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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00113431Bug Reportminornew2018-01-23HANFGEISTstuck exiting abyss
 00113621Bug Reportminornew2018-01-22MalevolentSwamp walls do not properly change tile when Shattered
 0011361 Upload: Graphicsminornew2018-01-21ezeroSpash screen request
 0011360 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-21YermakFalse warning upon entering a floor when excluded monster is blocked by a wall.
 0011359 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-21YermakAshenzari's visual bug: jewellery tiles update a turn later than they should.
 0011355 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-19GolfballZot trap blocking only passage from Lair-Snake Pit entrance to rest of Snake Pit branch
 0011351 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-14NormalPerson7Error message regarding weapon being held by a dead monster on re-entering floor.
 00113491Bug Reportminornew2018-01-07MainiacJoeCatoblepas Animated Skeleton Is Bipedal
 0011348 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-06PekkekkeWater Nymph Stairs Text Sequencing
 0011347 Bug Reportminornew2018-01-05NormalPerson7Vault placement caused monster to be placed in a wall (vaults_dpeg_diagonal)
 00109463Patchesminornew2018-01-02MainiacJoeA fustibalus tile for Punk
 00113406Upload: Graphicsminornew2018-01-02roctavianNumerous tile changes, end of 2017
 0011339 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-29golthoonMajin-Bo self-damage activating *Slow, *Corrode, *Confuse randarts
 0011338 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-29golthoonLightning Spires disabled by webs, nets
 0011336 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-28NormalPerson7Ghost spells not showing from x-v when on a different floor.
 0011335 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-25NormalPerson7HP bar shows as though you took damage on exiting HP+ transmutations.
 0011332 Bug Reportcrashnew2017-12-22NormalPerson7Crash when loading, then refreshing, opting not to update to the latest version of trunk.
 0011331 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-20ldfWrong message when lightning rod regains charge
 00113301Bug Reportminornew2017-12-20StonarFedhas "Growth" ability defaults to using the maximum number of rations
 00113216Bug Reportminornew2017-12-17MainiacJoeAutoexplore reports an unvisited transporter that cannot be found
 0011326 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-17YermakPlants on stairs interfere with interlevel travel.
 00111601Bug Reportminornew2017-12-13YermakDisconnected vault: minmay_separated_statues
 00113241Bug Reporttrivialnew2017-12-13Yermak0.21-a0-531-gacddea6
 00108702Bug Reportminornew2017-12-13QuatzecoatlUnintended coding interaction between death channel and AOE spells
 00101433Bug Reportcrashnew2017-12-10aaronGozag 'Powers' view crashes to desktop
 0011316 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-07hexaflexagonBeing trampled out of LOS of a mesmeriser doesn't always break the mesmerisation immediately
 0011312 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-04YermakMonsters with reaching attack are extremely dumb around shallow water.
 0011311 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-04YermakAutopickup isn't turned on back when invisible monster dies while affected by sunlight.
 0011308 Bug Reportminornew2017-12-03YermakDisconnected ecumenical altar vault
 00113041Bug Reportminornew2017-12-01YermakBad LRD autoaiming
 0011303 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-30YermakScarfs under Ash are eligible for identification.
 00112991Support Requestminornew2017-11-29wider93I cannot build my TILES version
 00113012Bug Reportminornew2017-11-29OdoroboNot casting a spell when clicked, casting two spells at once on the next turn.
 00103373Bug Reportminornew2017-11-28YermakProblem: variable top item in piles
 0011298 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-25prozacelfRed filter from poison damage persists
 00112971Bug Reporttweaknew2017-11-25damerellDuplicate and useless books not eliminated from stash search
 00112952Bug Reportminorconfirmed2017-11-24NormalPerson7Confused icon not shown for friendly brother-in-arms
 0011294 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-24Ge0ffIsolated room in minmay_the_grid_4x2
 0011292 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-22LavandulaUskayaw's Grand Finale can hurt allies with flying chunks
 00112702Bug Reportminornew2017-11-20YermakPressing alt-tab sends commands to the game.
 0011282 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-14YermakIssue with skills rounding off
 0011281 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-12NormalPerson7Ru sacrifice mutations duplicate when extended by transient mutations.
 0011280 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-12YermakVisual glitch with range missiles sticking on the screen
 0011278 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-11YermakPikel's slaves got paralyzed by Uska after Pikel died.
 00112771Bug Reportminornew2017-11-07YermakSimulacrum isn't getting damaged by a fire cloud
 0011276 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-03YermakPlayer's Lightning Spire attacked from out of los.
 00112752Bug Reporttextnew2017-11-02sokol815Text bug with losing Wu Jian piety
 00112491Bug Reportminornew2017-11-02YermakLeaving passage of Golubria should always clear it from the map.
 0011272 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-01SpathiOn login, gnoll skills at 27 show 3% train until XP is earned
 0011271 Bug Reportminornew2017-11-01MainiacJoeHepl Ally Willingly Steps in Conjured Flame
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