermakInventory panel: can't change its settings.
 0012674 Bug Reportminornew2022-01-31Yermaknicolae_blasting_shop puts exclusions on itself thus making it hard to autotravel to.
 0012673 Bug Reportminornew2022-01-31YermakSome out-of-los items are falsely shown on autopickup upon game load.
 00123431Bug Reportminornew2022-01-26YermakDelver problems with portals on D:5
 00124493Bug Reportminornew2022-01-10KamiKatzeCigotuvi's Monster is not listed in the Vanquished Creatures section of the morgue
 0012660 Bug Reportminornew2021-11-02Lici_the_CrawlerAutotargeter doesn't like casting airstrike over a statue
 0012659 Bug Reporttweaknew2021-10-31quikEldritch tentacle displayed on minimap with teal color, same as upstairs
 0012656 Bug Reportmajornew2021-10-08damerellCAO (and others?) has ancient ssh daemon, probably insecure.
 00126551Bug Reporttweaknew2021-10-04damerellrandom_near_space() in may not work as intended.
 0012654 Bug Reportmajornew2021-10-01sdynetTrapped elf elementalist create earth elementals outside the wall.
 0012653 Bug Reportminornew2021-09-30Majangtranslucent stone wall visually the same as regular stone wall
 0012650 Bug Reportminornew2021-09-12YermakIf repeat speed for keypresses is set high enough it can ignore --more--.
 0012648 Bug Reportminornew2021-09-07YermakPanlord spells: bad formatting
 0012646 Bug Reportminornew2021-09-06YermakScorch doesn't work with autofight option.
 00119352Bug Reportminornew2021-08-31CanOfWormsExclusions can leak map information in tiles
 0012642 Bug Reportminornew2021-08-31YermakInconsistency: gargoyles can cast Wereblood but not Sublimation of Blood.
 0012639 Bug Reportminornew2021-08-29YermakCannot drop books.
 00125702Bug Reportminornew (ebering)2021-08-19YermakTwo issues with clouds descriptions
 00126331Bug Reportminornew2021-08-19YermakLocal tiles wizmode: ctrl-b freezes cursor if you use shift-dir.
 0012635 Bug Reportminornew2021-08-19YermakLocal tiles wizmode: bad messaging when trying to create a trap.
 0012631 Bug Reportminornew2021-08-19YermakAutoexplore with travel delay -1 shows shop menu over old picture.
 0012630 Bug Reportminornew2021-08-17Lici_the_CrawlerFreezing Cloud badly targets monsters that are outside it's range but can be hit by it's area
 0012627 Bug Reportminornew2021-08-11sdynetThe storm form gets caught in the web.
 0012623 Bug Reportminornew2021-08-04YermakShafts aren't there when you search for "trap".
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