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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0012039 Bug Reportmajornew2019-08-04damerellAsh Transfer Knowledge doesn't necessarily increase max HP
 0012037 Bug Reportminornew2019-08-03YermakWrong message upon mutation becoming permanent via Ru sacrifice.
 00117871Bug Reportminornew2019-08-03KillmatronixGame doesn't show my quivered items.
 00120221Bug Reportminornew2019-07-23YermakBuggy autoexplore around transporter
 00120232Bug Reportminornew2019-07-21Le_NerdGozaq shops don't close after desertion
 0012027 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-07-18ReaverCrash in timeout_terrain_changes() in from combination of Shoals and Lugonu's Corrupt ability
 0012026 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-17YermakWebtiles map doesn't show features you saw briefly (on the turn you were teleported, blinked, fogged).
 0011957 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-14YermakWielded weapon is displayed incorrectly.
 00120144Bug Reportmajornew2019-07-12Le_NerdChangelog not accessible, sometimes game not starting.
 00120201Bug Reportminornew2019-07-05YermakBuggy skill target window
 00117711Bug Reportminornew2019-07-02YermakThe other floor is shown on X-map when trying to travel to unreachable stairs.
 0012017 Bug Reportminornew2019-06-28YermakBlurry vision doesn't work as intended (probably).
 00120151Bug Reportminornew2019-06-28kitchen_aceSwitching weapon inventory slots causes mismatch in displayed wielded weapon
 0012012 Bug Reportminornew2019-06-18GoratrixUrug was converted, died immediately afterwards but still appears in the Ctrl+O overview
 0011939 Bug Reportminornew2019-06-18iliketurtlesSome items not auto-picked up
 0012009 Documentationminornew2019-06-14Octopode-monk-of-XOMDungeon Overview overlay window doesnt close for spectators
 00119404Bug Reporttrivialnew (advil)2019-06-13damerellSpurious message when opening door as WJC worshipper with "wall_jump_move = true"
 00120051Bug Reportminornew2019-06-08YermakAllied (bribed) monsters damage player with AoE spells.
 0011999 Bug Reportfeaturenew2019-06-01YermakMake autopickup flag (and some other) do not reset upon saving/resuming game.
 00119641Bug Reportminornew2019-05-29SiegurtExclusions do not display recolored in console on game load
 00119922Bug Reportminornew2019-05-28NormalPerson7Ice cave timer messages not being printed to the message log
 00119871Bug Reportminornew2019-05-25JarrodbOrb Spider Movement
 0011988 Bug Reportminornew2019-05-25JarrodbEntropy Weaver does not show a weapon when wielding a polearm
 00117562Bug Reportminornew2019-05-24YermakHep Ancestor's weapon error message
 00119841Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-05-22jefusMonster list displays "2 easy sensed monsters"
 0011981 Bug Reportminornew2019-05-20crbucrash: ERROR in '' at line 391: screen write out of bounds
 00119043Bug Reportminornew2019-05-17YermakToo long character notes cause ingame chardump to be unreadable.
 0011975 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-05-15YermakGame crashes upon buying items.
 00119741Bug Reporttextnew2019-05-10PekkekkeShield "Wrong Type of Item"
 00119701Bug Reportminornew2019-05-07slackingExclusion zone marks a square that don't have line-of-sight to the exclusion centre.
 00075464Bug Reportminornew (neil)2019-05-03johnnyzeroOrc allies ignore vault warden's door seal
 0011968 Bug Reportminornew2019-05-02YermakBuggy ability letter assignment.
 0011966 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-26slackingA tile is showing as having a monster on it and not explored at the same time.
 00119621Bug Reportminornew2019-04-26YermakMeroflk traveling stops or not when entering water depending on boots worn.
 0007772 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-26pubbyTranslucent walls in spider have wrong tile
 0011959 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-22kitchen_aceNot enough space for weapons for gladiator weapon selection, with some fonts
 0011958 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-22YermakUpon drinking !exp game falsely claims "training target reached".
 00119561Bug Reportcrashnew2019-04-16LawlietASSERT(_parent) in '' at line 252 failed.
 0011955 Patchesminornew2019-04-15kitchen_aceQuote for Ereshkigal
 0011953 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-11CanOfWormsNo warning for ally collisions
 00119521Bug Reportminornew2019-04-10shummieTraps trigger after action when using passwall
 0011951 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-04-09gishouYara's does not work on feared targets.
 0011949 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-04-08NormalPerson7Spells in spell library are sorted by spell level availability but not experience level availability
 001189513Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-04-04stevelintonOne line of popup windows is blacked out
 0011944 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-04StairdancerLava-themed Lair ending gets spoiled if you eXamine L:6 through 1 specific staircase
 0011942 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-02YermakThrowing unsuitable items sometimes takes less than 15 auts.
 00119381Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-03-28AuleSome items are colored with the tiles_horizon_col until save/reload
 0011937 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-27iliketurtlesStill mesmerized even after LOS to siren is interrupted
 00074093Bug Reportminornew2019-03-25aegoldenDraconian head tiles incompatible with various helm tiles
 0011935 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-25CanOfWormsExclusions can leak map information in tiles
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