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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
00120501Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-08-21"The buggy slime creature returns to its original shape as it dies."
0012049 Documentationtextnew2019-08-20Fly status confusingly described
0012047 Bug Reportminornew2019-08-17monster at the edge of los unable to act
00120421Bug Reportminornew2019-08-10Silver weapons damage worshippers of chaotic gods, but comments strongly imply they should not.
00120321Bug Reportminornew2019-08-09Quotes.txt quotes for dungeon features do not appear
00120411Bug Reportminornew2019-08-07Passwall despawns an enemy
0012040 Bug Reportminornew2019-08-06Pin rc file edit window.
00120383Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-08-06D:1 arrival vault has monsters in LoS on turn 0
0012039 Bug Reportmajornew2019-08-04Ash Transfer Knowledge doesn't necessarily increase max HP
0012037 Bug Reportminornew2019-08-03Wrong message upon mutation becoming permanent via Ru sacrifice.
00117871Bug Reportminornew2019-08-03Game doesn't show my quivered items.
0012036 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-31Amulet of regeneration is grayed out for bloodless vampires even without monsters in los.
00120351Bug Reportminornew2019-07-31Vampire's % screen says "regenerating quickly".
00120221Bug Reportminornew2019-07-23Buggy autoexplore around transporter
00120232Bug Reportminornew2019-07-21Gozaq shops don't close after desertion
0012027 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-07-18Crash in timeout_terrain_changes() in timed-effects.cc from combination of Shoals and Lugonu's Corrupt ability
0012026 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-17Webtiles map doesn't show features you saw briefly (on the turn you were teleported, blinked, fogged).
0011957 Bug Reportminornew2019-07-14Wielded weapon is displayed incorrectly.
00120144Bug Reportmajornew2019-07-12Changelog not accessible, sometimes game not starting.
00120201Bug Reportminornew2019-07-05Buggy skill target window
00117711Bug Reportminornew2019-07-02The other floor is shown on X-map when trying to travel to unreachable stairs.
0012017 Bug Reportminornew2019-06-28Blurry vision doesn't work as intended (probably).
00120151Bug Reportminornew2019-06-28Switching weapon inventory slots causes mismatch in displayed wielded weapon
0012012 Bug Reportminornew2019-06-18Urug was converted, died immediately afterwards but still appears in the Ctrl+O overview
0011939 Bug Reportminornew2019-06-18Some items not auto-picked up
0012009 Documentationminornew2019-06-14Dungeon Overview overlay window doesnt close for spectators
00119404Bug Reporttrivialnew (advil)2019-06-13Spurious message when opening door as WJC worshipper with "wall_jump_move = true"
0012008 Bug Reportminornew2019-06-13Your Spells wordwrapping sometimes incorrect
00120051Bug Reportminornew2019-06-08Allied (bribed) monsters damage player with AoE spells.
00120021Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-06-02Vaults placing vault-specific tiles do not have their tiles restored correctly after summon forest
0011999 Bug Reportfeaturenew2019-06-01Make autopickup flag (and some other) do not reset upon saving/resuming game.
00119641Bug Reportminornew2019-05-29Exclusions do not display recolored in console on game load
00119922Bug Reportminornew2019-05-28Ice cave timer messages not being printed to the message log
00119871Bug Reportminornew2019-05-25Orb Spider Movement
0011988 Bug Reportminornew2019-05-25Entropy Weaver does not show a weapon when wielding a polearm
00117562Bug Reportminornew2019-05-24Hep Ancestor's weapon error message
00119841Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-05-22Monster list displays "2 easy sensed monsters"
0011981 Bug Reportminornew2019-05-20crash: ERROR in 'libutil.cc' at line 391: screen write out of bounds
00119242Bug Reportminornew2019-05-18Wolf spider breaks autoexplore
0011977 Bug Reportminornew2019-05-18Enable scarf tiles
00119043Bug Reportminornew2019-05-17Too long character notes cause ingame chardump to be unreadable.
0011975 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-05-15Game crashes upon buying items.
00119741Bug Reporttextnew2019-05-10Shield "Wrong Type of Item"
00119701Bug Reportminornew2019-05-07Exclusion zone marks a square that don't have line-of-sight to the exclusion centre.
00075464Bug Reportminornew (neil)2019-05-03Orc allies ignore vault warden's door seal
0011968 Bug Reportminornew2019-05-02Buggy ability letter assignment.
0011966 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-26A tile is showing as having a monster on it and not explored at the same time.
00119621Bug Reportminornew2019-04-26Meroflk traveling stops or not when entering water depending on boots worn.
0007772 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-26Translucent walls in spider have wrong tile
00119607Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-04-23Broken save file
0011961 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-23Windows console slows down due to extra screen redraws
0011959 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-22Not enough space for weapons for gladiator weapon selection, with some fonts
0011958 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-22Upon drinking !exp game falsely claims "training target reached".
00119561Bug Reportcrashnew2019-04-16ASSERT(_parent) in 'database.cc' at line 252 failed.
0011955 Patchesminornew2019-04-15Quote for Ereshkigal
0011953 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-11No warning for ally collisions
00119521Bug Reportminornew2019-04-10Traps trigger after action when using passwall
0011951 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-04-09Yara's does not work on feared targets.
00119461Bug Reportminornew2019-04-08New summoner highlighting shows the real Mara.
0011950 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-08Gozag gold is no longer shown on minimap
0011949 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-04-08Spells in spell library are sorted by spell level availability but not experience level availability
001189513Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-04-04One line of popup windows is blacked out
0011944 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-04Lava-themed Lair ending gets spoiled if you eXamine L:6 through 1 specific staircase
0011942 Bug Reportminornew2019-04-02Throwing unsuitable items sometimes takes less than 15 auts.
00119381Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-03-28Some items are colored with the tiles_horizon_col until save/reload
0011937 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-27Still mesmerized even after LOS to siren is interrupted
00074093Bug Reportminornew2019-03-25Draconian head tiles incompatible with various helm tiles
0011935 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-25Exclusions can leak map information in tiles
00119312Bug Reportminornew2019-03-22sdl2-mixer in contrib directory fails to build in Arch Linux
0011930 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-20error in CAO's player scoring page
0011929 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-19" clear_messages = true " doesn't work when playing WebTiles
00119052Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-03-08Autofight fails to work in specific wall placement.
00119182Bug Reportminornew2019-03-07Inventory list at game start is out of order
00119219Bug Reportminornew2019-03-07Books in shop give an error when examined
0011920 Bug Reportmajornew2019-03-06Cooldown of Solo Time and Pain Bond is strange.
00119192Support Requestfeaturenew2019-03-05Accessibility of autoexplore unreliable in some contexts
00119161Bug Reportminornew2019-03-03Message ordering error with monsters that are bribed when entering LOS
00119103Bug Reportmajornew2019-03-03[CAO] Dropping equipped item on Lair:1 resulted in EVERYTHING in inventory being dropped
0011915 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-02Dancing weapon described as "can attack" with damage and with itself.
00118411Bug Reportcrashconfirmed2019-03-02Crash in gauntlet when stepping on dispersal trap
0011914 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-02Allies don't respect Elyvilon's desire to not attack during divine protection
00116966Bug Reportminornew2019-03-02Fedhas' mushrooms freeze when they see monsters in ghosts vaults
0011912 Bug Reportminornew2019-03-02Monsters can spawn on dispersal traps when part of a band. (blorx1)
00106922Bug Reportcrashnew2019-03-01The game crashes
0011911 Bug Reportfeaturenew2019-03-01FR: add symbol for Gods who don't require skills trainng
0010755 Bug Reportmajornew2019-03-01Screen gets flipped when I run the game
00118301Bug Reportcrashnew2019-03-01Crash running tiles version on Windows 10
00110933Bug Reportmajornew2019-02-27High score crash and "nimbled to death by software bugs" caused by ASSERT(birth_time) in 'hiscores.cc' at line 1922 failed.
0011907 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-02-26When in tree form, do not ask: Really attack barehanded?
0011906 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-26Jiyva jelly obsessed with items behind glass
00119012Bug Reportminornew2019-02-26scroll of identification report extra unrelated result in messages pane
0011903 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-26Enslaved unique leaves bad character note upon death.
0011900 Bug Reportfeaturenew2019-02-26at weapon selection screen show aptitude level for weapon type
0011898 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-25Page Down skips ~1.5 lines at "Tables of Aptitudes" screen
0011896 Bug Reportfeaturenew2019-02-25FR: when asking to increase an attribute (STR/INT/DEX), provide info key to species' automatic attribute details
00118971Bug Reportfeaturenew2019-02-25FR: add icon if a player ghost has spells
0011894 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-02-23Game crashes when starting Arena fight
0011892 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-21Wu Jian + Infestation = Killing your own scarabs
0011891 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-19Bailey closed portal graphical error
0011889 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-02-19Trying to cast summon mushrooms in wizmode crashes the game
00118872Bug Reportminornew2019-02-19Dancing weapon info shown twice on hover with 'x'
00050994Bug Reportminornew2019-02-19Monsters hit with hibernation will sometimes make one more step after being hibernated.
0011883 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-17Allies can't be spawned on traps
0011882 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-16Shafts collapse without shafting monster
0011881 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-15Beogh's Extra pane shows wrong items when followers are on another floor
0011879 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-14Sacrificing a hand made my {*Contam} ring jump to the other finger.
00118335Bug Reportminornew2019-02-13Wand of Digging targeter on Barachi is too short.
0011878 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-13Can see item that's not in LOS where I have not explored before
00118602Bug Reportminornew2019-02-13Wand of digging reports indestructible wall is out of range
0011875 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-12Pikel's wand not announced when he came into los with other monsters
00118691Bug Reportcrashnew2019-02-0922.1 Save File to 23.0 Gauntlet Crash
00118664Bug Reportminornew2019-02-09Gold pieces are sometimes not shown on top of piles - I have to save and restart
0011867 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-09Certain closed translucent vaults do not allow resumption of autoexplore
00118642Bug Reportminornew2019-02-09Merfolk transmuter no free body parts
0011861 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-02-07Lua error handling vs c++ stack
00118592Bug Reportminornew2019-02-07Item purchased in jewelry shop didn't match item listed
0011856 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-02-06searching for "demon" will only return holy brand artifacts
0011853 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-05wrong description on x-v monster's fire storm range information
00118522Bug Reportminornew2019-02-05Character doll editor doesn't fit properly
00117641Bug Reportminornew2019-02-03Autoexplore fails (near translucent wall)
00117821Bug Reportminornew2019-02-02i_feel_safe despite having monsters in view
00113061Bug Reporttextnew2019-02-01Trying to put on incompatible armour in forms results in unhelpful message of wrong item type.
00118501Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-02-01crawl thinks all of D:12 is a Vaults entrance?
00118491Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29Vaults 3 Floor Extremely Small (Due to Ghost Vault?)
0011848 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29Enemy transmuters: corrosion status disappears when they change form
0011847 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29Riposte + constriction + stairs bug
0011846 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29Bribing behaviour issues
0011845 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-28Long filepaths can overflow and overlap text
0011844 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-28Most buttons on random character selection screen are treated as 'y'
0011842 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-27Dying as a felid can place you earlier on in a gauntlet
00090882Implementablesfeaturenew2019-01-27Tiles chat ignore
00094956Patchesfeaturenew2019-01-25<Monster> comes into view again
000560716Implementablesminornew2019-01-24Password reset for WebTiles
0011222 Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (ebering)2019-01-24Icon for Haunted monster status
00112381Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (ebering)2019-01-24Icon for silenced monsters
00118391Bug Reportminornew2019-01-22Potion Petition ignores "no potion heal"
0011835 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-21in long text box, lines a skipper with PgDn
00118324Bug Reportminornew2019-01-21Ctrl-[ causes the game to end
00116741Bug Reportminornew2019-01-14Timed portals sometimes don't give messages about how close they are, or how long they have left
0011825 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-12Passwall/Nemelex gifting messaging
0011822 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-10Phial of Floods not marked as dangerous_item if sacrificed Love with Ru
00114461Bug Reportminornew2019-01-09Quaffed potion of experience worth 120`000+ XP potions (without actually quaffing it!)
00117303Bug Reportcrashnew2019-01-08Sprint 0000003 Jiyva penance crash
0011818 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-06Sometimes my Lightning Spire attacks from out of my los.
0011817 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-01-05ASSERT(!invalid_monster(&mons)) in 'mon-death.cc' at line 1900 failed
00118132Bug Reportminornew2019-01-03Autoexplore can leak information about unseen areas.
00027482Bug Reportminornew2019-01-03Autoexplore gives incorrect completion messages with disjointed areas
0011811 Documentationminornew2019-01-02FR: add info about God synergy for Race/combos
00118094Bug Reporttextnew2018-12-31IOOD says "This spell will have no effect right now because you can't see any valid targets", but could be used speculatively.
0011807 Bug Reportminornew2018-12-28Assertion failure when compiled with DEBUG: ASSERT(you.attribute[ATTR_TEMP_MUT_XP] >=0) in 'mutation.cc'
00118052Bug Reportminornew2018-12-27sealed staircase without warden in sight
00118001Bug Reportminornew2018-12-24Incorrect flight expiry warning when Dragon Form is about to expire with Boots of Flying activated
00117841Bug Reportminornew2018-12-20IRON statue shatters into ROCK fragments when being LRDed.
0011794 Bug Reportminornew2018-12-18Weapon tile extends below enemy and leaves traces on tiles after moving
0011793 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-12-17ASSERT(lua_gettop(clua.state()) == 0) in 'main.cc' at line 1083 failed.
00115164Bug Reportfeaturenew2018-12-17More variation in ghosts for ghosts vaults, when playing offline
00117851Bug Reportminornew2018-12-15Ghost vault chaos dancing weapon not pre-identified before opening door.
0011790 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-12-15Died in spider nest and game crashed without showing morgue or final character screen
00034553Bug Reportminornew2018-12-13Removing a +n ring of dexterity can increase SH stat
00117862Bug Reportminornew2018-12-12no warning about potential Okawaru penance when reading scroll of Immolation
00117731Bug Reportmajornew2018-12-02Singing sword prompt can't be disabled
0011774 Bug Reportminornew2018-12-01God menu problem
00117673Bug Reportminornew2018-11-30Unable to cast poisonous vapours on self
00117722Bug Reportminornew2018-11-26Level/staircase/vault generation bug in depths
00117551Bug Reportminornew2018-11-25Inventory does not appear
00097795Bug Reportminornew2018-11-24Shafted ghost doesnt have annotation removed
00111542Bug Reportminornew2018-11-23Auxillary attacks are sometimes not mentioned in mutation or player desc. screens.
00117661Bug Reportminornew2018-11-19Executioner pathfinding problem
00117612Bug Reportminornew2018-11-14Non-attack target corroded.
00117602Bug Reportminornew2018-11-14Temple branch being cloned into Abyss
00117294Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-11-08Roxanne's dropped spellbook not marked for autopickup
0011751 Bug Reportminornew2018-11-07Riposte against far attack
00117491Bug Reportminornew2018-11-05"Your [armour/shield] prevents you from hitting the foo" incorrect
00024242FR: Interface Improvementsfeaturenew2018-11-05Autopickup picks up several of the same unidentified amulet
00035583Bug Reportminornew2018-11-05The raw (M)acro prompt blanks the screen.
00117482Bug Reportminornew2018-11-04Warnings when building Windows Tiles
00117461Bug Reportminornew2018-11-04Punk's acid splash damage appears to ignore enemy acid resistance
00117432Bug Reportmajornew2018-11-04Completely isolated section with a bailey in Orc:1
0011744 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-11-02Crash during use of Brooding to swap ancestor (Hepliaklqana) located on another level with monster
00117411Bug Reportminornew2018-11-01Jiyva shouldn't vanish if Dissolution is still alive
0011736 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-28Deep elf elementalist casts `Awaken Earth` through transparent stone wall
0011735 Documentationfeaturenew2018-10-28FR for offline versions: add a grand total score of top 100 games
00108945Upload: Maps and Vaultsfeatureassigned (ebering)2018-10-27New Crypt ending
00117342Bug Reportcrashnew2018-10-23crash on game start after updating to latest (98c7a59) trunk
0011732 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-22a mosnter that exits LOS due to shiftings clouds(like in desolation) is improperly described as moving out of LoS
0011731 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-22barachi hop targeter remains visible on map
00117271Bug Reportminornew2018-10-21Shopping List: replacing twice an item with a cheaper one in a shop, removes item from shopping list
00117266Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-21"scroll of brand weapon x2" ...but only 1 scroll in inventory
00117212Bug Reportminornew2018-10-19Smoke seeps through closed door of the vault forever after the door has been opened once
0011722 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-19LRD would not auto target valid target (iron grate with adjacent enemy in LOS)
0011719 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-10-19Wooden door in the transparent wall section also shows as transparent
00117181Bug Reportmajornew2018-10-19Weird visual updates and redraw problems
00117152Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-18pressing Enter does nothing on initialization error screen
0011716 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-18Ctrl+G / auto-explore combination has inconsistent/confusing functionality (in Pan)
0011714 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-18Search function handles exits/gates inconsistently (in Pan)
00117131Bug Reportminornew2018-10-16problems with "include old_unicode_glyphs.txt"
0011711 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-15Error message in volcano
0011709 FR: Interface Improvementsfeaturenew2018-10-14Minmap unexplored stairs indicactor.
0011708 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-14Yellow stair asterisk and tile highlght are the same color, asterisk is very hard to see with highlight.
00066231Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-11Deep dwarf damage resistance text messages are not shown when is is applied
00115881Bug Reportminornew2018-10-11"Range check error (59 / 57)" crash in chargen during weapon choice
00116173Bug Reportminornew2018-09-29Items with inscriptions not stacking properly
0011698 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-09-29Morgue files are not properly displayed in the high scores screen.
0011695 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-09-25Wooden door explosion message is the same as rock explosion
00116884Support Requestmajorconfirmed2018-09-24Game does not always load (black screen, only spectator window visible)
0011692 Bug Reporttextnew2018-09-23Amulet of the gourmand's message not always appropriate.
00116862Bug Reportminornew2018-09-21Inventory [i] [End] [PgUp] skips ~7-8 items
0011685 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-20Long list of statuses doesn't wrap up.
0011684 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-09-19Skill target textbox is not properly formatted for some skills
0011683 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-19Delete key does nothing
00116821Bug Reportminornew2018-09-19enemies standing on this swamp floor tile go half semi-transparent
00116811Bug Reportminornew2018-09-18WebTiles: Using Shift-X [ can be used to reveal location within a new level
0011677 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-16Spectators are stuck with inventory window covering the action.
00116754Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-09-14Can't see minimap when playing with low resolution
0011671 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-09"select your species" has no cursor highlight on species names
0011670 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-09-08the game don't open and the console print: ASSERT(_parent) in 'database.cc' at line 268 failed.
0011669 Documentationfeaturenew2018-09-07FR: move Gnoll from "intermediate" to "Simple" species
00116641Bug Reportminornew2018-09-04monster "stuck" on top of display visible monster list after leaving los
00116401Bug Reportminornew2018-09-04Character creation screens have colour selection issues
00116631Bug Reportcrashnew2018-09-02Initial Weapon Select
0011660 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-31Identifying the last item of a category does not colour it correctly
00116563Bug Reportminornew2018-08-29Ghost vault and trove portal spawned very close together. Ghost vault was broken by trove room.
00116434Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-28scrolling page by page in item lists no longer wraps
0011653 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-28"exact match" monster description in lookup says to press space for non-exact matches, but nothing happens
0011648 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-27Statues block Dith's Shadow step and effect of ?holy word but not effect of ?immolation
0011647 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-27Inconsistency with skill cap highlighting
00116441Bug Reportminornew2018-08-27Species select highlight is same color as text
0011641 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-26when using X[ or X] to view a different level, the Place in upper right does not change as it does on WebTiles
0011639 Bug Reportfeaturenew2018-08-26Feature Request-make duplicates in Shops cheaper
00116381Bug Reportminornew2018-08-26Amulet of acrobat slows down resting by half or so
00116351Bug Reportmajornew2018-08-26Weird farsight
0011637 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-26Autoexplore doesn't stop on enemies with reaching weapons if they have no path to you
00115834Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-08-25With high zoom level, ?# and m screens overflow off the screen.
0011634 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-24Spell cast highlighting lingers when vision is lost to steam
00106021Bug Reporttweakconfirmed2018-08-21Dith's Shadow Mimic can anger allies without warning due to allies immune to elemental spells
0011631 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-21Inconsistent behaviour with status effects on ghostly monsters
00116281Bug Reportcrashnew2018-08-19Unfortunately your game ended unexpectedly.
000818710Bug Reportminornew2018-08-18Unlinked temporary items after defeating orc band
0011625 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-18+/- Shortcuts for page up/down in inventory not working
0011624 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-17Ctrl + left click dosent work
0011623 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-17Spectral mist prompts "Do you really want to walk into that cloud..." with rN+++
0011620 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-08-16Possible tweak needed: Amulet of Vitality adds instant HP (even for a DD)
0011618 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-15Ozocubu's Armour doesn't expire when the played is Trampled
00115961Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-15in the description screen for Sling Bullets, skill training is Throwing.png
0011616 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-15Possible bug: Using Corrupt in Desolation of Salt at the edge of map extends map
00116151Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-08-14Console map is overlaid when force-mores activate from quaffing a potion of experience
00116132Bug Reportcrashconfirmed2018-08-14Crash due to invalid monster
00116073Bug Reportmajornew2018-08-13Bugged menus (BAD bug)
0011606 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-12Irradiate is extremely loud, claims only to be a bit loud
0011605 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-12Slimifying the Lernaean results into 27 slimy attacks.
0011604 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-12Minotaur teleports in labyrinth
00115625Documentationminornew2018-08-10Changes still needed in docs based on changelog.txt
00115951Bug Reportminornew2018-08-09ctrl-[ throws an error
0011601 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-09Bazaar placement opens up ghost vault.
0011591 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-06Opening the religion screen requires two keypresses instead of one
0011590 Bug Reporttextnew2018-08-06The restless dead should not be "resting"
00115851Bug Reportminornew2018-08-06Inaccessible vault
00115793Bug Reportminornew2018-08-05Evocables fail to target anything that is not horizontal
00114326Bug Reportminornew2018-08-04Player Ghost Spawned Twice
00064641Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-08-03Hell portal usage behaviour when there is more than one per level
00115771Bug Reportminornew2018-08-02Can't curse a weapon which was unequipped and uncursed due to Necromutation
0011575 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-31"your damage is reflected back at you" after monster has died (with BVC)
00115652Bug Reportminornew2018-07-31Setting skill targets sometimes doesn't set them, causing me to get too good at stuff
0011570 Bug Reportmajornew2018-07-28Teleport closets in the Cigotuvi's Fleshworks wizlab
00115681Bug Reportminornew2018-07-28Dagger of venom wielded by a monster not identified on sight
00115671Bug Reportminornew2018-07-27Worshipping Ashenzari not registering cursed items
00115571Bug Reporttweaknew2018-07-26New UI ignores items on ground for inscriptions
00113784Bug Reportmajorconfirmed2018-07-26Main window shows white areas where tiles should be (on Virtual Box)
00115462Bug Reportmajornew2018-07-23Keyboard arrow keys (up/down) no longer move cursor with spell targetting
00115581Bug Reportminornew2018-07-23auto-annotation of player ghost is replaced by auto-annotation of another player ghost
0011555 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-23Passage of Golubria suppresses slime tiles
00092017Bug Reportminornew2018-07-23Ghost moth watching "@player_only@"
00115402Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-22In message history (Ctrl-p): [page up] & [page down] no longer work
0011548 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-21Stop player from resting when it would have no effect (DD or otherwise non-regenerating)
0011543 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-20D:12 got disconnected place
0011542 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-20when doing a search (Ctrl-f) for: fly or flight, the results are different/inconsistent
00115151Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-20Description screen text overlays in trunk
0011536 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-07-17Game crashed while going up the stairs to swamp 1
00115211Bug Reporttextnew2018-07-17DS powered by pain
00115311Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-16To drop specific quantity, Ctrl-Shift + left-click no longer works
00115133Bug Reportminornew2018-07-15Spells headers don't align with columns
00115101Bug Reportminornew2018-07-09Description text colours are strange and unreadable
0011514 Bug Reportminornew2018-07-09Dazzling Spray wants to target friendly fulminant prisms by default
00113461Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-07-02Edmund's sprite doesn't remove weapon when Tukima's Dance triggers
00115021Bug Reportmajornew2018-07-01CTRL sticks if i move my character in tiles version
00115001Bug Reporttextnew2018-06-29Qazlal worshippers get messages when donning or doffing cloud immunity
00114992Bug Reportminornew2018-06-25Vault inaccessible, even from above or below
0011501 Bug Reportminornew2018-06-24Incompatible bones file
0011498 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-06-19Tiles version crashes on launch
00114951Bug Reportminornew2018-06-10Runed door doesn't block monsters
00104611Bug Reportminornew2018-06-08Runed door autoannotation and forgetting level map
00114893Bug Reportminornew2018-06-08Error message when autofighting with polearms
00114021Bug Reportminornew2018-06-08Gyre and Gimble does not work correctly for Wu Jian martial arts
00114622Bug Reportmajornew2018-06-03Ranged attack targeting errors
00114864Bug Reportcrashconfirmed2018-06-01When I try to go upstairs, the game crashes
0011487 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-31Unintended behaviour with some corpses being un-choppable preventing counterplay to twisted resurrection.
0011484 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-28Radius 2 LRD targeter is inaccurate when there are interfering walls.
00114831Bug Reportminornew2018-05-28Large graphical error
0011482 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-27Potion of resistance greys out rings of rPois/rCorr
00114801Bug Reporttextnew2018-05-26Summoning spells' descriptions state "up to X creatures" when what is really meant is "up to X packs"
00114791Bug Reportminornew2018-05-22excluding a huge gate that you have seen only part of yet doesn't exclude its unseen tiles
00114771Bug Reportminornew2018-05-21Ossuary entry vault placed no portal
0011476 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-05-20"You feel yourself speed up message" prints when post-berserk slow expires but still under the effects of stat zero
0011473 Bug Reportminornew2018-05-16Mouse hover lags on species selection screen
00097271Bug Reportminornew2018-05-14Tentacle connect failed! What the heck! severed status 1
00011221Bug Reporttweakconfirmed2018-05-14OS X tiles has no keyboard-based right click modifier
00007641FR: Interface Improvementsminorconfirmed2018-05-14Allied plants hide items
00114675Bug Reportcrashnew2018-05-09Crash when loading save
00114613Bug Reportcrashnew2018-05-03ASSERT(_parent) in 'database.cc' at line 268 failed in Flatpak build
0011465 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-30PoG portals drawn below items
00113205Bug Reportminornew2018-04-29Shapeshifter shown as incorrect monster in monster list.
00113878Bug Reportmajornew2018-04-28Menus sometimes randomly remain on-screen when closed.
00113581Bug Reportminornew2018-04-25Ctrl-x behaves buggily with items apported from piles.
00114571Bug Reporttweaknew2018-04-25Weapon brand messages print after fragile weapon crumbles to dust
00114531Bug Reportminornew2018-04-25No Wizlab timing announcements
0011454 Documentationtextnew2018-04-24Swamp worm harpoon shot correction
00114511Bug Reportminornew2018-04-21Spells are visible in M screen after sacrificing the spell school to Ru
00114452Bug Reporttweaknew2018-04-21XP seems odd in linecrawl (possibly in Sprint in general)
00114271Bug Reporttextnew2018-04-13Odd message combination when unwielding a Fragile artifact
00114132Bug Reportmajornew2018-04-12Unlinked temporary item: uncursed triple crossbow
0011440 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-06Mara clone stays in Vile Clutch after blinking
0011439 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-06Clicking doesn't work after alt tabbing.
0011438 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-05Beogh does not forbid raising orcs with animate skeleton/animate dead.
0011437 Bug Reportminornew2018-04-05Skill costs ignore sacrifice skills
00114341Bug Reportmajornew2018-04-04Ghosts with the amulet of the acrobat get the EV+15 bonus.
0011417 Bug Reportminornew2018-03-22Berserked ranged enemies will try to get range on the player.
0011420 Bug Reportminornew2018-03-19Rakshasas can copy themselves while paralysed.
0011418 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-03-19Naga can Spit Poison in hog form
0011416 Bug Reportminornew2018-03-16Deep troll earth mage targets a wall with LRD which can never hit the player.
00114151Bug Reportminornew2018-03-16Stopping time in wizmode (with &E) does not stop time for all actions.
0011412 Bug Reportmajornew2018-03-15Trunk game not startable.
0011407 Bug Reportminornew2018-03-06Inventory change from a two-column layout to one-column layout inspecting an item
00114063Bug Reportminornew2018-03-05No key response + errors afterwards
00114011Bug Reportminornew2018-02-22Default controls has no way to ctrl-direction attack down-right on some browsers.
0011399 Bug Reportminornew2018-02-20Trap confirmations absolutely should not accept lowercase letters.
0011398 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-02-20Staves stash search prefix does not return when "staff" is searched for, so lajatangs do not return from ctrl-f "staff".
0011397 Bug Reportminornew2018-02-20Ashenzari Gate Detection partially broken
00113941Bug Reportminornew2018-02-19Autofight asks for confirmation of barehanded attack when no enemy in range
00112533Bug Reportminornew2018-02-19Displacement (Wind drake) onto a teleport trap doesn't activate it.
00097762Bug Reportminornew2018-02-14Adding item to shopping list adds cursed version of item too
00113824Bug Reportminornew2018-02-14Chaos clouds ignore cloud immunity.
0011388 Bug Reportminornew2018-02-13Stair placed next to slime wall.
00113861Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-02-13Scythe of freezing/polearms MAD hover text has weird tags
0011385 Bug Reportminornew2018-02-12There is no way to cancel chopping corpses in the butcher menu when there are multiple corpses.
00113791Bug Reportmajornew2018-02-08Wandering mushrooms repeatedly trap player during autoexplore
00113801Bug Reportminornew2018-02-08Amulet of the acrobat EV bonus is lost when hitting autoexplore button sometimes
0011377 Bug Reportminornew2018-02-03Autopickup turns off when a non-threatening entity (e.g. plant) turns invisible
001133714Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-01-31Windows tiles movement keys faulty-repeating under Num Lock
00113722Bug Reportminornew2018-01-27Yellow draconian breath targeting is misleading.
00113672Bug Reportminornew2018-01-25used escape hatch, possible to be stuck in vault
0011366 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-24Engulfed by a dead water elemental.
0011365 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-24Ghost damage is displayed inconsistently.
00113632Bug Reportminornew2018-01-23Abilities can't be used while starving, and this is not messaged anywhere
00113431Bug Reportminornew2018-01-23stuck exiting abyss
00113621Bug Reportminornew2018-01-22Swamp walls do not properly change tile when Shattered
0011361 Upload: Graphicsminornew2018-01-21Spash screen request
0011360 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-21False warning upon entering a floor when excluded monster is blocked by a wall.
0011359 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-21Ashenzari's visual bug: jewellery tiles update a turn later than they should.
0011355 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-19Zot trap blocking only passage from Lair-Snake Pit entrance to rest of Snake Pit branch
0011351 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-14Error message regarding weapon being held by a dead monster on re-entering floor.
00113491Bug Reportminornew2018-01-07Catoblepas Animated Skeleton Is Bipedal
0011348 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-06Water Nymph Stairs Text Sequencing
0011347 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-05Vault placement caused monster to be placed in a wall (vaults_dpeg_diagonal)
00109463Patchesminornew2018-01-02A fustibalus tile for Punk
00113406Upload: Graphicsminornew2018-01-02Numerous tile changes, end of 2017
0011339 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-29Majin-Bo self-damage activating *Slow, *Corrode, *Confuse randarts
0011338 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-29Lightning Spires disabled by webs, nets
0011336 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-28Ghost spells not showing from x-v when on a different floor.
0011335 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-25HP bar shows as though you took damage on exiting HP+ transmutations.
0011332 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-12-22Crash when loading, then refreshing, opting not to update to the latest version of trunk.
0011331 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-20Wrong message when lightning rod regains charge
00113301Bug Reportminornew2017-12-20Fedhas "Growth" ability defaults to using the maximum number of rations
00113216Bug Reportminornew2017-12-17Autoexplore reports an unvisited transporter that cannot be found
0011326 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-17Plants on stairs interfere with interlevel travel.
00111601Bug Reportminornew2017-12-13Disconnected vault: minmay_separated_statues
00113241Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-12-130.21-a0-531-gacddea6
00108702Bug Reportminornew2017-12-13Unintended coding interaction between death channel and AOE spells
00101433Bug Reportcrashnew2017-12-10Gozag 'Powers' view crashes to desktop
0011316 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-07Being trampled out of LOS of a mesmeriser doesn't always break the mesmerisation immediately
0011312 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-04Monsters with reaching attack are extremely dumb around shallow water.
0011311 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-04Autopickup isn't turned on back when invisible monster dies while affected by sunlight.
0011308 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-03Disconnected ecumenical altar vault
00113041Bug Reportminornew2017-12-01Bad LRD autoaiming
0011303 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-30Scarfs under Ash are eligible for identification.
00112991Support Requestminornew2017-11-29I cannot build my TILES version
00113012Bug Reportminornew2017-11-29Not casting a spell when clicked, casting two spells at once on the next turn.
00103373Bug Reportminornew2017-11-28Problem: variable top item in piles
0011298 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-25Red filter from poison damage persists
00112971Bug Reporttweaknew2017-11-25Duplicate and useless books not eliminated from stash search
00112952Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-11-24Confused icon not shown for friendly brother-in-arms
0011294 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-24Isolated room in minmay_the_grid_4x2
0011292 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-22Uskayaw's Grand Finale can hurt allies with flying chunks
00112702Bug Reportminornew2017-11-20Pressing alt-tab sends commands to the game.
0011282 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-14Issue with skills rounding off
0011281 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-12Ru sacrifice mutations duplicate when extended by transient mutations.
0011280 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-12Visual glitch with range missiles sticking on the screen
0011278 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-11Pikel's slaves got paralyzed by Uska after Pikel died.
00112771Bug Reportminornew2017-11-07Simulacrum isn't getting damaged by a fire cloud
0011276 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-03Player's Lightning Spire attacked from out of los.
00112752Bug Reporttextnew2017-11-02Text bug with losing Wu Jian piety
00112491Bug Reportminornew2017-11-02Leaving passage of Golubria should always clear it from the map.
0011272 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-01On login, gnoll skills at 27 show 3% train until XP is earned
0011271 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-01Hepl Ally Willingly Steps in Conjured Flame
00112082Bug Reportminornew2017-10-29Double confirmation upon removing *Contam amulet
0010803 Bug Reportminornew2017-10-28Large monsters don't get movement penalty in shallow water
00112412Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-10-27Wrong messaging for Maurice stealing part of a stack
00111342Bug Reportminornew2017-10-25failure to compile, apparently due to XINPUT.
0011267 Bug Reportminornew2017-10-24Greying out/not greying out missiles in forms
0011264 Bug Reportminornew2017-10-20Mantis bug
00112515Bug Reportmajornew2017-10-19MaxHP malfunction during taking upstairs
00112621Bug Reportminornew2017-10-18Ghoul Cold Resistance Missing
00112522Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-10-18felid with random background in [tab] key
00112612Bug Reportminornew2017-10-16'blow up' kill message inappropriate
00112603Bug Reportmajornew2017-10-15Cannot train Polearms: Manual of Polearms + Okawaru's Heroism likely culprit
0011259 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-10-14Butchering behaviour for multiple corpses is unfair
00112562Bug Reportminornew2017-10-13Berserk red film and status continue after berserk ended.
0011254 Bug Reportminornew2017-10-11Sometimes weapon in hand is greyed out after using transformation.
0011247 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-10-05fsim againt TRJ leaves a bunch of slimes around.
00112461Bug Reportminornew2017-10-05Gnolls keep training bows after sacrificing a hand with Ru
00112431Bug Reportminornew2017-10-02Lear's Hauberk is the wrong kind of item to Wear
00108084Bug Reportminornew2017-10-02Plants affect firing trajectory
0011234 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-28Plant spawns on staircase
00112212Bug Reportminornew2017-09-15Slime creatures become webbed when splitting after being stuck in a net
0011225 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-15Part of the floor is inaccessible
0011224 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-09-14Monster description should mention amphibiousness.
0011223 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-14Incorrect tile for wretched star sometimes
00107102Bug Reportminornew2017-09-13Enemy summoned spellcasters will happily kill their summoners with bolt spells
00112192Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-09-12Can continue training crosstrained skill at 27
0011218 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-11Prayer channel affects shift-movement
0011217 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-10Plant spawn on top of stairs
0011215 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-09-09Problem with dancing weapons' description
00112041Bug Reportminornew2017-09-06prompted for cursed ring twice
00110322Bug Reportminornew2017-09-02Trap interaction with animate skeleton
0011209 Bug Reportfeaturenew2017-09-01Spectral weapon doesn't attack target when riposte.
0011207 Bug Reportminornew2017-09-01Incorrect dangerous terrain indicator when using X]
0011202 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-08-29Unknown objects still selectable in discoveries menu when all objects of a given type found
00111843Bug Reportminornew2017-08-27Minimap colouring is messed up
0011198 Bug Reporttextnew2017-08-25Misc evokables message extra confusing for lightning rods, grey out extra misc evokables
0011196 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-23Weird interlevel path
0011193 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-22Disconnected vault
0011192 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-21Not all unrands listed in notes
0011191 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-08-21E'x'amine targets cycle should embrace monsters behind glass.
00111901Bug Reportminornew2017-08-21killing dragon over deep water can get "scales are intact enough to wear" after they've sunk
0011189 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-20Excess confirmation on casting Slouch when allies are behind glass
00111871Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-08-18Animate skeleton and shaft interaction
00110591Bug Reporttextnew2017-08-17Fixed-position summons fail with an uninformative message when cast on a teleport/shaft trap
0011175 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-08-07"ta" order can target allies. It does nothing
0011167 Bug Reportminornew2017-08-01Buggy displaying of Abyss map
00111662Bug Reportmajornew2017-07-31Autoexplore seems unconcerned about emergency flight
0011165 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-29Can't conjure flame into doorway when sealing rune in effect
00111315Bug Reportcrashnew2017-07-28Crash on stairs to new level: Unable to open lock file.
0011163 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-28Big weapons look usable for small species in ice form
0011162 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-27Visual glitch: brand weapon
0011158 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-21Dispater statues waking up before they should
0011157 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-21Scarf of repulsion should be greyed out under Qaz
0011156 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-07-21Piety gain for Ru's sacrifice stealth seems countintuitive.
00111117Bug Reportmajornew2017-07-18Tiles version displaying off center in Windows 10
00105532Bug Reportmajornew2017-07-17Broken spell targeting.
00092034Bug Reportminornew2017-07-15Monster tornado moved player to tile not previously in LoS
0011150 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-15Can't choose a class for the ancestor
0011147 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-13Conjure Flame: when it expires, monsters never move in right away to that tile even when attack delay is >1aut
00094625Bug Reportminornew2017-07-12Item buggily placed at feature
0011146 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-12another targeting problem
00111441Bug Reportminornew2017-07-12Teleport in Swamp ends in forest clearing
0011145 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-12automatic targeting after use of LRD assumes the wall to be the target
0011142 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-10Autoexplore doesn't stop when petrified by hell effects
0011141 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-09"Attack new target" order behaves weirdly if there is disturbance nearby
0011138 Bug Reportminornew2017-07-08It's possible to get two ammo gifts from Okawaru in the same action
0011135 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-07-07Killing Natasha removes her annotation from level
00111301Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30Monsters don't use ranged weapons of penetration when there is something between them and player
00111271Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30Items seen on Xom teleportation journey can still be picked up by monsters
00108923Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30Problem with tile lighting when fog appears
0011129 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30Bad message order
0011128 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-30Using ranged weapons near allies should have confirmation prompt
0011126 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-29Webtiles time-out results in lost scroll
0011125 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-26Monsters stop being bribed without any obvious reason
0011124 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-26useless 'stop flying' option present in dragon form while wearing ring of flight
0011123 Bug Reportmajornew2017-06-26Poison and Bribe Branch
0011121 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-23Trunk Graphics Issue:
0011119 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-23Lamp's of fire trail is disrupted
0011118 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-20No confirmation prompt before evoking berserk through items with Cheibriados
0011117 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-20Mystical force of hell can spawn second eldritch tentacle
0011115 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-20Graphics issue: Leda's and lava
0011113 Documentationminornew2017-06-18background_creation.txt refers to enum.h and not job-type.h
0011112 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-18Invisble disturbance not stopping rest
0011108 Bug Reportfeaturenew2017-06-14No warnings provided beofre attacking monsters while using Elyvilon's Divine Protection
00109514Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-06-13Some wins showing up twice in scoreboard
0011107 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Gaining robust mutation should expand your current hp along with mhp.
00111061Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Slow status lasts a turn after elephant slug is dead.
0011105 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Autopickup mode shouldn't change on saving and resuming the game.
0011103 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-06-12Switching between gods while training only Invocations gods is clunky.
0011102 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12auto_eat_chunks tries to pick up chunks instead of eating off the ground.
00109021Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Shopping list total cost is shown wrong due to duplicate items.
0011101 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Regen status from spell isn't greyed out with 'no regen' mutation and monsters in sight.
0011100 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12MP cost of evoking Olgreb's staff isn't shown anywhere.
0011099 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Weird runed door
0011098 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-12Enslaved monster doesn't stop constricting an enemy when charm is ended.
0011097 Bug Reporttextnew2017-06-11Letter adjustment mis-reports c, i
00110941Bug Reporttextnew2017-06-08"Fragile" Randart Property Prompt Spam
00019043Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05exclusions can cause an incorrect end of exploration message
0011088 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05Invisible monster disturbances stop autoexplore/travel even when on the other side of glass.
0011087 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05Maxwell's etheric cage and MPRegen
0011086 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-05Singing sword and noise meter
0011084 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-04Disconnected region in Crypt:2, unreachable via stairs
0011083 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-04Polymorphing a caster and then killing it does not grant the extra Trog piety for killing casters
0011079 Bug Reporttextnew2017-05-31Unindentify Faerie dragon scale in inventory haved wrong description
00110771Bug Reportminornew2017-05-28Double Josephine
00110731Support Requestcrashnew2017-05-25Trunk game in progress hangs at "loading" page
0011074 Bug Reportfeaturenew2017-05-25Webtiles players do not recieve "m"essages from console spectators
0011072 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-23Ghost Crab summons appeared friendly
0011071 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-22Buggy "Replace -foo- for cheaper one?"
0011070 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-22When flight ends above deep water/lava, you can't re-evoke it to extended the duration
0011069 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-22Impossible to quiver nothing
0011068 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-05-21Crash after failure to load shoal maps
00110671Bug Reporttextconfirmed2017-05-21"Paralysed by you" in cause of death text when paralysed by Xom's chaos cloud
0011065 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-17CJR is displaying dumps with wrong encoding.
00110561Bug Reportminornew2017-05-17explore-resting while flying over deep water drains you until you are fully healed
0011058 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-05-14If you are a tree, regeneration messages should reference bark instead of skin
0011057 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-11with autoinscribe, scrolls of identify can be used to identify themselves.
0011054 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-08Shop entrance appears as tree; "unfortunately your game ended unexpectedly" (but it's OK)
00110532Bug Reportminornew2017-05-07Oka god gift disappeared or not dropped, after receiving gift message.
0011049 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-02Dead Animated skeleton inventory doesn't show up on search
00110462Bug Reportminornew2017-05-02Crashed game: Vampire quaffed cancellation while in bat form and mesmerized
00110472Bug Reporttextconfirmed2017-05-02Wrong kind of message for wearing wrong armour
0011048 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-05-02Get extraneous resist message when wearing resist poison gear.
00109722Bug Reportmajornew2017-04-30Enemies killed by Drain Life produce hostile enslaved souls.
0011044 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-30multiple notes for the same artifact spellbook
0010302 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-29Hostile tentacle of a friendly kraken
00110411Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-29"Your ally died" in notes (possibly a unique bribed by Gozag)
0011037 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-26Reflecting bolt of fire off green crystal wall produced a piety gain message x2
00110031Bug Reportminornew2017-04-26Stomp angers allies without warning
0011036 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-04-26Crash in Vaults:2: ASSERT(idx < TILE_FEAT_MAX) in 'rltiles/tiledef-dngn.cc' at line 86 failed.
0011035 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-25incorrect tile shown for deep elf elementalist next to map
0011029 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-21Awoken Forest Stays Woke
00110252Bug Reportminornew2017-04-21Xom's Smite Killed a D:1 FeCK Directly, Damage for over twice it's mhp.
0011023 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-18Reloading after a crash causes items to duplicate
00110224Bug Reportminornew2017-04-18Random console disconnects, broken pipes.
0011021 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-18Yara's Violent Unravelling uses AoE targetting
0011019 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-18Win not registered on profile
0011018 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-04-17Crash when using "Zoom in" on xfce4-terminal
0011013 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-15WJC and Passage of Golubria interaction
0011011 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-15derived elephant slug undead
00090251Bug Reportminornew2017-04-11Item displayed twice in Ctrl-x list
00098822Bug Reportmajornew2017-04-09Formicid got trapped in Pan vault
00107393Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-04-07libpng warnings when compiling on Linux 64-bit
00110041Bug Reportmajornew2017-04-0632-bit versions of Crawl have white rectangles as graphics
0011002 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-05Temporary allies continue to exist after being shafted
00109971Bug Reportminornew2017-04-05Sticky flames works on ghosts created by lost souls
00097172Bug Reportcrashnew2017-04-02Ranged attack crash while clearing ziggurat
00109931Bug Reportminornew2017-03-31Weird '>'-cycle behaviour on mapped pan floors
0010992 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-31Autotargeting issue when aiming at empty square
0010991 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-31Auto-butchering with full inventory
00109901Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-03-31Shock Serpent's Death Shock Struck Through Closed Door
0010985 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-30There is a meaningless warning to Fedhas'plant.
00109801Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-03-21SSL Certificate on crawl.develz.org has expired
0010979 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-18Ratskin cloak interaction with TSO
0010978 Upload: Graphicstrivialnew2017-03-16Chic retro walls
0010977 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-15Broken kraken tentacle
00109351Bug Reportmajornew2017-03-09CAO seems to crash on loading Trunk.
0010967 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-03-09Trivial Shift D issue with cursed gear
0010963 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-07Infestation turns bribed monsters hostile, gives no warning
00108391Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-03-06Zap bounce around corners behaves differently online and offline
00109611Bug Reportminornew2017-03-04Mesmerization doesn't play well with Passwall
00108963Bug Reportmajornew2017-03-03I can't connect the beRotato server at all.
0010959 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-03-02Turning auto pick up off for books doesn't work when worshipping Trog
0010958 Bug Reporttextnew2017-03-02Wrong message when slime eats door from outside of LOS
00109561Bug Reportminornew2017-03-01Jiyva's slimification partially works on ghosts created by lost souls
0010954 Bug Reportminornew2017-02-28Loot replaced with staircases in pitsprint
0010953 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-02-26Mesmerisation can prevent Wu Jian's wall jump
0010952 Bug Reportminornew2017-02-25Item location information leak
00109501Bug Reporttextnew2017-02-24Nightstalker mutation typo
0010949 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-02-23Missing eldritch tentacle segment tile
0010945 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-02-20Asmomeus's tile is not completely darkened
00108951Bug Reportminornew2017-02-15Stuck in vault
0010942 Bug Reportminornew2017-02-15Can't ressurect my orc follower
0010939 Bug Reportminornew2017-02-14Noise from monster actions (such as hitting gong) before you are put to sleep can wake you immediately
00104082Bug Reportminornew2017-02-06Player colour inscriptions can loose the surly bonds of {}
00109246Bug Reportmajornew2017-02-06No abyss portal
00104961Bug Reportminornew2017-01-31Ashenzari equipment warnings are weird.
0010923 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-31Volvano entry flooded in flames
0010922 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-30Thunderdome exit does not reappear after picking up a rune
0010920 Bug Reportmajornew2017-01-27Player ghost animate dead
0010915 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-24Shapeshifter zombie
00106903Bug Reportcrashnew2017-01-24Android - Crashes everytime at startup, before the loading screen
00053626Bug Reportcrashnew2017-01-24Crash after finish any tutorial level
00108881Support Requestminornew2017-01-22Please differentiate Desolation monsters from clouds in console.
00069962Bug Reportminornew2017-01-21Can't play a tutorial game when normal one is saved
00102903Bug Reportminornew2017-01-21Splash screen of armored man w/ halberd not displaying correctly.
0010911 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-21rcfile: force_more procs every time I move cursor when targetting
0010910 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-20Bribe Branch weirdness
0010906 Documentationminornew2017-01-17Effect of spell power is unclear for many spells
0010905 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-01-16"page 1 of 2" on pick up items screen never becomes "page 2 of 2" when I press Page Down
0010435 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-15Felid went up one level after potion of experience, but shows that I have enough experience to go up another level
00109001Bug Reportminornew2017-01-14Books don't disappear from shoplist when you find them.
0010901 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-14Webtiles: visual exclusion bug
00108991Patchesfeaturenew2017-01-13Butchering removal patch
00105891Patchesmajornew2017-01-13Fix stringutil.h for compilation with Cygwin
00108971Patchesminornew2017-01-12fsim data dump
0010893 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-10Map mode stairs order
0010890 Bug Reportblocknew2017-01-10Can't ressurect my orc follower under Beogh
0010887 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-08Bailey: Orc shows up with battleaxe, dies and leaves handaxe
0010885 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-01-08Wizmode: crash when trying to polymorph monster into Mutant Beast
0010884 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-08"Infinite lua loop entered, aborting" when exploring Abyss with stopped time
0010882 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-08Friendly tentacle of a hostile kraken
00108684Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-01-06Erroneous message
0010879 Bug Reportminornew2017-01-06Entry vault can kill with autoexplore
00108121Bug Reportmajornew2017-01-05Turn loss while using unavailable commands(which normally should be working)
00108611Bug Reportminornew2017-01-04Antenna-vision shows non-hostiles as hostiles
000578611Implementablesfeaturenew2017-01-04Want more connectivity checking for vaults
00108671Bug Reportminornew2016-12-31phantom enemy appearing
00065598Bug Reportminornew2016-12-27Rapid ranged autofight causes movement towards monsters
0010862 Bug Reportminornew2016-12-25Killer's weapon identified as felid
00108572Bug Reportminornew2016-12-24Uskayaw pain bond hurts neutral monsters
0010860 Bug Reportminornew2016-12-23Really take off cursed armour?
0010859 Bug Reportminornew2016-12-21saved game issue running Windows .exe trunk version under a Linux Wine setup.
0010858 Bug Reportminornew2016-12-21Search only finds one example of "strike"
00108522Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-12-20in the Help/Instructions (? key), the Home key doesn't always work under any scenario
00108513Bug Reportminornew2016-12-18Wizmode: getting ring of protection from fire instead of just protection
00108411Bug Reportminornew2016-12-15Odd loop of shallow water in Shoals
00072202Bug Reportminornew2016-12-130 stat does not interrupt dressing.
0010846 Bug Reportminornew2016-12-13lair entrance placed in door
00108441Bug Reportminorconfirmed2016-12-12Confusing auto-fight messages
0010843 Bug Reportminornew2016-12-10You can land on pearl dragon vault when entering the holy pan level.
00098711Bug Reportminornew2016-12-08Paralyzed Krakens tentacles still move+attack
0010840 Bug Reportminornew2016-12-06All tornado clouds disappear while the spell is still active (Chei + Statue Form)
00108371Bug Reportminornew2016-12-03Inconsistent ghost sprites
0010833 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-29Having a Pain branded weapon in inventory should enable Necromancy skill for training availability.
00107962Bug Reportminornew2016-11-28Redundant prompt for Fireball without targets
0010826 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-26When attempting to wield a two-handed weapon, already wielding vamp weapon and wearing a shield, the game asks for unwield-vamp
0010824 Bug Reportblocknew2016-11-25CAO session stalled when meeting Boris.
00108191Bug Reportminornew2016-11-24Auto Attack pathing incorrect sometimes.
00102263Bug Reportminornew2016-11-24Pikel's slaves leave corpses for Gozag worshippers
00107981Bug Reportminornew2016-11-23Redundant prompt when targeting a monster with worthless ally behind it
00108154Bug Reportminornew2016-11-23dis:4 unreachable stairs down
0010814 Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-11-23wrath creates a visible W
00108113Bug Reportcrashnew2016-11-21Crash on load into Desolation of Salt
0010810 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Don't pick up books with useless/forbidden spells
0010809 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Chain of allies following the player through stairs isn't pulled properly
0010806 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Tabbing fail
0010804 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21shift-F uses wrong targeter while PProj is on
0010801 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Allies ignoring player being under attack
0010800 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Webtiles: known books out of LoS are shown on autopickup upon loading the game.
0010797 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Missing prompt when casting pain with you skeleton on the line of fire.
0010795 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Fan of gales is still on autopickup after Xom gifted one
0010794 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21While in Zot, D:4 was displayed when several messages came in a single turn
0010793 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-21Weird Abyss scenery change leaves you standing in the rock wall sticking out of a lake
000849519Bug Reportminornew2016-11-20Doors lead to dead-ends, or are placed in strange areas.
0010792 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-20Undesirable (?) summon AI behavior
0010789 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-19Flame sling fired into water does not produce steam
0010787 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-17Max health fluctuates without reason or message
0010786 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-17scroll of mapping reports false number of shops/portals
00089151Bug Reportminornew2016-11-16You shouldn't be able to auto travel while in the range of visible enemy (with polearms) even if there's lava terrain between
00068648Bug Reporttweaknew2016-11-14staff of cold melee message missing
0010784 Bug Reporttextnew2016-11-14Control Undead messages as if the monster was already an ally
0010779 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-13anaconda skeleton suddenly appear.
00107773Bug Reporttweaknew2016-11-12petrified snakes can constrict
0010778 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-12The red berserk overlay breaks after hitting X
00104119Bug Reportmajornew2016-11-12DMG is Damaged and can't be opened
00107492Bug Reportcrashnew2016-11-12Segmentation fault after apperance of named monster
00107701Bug Reportminornew2016-11-12Shopping list price incorrect
00107451Bug Reportcrashnew2016-11-12Amulet of gourmand auto pickup and crash
00107681Bug Reportminornew2016-11-12Unable to stop flying after donning boots of flying
0010763 Bug Reporttextnew2016-11-07Lowercase Hepliaklqana ancestor names are capitalized when they begin messages.
0010761 Bug Reportminornew2016-11-04Vault-specified holy egos interact badly with random artefacts
00107203Bug Reportcrashnew2016-10-31ASSERT(index != -1) in 'spl-util.cc' at line 919 failed.
00107521Bug Reportminornew2016-10-30Entropy weaver tiles don't show weapons
0010748 Bug Reportmajornew2016-10-28Webtiles set_rc API loses data when the disk is full.
00107461Bug Reportminornew2016-10-27Xom vault with no exits
00105923Bug Reportmajornew2016-10-23(Beogh) Servant orc is copied after being polymorphed by Zot trap
00107283Bug Reportfeaturenew2016-10-23Fix !exp to avoid forced Trog penance
00107442Bug Reportmajornew2016-10-22darkgrey becomes black (invisible) with TERM=xterm-256color
00045011Bug Reportminornew2016-10-22using ` to repeat a Sif channelling sometimes also casts a spell
00093181Bug Reportminornew2016-10-22After abandoning gozag, closed shop items still appear in ^F
00106761Bug Reportcrashnew2016-10-22ASSERT(can_reach()) in 'melee_attack.cc' at line 2355 failed.
00106373Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-10-20Renounce Religion not assigning to hotkey 'X'
0010740 Implementablesfeaturenew2016-10-18Increase Pan rune level spawn chances with slain Pan lords
00107321Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-10-13Message when killing shapeshifters or polymorphed creatures under Gozag
0010726 Bug Reporttweaknew2016-10-10Hep Knight shield keeps changing tiles
0010722 Patchestweaknew2016-10-07Resolve dodging before blocking.
00107171Bug Reporttextnew2016-10-05<console> appears in hints mode text
00107112Bug Reporttextnew2016-10-03Awkward "it" when talking about penetration
00107051Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-10-01Beheaded Draconion
0010697 Bug Reporttextconfirmed2016-09-30*Fragile and brands - weird interaction
0010704 Bug Reportminornew2016-09-30Translucent wall broke autoexplore exclusion
0010688 Bug Reportminornew2016-09-20"The websocket connection failed" wasted a scroll
00106821Bug Reportblockconfirmed2016-09-20Vault Generation/Placement Bug: Inaccessible Ossuary
000393611Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (roctavian)2016-09-17Addition of a paper doll tile
0010642 Bug Reportminornew2016-09-01Rune Message Glitch
00106401Bug Reportminornew2016-08-31Scroll of immolation reveals that a hidden swamp worm is around
0010633 Bug Reportminornew2016-08-27Dragon form and boots of flying interraction
0010632 Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-08-26Black draconian turns to black demonspawn sprite
0009272 Bug Reportminornew2016-08-24snaplasher vine connection error message
00106261Bug Reportminornew2016-08-22Animate Dead doesnt work on lernaean hydra
0010622 Bug Reportminornew2016-08-22Lair entrance hidden in disconnected region
00106201Bug Reportminornew2016-08-22Phantasmal warrior is listed as wraith in "come into view" message
00081632Bug Reportminornew2016-08-19Fire giant aimed fireball at empty space.
00105144Bug Reportminornew2016-08-19Item_slot not working properly
00106031Bug Reportminorconfirmed2016-08-16Exclusion repeatedly marked on hostile player-summoned Lightning Spire
00106134Bug Reportmajornew2016-08-15Game always loads with miniscule text and tiny window size
00106061Bug Reportcrashnew2016-08-11Game crashes when spawning ancestors with &m
00106041Implementablesminornew2016-08-10Allow recolouring specific derived undead with the mon_glyph option.
0010595 Bug Reportminorconfirmed2016-08-07Beogh's Smiting ability can target walls and other useless tiles
00105351Bug Reportminornew2016-08-03"No reachable target in view" lies.
00105821Bug Reportminornew2016-07-25Mara shows up twice
0010578 Bug Reportminornew2016-07-25Faded altar not shown in ctrl-o screen
00105553Bug Reportminornew2016-07-23Big Wings Weirdness
00105691Bug Reportmajornew2016-07-22TSO automatic Penance
00104471Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-07-18gpg key of the ppa uses SHA1
00074211Bug Reportminornew2016-07-14Infinite autotravel between staircases
00063581Bug Reportminornew2016-07-13Put on a wizard hat and a helmet at the same time
00033172Bug Reportminornew2016-07-13Halo illuminates submerged monsters
000849019Patchesminornew2016-07-11Patch to simplify Recite and make it less deterministic.
00100683Upload: Maps and Vaultsminornew2016-07-11A little, random orc ending
00002987FR: Otherminorassigned2016-07-05Add feedback for * and for !
00105421Bug Reportminornew2016-07-05Vault Warden seals doors between me and it
00002797FR: Otherminornew2016-07-05Improve randarts with depth
00082601Bug Reporttextnew2016-07-05Bad bodypart name in jelly passive acid damage message while in spider form
00080851Bug Reportminornew2016-07-05Warden locked me on the wrong side of the door
00105291Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-07-04highscore table one out
0010527 Bug Reporttrivialconfirmed2016-07-04?/M listing shows user glyph but built-in colour
0010539 Bug Reportminornew2016-07-01Phantom mirroring Wucad Mu statue causes spawns to stop in the monastery if the phantom is abjured
00085678Bug Reportcrashnew2016-06-28Crash on loading game after save transfer
00072443Bug Reporttweakconfirmed2016-06-27Could we get a warning if using an evocable has a chance to piss off TSO?
0010522 Bug Reporttweaknew2016-06-25Zot 5 consists of 3 discoonnected areas
00104872Bug Reportminornew2016-06-21Broken pathfinding (enemies)
00105115Patchesfeaturenew2016-06-20Pakellas experimental
00105101Bug Reportcrashnew2016-06-17Crash upon unknown actions on shoals:4
0010508 Bug Reportminornew2016-06-16Starspawn tentacle didn't die when severed
0010498 Bug Reportminornew2016-06-13Cannot rest while scrying.
00104921Bug Reportminornew2016-06-11Confuse can be cast with 0% success
0010489 Bug Reportminornew2016-06-10Zin Vault/autoexplore interaction
00104851Bug Reportminornew2016-06-08FR: make allies use fire_stop to avoid hitting the player
00096672Bug Reportminornew2016-06-08Stabbed monsters killed but resurrected by Lost Soul remain asleep
00104712Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-06-03Summon vines graphical bug
00104682Bug Reportcrashnew2016-06-01crash when searching for "mr"
00104445Bug Reportcrashnew2016-05-30Crash when going upstairs
0010456 Bug Reportminornew2016-05-29Exclude root does not show up in proper color until screen redraw
0010452 Bug Reportminornew2016-05-28Purchased last scroll type, auto ID ensued, message log misreported scroll count
00102421Bug Reportminornew2016-05-27fedhas warns of penance from placing clouds on allies, but it does not cause penance
0008952 Bug Reportminornew2016-05-27hangedman_elemental_death_ray can place a cloud generator on the Depths:1 <
00104422Bug Reportmajornew2016-05-26Ancestor stays with you even after leaving Hepliaklqana(can't spell it's name)
00104363Bug Reportminornew2016-05-22Boulder beetle disappears upon Ely pacification
00104262Bug Reportminornew2016-05-20Rolling boulder beetle ignores teleport trap
00025928Bug Reportminornew2016-05-18Enslave soul produces base spectral things
00099834Bug Reportcrashnew2016-05-16Hello. Android version not running.
0010422 Bug Reportminornew2016-05-16Jack-O-Lantern Headed Ghost moves to another floor
00104153Bug Reporttextnew2016-05-15Sniper text shows mindelay at skill 28, should read 27
00104203Bug Reportmajornew2016-05-15Allies got lost while going down!
00103711Bug Reportminornew2016-05-15CXC WebTiles stopped working
0010386 FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2016-05-15FR: Let ?/I search for item type
0010413 Bug Reportcrashnew2016-05-13Roof collapse traps efreet in wall
00103103Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-05-12Lamp of fire crash
00103962Bug Reportminornew2016-05-10silence aimed at holies
0010406 Bug Reportminornew2016-05-08GV0 travels to D:13 instead of the Vaults entrance
0010405 Bug Reportminornew2016-05-08Searching for "brand" does not include artifacts with brands
00103991Bug Reportcrashnew2016-05-06Crash on entering the snake pits
00102315Bug Reportminornew2016-05-05Purple draconian innate magic resistance not showing up in mutation screen
00103945Bug Reportminornew2016-05-02Unnecessary warnings under Death's Door
00070331Bug Reportminornew2016-05-02Make Fedhas plant protection more consistent
00103911Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-05-01Multiple money stacks on the same tile.
0010392 Bug Reportminornew2016-05-01Issues with butchering dialogue
0010383 Bug Reportminornew2016-04-29Disconnected vault in Depths
00103631Bug Reportminornew2016-04-26Monster can't path to me from just around a corner
00103721Bug Reportminornew2016-04-25treasure trove collapsed by itself
00103131Bug Reportcrashnew2016-04-22Crash on Elven Halls 2
00096742Bug Reporttweaknew2016-04-12tile_key_repeat_delay option doesn't work anymore
00103511Bug Reportminornew2016-04-10Polearm spectral weapon maneuvers itself in a position where it cannot attack
00103281Bug Reportcrashnew2016-04-10Crash in Tomb:1 while fighting ushabti
00103461Bug Reportminornew2016-04-10Forced disconnect from webtiles leaves game open despite no one playing
00103501Bug Reportminornew2016-04-10Using a staircase to a new level takes less AUT
00103381Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-03-30Water tile error
0010330 Bug Reportminornew2016-03-22Trove asks for item from Gozaq abandonment closed shop
00101756Bug Reportmajornew2016-03-18Problem with stairs in main dungeon
00103191Bug Reportminornew2016-03-18Silence status stays active after "Your hearing returns"
00096064Upload: Graphicsfeaturenew2016-03-02great orb of eyes tile
0009633 Bug Reporttrivialnew2016-02-29Tile and LOS didn't redraw when closing a door in webtiles.
00103053Bug Reportminornew2016-02-29Chei Temporal Distortion does not redraw opened doors
00091522Bug Reporttweaknew2016-02-29Make undead minions turning hostile upon taking cold damage consistent.
00098922Bug Reportminornew2016-02-29Can't run with ring of flames on
0010304 Bug Reportminornew2016-02-29Intermittent tilesheet corruption
0009592 Bug Reportminornew2016-02-29Zot trap creates friendly malign gateway
00099752Bug Reportminornew2016-02-29Artifact mottled dragon armour inscription does not include base resistance
00101025Bug Reportminornew2016-02-29-10% HP sacrifice to Ru also eliminates +10% HP mutation, for a net 20% loss
0010303 Upload: Graphicsminornew2016-02-29Demon Blade doll tiles to match the floor/inventory tiles.
0008225 Implementablesminornew2016-02-22Spell icons needed for rod and monster spells
0010294 Implementablestweaknew2016-02-21Port remaining monster beam spells to zap data
0010282 Implementablesfeaturenew2016-02-15Rewrite notes.cc
0010281 Bug Reportminornew2016-02-14Nightstalker LOS reduction affects bolt bouncing.
00102741Bug Reportfeaturenew2016-02-13can't save macro (android tiles 0.18)
00102771Bug Reportmajornew2016-02-09Friendly monsters can be shown as hostile and vice versa
0010267 Bug Reportminornew2016-01-31Log contains false duplicate 'identified' messages
00102541Bug Reportminornew2016-01-27deep troll earth mage LRD ignores LOS restriction?
00102511Bug Reporttweaknew2016-01-25Could we get a warning when trying to move next to clouds while confused?
0010252 Bug Reportminornew2016-01-24Kraken tentacles do not register as susceptible for static discharge
0010249 Bug Reportcrashnew2016-01-23Crash in Abyss:3
0010243 Bug Reportminornew2016-01-20Gozag bribing resets if bribe is used before previous one is expired
0010240 Bug Reportfeaturenew2016-01-19Is it possible to trigger right click in android version, may be long press?
0010237 Bug Reportminornew2016-01-15WebTiles menu scrolling gets confused if showing too many lines
00102331Bug Reportminornew2016-01-12The entropic weave is overconfident in its corroding capabilities.
00059845Bug Reportminornew2016-01-10Confused monsters still move randomly while sleeping.
0010228 Bug Reportcrashnew2016-01-07crash during a fight
0010224 Bug Reportcrashnew2016-01-04Game crashed after I choose Chaos Knight Demonspawn with spear
0010221 Bug Reportminornew2016-01-03webtiles keybindings don't work in Conkeror
0010214 Implementablestweaknew2015-12-31Refactor more durations into the duration-data struct (out of _decrement_durations()) with on_tick()
0010211 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-30Wind drake pushes player into deep water and water becomes shallow.
00102081Bug Reportminornew2015-12-29When Slowed by Berserk Ending AND by an Torpor Snail; Killing the Agate Snail Prematurely Ends the Other Slow
0010207 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-12-27Android tiles version bug fix(?) suggestion.
0010201 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-25extra wide hallway with gaps in walls next to doors in elf3 layout_geoelf_castle
00035061Bug Reportminornew2015-12-24Lexicographic order is bad for sorting items
0010197 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-23Misleading flavour message by Gastronok "You feel sluggish"
00098513Bug Reportminornew2015-12-21Refrigeration has a hard coded forced --more-- prompt
0010190 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-21Ally travel speed setting not taking effect.
0010186 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-20Misleading prompt on attacking poison immune monsters with a venom weapon under TSO
00064807Bug Reportminorconfirmed2015-12-17inconsistent skill increase
00063082Bug Reportcrashconfirmed2015-12-17crash in ziggurat level with draconians
00041344Bug Reportminorconfirmed2015-12-17Trying to put on a cursed amulet while another (cursed) is worn should directly give the "stuck to you" message
0010185 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-12-16Crash directly after character startup
00101828Source Cleanupminorconfirmed (donblas)2015-12-15DCSS Tiles needs a consistent license
0010180 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-15Monster keeps sleeping after being injured
0010179 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-15Buggy/missing warnings for swapping new amulets
0010172 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-13Using XGD1! to annotate a different floor temporarily forgets exclusions
0010167 Implementablestweaknew (neil)2015-12-12Refactor of mons_cast() to treat spell implementations as data
0010168 Implementablestweaknew2015-12-12Treat vaults as transparent by default
0010159 Support Requestcrashnew2015-12-11Simply nothing happens
0010158 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-11Killing Kirke and then a hog with cleaving gives transformation revert message for the dead hog
00101443Bug Reportcrashnew2015-12-07Game Crash on Snake:4
00101471Bug Reportminornew2015-12-06Hex wand success chances only get displayed sometimes
00024162Bug Reportminornew2015-12-05drop_filter drops temporarily useless items
00064722Bug Reportminornew2015-12-05Artefact missing in item search (Ctrl+F) and another one gets duplicated (shop items)
00044512Bug Reporttextnew2015-12-05Ctrl-X text is cycled
00101392Patchestweaknew2015-12-05On terminals of width 80 columns healthbar and magicbar reaches window border
0010125 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-01Entering a portal to pandemonium can you trap you
0010124 Bug Reportminornew2015-12-01Sanctuary does not prevent summons from attacking, which leads to immediate penance
00100992Bug Reportminornew2015-11-29Single-square room with no way out
0010113 Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-11-27Name of singing sword does not change when wielded
00101081Bug Reportminornew2015-11-27Ally kills possessed monster, next attack against resulting spectral ally
00101031Bug Reportminornew2015-11-26Fire storm default targeting is broken
00100251Bug Reportminornew2015-11-26in Vaults, CTRL-G gives default to D:1
00028284Bug Reportminornew2015-11-26use_fake_cursor default setting
00100971Bug Reportminornew2015-11-24multiple games on one account cause incorrect whereis info to be displayed on the spectate games menu
0010096 Bug Reportminornew2015-11-24WebTiles input dialog stuck after opening browser search bar
0010093 Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-11-23Chei piety depends on current transformation
0010086 Bug Reporttweaknew2015-11-21Pacing travel speed to slowest ally does not take into account ally's haste effects
0010085 Bug Reportminornew2015-11-21Prompt for stat increase disappears after Alt-Tab in Windows
00100541Bug Reportminornew2015-11-19Shoals Edge Tiles in the Abyss
00100841Bug Reportminornew2015-11-19Incorrect tiles displayed in monster list after teleporting in the abyss
00100521Bug Reporttextnew2015-11-15Visible monsters/items/features: duplicate text in Items heading
00100761Bug Reportminornew2015-11-14Fedhas piety decrease for killing two-headed ogre?
00100731Bug Reportmajornew2015-11-14Character lethally poison but given no warning
00097613Bug Reportminornew2015-11-13Red devils can hop backwards around a corner and attack from beyond LOS
0010072 Bug Reportminornew2015-11-12Misleading portal distance announcement when entering a level
00043261Bug Reporttextassigned (evktalo)2015-11-10Weapons Tutorial advice is unclear about resting
00038361Bug Reportfeatureassigned (evktalo)2015-11-10Items and Inventory Tutorial need improved explanation of stat-ups
00044701Bug Reportminornew2015-11-09Monsters will not wear more than one item of armour, unless they start that way
00094377Patchesfeatureassigned (wheals)2015-11-08Display to_hit chance for damaging (non-automatic) spells
0010048 Bug Reportminornew2015-11-04Stop flying option missing while wearing boots of flying
0010045 Bug Reportminornew2015-11-02Winning game with 0 score
00100432Bug Reportminornew2015-11-02Snake end vault placed monsters behind rock
00100411Bug Reportminornew2015-11-01Crawl doesn't recognize when remapped
0010039 Bug Reportminornew2015-10-31map boundary appears to be regular rock wall, yet disint and dig wand fail to destroy it
00098961Bug Reportcrashnew2015-10-30Memory leak on Windows 10
0010032 Bug Reporttweaknew2015-10-26Monster cleansing flame causes self-distraction
0010031 Bug Reporttweaknew2015-10-25Tile for ettin wielding dire flail in right hand leaves orphaned pixels behind when it moves
00100281Bug Reportminornew2015-10-25scoring sometimes freezes when pulling from CPO
00095741Bug Reportmajornew2015-10-25Loadlibrairy failed with error 126
00086173Bug Reportmajornew2015-10-24cawl-tiles crashes at start: font file not found
00097873Bug Reportmajornew2015-10-24Webtiles not playable in chrome browser
00076952Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-10-20saint roka converts, autoannotation remains
0009984 Bug Reportminornew2015-10-20Akrasiac player page: a missing win
0010021 Bug Reporttweaknew2015-10-16Player status indicators cover Op Beastly Appendage
00098212Bug Reportminornew2015-10-13Occasional crash/segfault on startup
00093582Bug Reportminornew2015-10-12False "Too many items on this level" warning.
00087514Bug Reportminornew (neil)2015-10-12Enemy spriggans can wield weapons that player spriggans cannot
0010005 Bug Reportminornew2015-10-10Corroded weapon enchantment not shown correctly on WebTiles HUD
00100041Bug Reportminornew2015-10-10joining nemelex should enable misc pickup
0009999 Bug Reportminornew2015-10-07Light bug with deleting rings from shoplist
0009992 Bug Reportminornew2015-10-05Same HOWz win is shown twice in score screen.
0009991 Bug Reportminornew2015-10-04Ashenzari does not report distant detected portals in Abyss
00099852Bug Reportminornew2015-10-01demonic guardian appears with nothing in sight
00095961Bug Reportminornew2015-09-30Ru redirection to NO_TARGET
0009982 Upload: Graphicsfeaturenew2015-09-29Resprites for Centaur Player Dolls
0009980 Bug Reportminornew2015-09-29'There's a lethal amount of poison in your blood' shown incorrectly
00088116Bug Reportminornew2015-09-29Monster stays on monster list after death
0009977 Bug Reporttextnew2015-09-26Clinging shifter message order
00047755Bug Reportminornew2015-09-24getting transformed while in the process of putting on armour results in the armour being equipped in the transformed state
0009969 Bug Reportminornew2015-09-21unable to see rotted HP
00099671Bug Reportminornew2015-09-20Lost a point of magic for no reason
0009966 Bug Reportminornew2015-09-20endless loading screen on webtiles
0009962 Bug Reportminornew2015-09-17Kirke's hogs don't revert to human form when they die.
00097752Bug Reportminornew2015-09-14After examining level map below my level, monster from next level is displayed
00099392Bug Reportminornew2015-09-06Ashenzari Knowledge Transfer false skill anouncement
00099385Bug Reportminornew2015-09-05No unwritten Battle Cry
00099331Bug Reportminornew2015-09-04Piety Trove didn't set my character piety to zero.
00099321Bug Reporttweaknew2015-09-02one-handed inconsistency with 2h weapons and shields
00097944Bug Reportcrashnew2015-08-28Game crashes when going up stairs to a specific floor. Game crashes in naga zig floors.
00099271Bug Reporttweaknew2015-08-27UI responses to invalid menu selections are a hot mess
00098485Bug Reportcrashnew2015-08-22Windows version fails on non-ASCII paths
0009922 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-22placing a vault in wizmode with &L erases the other vaults from the &^E list
00098984Bug Reportminornew2015-08-21Constant delay when holding down a key
00099161Bug Reportminornew2015-08-21scrolls being continually read
0009918 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-19Can't use Recite on invisible enemies
000956925Bug Reportcrashnew2015-08-180.16 tiles version keeps crashing on android
0009912 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-17Ghost hurts itself with Fulminant Prism
0009911 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-16Shopping list displays useless items same as unaffordable
0009907 Bug Reporttextnew2015-08-13Felid death by poison causes message disorder
0009902 Bug Reporttweaknew2015-08-11Merfolks in water
0009901 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-10Did not receive Okawaru warning on Corona
0009900 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-09R-click in Skills menu exits Skills menu
0009536 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-08Broken functionality of tile_key_repeat_delay and increased delay when autofight
00098871Bug Reportminornew2015-08-02Bad monster description/tile on Xv after using Dowsing
000616414Upload: Graphicsminornew (ontoclasm)2015-08-01Quokka,
0009885 Bug Reportminornew2015-08-01Kirke slaves give XP
0009883 Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-07-31Amphibious Won't Chase Me
0009881 Upload: Graphicsminornew2015-07-29Helms
0008278 Bug Reporttweaknew2015-07-24Fear affects krakens but not their tentacles
00098681Bug Reportminornew2015-07-22GL init failure prints error only to the console
00098352Upload: Graphicsminornew2015-07-22Geryon
0009864 Upload: Graphicsminornew2015-07-21Flayed Ghost
00095386Bug Reportminornew2015-07-21Tile "brackets" not getting redrawn properly.
00045603Documentationminorconfirmed (SamB)2015-07-19Document Lua APIs
00098414Upload: Graphicsminornew2015-07-15Vampires
00083283Implementablesfeaturenew2015-07-15Display number of items to be dropped on multidrop screen when dropping partial stacks
0009858 Bug Reportminornew2015-07-15Ballistomycete in Trunk
0009850 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-07-09Game is crashed on portrait orientation.
00098372Bug Reportminornew2015-07-07buggy map in spider
0009829 Bug Reportminornew2015-07-01Player page: wrong uppercasing for some species/class abbreviations
0009823 Bug Reportminornew2015-06-29Space (keyboard) doesent work in race/class selection menu
0009822 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-06-29Game crash in Android version
00098202Bug Reportminornew2015-06-27Wizard mode: Imported ring has incorrect artifact mods
00098092Bug Reportminornew2015-06-25Message in Lab: !bad item (cl:100,ty:0,pl:0,pl2:0,sp:0,qu:0)
00097915Bug Reportcrashnew2015-06-24Game crashes after selecting species and background
00098073Bug Reportminornew2015-06-23In Wizard Mode, fsim'ing a fight against an adder will lethally poison you.
0009806 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-06-23game asked me to convert to new version then crashed.
00094871Bug Reportminornew2015-06-17X11's ctrl:swapcaps not working anymore; (presumably after the switch to SDL2)
0002980 Bug Reportminornew2015-06-16Monsters happily wander into dangerous clouds
00097594Bug Reportminornew2015-06-16friendly followers will walk into hostile clouds created by other friendlies
0009789 Bug Reportmajornew2015-06-16Crawl and Windows Program Compatibility Assistant
0009785 Bug Reportminornew2015-06-15Poisonous clouds created by chaos effects on you cause TSO penance
00097831Bug Reportcrashnew2015-06-15segmentation fault (core dumped) crawl-tiles
0009768 Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-06-11Two "comes into view" messages for one monster
00097601Bug Reportminornew2015-06-09Monster refuses to come closer to merfolk with reaching
00072064Bug Reportcrashnew2015-06-07Crash upon putting on 'ring mail of the Forest'.
0009758 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-06-07Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault
00079832Bug Reportminornew2015-06-06Error message: "Unlinked item held by dead monster: orcish leather armour"
0009754 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-06-05Crash on startup when on SSD
0009748 Bug Reportminornew2015-05-30flame clouds in doors vanish when vault wardens step into it
00095596Bug Reportmajornew2015-05-29ctrl-<key> does not work
0009746 Bug Reportminornew2015-05-28Wonky Monster Battlesphere
00092211Bug Reportminornew2015-05-25Antennae show the location of submerged monsters only when LOS is blocked
0009736 Bug Reportmajornew2015-05-22Web Tiles has invisible/missing game
00097163Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-05-16Cannot cast Animate Skeleton over corpse in deep water that would create a swimming skeleton
00097191Bug Reportminornew2015-05-13The skill screen should display negative values for drained skills
0009713 Bug Reportminornew2015-05-10Possible to get multiple spectral weapons
0009711 Bug Reportminornew2015-05-10Message order for shopping list obsolesence is wrong
00030624Bug Reportminornew2015-05-09Searching and stacks of items
00023103Documentationminornew (neunon)2015-05-04Installation instructions will not install to OS.
00096961Bug Reportminornew2015-05-02Give a warning when casting Animate Skeeleton and Tornado is active
0009683 Bug Reportminornew2015-04-26gozag gold on kill makes killing stacked slimes inefficient
00096657Bug Reportminornew2015-04-24Using Blade Claws on a petrified Hydra causes head regrowth.
0009679 Bug Reportminornew2015-04-24Kraken Zombie on Land
00096771Bug Reportminornew2015-04-24main screen message log goes blank until page is reloaded
00096731Bug Reportmajornew2015-04-23All downstairs behind metal wall
0009672 Bug Reportminornew2015-04-23Primal wave knockback caused to take wrong staris
00096691Bug Reporttextnew2015-04-22Killing and destroying
0009662 Bug Reportfeaturenew2015-04-20Animate skeleton and animate dead duration should be spellpower dependent
00096521Bug Reportminornew2015-04-19Resist mutation not fully displayed
00096512Bug Reportminornew2015-04-19Cerebov is distracted by fire vortexes from its Fire Storm
0009108 Bug Reporttweaknew2015-04-17deprecation warning in glwrapper-ogl.cc: gluBuild2DMipmaps
0009644 Bug Reportminornew2015-04-16New stackable item autopickup behaivour shouldn't apply to red and darkgrey items
0009640 Bug Reportminornew2015-04-16God gift mutations appear to be incorrectly overriding mutation loss due to being heavily mutated
0009638 Bug Reportminornew2015-04-15Conjured battlesphere always wanders into Qazlal clouds, interrupting rest again and again
00096371Bug Reportminornew2015-04-15Fedhas active ballistomycetes turn hostile
00095542Documentationminornew2015-04-14Simplify & update INSTALL.txt.
00096255Bug Reportminornew2015-04-12Several uniques have been duplicated
0009623 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-04-09Potion of experience is breaking the game (0.16.1)
00096191Bug Reportminornew2015-04-09Bug/feature: horns beastly appendage + horns mutation
0009617 Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-04-08starting Arena simulation does not clear screen properly
0009616 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-04-08DCSS MacOS Console does not run on Mac 10.6.8
0009615 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-04-08Dropped item sometimes stays in inventory, causing crash if dropped while still "equipped"
00096132Bug Reportmajornew2015-04-07Xom instakill via potion of poison within first 120 turns of game
000664813Bug Reportminornew2015-04-06garbled e'x'amine text, only when viewing this specific orc warrior in a mephitic cloud
00095972Upload: Graphicsminornew2015-04-06Various tiles
00095991Bug Reportminornew2015-04-04Ctrl+click or ctrl+dir tries to cast a spell instead of attacking without moving
0009607 Bug Reportminornew2015-04-03menu_colour categories listed in options guide don't all work
0009598 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-03-30ASSERT(you.props.exists(AVAILABLE_SAC_KEY)) in 'ability.cc' at line 3949 failed.
0009589 Bug Reportminornew2015-03-28Shift+click / Shift+tab leads to going closer to the enemy instead of throwing a missile
0009584 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-03-27Apparently unprovoked game crash -- maybe after weird keypress?
00095803Bug Reportminornew2015-03-27Roach tile issue
0009572 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-03-23crash: cloud flame in metal_wall at (42,43) after corrupting near Asmodeus
0009561 Bug Reportminornew2015-03-20The 'repeat last action' command forces my character to read scrolls
0009562 Patchestweaknew2015-03-20Show adjusted melee damage in weapon description
00095521Bug Reportmajornew2015-03-17player ghosts and monster don't follow stairs
0009548 Bug Reportminornew2015-03-15Don't waste scrolls of mapping on mapping previously mapped floors
0009546 Bug Reportminornew2015-03-15Autoexplore ignores newly created corpses that are under other items, even if they are sacrificeable
0009533 Bug Reportminornew2015-03-11Flight spell does not give an expiration message if boots of flying are active.
0009530 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-03-10Crash while moving terminal window with Hot-Keys
0009526 Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-03-09You can oklobify vault-specific plants (demonic, stone) but they keep their tile
00095161Bug Reportminornew2015-03-07Crypt not appearing
0009508 Bug Reportminornew2015-02-28Dragonskin cloak and character info
00078993Bug Reportcrashnew2015-02-25ASSERT(!at_branch_bottom()) in 'stairs.cc' at line 560 failed
0008221 Bug Reportcrashnew2015-02-25Crash on going downstairs
00094905Bug Reportmajornew2015-02-20no warning before entering statzero-causing batform
00051161Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-02-16wrong message order for devastator
00039241Bug Reportminorconfirmed2015-02-16Numrow behavior changed - Win32 only
0009489 Bug Reportminornew2015-02-16Surge of power should not happen with Animate Dead
0009488 Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-02-14Deep troll glyphs sometimes are displayed with irrelevant colour
00094262Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-02-12Odd behavior with petrification/immunity
00094662Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-02-10Sif Altar Tile has strange horizonal line at top left
00094652Bug Reportmajornew2015-02-04Console exclusion range in viewport looks like bloodied floor tiles
0008843 Bug Reportmajornew2015-02-03Level corruption?
00094512Upload: Graphicsminornew2015-01-29Sigmund Title Screen Redux
00093891Bug Reporttweaknew2015-01-28Invisible enemies caught in a net should not show the net-on-floor tile
00070521Bug Reportminornew2015-01-28Cannot pick up throwing net.
00009902Bug Reportminornew2015-01-28Throwing nets and levitating monsters over lava/shafts
0009428 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-28Irregular HP scaling when melding HP+/- armour into Statue Form
0009446 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-27When saving it says that a crash occurred
0009445 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-26Tornado + vault placed clouds create exclusions all over the place.
0009433 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-24shoals_atoll is busted
00094312Bug Reportminornew2015-01-23Inconsistency with invisibility and gaze attacks.
00094183Bug Reporttrivialnew2015-01-22Auto-attack (tab) does not approach nearby disturbances.
0009420 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-20Wiz mode fight sim doesn't account for dithmenos shadow mimic
00072136Bug Reportminornew2015-01-20Autotravel does not stop for passive ballists
0009417 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-19invisible active ballistomycete causes incorrect spell targeting warning
0009413 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-18Fan of Gales: Angering TSO allies with collisions does not anger TSO
00073553Bug Reportminornew2015-01-18Passive Ballists ignored by Autoattack and spell targeting
0009405 Bug Reportmajornew2015-01-14Keyboard not showing up
0009398 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-12Tab moves into acid walls
00093881Bug Reportminornew2015-01-10Getting one mutation level prevents beastly appendage for some species
00034489Bug Reportminornew2015-01-08AI keeps Crazy Yiuf trapped in lair behind dart trap
00093745Patchesfeaturenew2015-01-06Amulet of the gourmand gives hunger on removal
00093832Bug Reportminornew2015-01-06startup failures prompt "Hit Enter to continue..." as webtiles client
0009380 Bug Reportminornew2015-01-04_Unable to find exit from column_ruins_pillar_4
00084889Bug Reporttweaknew2015-01-03Add emphasis to make ghosts distinct on Webtiles; prevent inadvertent camouflague.
00093174Bug Reportminornew2014-12-25Lucy giveth, and Lucy taketh away
00093641Bug Reportminornew2014-12-24Parts of old level still visible after taking stairs
00093551Bug Reporttrivialconfirmed2014-12-21Shadow step works when umbra is canceled
00055931Bug Reporttweaknew2014-12-21Roxanne appears twice in level annotation
0009337 Bug Reportminornew2014-12-17Shallow water appeared as a wall tile in swamp. Also possible issue with gyre and gimble tile and shallow water.
0009332 Bug Reportminornew2014-12-15Crash after resizing terminal window
0009326 Bug Reportminornew2014-12-13Cutoff area of the dungeon.
0009324 Bug Reportminornew2014-12-13Item disappears from Ctrl-F
0009320 Bug Reportcrashnew2014-12-11lua memory crash
00048126Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (roctavian)2014-12-08Moth of Delusion tile
00063133Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (roctavian)2014-12-08helmet tile
00062223Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (roctavian)2014-12-08Deep Dwarves
00062723Bug Reportminornew2014-12-04"pair of boots" in item spec randomly substituting bardings transfers egos
0009282 Bug Reportminornew2014-12-01Shapeshifter death text bug
0009257 Bug Reportcrashnew (PleasingFungus)2014-11-26Crash ASSERT(!you_worship(GOD_NO_GOD)) in 'ability.cc' at line 3776 failed.
00092452Bug Reportminornew2014-11-22Game only responds to mouse clicks when holding Command
0009241 Bug Reportminornew2014-11-21Waypoint 0 can't be reached; other waypoints on the same tile can
00092371FR: Otherfeaturenew2014-11-20On Mantis, add a new Project for Miscellaneous items
00068825Patchesminorassigned (gammafunk)2014-11-19Simplify OS X build and default to clang
00092121Bug Reportminornew2014-11-18Floating monster error message
00091851Patchesminornew2014-11-16Iron dragon shields
0009178 Bug Reportminornew2014-11-11unidentified randart rings can still be lightblue
0009157 Bug Reportcrashnew2014-11-08Game crashes on item pickup prompt?!
00030721Bug Reportminorconfirmed2014-11-07messages_at_top option doesn't work in tiles
00089551Bug Reportminornew2014-11-07assertion failure when placing layout_cocytus_delve in mapstat
0009145 Bug Reportminornew2014-11-06Issue with 'Drop the last item you picked up'
00091401Bug Reportcrashnew2014-11-05Linesprint - can walk into closed doors instead of opening them
0009135 Bug Reportcrashnew2014-11-05Several Crashes on Vaults:1
0009113 Bug Reportminornew2014-11-01Crash (assertion failure) in mummy mega zig with tornado
0009102 Bug Reportminornew2014-10-29Minor inconsistency with spectral/simulacrum krakens.
00090562Bug Reportminornew2014-10-29Intermittent Popup Menu Display Issues in Safari
0009095 Bug Reportminornew2014-10-27Rest doesn't stop on ally teleporting away
0009083 Bug Reportcrashnew2014-10-26crash after selecting high elf wanderer
00090751Bug Reportmajornew2014-10-26Orc high priest followers (Beogh) get stuck next to slimy walls
00090202Upload: Maps and Vaultsfeaturenew2014-10-25An encompass vault for Tartarus
00060941Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (roctavian)2014-10-22New minotaur for labyrinth.
00041186Patchesminornew2014-10-20PATCH: Remember monsters that move out of LOS in the square they exit to
00070801Bug Reportminornew2014-10-20quiverred rod not refreshing
00090442Bug Reportmajornew2014-10-13Stuck in lava room on Snake:5
00087034Bug Reportminornew2014-10-12Don't stop for corpses when at bottom of a pile of 2 items.
00090384Bug Reportminornew2014-10-12Graphical glitches when using webtiles
0009040 Bug Reportminornew2014-10-12Friendly active ballistomycete still triggers a warning
00087852Bug Reportminornew2014-10-10Unexplored tiles in Shoals sometimes turn blue
0009022 Bug Reportminornew2014-10-05possible lamp of fire bug
00047784Bug Reporttextnew2014-10-04Glowing weapon is not displayed in blue
0009014 Bug Reportminornew2014-10-03Fightsim uses melded weapon skill
0009010 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-10-02Grunt language displays enemy AC/EV/MR bars with exclamation marks
00090021Bug Reportmajornew2014-10-01I'm rotting for no reason
00089861Bug Reportcrashnew2014-09-30Crash to Finder on going down stairs on L:4
00000988FR: Otherfeaturefeedback2014-09-30Get crash reporter working on Windows
0008980 Bug Reportmajornew2014-09-21Tiles Randomly Black Out
00076755Bug Reportminornew2014-09-18Elemental wellspring can turn deep water into shallow water
00089721Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-09-17Lua Error
0008957 Bug Reportminornew2014-09-14downstairs covered by a plant
00089491Bug Reportminornew2014-09-11Kraken Zombie tentacles remain after kraken dies to zot trap
0008946 Bug Reportminornew2014-09-11Wrong tiles displayed after casting Passage of Golubria at previously nonempty squares
0002931 Bug Reportminornew2014-09-10Commandline parameters -sprint and -zotdef ignored if no name given
0008944 Bug Reportminornew2014-09-10Dithmenos Shadow ability does not mimic portal projectile ranged attacks
00089391Bug Reportmajornew2014-09-07Corruption can trap players
00089361Bug Reportminornew2014-09-07standing in a plant makes fedhas not care about it
0008935 Bug Reportminornew2014-09-07Qv slot looks falsely empty
00089321Bug Reporttextnew2014-09-07enchantress corpse is typeless
00089241Bug Reportminornew2014-09-06Zot trap blocking only path in/out vaults
00084973Bug Reporttextnew (PleasingFungus)2014-09-06When melding boots of running into a fast form you get confusing messages
00089251Bug Reporttweaknew2014-09-05Large Doors Look Odd When Vertical
00089181Bug Reportminornew2014-09-01Getting "beam is likely to hit you" when displayed target area indicates that I am safe
0008916 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-08-31Wizmode reveal map reveals un-see-able trees
0008907 Bug Reportcrashnew2014-08-29Crash on startup
00019002Documentationminornew2014-08-25pickup/drop help screen
00023123Bug Reportminornew2014-08-25misleading message for merfolk with boots of running
00019062FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2014-08-25interruptable multi-turn actions should be interrupted by new monsters coming into view
00089022Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-08-25sewer vault with innaccessible contents
00084485Bug Reportminornew2014-08-24Crashed in volcano when it erupted.
0008898 Bug Reportminornew2014-08-24Black floor tiles
00044102Bug Reportminornew2014-08-20Auto-explore + butterflies + launcher = annoying prompt
0008887 Bug Reporttextnew2014-08-20Misleading text when renouncing religion?
00088394Bug Reportminorconfirmed2014-08-18Word of Recall damage immunity
00088851Bug Reportminornew2014-08-18French (AZERTY) keyboard troubles
0008878 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-08-15Autoexplore stops on noticing useless items
00019053FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2014-08-15out of range screen flash isn't useful
00013323Bug Reportminorconfirmed2014-08-13Failure on go to a blocked item
00076963Bug Reportmajornew2014-08-12Orcish mines floor 1 is disconnected.
00018948Bug Reportminoracknowledged2014-08-12Can't look up description of archer statue
00087527Bug Reportmajornew2014-08-12Unable to access the Vault in Snake: 5
00088322Bug Reportminornew2014-08-10Disconnected vault in Elf:3
00087993Implementablesfeaturenew2014-08-08Sprites for new ranged weapons
0008858 Bug Reportminornew2014-08-08Proportional fonts break line wrapping in the message area.
00088281Bug Reportminornew2014-08-07Elf:3 vault disconnected
00070532Bug Reportminornew2014-08-05Rupert uses ranged AI while berserk
00011531Bug Reportminornew2014-08-03Autotravel doesn't always work
00088371Bug Reportcrashnew2014-07-29Abyssal shifts into walls
00088132Bug Reportminornew2014-07-27Weird power caps for some spells
00088301Bug Reportminornew2014-07-27Abilities bar didn't come back after Bat Form became usable again
0008831 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-07-27Corpse tile doesn't vanish after getting interrupted while drinking blood from it
0008816 Bug Reportminornew2014-07-22Webtiles lockup on viewing inventory.
00086074Bug Reportmajornew (edlothiol)2014-07-21Users with password 'a' cannot login if crypt_algorithm is "broken"
00050672Bug Reportminornew2014-07-19Abyss minimap does not reflect maprot
0008805 Bug Reportmajornew2014-07-19Attempting to autoexplore when the level is already explored causes time to pass?
0008788 Bug Reportminornew2014-07-13Enabling 'tiles_filter_scaling' in the init.txt causes UI colour change.
0008777 Bug Reportcrashnew2014-07-10Crash during autoexplore
00086471Bug Reportminornew2014-07-07luajit2 - x86_64 build and runtime issues (unknown errors, missing libs, and stack overflows)
00087091Bug Reportminornew2014-07-04Shopping list includes all copies of an item; purchase attempts to buy them all
0008702 Bug Reportminornew2014-06-18player ghost appears without "... comes into view"
00037961Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-06-14LRD shatters later than it should
0008675 Bug Reportminornew2014-06-11Check for combining chunks occurs after check for inventory limit
0008672 Bug Reportminornew2014-06-11Mace of Brilliance halo cancels Ring of Shadows umbra, but tiles still display umbra
0008669 Bug Reportminornew2014-06-09Archer statues unable to attack ally from out of player LOS
0008662 Bug Reportminornew2014-06-08Ice cave portal message gives incorrect distance hint
00086513Bug Reportcrashnew2014-06-07Pandemonium crash.
00086003Bug Reportminornew2014-05-31"travel_avoid_terrain = shallow water" behaves strangely with octopode
0008582 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-05-21Xom teleports that see a unique (and then continue) do not note the unique on ^o
00075661Bug Reportminornew2014-05-20Map generation crash debug info inconsistent
0005126 Bug Reportminorassigned (edlothiol)2014-05-20Alt Gr not working for Spanish layout keyboard
00085661Bug Reportminornew2014-05-17Ghost color cycling upon inspection
00084261Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-05-17Temple entrance generated in a bubble accessible only through one downstairs
00083453Bug Reportminornew2014-05-17Elf 3 vault generated seperated from the rest of the level
0008563 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-05-16Morgue file notes one artefact as being identified many times.
0008533 Bug Reportminornew2014-05-10DCSS 0.14.1 does not respect the Windows display 'Change the size of all items' setting
00085061Bug Reportminornew2014-05-07Some messages for monsters being seen for the first time do not use the monster_warning channel
00080631Bug Reportminornew2014-05-06Webtiles menus won't go away
0008501 Bug Reportminornew2014-05-05Tutorial nodes giving random error text instead of actual messages.
00084233Bug Reportminornew2014-05-04Hints mode tutorial messages bad output
0008492 Bug Reporttweaknew2014-05-04Summons don't switch sides when their summoner does
00084892Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-05-04Ice Cave message spam.
00066973Bug Reportminornew2014-05-02Battlesphere runs away upon recast
00084832Bug Reportmajorconfirmed2014-05-01Word of Recall lacks messaging for recalling enemies to out of sight of the player
00082084Patchesminornew2014-05-01New spell: Wind Wall
0008482 Bug Reportminornew2014-05-01inconsistent lrd coloring
0008478 Bug Reportminornew2014-04-30Entering level, screen centres on Labyrinth entrance
0008474 Patchesminornew2014-04-30Character hints at game start
0008467 Bug Reportminornew2014-04-29DCSS fails to build with ncurses split into libncursesw and libtinfow
00084491Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-04-26Executioner tile interacts improperly with halo
0008441 Bug Reportminornew2014-04-25Cannot rest with pacified durably summoned monster in sight
0008437 Bug Reporttextnew2014-04-24Buggy message while shopping.
0008431 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-04-24Player ghosts and illusions of players with non-capitalized names are capitalized
00079404Bug Reportcrashnew2014-04-24ASSERT(range >= 0) in 'beam.cc' at line 652 failed. (beam 'puff of flame', source 'tengu conjurer', item 'none'; has range -1)
0008406 Bug Reportminornew2014-04-21Examining monster displays garbage text where "Here:" message should be
0008396 Bug Reportminornew2014-04-19Statue form causes hp loss due to rounding errors
0008395 Bug Reportminornew2014-04-19Entrance of shoals was generated as a completely enclosed room (i.e. no way out without digging).
00083644Bug Reportminornew2014-04-12Long menus use same latter multiple times
0008370 Bug Reportminornew2014-04-12Stale processes render screen unusable
0008342 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-04-02summons know which rakshasa is real
00083401Bug Reportminornew2014-04-01Game crashes when trying to open
00083001Bug Reportminornew2014-04-01Deterministic Poison fails to correctly predict lethality in edge cases.
0008339 Bug Reportminornew2014-03-31Monsters spotted outside of LOS, stays spotted everywhere
00082581Bug Reporttextnew2014-03-31Destroying dancing weapons creates text inconsistencies
00083321Upload: Graphicsmajornew2014-03-29Vinestalkers probably shouldn't look like trolls
0008330 Upload: Graphicsfeaturenew2014-03-28Additional "multiple items" icon - corpses
00078392Bug Reporttextnew2014-03-28Angels worshipping non-good gods can use good god-specific speech
0008313 Bug Reportminornew2014-03-27Reskilling to fighting creates fake rot.
0008287 Upload: Graphicsfeatureassigned (ontoclasm)2014-03-26Insectoid crature tile
00083153Bug Reporttweaknew2014-03-26Clarity does not block *rage for monsters
00064868Bug Reportmajorconfirmed2014-03-22unlimited a scroll of acquirement
00082812Bug Reporttweakconfirmed2014-03-16Tengu flight in dragon form doesn't give an EV bonus
000787313Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-03-14Blood spatter makes sealed doors and not-sealed doors look the same
0008267 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-03-12Ego weapon color displays inconsistently in status area
00082661Bug Reportminornew2014-03-12Can't recover health and magic by '5' key
0008250 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-03-09Multi-tile door uses wrong tiles
00082335Bug Reportminornew2014-03-09Wolf spider takes leap of faith while confused.
00082491Bug Reportminornew2014-03-09Floating monster text (debug output?) while going down the stairs.
0008218 Implementablesminornew2014-02-27Make autopickup_exception use order, not exclusion-takes-precedence
0008209 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-25Summoned priests and TSO
00080921Patchesfeatureconfirmed2014-02-23New swamp layout
00081344Bug Reportminornew2014-02-19Can't unwield rods
0008179 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-18Autoexplore issues with exclusions: done exploring / partly explored
0008175 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-18Improper Entry to Shoals
0008171 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-17Regenerating the map database with mapstat triggers a bailey assert
00081701Bug Reportminornew2014-02-17A vault is separated from the rest of the level
00081234Upload: Graphicsfeaturenew2014-02-13Electrocution effect tiles
0008141 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-11Auto-travel lets you starve to death
00081361Implementablestextnew2014-02-10List guaranteed Hell/Pan/Abyss entries in "Branches" section on Ctrl-O dungeon overview
00081254Upload: Graphicsfeaturenew2014-02-10New (again!) mummy tiles
0008113 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-07Player-created dungeon features not working in abyss
0008107 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-06Monster shouts while sleeping
0008102 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-042 dungeon exits on D1
0008096 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-03Two Shadow Mimic issues: distraction and ammo placement
0008089 Bug Reportminornew2014-02-02Escape hatch in Orc:2 leads to sealed area in Orc:1
0008079 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-31Stairs drawn as a wall
0008071 Bug Reporttrivialnew2014-01-29Phantasmal warriors do not behead hydra
0008064 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-28Webtiles monster/player tile glitch
0008057 Bug Reportminorassigned (Medar)2014-01-27Joining as WebTiles spectator can lead to JavaScript errors and game not showing up properly
00080523Bug Reportminornew2014-01-26Boots of flying shouldn't activate on unmelding when Mf exit water
0008047 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-25disc of storms and fedhas mushrooms
0008013 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-20Weird looking tile with shallow water, invisible monster, thin mist and umbra.
0007994 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-17Beogh worshippers can get stuck behind their followers when walking on deep water.
00079901Bug Reportminornew2014-01-16Esc doesn't close webtiles spectator chat
0007989 Bug Reportmajornew2014-01-15Depths:3 map has an inescapable bubble
00079685Bug Reportminornew2014-01-14Unidentified ring in Labyrinth turned out to be of an already identified type
00068376Bug Reportminornew (neil)2014-01-10Text scrolls one line too far when displaying [more]
00072966Bug Reportmajornew2014-01-10SHIFT and CTRL do not work on Android keyboards
00079641Bug Reportminornew2014-01-09sandblasted stones don't leave quiver
00076171Bug Reportminornew2014-01-07webtiles sometimes displays a floor the player isn't currently on when --more-- prompt is active (jelly slurping?)
00079251Bug Reporttextnew2014-01-06user_note_prefix retains neither capitalization nor trailing whitespace
0007959 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-05Haunting song(chanted by siren or mermaid in Shoals) produces graphical glitch
0007956 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-05Graphical Glitch with Item Tiles
0007928 Bug Reportminornew2014-01-04Moster displayed on unseen square
00041042Bug Reportminornew2014-01-04Monsters "come into view" while not in line of sight
00079489Bug Reporttextnew2014-01-02language = kr doesn't render correctly in Windows XP console
0007926 Bug Reportmajornew2013-12-28Unpredictable movement speed in certain cases
0007924 Bug Reportminornew2013-12-28In vampire bat form, autoexplore does not lead over water
00079151Bug Reportcrashnew2013-12-27game stuck in linesprint as I reload game
0007918 Bug Reportmajornew2013-12-26When an Unseen Horror misses you, your autopickup isn't turned off
00078644Bug Reportminornew2013-12-23Changing armour is not interrupted by monsters coming into view
0007905 Bug Reportminornew2013-12-23Lair section completely blocked by trees
00079001Bug Reportminornew2013-12-22Item claims to be held by monster DEAD MONSTER, but it isn't in the monster's inventory.
00078921Bug Reporttrivialnew2013-12-19Interlevel travel/Runed Doors
00078653Bug Reportmajornew2013-12-15Many vault clouds fail to autoexclude
00064982Bug Reporttrivialnew2013-12-10Too-small terminal should be handled more gracefully
0007835 Bug Reporttextnew2013-12-09Closing parens missing at top-of-inventory help instruction
0007828 Bug Reportminornew2013-12-07Giant Eyeball remained hostile under Jiyva
0007825 Bug Reportminornew2013-12-07Game crashes after dying
0007824 Bug Reportminornew2013-12-07Sprint: Thunderdome and Mara's illusions.
0007811 Bug Reportminornew2013-12-04Battlesphere can be used to attack submerged monsters
00078102Bug Reportcrashnew2013-12-04Crash when going down stairs in Vaults
0007804 Bug Reportminornew2013-12-02Scythe of Curses can cause enslaved souls to go hostile
0007803 Bug Reportmajornew2013-12-01Can't use or map the "ctrl", "alt", and "shift" keys
00077961Bug Reportminornew2013-11-29Kobold in LOS on new game
00036483Bug Reportminornew2013-11-25Kirke's hogs don't revert if Kirke is killed while under the effect of Yred's Enslave Soul
0007768 Bug Reportcrashnew2013-11-21random crash in pthread_join on arm
00077631Bug Reportminornew2013-11-20Include version.txt in the package
00077554Bug Reportminornew2013-11-19Petrified creatures can continue to damage with Constriction
0007759 Bug Reportminornew2013-11-18The entrance "room" in Shoals is completely blocked by walls without an exit.
0007738 Bug Reportminornew2013-11-12disappearing corpse
0007727 Bug Reportminornew2013-11-09Can't reach through plants reliably as Fedhas worshipper
00077001Bug Reportminornew2013-11-09Unmoving gnolls
0007719 Bug Reportminornew2013-11-09stone staircase tile error
00076861Bug Reportminornew2013-11-03Tornado's "There are friendlies around" warning triggers inappropriately
00076932Bug Reportmajornew2013-11-03Shoals branch end missing a rune.
0007694 Bug Reportminornew2013-11-03Trove eats items due to teleportitis
00076382Bug Reportminornew2013-11-01Trapped by teleportation trap in unaccessable area
0007683 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-30Monster "Cause Fear" persists after teleporting away
0007679 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-29Blood sprite under labyrinth entrance chnages every turn
0007673 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-27"feature" glyph reassignment does not work properly on "broken pillar[s]"
0007672 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-27Tiles display a monster that is already dead as alive (but act properly, as if he's dead)
0007667 Bug Reportmajornew2013-10-26Enemy not appears when examining the lower level in level map mode
00076661Bug Reportminornew2013-10-26Unbreathing enemies drowning
0007651 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-20G> fails to go down staircase.
0007646 Bug Reportblocknew2013-10-19Contined lua lines in .des files cannot be parsed when using flex 2.5.4 on FreeBSD
0007641 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-18e(x)amining water elementals does not tell you which one is engulfing you
00076347Bug Reportminornew2013-10-16Tiles glitch
0007632 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-15small shoal glitches
000756310Bug Reportblocknew2013-10-13layout_gridlike traps teleporting players
0007625 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-11crawl fails to compile on OSX using the Command Line Tools
0007624 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-11Hints mode skills screen doesn't work as hinted
00075161Bug Reportcrashnew2013-10-09Game crash after death
00076061Bug Reportminornew2013-10-07Autoexploring dpeg_entry_water_fire takes too long
00075973Bug Reportcrashnew2013-10-06crash on climbing level up
00076003Bug Reporttextnew2013-10-05Message on wielding pain weapon contradicts torment immunity description
0007595 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-03Lua error on leaving Abyss
0007590 Bug Reportminornew2013-10-02Freeze, message spam, recover
0007583 Bug Reportminornew2013-09-29Transient mutation conflicts with a racial one
00075511Bug Reportcrashnew2013-09-23Crash when selecting Wanderer background
00005122FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2013-09-22More helpful and unified scrolling prompts for formatted_scroller.
00041782Bug Reportminornew2013-09-20Misplaced hints text about portals
00075571Bug Reportminornew2013-09-17Potion of Experience Menu Enhanced|Normal toggle doesn't function
00075491Bug Reportcrashnew2013-09-12Orc ally infinite loop
00075341Bug Reportminornew2013-09-08Merfolk meld Lear's Hauberk in water, doesn't unmeld after leaving water
00075294Bug Reportminornew2013-09-05Missing scrolls in Ctrl+F
0007528 Bug Reportminornew2013-09-01"tentacle connect failed"
00075251Bug Reportminornew2013-08-30Very small lair:3 map generated
000347713Bug Reportmajoracknowledged (galehar)2013-08-29AI pathfinding problem
00074955Bug Reportmajornew (KiloByte)2013-08-24Mantis sends out mails for own actions
0007502 Bug Reportminornew2013-08-22Item shown on top of a door, probably after vault warden closed it
0007493 Bug Reportmajornew2013-08-20[Android] Annoying keyboard system
00074861Bug Reportmajornew2013-08-19Webtiles failed to update the screen after fast travel
00074772Bug Reportminornew2013-08-18Searing ray interface
00074821Bug Reportcrashnew2013-08-18Crash when visiting previously visited level
00074731Bug Reportminornew2013-08-15Healing Wand Does Nothing But Charge is Expended
0007452 Bug Reportminornew2013-08-11Abyss modifying vault features
00074241Bug Reportfeaturenew2013-08-10nicolae_vaults_meeting is an autoexplore deathtrap
00073972Bug Reportminornew2013-08-02spells don't target the insane
00073941Bug Reportminornew2013-07-31Engulf status remains after water elemental destroyed by retalitory headbutt.
00074001Bug Reportminornew2013-07-27Negative rot (???)
0007368 Bug Reportminornew2013-07-20Outgoing shoals tides leave critters high and dry
00073413Patchesminornew2013-07-18New TLoc spell "Displace"
00073341Bug Reportminornew2013-07-16Certain options (feature, mon_glyph, cset_*) cannot be changed in-game by Lua scripts
0007344 Bug Reportminornew2013-07-16memory+speed leak in item_glyph
00073292Bug Reportminornew2013-07-13Abandoning Beogh doesn't make newly converted followers hostile
0007251 Bug Reportminornew2013-06-24Monsters displayed twice in WebTiles during a more prompt
00061505Bug Reportmajorassigned (mumra)2013-06-16Wrong tiles in crystal cavern
00060361Bug Reportcrashnew2013-06-16Closing Crawl during level generation corrupts save file
00044992Bug Reportminornew2013-06-16Controlled teleport interrupted by HUP signal, cancelling teleport.
00054171Bug Reportcrashnew2013-06-15Instant crash on entering Tomb:1 - ASSERT(old_level.depth != -1) in files.cc
00072101Bug Reportminornew2013-06-14Autopickup not toggled when monster moves out of sight when it casts invisibility
0007178 Bug Reportminornew2013-06-08Save tile in lichform removes cloths
00071721Bug Reporttweaknew2013-06-07No way to select-only last few skills in a full skill menu
00068691Bug Reportminornew2013-06-06Spectator joining changes displayed messages in WebTiles
0007151 Implementablescrashnew2013-06-04Prevent reentrant process_command
00071422Bug Reportcrashnew2013-06-03Lua crash
000344712Bug Reportminorassigned (mumra)2013-06-01Allies are willing to harm you, even lethally, for the greater good
0007096 Bug Reportmajornew2013-05-28Ctrl and Shift don't work
00064976Bug Reporttweaknew2013-05-26During an assertion failure, Crawl doesn't tell the user whether or not it saved the game
00056801Bug Reportminornew2013-05-26Strange Teleport Occurrence
0007086 Bug Reportminornew2013-05-26Bug with autotravel.
00057842Bug Reportminornew2013-05-26rings and amulets use-ided by monsters don't get picked up
00024863Bug Reporttweaknew2013-05-26Shift-move and /-move only work with some movement keys
00070073Bug Reporttrivialnew2013-05-25fungus/plant generated on on shop/stairs
00059926Bug Reportminornew2013-05-23Tornado removes stop flying ability
00059675Bug Reporttextnew2013-05-22Contradictory description for a gold piece
00012927FR: Otherfeaturenew2013-05-22Give level generated randarts/fixedarts to uniques
00051074Bug Reportminornew2013-05-21Passwall into confined space causes monster to vanish
00070571Bug Reportminornew2013-05-21Error, exp for monster with no damage: starcursed mass in abyss
00070431Bug Reportminornew2013-05-14shapeshiters can dual wield
00070451Bug Reportmajornew2013-05-14game crashed and will not release the save
0007038 Bug Reportminornew2013-05-12Awakening crypt entrance "ERROR: Triggerable already removed"
00036153Bug Reportminorconfirmed2013-05-09Transparent pixels on player models at low resolution
00063651Bug Reportminornew2013-05-09tile_filter_scaling option makes the HP/MP bars dark
0007025 Bug Reportminornew2013-05-09Autoexplore stuck because of runed door.
0007014 Bug Reportminornew2013-05-06unique has never been seen, but shows in annotation.
0007011 Bug Reportminornew2013-05-04Backspace entering character name
00069893Bug Reportminornew2013-05-02Crawl loads with a blank screen instead of displaying errors.
00069911Bug Reportminornew2013-05-01Some ctrl shortcuts are handled both by the game and by the browser on IE 10 WebTiles
00069881Bug Reportmajornew2013-05-01Screen doesnt init when choosing Tengu Summoner
00069821Bug Reportminornew2013-04-30Teleported into closed off room on shoals:5
0006987 Bug Reportminornew2013-04-29WebTiles: Movement in x-mode is limited to a fixed arbitrary size
0006944 Bug Reporttrivialnew2013-04-22auto explore glitch
00032051Bug Reportminornew2013-04-20x* sometimes fails
0006931 Bug Reportminornew2013-04-18Slimes can attack player before deciding to go neutral when worshipping Jiyva.
00069162Bug Reportminornew2013-04-18Wizlab generated away from rest of level
00069114Bug Reportminornew2013-04-17G< sometimes avoids untried upstairs
00056501Bug Reportminornew2013-04-17Web Tiles Keybind [^M] does not bind to ^M, but does bind to enter key
0004811 Implementablesminorconfirmed2013-04-13milestones for zotdef/sprint should specify the map in use
0006910 Bug Reportminornew2013-04-13Next page button doesn't show anything if there's just one item to show
00064031Bug Reportminornew2013-04-08Disjunction Aura is not updated after being hit with ammo of dispersal.
00068881Bug Reportminornew2013-04-07initfile.cc uses ~/.crawlrc in error messages regardless of actual init file name
00066192Bug Reportmajornew2013-04-07"clear_messages = true" option no longer works in WebTiles
00068724Bug Reportminornew2013-04-06Auto explore loop
00068811Bug Reportminornew2013-04-06Divine confusion without apparent wrath
00062105Bug Reportminornew2013-04-04spurious "Okay, then." when fumbling reaching
00068403Bug Reportmajornew2013-03-30Orb of Zot disappeared from apportation
00024892Bug Reportminornew2013-03-29Gods don't recognize cloud spells
00064563Bug Reportmajornew2013-03-28Orcish mines didn't spawn
00063756Bug Reportmajornew2013-03-27Exiting on map screen will give free teleports between levels.
00054133Bug Reporttrivialacknowledged2013-03-27Adjust MP bar colours for clarity
00014992Bug Reportminorassigned (mumra)2013-03-27Hostile orbs of destruction ignore Zin's sanctuary
000150110Bug Reportminornew2013-03-27Certain offensive spells don't end sanctuary
00055773Bug Reportcrashnew2013-03-27Can't create (insert anything here): C:/Users/.../crawl/***: Permission Denied
0006834 Bug Reportminornew2013-03-26Some door tiles are wrong in the Abyss
00067143Bug Reportminornew2013-03-26Battlespheres shoot at things they can't see
0006831 Bug Reportminornew2013-03-25leda's liquefaction causes odd enemy pathing
0006824 Bug Reportminornew2013-03-25weird interaction with LRD and statues
0006820 Bug Reportminornew2013-03-23Zig Sprint, Unclear Cause
0006811 Bug Reportminornew2013-03-22Pan levels change tiles after saving
00067992Bug Reportminornew2013-03-21monsters use wands of digging for no reason
00065091Bug Reportcrashnew2013-03-19des cache file locking doesn't work
00067794Bug Reportminornew2013-03-17Vault recolouring overrides rcfile recolouring
0006787 Bug Reportminornew2013-03-16Injury bond status (sheltered from injuries) doesn't always update immediately
00067831Bug Reportminornew2013-03-15Seal doors ability changed the tile of doors outside LOS
00059783Bug Reportminornew2013-03-14Ballistomycetes separated by water do not activate.
00067741Bug Reportminornew2013-03-13Line of fire blocked by wall
00066185Bug Reportminorassigned (edlothiol)2013-03-13New WebTiles text prompts doesn't show text typed in early
0006769 Bug Reportminornew2013-03-12Mara illusions use wrong UC title
00067303Bug Reportfeaturenew2013-03-04Required skills for reducing spell failures
0006698 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-25Battlesphere switches and delays with friendly OOD
0006696 Bug Reporttrivialnew2013-02-25Expiring might effect of Powered by pain interrupts spell memorization
00066871Bug Reportcrashnew2013-02-23Game crash after choose attribute for up, after get a level. Map: Dungeon Sprint/ Ten Rune Challenge
0006676 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-20Changing depth in map mode can display phantom items/monsters
00048938Implementablesfeaturefeedback2013-02-20Interruptable waiting with . or s
0006671 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-20Triggering an undiscovered teleport trap does not update the map
0006670 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-20Shift-E doesn't cycle through travel exclusions placed on unknown squares
0006669 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-20Edge-of-map discoverable via placement of travel exclusions
00065762Bug Reportminornew2013-02-18Possible inconsistency in ctrl-F macro handling between local tiles and other builds
0006632 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-11Bad player ghost spawn, rather out-of-depth
00059351Bug Reportcrashconfirmed2013-02-09Casting fast enough seems to cancel enemy's turns.
0006617 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-09killing nonexistent slime creature
0006601 Bug Reportminornew2013-02-04Image of last death appears
0006597 Bug Reportcrashnew2013-02-03Abyss crash (auto-exploring)
0006574 Bug Reportminornew2013-01-27Orb of destruction does not hit orb of fire and passes through it
00065354Bug Reportminornew2013-01-16CSZO webtiles not working with proxy
0006521 Bug Reportminornew2013-01-13Rain brings back the tiles of re-tiled features.
00064422Bug Reportcrashnew2013-01-04Crash or exiting on leaving race or background selection with "escape"
0006478 Bug Reportminornew2012-12-27The only way from Tartarus:1 to 2 was a shaft trap which closed when I used it.
0006477 Bug Reportminornew2012-12-27Bottom border of crawl window is overlapped by start panel when crawl window appears
00061846Implementablesfeaturenew2012-12-25Abyss Procedural Level Generators
0006440 Bug Reporttextnew2012-12-14Cursing melded weapons/shields talks about weapon/shield front legs
0006435 Bug Reportmajornew2012-12-11Vault-defined statue monsters do not stop autoexplore.
00064243Bug Reportminornew2012-12-01dump_order reproduces dump info instead of replacing dump info
0006391 Bug Reportminornew2012-11-20Shafted onto a level with Labyrinth; portal was not announced.
00063635Bug Reportminornew2012-11-06Ashenzari skill boost for bound armour is overly restrictive
0006360 Bug Reporttrivialnew2012-11-01Abyss - Detects monster in LOS, but not terrain
00056011Implementablesminornew2012-11-01improve mouse support
00063481Bug Reportminornew2012-10-30With Fedhas, oklob autoexclude claims bogus exclusions
00055531Bug Reportmajoracknowledged2012-10-30Tiles window (default size) is covered by taskbar
00057151Bug Reportminornew2012-10-19Apportation and swimming species
0006324 Bug Reportminornew2012-10-18Message displayed with x2 incorrectly.
00063191Bug Reportmajornew2012-10-17Blamed for confused enemies' chaos-brand attacks
0006309 Bug Reportminornew2012-10-13demon whip of holy wrath
00062941Bug Reportminornew2012-10-12Minor graphical glitch with yellowdragonian tile
0006303 Bug Reportminornew2012-10-11X macros not working on regular tiles builds
0006295 Bug Reportminornew2012-10-09Some "double" enemy tiles (panlords) seem to miss half their tile when over water/lava
00062712Bug Reportmajornew2012-09-3027 skill title changed when another skill reached 27.
00061017Bug Reportminornew2012-09-21Nuetral enemies not considered defeated in Thunderdome sprint
00062455Bug Reporttextnew2012-09-21Non-ASCII characters missing over ssh?
0006248 Bug Reportminornew2012-09-20Items not identified with Ashenzari
00062432Bug Reportminornew2012-09-19Link error: g++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-rdynamic’
0006233 Bug Reportminornew2012-09-16Two scroll tiles at once.
000621310Upload: Graphicsminornew2012-09-14Artifact polearms.
00062012Bug Reportminornew2012-09-10cloud_info doesn't expire
000608116Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (ontoclasm)2012-09-09Stone and metal walls.
00061454Bug Reportminornew2012-09-03Autoexclusions go through glass walls
0006146 Bug Reportminornew2012-09-02Vault specificatiopn does not allow blank lines in map
00059702Upload: Graphicsminornew2012-08-31Inventory Cell + Equiped/Cursed Indication
0006138 Bug Reportminornew2012-08-31Cant chop first corpse on floor with key+mouse
00061331Bug Reporttrivialnew2012-08-29Order of checks for magic success should be reordered
0006123 Bug Reportminornew2012-08-26Cleaning ballistomycete field with freezing cloud is not working properly
0006116 Bug Reporttrivialnew2012-08-24Unable to clear the drop buffer with d-
00060691Bug Reportminornew2012-08-13Visible Monsters/Items/Features not updated after Animate Dead
00060603Bug Reporttrivialnew2012-08-13autoexplore can skip the ocasional wall tile
00049456Bug Reportminorfeedback (neil)2012-08-04Bring back case-sensitive message filters?
00060121Bug Reportminornew2012-08-03Reverse brand displays incorrectly in PuTTY
00033062Bug Reportminornew2012-07-30Kiku did not gift the Book of Unlife immediately upon reaching **** piety.
0005865 Implementablesminornew2012-07-25Unify KMASK and KPROP
0005973 Bug Reportminornew2012-07-24Dead enemy stacks on floor re-sort after stair travel, cause auto-explore re-check.
0005948 Bug Reportminornew2012-07-19Message about off-screen item dropping through shaft in shoals
00059471Bug Reportminornew2012-07-19Shift + L Click butcher doesn't work for first corpse
00029293Bug Reportminorconfirmed2012-07-17Commandline help not printed for Windows Tiles
00059314Bug Reportminorconfirmed2012-07-15prev_cmd_again (`) can describe_{item,spell} without redrawing afterwards
00011761Bug Reportminorconfirmed2012-07-14x* not working for items out of LOS
0005918 Implementablesfeaturenew2012-07-12Traps and tiles in Ctrl-X
00046731Bug Reportminorconfirmed2012-07-07Unable to quit program without saving if character name is specified as option.
00043764Bug Reportminornew2012-07-07Vorpal brands showing anomlously low damage on death
00047574Bug Reportminornew2012-06-17Iron grates block spreading clouds
0005779 Bug Reporttextnew2012-06-15custom keybindings mislabeled in help screen
0005765 Bug Reporttweaknew2012-06-11X[] navigation blocked when shafted into unknown, isolated level
0005726 Bug Reportminornew2012-06-04Ctrl-G to prior unexplored level fails
0005725 Bug Reportminornew2012-06-04Intelligent monsters not running away while being attacked from afar with no way of counter-attacking (deep water)
0005692 Bug Reportminornew2012-05-21tooltip strangeness out of LOS
0005617 Bug Reportminornew2012-05-01crash in hints mode when trying to look spellbook in inventory.
00055991Bug Reportcrashnew2012-04-27going down hatch in Lair:7 crashes the game
000304617Implementablesfeaturenew2012-04-25Demigods: abstract worshippers
0005597 Bug Reportmajornew2012-04-25Makefile not detecting Command-Line Tools only Mac setup
0005576 Bug Reportminornew2012-04-19Trying to wield a new weapon while wielding a distortion weapon leads to nonsensical/strange prompts
0005569 Bug Reporttweaknew2012-04-17Offscreen monster death = out of sequence level up message.
0005551 Bug Reportcrashnew2012-04-10Crash from white drac breath (probably).
0005547 Bug Reportcrashnew2012-04-09Game crashes consistently during second half of the tutorial, lesson 2.
000547512Implementablesminornew2012-04-06Improve gameplay with allies
00055061Bug Reportminornew2012-04-04= screen does not respect easy_exit_menu
00055301Bug Reportcrashacknowledged2012-04-04Not supported on this system
0005525 Bug Reportminornew2012-04-03Monsters attack allied eldritch tentacles if latter is in former's way
00055003Bug Reportminornew2012-03-30Autoexplore does not move to the edge of exclusions anymore
0005493 Bug Reportminornew2012-03-26evoked attack should default on last tile
00054911Bug Reporttrivialnew2012-03-26When identifying with a scroll, long item names that spill over to the next line can be written over with other text
00041846Implementablesminornew2012-03-25Shift-O command for autoloot (greedy, non-exploration)
00054881Bug Reportminornew2012-03-25Aim: "fire blocked by a tree"
00054553Bug Reportminornew2012-03-22autoexplore moves on without finishing exploring room
0005458 Bug Reportfeaturenew2012-03-19Chatting(playing) on webtiles on pads.
0005446 Bug Reportminornew2012-03-18items on ^X are prematurely cut
0005438 Bug Reportcrashnew2012-03-16Crawl consistently crashes on start
00053702Bug Reportmajornew2012-03-11Autoinscribing the orb can render zig sprint unwinnable
0005409 Bug Reportminornew2012-03-11Constriction persists through blink, if the endpoint is still in range.
00050741Bug Reportmajornew2012-03-08Unable to ta through glass walls.
00053512Bug Reportminornew2012-02-26Travel exclusion around a monster spoiling is spoiling a dungeon feature with a blue square
0005357 Bug Reportminornew2012-02-23resting with the middle arrow doesn't work
0005319 Bug Reportminornew2012-02-16Constriction Tile does not appear on Player Tile
0003057 Bug Reportminornew2012-02-16no maximize button
00008312Bug Reportminoracknowledged2012-02-15[Tiles] Tutorial sometimes highlights wrong cells for monsters
0005311 Bug Reporttextnew2012-02-13Flavour text plural/singular mismatch with book.
00053042Bug Reportminornew2012-02-12health bar moves ahead of character
00051092Bug Reportminornew2012-02-08No piety loss when mushroom dies to trap
00052841Bug Reportminornew2012-02-04Constriction while climbing stairs
0005281 Bug Reportminornew2012-02-02Pathing bug. Enemies can't find a way to me.
00022569Bug Reportminornew2012-01-20Stair placement in dangerous vaults
00052085Bug Reportcrashnew2012-01-14Crashes when I try to open the door to Zot in the 10 rune challenge sprint game
0005196 Bug Reportminornew2012-01-10Bug in the lua-player_los-trigger when changing level.
00051931Bug Reporttrivialnew2012-01-09wiz-mode creating features doesn't update the screen (tiles)
00050312Bug Reportminornew2012-01-09Creatures can attack you with reaching or other long-distance actions whilst under the effect of fear
0005190 Bug Reportfeaturenew2012-01-08"Comes into view" not printed when climbing stairs.
00051301Bug Reportminornew2011-12-27some splash screens waste lots of file space
0005129 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-27Fedhas corpse sacrifice issues
00050283Bug Reportminornew2011-12-23Pain spell killing an invisible monster produces message "You feel more experienced. Nothing appears to happen"
00048557Implementablesfeaturenew2011-12-19Abilities which cost something permanent should default to capital letters
0005086 Bug Reportcrashnew2011-12-18Distortion banishing crits & monster AI in shoals.
0005071 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-16Some uniques have their gear autoinscribed even if you never saw them.
00050632Bug Reportminornew2011-12-15enemies not waking up from zombies' hits
0005061 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-15Zin piety in Sprint is broken
0005060 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-15Tracer missing sometimes with repeat cmd `
00050352Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-12-14You can see poison wearing off on submerged enemies
0005012 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-05flash_monster_colour() doesn't seem to work anymore
00049162Bug Reportminornew2011-11-25Corruption-summoned monsters attack each other if you attack them.
00040762Bug Reportminorassigned (edlothiol)2011-10-23WebTiles: can't use dead keys
00024461Bug Reportmajornew2011-10-22Autotravel should halt when silenced squares are noticed
00020926Bug Reportminoracknowledged2011-10-22< doesn't work in force message prompt
0004787 Bug Reportminornew2011-10-21Ctrl-lclick on ally 2 spaces away with reaching weapon does not give option to attack
00047491Bug Reportminornew2011-10-15Bizarre display bug possibly related to jiyva
0004695 Bug Reportminornew2011-10-06Autoexploring into merging slime creatures does not clear the green flash
00046771Bug Reportminornew2011-10-04Binding y Rebinds 7
00046661Bug Reportminornew2011-10-02Yred's Enslave Soul creates permanently invisible spectrals.
0004665 Bug Reportminornew2011-10-01Monsters wielding weapons appear as if they not after transforming
0004615 Bug Reportmajornew2011-09-25Random Fedhas Penance
0004563 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-18Felid transmuters can't use mouse/tiles to wield arrows
0004550 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-16weapon choice is inconsistently remembered at game start (not the same as 4537)
00035035Implementablesminornew2011-09-15Tile request: side view of spiders
0004520 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-08dgn.terrain_changed doesn't check for clinging monsters
0004519 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-08drowning a clinging monster by digging does not give XP
0004518 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-08confused movement can break the rules of clinging
0004513 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-07Greedy autoexplore doesn't work in Abyss
00045121Bug Reportminornew2011-09-07GLES-tiles crashes on startup: 'tiletex.cc' at line 79
0004498 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-03Spawning oklobs in view (using LUA) causes message spam
0004494 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-03No warning for firing in the direction of a jelly as a Jiyva worshipper
0004490 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-02Aquatic races in ice form can butcher in deep water
00044353Bug Reportminornew2011-08-29Cerebov sometimes doesn't follow the player out of cerebov_st
00044172Bug Reportminornew2011-08-23Can't move on keyboard numbers if enemy nearby
00037464Bug Reportcrashnew2011-08-18fail when loading a save causes a crash
00038962Bug Reportcrashnew2011-08-13"tile_layout_priority = memorisation" freezes on startup
00043872Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-08-12Font used for inventory has uppercase i look like lowercase L
00043751Bug Reportminornew2011-08-10"poisoning" hint-mode text should be expanded for the Berserker
00043301Bug Reporttrivialnew (dpeg)2011-07-31ossuary_due_cavern has unviewable trapped flying skull
0004319 Bug Reportminornew2011-07-25autotravel not interrupted by invisible monster
0004300 Bug Reportminornew2011-07-20Flying skull won't fly over water
0004275 Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-07-17Redundant options on Instructions menu
00041993Bug Reportminornew2011-07-15monster pathfinding gets confused by traps
0004229 Bug Reportminornew2011-07-07Map-mode set-waypoint confirmations are invisible in tiles
00041982Bug Reportminornew2011-07-01Ash ego ID inconsistent for find/get menus
00041792Bug Reportminornew2011-06-27unicode glyphs no longer work
0004116 Bug Reportminornew2011-06-08portal: ossuary_due_cavern baddies are not woken up
0004059 Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-05-27Fleeing gecko traveled across lava.
00017011Bug Reporttextnew2011-05-26Shops are confusing if easy_confirm = none
0004049 Bug Reportminornew2011-05-26When using the ` key to repeat and action a force_more_message will not trigger.
00040401Bug Reportminornew2011-05-24My invisibility leads orc wizard to attack his fellow warrior
0003980 Bug Reportminornew2011-05-15Cannot set macro dir default to other locations in ~ than ~/.crawl
0003973 Bug Reportminornew2011-05-14clean_map = true removes plants/fungi/etc
0003866 Bug Reportminornew2011-04-23channel.monster_damage = color isn't respected
0003850 Bug Reportminornew2011-04-21attacking summoned eyeballs while a follower of jiyva gives misleading prompt
0003837 Bug Reportminornew2011-04-20fire_order ignored?
00037171Bug Reportminornew2011-04-04Grey dracs and ice form glyphs use wrong colors in water
00036535Bug Reportminornew2011-03-26Glyphs in "Items here" list are confusing to tiles players
0003651 Bug Reportminornew2011-03-24"Magic restored" doesn't work as a trigger in Runrest_messages.txt
0003626 Bug Reportminornew2011-03-21deletion of clouds on taking stairs is abusable
0003553 Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-03-10!D ignores butchering
00034408Bug Reportminornew2011-02-17leda's liquefaction and flying
00033702Bug Reportminornew2011-02-02Xcode project does not build properly (crawl-cmd, others?)
0003316 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-28Penetration and Invisibility (Ilsuiw)
00033002Bug Reportminornew2011-01-26Clouds of temporary effects drop too quickly off the level
0003262 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-21Failed status effects give misleading messages on status-immune monsters
00032611Bug Reportminornew2011-01-21Stationary monsters can't be slowed or hasted
0003192 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-10[Tiles] Multi-key rollover sometimes causes unwanted key repeat on on a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop
00031752Bug Reportminornew2011-01-09CROSSHOST forces building contribs, misdetects ncurses
00031696Bug Reportminornew2011-01-08missing items in sewer vault
0003142 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-04Cmd-H to "hide crawl" doesn't
00024624Bug Reportmajornew2011-01-02Unable to build no-deps version because of missing contrib dir
0003029 Bug Reporttrivialnew2010-12-24Tiles: ghost without blade hands shows blade hands
0002997 Bug Reportminornew2010-12-17"Repeat last action" loses its target
0002948 Bug Reportminornew2010-12-09Steam Draconian breath cover fewer tile after self-target
00028271Bug Reportminornew2010-11-27Cygwin and PCRE
0002833 Bug Reportminornew2010-11-14Command repeat causes random unrelated actions
0002655 Bug Reportminornew2010-09-27Messages are out of order for offscreen levelling kills
00026521Implementablesfeaturenew2010-09-27Arena mode interface
00026083Bug Reportminornew2010-09-26no multi-colored walls in Elf
00023652FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2010-09-04long macros should be interrupted when monsters come in sight
00021912Bug Reportminornew2010-08-24Stairs white on map, red at top
00023172FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2010-08-19Implement a setting to auto-remove identified items from current shopping list
0001891 Bug Reportminoracknowledged2010-08-18"DEAD MONSTER vanishes!" message
00018363FR: Interface Improvementsfeaturenew2010-08-10Have tiles inventory provide more information.
0002141 Bug Reportminornew2010-07-30UnIDed non-artefact robes not marked as {unknown} in morgue file
0002086 Bug Reportminornew2010-07-26tile_map_pixels is now a maximum value instead of specific value
00020821Documentationminornew2010-07-25Arena examples are lacking
00018691Bug Reportmajoracknowledged2010-07-09slow resting in sprint
0001887 Bug Reportminoracknowledged2010-07-05beholding code causes a slowdown
0001825 FR: Interface Improvementstweaknew2010-06-25notify when item in shoplist becomes wearable
00018142FR: Interface Improvementstrivialnew2010-06-24Trap under fungus
00007808FR: Otherfeaturenew2010-06-22Give enslaved souls special speech (Monsters too happy about their souls being enslaved)
0001714 Bug Reportminornew2010-06-09Right-Click when inside an informative panel does not return to the game anymore
00012464FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2010-05-29Allow inscribing rods and spell-books from description
00016174FR: Otherminornew2010-05-26monsters with minds should understand corners; mindless monsters should not understand cover
0001583 Bug Reporttextnew2010-05-19Inaccurate description for confused cyclops
0001123 Bug Reportminornew2010-03-19tile_tooltip_ms affects message area descriptions
00006061Bug Reportminorconfirmed2010-02-24no_vi_command_keys.txt breaks *-dir
0000065 FR: Otherfeaturenew2009-11-27In-game bug report interface