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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0011084 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-04KenranDisconnected region in Crypt:2, unreachable via stairs
 0011083 Bug Reportminornew2017-06-04koboldinaPolymorphing a caster and then killing it does not grant the extra Trog piety for killing casters
 0011079 Bug Reporttextnew2017-05-31HisShadowUnindentify Faerie dragon scale in inventory haved wrong description
 00110771Bug Reportminornew2017-05-28nubiniaDouble Josephine
 00110731Support Requestcrashnew2017-05-25stoneychipsTrunk game in progress hangs at "loading" page
 0011074 Bug Reportfeaturenew2017-05-25nikheizenWebtiles players do not recieve "m"essages from console spectators
 0011072 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-23SpharaGhost Crab summons appeared friendly
 0011071 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-22YermakBuggy "Replace -foo- for cheaper one?"
 0011070 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-22LeszczynekWhen flight ends above deep water/lava, you can't re-evoke it to extended the duration
 0011069 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-22YermakImpossible to quiver nothing
 0011068 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-05-21cwinterCrash after failure to load shoal maps
 00110671Bug Reporttextconfirmed2017-05-21Leszczynek"Paralysed by you" in cause of death text when paralysed by Xom's chaos cloud
 0011065 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-17PalythCJR is displaying dumps with wrong encoding.
 00110561Bug Reportminornew2017-05-17hittemvvvhardexplore-resting while flying over deep water drains you until you are fully healed
 0011058 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-05-14llahwehttamIf you are a tree, regeneration messages should reference bark instead of skin
 0011057 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-11Chishwith autoinscribe, scrolls of identify can be used to identify themselves.
 0011054 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-08ChickenShop entrance appears as tree; "unfortunately your game ended unexpectedly" (but it's OK)
 00110532Bug Reportminornew2017-05-07hollowmanOka god gift disappeared or not dropped, after receiving gift message.
 0011049 Bug Reportminornew2017-05-02ChickenDead Animated skeleton inventory doesn't show up on search
 00110462Bug Reportminornew2017-05-02deathblobCrashed game: Vampire quaffed cancellation while in bat form and mesmerized
 00110472Bug Reporttextconfirmed2017-05-02JafetWrong kind of message for wearing wrong armour
 0011048 Bug Reporttweaknew2017-05-02hollowmanGet extraneous resist message when wearing resist poison gear.
 00109722Bug Reportmajornew2017-04-30OloloevEnemies killed by Drain Life produce hostile enslaved souls.
 0011044 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-30nagdonmultiple notes for the same artifact spellbook
 0010302 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-29YermakHostile tentacle of a friendly kraken
 00110411Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-29Leszczynek"Your ally died" in notes (possibly a unique bribed by Gozag)
 0011037 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-26tasonirReflecting bolt of fire off green crystal wall produced a piety gain message x2
 00110031Bug Reportminornew2017-04-26CanOfWormsStomp angers allies without warning
 0011036 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-04-26Qwert225Crash in Vaults:2: ASSERT(idx < TILE_FEAT_MAX) in 'rltiles/' at line 86 failed.
 0011035 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-25hollowmanincorrect tile shown for deep elf elementalist next to map
 0011029 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-21PekkekkeAwoken Forest Stays Woke
 00110252Bug Reportminornew2017-04-21bcadrenXom's Smite Killed a D:1 FeCK Directly, Damage for over twice it's mhp.
 0011023 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-18hawthornReloading after a crash causes items to duplicate
 00110224Bug Reportminornew2017-04-18Le_NerdRandom console disconnects, broken pipes.
 0011021 Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-04-18LeszczynekYara's Violent Unravelling uses AoE targetting
 0011019 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-18micr0chasmWin not registered on profile
 0011018 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-04-17hawthornCrash when using "Zoom in" on xfce4-terminal
 0011013 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-15YermakWJC and Passage of Golubria interaction
 0011011 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-15geekosaurderived elephant slug undead
 00090251Bug Reportminornew2017-04-11joshItem displayed twice in Ctrl-x list
 00098822Bug Reportmajornew2017-04-09YermakFormicid got trapped in Pan vault
 00107393Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-04-07slyscorpionlibpng warnings when compiling on Linux 64-bit
 00110041Bug Reportmajornew2017-04-06ilyvion32-bit versions of Crawl have white rectangles as graphics
 0011002 Bug Reportminornew2017-04-05CanOfWormsTemporary allies continue to exist after being shafted
 00109971Bug Reportminornew2017-04-05LavandulaSticky flames works on ghosts created by lost souls
 00097172Bug Reportcrashnew2017-04-02johnnyzeroRanged attack crash while clearing ziggurat
 00109931Bug Reportminornew2017-03-31YermakWeird '>'-cycle behaviour on mapped pan floors
 0010992 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-31YermakAutotargeting issue when aiming at empty square
 0010991 Bug Reportminornew2017-03-31YermakAuto-butchering with full inventory
 00109901Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-03-31bcadrenShock Serpent's Death Shock Struck Through Closed Door
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