Submitting Bug Reports and Patches

If you’ve found a bug or would like to submit a patch, please use the Mantis tracker pages to do so.

File a bug report/Submit a patch

Use the ‘Report Issue’ link to file a new bug or patch. Before filing a new bug report please check that the bug isn’t already in the tracker.

When filing bugs, please provide sufficient information to help us reproduce the problem. We need this information as a minimum:

  • The version of Crawl you’re playing. You can get this information by hitting ?V in-game.
  • Whether you’re playing the Tiles (graphical/SDL) port or the Console (non-graphical/ASCII) port.

Bugs filed without this information make our work much harder. Please provide this information as a minimum.

In addition, providing some extra information can make our work a lot easier:

  • Steps to reproduce the problem, if you can reproduce it consistently. If the problem occurs at random, please mention this and describe what you were doing as best as you can remember. If you were playing on a public telnet server, please provide links to the ttyrecs.
  • Your saved game, if available.

When in doubt, please err in the direction of providing more information, not less.

Feedback and Feature Suggestions

Feedback is gathered in the wiki. You can suggest and discuss features as well. Head over to the wiki start page to proceed!