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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0011223 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-14hollowmanIncorrect tile for wretched star sometimes
 00107102Bug Reportminornew2017-09-13jwoodward48ssEnemy summoned spellcasters will happily kill their summoners with bolt spells
 00112192Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-09-12damerellCan continue training crosstrained skill at 27
 0011218 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-11cratePrayer channel affects shift-movement
 0011217 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-10PekkekkePlant spawn on top of stairs
 0011215 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-09-09YermakProblem with dancing weapons' description
 00112041Bug Reportminornew2017-09-06geekosaurprompted for cursed ring twice
 00112123Bug Reportminornew2017-09-05hauzerJiyva altar not found on the final Slime Pits floor
 00110322Bug Reportminornew2017-09-02andreasTrap interaction with animate skeleton
 0011209 Bug Reportfeaturenew2017-09-01KaragySpectral weapon doesn't attack target when riposte.
 0011207 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-01LeszczynekIncorrect dangerous terrain indicator when using X]
 0011202 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-08-29damerellUnknown objects still selectable in discoveries menu when all objects of a given type found
 00111843Bug Reportminornew2017-08-27YermakMinimap colouring is messed up
 0011198 Bug Reporttextnew2017-08-25damerellMisc evokables message extra confusing for lightning rods, grey out extra misc evokables
 0011196 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-23YermakWeird interlevel path
 0011193 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-22YermakDisconnected vault
 0011192 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-21argonautNot all unrands listed in notes
 0011191 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-08-21YermakE'x'amine targets cycle should embrace monsters behind glass.
 00111901Bug Reportminornew2017-08-21geekosaurkilling dragon over deep water can get "scales are intact enough to wear" after they've sunk
 0011189 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-20YermakExcess confirmation on casting Slouch when allies are behind glass
 00111871Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-08-18YermakAnimate skeleton and shaft interaction
 00110591Bug Reporttextnew2017-08-17neilFixed-position summons fail with an uninformative message when cast on a teleport/shaft trap
 00111811Bug Reportmajorconfirmed2017-08-13joel_jpaNo warning when creating allies while OTR is active
 0011175 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-08-07Lavandula"ta" order can target allies. It does nothing
 0011167 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-01YermakBuggy displaying of Abyss map
 00111662Bug Reportmajornew2017-07-31damerellAutoexplore seems unconcerned about emergency flight
 0011165 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-29nubiniaCan't conjure flame into doorway when sealing rune in effect
 00111315Bug Reportcrashnew2017-07-28stoneychipsCrash on stairs to new level: Unable to open lock file.
 0011163 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-28YermakBig weapons look usable for small species in ice form
 0011162 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-27YermakVisual glitch: brand weapon
 0011158 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-21SpharaDispater statues waking up before they should
 0011157 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-21YermakScarf of repulsion should be greyed out under Qaz
 0011156 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-07-21Raine357Piety gain for Ru's sacrifice stealth seems countintuitive.
 00111117Bug Reportmajornew2017-07-18nymphicusTiles version displaying off center in Windows 10
 00105532Bug Reportmajornew2017-07-17OloloevBroken spell targeting.
 00092034Bug Reportminornew2017-07-15Sandman25Monster tornado moved player to tile not previously in LoS
 0011150 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-15Ge0ffCan't choose a class for the ancestor
 0011147 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-13RoGGaConjure Flame: when it expires, monsters never move in right away to that tile even when attack delay is >1aut
 00094625Bug Reportminornew2017-07-12XentroniumItem buggily placed at feature
 0011146 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-12Majanganother targeting problem
 00111441Bug Reportminornew2017-07-12MajangTeleport in Swamp ends in forest clearing
 0011145 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-12Majangautomatic targeting after use of LRD assumes the wall to be the target
 0011142 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-10LavandulaAutoexplore doesn't stop when petrified by hell effects
 0011141 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-09Lavandula"Attack new target" order behaves weirdly if there is disturbance nearby
 0011138 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-08MattlistenerIt's possible to get two ammo gifts from Okawaru in the same action
 0011135 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-07LavandulaKilling Natasha removes her annotation from level
 00111301Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30LavandulaMonsters don't use ranged weapons of penetration when there is something between them and player
 00111271Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30YermakItems seen on Xom teleportation journey can still be picked up by monsters
 00108923Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30YermakProblem with tile lighting when fog appears
 0011129 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30YermakBad message order
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