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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0011846 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29CanOfWormsBribing behaviour issues
 0011845 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-28CanOfWormsLong filepaths can overflow and overlap text
 0011844 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-28pedantMost buttons on random character selection screen are treated as 'y'
 0011842 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-27NormalPerson7Dying as a felid can place you earlier on in a gauntlet
 00090882Implementablesfeaturenew2019-01-27brendanTiles chat ignore
 00094956Patchesfeaturenew2019-01-25Sandman25<Monster> comes into view again
 000560716Implementablesminornew2019-01-24neilPassword reset for WebTiles
 0011222 Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (ebering)2019-01-24Ultraviolent4Icon for Haunted monster status
 00112381Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (ebering)2019-01-24Ultraviolent4Icon for silenced monsters
 00118391Bug Reportminornew2019-01-22minmayPotion Petition ignores "no potion heal"
 0011835 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-21RoGGain long text box, lines a skipper with PgDn
 00118324Bug Reportminornew2019-01-21kitchen_aceCtrl-[ causes the game to end
 00116741Bug Reportminornew2019-01-14kitchen_aceTimed portals sometimes don't give messages about how close they are, or how long they have left
 0011825 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-12CanOfWormsPasswall/Nemelex gifting messaging
 00114461Bug Reportminornew2019-01-09OloloevQuaffed potion of experience worth 120`000+ XP potions (without actually quaffing it!)
 00117303Bug Reportcrashnew2019-01-08AusoirSprint 0000003 Jiyva penance crash
 0011818 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-06YermakSometimes my Lightning Spire attacks from out of my los.
 0011817 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-01-05FlugkillerASSERT(!invalid_monster(&mons)) in '' at line 1900 failed
 00118132Bug Reportminornew2019-01-03damerellAutoexplore can leak information about unseen areas.
 00027482Bug Reportminornew2019-01-03OG17Autoexplore gives incorrect completion messages with disjointed areas
 00118094Bug Reporttextnew2018-12-31damerellIOOD says "This spell will have no effect right now because you can't see any valid targets", but could be used speculatively.
 0011807 Bug Reportminornew2018-12-28damerellAssertion failure when compiled with DEBUG: ASSERT(you.attribute[ATTR_TEMP_MUT_XP] >=0) in ''
 00118052Bug Reportminornew2018-12-27RoGGasealed staircase without warden in sight
 00118001Bug Reportminornew2018-12-24CyrusLIncorrect flight expiry warning when Dragon Form is about to expire with Boots of Flying activated
 00117841Bug Reportminornew2018-12-20YermakIRON statue shatters into ROCK fragments when being LRDed.
 0011794 Bug Reportminornew2018-12-18NormalPerson7Weapon tile extends below enemy and leaves traces on tiles after moving
 0011793 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-12-17hurdosASSERT(lua_gettop(clua.state()) == 0) in '' at line 1083 failed.
 00117851Bug Reportminornew2018-12-15NormalPerson7Ghost vault chaos dancing weapon not pre-identified before opening door.
 0011790 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-12-15conquersexDied in spider nest and game crashed without showing morgue or final character screen
 00034553Bug Reportminornew2018-12-13NexosRemoving a +n ring of dexterity can increase SH stat
 00117862Bug Reportminornew2018-12-12RoGGano warning about potential Okawaru penance when reading scroll of Immolation
 00117731Bug Reportmajornew2018-12-02LavandulaSinging sword prompt can't be disabled
 0011774 Bug Reportminornew2018-12-01BusketGod menu problem
 00117673Bug Reportminornew2018-11-30PekkekkeUnable to cast poisonous vapours on self
 00117722Bug Reportminornew2018-11-26FrosteeyLevel/staircase/vault generation bug in depths
 00117551Bug Reportminornew2018-11-25CaptainKylesInventory does not appear
 00097795Bug Reportminornew2018-11-24AlarkhShafted ghost doesnt have annotation removed
 00111542Bug Reportminornew2018-11-23Raine357Auxillary attacks are sometimes not mentioned in mutation or player desc. screens.
 00117661Bug Reportminornew2018-11-19Ge0ffExecutioner pathfinding problem
 00117612Bug Reportminornew2018-11-14sdynetNon-attack target corroded.
 00117602Bug Reportminornew2018-11-14Ultraviolent4Temple branch being cloned into Abyss
 0011751 Bug Reportminornew2018-11-07KaragyRiposte against far attack
 00117491Bug Reportminornew2018-11-05minmay"Your [armour/shield] prevents you from hitting the foo" incorrect
 00024242FR: Interface Improvementsfeaturenew2018-11-05minmayAutopickup picks up several of the same unidentified amulet
 00035583Bug Reportminornew2018-11-05jpegThe raw (M)acro prompt blanks the screen.
 00117482Bug Reportminornew2018-11-04NormalPerson7Warnings when building Windows Tiles
 00117432Bug Reportmajornew2018-11-04SvankensenCompletely isolated section with a bailey in Orc:1
 0011744 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-11-02mwcatCrash during use of Brooding to swap ancestor (Hepliaklqana) located on another level with monster
 00117411Bug Reportminornew2018-11-01aegoldenJiyva shouldn't vanish if Dissolution is still alive
 0011736 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-28PetrovichDeep elf elementalist casts `Awaken Earth` through transparent stone wall
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