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Downtime: CDO (Website, Bug Tracker, Wiki, Forum)

I’ll be moving everything on CDO to a new server starting this Thursday. Shouldn’t take long, but I can’t take the old IPs with me, so DNS refresh might cause an additional delay of up to 4 days.

During that time CDO will be closed for external connections, which means this website (including the bug tracker, the wiki and the forums) will be unreachable.

Wish me luck and stay tuned :)

CDO is retiring WebTiles

Unfortunately, CDO is no longer able to handle the load of WebTiles games and there has been a lot of lag recently. Everybody will be able to finish their games, but new character creation has been disabled – for now. I plan to migrate to a new server during this year (hopefully in time for the autumn tourney) and there may be the possibility to reactivate WebTiles then. DGL games will continue to work.

Anyone willing to host a WebTiles server, especially in Europe, please let us know in The Tavern. For now there are WebTiles servers available in the US.

Thank you all for participating!

Stone Soup Survey

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Oops! Untimely death of many souls (CDO)..

We had a slight misunderstanding, which unfortunately lead to deletion of many of your online characters from the Trunk/Unstable version on CDO.

We are very sorry and will add a security check to the scripts – promised!

OSX Builds back on Track!

I’m happy to announce that OSX builds of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup are available again!

The Downloads page lists 0.9 builds of the Console and Tiles version now, and also we will be able to provide more regularly updated builds of the current Development Builds.

Thank you very much to GreatZebu, who volunteered to provide OSX builds for the foreseeable future!

WebTiles at 0.9 finally!

Vacations, family, job, etc… but finally WebTiles are on 0.9 too now.

Sorry for the delay – and happy crawling!

Update: The service shut itself down during the night but is up again now.

WebTiles got a Map!

Edlothiol has been working on adding new features to WebTiles:

  • Mini-Map is in!
  • Permanent login via cookies!
  • Browser sizes no longer matter!
  • Browser versions don’t matter either anymore!
  • Sprint and Tutorial available now, too!

The Mini-Map is shown and working now, alas it cannot be used yet to initiate a travel. During login you have the choice to stay logged in via cookies. Also, spectators no longer need to resize their browser when watching someone. The game always adjusts to the browser size of the player and spectator independently. Additionally, the websocket protocol was updated to support Firefox 4, 5 and 6.

And last but not least, the game-mode Sprint and the Tutorial are now playable via WebTiles, too!

I was told there are more features in the making – so stay tuned! Also, webtiles code has been merged into the official master branch.

Head over to its website and give it a try!

WebTiles and Online Player Status

I’m happy to announce that we can now offer an online version of “Tiles”!

We call it WebTiles for now and it serves version 0.8 of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Right in time for the unofficial tournament!

Edlothiol announced his great idea with working code on the mailing-list a few weeks back, and even though it’s still beta-quality in the aspects of features (mini-map missing, inventory-tab, etc), it’s fully playable and there have even been the first 4 wins by players testing it!

There is a slight draw-back: It needs a fairly modern browser which supports a technology called WebSockets:

More: Read the rest of this entry…

Best Bad Ideas!

Ortoslon compiled a top-list of the funniest and most hilarious bad ideas from our LearnDB, which is fed by players and developers alike – through the helpful bots in our IRC channels.

He’s planning to keep this list updated regularly. Make sure you let him know what you think and give feedback.

Head over to his site and feel free to giggle:

For the record: Good ideas are also very welcome in our Wiki! :-)

Behind the Scenes

As some of you may have noticed, there were some down-times of CAO and CDO recently, and I’d like to keep everyone posted.

CAO, located in North America, now also allows to play the unstable development version of Stone Soup – with all the additional features like save-game backups for reporting, removing save-games, resetting config-files. With CDO being located in Europe, this should make playing the development version much smoother for Crawlers living in the Americas. While Greensnark was at it, he also installed a new branch called EroCrawl, maintained by Eronarn, presenting two new races called Lava Orcs & Octopodes and square LOS, which he would like to have included in the main branch of Stone Soup one day.

A week ago the server hosting CDO & its services has moved to a new Server Hosting Company (within Germany again). The website and all services were down for 3 days while I moved everything. It’s a much stronger & bigger machine now and should withstand future incidents much easier. Additionally is now fully reachable via IPv6.

Due to the upcoming release CDO and the Windows builds will now focus on providing the pre-release version of Stone Soup 0.8 for a while by updating daily. Please, help us iron out as many bugs as possible!

Thank you very much, Greensnark, for all the work you did to upgrade CAO!

Press Crawl has received

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RSS Feeds of Development Builds

For all interested in keeping up to date with our development builds for Windows & Mac OS X or the current versions running on CDO, we now provide RSS feeds of each category:

Each feed entry will provide information about the 10 recent changes and a link to download and play the build.

Update: A summary of all RSS feeds can be found here.

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Stone Soup’s Tavern opens its doors

As recently announced the desire for a forum dedicated to Stone Soup has grown stronger. Luckily djnrempel aka danr took matters into his hand and set up a forum at Their services are nice and easy to use but unfortunately there have been a few complaints about speed, privacy, advertisement and the fact that exporting the database for backups is not so free.

Danr contacted me and, due to the heavy snow keeping me away from work, I just finished to set up a truly free forum on CDO. Danr will do all the administrative work and I will deal with code changes and updates.

Proud to present: The Tavern

The feature I’m especially fond of is the fact that the user database is taken from our Mantis Bug Tracking System.

More: Read the rest of this entry…

Source in Gource

Thanks to Gource it’s now possible to enjoy the history of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup’s source code in a nice and futuristic visualized way. Also available in 480p and up to 720p on YouTube! Or grab the original file as MP4 or MKV (572MB!).

Do you remember?

Mac OSX Builds on a regular basis

We have updated the Development Builds page to also host Mac OSX builds and we intent to keep them updated on a regular basis.

Enjoy! And please keep the suggestions and bug reports coming! :)

Stone Soup 0.6.0: Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.6.0 has been finally released after 4 months of the most active development ever! The switch to git, the new wiki, the new bug-tracking system, this wordpress (350k hits last month!) seem to have attracted a lot of new players and developers. Only the constant stream of new ideas and permanent testing of new features made this shiny release possible! A big Thank You to all participants – players and developers!

The new files are available on our download page. There are binaries of Tiles & Console for Windows & Mac OSX and, of course, the source! If you are new to the game, head over to the preliminary screenshots section to decide. The release notes can be found here.

The online servers (CAO & CDO) are hosting 0.6.0 too now and CDO is back to also hosting early 0.7.0 versions (unreleased, unstable, may cause your computer to explode, etc, etc…).

And a special thanks to doy for handling and coordinating this fine release :)

Update #1: CAO is now hosting 0.6.0 games.
Update #2: SourceForge now has Mac OSX builds uploaded.
Update #3: CDO & Trunk builds updated.

Dungeon Sprint: Fast and Furious!

We were quite surprised when the unexpected announcement for Dungeon Sprint showed up on our mailing list a few days ago! It got installed on CDO early and it was extremely well-received! It sends you off into the dungeon and the big show starts immediately – no waiting, no resting – immediate death or victory in an intriguing level map! But, let’s see what the author himself has to say about it:

“Dungeon Sprint” is a twist on Dungeon Crawl: only one dungeon level is generated, but it’s..

More: Read the rest of this entry…

Website: All the gory Details!

Players, who have joined us in ##crawl or ##crawl-dev on Freenode, already know there are two additional sources of information about Stone Soup available in IRC: Henzell & Gretell!

Our bots – willing to answer all kinds of questions you may have about monster, uniques, items, even about skills and branches and strategies.

All those gory details are now available via this website, too! Head over to the Knowledge Bots and check it out for yourself.

Note: During this weekend the queries should become considerably faster – after remote access to the great LearnDB has been simplified.

Update: LearnDB is now mirrored and parsing the entries is done locally. Much faster! Links in Henzell entries are now clickable. Colors have been slightly adjusted and screenshot of Sigmund added :) Enjoy!

CDO: Multiple versions and moving of save-games!

Stone Soup’s speed of development has become really hard to keep up with.

I remember installing a new development version on CDO every week or two. Suddenly I’m being asked to update almost every day! Awesome! :-D

For that reason I have changed the way of installing. A new version will no longer overwrite data or save-games of an old one. This means your character will no longer be lost or broken when an update is done.

Even more: Every save-game has an internal version number. When you load your character and there is a newer version of Stone Soup installed, which can also handle your save-game, you will be presented with an option to move your character and enjoy the bug-fixes and new features!

As always – if you run into any trouble or if transferring your save-game fails, let me know. Cheers!

Poll: Stone Soup better with git or not?

This vote ran for 7 days. Thank you for participating! I think it shows that the switch was generally well accepted and even appreciated :)

Was the switch to git worth it?

  • Yes, most definitely! (50%, 20 Votes)
  • Not sure yet... (30%, 12 Votes)
  • I don't care :-P (18%, 7 Votes)
  • No, not worth it at all! (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

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The dubious person that voted no was a random visitor.
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