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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 0011735 Documentationfeaturenew2018-10-28RoGGaFR for offline versions: add a grand total score of top 100 games
 00108945Upload: Maps and Vaultsfeatureassigned (ebering)2018-10-27SkrybeNew Crypt ending
 00117342Bug Reportcrashnew2018-10-23TAS2012crash on game start after updating to latest (98c7a59) trunk
 0011732 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-22mibe420a mosnter that exits LOS due to shiftings clouds(like in desolation) is improperly described as moving out of LoS
 0011731 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-22mibe420barachi hop targeter remains visible on map
 00117271Bug Reportminornew2018-10-21RoGGaShopping List: replacing twice an item with a cheaper one in a shop, removes item from shopping list
 00117266Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-21RoGGa"scroll of brand weapon x2" ...but only 1 scroll in inventory
 00117212Bug Reportminornew2018-10-19hayenneSmoke seeps through closed door of the vault forever after the door has been opened once
 0011722 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-19hayenneLRD would not auto target valid target (iron grate with adjacent enemy in LOS)
 0011719 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-10-19hayenneWooden door in the transparent wall section also shows as transparent
 00117181Bug Reportmajornew2018-10-19kitchen_aceWeird visual updates and redraw problems
 00117152Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-18TAS2012pressing Enter does nothing on initialization error screen
 0011716 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-18TAS2012Ctrl+G / auto-explore combination has inconsistent/confusing functionality (in Pan)
 0011714 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-18TAS2012Search function handles exits/gates inconsistently (in Pan)
 00117131Bug Reportminornew2018-10-16TAS2012problems with "include old_unicode_glyphs.txt"
 0011711 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-15YermakError message in volcano
 0011709 FR: Interface Improvementsfeaturenew2018-10-14TruePurpleMinmap unexplored stairs indicactor.
 0011708 Bug Reportminornew2018-10-14TruePurpleYellow stair asterisk and tile highlght are the same color, asterisk is very hard to see with highlight.
 00066231Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-10-11hayenneDeep dwarf damage resistance text messages are not shown when is is applied
 00116173Bug Reportminornew2018-09-29PekkekkeItems with inscriptions not stacking properly
 0011698 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-09-29knopMorgue files are not properly displayed in the high scores screen.
 0011695 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-09-25hayenneWooden door explosion message is the same as rock explosion
 00116884Support Requestmajorconfirmed2018-09-24stoneychipsGame does not always load (black screen, only spectator window visible)
 00116862Bug Reportminornew2018-09-21RoGGaInventory [i] [End] [PgUp] skips ~7-8 items
 0011685 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-20YermakLong list of statuses doesn't wrap up.
 0011684 Bug Reporttweaknew2018-09-19iniproSkill target textbox is not properly formatted for some skills
 0011683 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-19SpaninqDelete key does nothing
 00116821Bug Reportminornew2018-09-19ShadedKnightenemies standing on this swamp floor tile go half semi-transparent
 00116811Bug Reportminornew2018-09-18RoGGaWebTiles: Using Shift-X [ can be used to reveal location within a new level
 0011677 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-16YermakSpectators are stuck with inventory window covering the action.
 00116754Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-09-14kitchen_aceCan't see minimap when playing with low resolution
 0011671 Bug Reportminornew2018-09-09josh"select your species" has no cursor highlight on species names
 0011670 Bug Reportcrashnew2018-09-08aidenrthe game don't open and the console print: ASSERT(_parent) in '' at line 268 failed.
 00116641Bug Reportminornew2018-09-04Artagasmonster "stuck" on top of display visible monster list after leaving los
 00116401Bug Reportminornew2018-09-04RoGGaCharacter creation screens have colour selection issues
 0011660 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-31CanOfWormsIdentifying the last item of a category does not colour it correctly
 00116563Bug Reportminornew2018-08-29falconhitGhost vault and trove portal spawned very close together. Ghost vault was broken by trove room.
 00116434Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-28TAS2012scrolling page by page in item lists no longer wraps
 0011653 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-28TAS2012"exact match" monster description in lookup says to press space for non-exact matches, but nothing happens
 0011648 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-27YermakStatues block Dith's Shadow step and effect of ?holy word but not effect of ?immolation
 0011647 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-27YermakInconsistency with skill cap highlighting
 00116441Bug Reportminornew2018-08-27thmsdrewSpecies select highlight is same color as text
 0011641 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-26RoGGawhen using X[ or X] to view a different level, the Place in upper right does not change as it does on WebTiles
 00116381Bug Reportminornew2018-08-26GriselidisAmulet of acrobat slows down resting by half or so
 00116351Bug Reportmajornew2018-08-26GriselidisWeird farsight
 0011637 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-26gmarksAutoexplore doesn't stop on enemies with reaching weapons if they have no path to you
 00115834Bug Reportminorconfirmed2018-08-25NormalPerson7With high zoom level, ?# and m screens overflow off the screen.
 0011634 Bug Reporttrivialnew2018-08-24silenthSpell cast highlighting lingers when vision is lost to steam
 00106021Bug Reporttweakconfirmed2018-08-21Shard1697Dith's Shadow Mimic can anger allies without warning due to allies immune to elemental spells
 0011631 Bug Reportminornew2018-08-21CanOfWormsInconsistent behaviour with status effects on ghostly monsters
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