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  1. <N78291> 0.9 reasons: bees
  2. helmets
  3. MuTm
  1. The most dangerous of dangerous demons outside of the named guardians in Pandemonium. Anything with Fiend in the name can cast Torment. Executioners are lightning-fast melee opponents. If you are looking at your map and you see a mysterious green 1 and can't figure it out, that's a waypoint.
  2. Brimstone Fiend, Hell Sentinel, Ice Fiend, Shadow Fiend or Executioner (including Ignacio)
12 axe
Nexos the Ducker (L5 MfIE), slain by a centaur (the +4,+12 hand axe "Rummage") on D:5 on 2011-08-23, with 387 points after 4995 turns and 0:10:20.
12 club
  1. redrum the Skirmisher (L3 DrCK), worshipper of Makhleb, slain by Ijyb (a +6,+12 club) on D:2 on 2010-08-19, with 120 points after 1033 turns and 0:04:06.
  2. Xenene the Insei (L3 OpMo), slain by Ijyb (a +12,+6 club) on D:2, with 110 points after 1254 turns and 0:06:41.
12 flail
subochre the Eviscerator (L23 FeMo), worshipper of Elyvilon, slain by an elf zombie (the +12,+0 flail "Xuxtait") (animated by a deep elf death mage) on Elf:7 (minmay elf hall circle) on 2010-11-23, with 376147 points after 110880 turns and 11:03:55.
12 knife
Sildraith the Skirmisher (L9 DSCK), worshipper of Xom, slain by an orc priest (the cursed -3,+12 knife of Dishonesty) on D:10 (erik orc 4) on 2011-04-11, with 4325 points after 10273 turns and 0:51:04.
12 spear
inspector071 the Martial Artist (L9 OpMo), worshipper of Okawaru, slain by a gnoll sergeant (a +12,+4 spear) on D:7 (gnoll camp medium 01) on 2011-09-30
12 whip
bh the Thaumaturge (L10 DEWz), worshipper of Sif Muna, mangled by a minotaur (the +12,+6 whip of Success drain) in Lab, with 6608 points
this isn't a typo. It's people making light of things that might potentially be humorous to include in the learndb, but which would probably not be humorous at all. See also: the entire learndb.
  1. A demon between a 3 and a 1. Summon Greater Demon summons these and 1s. Many of the demons in this category used to be 1s before 0.10.
  2. List: shadow demon, green death, blizzard demon, balrug, cacodemon, hell beast, hellion, reaper, lorocyproca, tormentor
200 power
With all skills at 27, you need 3 enhancers and 33 INT, or 2 enhancers and 50 INT. Impossible with just 1. Four enhancers don't give an effect better than three.
  1. Levels in each Ziggurat.
  2. Highest skill and experience levels.
  3. see knife of accuracy
  4. Strength you need to wear GDA without extra penalties.
  5. 7+8+2+9+1
  6. number of points in xomscumming's high score, divided by 1000000
  7. number of the heads of The Lernaean Hydra
  8. Backgrounds as of 0.12.
  9. see lears hauberk
  10. number of months it took for jory to kill someone
  11. Species as of 0.14.
The strongest of the common demons: sun demon, soul eater, ice devil, smoke demon, neqoxec, ynoxinul, chaos spawn.
The weaker common demons: blue devil, iron devil, orange demon, red devil, rotting devil, sixfirhy, hellwing.
  1. Crawl (NOT stone soup) 4.1 Alpha, Brent Ross' ill-fated rewrite of Crawl. DCSS was spawned by two people who got tired of waiting for this to come out of alpha. Nearly unwinnable. NEVER CONFUSE THIS WITH SS 0.4.1
  2. http://crawl.develz.org/morgues/ancient/meneril/morgue-meneril-20080714-105929.txt
  3. <elliott> what's really overpowered in 4.1 <rwbarton> elliott: monsters
  4. This raw flesh is not very appetising. Yum! Yum!
  5. <mikee_> there are no good items and no xp
  1. can you guess??????????
  2. <monqy> im going to make cerebov a frog and represent him with F <monqy> gloorx can be a death yak <monqy> frogs cant wield weapons but cerebov is special
  3. see monqyscrawl[4]
  4. fourty wonky scrawl
  5. permanent implemented features: HP/MP bars; brogue-style doors (open iff anything is on them); skills removed, replaced by stats.
  6. permanent unimplemented unfeatures: traps; secret doors; maprot; identification; curses; hunger; rotting; disease; sparkling fountains; mimics; item corrosion; item destruction; monster invisibility; gold and shops
  7. referred to as "fake" by power-mad rogue dcss developer evilmike
  8. <MarvinPA> i was about to say something about 41qys-crawl obviously being perfect and flawless, yes :P
Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)13:18 No.2506850 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is the only Roguelike worth a damn, fuck off and die.
  1. A minor demon of minimal threat... unless it, say, picked up a pile of stones and you're low level.
  2. Also a key. Waits for 100 turns, or until interrupted.
The true sixfirhy glyph.
Str, Int and Dex can reach a maximum of 72
  1. A very prolific player with an incredibly high number of wins and a pretty good win percentage to boot.
  2. Holy shit you are the luckiest most awesome son of a spriggan I have ever seen
  3. !lm @78291 char=hosk 1 rune=dark -tv:<0.5
  4. Killed the Royal Jelly in four hits.
  5. Once in #chaosforge he was accused of being a collective pseudonym.
  6. The Chuck Norris of crawl.
  7. (And NetHack, before that.)
  1. This is either a statue or a golem. It's either totally harmless or one of the most deadly things in the game.
  2. Is also a marker for extremely out of depth ([depth+2]*2 depth!) monsters in vaults; both traditional and valued by most devs. Good results: d:4 wolf spiders, d:5 centaur warriors, d:6 fire crabs, d:9 sphinxes, d:10 fire giants, d:11 liches.
  3. !lg wpd 1 map=minivault_25_ag -tv
The proper size to play Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup in. http://pastebin.com/LE83dffY - download and compile with `gcc file.c -o 80x24` to use the industry standard size terminal regardless of actual window size. Or just type "stty rows 24 cols 80" (without the quotes). Also see hugeterm.
  1. Gargoyles!
  2. In vault definition, a [depth+5] random monster.
a bit more experienced
You killed something offscreen.
abandoned shop
Either you bought out all of the shop's contents, you passed the tiny chance a shop was generated to not have any loot, or it's a flavour feature like a pre-dry fountain.
  1. Species and backgrounds are often abbreviated to two letters; for example Merfolk is Mf and Ice Elementalist is IE. Thus people will often refer to Merfolk Ice Elementalist as MfIE. Use the commands "!wtf Mf" and "!ftw Merfolk" to have Henzell tell you what the abbreviations are.
  2. A few other common abbreviations: randart = random artefact, unrandart = fixedart = fixed artefact, LCS = Lehudib's Crystal Spear, LRD = Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, GDR = Guaranteed Damage Reduction. Most abbreviations are linked in the learndb, so commands like "??LRD" will usually tell you what an abbreviation means.
  3. Species and classes abbreviation list: https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4605
  1. Sends hostile summons back where they came from -- or reduces the amount of time before they disappear, at least. Note that going away and resting for a little while has the same effect. Comes in two flavours: smite-targeted (level 3) and full LOS (level 6).
  2. Monsters never have abjuration in their spell list. Instead, they have a 50% (if applicable) chance of abjuring instead of performing certain summons.
  3. <N78291> firestorm is the new mass abjuration
A hideous demonic and undead form with randomized ac, ev, speed - possibly faster than you. Random color x; uppercase abominations are much stronger. Usually found in the Abyss.
absolute depth
A number per branch defined in http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=blob;f=crawl-ref/source/branch-data.h . Roughly scales with the branch; Orc:1 is akin to D:9, Elf:1 to D:16. Most importantly: Vaults:1 gets D:20 level spawns, Vaults:2 D:21, and so on: it also defines nearly all monster placement choices, and a large number of vaults.
  1. A merry-go-round of doom, featuring many, many, many different kinds of monsters who will find your flesh, bones, mind, and life tasty. Be sure to pick everything up on the way and kill everything you can so the demons can get better fed.
  2. Converting to Lugonu will also let you get out, but be warned that divine retribution is typically of the same nastiness level as banishment.
  3. To get in, definitely: Fail your MR check against Banishment. Go down on a portal. Draw Damnation by yourself. Successfully invoke Lugonu's final power.
  4. To get in, maybe: Get hit by distortion. Unwield distortion. Badly fumble a Translocation or Summoning. Step on a Zot trap. Arouse the wrath of Lugonu. Attract the attention of Xom. Try to affix (with brand weapon) a temporary distortion brand. Rebrand (with brand weapon) a distortion-branded weapon.
  5. <pwnmonkey> The abyss is like boris in level form
  6. <ktgrey> i wonder if everyone in the abyss, is there because they got banished to it <ktgrey> its like fantasy australia
  7. see abyss_guide
  8. <elliott> dying is less painful than the abyss
  9. This is a scroll of acquirement! What kind of item would you like to acquire? Something appears at your feet! You are suddenly pulled into a different region of the Abyss!
abyss guide
  1. !lm zigrobin 2138 -tv:<0.25
  2. <Orionstein> so how do i get out of the abyss <G-Flex> you find an exit
  3. !lm simm hacj abyss.enter 3 -tv:<0.25
abyss scumming
Doing this is a sure sign that you are playing like an idiot. Stop it.
abyssal knight
Background that starts in the Abyss, worshipping Lugonu (with a guaranteed nearby exit and enough piety to use Lugonu's exit ability). Gets a chosen +2 weapon. The starting Abyss contains D:1 level items (but regular Abyss monsters).
abyssal rune
Can be found in vaults starting at Abyss:3 and deeper.
<Henzell> ac13 the Blocker (L16 MDFi) entered the Vaults on turn 66666. (Vault:1)
  1. Your ability to hit and not miss things in combat. Affected by weapon modifiers, some spells, fighting skill, and some randarts.
  2. see spell accuracy
NetHack with improved interface. Public servers: http://AceHack.us/ (US). Features autoexplore! If you're bored of ##crawl, try #acehack for more helpful information on acehack.
  1. Acidic attacks and defenses come from many Js, plus spiny worms, yellow draconians, and oklob plants. In addition to damaging you, they reduce the +s of weapons (to-dam only) and armour. Items are immune if the relevant plus is +5 or better, or if the item is an artefact. +4 or dwarven is good enough outside Slime. See also resist corrosion.
  2. If an item is not immune: having resist corrosion saves the item 9 times out of 10. Failing that, dwarven items and crystal plate mail save 4 times out of 5. Failing that, the item's plus (from 0 to 4, positive or negative) will cause it to save 6%, 18%, 34%, 58%, or 98% of the time.
  3. Acid damage increases for each unequipped armour slot (50% chance if wearing a cloak).
acid blob
  1. Acidic monster with a highly accurate ranged attack that can degrade your armour. Attacking it in melee can degrade your weapons, just like a jelly. Has better than average speed.
  2. Resist corrosion won't save equipment that's not immune, but it will save your life. Tends to be a hassle in any situation, especially if more than one. Worth 4k exp for a reason!
  3. <Kalir> Acid blobs are like brown oozes with oklob plants for hats.
  1. A 100% accurate emulation of exploring a dungeon during a hallucinogenic trip. The password is 'robin'. It's probably advisable not to play if you have epilepsy or are prone to motion sickness.
  2. see notthepope
  3. <elliptic> I thought tiles was already essentially acidrobin
  1. Will give you a (usable) random item moderately likely to be better than a random item off the ground! See also ??<type> acquirement, where <type> is book, staff, weapon, jewellery, armour, misc, gold, food, wand, ammo, e.g. weapon acquirement.
  2. Do not use over lava or deep water! What kind of item would you like to acquire? (\ to view known items) Something appears before you! You hear a sizzling splash.
  3. should be renamed to scroll of disappointment
A fast, poisonous creature that might even appear on D:1. Only a spriggan can outrun one. Very dangerous for the first level or two, but a nice chunk of experience after that. Adder meat is clean.
  1. Xom's younger twin.
  2. my favourite is toccata and fugue
  3. <Adeon> elves should be played for their ears
  4. Quit on the D:1 upstairs with the Orb of Zot. Bonus points if you would have had some chance of dying while ascending the stairs.
  1. Ancient Domains of Mystery. Contains emperor liches. Add doppelganger kings, too.
  2. <nooodl_> Pacra: i've been playing for two months and am still at the character creation screen :U
aerie vault
  1. (In)famous vault found at middling depths, containing a large green crystal spiral with lots of water, ball lightnings, vapours, and air elementals.
  2. This is probably a get-off-the-level vault. -LP
  1. Adjusted body armour evasion penalty. Affects spell success, melee accuracy. Its value is [base_penalty + max(0, 3*base_penalty - str)] * [45 - armour_skill]/45. New formula in 0.13 is (2/5) * er^2 / (str+3) https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=dcss:brainstorm:mutation:stats&#effect_of_strength_on_armour_evp.
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqvhLOPFHpiMdHFWbVpnU3F6M2VlQWV5Rk56UDNaNHc#gid=2
af cold
  1. Attacks deal (1 to 3) * monster HD additional COLD damage (bypasses AC)
  2. This is why Golden Dragon simulacra can kill you.
  3. Stay the fuck away from hydra simulacra.
af elec
Electricity melee damage, electric golem (and sixfirhy (and sky beast (and Pandemonium lord))) special. Reduced by electricity resistance, and by a further third if airborne in 0.12-. Deals 1-1.5x attacker HD elec damage (15-22 for golems).
agate snail
  1. Very slow, but healthy and strong. Still easy to kill if you're prepared for melee or good with conjurations. Will withdraw into its shell in order to heal, which grants it regeneration and +10 AC, but causes it to stop attacking and become stationary.
  2. a suggested strategy: http://yafgc.net/?id=2260
  3. http://i.imgur.com/BjEgHRp.png
Provides temporary Dex, EV, and stealth bonuses.
  1. A unique speed 18 spriggan with a lajatang, frequently branded.
  2. !tv blashyrkh tebe 1
Agony does to one living creature what Torment does to all living creatures in sight: halves its hit points, but never directly kills it. Unlike torment, however, agony does a magic resistance check and won't work on those with any negative energy resistance. It has a bonus to effective power, so it can affect even enemies that resist most hexes.
He's weilding the mighty Agra unrandart which is about as deadly as that quick blade I had if not deadlier. [...] Seriously look at how good this guy was he had a freaking demon whip and the mighty Agra (which is like the most broken fixedart axe ever speed brand which almost always hits for tons of damage).
air elemental
  1. An incredibly fast (speed 25) construct that can hide in empty space. Does not occur naturally outside of the Abyss, but can be summoned. Found in a couple of vaults and a wizlab as well.
  2. High-level (15 skill) air elementalists can control these beasts to deadly effect, but always (doubly so at low skill) be prepared to deal with a hostile one. See air elemental fan.
air elemental fan
  1. Evoke for an (Evocations/30) chance of summoning an air elemental. It will be friendly with an (Air Magic/15) chance (capped at 96%), but any present friendly elemental decreases your effective Air Magic skill by 5 for this purpose.
  2. Replaced by fan of gales in 0.13.
air elementalist
Starts with skill in conjurations and air magic, plus a book of Air. See bolt bouncing.
air miscast
1: 4-12 elec dmg / meph cloud / rain cloud 2: 3d8 elec explosion / poison cloud 3: ball lightning / twister / 12-40 dmg airstrike.
air traffic control
  1. For those times when crawl isn't stressful enough.
  2. Nobody knows anything about Air Traffic Control, even if they have read http://dobrazupa.org/atc.6.html
  3. <Zeor> air traffic control kind of stretches the definition of what you can literally call a game
  4. <faz> it's basically like playing snake, except there are multiple snakes, the snakes dont grow in size, and the snakes end after hitting their pellet. and there's a z axis
air walk
  1. Air elemental form spell; was L9 Tm/Air, removed long ago. Made you drop your whole inventory.
  2. it halved regen, eliminated hungering (but not nutrition costs), rF-- rC-- rElec++ rPois, earth dehancer, _no_ air enhancer ("was too good"), forced AC to 20, +20 EV, +8 DEX
  1. A single target attack spell; uses smite targeting, so it can hit any monster you can see. It checks AC and does 1/2 more damage on flying or levitating monsters. Spell level 4. Its damage is very random, and not very high on average compared to spells of similar level.
  2. 7 + 1d(1d4 - 1 + (1d(Power) - 1)/6) + (1d(Power) - 1)/7
it's amazing how inconsistent Crawl's interface actually is, it's much worse than NetHack's
A guardian serpent who fell asleep on the job, letting thieves loot his vault. Disgraced, he is now a warrior! Spells: venom bolt, sleep, poison arrow. Unlike most other intelligent monsters, he cannot open doors. Very dangerous nonetheless!
ak guide
Weakness of the will.
  1. Person who suffers from akrasia.
  2. Including practically all the folks on this channel.
Play an AK. Get to Abyss:27 without ever entering the Dungeon.
alarm trap
Makes a 'loud' noise and marks the player with sentinels mark.
See alchemist_card or hat_of_the_alchemist.
alchemist card
  1. Transmutes gold into hp/mp. Always restores some health, and sometimes restores some magic depending on card power. At power level 0/1/2 uses up to 99/198/297 gold. Clusters around the average, 49.5/99/148.5.
  2. Restores up to 1/3 the gold used in hp. But only 2/3 of the gold is fully consumed, the remaining gold is available to (maybe) restore some mana. Power + 1 in 5 times, restores up to 1/5 the left-over gold in MP. If MP wasn't restored or more HP/MP was restored than you needed to reach 100%, the leftover gold is refunded.
< mikee_> for some reason when i'm drunk i hit the wrong keys instead of the keys i want
  1. directional shouts
  2. player tile overlays
  3. rough monster AC/EV estimate in descriptions
  4. toenail golems make mephclouds when hit by fire
  5. guarantee branch entry vaults
  6. searching by waiting sucks, something like new weapon use-id would be better
  7. god wrath
  8. more abyss exits if you have the rune
  9. better draining
  1. < Alexor> swamp is a fun branch
  3. is a bad joke police deputy
alistairs intoxication
L4 Transmutation-Poison spell. Has a (40 + power/3)% (max 73%) chance of confusing each natural, non-poison resistant monster in line of sight with greater than animal intelligence. Has a (60 - power/3)% chance of affecting you, even with rPois, if you do not have a source of clarity. Also drains 1-3 points of intelligence 5% of the time.
Moderately nasty amphibious monster in Swamp, with decent damage, speed, and a swiftness fauxspell. Occasionally comes with baby alligators.
alligator snapping turtle
  1. They have reaching attacks! With 50 damage! That's more damage than a stone giant!
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Alligator_snapping_turtle.jpg
almost dead
Still entirely capable of obliterating you.
Like skillrobin, with the added restriction that skills must be trained in reverse alphabetical order, e.g. Fighting cannot be trained if Axes has already been trained. If no eligible skills remain you must quit unless no skills at all remain.
  1. Unlike other roguelikes, you won't be sacrificing much - altars are generally only used for religious conversion. You also can't use them to discover curse status, sorry. Silly Hacker.
  2. Well, unless you use the altar to change gods to Ashenzari, in which case you can. Clever Hacker.
  3. see overflow
alter self
A removed transmutations spell that gave you a random mutation.
amazing games
  1. !lm @78291 xl=12 milestone=~"orb of zot" -tv:>1
  2. !lm rob char=ddbe rune=decaying xl=11 -tv:<2
  3. !lm jenius char=dgie milestone=~orb 2 -tv
  4. !lm heteroy char=kemo rune=silver -tv:<2
  5. !lm tartakower rune=silver 24 -tv:<2.5
Restores MP over a few turns and provides nutrition at the cost of confusion (clarity does work). Found only in the Spider's Nest. Takes one turn to eat. Provides 2500 nutrition. Much like Royal Jellies, can be eaten by any race that can eat.
  1. <|amethyst> doh
  2. Proof that you don't have to be a good player to be a dev
  3. see neil
  4. <|amethyst> myrmidette: you haven't lived until you're ctrl-shift-alt-meta-hyper-scrollwheel-triple-clicked
  5. <SamB> that souds lame-flavoured
  6. <minqmay> <|amethyst> crate: Runed fungus <minqmay> i can't even tell if this is a joke or not
ammo acquirement
Gives you ammo suitable for your highest trained launcher type (if throwing, darts/javelins). Gives 5 times the size of a typical stack, almost guaranteed to have an ego.
  1. Damage: Needle 0, Throwing Net 0, Dart 1d2, Stone 1d4 (modified), Sling Bullet 1d6, Arrow 1d7, Bolt 1d9, Large Rock 1d20! Best in the game!.
  2. Poisonous needles gain a bonus of 1d4 to their damage calculation so that additional effects can be applied. The more you know.
This scroll/invocation allows the player to dememorise one spell of his choosing. See also spell levels. Sif ability is 5 MP, 8-~13 piety. You can also dememorise a spell by selecting it in a spellbook and choosing to 'F'orget it (destroying the spellbook in the process).
Monsters with this flag can move through (deep) water and most of them are faster than normal while doing so.
amulet of faith
  1. Piety increases one third faster. Yes, this means you get more gifts. Good gods save you more frequently. Xom has more dynamic piety and acts more often. Removing the amulet reduces your piety (-1/3).
  2. Wearing it during penance makes wrath happen more frequently (and so shortens the amount of time you spend in penance).
amulet of inaccuracy
-5 To hit in melee and range (for the person wearing it). This will affect anything (spells, breath, you name it) that has a chance to miss.
amulet of rage
Allows you to go berserk, and may extend the duration on kills. Chance of success depends on evocations.
amulet of resist mutation
When you would otherwise be mutated, this amulet has a nine in ten (one in two for glowsplosions) chance of stopping the mutation and giving the message "you feel odd for a moment". If you are undead, this also covers mutation-induced rotting.
amulet of stasis
Blocks teleport, blink, haste, slow, berserk, finesse, and paralysis. Gives you some (possibly yellow) contam and cancels the status if you put it on while hasted or slowed, or while waiting for teleport.
amulet of the air
the amulet of the Air {Inacc +Fly rElec EV+5 RMsl}
amulet of the four winds
clarity, rN+, 100 MR (!)
  1. The list of amulets in Crawl are: clarity, conservation, faith, gourmand, guardian spirit, inaccuracy, rage, resist corrosion, resist mutation, stasis, and warding.
  2. Rage, gourmand, guardian spirit, and faith (if you have a religion) identify upon wearing. Stasis will identify when appropriate (e.g. reading teleportation or becoming hasted/slowed). Clarity, warding, rCorr, and rMut can be figured out by checking for their effects, but won't autoID. Conservation and inaccuracy are left over.
  1. Super-fast annihilator of spellcasters foolish enough to let it get close, and of anyone who doesn't kill it quickly. If you see an anaconda on Lair:8, read elephant shaped statue first. Otherwise, read on.
  2. Makes great undead minion fodder. Has no poison attack and is good to eat! A prime target for all that curare you've been saving up.
ynoxinul <-> unix only
ancient bear
An extra strong bear with rF+.
ancient champion
A very dangerous spellcasting skeleton, found in the crypt. Spell sets: iron shot, haste, pain OR bolt of draining, haste, throw frost OR venom bolt, haste, haunt OR IMB, slow, haste.
ancient gears
The labyrinth just rearranged itself.
ancient lich
  1. A fossil lich, resistant to fire, poison, and very resistant to cold and electricity. Can summon greater demons, and can usually cast iron shot or crystal spear, comfortably doing 3d48 damage in one shot.
  2. LuckyNed the Shatterer (L26 OgBe), worshipper of Trog, slain by a Fiend (summoned by an ancient lich (summoned by a Blue Death (summoned by an ancient lich))) in Zig:12 on 2011-04-05, with 438717 points after 68761 turns and 6:09:39.
ancient zyme
  1. A floating cancer. Found in the abyss, it passively causes sickness (after a few turns in los) and has strength and dexterity draining melee attacks.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teSVNFzC148
  3. Aggravating.
  1. Evaporate is NOT overpowered
  2. My proposition is that the Human Player-race gets an ability, timed like a “Breath” weapon, allowing them to set exactly 1 trap on an adjacent square.
  3. A. Vehumet gifts ammo, type determined by some means (player specified/whatever launcher was last used/etc.) B. Vehumet protects ammo from mulching.
  4. Sticky Flame with range one and no Vehumet extension sucks [...] Solution? Use Poison/Mephitic Cloud and Ignite Poison, and you'll see what I mean.
  5. I miss Bone Shards
That other other game
  1. Strong 15 speed holy monster that can heal itself. Spawns with a holy scourge or a whip of holy wrath. Killing one can provoke tso_retribution.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWJrPzAUzAs
The majestic art of running around as a mummy, being chased by up to 10 angels holding gold, while trying to find a exit out of the abyss to clone the angels and thus the gold. Doesn't work anymore.
animal skin
AC+2, EV+0. The only difference between a skin and a robe is that the skin weighs almost twice as much, and it stinks. Unlike in old versions, non-randart skins can now have an ego property.
animate dead
Attempts to raise all corpses in LoS as zombies or skeletons.
animate skeleton
Animates a skeleton. If cast over a corpse, the skeleton will rip itself away, producing chunks.
You had -22 hp or less when you died. Parts of you are all over the dungeon.
  1. This guy resides in Cocytus:7 and guards the icy rune. Unlike his demonic counterparts he does not summon and only has cold and lightning bolt spells at his disposal, but he hits like a ton of bricks and has a massive amount of HP. Bring cold resistance, lots of it.
  2. In 0.5 he learned how to swim, so plan accordingly. Notice that he is vulnerable to fire and *not* poison resistant.
  3. Don't vampiric drain him. !lg arafel char=hane place=coc:7 1 -tv
  4. !lm mikee_ sprint uniq=antaeus 1 -tv
  1. Detects monsters in a 2/4/6 square radius of the player; detected monsters are represented by a red {. Gives sInv and removes head slot at 3.
  2. You can't detect invisible monsters in your LOS at lower mutation levels because of a bug nobody's bothered fixing.
Like alphabetskillrobin but with regular alphabetical order instead of reverse alphabetical order.
  1. A weapon brand added in 0.8. Dealing damage with it makes monsters sometimes lose a turn when they try to cast spells. Wielding it reduces max mp by around 2/3, getting hit by it depletes mp. Works on everything that has non-divine spells, including demons, orbs of fire, electric golems, etc.
  2. good
  3. Miscast chance for monsters increases based on damage dealt (with the weapon), decreasing every turn.
antique lich
Just a recoloured and renamed ancient_lich. You'll get a lot for one, if it's in mint condition!
antique shop
Shopkeepers know as much as you do, and price accordingly. You can learn nothing about the item from its price. And that scroll labelled PLOG will be 50x more expensive after you ID it as acquirement.
Only train one skill at a time. No switching until you reach 27!
  1. Quite possibly related to Mr. Norrell, or the man himself. Wants DSHe to become a playable combination, because demonspawn are not evil, just misunderstood, really, and Elyvilon loves everyone equally.
  2. His campaign for president is being financed by Mephistopheles, but this has nothing to do with his stance on demonspawn rights.
  3. When Anym starts using quotes, be very afraid.
  4. Is not Markus Mackey, you can stop asking.
  5. Is very likely not wearing pants.
  6. Convicted perfectionist
Area of effect. Used to describe spells that affect enemies in more than one square. Normally, the implicit area is all of LOS.
It's basically a Life Yak. Elyvilon will give you weakness if you kill it.
apocalypse crab
  1. An extremely rare abyss-unique terror, which breathes out large clouds of seething chaos. Doesn't have particularly much hp to sustain fire with, though.
  2. http://i.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/7/6/2/104762_v1.jpg
  1. !lg apocalypserobin -tv:<0.1
  2. <ontoclasm> a meat ration is 5000 nutrition, which is 1666 turns of sitting doing nothing. so if we assume the average guy would eat three of those a day while being semi-active, that puts a day at around 3600 turns... so that means the world ends 55555.5 days after you enter the dungeon <ontoclasm> which is about 152 years
appears from thin air
The monster in question teleported into your LOS.
  1. Yoink! Pulls an object in LOS to your feet. Great for dealing with those pesky ice statue vaults and the Orb Chamber; also quite nice for ranged-combat characters and Tukima users. Does not work through glass walls.
  2. Also good when you can't decide whether to loot or run, like the Abyss and SpWr speed divers. And for rescuing wands/potions from being picked up by intelligent monsters. And rescuing loot from jellies. And if you get into the habit of apporting damn near everything, can save you a lot of turns.
  3. Max mass is 3-5 aum per point of spell power. If you fail to apport a pile, and cannot apport any part of it, nothing happens; otherwise the non-apported part remains where it is.
  4. Your ability to apport the orb is dependent on spellpower. There's a flat chance (1-in-3) of it failing; otherwise it will move a maximum of (pow / 10) - 1 squares towards you.
apropos panlords
  1. Pandemonium lords with cohesive flavour.
  2. "A powerful demon, Stank has an armoured body with shiny metal wings. It stinks of brimstone."
  3. Cigeutte has a crystalline body with large insectoid wings. It is surrounded by a sickening stench.
  4. A powerful demon, Klear has a glassy body
apropos randarts
  1. Randarts with cohesive flavour.
  2. i - the ring of Xom's Flight of Fancy {MUT +Lev SInv} 403 gold
  3. see crap
  4. the +0 robe of Peek-a-Boo {+Blink} (BirdoPrey)
  5. the mace "Blugeona" {crush, +Blink +Inv rC+ rN+}
  6. G - the cursed +5,+6 halberd of Truncation (weapon) {slay orc, rF+ MR Int+3 SIn
  7. The cursed -1,-1 double sword of Frustration {pain, +Rage Dex-3 Int-3 SInv Stlth--}
  8. r - the +4,+2 demon blade of Evil (weapon) {god gift, pain, AC-1}
  9. y - the cursed spear "Bighot" (weapon) {slay orc, MUT+ rPois Str+2}
  10. the ring of Spontaneous Combustion {rF- Dex+3 Int+2 Acc+1}
  11. the +4,+3 great mace "Kilit" {slay orc, rN+ MR SInv}
  12. <ZChris13> _E - the +2 leather armour of Supple Strength {Str+1 Dex+3}
  13. the +2 cap of the Thirteen Spirits Spirit
  14. the +2 cap of the Thirteen Spirits Spirit
  15. l - the +0 leather armour of Boredom {god gift, SInv}
  16. the ring "Fries" {Hunger- rElec rPois}
  17. Y - the ring of Disaster {MUT+ *TELE +Inv Dam-5}
  18. n - the hand axe of Righteous Anger {holy, +Rage, Dex+1}
  19. The -1 scale mail of Useu {Stlth--} (u - a +0 orcish plate mail)
  20. l - the demon whip of Pain and Death (weapon) {pain, -CAST rF+ Dex-5}
  21. <valrus> L - a transparent robe <valrus> the +1 robe of the Moon (worn) {Int-2}
  22. y - the +2, +11 spear of Thecops {freeze, rN+}
  23. <N78291> h - the cursed -4,-1 dagger of Dung {vamp, +Lev}
  24. <elliptic> o - the +1 cloak "Dull" (worn) {+Lev}
  25. neops the Thaumaturge (L10 MuWz), worshipper of Kikubaaqudgha, slain by a minotaur (the cursed -2,-5 hand axe of neops' Instant Death) in a Labyrinth (labyrinth_spiral) on 2012-02-20 12:00:15, with 4369 points after 23083 turns and 1:56:22.
  26. the +1 leather armour of Weightlessness {+Fly}.
  27. <magicpoints> You finish putting on the cursed -3 scale mail of Nagask {+Rage +Inv}. <Sizzell> magicpoints (L16 NaSk) killed Nikola. (D:17)
  1. A number from -5 to 5 reflecting your character's ability with a specific skill; higher is better. An aptitude of n means the race takes 2^(-n/4) times as much exp to advance as a human. Press ?% in game to see the big table of races and aptitudes. An aptitude of -1 or better is good, -2 is manageable even as your main skill, -3 is quite bad.
  2. 0.6 to 0.7 conversion: -5 = 238, -4 = 200, -3 = 168, -2 = 141, -1 = 119, 0 = 100, 1 = 84, 2 = 71, 3 = 59, 4 = 50, 5 = 42
  3. Try "!apt <race>" or "!apt <skill>" in ##crawl or in PM with this bot. An "!" next to an apt indicates that it's highest apt possible for that skill out of all races.
  4. see skill penalties
A half-spider caster with a staff of poison and a spell that ensnares you with webs. And poison arrow and venom bolt. Unlike spiders, she is not poison-vulnerable---and the staff gives her resistance.
!tv arafel place=coc:7 1
arcane marksman
  1. A Hunter with magic, or a Skald with a bow. Or a crossbow, or some javelins. Starts with an average ranged weapon and a Book of Debilitation.
  2. Like a hunter but with hexes too. And fireballs. Starts with the Book of Debilitation.
  3. <ebarrett> go trog, use the book to kill the first dangerous thing you find
Monsters with this flag (only deep elf master archers, fauns, and merfolk javelineers) shoot point-blank, shoot more often, and add on average half their attack's base damage to their ranged to-hit and damage.
archer statue
A statue that shoots missiles at you, resists a lot of things, can't be disintegrated, and runs out of ammo.
<archiiij> ogaz: ooga chaka ooga chaka I can't stop this feeling
  1. <arch> well, although im transmuter, I will go back to trog once I have 15 Level of air magic :)
  2. <archl> Poncheis: oh, orb of fire isn't very hard if you master any range skill at 27. <archl> not poison though.
  3. <archl> Poncheis: I have no tele because I tend to drop items before entrying new floor
  4. see ogtm guide
arena points
They're style points.
arena sprint
  1. A sprint that is an arena.
  2. The majority of the bosses are (mostly) all the same monsters with extra hp and no significant spoilers to worry about.
+10,+6 mithril broad axe of speed, +2 str, 30 MR. (The "mithril" is just flavor.) Dwarven in 0.14.
  1. AC reduces incoming damage from most sources by vaguely 1d(AC). This can reduce it to 0. You might still get poisoned, banished etc. though.
  2. Torment, smite, and hellfire, and a handful of other abilities/effects ignore AC. The only player-castable damage spells that ignore AC are freeze, refrigeration, sticky flame, static discharge, pain, vampiric draining, and agony. Note that all of these spells also ignore EV.
  3. see armour skill
armour acquirement
  1. Picks an armour type (includes shield) that you can currently wear. If it picks body armour, has a low (about 20%) to make random dragon armour, else makes a body armour type randomly weighted by your skills (25% chance of CPA instead of plate).
  2. If it picks a brand you've seen, tries a few times to reroll it. If it made something plain it'll make a plain armour filling an empty slot.
armour popularity
  1. Robe:36.5% GDA:30.8% Plate:6.37% Leather:6.13% Storm_DA:3.60% Dragon_Armour:3.12% Animal_Skin:2.40% Crystal_Plate:2.64% Ring:1.08% Swamp_DA:0.84% Troll_Armour:0.72% Mottled_DA:0.72% Ice_DA:0.72% None:0.72% Splint:0.60% Chain:0.60% Banded:0.48% Steam_DA:0.24% (22% of these are randart)
  2. Percent of winners wearing given base armour type, including randarts and branded armours. Uses the same pool of morgues as {spell_popularity}.
armour skill
  1. Armour skill defrays the penalties associated with heavy armours, and increases the effectiveness of your armour by 1/22nd of its base value per level of skill.
  2. The EV penalty of a piece of armour is reduced by Armour skill. See aevp.
  1. 0.13: Robe:2AC/0ER Steam:5/0,rSteam Leather:3/4 Troll:4/4,regen Mottled:6/4,rSticky Ring:5/7 Swamp:7/7,rPois Scale:6/11 Fire:8/11,rF++,rC- Ice:9/11,rC++,rF- Pearl:10/11,rN+ Chain:8/15 Storm:10/17,rElec Plate:10/19 Crystal:14/24 Gold:12/27,rF,rC,rPois
  2. Key: <armour name>:<AC>/<EV penalty>,<Effects/Resistances>. To avoid extra penalties, you need strength greater than or equal to three times your body armour's evasion penalty.
arrow trap
1d15 damage.
  1. Artefacts in Crawl come in two flavors. Randarts are a normal equippable item with zero or more random special properties, like a +3 scale mail with electricity resistance. Unrandarts are like randarts, but pre-identified and with a themed set of properties (sometimes completely unique ones), like the sword of Zonguldrok.
  2. All artefacts are equippable items with special unidentified descriptions and (except for jewelry) can be identified by wearing. They are immutable except for curse status. See also ego.
A class that starts with three wands (enslave, flame, random effects (all with 15 charges)), a +0 short sword, light armour, some evocations/fighting/dodging skill, and knowledge of recharge scrolls.
  1. American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a 1960s standard for assigning numbers to the characters of the Latin alphabet and common English punctuation. If you say ASCII outside the context of teletypewriter design or character encoding standards, you probably don't know what you're talking about.
  2. You probably meant to look up character graphics.
ash skill boost
  1. Ash boosts some of your skills for each level of bondage. The boosts come in three sizes (low, medium, high: see [2]) and also depend on your skill level and piety.
  2. Low: staves+evocations (evoc staff), shield, dodging+stealth (evp < 2 armour), dodging+armour (evp 2 or 3 armour), all magic+evoc (jewellery). Medium: weapon, spellcasting (non-school staff), evoc (rod), armour (evp > 3 armour). Weapon bonus increased if 2h, armour and jewellery bonuses increased if fully bound.
  1. God of divinations, knowledge, and curses. Likes it when you wear cursed gear while exploring the world. Grants passive monster/item detection, item identification (see [2]), mapping (like DD), sInv & Clarity (3*), ash skill boost, and active scrying (4*). Allows you to reskill.
  2. At 0* shows the curse status of all items, then later fully identifies stuff that uses the same slots you have cursed; body armour at 1*, everything else at 2*.
  3. see remove curse[2]
  4. God of bondage.
  5. <Sky2> ash is sort of like a god of shackles but they give you the key so what's the point
ashenzari reasons
  1. Automatic identification of many items (the kinds you have cursed), passive mapping and monster/item detection, reskilling, clarity, see invis, and you get skill boosts from wearing cursed items. What's not to like?
  2. You have berserkitis.
  3. An escape hatch mimic comes into view.
ashenzari wrath
-4 to all skills. Also boosts enemy AI: better pathfinding, they're more likely to target you when you're invisible, and they never forget about you. The wrath ends after you've gained two experience levels (or an equivalent amount of xp), not after a certain number of turns.
Casts hellfire, and summons hellions, brimstone fiends, balrugs and assorted fiery popcorn. Guards the obsidian rune, and drops the Sceptre of Asmodeus when killed.
  1. Adjusted shield evasion penalty. Affects melee accuracy and attack speed. Its value is base_penalty - shield_skill/(5 + size_factor).
  2. Base penalty is 1 for bucklers, 3 for shields, 5 for large shields. Size factor is -2 for Og, Tr, Na, Ce; +2 for Ha, Ko; +4 for Sp; 0 for others.
A background that starts with an enchanted dagger, a cloak, and a blowgun with two curare needles.
attack delay
  1. Attack delay is 10 time units for a melee weapon with base speed 100%. Every 2 levels of weapon skill lower the delay by 1 unit.
  2. A weapon's minimum delay is half of its base delay (rounded down) but no more than 7 (5 for sabres). For example, a club (base delay 13) has minimum delay 6, while an executioner's axe (base delay 20) has minimum delay 7.
  3. see min_delay
  4. Speed brand cuts delay by half (round up), and haste cuts delay by a third (round randomly up or down). These effects stack, after the base cap. As of 0.5, there's an absolute cap of 2 for attack delay.
  5. You can get an estimate of your attack speed by pressing '@'. See player.cc >_display_attack_delay() for details. >=200 extremely slow | >=155 very slow | >=125 quite slow | >=105 below average | >=95 average | >=75 above average | >=55 quite fast | >=45 very fast | >=35 extremely fast | <34 blindingly fast
  6. Since average speed is 10 time units, which is multiplied by 10 to get the 100% you see listed in a weapon description, the estimate can be translated like this: 20+ extremely slow | 19-16 very slow | 15-13 quite slow | 12-11 below average | 10 average | 9-8 above average | 7-6 quite fast | 5 very fast | 4 extremely fast | 3 blindingly fast
  7. Ranged: delay = base_delay - 4*weapon_skill*(str_weight*str + dex_weight*dex)/250. Weights (str/dex) are 5/5 for slings, 7/3 for the rest. Min delay is 0.6 for bows and longbows, 0.7 for slings and crossbows.
Demonspawn mutation: gives scaling spell power and slaying bonuses with HP total: bonuses are equal to max(0, ceiling(mutlevel*(2*hp - maxhp)/maxhp))*(0.4*spell power + 4 slaying).
Arbitrary Unit of Mass. Is exactly as arbitrary as it sounds, and nobody knows exactly how much it is. In very old versions you gained 10 aum of carrying capacity per point of strength, in 0.6 you get 30 aum, and currently you get 100 + (2 * body weight) + (25 per point of str).
messages_at_top = true
Arbitrary unit of time.
autoexplore deaths
  1. Deaths occuring during autoexplore or autotravel (at full or near HP).
  2. !tv minmay killer=~lernaean 1
  3. !tv minmay killer=nikola 1
  4. !lg wrshamilton spne killer=jorgrun 1 -tv
  5. !lg SGrunt defe min=turns -tv
  6. !tv sadmasher snake 1
  7. !tv ionfrigate br=elf ckiller="deep elf annihilator" 2
  8. !tv erisdiscordia ddak br=tar 1
  9. !tv zhangfei 5
  10. !tv ponce mube 6
  11. !tv ptoannng 10
  12. !tv ragingrage xl=23 1
  13. !lg giantbat ckiller=gnoll turns=241 1 -tv
autofight stop
If you aren't crate, set this to 50 and use Tab.
  1. Autopickup is a function which allows you to automatically pick up items when you pass over them. Items which will be picked up automatically have green boxes around them in tiles.
  2. By default, only food you can eat, unidentified and useful potions, jewellery, wands, books and scrolls, used ammunition and gold will be picked up. This list can be changed (see [3] and [4]).
  3. Which items are automatically picked up is defined in settings/autopickup_exceptions.txt, or by pressing 'o' to edit options on the server. The format for adding new rules is "autopickup_exceptions = <[item type/name fragment]" for items to be included and "ae = [item type/name fragment]" for items to be excluded from autopickup.
  4. Autopickup rules can use item type ('weapon', 'armour', etc.) or name fragments (such as 'dagger', 'scroll' etc). One use for this is automatically picking up items that are glowing, runed etc.
  1. A robin for playing crawl by holding down the letter 'd'. Now with automatic Lair -> Orc -> Vaults branch order! Not updated since 0.8-a, see xw or parabolic instead.
  3. Currently can clear L and O and die in V, on a good day
  4. see cashybrid
  5. 11686 ||| EATING scroll labeled PHIASA GEAH
  6. <Patashu> why can't autorobin play as well as elynae <Patashu> it's basically the same thing right
autumn katana
A +8,+8 vorpal katana clarity that didn't get the news about katana removal. Dam 14 Acc +3 Delay 12.
auxiliary attacks
  1. Auxiliary attacks are /extra/ melee attacks using body parts. You can get auxiliary attacks by having hooves, horns, talons, fangs, a beak, or a large muscular tail. Unarmed Combat skill does not affect these. However, if you have Unarmed Combat skill and are not using a shield or two-handed weapon, you do get an offhand punch.
  2. Base damage: Kick: 5 + (hooves mutation level * 5 / 3) + (1 + talons mutation level) + (tentacle spike mutation level) | Headbutt: 5 + (horns mutation level * 3) | Peck: 6 | Tail-slap: 6 + (stinger mutation level * 2 - 1 [venom branded]) |
  3. | Punch: 5 + UC skill / 3 + (6 with blade hands) + (claws mutation level)d3 with claws (does not stack with blade hands) | Bite: (fangs mutation level * 2) + (str - 10) / 5; + 2d4 with acidic bite mutation (and possible corrosion) | Pseudopods: 4 * (pseudopod mutation level) | Squeeze: 12
  4. see unarmed_effects
availability heuristic
The more something stands out, the more likely you are to retain it and use it in later statistical arguments. For instance, you won't keep track of the number of times you cast magic dart, just recall the times you miscast 3 times in a row.
Describes an experience level 4-6 player ghost.
awaken forest
does (high) damage to enemies (you) next to trees for the (long) duration
Robin account used by people at AWBW who play crawl! Team AWBW Rising in tourneys
Adjusted Weapon Fighter Score
awesomely powerful
Describes a experience level 26 player ghost.
  1. Membership in the awfulplayers list is strictly voluntary, but only open to those with over 1000 games and a win rate under 1%.
  2. <Wensley> once a year, mantis requires that we feed it one awfulplayer
awkwardly throw
It is basically impossible to hit anything other than yourself. Maximum damage is the item's weight divided by 10.0 aum. Mainly useful for throwing scrolls/potions past flame/freezing clouds in vaults.
axe magic
axe of woe
  1. Exec (or Broad, for small races) axe made entirely out of murder. Insta-kills everything it hits, never misses, goes with any outfit. A meatsprint exclusive.
  2. The +∞,+∞ Axe of Woe barely shimmers and breaks into pieces. Elyvilon is most pleased with you.
  1. [hands](Dam,Acc,Delay): Hand axe (7,3,13); War axe (11,0,15); Broad axe (13,-2,16); Battleaxe[2] (15,-4,17); Executioner's axe[2] (18,-6,20). All axes can cleave. Crosstrains with M&F and Polearms.
  2. item_glyph = \{Axes\} : darkgrey )
  1. A unique efreet. Uses fire spells (bolt of fire, fireball, sticky flame), but also uses both types of hellfire. Appears with hell hounds and fire elementals (several of each).
  2. Is certainly not a pushover, as hellfire does huge amounts of irresistable damage.
  3. <valrus> fire dude <valrus> whatitsface
  4. <raskol> "this elemental is taking an awful lot of tabs" oh it's just azrael
azure jelly
Fast moving jelly that hits very hard with multiple cold damage attacks. Frail characters need cold resistance and must avoid melee contact. Azure jellies are vulnerable to fire, and are in fact only rC+.
  1. b0rsuk is a badger of such great power that he has mastered his own mortality. He is enormous, three-headed and capable of breathing fire. Born before the history of time, he has grown in might and magical mastery. Being immortal, there is nothing left to acquire but godhood. His claws are golden and enchanted.
  2. Likes ogres. Raw, with a little mint sauce.
  3. Has killed Boris 4 times in a game.
  4. Loves Ball Lightning
  5. Has actually found a dwarven naga barding and a blessed eudemon blade. (Sic!)
  6. y - the -3,+15 bardiche of the Penguin (weapon) {god gift, speed, +Blink rElec AC+6}
  7. Finally, let it be known that my current nickname is 'b0rsuk', all lowercase in accordance with unix tradition. And "Borsuk" is not my name - "Borsuk Euroazjatycki" means "Eurasian Badger" (meles meles).
  1. Dungeon Crawl 4.00b26, the last official Crawl release for several years preceding the start of work on Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
  2. Available at http://dungeoncrawl.org/. To get this working on a modern Linux system, change SAVE_DIR_PATH in source/AppHdr.h to "/usr/local/share/games/crawl-b26/" (trailing slash critical, make sure dir exists); and remove the braces from religion.cc lines 56-67. Then make install.
baby alligator
Seen in packs with their adult counterparts, they are slightly faster than the average race, hit as hard as a crocodile, but have more health. Not a great threat unless multiple ones gang up on you in water.
Affects starting skills, equipment, gold, spells, religion, piety, known items and the starting values for HP, MP, Str, Int and Dex and nothing else and nothing afterwards.
To backup your save: 1. ssh/telnet into the server in question and login; 2. select the relevant version; 3. pick (A)dvanced Options; 4. choose (B)ackup your save-game
  1. Everything
  2. "If you really need to rely on consumables then you're just a badplayer. Consumables just take up inventory space."
bad excuse
  1. but i wanted the loot
  2. but i was running out of food
  3. but jellies will eat it
  4. but i would lose xp
  5. but the wiki said
  6. but i like chei
  7. but my aptitude is -2
  8. but i might need it later
  9. <punpun> I didn't expect the minotaur to actually hit me 2/3 times
  10. it got lucky
  11. <eeviac> I thought I could kill it
  12. but I was wearing faith
  13. <HangedMan> ew, 3020 zig, that won't have anything of worth
  14. <Ragdoll> but my winrate
  15. but the learndb said
  16. <Kacy> Well, tbh I would play ASCII but it gives me a migraine
  17. <N78291> I didn't even realize I was dying until I died
  18. <yogaFLAME> but my tab key doesn't make me walk away
  19. see mong[6]
  20. <elliott> right but... my max hp
  21. <elliott> so i can develop without going insane
  22. I clicked
bad ideas
  1. See http://sites.google.com/site/cherrypickedbadideas/ for ortoslon's selection of ~100 favorites.
  2. Given a new home at http://crawl.chaosforge.org/Bad_Ideas
bad randarts
  1. the -12 splint mail of Joy {Str-3 Int+1}
  2. You finish putting on the cursed -7 gold dragon armour "Usupatad" {EV-5 Dex-4}
  3. the amulet "Phitwautz" {Faith MUT+}
  4. the -15 plate mail of the Good {god gift, Stlth--}
  5. the -7 wizard hat of a Thousand Suns {god gift, Dex-2 Acc-2}
  6. the -17 crystal plate armour of a ziggurat {god gift, rElec}
bad vaults
  1. minmay_temple_entry_oklob, general_overflow_altar, D:8 temples, minmay_statue_hallways, explore_dammit
  2. that entry vault that makes grinding noises
  1. type '!rng @badchar' to get a random bad character. "Bad" is defined as the greyed-out race/class combinations in character creation.
  2. see rng[7]
  3. <CptPickles> !rng @badchar <Wenzell> The RNG chooses: DDNe.
  1. David Floog
  2. With all due respect ... I USE THE MOUSE; and if I exist ... then there must be others like me.
  3. Just have a rod that's named a 'crossbow', make it depend very slightly on Dex and not on Evo and consume one bolt for every activation, and you pretty much have how a crossbow behaves
<kilobyte> got to fix webtiles producing tinyterm ttyrecs... <kilobyte> hard to watch them this way
  1. How do you distinguish male from female Crawl players ? By name ! Assume names ending with “a” are female. Since it would only have effect on speech, no harm done ?
  2. Fedhas wolves are made out of stick a leaves and travel in a pack of 5.They turn into trees, when they die.After 10 turns,if the other pack members are still alive it will turn back into a wolf at half health.
  3. A many-headed dragon, appearing as a typical, albiet tougher (and deeper), creature. Likely a Zot-level beast. * Has multiple heads and the blade-based head regeneration of a hydra. * Has all attributes of the dragon color base. * Can breathe whenever it wants. * Does not have the hydra super-fast movement speed.
  4. "Like with bears, they have tentacle and bite attacks; pulls a target next to the body, tries to bite."
  5. Killing a player ghost now has a 20% chance of dropping player ghost remains (50% if killed with a reaping weapon).
  1. http://cowmuffins.net/badforum.txt Now with Windows line endings! Add new entries below.
  2. Does anybody else think that sixfirhy movement would be interesting for death cobs? Perhaps also give them a scarier melee effect? A chance of rot, like necrophages, may be good
  1. I thought Iron Shot was a powerful, high-damage spell, likely to kill Sigmund. I was wrong
  2. Sif Muna gives you an evocable ability to get mana from health
  3. DDs: Good for bra sizes, not adventurers
  4. If I wanted comfort, I'd get a USB console controller. Vikeys is okay, until I have to move diagonally. Then they're a pain.
  5. really? is it even possible to survive pan/hell without tso/kiku
  6. LOOK AT THAT INVISIBLE GLOWING THING LETS ATTACK. fr: remove invis or make it useful ?
  7. Whatever. Mak and Veh rule but they wont win you the game. Where as TSO will
  8. i pretty much consider necromutation or undeadform necessary for extended game.
  9. True. Centaur warriors are next to impossible to pacify even at very high invocations
  10. Slouch > anything Plus I had MR chainmail on
  11. well, although im transmuter, I will go back to trog once I have 15 Level of air magic :)
  12. im scared of the greater mummy smite. it does like 60 damage in one shot
  13. I can't help but think that even if I were to use the ability to escape a bad situation, I'd be left with a character worth quitting. Maybe that's why I've never even bothered to learn Borgnjor's. well, I probably wouldn't quit. I would probably make a beeline for d:1 and escape
  14. there is /one/ reason in Crawl to change up branch order: what you happen to be resistant to
  15. It's because [Berserker Rage] was rarely used. Spellcasters don't want to be berserk since it stops them spellcasting, and Melee dudes wear heavy armor which tends to prevent level 3 spellcasting.
  16. nah i'll be switching to chei at some point so hellion island is nothing to me
  17. <hypnocat> you know what would be cool? if you could find secret objects the way you can find secret doors and traps now
  18. I figure, if i learn the game with chei, when i'm better, everything will just seem so much faster.
  19. true scummos but you dont have to steal to be a thief.
  20. <Pedjt> I have trouble understanding why you'd use necromut with anyone other than sif <Lightli> Pedjt: Crystal ball of energy abuse
  21. beogh is better than kiku anyway
  22. FWIW, I think that the Jester is a well-working, entertaining, balanced class. So why delete it?
  23. Ash is like the only god that is better than Chei at even one thing.
  24. technically, in my opinion, using a weapon late game only cripples you
  25. <CreepingCrawled> !rng play_tiles play_console <Henzell> The RNG chooses: play_tiles.
  26. yeah but who finishes w/trog i mean come on
  27. <anonymous> Thought on a god idea; a Mummy god. Invocable Tomb of Khufu and one time only Mummification (permanent lich form). [In other words, on death, you reawaken at it's altar as a mummy; but keep your racial apts and previous experience.] <anonymous> I love gourmand.
  1. 0005611: Received +3 lightning scales {sslith, rElec} barding as NaSt.
  2. 0005858: Evocation has almost no impact on Cheibriados Abilities (MeGl)
  3. 0005922: When a worshiper of Jiyva Juatzu reaches 6 star piety and enters the final floor of the Slime Pits all the treasure gets eaten.
  4. 0005975: Poisoned for 8 pages!
  5. 0005991: Grey Draconians in Dragon Form Lack See Invis
  6. 0005578: Has miscasting flipped an always miscast switch?
  7. 0006302: auto fight incorrectly implies blindness
  8. 0006710: Mummies now have planescape torment style memories [and are called liches].
  9. Warning: don't set tile_key_repeat_delay to 0, some dungeon levels use roll() several thousands times, you do not want to press space or enter that many times if you don't have show_more=false.
  1. <ophanim> If someone were to ask me about badreddit, I would point to people down voting me for calling NaTm of Chei "awful" and all the personal messages I get about how I must suck as a person/player if I can't "tolerate" NaTm of Chei
  2. <Nomi> lol, i got -20 points on reddit for saying nethack is an awful game
  3. I've heard of people talking about a hidden Lair:8 vault giving lots of tasty loot and it was one of the main reasons scrolls of magic mapping got nerfed. It'd be really shitty if the hell vault was the loot. A wand of heal wounds isn't gonna do shit for me when I have 0 recharging scrolls.
  4. All the people telling you to haste and teleport are actually giving you bad advice since haste makes it take more of your turns for a teleport to kick in, you can't outrun Mennas even while hasted (unless you've got some other speed source like boots of running, swiftness or the like).
  5. I feel like Acquirement for a wand is a huge, huge waste of an acquirement scroll, since the acquirement scroll is the easiest way to find GDA/PDA and has skill weighting, and you are virtually guaranteed to find every wand through the course of a normal game by the time you make it to Zot.
  6. You don't even need haste until the extended endgame and I've never made it to the lair without finding a wand of teleport.
  7. Also Spellcasting being the highest skill is nigh-on impossible, as it takes more training to level up Spellcasting than any other skill.
  8. You either play trolls unarmed (which is tough to ascend with, IMO) or you train maces & flails and used a giant spiked club (the best weapon in the game).
  9. I'm not sure... if you watch the video, you'll see that he wasn't wearing an amulet of Rmut because he didn't have any Sinv other than his current amulet. TSO would give him that (among other things) for free.
  10. Try to wield a loaf of bread of something. Failing that, try to give your ghost a weakness or a handicap. I've got a handy-dandy -CASTing ring I'll be wearing the next time he tries to clone me.
  11. Having more themed Pan levels that bring back monsters from earlier in the game could be interesting too, like an orc level with a new unique or a level that's entirely a forest. Since Pan is a random infinite chaos plane, everything fits by definition so long as there's variety.
  12. One point I might minorly disagree with, though, is that lichform is only useful for a 15-rune run. It's also moderately useful to run through Crypt to get enough XP to cast it, and then run through Tomb: lichform + firestorm makes that place ridiculously easy, and the extra XP and loot you'll get from Tomb will make Zot easier.
  13. The hardest part was getting necronomicon (i did the first Zig just to get that book), i was seriously out of food at one point.
  14. I always feel like I have to do Sif or Kiku first to get Lichform, and then switch to Vehumet. It really slows my characters down.
  15. I wouldn't even think of trying the late game without summon butterflies.
  16. http://www.reddit.com/r/roguelikes/comments/zglne/dcss_what_the_folks_over_at_crawl_think_of_us/
  17. They nerfed ranged so that it wouldn't be useful anymore.
  18. Here's the secret to crawl, no shit. Step one learn to use the wiki, if you see a unique or enemy you don't know look it up.
  19. I'm playing as a deep dwarf abyssal knight and my magic has been slowly fading for the whole game. Why could this possibly be?
  20. note: mummies should be wearing troll armour, it's hilariously overpowered for them
  21. Haste yourself and once that ends then chug a potion of speed to wait out the contamination and then haste again.
  22. Only problem is Lugonu is a fairly terrible god past mid game
  23. see dgwn
  24. Drinking a potion to run away is equally never a good idea; although potions are great for preparing for a fight, drinking one during a fight means you give the enemies 3(?) free turns to surround/hit you.
  25. I wish they never got rid of adding orange and green rats when you "summon small mammals" :-/
  26. Is it necessary to convert to TSO if I don't plan on going for runes, just escaping?
  27. Unless you're an AC-based character about take on Vault:$. Can't count how many times I wore two rings of life protection and an amulet of warding for that place (or at least kept rN++ with an easy ability to swap to rN+++ at the first sight of a shadow dragon).
  28. Nothing made me more sad then when Hidden Doors got removed completely and there was no longer the dead body of another Spriggan in the Spriggan Baker vault.
  29. I don't know if you were unlucky with your rings, but two rings of slaying seems a bit excessive. Maybe try some resist rings next time?
  30. (re interruptible wait) Man can't they make some fucking new content instead of doing this shit constantly. I mean it's a neat idea, but christ.
  31. An early Steam dragon hide is an amazing find for casters or even hybrids. The AC may not be worth it but the GDR is. To me some GDR is simply a must for the late game.
  32. An armour with a 50% GDR means that instead of rolling (1 d AC) for your AC roll you roll (0.5*AC d AC).
  33. The point of Spriggan of Kiku, as far as i understand, is to get the necronomicon so you never have to eat again.
  34. IE is a bit of an exception but generally training weapons as a spellcaster is a no-no
  35. I would recommend elona, it is quite unique as a roguelike, and a lot easier. It also has a tileset, and is more welcoming to newbies then crawl
  36. I have been killed so many times by slimes -- yeah, i'm a poet.
  37. In DCSS I end up dying because the chatbots in IRC tell me "not to go to the last level of lair" but they don't tell me how deep lair goes so I end up dying on the stairs.
  38. but... i LIKE the secret doors :(
  39. I was using "spellcaster" as a shorthand for "has other options than just meleeing monsters", which actually includes a lot more than just spellcasters: Be,
  40. "Secret doors have been removed" Another Deep Dwarf nerf. Rip In Peace dwarf race.
  41. I'd say 90% of my deaths early are from random unfairness. A good half of my games have Sigmund or Orc Priests on D2. The worst part is that means I'm pretty much getting a ghost on D2.
  42. Felid is a challenge race, meant to make the game extra difficult for people who have a bunch of wins under their belt.
  43. By the way, I remembered the reason I was fumbling with items - trying to put on the leather armour with MR in the hope that Mennas would not be able to renew silence when it expired due to my higher MR.
  44. I always always ALWAYS do orc mines first. There's almost never anything dangerous in there.
  1. My understanding is that you can't make randarts ponderous, right? As it is, I'd rather have the +5 to stats than max resists in most cases
  2. Gloorx's pack of Executioners is pretty scary for anyone except a Chei worshiper.
  3. It's a Giant Spiked Club of Speed! I'm not using it because I'm deadly afraid of ditching my shield.
  4. If you're weren't a naga, I'd suggest wearing the [golden dragon] hide without enchanting it. The AC is disappointing, sure, but the EVP is much more manageable and you still get all those sweet resists.
  5. Trolls are really garbage as the game goes on, and lose all their advantages when the game actually gets into being good
  6. Another thing that's pretty cool is a Deep Dwarf Necromancer of Nemelex. You use the vamp draining for healing, and the +3 evocations aptitude to play around with some of the most powerful effects in the game. Decks of destruction don't torment you anymore either, so they've got at going for them.
  7. Not having any Detect Curse is a real game-ender at low levels. I hope they end up reversing this decision.
  8. I love crawl... But I still won't play it due to Mountain Dwarf removal. After letting time pass and getting over that particular issue, the game just doesn't appeal to me.
  9. Melee and ranged-weapon users all take either Chei or TSO into extended.
  10. Also, I'm extremely disappointed in the Fulsome Distillation removal. It was an incredible support skill, identifying harmful potions for free and giving a reliable source of Mutation Potions for people that wanted to play mutation roulette.
  11. I did get the +8 Large Shield of Ignorance (rN+ AC+2 EV+2 INT-6 Curse). Is it worth it training Shields to 15 for this thing and offsetting the INT penalty with jewelery? I've got INT 33 right now.
  12. Is it possible for me to alter the spider graphics into something else? I'm deathly afraid of spiders but I'd very much like to play this game. And no, I wont play ascii, not in 2012.
  13. Not gonna lie though, Zymes are bullshit. might stick to 0.11 from now on because abyss seems like it has gone from "extremely difficult" to "almost impossible" unless you have lichmode and are hence immune to sickness.
  14. Does anyone actually think draining is a good mechanic? So much about crawl is streamlined to be non-bullshit, but for some reason losing loads of xp near enough unstoppably is still a thing?
  15. That mace sucks. All maces suck. Your axes will do massively more damage and maces just aren't good because they have no good two handers for medium races.
  16. Just remember Draconians can only get GDR with statue form or dragon form, so trying to melee everything might get kinda tough.
  17. So, I feel like rPois has become harder to find than it used to be. Am I crazy? I've lost my last two this-guy-might-go-all-the-way characters on desperation dives to Elf:3 in search of rPois anything.
  18. What's with the Trunk Vehumet change? I basically need to crank Spellcasting to always have 3 spare levels (in case I get offered Mephitic Cloud). Shit sucks.
  19. I can't even imagine playing a starting caster with neither Conjure Flame nor Mephitic Cloud.
  20. Having fifteen-runed, I can honestly say I'd much rather take on Cerebov or whoever than Mara,
  21. Yeah troll leather armour really is an extraordinary godsend for non-casting, non-heavy-armour or lightly hybridized characters.
  22. What sucks is you can't really burn identify scrolls to avoid it since he likes to give you 700 weapons per run and the only feasible way to determine which are worth using is to just wield-ID everything.
  23. Figured out how to beat the new sprint map. Its pretty easy once you figure it out. Guess. (You edit all the monsters slaying bonuses to 0. I am fairly certain that the map in unbeatable without doing so.)
  24. Okawaru: Robs you of the ability to use Sticks to Snakes, a big loss in my opinion though many don't mind. You'll ditch him eventually, heroism and finesse will lose value. Little value in Zot, I'd value Okawaru higher when you plan on ditching for more than three runes.
  25. "I mean that pretty much any branded regular Naga barding is better [than the lightning scales]"
  26. Cure Poison is pretty much the best spell in the game
  27. found the staff of Wucad Mu. Didn't use it though because I am an Ashenzari worshipper and apparently Wucad Mu doesn't count as a casting staff apparently, so Ashenzari just increases the staff weapon skill rather than spellcasting.
  1. !lg * gid=shmup:cszo:20130422163646S -tv
  2. !lg * gid=TheProvocateur:cszo:20130328215557S -tv
  3. !lg * gid=estick:cszo:20120720181333S -tv
  4. !lg * gid=dalith:cao:20130207073628S -tv
  5. !lg * gid=dre:cszo:20120719141202S -tv
  6. !lg * gid=daftfad:cao:20100705034519S -tv
  1. !lg SGrunt 664 -tv:<0.1:x0.2
  2. !lg SGrunt place=vaults:1 1 -tv:<1.5
  3. !lg hyperelliptic deam 1 -tv
  4. !lg elynae 11193 -tv
  5. !lg deprived turn=22733 1 -tv
  6. http://i.imgur.com/drZPoyv.png
  7. !lg Tirias 722 -tv:<0.2
  8. !lg simm beogh 5 -tv:<2.0
  9. !lg inspector071 pan 1 -tv
  10. !lg raskol 2806 -tv
  1. The infamous Sigmund can show up as early as the first floor, or as the first enemy for that matter. When most players are still using robes and daggers Sigmund can bring invisibility, confusion, fireballs and a massive stat boosted scythe to the party.
  2. Pity the caster who encounters centaurs before learning Mephitic Cloud.
  3. most forms of magic increase hunger to the point where a ring of sustenance is a prized possession.
  4. "There are no enemies save for rare occurrances of hungry ghosts and [[spoiler:the Minotaur]]." Hark! There is an entrance to a minotaur's labyrinth on this level.
  5. Casters have Vehumet, who doesn't even care about the corpses part, probably because his preferred methods don't leave any.
  6. Eventually the game reaches a point where monsters are almost immune to any attacks that are not non-elemental.
  7. Sometimes you get a dragon hide on the first floor, sometimes you get a dragon on the first floor.
  8. Zealot - includes every class that starts with a religion: priests, berserkers, healers, and knights of some evil gods.
No monsters in sight when starting. Your case is really tough, I admit. Most probably, you're toast. But as a gnome, were the elves asleep when you saw them? Perhaps retreat would have been an option? Out of depth monsters are universally regarded as a feature, not as a bug (this includes D:1). [snip two e vs XL 1 GnEE]
  1. Cheibrodos: Chei is actually the best god
  2. Pinksniperdx: tso gotta be the best god for summoner
  1. An old wiki (with lots of out of date and incorrect info; enter at your own risk): http://chaosforge.org/crawl/ There is an interesting essay about the relevance of the Chaosforge wiki located here: http://eronarn.info/misc/wiki.html
  2. "Freeze, the first spell [in Frost], is not the best. it's [sic] damage is decent, and it slows cold-blooded enemies, but it can only hit adjacent enemies, and unlike Flame Tongue, it's [sic] range does not increase with spell power."
  3. "Azrael and his fire elementals all trail fire, you can use that to fence in other enemies nearby, if there are enemies."
  4. Beware of the food cost!
  5. http://crawl.chaosforge.org/index.php?title=The_Ziggurat&oldid=13247#Archer_strategy
  6. recommendations include: ddne of chei, spen of tso, abandoning makhleb in the midgame (because his power dips).
  7. Mountain Dwarf Fighter of Cheibriados (strategy guide): A wrecking ball
  8. My power is increasing. I can feel Vehumet's pride and ice in my veins as I stride forward, destruction filling my mind. This lair will prove no more difficult than fighting an angry child.
  9. Volcano - "To fully explore it, you'll need a reliable means of levitation to cross the lava, which is rare at this point in the game."
  10. Draining weapons are devastating at any point in the game
  11. Skalds need Evasion (to cast magic)
  12. Besides fire resistance you won't be needing much, although making the effort to reach rC+++ to protect yourself in case you need to pop an Ice Storm at close range is an excellent idea.
  13. You completely deleted the original Mummy Wizard guide article and replaced it with a link to your own shorter, incomplete guide. This is not acceptable in a community-driven wiki.
  14. "Strength [...] increases the rate at which you learn the Armour skill and weapon skills."
  15. Magic Dart is a definite upgrade over Freeze any way you look at it
  16. <archl> the exit is in metal??? <archl> wiki is wrong
  17. Wielding a distortion weapon can serve as a last resort to teleport you while confused.
  18. While a weapon of orc slaying will work wonders against him [Saint Roka], he's technically evil, so weapons of holy wrath are just as effective.
  19. On Sandblast: "Use stones sparingly; use the standard version of the spell against goblins and save your ammo for bigger prey, like hydras."
  20. Zot:5 ... Requirements: ... 5 scrolls of magic mapping
  21. <Sorbius> the wiki isn't that bad if you already know everything since you will recognise the things that are wrong
  22. <bmfx> Liams123: there is a problem. when you want to edit wiki, you realise you don't have rights to. and when you manage to get them, you already don't care
  23. A pro of statue form: -2 dexterity
  24. The amount of MP you have is very important, try to find a ring of magical power if possible, but beware of the food cost!
  25. Cheibriados Is also useful [on MuSu] for the stat boosts, and seen as you'll be summoning a lot, you don't need to be running off as much!
  26. A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt
  27. You'll have to decide whether you want to kill monsters for experience or save them to eat later.
badwiki gham guide
  1. The amount of vanilla races is already very low, unless you count elves.
  2. Is there something wrong with Okawaru? I played a Felid Monk of Okawaru all the way up to level 16 and never once received a gift from him.
  3. Trolls can't do anything well anyway.
  4. I still think Stone Soup is a top 3 roguelike and best in class in some areas, but some fundamental missing features keeps it from #1 to me. If the devs can't see meaningful choices and tradeoffs with light sources I think they just give up too easy on making some features fit with their theory.
  5. fulsome distillation had other uses than just providing ammo for evaporate. Gone are the days of easy decks of wonder from Nemelex, I guess it’s only decks of summoning and destruction now.
  6. "It seems more like you are being a character archetype hipster and/or letting the the “doctrine” tail wag the “fun game” dog." http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/whisper-farewell-when-you-leave-gimli#comment-782
  7. Bad idea. breaks roguelike rule that you shouldn't add content which requires almost no change in coding.
  1. A forbidden dungeon of the mad chevalier. A timed portal vault. It's full of axes, polearms, gnolls, orcs, or elves, depending on the RNG. Loot is anywhere between "some crappy axes" and "multiple scrolls of acquirement."
  2. One bailey: 4 scrolls of acquirement, 3 potions of experience, 2 potions of magic, a potion of resistance, a potion of gain dex, EW I and EW II, a potion of heal wounds, and a ring of control teleport.
  3. G - the +21 crystal plate armour of the Great Game (worn) {rC++ Dex+1}
  4. It is possible to encounter two baileys in the same game - one axes and one polearms.
ball lightning
  1. Like a giant spore, but zappier. They don't exist naturally, but Conjure Ball Lightning (L7 (6 in 0.14+) C/A in Sky) can make them, and are also in rare abyss, swamp, and aerie vaults. Cannot be conjured over water or lava. Remember that ones conjured will explode when they time out!
  2. !lg ahrin place=tomb:3 1 -tv
ball python
  1. A renamed small snake with constriction instead of poison.
  2. <rwbarton> it's a cross between a snake and a ball lightning
  1. they make a buttload of spores
  2. spores make a buttload of them
  3. polystyrus the Transmogrifier (L12 SETm), worshipper of Sif Muna, killed by an exploding giant spore (created by an active ballistomycete (created by a giant spore (created by an active ballistomycete (created by a giant spore)))) on D:11 on 2010-01-05, with 19181 points after 18777 turns and 2:15:14.
An upstanding citizen of Moria. For the Crawl native, see balrug.
  1. A giant flaming rug that can smite and toss around fireballs with abandon. Always generated with a branded demon whip.
  2. The balrug hits you with a demon whip of freezing! You are engulfed in flames!
  1. Sends the target to the Abyss. Checks MR. Cast by deep elf demonologists/sorcerers, Louise and SOME (ancient) liches, wizards, deep elf magi, ogre-magi, Erolcha, and pan lords. You get some XP if you damaged the monster beforehand. XP is handled like for kills by summons.
  2. It's also a Lugonu power.
  3. An equivalent effect may happen if you get hit by a weapon of distortion.
  4. The purple smoke created by banishing can block LOS like a scroll of fog, though obviously not as reliably.
banshee card
Acts like a scroll of fear, where the chance of success is based on the card power.
This polearm is an enormous combination of pike and battle axe. Damage 18, accuracy -6, delay 20, damage type: chopping. Was called lochaber axe in earlier versions. Will always be called lochaber axe in cbus's heart.
Armour for the non-human half of nagas or centaurs. Worn in the boot slot, but has 4 base AC and can be enchanted to +4; they also cannot get the "running" brand, but can get (fire|cold) resistance. Can get the flying brand, and lasts until cancelled, like boots of flying. Reduces EV by 2; this is not like body armour's evasion penalty.
bargain card
2dPOWER turns of 20% discounted shopping.
barnacled rune
Found at the bottom of the shoals. See shoals for more information.
  1. some tiles player
  2. plays tiles
  1. You may only damage things by bashing things clumsily with non weapons. Auxiliary unarmed attacks and constriction are not allowed, so no Ke, Ce, Mi, Dr, DS, Na, Op.
  2. Nerfed in 0.7 :(
Gila monsters were replaced with these in 0.9. Same stats, but with a petrifying gaze attack.
  1. An extreme pest. Moves three times as fast as the average player, but deals only one damage. Has better HP than a rat, and very high EV. If you are two squares away from a bat, step backwards instead of moving next to it, so that it won't be able to hit you and move away in the same turn.
  2. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GoddamnedBats
  3. see bat vault[1]
bat challenge
  1. Die to a bat as a deep dwarf.
  2. No, berserk doesn't work. And inner flame is cheating. Forms don't work either!
bat form
  1. An ability you get as a vampire at xl3. Grants minimum movement delay and gives a bonus to EV and Dex when unencumbered but cripples your Str. No spellcasting.
  2. Eronarn the Necromancer (L27 DSNe), worshipper of Sif Muna, collapsed under their own weight caused by gaining the bat transformation on Lair:2 on 2008-08-27, with 538692 points after 150318 turns and 17:21:18.
bat vault
!lg * ((killer=bat || killer=megabat || killer="giant bat")) dam=2
15 / -4 / 17. Largest common axe, and readily available on early orc warriors.
battlelust card
Power 0 acts as a potion of might, 1 causes you to berserk after a 10 aut delay, 2 gives you a slaying bonus that is always worse than might.
  1. Level 4 conjuration/charms, new in 0.12. Conjures an orb that follows the caster around and will fire at your target whenever you cast targeted damage spells. Does modest damage, but has good mp efficiency.
  2. Conjured with a limited number of charges, but can be recharged with additional casts. Recasting also recalls the battlesphere if it is out of LOS. Projectiles will pass through battlespheres like they do through orbs of destruction, though they can be hit and destroyed in melee.
  3. <N78291> this is actually a BsCj with a halfling standing around
  1. A portal with several shops. Portals to bazaars appear on random levels and disappear after a set amount of time. Once you leave the bazaar you can't return. Some bazaars won't disappear until entered (and don't feature the "coins being counted" or bell tolling messages).
  2. < Garhauk> bazaar on d:27 and only 11 portals to check! < Garhauk> ok nvm it was the 2nd one < Henzell> Garhauk the Eviscerator (L21 FeBe) entered Wucad Mu's Monastery on turn 90470. (D:27)
  3. Can appear in the main dungeon from floor 10 to 26. They have one chance (per shop) in (thirty minus floor level number) of being generated instead of a shop, with a maximum of one per floor. See shop generation.
  1. <friendlybee> that's literally the worst idea I've ever heard bcadren
  2. <Bcadren> Bear is driving a van
  3. <G-Flex> dispel undead is a spell you definitely should pick up if you already have the skill <Bcadren> Well, I'm using Meph which is better anyways
A mutation that gives you a big sharp thing on your face that you can peck things with. Tengu start with a beak. A peck is an auxiliary unarmed attack that does 6 damage. Having a beak prevents you from wearing a hard helmet (caps and hats are okay though).
beam damage
calcdice_calculator<A, B, C, D> means (B + pow * C / D) damage divided among A identical dice. Die size is rounded up/down at random, weighted by remainder.
beam ice
Damage type used for throw icicle and ice storm. 40% resistible (by rC).
beam lava
Damage type used for bolt of magma and fire storm. 55% resistible (by rF).
  1. PARTICULARLY dangerous, particularly when you first see them, particularly when they get particularly low on particles of hp and go PARTICULARLY - BEARSERK!
  2. Whats not to like about Robin Hood? Ill steal from the rich and give to a poor bear: me. Stay here, Friar Boo-Boo.
bear cave
  1. One of the small Lair:8 vaults, which allows another small Lair:8 vault to spawn. Contains polar bears, grizzly bears, black bears, and honeycombs. The bears start off behind a wall of plants, so you can run away if you don't think you can handle them.
  2. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EverythingISWorseWithBears
beard stats
Beard values for 0.10 are: beardless < 10, choko beard < 30, some beard < 60, quite a beard < 90, very beardy < 120, extreme beard < 150, extraordinary beard < 190, incredible beard < 240, uncanny beard < 300, almost entirely bearded >= 300
beastly appendage
  1. Turns one of your body parts into the "monstrous" equivalent (horns, talons). Is not powerful enough to meld armour. Level 1 pure Transmutations. Book of Changes.
  2. Does not give you claws anymore, now it's only talons or horns
Did you mean book of beasts or box of beasts?
beef jerky
  1. The highest nutrition food for its weight at 2 AUM, 1,500 nutrition.
bend space
Does 1d4 damage to you (this can kill you!) and causes you to blink randomly (ignores abyss blink-blocking and cTele and stasis, unlike all other blink sources). At high power, damages (by up to 1d5) and blinks nearby monsters.
bend time
Slows down everyone who's standing just next to you, unless the monster passes a (Monster HD)d3 > ((16+INVO*8)d2)/2 check.
beneficial mutation
A beneficial replacement for potions of gain stat in 0.13. Gives a random beneficial mutation. Please don't complain if it gives you beneficial wild magic. For a beneficial list of possible benefits, see beneficial mutations.
beneficial mutations
  1. Possible "beneficial" mutations: strength (up to +4), intelligence (up to +4), dexterity (up to +4), rPois (1), carnivore (1-3), rF (1-3), rC (1-3), rElec (1), fast healing (1-3), slow metabolism (1-2), MR (1-3), speed (1-3), SInv (1), spit poison (1-3), breathe flames (1-3), blink (1-3), Str+1/Dex-1 (1-3), Str-1/Dex+1 (1-3), clarity (1), ...
  2. ...rMut (1-3), evolution (1-2), robustness (1-3), horns (1-3), beak (1), claws (1-3), fangs (1-3), hooves (1-3), antennae (1-3), talons (1-3), tentacle spike (for octopodes) (1-3), stinger (Na/Dr only) (1-3), fur (1-3), high MP (1-3), wild magic (1-3), passive mapping (1-3).
  1. The Orc god. Only Orcs can worship Beogh, although they can do so as soon as they find an orc priest to convert them. Powers include Smiting, Orcish Allies, Life saving, and Water Walking. Likes killing things and sacrificing orc corpses.
  2. Beogh encourages the use of orcish gear by giving additional bonuses for wearing it. With orcish armour, you gain virtual armour skill points based on your piety (+.5 to +2.5) as well as the bonus all orcs get for wearing orcish armour (+2). Weapons are +1 damage bonus (as per magic bonuses) for orcish weapon, then +0 to +6 more based on piety.
  3. The green rat evaporates and reforms as an orc! B - a wand of polymorph other {zapped: 1} The orc falls on its knees before you. It asks, "Are you our saviour?"
  4. !lg * beogh ktyp=water 2 -tv
  5. You swap places. Oreg drops 526 arrows. Oreg picks up a poisoned arrow.
beogh reasons
  1. You like making your own orc army!
  2. You want to do to Sigmund what orc priests do to you.
beogh retribution
Destroying an orcish idol can result in Beogh smiting you for 10+d9+5d(your XL) damage. 100% chance of retribution for Beogh worshippers, 50% chance for other orcs, and 33% chance for other races. In addition, gods other than Beogh and Xom will prevent the smiting with a piety/400 chance if you are not under penance.
beogh smiting
See beogh_retribution for destroying an orcish idol, beogh_wrath for the wrath effect, and smite[2] for the ability.
beogh wrath
ABANDONMENT: 50 penance, you stop walking on water if applicable (glub glub glub glub), all tame orcs go hostile. RETRIBUTION: 25% smiting (and not the 7-17 kind), 12.5% 1d2 dancing orc slaying weaps, 25% followers abandon you if still worshipping, else fall through 37.5% summon hostile (warlord, high priest, knight, warrior, plain)
  1. Grants might, haste and 50% extra HP. Lasts 20-40 turns, as long as you're attacking monsters. This duration increases on kills if wearing an amulet of rage or worshipping Trog.
  2. While berserk, you can only move, open/close doors, attack with your wielded weapon, if any, pray, eat, and butcher corpses. Notably, you cannot use items or abilities, including god abilities, even Trog's. Be prepared before berserking!
  3. The chance of passing out after your rage is 1 in 10 + (rage_mutation_level * 25). If worshipping Trog and not penitent, there's an additional piety-in-150 chance of not passing out. After berserk ends, you are slowed for 100-200 turns and exhausted for a while.
  4. There is also a mutation (called "berserk" by crawl, described as you "lose your temper in combat"; plus "makes you angry" on artifacts) that causes you to go berserk sometimes after attacks. The chance varies with the mutation level (1, 3, 9%), and the chance of passing out decreases.
  5. see undead[2]
  6. Berserking uses up a very large amount of nutrition, and you cannot berserk if you're Very Hungry or worse. The rage duration may be extended on kills if worshipping Trog (piety-based chance, larger extension), wearing the amulet of Bloodlust (50% chance) or wearing an amulet of rage (1/30 chance).
  7. Err on the side of caution: for fights that you think you _may_ be able to handle without, but aren't sure, use your berserking ability. But: Don't berserk anything that blinks. Don't berserk if you think you can't mop up the main threats by the time it ends. Don't wander around slowed / exhausted.
berserk rage
Berserks you! Will not work if you are exhausted from a previous berserk.
  1. A background that starts out worshipping Trog. Starts with a light weapon, animal skin, and enough piety to use Trog's berserk ability.
  2. <Mandevil> Berserkers damage the Tab key.
  1. <bh> When it comes to stupid ideas, I'm your man.
  2. Grunt also has bad ideas.
  3. <bh> we should clearly not be allowed to make monsters.
  1. Still believes that Nethack is the most popular roguelike.
  2. Also believes that the earth is flat.
  3. Happens to maintain a Nethack fork, UnNethack. If you're curious how a Nethack with some thoughts spent on balance could look like, give it a try: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/unnethack/
  4. Is on the record as stating that he is not a shark.
  5. Likes ke$ha
big fish
  1. It's big, and it lives in water. Also the name of the fish sandwich sold by Burger King.
  2. http://www.dopefish.com/
big kobold
  1. A kobold with much more HP that's worth a decent chunk of exp.
  2. But they can have branded weapons and a kobold pack almost always has some blowdarts. MOSTLY harmless.
  3. kinda like a kobold. only bigger.
  1. Breaker of hearts; crusher of dreams.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/SwSJu.png
An auxiliary unarmed attack you can get if you have sharp teeth or fangs. Damage is (fang mutation level * 2) + ((strength-10) / 5, randomly rounded). If you have less than 10 str, it's just (fang mutation level * 2).
black bear
  1. They go berserk when they are afraid: common causes are scrolls of fear or low health.
  2. More harmless than you would expect.
black draconian
  1. A form of draconian that is able to shoot lightning. The player race's breath sneezes lightning bolts and explosions in random directions. 2 Air Magic aptitude, and -2 Earth Magic aptitude. Resists electricity at XL 7, and gains permanent flight at XL 14.
  2. <FaMott> Its like a disc of storms, with less killing yourself.
black knights horse barding
  1. A +10 centaur barding of ponderousness, with Hunger- and rN+. Wearing it, you still move faster than humans (delay 9).
  2. is considered evil by the good gods; read the description if you don't know why
black magic
  1. <archl> !lg * vmsg~~\).*\).*\).*\).*\)
  2. <|amethyst> %git HEAD^{/rod}^^{/rod}
  3. <HangedMan> SHUFFLE: qS?tViwYJzOl / tViwYJzOKqS? / wYJzOKqS?tVi / zOKqS?tViwY, y&KpRmsUHvXj / vXjy&KpRmsUH / sUHvXjy&KpRm / pRmsUHvXjy&K, SMViYJOK / MSiVJYKO, &KRmUHXj / K&mRHUjX, QmThWIZk / mQhTIWkZ
black mamba
  1. Very fast snake that does a lot of damage and can inflict multiple levels of poisoning with one bite. Extremely dangerous, but susceptible to resistible magic, such as wands of paralysis, confusion, slowing, and disintegration.
  2. Used to be just "black snakes" in 0.5-.
  3. An arrogant creature with a great jump shot who always has the ball in his hands come fourth quarter.
black sheep
NAME: african_american_sheep
blade card
Prompts you to wield a weapon. Power 0: temporary flaming, freezing, venom, draining or vorpal brand; Power 1: temporary distortion, pain, antimagic, chaos or elec brand; Power 2: Tukima's dance.
blade hands
A potent level 5 transmutation spell that grants a large increase to unarmed damage but impedes spellcasting while active. Base damage is 8 + str/3 + dex/3 + UC. Also adds +6 to offhand punch damage. Does not stack with claws.
blade trap
1d76 damage.
  1. why
  2. see beard_stats
  1. <Blazinghand> The worse thing I ever experienced while playing TSO was: "Are you sure you want to attack the helpless Yaktaur?" <Blazinghand> and i was like dude TSO there is no such thing as a "helpless" yaktaur
  2. !lg blazinghand 315 -tv:<T10000
  3. see deep dwarf reasons
  4. http://i.imgur.com/Gm5iouk.png
  5. see lightning_bolt[2]
  6. http://i.imgur.com/kSOlUPu.png
  7. <simmarine> Bomukhlue's Testament of the Greatest Mummy <simmarine> Spells Type Level <simmarine> a - Tornado Air 9
  8. see Labyrinth[7]
<bleak> I love eating brown chunks
  1. Reduces a monster's HP by a tiny fraction each turn, supposedly. Sucks.
  2. Bleeding makes enemies leave blood trails, which can be useful for tracking down fleeing fast enemies or invisible ones, maybe
The final ability (******) of TSO, Kiku (if chosen), and Lugonu is to both place a permanent brand and read an enchant weapon III scroll on your weapon by praying at their altar. You can still enchant the weapon further. See the shining one[4], kikubaaqudgha[3], or lugonu for details.
blessed blade
Blessing a long blade with TSO improves the base type slightly, giving +1 Dam -1 Acc -1 Delay. The resulting weapon is called a Blessed Blade regardless of the original type.
blessed toe
Sort of like a curse_toe, but summons holy monsters instead of undead and mushrooms. Doesn't currently appear short of lucky holypolymorph, and the devs don't like them.
You can blind monsters with Dazzling Spray (temporary), or as a Zin Recite effect (permanent); this means they can't see you (or other monsters) and act as though you are invisible.
  1. You can't see any monsters.
  2. On CDO, you can't see your HP or MP either.
  1. Magic that translocates you to somewhere visible, not deep water or lava, and not blocked by translucent wall. Statues are fine. Random blink tries for 3 to 6 steps away, then tries closer. You won't go farther than 6. Semi-controlled tries random blink from 2 to 7 steps in the direction you chose. Controlled lets you choose where to land.
  2. Blinking is unreliable in the Abyss and blocked by prev-tele items; it is uncontrolled if confused or on a no-control-teleport level teleport control[2]. Controlled Blink gives semi-controlled blinks on no-TC levels. Blink scrolls respect no-TC normally. Most other sources of blink give uncontrolled blinks, or semi-controlled if you have TC
  3. Lugonu blinks, miscast blinks (including distortion effects), blinks from plain Warp, and blinks from draconian shifters cannot be semi-controlled. Monster blinks, unlike those of players, can pass through walls. If you do manage to blink in the abyss (1 in 3 chance), it's a very nice instant random teleport.
  4. Evokable randart blink costs 1mp and 50 food, and you need 9 skill to use it at excellent.
  5. It doesn't land you in water or lava, but it may land you in clouds. (see embarrassing_deaths[5])
  6. If you rely on random blinks to get you out of danger, this will happen to you: !lg jazzimus xl>15 7 -tv
  7. The code for it is notoriously terrible, look at spl-transloc.cc for the details.
blink away
it makes the monster blink away from you
blink frog
  1. One of the toughest enemies in the Lair, though it earns this title mostly due to its ability to blink and its appearance in packs. Poison works well, as do conjurations, and you can even melee them if you can hit them consistently.
  2. Distortion weapons don't do the normal effects against blink frogs. Instead they have a 20% chance to heal them and have no effect otherwise. Bend space also heals them instead of blinking and damaging them.
blink other
A spell which irresistibly blinks the player. The blink cannot be controlled. Draconian Shifters have it and Roxanne has a variant that blinks you closer to her.
blink range
Blinks the caster a distance away from the player.
blinkrobin: You cannot move.
blizzard demon
New 2 in 0.10, replacing the blue death: bolt of lightning, freezing cloud, airstrike, bolt of cold.
http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress for interesting articles on play-testing and general development Stuffs!
Unrandart +7,+8 vorpal demon blade that lets you berserk, makes you angry, and makes you less stealthy.
A unique spellcaster orc. Tends to have a rather strong weapon, and dangerous if he hastes himself and you don't have much AC.
Blowguns shoot needles. For needles other than poison and curare: You have a flat 2% chance of affecting monsters with HD14 or less. In all other cases, or if this 2% chance fails, you will only affect a monster if 2+ 1d(3 + Throwing Skill + Blowgun To-Hit) is greater than the monster's HD.
blowgun of the assassin
the +6 blowgun of the Assassin {+Inv Stlth+}.
blown up by
  1. SGrunt the Blackguard (L16 SpEn), worshipper of Nemelex Xobeh, blown up by in D:13 on 2012-05-18, with 100483 points after 42163 turns and 3:02:32.
  2. Fixed by Grunt. RIP blownupby
blue anna
  1. <dpeg> the Endian guinea pig :)
  2. brought us nisse AND the ring of charms. whatta generous feller
  3. Also responsible for minotaurs with rods.
blue death
Churchmouse the Blademaster (L27 HaWn), worshipper of Okawaru, blasted by a smoke demon (divine providence) (summoned by a deep elf sorcerer (summoned by a Blue Death (summoned by a deep elf demonologist (summoned by a Blue Death (summoned by a deep elf demonologist))))) in Zig:21 on 2011-08-02, with 649571 points after 98719 turns and 13:08:27.
blue devil
  1. It flies and doesn't like fire. Only a problem if you walk into the wrong ice cave a little too early.
  2. In 0.13, it has a swooping attack that lets it fly past you and instantly melee you. Makes it very good at blocking corridors.
blurry vision
You fail to read scrolls with 20%, 40%, or 60% chance at levels 1, 2, 3 of this mutation. Scrolls that you fail to read aren't wasted. Also affects spell memorization. Having this mutation at all completely disables passive scanning for traps(!), and each level is equivalent to -2 to traps & doors when stepping into an undiscovered trap.
  1. Has finally embraced civilisation.
  2. Coded Cheibriados. Is rumoured to worship this god in real life.
  3. Hates the other gods so much he is coding new wraths for them.
  1. An ancient Pokemon lich of considerable power and great evil. For evidence of the latter, search in his .crawlrc for delay_message_clear. Is also rumoured to be training two kittenliches.
  2. Claims that he does not streak and swears he wears clothes. No, seriously.
  3. Beards count as clothes.
  4. Can spell prescience correctly. Wow.
body slot facet
Horns, Hooves, Talons, Claws, Antennae (Anything which restricts or makes an armour slot unavailable)
Originally "B.O.G." for Brian's Orc God, was the (implied) deity associated with orc priest smiting in early 4.0 code. References to Bog were removed from the 4.0 code. Beogh is Bog's descendant, Stone Soup's god of the orcs.
bog body
  1. Swamp denizen that likes to destroy your potions with bolt of cold over water. Charming.
  2. http://t.co/tBpNGtUk
  1. Very weak by themselves until they start summoning, at which point they can be extremely dangerous. Can instantly summon 8 yaktaurs or slime creatures. They have very low HP and MR, so zapping or casting disintegration, fireball, paralyze, enslave, confusion, and polymorph are all safe options.
  2. They also turn themselves invisible to make things more fun. If a dozen monsters suddenly surround you, better get fleeing.
  3. Probably the best creature to polymorph.
  4. Can also summon more boggarts, which can summon in even more boggarts...
  6. !lg archl 139 -tv:<2
  7. !fight 4 boggart v 4 boggart respawn delay:0
<mikee_> boggle is kind of like being on meth all the time
  1. a certain type of projectile property that penetrates through enemies and reduces the remaining range by 1 (unless a lightning bolt); see bolt[2] for the missile type
  2. see crossbow
bolt bouncing
  1. You can find a friendly tutorial here: http://herself.unixstorm.org/bouncing/ or watch an amazing, narrated demonstration on FooTV with the following command: !lg Mayhem 686 -tv:<2 Note: weaker in 0.6+.
  2. For a dramatic demonstration: !lg Ahrin KoCK place=zot:1 -tv
  3. see trizap
  4. More bouncing hilarity: !lg nht NaAs 1 place=tomb -tv
bolt of cold
A level 6 conj/ice penetrating beam attack that can hit multiple opponents in a line for pure cold damage. Does six dice with a maximum of (18 + (power * 2) / 3). At power 50 it does 6d8 damage; at power 100 it does 6d14. With sufficent power, produces freezing clouds when passing water squares; always produces steam over lava.
bolt of draining
L6 conj/necro spell in the book of Death.
bolt of fire
A level 6 conj/fire penetrating beam attack that can hit multiple opponents in a line for pure fire damage. Does six dice with a maximum of (18 + (power * 2) / 3). At power 50 it does 6d8 damage; at power 100 it does 6d14. As with any fire-based beams, produces steam if it passes over water.
bolt of inaccuracy
Deals good damage at Evocations level 0 - 27. You can line up several nasty monsters and blast them down all at once (irresistible damage!). Especially good with a corona-type effect like Sunlight or TSO halo to make it more accurate.
bolt of magma
55% resistible (by rF) penetrating conjuration. Range 5.
bolt trap
1d40 damage.
bone dragon
Undead dragon with no breath weapon but good AC, resists, and melee damage. One of the best gifts Yred can grant.
bone shards
Level 3 pure necromancy spell. Wield a skeleton and cast the spell to shoot bone fragments at your enemies. Note that skeletons count as two handed weapons. The heavier the monster, the more damage done. Damage isn't really worthwhile. Gone in 0.8.
bones card
Temporarily summons one skeleton. Will only be hostile if card power is 0 and you roll a 25% chance. At card power 0: random large skeleton. 1: skeletal warrior. 2: bone dragon.
  1. It's a spellbook, tome of destruction, or manual. (r) it to find out what. It doesn't take time, no reason not to do it immediately!
  2. <mikee_> in his time, alexander pope accused intellectuals of buying books just to have them and show them off <mikee_> he suggested that they just buy little pieces of wood and have the covers painted onto them because it would be cheaper <mikee_> everyone hated alexander pope and he died bitter and alone
book acquirement
Book gifts are non-deterministic (but weighted by your casting skills). You can get randart spellbooks. Acquirement via scrolls has a chance of producing a manual. That chance is a virtual guarantee if you have no spellcasting skills. Manual type is weighted towards your skills.
book of air
Shock, Swiftness, Repel Missiles, Flight, Static Discharge, Lightning Bolt
book of alchemy
Lethal Infusion, Sublimation of Blood, Condensation Shield, Alistair's Intoxication, Petrify, Ignite Poison
book of annihilations
Poison Arrow, Chain Lightning, Lehudib's Crystal Spear, Ice Storm, Fire Storm - Requires 6 spellcasting and 10 conjurations to memorize spells out of this book.
book of battle
Infusion, Shroud of Golubria, Song of Slaying, Spectral Weapon, Regeneration
book of beasts
Summon Butterflies, Sticks to Snakes, Call Canine Familiar, Ice Form, Summon Ice Beast, Summon Hydra
book of burglary
Apportation, Swiftness, Passwall, Passage of Golubria, Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, Darkness
book of callings
Summon Small Mammal, Call Imp, Call Canine Familiar, Summon Scorpions, Summon Ice Beast
book of cantrips
Confusing Touch, Animate Skeleton, Summon Small Mammal, Apportation
book of changes
Beastly Appendage, Sticks to Snakes, Spider Form, Ice Form, Blade Hands
book of clouds
Mephitic Cloud, Conjure Flame, Poisonous Cloud, Freezing Cloud, Ring of Flames
book of conjurations
Magic Dart, Searing Ray, Dazzling Spray, Iskenderun's Mystic Blast, Iskenderun's Battlesphere, Fulminant Prism
book of control
Control Teleport, Control Undead, Enslavement, Mass Confusion, Metabolic Englaciation
book of death
Corpse Rot, Sublimation of Blood, Agony, Dispel Undead, Excruciating Wounds, Bolt of Draining
book of debilitation
Corona, Slow, Inner Flame, Enslavement, Cause Fear, Leda's Liquefaction
book of dreams
Ensorcelled Hibernation, Flight, Phase Shift, Shadow Creatures, Mass Confusion, Darkness
book of enchantments
Cause Fear, Silence, Tukima's Dance, Deflect Missiles, Haste, Discord
book of envenomations
Spider Form, Poison Weapon, Summon Scorpions, Olgreb's Toxic Radiance, Poisonous Cloud
book of fire
Fire Brand, Ignite Poison, Fireball, Bolt of Fire, Delayed Fireball, Ring of Flames
book of flames
Flame Tongue, Throw Flame, Conjure Flame, Inner Flame, Sticky Flame, Fireball
book of frost
Freeze, Throw Frost, Ozocubu's Armour, Throw Icicle, Summon Ice Beast, Condensation Shield
book of geomancy
Sandblast, Stoneskin, Passwall, Stone Arrow, Petrify, Lee's Rapid Deconstruction
book of hinderance
Confusing Touch, Slow, Confuse, Petrify, Leda's Liquefaction, Metabolic Englaciation
book of ice
Freezing Aura, Ensorcelled Hibernation, Ozocubu's Refrigeration, Bolt of Cold, Freezing Cloud, Metabolic Englaciation, Simulacrum
book of maledictions
Corona, Sure Blade, Ensorcelled Hibernation, Confuse, Enslavement, Invisibility
book of minor magic
Magic Dart, Blink, Call Imp, Repel Missiles, Slow, Conjure Flame, Mephitic Cloud
book of necromancy
Pain, Animate Skeleton, Lethal Infusion, Vampiric Draining, Regeneration, Animate Dead, Control Undead
book of party tricks
Summon Butterflies, Apportation, Blink, Alistair's Intoxication, Tukima's Dance
book of power
Iskenderun's Mystic Blast, Venom Bolt, Bolt of Magma, Fulminant Prism, Iron Shot, Orb of Destruction
book of spatial translocations
Apportation, Portal Projectile, Blink, Shroud of Golubria, Teleport Other, Passage of Golubria
book of summonings
Abjuration, Recall, Summon Elemental, Shadow Creatures, Summon Demon, Summon Ugly Thing
book of the dragon
Flight, Cause Fear, Bolt of Fire, Dragon Form, Summon Dragon
book of the earth
Dig, Leda's Liquefaction, Bolt of Magma, Statue Form, Iron Shot, Shatter
book of the sky
Flight, Airstrike, Silence, Deflect Missiles, Conjure Ball Lightning, Tornado
book of the tempests
Static Discharge, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Tornado, Shatter
book of the warp
Recall, Control Teleport, Phase Shift, Warp Weapon, Dispersal, Controlled Blink, Disjunction
book of transfigurations
Stoneskin, Polymorph, Ice Form, Statue Form, Dragon Form
book of unlife
Recall, Animate Dead, Control Undead, Twisted Resurrection, Death Channel, Simulacrum
book of war chants
Fire Brand, Freezing Aura, Shroud of Golubria, Repel Missiles, Poison Weapon, Regeneration
book of wizardry
Summon Elemental, Agony, Force Lance, Fireball, Haste, Invisibility
Armour rating: 1. They go on your feet, if you've got them. Sorry, one size does not fit all. They come in varieties of stealth (+50 stealth), running (faster movement) and flying (activate for permanent flying).
boots of flying
Evoke for indefinite flying.
boots of running
-1 to movement delay (default is 10 for most races). Makes your movement speed slightly faster than an ugly thing. Stacks with Swiftness. In 0.12- gave -2 delay.
boots of the assassin
+2 boots of the Assassin {Dex+3 Stlth+80 +Inv}, and designed by the Assassins guild. In 0.14+, instead lets you stab with any weapon type like a short blade, and senses monsters within 4 spaces.
boots of the spider
A pair of unrand boots with the jumping ego that also grant clinging and +50 stealth.
borgnjors revivification
  1. Level 7 (8 in 0.14) Necromancy spell that completely restores HP (but not rotting) while permanently reducing maxhp between 2 and 10 percent depending on power. Note that the undead and those who take lichform cannot cast this spell, as they are beyond the realm of normal life and death. Those with 20 max HP or less are too frail to use this spell.
  2. If you intend to use this as an emergency button at some point, be damn sure to leave as little margin for miscasting as possible.
  3. Does *not* ask for confirmation, set it to an uppercase letter unless you want to be very unhappy.
boring beetle
  1. A ravening greensnark-slayer, and the most likely cause of that grinding noise. Mostly unremarkable beyond drilling holes everywhere and being ridiculously hard to hurt. In worm territory in terms of how laughable dying to one is.
  2. You hear a grinding noise.
  1. A unique Lich that has an awesome habit of staying undead. Spells: bolt of cold, invisibility, animate dead, iron shot, iood.
  3. Boris says to your 12-headed hydra, "You haven't seen the last of me!"
bot ideas
  1. Add suggestions to improve Henzell/Sequell/Gretell here.
  2. !speak, generates a line of speech for the named creature. With no creature, should default to imp. Or perhaps the command should only generate imp speech.
  3. Something like "!learn info" that tells creation date and last edit date for a learndb entry. If that's tracked anywhere. Maybe number of edits and channel views too.
  4. !tv -repeat
  1. Bots that can be pm'd: announcement bots: Henzell (CAO, !), Gretell (CDO, @), Sizzell (CSZO, %), Lantell (CLAN, $), Ruffell (RHF, #); others: Varmin, Cheibriados (%), and Sequell (! ?? and others)
  2. see softignore
bottled efreet
Summons a permanent efreet. Its chance of being friendly is 50%, plus 5% per 3 levels of Evocations (so 95% at level 27). Always carries a flaming scimitar.
boulder beetle
  1. Vulnerable to poison! Has a fixed chance to start rolling per move, which pushes it from speed 6 to speed 14 and makes them fire towards you like a non-re-directing iood for 3d20 EV-ignoring damage.
  2. Can be reflected with shields of reflection! See: !fight donald hd:99 hp:10000 v 20 boulder beetle
  3. http://i.imgur.com/PFkzsU2.gif
http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/4386/dcbountyhuntersax.jpg -AHMAD
  1. Dam 3 + 1d7 (the 1d7 is from the arrow, and yes this is base damage), Acc -2 (bows get an intrinsic accuracy penalty), Delay 11. Note that the formulas for ranged combat are totally different than for melee.
  2. Bows with enhancement to damage can get a strength bonus. You need 14 strength to take full advantage of a +x+9 bow.
bow of chaos
ASSERT(_valid()) in 'ray.cc' at line 194 failed.
box level
Late D encompass vault, with a map in http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=blob;f=crawl-ref/source/dat/des/variable/encompass.des#l247 . Infamous for spamming eels and lava snakes, having an out of place bee section, and needing ctele to get the good loot; an artefact of its time.
box of beasts
  1. In 0.13, evoke to release a friendly 3-headed chimera... the box contains between 5 and 15 of them. 1/3 chance of failure with no bad effects. The three heads are chosen from a list scaling with Evocations from rats up to dragons. Creates permanent chimeras in 0.13, summoned ones in 0.14+.
  2. In 0.12-, your own mobile petting zoo! Evoke to release a beast. If the evocation was unsuccessful, there is a 1 in 6 chance that the box will go poof. Succeeds (60 + evo)/100. Hostile: 1/(evo+5). Bat, hound, jackal, rat, ice beast, snake, yak, butterfly, water moccasin, crocodile, or hell hound (if not worshipping a good god).
bracers of archery
Glove-slot armour providing +5,+3 slaying missile, -1,-1 melee, applies to all missiles including those simply thrown.
brain feed
Attempts to drain your intelligence by 1d3 points, succeeds 1/3 times. Smite-targeted, evil according to TSO.
brain worm
Cute little critter with a smite-type intelligence draining attack. Makes a delicious, if poisonous snack.
Caused by hitting zero intelligence. Can't memorise or cast spells (or read manuals or tomes of Destruction!), 80% chance of failure when reading scrolls, and can cause stat death. Effects persist for a while after reaching positive int again.
  1. See branch depths for the starting depth of a branch and branch ends for the length of a branch.
  2. Q: Help, how do I find [whatever branch]? A: For each level it can be on (plus down from the one above, and up from the one below), make sure you've tried all 3-per-direction sets of stone stairs. Read magic mapping or dig randomly. Ask the channel to watch.
branch codes
A:Shoals, B:Blade, C:Crypt, D:Dungeon, E:Elf, G:Gehenna, I:Dis, L:Lair, M:Slime, N:Spider, O:Orc, P:Snake, S:Swamp, T:Temple, U:Hell, V:Vaults, W:Tomb, X:Cocytus, Y:Tartarus, Z:Zot
branch depths
  1. Temple = D:4-7, Orc = D:6-11, Elf = Orc:3-4, Lair = D:8-13, Swamp = Snake = Shoals = Spider = Lair:3-6, Slime = Lair:5-8, Vaults = D:15-20, Crypt = Vault:2-3, Tomb = Crypt:2-3, Blade = Vault:3-4, Hell = D:21-27 (portal on every floor), Pan: D:21-27 (always on D:24), Abyss: D:21-27 (always on D:25), Zot = D:27
  2. Dungeon:0, Temple:4, Orc:8, Elf:15, Lair:10, Swamp:15, Shoals:15, Snake:15, Spider:15, Slime:17, Vaults:19, Blade:21, Crypt:19, Tomb:21, Hell:27, Dis:28, Geh:28, Coc:28, Tar:28, Zot:27, Abyss:24, Pan:24, Zig:27, Lab:15, Bazaar:18, Trove:18, Sewer:4, Ossuary:6, Bailey:11, Icecv:15, Volcano:14, Wizlab:24
branch ends
  1. Latest stable: Blade:1, Coc:7, Crypt:5, D:27, Dis:7, Elf:3, Geh:7, Hell:1, Lair:8, Orc:4, Shoals:5, Slime:6, Snake:5, Swamp:5, Tar:7, Temple:1, Tomb:3, Vaults:5, Zot:5
  2. Latest trunk: Blade:1, Coc:7, Crypt:5, D:16, Depths:6, Dis:7, Elf:3, Forest:5, Geh:7, Hell:1, Lair:8, Orc:4, Shoals:5, Slime:6, Snake:5, Swamp:5, Tar:7, Temple:1, Tomb:3, Vaults:5, Zot:5
  1. Dungeon, Orcish Mines, Elven Halls, Lair of the Beasts, Swamp (50% chance), Shoals (if not Swamp), Snake Pits (50% chance), Spider's Nest (if not Snake), Slime, Vaults, Crypt, Tomb of the Ancients, Hell, Tartarus, Gehenna, Cocytus, Dis, Pandemonium, Abyss, Zot
  2. see order
  3. see branch depths
  1. A win without entering any side branches that you enter via staircase. This means no Temple, Orc, Lair (or its subbranches), Vaults.
  2. Branchless wins: elliptic,DESu(S) SpEn(L) TeEE(V) | mikee,MfPr(Z1) | hyperbolic,OgHe(E1) | erisdiscordia,SETm(K) | Cybermg,SpAK(L) | MarvinPA,SpEn(E) | 78291,SpNe(L) MfBe(T) | jeanjacques,DrAK(L) DEFi(1) NaWn(1) | pivotal,SpEn(L) | tartakower,HOBe(T) SpPr(Z)
Just play normally and the lua will handle all the annoying fighting for you! You might want to pick a strong melee character, though...
You must catch your breath after using certain abilities (like Naga spit poison, draconian breath, or Zin recite) before using a similar ability again. Not all breath timers are equal.
breathe flames
  1. Mutation (or Red Draconian innate ability) that shoots a powerful fire-bolt, long breath cooldown compared to Spit Poison
  2. max damage: 4 + (XL + mutlevel * 4) / 3 [+4 if dragonformed]
breathe steam
Pale Draconian breath attack. It obscures LoS. Steam clouds disappear very quickly, but the initial beam covers a fairly large area.
brent ross
A member of the Crawl 4.0 development team, and sole maintainer of Crawl circa b20.
Temporarily increases intelligence, spell power, and provides a wizardry bonus.
brimstone fiend
  1. One of the most dangerous of the greater demons, it can cast hellfire and torment. A reminder that your high level character is far from invincible. Also a reason deep elf demonologists are so deadly.
  2. see fiend
broad axe
  1. Damage 13, Acc -2, Delay 16.
  2. <nonethousand> a__x__e
  1. Brogue is now v1.7.2! https://sites.google.com/site/broguegame/
  2. Just look at how colourful it is! https://sites.google.com/site/broguegame/home/screenshots
  3. Featuring: Poisonous gas, explosive gas, gas that turns floor into bottomless pit, monkeys and goblin conjurers that you will never catch ever, autoexplore, mouse control, water currents, lava that you can blink into and die, potions that set you on fire... This game is awesome (and hard)
  4. Now has its own wiki: http://brogue.wikia.com/wiki/Brogue_Wiki Featuring more than you ever need to know about Brogue
  5. <minqmay> why is there pee everywhere
brooch of shielding
Unrandart amulet of warding with an addtional +4 AC and +4 EV.
brothers in arms
  1. Trog's **** power. Spends (piety/20 - 1) piety points to /temporarily/ summon an always-friendly, berserk <foo> bear, <foo> ogre, <foo> troll, or hill|stone giant. Higher piety gives nastier friends. Since these are berserk they will move quite fast and deal damage rapidly.
  2. Trog will shield your brothers in arms from abjuration, so they're very good for teaching summoners a lesson.
  3. Hostile deep dwarf berserkers can cast this. So can hostile spriggan berserkers, who are found in the forest and in Sprint IV.
brown ooze
The big sibling of the jelly. By the time you see one, most likely not a threat. Can corrode your items, so kill it from afar if you're not wearing your slime kit.
Any character who isn't using a 2-handed weapon or unarmed should get one of these. Unless you can't wear them, in which case get a regular shield.
  1. To report bugs, go to: http://crawl.develz.org/mantis/main_page.php
  2. The obligatory link: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html -- a guide to clearly and effectively reporting bugs to maximize the chance they'll be fixed.
A +15 shield that provides -5 EV. In case you were having trouble getting hit.
burn books
  1. Trog invocation that gives piety (1) and creates a cloud of flame. Piety gain is higher (2) if you haven't read (or identified) a book before burning it. The cloud lasts longer for rarer books. Won't burn manuals or tomes of destruction.
  2. Useful for blocking off corridors (like Conjure Flame), but also for actively hurting monsters while you fight them in melee, as books can be burned even if monsters are standing on them.
  3. Don't forget that you can throw a book then ignite it, not just drop it. Saves precious turns!
burning bush
Bush that throws flame, in Zot defence. Sees invisible. Also in sprint IV. Also in a Zot stairs vault.
Can be shot and cast through, only obscure LOS when looking at two in a line. Can not be walked through, and are found around Fedhas's altars.
You can butcher. Unless you are in a form that can't wield weapons and isn't ice form, dragon form or blade hands.
  1. A deadly crawl monster only surpassed by the Toenail Golem. FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE IF YOU SEE ONE! Shoots hellfire from its proboscis and has an irresistible paralyze attack. Has been known to dual wield quick blades of distortion. Also reported being smiting!
  2. <Killbot> did my butterflies... just.. kill an orcish knight?
  3. Fun fact; Butterflies roam around while asleep!
  4. Fun fact #2; all monsters roam around if confused and put to sleep!
  5. Butterflies are especially sadistic, and WILL follow you up stairs.
  6. Your butterfly hits the orc wizard. The orc wizard dies! Your butterfly looks stronger.
  7. Autoexplore canceled. The butterfly is too close for your liking.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzYSCSUDIs0
The team with stabwound, cbus, doy, and 78291. Totally blew out the competition in 2008.
  1. Shows up as a 2. They mutate, confuse, slow, and attack with inaccurate, irresistable digging bolts of energy. More dangerous then a green death, at least.
  2. Chaingun tears through them like warm butter.
call canine familiar
Summons various h. Takes out monsters in the early game that spammals can't handle. Always friendly. Types are jackal, hound, wolf, warg. Wargs replace wolves twice as often if you're a hill orc.
call imp
  1. Level 2 Summoning spell found in the book of callings and Minor Magic. Temporarily summons a friendly little imp guy. Usually calls a crimson imp, but has a chance of calling a white imp, shadow imp, or iron imp.
  2. "Attack! Your crimson imp blinks! Your crimson imp blinks!
call tide
Raises the water level, turning dry land near the water into shallow water and turning shallow water into deep water.
+40 stealth per mutlevel. Octopodes start with level 1. No other effects.
can i inscribe my fists
  1. cang
  2. cang
canids, bears, pandas, skunks, weasels, racoons, walruses. Currently only the first two apply, but knowing our devs, there's no way we can avoid getting walruses or dire weasels one day.
Beogh, Elyvilon, The Shining One, Zin disapproves.
  1. A do-nothing spell, used to water down especially nasty early spellcasters. Note that deep elf soldiers, fighters, and knights, as well as many early uniques, use the orc wizard books.
  2. The monster glows brightly for a moment. The monster looks stronger. The monster becomes somewhat translucent. The monster's eyes start to glow.
  3. You feel troubled. You feel a wave of unholy energy pass over you. You resist. You resist (whatever that was supposed to do). The monster shimmers for a moment (replaces the last four if friendly).
  4. Even weaker than melee.
  1. Main Crawl server, located in Tucson, AZ. USA, http://crawl.akrasiac.org/ or crawl.akrasiac.org ssh port 22 ssh-username:joshua ssh-password: joshua. Runs the latest stable release, trunk, and robotfindskitten. Further information on the website and ??putty entries for Windows users. Also see http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/howto
  2. Webtiles is at http://webtiles.akrasiac.org/ or http://crawl.akrasiac.org:8080/
cao key
  1. http://crawl.akrasiac.org/cao_key or http://crawl.develz.org/cao_key
  2. 'chmod 600 cao_key' to fix the 'permissions' error
A cap at +0 does not boost AC, but can be enchanted. Caps can also grant Intelligence, Guardian Spirit, or See Invis. Note that a +0 cap is better than nothing against acid attacks, though the cap is vulnerable to corrosion from that attack. Characters with horns can wear caps.
<CaptainPlatypus> how do I zap a wand? <monqy> V <Henzell> captainplatypus the Poker (L3 MfCr), killed themselves with bad targeting on D:2, with 95 points after 1517 turns and 0:16:09.
captains cutlass
An unrandart +6,+7 short blade of speed. Has a custom base weapon: Dam 9, Acc +3, Delay 12. Minimum delay is reached at the same point as a sabre.
14 games for * (!won xl=27 turns<60000): 7x CarbonBasedLifeform,
card power
  1. The card power value for non-Nemelexites is (evocations * 9) for plain decks, +150 for ornate decks, +300 for legendary decks. Nemelexites get a bonus of (piety * (evo + 25)) / 27; if the player has Nemelex penance, they instead lose the penance value (to a lower limit of 0).
  2. Ornate decks have a (card power) in 700 chance of being card power level 1; on top of this, legendary decks have an additional (card power) in 500 chance of being promoted an extra card power level. Zapping effects (most effects from the deck of destruction) use (card power / 6) for spell power.
  1. See deck. Full list: Battlelust, Damnation, Dowsing, Experience, Famine, Flame, Focus, Frost, Metamorphosis, Pain, Shuffle, Solitude, Summoning, Swap, Torment, Velocity, Venom, Vitriol, Warpwright, Wild Magic, Wrath, Xom, the Banshee, the Bargain, the Blade (more)
  2. the Curse, the Dance, the Elixir, the Feast, the Genie, the Hammer, the Helix, the Helm, the Herd, the Map, the Mercenary, the Minefield, the Orb, the Pentagram, the Portal, the Potion, the Shadow, the Spade, the Tomb, the Trowel, the Warp, the Wraith.
Built-in gourmand (i.e. eat chunks when not hungry) without the sickness protection. Also makes you get less nutrition from non-meat food, and more from meat -- and since almost all you eat is chunks, that's good. Concurrent levels increase the effect. The third level prevents eating non-meat food completely. Mutually exclusive with herbivore.
Bot (running a slightly-modified version of elliptic's autorobin) + casmith789 hybrid, working together to grab the orb! Current record 1:05:11.
  1. If you ask a question, his answer is always "go kiku".
  2. 4 runer with kiku: dungeons to 10 (or more if necessary) -> lair (all) -> orc 3 -> dungeons to vaults -> vaults until crypt -> crypt -> orc 4 -> snake/swamp 1-4 -> elf 1-4 -> shoals/snake/swamp 5 -> tomb -> vault 7 -> dungeons to 27 -> elf 5 -> vault 8 -> zot. Without kiku don't go into tomb and play a 3 runer.
  3. What is so great about kiku? 1) You get the necromancy book just as your starting spellbook runs out of good spells 2) You get your pain weapon just as you finish lair 3) You destroy the whole midgame easily 4) Great fun tomb; free levels of experience and a rune
  4. Classes: AK DK Hu Sk Su Wn Gods: Beogh Fedhas Xom
  5. First lava orc win. ON THE FIRST DAY OF TESTING. http://eronarn.info/misc/casmith789.txt
  6. Will win a 15 runer DDFi DEVM HECj and NaAE with various levels of zig completion, this is a promise.
If an artefact says -CAST, that means you can't cast any spells with it equipped.
Obsolete synonym for kilobyte.
  1. only a couple people actually mean "character that casts spells" when they say this
  2. It is complicated. You have to compare your conjuration-index against your adjusted weapon fighter score (see awefig) to get a approximate caster value.
  3. <mikee_> a caster is.. a fisherman
  4. <mong> 'caster' as in the cheap plastic wheels they put on crappy office furniture <mikee_> caster = someone who makes molds of stuff
  5. <minqmay> i've never met a girl who let me call it that
  6. see hybrid[2]
A bane of many characters. Dogs, being too stupid to reach the keyboard, are safer. The official pet of ##crawl.
the roguelike with houses and books and meth.
  1. paralyze torment torment smite smite smite
  2. Falsifies his own learndb entry.
  1. Like a death yak in stats, but slower (speed 8) and hits harder. Breathes plumes of petrifying dust clouds at you that have a chance to petrify you based on your experience level. Like swamp drake breath, catoblepas breath will not affect you unless you're standing in the cloud at least one turn after it spawns.
  2. Yes, petrifying clouds can petrify plants. Yes, this is intentional. Haven't you people ever heard of petrified forests?
  3. Are themselves immune to petrification, although @?? won't tell you so. Learn from the examples of others: !lg andrewsmash killer=catoblepas 2
  4. <Elynae> Wensley: i pretended that my partner was a catlobe when waltzing, it really helped
  5. Tha stone giant stops movin' altagethar!
All commands must be entered by cats traipsing across your keyboard.
Ask NyaaKitty.
  1. See http://s-z.org/#animportantmessage for more information.
  2. see cszo
  1. Made a nemelex spoiler for trunk, its currently out of date but its available at: http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~salman/nemelex.txt Also made a title spoiler available at: http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~salman/titles-0.3.html theres also a 0.4 titles spoiler at http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~salman/titles-0.4.html
  2. Nemesis of uniques everywhere. Looks them up in the phone book before he kills them, living tissue over metal endoskeleton. Likes shades.
  3. Is a big fan of the xmas-bows aka xbows.
  4. Loves nothing more than having his config changed.
  5. <cbus> napkin, instead of cheibradpit
  6. Walks around with a lochaber axe stuck in his heart.
  7. 17:07:29 < Henzell> Mapping zignacio => birdoprey casmith789 elliptic marvinpa valrus cbus
  1. Crawl server (also running development versions), located in Germany, crawl.develz.org, telnet port 345 or ssh port 22, ssh-username: crawl, ssh-key necessary: http://crawl.develz.org/cao_key (openssh) or http://crawl.develz.org/cao_key.ppk (putty)
  2. Dump files and other stuff are available on http://crawl.develz.org.
  3. If you experience lag try this: enable compression in ssh/putty - enable option use_fake_player_cursor = true - for more see http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/howto
  4. wget http://crawl.akrasiac.org/cao_key; chmod 400 cao_key; ssh -Ci cao_key crawl@crawl.develz.org or On a Mac: curl -O http://crawl.akrasiac.org/cao_key; chmod 400 cao_key; ssh -Ci cao_key crawl@crawl.develz.org
  1. it's high enough to fit a tornado in the dungeon
  2. it's strong enough to fit four oceans in the dungeon
the amulet of Cekugob {Ward -Tele Hunger rElec rPois rN+ AC+1 EV+1}. Since it's an amulet of warding with an additional rN+, it gives rN++ total.
  1. These enemies are infamous for carrying bows and showing up at the worst times from afar, as well as often carrying ego bows or arrows. Easier to fight in melee, though conjurers can one-shot them fairly reliably at range with bolt of fire/cold. They have low MR and HD, so most disabling tactics work well also.
  2. Half-human, half-horse, all eating machine. Second only to spriggans in speed, and trolls in food consumption. Like Nagas, requires special armour for best performance; a good way to get it is playing any other type of character.
  3. The race with the highest winrate in recent versions. Speedy, good unarmed, high HP... a powergamer's dream.
  4. <OG17> playing a centaur is like playing something fun except you're a centaur
  5. http://www.wtfcostumes.com/costumes/hunglikea_horse.jpg
  6. <elliptic> centaurs are nauseous and unkillable
  7. whenever you see a centaur they always have abs. how does a centaur get abs? how do you do ab workouts when half your body is a fucking horse?
  8. <wheals> crawl is realistic in that vegetarians are annoying
centaur reasons
  1. You want permanent swiftness and then some, high HP, ranged weapon aptitudes and the best auxiliary attack.
  2. You like butchering.
  3. You don't like dying.
  4. They're hung like a horse...
  5. Griefing.
centaur warrior
Like a centaur, but much much tougher. Regularly hits for 30+ damage a shot, and is escorted by regular centaurs. If you see one of these in the open, instantaneous teleportation is a Good Idea.
  1. see {!lg * won s=name o=-name title:"centuryplayers" format:"${.}" ?:N>=100}
  2. see {!lg * won s=name ?:N<100}
  1. Guards the fiery rune with the Sword of Cerebov and spells of iron shot, haste, fire storm, and summon greater demons. Can defeat nearly anything consistently in !fight. His level is crawling with balrugs.
  2. In order to get loot (in the original map), you need cTele + Tele or powerful LRD/Shatter. Loot is located in small 3x3 towers of Cerebov's castle. Sometimes mobs can spawn inside.
  3. < casmith789> cerebov is basically a buffed imp
  4. see sword_of_cerebov
  5. see cerebov_strategy
cerebov strategy
  1. !lm jeanjacques mifi uniq=cerebov 1 -tv
  2. !lm hangedman trwz uniq=cerebov 1 -tv
  3. !lm minmay mufe uniq=cerebov 1 -tv
chain lightning
  1. Level 8 conj/air in Annihilations that arcs from target to target (including leaving your sight, going around corners, etc) until it grounds out. You do not aim it. Due to its chainy nature, be prepared for it to hit you and your allies, possibly repeatedly. The arcs, including the initial casting, work most reliably on shorter distances.
  2. Even without resistance and with many arcs, you'll likely never take more than 20 damage. Although useful for how it hits a lot of targets, possibly its most powerful use is when you have one single enemy standing adjacent to you. At decent power, it will often arc back and forth between you enough times to get an instant kill on ordinary enemies.
chain mail
8AC, 15ER, 40aum.
  1. Win with as many runes as possible collected while already carrying the orb.
  2. see ogre challenge
  3. see conjuration_challenge
  4. Branchless ogre. (done by: elliptic)
  5. Win MuCK without ever leaving Xom. (done by: elliptic, mikee_, ragdoll, rwbarton, minmay, partyhat, demonblade)
  6. see draconian_challenge
  7. Anti-pacifist zig! Kill every monster in a zig, while worshipping trog. (done by: MarvinPA)
  8. Streak {Ha HE HO Hu} x {He Hu} of Xom. (Take Xom before visiting Orc/Lair or going deeper than D:9 on purpose, no leaving Xom, etc., etc.)
  9. see mummy challenge
  10. Do a pacifist zig. {done by: elliptic}
  11. see trog_challenge
  12. see necro_challenge
  13. Die to murray.
  14. Get all four hell runes without entering orc or any lair subbranch, or descending below D:13.
  15. Do a zig wearing Maxwell's, the shield of the gong and the obsidian axe. (Completed by: mudo)
  16. Do a zig in Misfortune.
  17. Win a game with runecount > max xl.
  18. Pacify Ereshkigal.
  19. Kill all 4 of the unique Pan lords on the Orb run.
  20. see bat_challenge
  21. Drown as a merfolk. (completed by: procupine)
  22. Win a game in which all temple gods (including those in overflow altars) are abandoned before XL 10.
  23. Die to a shapeshifter or glowing shapeshifter (that is, one not imitating a monster).
  24. Pure artificer challenge: 1) You cannot affect monsters with anything that doesn't train evo skill. 2) Also, you can only train evocations.
  25. Get the message "You cut your orb of destruction into ribbons!!!" in an actual game.
  26. Win a Fighter with the Fighter title.
  27. Kill yourself with a thrown corpse doing at least 35 damage.
You just reached 6* piety with your god.
  1. http://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl/blobs/master/crawl-ref/docs/changelog.txt - probably incomplete and/or out of date, see changelog[3] for an exhaustive list of changes.
  2. http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/ has an overview of most of the important changes
  3. Current trunk: http://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl CDO's trunk: http://crawl.develz.org/trunk/changes.txt
Converts food into mana. The staff succeeds (evo+11)/40, 50 hunger, 1d3 MP; Wucad Mu (evo+1)/25, 50 hunger, 1/5 div miscast, otherwise 2+d5+evo/3 MP; Sif power 60+INT+inv %, 100-300 hunger, d(2+inv/4) mp. For reference, merely resting will recover 14+maxMP per 600 nutrition, at standard metabolic rates.
chaos brand
  1. Imitates other brands, or can heal, polymorph, berserk, haste, invisify, petrify, paralyse, torment, cause miscasts and probably do a lot more to enemies. Added in 0.5, only gifted by Xom, Xom's vault guards, found on Pan lords, or on the uniques Crazy Yiuf (always) or Psyche (sometimes).
  2. Can very rarely raise hostile corpses, like the sword of Zonguldrok
  3. Wisps of poison gas drift from the rat's front feet.
  4. Gastronok fails to defend himself. You open Gastronok like a pillowcase!!! Gastronok suddenly stops moving! Gastronok is heavily wounded. Gastronok fails to defend himself. You open Gastronok like a pillowcase!!! You kill Gastronok! Gastronok instantly turns into a zombie! Your dagger of chaos parrots the noises around you.
  5. The plant bobs in the air for a moment.
  6. !lg * killer=~"pikel,_the_cyclops" 1 -tv:<0.3
  7. Edmund seems to be having trouble coordinating all eight of its legs.
  8. An oklob plant appears out of thin air!
  9. You hit the bush, but do no damage. You are blasted with searing flames! Ouch! That really hurt! You die...
  10. j _ giant slug shaped shifter (berserk)
  11. <N78291> Your orcish trident of chaos' orcish trident of chaos wails.
  12. You hit the goblin. You fall down a shaft! Your mindless thralls stay behind. 12 skeletal warriors and Rupert come into view. Your giant spiked club of chaos shouts loudly!
  13. <N78291> paralysed cerebov with my chaos sword and he got teleported at almost dead
chaos butterfly
  1. An abyssal monster surrounded by rain clouds at all times; occasionally summons a twister. Deals chaos damage in melee. Otherwise about as squishy as a moth of wrath.
  2. <jeanjacques> chaos butterflies are quite something
  3. Flew away in .14
chaos knight
A worshipper of Xom. Used to have choice of several gods in 0.7
chaos knight reasons
  1. You have to start with Xom!
  2. You want to be a KoCK.
chaos spawn
  1. Weird demon that hits with the chaos brand. Leaves a cloud of seething chaos upon death (wonder what would happen if you stepped in it).
  2. <N78291> Your chaos spawn punches the stone giant. _The stone giant screams as it is devoured by a tear in reality.
  3. The chaos spawn gores you! You feel much better.
chaotic gods
Xom, Jiyva, Makhleb, Lugonu
chaotic spell
  1. Polymorph, Summon Horrible Things, Malign Gateway, Twisted Resurrection, Banishment, Summon Ugly Thing, Porkalator, and all form-changing spells (including Beastly Appendage).
  2. Zin hates these spells. Monsters who can cast them are considered "unclean". Monsters who innately cast them (without the actual_spells flag) are considered chaotic and are therefore hurt by silver.
  2. see zot defense
  3. First death of the 2009 tournament!!!!
  4. see dungeon sprint
  5. < Chapayev> but i used a netbsd laptop for a while, of my own choice
  6. < Chapayev> joke is the hell of learndb, just like bad_ideas is its pan
  7. You hear a distant slurping noise.
character graphics
Using colored letters and punctuation to draw images. This approach was pioneered in the gaming industry by Rogue (only 8 years after Pong), and still the standard in the "rogue-like" genre, although attempts have been made to fix this. Most opinions hold that the fixes are worse than the problems.
  1. Probably want to train this. Contains all the good charms, after Enchantments was split into Charms and Hexes.
  2. haste, ring of flames, death's door, levitation, ozo's armor, rmsl, regen, swiftness, flight, ctele, dmsl, sure blade, and all weapon brands... and BATTLESPHERE
charred statue
Found in a vehumet overflow altar vault. Infrequently casts low-power throw flame (3d5).
  1. DDEE
  2. MuSu
  3. HOHe
  1. 1200 nutrition, regardless of herbivore, carnivore, or whatever! Careful if you have the lactose intolerant mutation.
  2. k - the +2,+8 sabre of Cheese {speed, SInv}
  1. The Slow God! Gives piety for killing things faster than you, and slows you down as you gain piety. Chei increases your movement delay by 2+piety/20 (capped at 10) and boosts all your stats by piety/10 - 1 (capped at 15).
  2. Chei slightly slows digestion (-1 hunger), halves effect of poison and sickness. Abilities: Bend Time -- slows down adjacent monsters. Temporal Distortion -- lets monsters move towards you. Slouch -- damage to fast stuff in LOS. Step from Time -- lets monsters go away.
  3. If you worship Chei and go berserk , Chei will prevent the increased speed effect. This should not be considered an endorsement of Cheibriados.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/cGO39.png
  5. <casmith789> at least beogh does nothing
  6. <neongrey> if you didn't have to follow chei to do it <neongrey> following chei would not be so bad
  7. <crate> are you worshipping chei? <aa99> no <crate> well then you're good
cheibriados reasons
  1. Cheibriados is the cool god to worship. You can find most of the cool people there. With him, you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax. "Take it easy" is the Cheibriados motto, for example, that's how laid back he is. Worship him if you want to have a good time. Another good reason to worship him is if you want to hang out with friends.
  2. You can murder a whole LoS of orc priests with one click!
cheibriados wrath
  1. Your penance counter is set to 25 and you suffer sleep effects, haste/swiftness/berserk Dispel, slowing and curses; maybe all of those.
  2. If tension is high (i.e. many enemies nearby, or dangerous ones relative to your level), the wrath is more severe. If there are fewer enemies, it is less severe. This is only checked at the start of the wrath, so you may discover yourself in a bad situation when you awaken.
  3. _You feel the world leave you behind. You fall asleep! An Angel comes into view. Ashenzari warns you: it is wielding a eudemon blade of holy wrath. The Angel hits you with an eudemon blade of holy wrath! You die...
  4. <ebarrett> chei wrath is probably less harmful than following chei
Boring holy monster, usually coming with ranged weaponry.
Elyaddin, Sifielly Tartakower, Vasely Smyslov, Anately Karpov, Vesezin Topalov
chief of staff
  1. Level 27 staves title.
  2. <minqmay> well i clicked on a random link on that chief of staff site and it gave me weird japanese cartoon porn
chilling moan
Something woke up, like a curse skull or an insubstantial wisp. If you didnt see it, brace for a shadow wraith or lorocyproca.
Extremely fun to spectate for his breezy playstyle. Fastest pillar-dancer in the universe. Dont believe his sweet, trusting eyes.
A terrifying 3-headed monster composed of three separate monsters. Uses the primary attacks of the second two monsters as its aux attacks and can use spells and special abilities from all three monsters. Currently only seen by evoking the box of beasts.
Likes: dungeon crawl, makeup, adventure time, nicolas cage. Dislikes: pornography, anime. Is secretly really good at dungeon crawl but just doesn't know it yet!!
  1. Chayote, a green vegetable of the gourd family. 600 nutrition.
  2. Steamed wedges served with a knob of butter and plenty of cracked black pepper is the only way to eat choko.
  1. Okawaru's younger cousin, who is alleged to grant choko acquirement gifts. Disapproves of consuming either chokos or any other fruits, approves of wielding them as a weapon and firing them as explosive missiles or massive storms of chokos (that can miss any given square).
  2. Gives choko brand at max piety, which converts dropped corpses into chokos. Wrath creates swarms of speed 16 chokogolems and conversion of food into chokos as well as chokos into explosions or more chokogolems: see chokowaru wrath.
chokowaru wrath
Giant glowing orb of hellchokos that smites, torments, and paralyzes greensnark.
  1. Rotate text for vaults and stuff: http://rotate.herokuapp.com/ --- [outdated] tourney banner color samples http://6g6.eu/sih0-mockup1.png http://6g6.eu/sih0-mock-veh-c.png --- ☡ሴ
  2. !lg * won playable s=ch x=max(sc) o=-max(sc),N ?: max(sc)<1500000
  3. !lm chris br.enter=slime 1 -tv:>$ _Magically, you awkwardly throw a choko. -- !lm chris uniq=cerebov 1 -tv:<8:x4 You close the door. Your life is in your own hands again! -- You enter the passage of Golubria. You feel lost and a long, long way from home...
  4. <elliott> tsohg: well sometimes the gen calc procs to produce a mob that your toon just can't tank <elliott> but if you're a wrecking ball <elliott> it's okay <elliott> you'll steamroll through it <elliott> and it will be trivialised
  5. <Grunt> profane_halls is what happens when you let a certain vault author add things in with essentially zero oversight.
chris patches
  1. remove zotdef
  2. .des / line cont.??
  3. kill submerging
  4. speed 9 things: swimming ice beast(??) || speed 11 things: felid, ugly things (ok) || speed weird things: tengu and tengu dudes, snapping turtle
  5. zot sauna http://bpaste.net/show/4uxda7scPp1hyzupzTf2/
  6. !controversial$ http://bpaste.net/show/flyBxgiqXfSevemi6VSb/
  7. hangedman zigs
  8. levdes todos: \ and 1-headed desRange and :luaOtherOther and randbook spells:a|b
A sprint-specific unique stone giant. Collects rocks, comes with a rock of returning.
Weighs 10 aum and gives 1000 nutrition. Comes in clean, contaminated, poisonous, rotting, {hydrochloric acid} or mutagenic varieties, depending on the corpse they came from.
cigotuvis fleshworks
  1. You part the fleshy orifice. You are engulfed in noxious fumes!
  2. This fleshy orifice is marked as excluded!
  3. Not guaranteed to have cure mut, but will at least have an amulet of resist mutation (so useful for *after* it) as well as tmut books and a staff of death. Very rarely worth the mass of mutations, unless you can avoid the mutagenic fog.
cigotuvis monster
A renamed tentacled monstrosity with more health.
  1. Europe Crawl server, located in Germany. http://crawl.lantea.net:8080/ or crawl.lantea.net, port 22, username: terminal, key: http://crawl.develz.org/cao_key.ppk See putty for Windows users. Runs 0.10-0.13 and trunk (DCSS, Zot, Sprint, Tut)
  2. Hosted by Aleksi, maintained by TZer0
clan firstname
jeff (captain), grivan, heteroy, maddasher, mikee, rob
clan names
  1. See http://crawl.akrasiac.org/tourney[Foo]/teams.html , replacing [Foo] with 11, 10, 09, or no characters, as well as http://seleniac.org/crawl/tourney/12a/teams to see all past clans. Further entries are planned clan names or highlights of past ones.|
  2. sonic yiuf
  3. I've got 99 problems but a lich ain't one
  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Ribbit
  5. Geryon my Wayward Son
Prevents confusion, misleading, unintentional berserking, and mesmerization (but not fear). Gods can and will ignore it and confuse you anyway.
class list
0.13 classes: AE AK AM Ar As Be Cj CK DK EE En FE Fi Gl He Hu IE Mo Ne Sk Su Tm VM Wn Wr Wz
+2 base unarmed damage per level and increases punch damage. Level 3 chops off hydra heads. The effects of claws are eliminated if you're wearing gloves, but at claws 3 you can't use the slot anyways.
cleansing flame
  1. Piety cost 2-3; fires a radius-2 ball of holy energy which does significant damage to undead and demons but does not harm the player or friendly monsters. As of 0.5, it is centered on the player.
  2. Power = 10 + 7 * Invocations / 6. Damage = 2d(power). Does 50% more damage to unholy monsters, 50% less to non-evil monsters. 0 damage to holies.
  3. The toadstool writhes in agony!
clear messages
If you want to get rid of the _ beginning some lines add clear_messages = true
In 0.12+, axes awesomely cleave seven spaces around on attack, at the expense of nerfed damage (one less base damage for broad axes and two less for battleaxes and executioner's axes). The cleave attacks do 75% damage to secondary targets, and cleaving in a certain direction is blocked by solid features (but cleaving is done in both directions).
  1. You're stuck to the wall. Works kind of like levitation. Can't cross a channel like this: #~@#.
  2. You open the door. You fall off the door.
+1 AC. Comes in poison resistance, magic resistance, darkness (evoke to turn invis temporarily), and preservation. When you're splashed with acid, the hp damage increases for every equipment slot on which you're not wearing something. A cloak, however, reduces the chance of that happening per slot to 50%.
cloak of darkness
A cloak that seems cooler than it is. Evocable invisibility (which causes a lot of magic contamination), but you need a lot of evo to get it workable.
cloak of flash
Unrandart +3 cloak {+Fly, EV+4}
cloak of preservation
It gives conservation and resist corrosion. Does not stack with the amulets.
cloak of starlight
The +0 cloak of Starlight {rElec rC+ EV+4 Stlth--}.
cloak of the thief
the +2 cloak of the Thief {+Fog Dam-3 SInv Stlth++}. The fog costs 2MP and is as difficult as berserk rage to evoke successfully.
clock of the thief
Helps your stealth, because the ticking distracts monsters from your footsteps.
see {!lg * !@hugeterm cv>=0.10-a ikiller=mara ckiller~~illusion$ ntv=0 max=xl -tv}
cloud mage
A randomly named unique mage residing in the Cloud Mage wizlab. Wears the Robe of Clouds, has an ego dagger/quickblade, blinks, airstrikes, and clouds. No flame clouds though!
cloud of flame
Can hit for 32. Keep your distance. rF+++ makes the damage insignificant (resistance), but your scrolls remain vulnerable.
cloud of ink
It's like fog, but only exists in water.
  1. Flame, freezing vapour, mephitic (mephitic cloud; AKA noxious fumes or stinking), poison, black/grey/purple/blue smoke, steam, foul pestilence (miasma), mist (swamp water), and occasionally bugginess. Of these, the smokes and mist are harmless, and they plus steam can block LOS as per scroll of fog. Also, there's the book of clouds.
  2. see scroll of fog[2]
  1. A heavy piece of wood that falls into the Maces & Flails category. Damage: 5. Accuracy: +3. Delay: 13. In 0.13-, could be thrown, usually at you.
  2. Not a terrible weapon forged in the fires of hell -- just a terrible weapon.
club stabbing
sucks slightly less than unarmed stabbing.
Caused by hitting zero dexterity. Zero stealth, minimal evasion, can't stab, can't block, and can cause stat death. Effects persist for a while after reaching positive dex again.
clustering illusion
coagulated blood
What a potion of blood turns into after a while. Eventually rots and disappears. Provides less nutrition for vampires than the uncoagulated kind. Like the uncoagulated kind, can be wielded instead of a chunk when casting sublimation of blood.
The frozen Hell. Beware of Ice Fiends. Ruled by Antaeus. Home of the icy rune. You will need flight for the last level.
Far and away the most popular drink in ##crawl and ##crawl-offtopic, eclipsing even alcoholic beverages. You smell coffee!
cold blooded
  1. A flag which makes creatures get slowed by a few sources of cold damage. Includes snakes, lizards, (player) draconians, and similar. Not to be confused with hot-blooded, which is a condition where you don't have to read my mind to know what I have in mind.
  2. Remember that some cold-blooded creatures, like spiders and insects, don't have this flag.
  3. Only some effects cause slowing: freezing-branded melee, Freeze, Refrigeration, Metabolic Englaciation (extra).
Caused by hitting zero strength. 1/4 regen rate, 1/2 carry capacity and can cause stat death. Effects persist for a while after reaching positive strength again.
  1. black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, brown, lightgrey, darkgrey, lightblue, lightgreen, lightcyan, lightred, lightmagenta, yellow, white
  2. To see the base-colours for elemental colours, read down from http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=blob;f=crawl-ref/source/colour.cc;#l325
  3. for y in {0..7}; do for b in 0 1; do for x in {0..7}; do printf '\e[%1d;4%1d;3%1dm%1d/%1d ' $b $y $x $x $y; done; done; printf '\e[0m\n'; done
combat system overhaul
What happenened to 4.1. Everyone agrees this is necessary, but nobody wants to send DCSS to the same fate.
race/class combination
commit search
  1. %git :/text
  2. %git HEAD^{/target+ing}^^{/target+ing}^^{/target+ing}
  1. http://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl/commits/master
  2. http://crawl.develz.org/trunk/changes.txt
common demon
A '3' or '4'. Ranges from sun demon to rotting devil.
chei guevara, ho chei minh, leo trogsky, mao zindong, josif stalin, rosa luxomburg, yredel castrog, okarl marx, yredimir lenin
compile crawl
  1. [Linux] You'll need git, build-essential, zlib1g-dev, libncurses5-dev, libncursesw5-dev, then "git clone git://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl.git; cd DCSS; git submodule update --init; cd crawl-ref/sources/; make [options]"
  2. [Linux] For faster compiling, leverage the awesomeness of ccache. Also, be sure to use the -j flag if you have multiple processors available.
condensation shield
Creates a shield that doesn't require a hand to wield (can be used with two-handed weapons, but not with a real shield), with duration based on power and strength based on ice magic. Melts when hit by fire. Stacks with the helm card and TSO's divine shield. SH granted is 8 + 3/5 * ice magic skill.
L3 hex in book of Maledictions and book of Hinderance. Causes confusion.
  1. A confused monster cannot cast spells and moves randomly, attacking other monsters it bumps into, and may even attack itself. A confused player moves randomly when attempting to move, and may fail to climb stairs. Confusion prevents the use of spells, scrolls, and most invocations. Potions of curing cure it; amulets of clarity prevent it outright.
  2. <monqy> you were too confused for the interface to be sensible
  3. You can use Zin's Vitalisation and Elyvilon's Purification invocations while confused.
confusing touch
  1. This spell enchants the caster's hands with magical energy. This energy is released when the caster touches a monster with their hands (bare or gloved), and may induce a state of confusion in the monster. Can be stacked for duration, "extremely bright" red in '@' indicates near-max. A random amount discharges upon hitting.
  2. The save against this spell is based off of HD instead of MR, therefore confusing touch is surprisingly useful late game. Having confusing touch readied reduces your unarmed base damage by three, but adds d(your dex) to your to-hit.
  3. Chance of confusing if hit = (30-HD)/30 if monster is natural, (22-HD)/22 otherwise. Does not affect non-living, plant, or magic-immune creatures.
Magic school that blows things up.
conjuration challenge
  1. Win a pure conjurer: magic dart, IMB, IOOD, no other spells, and no damaging or affecting any monsters with anything else.
  2. Won by: jle (3 runes, SpWz, 0.9)
conjuration miscast
1: smoke / 6-12 dmg 2: 9-25 dmg / 3d12 explosion 3: 12-40 dmg / 3d20 explosion
conjure flame
A level 3 spell that creates a cloud of flame in the selected unoccupied space. Many weaker monsters will be unwilling to cross it, but some tougher or less intelligent ones will.
Identify target. Blast target to tiny bits. Rinse and repeat. Starts with the book of Conjurations.
conjurer statue
Hurls orbs of destruction at you. They hurt (up to 104 raw damage)!
  1. Provides a 90% save for items to resist attacks that would otherwise destroy them. Cold would destroy potions, fire would destroy scrolls, and spores would destroy food. Found on amulets of conservation and cloaks of preservation, which don't stack with each other. If you want acid protection, try resist corrosion or preservation instead.
  2. Also comes in DS mutation form, with individual mutations for protecting scrolls (part of the fire facet) and potions (part of the ice facet). These mutations do stack with the cloak or amulet.
  1. Non tiles. The cool way to play.
  2. good
  3. http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/howto
console reasons
  1. <caleba> i converted to console to throw my wife off the trail, now she knows it's a game :(
  2. <VolteccerJack> women don't even like tiles players <VolteccerJack> they're like 'ew you play lame video games' <VolteccerJack> but with console it's like, 'wow, so you're good at computers'
  1. Nagas, octopodes (both player and monster), ball pythons, anacondas and tentacled monstrosities get this as an extra attack. Holds the target in place and deals increasing damage over time.
  2. Players and monsters can only constrict things of the same size or smaller. Teleporting allows you to escape and break constriction. Blinking counts as two escape attempts for escaping (see next entry).
  3. Chance to constrict depends on the attacker's size and strength/HD versus the defender's size and EV. The chance to escape depends on size and number of escape attempts, versus the constrictor's strength or HD.
  4. Using darts of dispersal on the thing constricting you allows escape (for now). Also: polymorphing it; becoming larger than it; invoking sanctuary; moving it with tornado.
  5. Octopodes can constrict up to eight creatures, depending on what they are wielding; others can constrict only one.
  1. Powerful enchantments have cumulative side effects on the body, represented by a magic contamination stat. When it reaches 6, you start glowing, and you can get mutations. But it decays - unless you are hasted or invisible. The mutations are 1/5 random, otherwise bad with a 50% chance of overriding mutation resistance.
  2. The following effects cause magical contamination: haste, invisibility, extending haste, controlled blinking and teleporting, mutagenic artifacts, Disjunction, miscasting spells, some miscast effects (Charms, Hexes, Translocations and Transmutations), stasis sometimes.
  3. Also an artefact property which contaminates you when you unequip the item in question.
  4. djinn are a special case - they get contamination from hunger, yellow contam doesn't harm them, and they only get temporary mutations from it.
  1. Contaminated (brown text description) chunks have a 1/3 chance of making you nauseous. This effect is completely negated by gourmand and lower for some races (1/45 kobold, troll; 1/15 hill orc, ogre) due to their levels of saprovore.
  2. In .13, nausea is gone, so they have a reduced amount of nutrition instead.
control teleport
Spell which gives teleport control for a brief period. L4 charms/tloc, found in Control and Spatial Translocations.
control undead
This spell causes all nearby undead to be affected as if by enslavement. The effect IS temporary.
controlled blink
  1. Level 7 Translocation spell that works like a blink scroll and gives contam. However, unlike the blink scroll, it acts like a semicontrolled blink on levels with no teleport control.
  2. Only gives you semi-controlled blink 50% of the time when you have the Orb of Zot.
  3. <danharaj> cblink is like an undo button for being bad
  4. < Elynae> that's the chicken spell
  5. !lg araganzar hehu xl=27 1 -tv:<0.6:x5
controlled flight
Lets you interact with the floor and items on it while levitating. Draconians and xl5+ tengu have innate cFly. All flight is controlled in 0.12.
Oh hi, it's been a while! What's that? Oh, I think you're looking for conservation. Yeah, good seeing you too.
  1. refrigeration
  2. see wensley
  3. see sakuyaizayoi[2]
  4. tab
  5. squarelos
  6. xom
  7. newveh
Players who have won at least one combo that makes a word online in 80x24 console using vikeys or arrows+numrow or an external numpad.
a by-invite only roundrobin, if you don't know the password, you aren't invited. Heavy-armour spellcasting preferred. Started by xyblor when he got tired of his roundrobin characters dying.
Outlines the target in light, making them easier to hit (by boosting your to-hit randomly between 2 and 9). Makes invisible things (temporarily) visible. Delicious with a wedge of lime. Don't leave it in direct sunlight.
Remains of a slain creature. Can be chopped for meat chunks to eat, blood can be drawn by vampires, can be offered to certain gods as sacrifice, and can also be animated with necromantic magic.
corpse color
white=safe green=poison yellow/brown=contaminated red=rotting purple=mutagenic
corpse rot
  1. Level 2 necromancy in book of Death. Produces a single square of miasma over any nearby corpses (range is something like 6 away from you), turning the corpses into skeletons. If there are multiple corpses on a square, only one of the corpses will be affected. The miasma lasts approximately 12 turns. See corpse slap.
  2. Try it on enslaved enemies!
corpse slap
The act of Portal Projectiling a corpse just before an enemy, then Corpse Rotting it. For bonus points, corpse slapping doesn't wake up sleeping enemies!
corpse violating
Fedhas hates the spells: Animate Dead, Animate Skeleton, Twisted Resurrection, Sublimation of Blood, Necromutation, and Simulacrum (and Fulsome Distillation while it existed). Fedhas doesn't mind Corpse Rot, since magically accelerated decay is still decay.
  1. Makes a chunk of the current floor more Abyss-like, by shifting walls and summoning a lot of neutral creatures for 600+ turns. Useful to kill everything and to break into certain vaults. May convert altars to Lugonu altars. Usable once per floor, not usable in the Abyss. Cannot alter unnaturally hard walls.
  2. Don't overlook this ability. Can reliably take out the majority of uniques, including Mennas and most hellpanlords.
  1. see crystal plate armour
  2. stands for better than gold dragon armour
Canonical race.
cracking sound
"You hear a cracking sound!" is when a thrown large rock mulches to stone outside of LOS
cranking of ancient gears
see {ancient gears}
  1. <Nexos> e - the cursed -1 leather armour "Crap" {Acc+2}
  2. the cursed +1 leather armour "Crap" {Dex+3 Dam+4}
If you crash and the state does not seem recoverable, go to Advanced Options in dgl and then Backup Save File and let the developers know you've done so when you file a report in mantis: crawl.develz.org/mantis
  1. <crate> fyi i'm not a crate irl
  2. see craterc[1]
  3. <crate> how do i ever win crawl <crate> i cant type
  4. <crate> its ok i'm cheating
  5. !lg * killer="prince ribbit" min=turn
  6. imo autofight is actually safer than not-autofight
crate crawl
  1. https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8705
  2. https://gitorious.org/~nooodl/crawl/crate-crawl/commits/crate_crawl
crate reasons
You want to pacify ancient liches.
robin account where you play as normal, except when you're finished with D:20, go back to D:1 and exit the dungeon. Password is robin.
  1. http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rcfiles/crawl-git/crate.rc
  2. todo: new portal vault message colours, autosac for corpse gods, de-magentify monsters?, drop_filter and autopickup redo??, water colours??, unberserk monsters, item destruction ammo autopickup, rune autopickup, volcano removal??, borg message notes?, reverse item order?
  3. volcano: You feel an oppressive heat about you.
  1. a wretched hive of scum and ascii
  2. <Noomx> its not nethack :(
  3. <chunkles> the game is obviously a metaphor for samsara, the endless cycle of death and rebirth <ebarrett> sisyphus' orb rolls back to zot:5
  4. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4161i8U6k1qj4nfso1_400.jpg
  5. http://i.imgur.com/ixCsi.gif
  6. http://i.imgur.com/eRc6sBC.gif
  7. http://i.imgur.com/T5iNSrX.gif
  8. <the_glow> i think we can all agree that crawl would be better if it was bejeweled
  9. Crawl is basically a NetHack ripoff with most of the micromanagement removed and a better interface.
  10. I'm new to this game, and to the roguelike genre in particular, but I can't help but feel like this game is like Diablo 2.
crawl 41
  1. Brent Ross worked on the successor to Crawl 4.0 and produced the 4.1 alpha, featuring major rewrites of spellcasting, combat, and other systems, massive internal cleanup of the code, etc.
  2. Unfortunately, as a consequence of its alpha nature and the lack of sufficient testing, 4.1 is brutally difficult.
crawl alternative
  1. A very old (pre-Stone-Soup) and apparently abandoned fork of Crawl: http://www.interq.or.jp/libra/oohara/crawl-alternative/ or git://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl-ancient.git branch "alternative"
  2. Has a branch of unseen horrors (which have disease brand), mimics, and golems. The transparent rune in it is guarded by greater unseen horrors (that have antimagic!) and silence golems.
  3. * unseen horror, slime creature and skeletal dragon disease you || * ugly thing makes you forget the map; || * moth of wrath has a poison which makes you angry and confused || * the melee attack of tentacled monstrosity causes short paralysis (partially resistible by Traps & Doors skill)
  4. * Orb guardian is now invisible
crawl confessions
  1. I'll admit, after a couple games I went into the source code and made an overpowered griffon race for myself. Somewhat because it was hard, but mostly because griffons.
  2. For some reason I see Spriggans more like little children/toddlers. Similar to FFO TaruTaru with elven beauty and elf ears. Kind of like a toddler Link from Zelda fame. I wish I could draw so I'd draw my own little SpEn (formally SpSt) posing Dihonored style.
  3. Her Crawl iteration actually does use equipment since for some reason this is required for her survival, but her custom tile shows otherwise, as for her to be in character, she must be naked. My Demigoddess tile is specifically without underwear and has a specially long 'cape' for her very long godiva hair entirely for this purpose.
  4. Nothing better than preaching to heretics and making them confused/bleed/blind. I wish there was a full version of the recitation so I could attempt a "recite" spell on the general public.
  5. Why not implement a slit wrists ability or something like that so that a vampire can take satiation down to zero with one click?
  6. We are damned, you and I, but not so much as Dowan and Duvessa. For you and I have condemned only ourselves, while they, in love, condemned each other.
  7. I wish I could curse my hands.
  8. That and my burning love for Jellies has nothing to do with my orientation. n_n It's hard to explain, but... the thought of their thick, gelatinous form melding to my shape to grip me firmly, combined with the burning heat from the acid... it just gets me so excited.
crawl flowchart
crawl insults
  1. hey man, you suck. go to hell with no food. and maybe find an abyssal rune when you get cast there by a hell effect. and then find a scroll of acquirement and use it on food. and then go invisible and spook asmodeus good.
  2. You're so bad at crawl you read the wiki and got better
  3. You don't memorize swiftness.
  4. You get a higher score when you play on quitrobin.
  5. Yo momma so slow that slouch heals her
  6. yo momma so fat she shatters every step
  7. felids
  8. Talking to you is like talking to Zin.
  9. You're so stupid your int crashed Crawl
  10. your momma so ugly cigotuvi's degeneration has no effect
  11. <mikee_> your ho looks like an ogre
  12. GU
crawl light
  1. A fork of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. http://crawl.aerdan.org/ | #CrawlLight | telnet://dashify.me:23
  2. features: no food, no identification, no curses, squarelos, hard mode, monsters (including allies) follow you across levels like brogue, bee castle
  3. <Chapayev> is crawl light like crystal light
crawl players
  1. <MarvinPA> <HangedMan> crawl attracts all kinds <Henzell> sexyelfdreams...
  2. <the_glow> im genuinely surprised that there are multiple variants of hitler boner
  3. <the_glow> lol PISS entered a sewer
  4. <minqmay> the_glow1: XxWeEdMaN420xX deserves a crawl_players entry dont you think <the_glow1> he deserves more than that
  5. <the_glow> !gamesby GayWeedDad
  6. lukarsbuttslave
crawl stats
crawl wiki
An old and vain project to create a correct repository of all Crawl game mechanics and strategic analyses. If you need help, do not look here (yet?). If you are the sort with free time, do contribute, possibly after contacting fluffymormegil.
The IRC channel for Crawl development and design. Many but not all devs frequent the channel. To join, "/join ##crawl-dev". Logs are at http://s-z.org/crawl-dev/ .
!lg crawlingbirds tehu 2 -tv:<T41900:>T42000
<craymondson> i'll just equip this sword and activate berserk, then switch to my hydra killing flail
crazy yiuf
  1. This unique has a quarterstaff of chaos with decent plusses, and lives in a cottage in early dungeon. He's not tainted by a shred of sanity -- unless confused! Always has a cloak.
  2. Try listening to him when you worship Xom!
  3. He spends his time repairing his cottage with a random hammer (or with dozens of random hammers, lying through his forest).
  4. like an ogre, he can deal up to 35 or so damage in one shot. Or even more if he paralyzes you! Tread carefully.
  5. Can be any color. Including hobgoblin color. Note: is not actually a hobgoblin.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/b23LM.png
  1. https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/crawl-ref-discuss
  2. http://news.gmane.org/gmane.games.roguelike.crawl.devel
"As you open the door, it creaks loudly!" happens one_chance_in Dex + Stealth.
see {creak}
creaks loudly
see {creak}
crimson imp
  1. An annoying bastard that hits you, blinks away, and regens fast enough that even when you do hit them they nearly heal it all back. Hit them hard and fast before they run away, or just take them with you to another level and ditch them once they blink away (imp parking).
  2. Look out if one picks up a bow. Also, take note that blinking plus archery works both ways.
  3. This is the common "imp". Was just called "imp" before 0.10. There are also shadow imps, iron imps and white imps.
  4. dedhed81 the Thaumaturge (L10 DEFE), worshipper of Vehumet, slain by a crimson imp (the +6,+0 lajatang "Concordance" vamp) on D:7, with 4362 points after 12173 turns and 0:58:04.
  5. http://www.doomworld.com/10years/doomcomic/comic.php?page=8
Formerly {giant lizard}s. They hit hard. Really hard. First crocodile death on CDO goes to Napkin!
cross training
Some weapon skills train twice as fast if you have another skill at higher level. Pairs that allow cross training are Short <-> Long Blades, Maces <-> Axes, Axes <-> Polearms, Polearms <-> Staves, Maces <-> Staves also Slings<->Throwing.
A ranged weapon with 15 base delay. Fires bolts.
crown of dyrovepreva
+3 unrandart cap { Int+2 rElec sInv hunger }. "jewelled bronze crown". A large crown of dull bronze, set with a dazzling array of gemstones.
crusade card
  1. If power level >= 1 a check for every monster in range will be made, and if HD*35 < random2(power) you will enslave the monster. This only works on living monsters which are not uniques, not magic immune and will not be enraged by your god. This card will also give the effect of abjuration (even if the power level has not been met).
  2. It will also make fleeing friendly monsters fight to the death if successful.
A background removed in 0.9. Started with a weapon and a spellbook containing berserker rage.
  1. according to BirdoPrey, is an obsessive DS player. (note, it doesn't mean he's actually GOOD at DS) :D
  2. has sacrificed more spen's to the careless-death god than you will ever win.
  3. <+Cryp71c> Not sure if this is a bug, I opened a door, then when I go to close it, I get "There's a thick-headed creature in the doorway" <+Cryp71c> oh, nvm..I was standing on one of the door squares.
  1. Accessed from the Vaults somewhere on level 2 or 3. Five levels deep. THANKS BOBBENS FOR CRYPT VAULTS (but screw whoever made the mummy ending). Be prepared to deal with an endless supply of skeletal warriors and skeletal warriors.
  2. Less a joke in 0.13, DracoOmega gave it a revamp involving ancient champions, eidolons, lost souls, phantasmal warriors, and revenants, reducing zombie and skeletal warrior fatigue in the process.
  3. !lg zakalwe djfe crypt 1 -tv
see {Cryp71c}
  1. Widely regarded as the best Crypt:5 vault map.
  2. <Pacra> the best one
crystal ball of energy
Evoke for MP. Gives (9+Evocations)/2 MP (average!). 5.5% chance to drain all your MP, drain 1-3 INT or confuse you for 11-20 turns at max Evoc. Has another 4% chance at max Evoc to fail. The closer you are to 0 MP, the higher your chance to fail. Then another 4% chance to fail no matter what. Lower Evoc, lower success!
crystal glass
exists but doesn't really act as crystal
crystal golem
  1. More like cake golem. Yum.
  2. Nothing like cake golem.
crystal guardian
  1. crystal golem with bolt of fire and bolt of cold.
  2. A sign of the crown of dyrovepreva
crystal plate armour
14AC, 24ER, 120aum.
Webtiles trunk server at crawlus.somatika.net (US). Doesn't have its own bot yet, but Sequell knows about games played there. Seems to be very dead.
  1. Crawl's analogue to SplatTV, telnet termcast.develz.org to watch.
  2. Source: http://github.com/greensnark/dcss_tv
  1. Server in Florida, US: crawl.s-z.org -- ssh port 22, username crawl, key at http://dobrazupa.org/cszo_key (openssh) http://dobrazupa.org/cszo_key.ppk (putty), or use the CAO key or the password "crawlingtotheusa". In case of DNS problems, use crawl.dobrazupa.org. Also has webtiles at http://crawl.s-z.org/.
  2. CSZO also serves webtiles at https://crawl.s-z.org/ . Morgues/ttyrecs/rcfiles are at http://dobrazupa.org/ . Announced by Sizzell, maintained by |amethyst (neil@s-z.org).
  3. Webtiles and console share the same saves, and can watch each other; chatting doesn't work between the two, though.
  4. If CSZO has DNS problems, try crawl.dobrazupa.org , a different hostname (with a different DNS server) for the same machine (but HTTPS will report an error).
cszo key
http://dobrazupa.org/cszo_key (openssh) http://dobrazupa.org/cszo_key.ppk (putty)
You can press * before the key instead.
  1. A type of poison that will slow you, poison you, and do large impact damage (called asphyxiation). To avoid it you can use stealth and eXamine to avoid being in any blowgun wielding creature's line of fire for too long. Poison resistance prevents the poisoning and asphyxiation, as well as the slowing (being undead will too).
  2. According to ogaz, you should carry curare around with you so that you can forget to use it and then feel like an idiot when you die.
cure poison
L2 poison. Cures a few levels of poison, about from deep red to yellow (and yellow to none). That's about it.
  1. Cursed items cannot be removed, unless the curse is broken first by enchantment or scroll. Curses have no other effect.
  2. see recurse
  3. see mummy
curse card
Card from deck of punishment. By card power, 0: Curses one or two items. 1: Curse at least one item and a random number more, the average being 4. 2: Curses every item you've got, but may stop after each item if 1:1000 is rolled. Unlike the other levels, will decay your potions.
curse skull
An undead skull that specialises in tormenting you and summoning undead that kill you. Not affected by silence.
curse toe
  1. A rotting toe. Gross! Generally resembles a curse skull, but it moves and likes to summon mushrooms as well as undead. Zot-exclusive, outside of certain vaults. Moves at half its action speed.
  2. The curse toe gives a chilling moan.
If your cursor is invisible outside of LOS, set "use_fake_cursor = true" in your config.
custom shops
cyan bird
<Cyan`Bird> i'd wear ponies, cause it has +rage
cyan ugly thing
  1. An ugly thing that is resistant to electricity. No biggie, unless you're relying on Static Discharge.
  2. They also possess an electrical attack, which may hurt without requisite resistance.
  1. They throw large rocks. Slow.
  2. they love sheep. There are no cycsheep though.
Known to play hill dwarves exclusively, with much success.
D is for Dungeon, which is where you start the game. Twenty-seven levels deep.
  1. Very rare monster summoned by TSO or Xom as pets or punishers. Spells: Smiting, smiting, smiting.
  2. Can also be seen (rarely) in the Abyss, Pan, Zig holy levels and in one vault.
  1. <daftfad> D - an uncursed runed spear of dragon slaying <-- too bad this is a useless brand <daftfad> aight time to test this spear on a steam dragon <Henzell> daftfad the Slasher (L8 HuGl), worshipper of Okawaru, blasted by a steam dragon (ball of steam) on D:5, with 854 points after 6804 turns and 0:48:03. <daftfad> ...
  2. Q: how do I kill X A: wand it
A long knife or a very short sword, which can be held or thrown. (small Short Blade; Dam 4 Acc +6 Delay 10) Notable for getting an initially larger Stabbing bonus than any other weapon.
dagger of chilly death
+5,+7 dagger of Chilly Death {freeze, rPois rF- rC++ MR}.
See weapon damage, unarmed combat
  1. The Damnation card throws multiple creatures into the Abyss, the number of creatures increasing with power. You are a creature. However, that's not to say you will be thrown into the abyss, just that you might be (and your chance doesn't increase with power). Unless you're the only visible creature, in which case you will be.
  2. The fungus is devoured by a tear in reality. x2
  3. !lm SGrunt uniq.ban=rupert lair 1 -tv
dance card
Animates a temporary dancing weapon. Card power 0: weak dagger or club. 1: average long sword or hand axe, sometimes flame/freeze. 2: powerful dire flail or exec axe, always elec/speed. Unlike regular Tukima's dance, the weapon is created from out of nowhere and disappears in smoke. Will only be hostile if card power is 0 and you roll a 25% chance.
You must use automatic training, and never turn off or focus skills.
  1. metaphorically dances with wargs
  2. even worse than hyperelynae
  3. current plans: mipr (zin), kesu (sif), ogee (fedhas) speedruns
  4. see uncool[2]
dancing weapon
When randomly spawned, is one of battleaxe, broad axe, flail, glaive, great mace, halberd, hand axe, long sword, morningstar, scimitar, short sword, trident, war axe. Hall of Blades spawns will almost always have egos. %?? dancing weapon ; (weapon) to see the stats; nearly all have good speed, ac, ev, and omni-resistances.
  1. Promised to write Louise/Margery erotic fan-fiction
  2. Danei is also a lich.
  3. An incredibly powerful emperor on the way to godhood.
  4. Danei the Covert (L6 SEAs), worshipper of Kikubaaqudgha, slain by a centaur (the +8,+10 sabre "Ozoty" freeze)
Examined monster gives tension of 6-32. Hard but reasonable.
  1. <Blade-> danharaj is the new demonblade
  2. <faze> you are amazing
dark maul
New unrand in 0.14. Great mace of crushing with altered stats: Damage 45, Acc -2, Delay 30.
Hexes spell that reduces LoS by 25% normally (stacks with nightstalker, but like wizardry) and as the description implies, does not decrease your stealth as a penalty. See cloak of darkness for the cloak ego.
You can't see the floor or walls. Everything else is visible!
<Sequell> No milestones for darmok (place=tenagra).
  1. Base damage is 2.
  2. Darts benefit more from high throwing skill than stones.
dart trap
1d6 damage. Weary NetHack refugees: Never poisonous.
A status which makes a monster randomly skip 20% of its turns.
dazzling spray
Level 3 conjuration/hexes, new in 0.12. Fires a spray of energy at up to 3 targets in the same general direction which deal some damage and can temporarly blind creatures which are neither nonliving nor undead if they fail an HD-based save.
  1. <DChimera> it is my duty <DChimera> to pres the butons
  2. <DChimera> HEY <DChimera> whos good at i-spy <Henzell> DChimera the Fencer (L25 HECr) found an abyssal rune of Zot <DChimera> wait nevermind
  3. likes exclamation points!
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. The currently developed version of Dungeon Crawl, branched from 4.0 beta 26.
dd guide
Worship Makhleb. Use the wand of heal wounds to heal. If it runs out of charges, recharge it.
Hit things with your axe. Use the wand of heal wounds and Trog's Hand to heal.
ddhe guide
<N78291> you can basically pacify your way to three runes outside of some swamp vaults and a few zot monsters as long as you can keep greater healing piety and not starve
god: makhleb | stats: int | skills: weapon skill, necro, charms, spellcasting, fighting, invo (to 10-12) | spells: charms, dispel, vamp draining, pain, agony, imb/other generic good spell, maybe some ice/earth if you find it | weapon: pain weapon, any other good weapon you find | mottled dragon armour
ddpr challenge
Win DDPr without abandoning Zin (or being excommunicated). (Completed by: jeanjacques, hyperbolic, pubby)
dead monster
  1. DEAD MONSTER claws you but does no damage.
  2. You escape DEAD MONSTER's grasp.
  3. While you don't manage to break free from DEAD MONSTER, you feel that another attempt might be more successful.
  4. The ufetubus disappears in a puff of smoke! You hit DEAD MONSTER!
  5. The shaft crumbles and collapses. DEAD MONSTER vanishes!
deal four
  1. You draw four cards from an unmarked deck. It uses up the deck. If there weren't enough cards, you also get to deal a card from the deck of punishment. You get no piety gain from the cards.
  2. see orb_card[3]
  1. Your future!
  2. <@dpeg> Dying is awesome. Everytime a player dies, the devteam celebrates.
death channel
Level 6 necromancy spell in the book of Unlife. Gives you the temporary status of "channeling the dead" (check it in @ or %), during which anything killed by you or in your LOS comes back as a temporary friendly spectral thing (and can still leave a corpse, too).
death cob
  1. You may have already fielded a guess, but it's insane hostile food. It might be corny, but if you put an ear to the ground deep down in Crawl's maize, you may find that you are being stalked; being buttered up for the kill, smooth as silk.
  2. A dreadful undead cob of maize. Look, this one was probably a mistake. We're sorry.
  3. For laughs, watch !tv * killer="death cob" 1
  4. Unfortunately don't turn into death popcorn when sticky flamed
death drake
A drake that breathes miasma. Leaves rotting corpses, appears rarely.
death knight
Replaced priest of Yredelemnul in 0.8, but with a choice of weapons, more melee skill, and less starting piety.
death ooze
An acidic ooze with a rotting attack. It's faster than normal, and eats things like other Js. They are considered undead, and can be killed with Dispel Undead. Good gods enjoy them dying, too.
death yak
  1. One of the toughest enemies you can find in the Lair outside of a vault. Melee is not recommended unless you can fight one-on-one or are very tough yourself! (Or have reasonable stabbing skill and invisibility...even if they wake up, invis stab will take them down quickly)
  2. They have poisonous corpses, if you're the kind of guy who goes after tough monsters for a good meal.
  3. They're death yaks! They come in packs! They have very strong attacks! Watch your backs, don't relax! Beware of the Death Yaks!
  4. <mikee_> remember death yaks? those death yaks are like death yaks but in the lair
wandering mushroom with draining attacks. Summoned by curse toes. (0.13)
  1. Probably casmith789 in disguise
  2. except that casmith789 isn't greensnark
deaths door
Renders the caster invulnerable, but reduces you to necro/2 + kiku piety/15 health (up to 13+13). Cannot be recast until 1d3 turns after expiry. You get an end warning. Healing effects other than Revivification (which will confuse+paralyse you if cast!) do not work (including potions of curing to cure status effects). Duration is ~16-25 turns.
  1. A deck of intensely magical cards, in general significantly more powerful than scrolls, spells, or potions. Each deck contains 4-13 cards *independently* (no point counting) chosen according to 99% the deck's flavour, 1% the Deck of Oddities. See {deck of <foo>}, {divine gift[2]}, card power, {<foo> card}.
  2. You may perform the effect of the top card in a deck (which disappears, the deck vanishes when empty) by wielding the deck and then evoking it (with 'v'). Nemelexites also get deck abilities.
  3. Nemelex gifted decks: destruction, dungeons, escape, summoning, wonders. Other decks: changes, defence, war. Virtual decks: battle, emergency, enchantments, oddities, punishment, transport. Virtual decks exist only to serve as subdecks for real decks.
  4. You might have meant Deep Elf Chaos Knight, but probably not.
deck of battle
Does not exist as an item. Cards: Elixir, Battlelust, Metamorphosis, Helm, Blade, Shadow.
deck of changes
Randomly per-card deck of battle, deck of dungeons, deck of wonders.
deck of defence
Randomly per-card deck of emergency or deck of battle.
deck of destruction
  1. Cards include: vitriol card, flame card, frost card, venom card, hammer card, spark card, pain card, torment card, orb card. Sacrifice weapons, ammunition, and magical staves and rods.
  2. Its conjurations have full LOS range, even when the corresponding spell does not.
deck of dungeons
  1. Cards include: Map, Dowsing, Spade, Trowel, Minefield, Vitrification, Water. Sacrifice jewellery, books, and miscellaneous items (crystal balls etc, not other decks obviously!). Note that this does NOT include enhancer staves and rods, which go towards destruction decks.
  2. <N78291> I am trying to drown khufu and keep getting bazaars
deck of emergency
Not generated as an item. Cards include: tomb card, banshee card, Damnation card (rare), solitude card, warpwright card, flight card.
deck of enchantments
Not an item. Card: Elixir.
deck of escape
  1. Non-oddity cards from here are 50% from the deck of transport, 50% from the deck of emergency. Sacrifice armour.
  2. An image of your typical Deck of Escape drawer: http://img.ie/p39f1.png
deck of oddities
1% of cards are replaced by one of these: Genie, Bargain, Wrath, Xom, Feast, Famine, Curse.
deck of punishment
Cards include: Wraith, Wild Magic, Wrath, Xom, Famine, Curse, Tomb, Damnation, Portal, Minefield, Swine, Torment
deck of summoning
  1. Cards include: Crusade, Herd, Pentagram, Dance, Foxfire, Bones, Repulsiveness. Sacrifice corpses.
  2. Do you like free red wasp swarms on your side? How about multitudes of fiends, bone dragons, very ugly things, and dancing katanas? Sacrifice those corpses.
deck of transport
Not generated as an item. Cards include: portal card, warp card, swap card, velocity card.
deck of war
Randomly per-card deck of destruction, deck of enchantments, deck of battle, deck of summoning, deck of transport, deck of emergency.
deck of wonders
  1. Cards include: Potion, Focus, Shuffle, Experience, Wild Magic, Helix, Sage, Alchemist. To get Nemelex to gift wonders, sacrifice potions, scrolls, wands and permafood.
  2. It's strongly suggested to triple draw this deck to avoid shuffle and wild magic. You can also triple draw a couple of times then stack five to try and maximise the number of cards you get to use.
deep dwarf
  1. Great apts including armour, dodging, stealth, necromancy, earth magic, and über AC-like damage shaving. They don't heal, at all -- except by an act of god, potions, wands, vampiric weapons or necromancy. They start with one level of passive mapping (and gain another level at xl 9 and xl 18), and gain rN+ at xl 14.
  2. Damage shaved = 1d(1+1d(1+XL/3)). Damage shaving affects just about everything, including poison and torment, and even hellfire!
  3. see regeneration[5]
  4. No healing means no natural recovery from stat drain, either. Fortunately potions of restore abilities are common, and royal jellies will also restore stats. The stat deterioration mutation is a bit scary, but it is quite slow and a ring of sustain abilities will stop it.
deep dwarf berserker
Can use brothers in arms at low HP. Otherwise, not scary.
deep dwarf death knight
A pretty bad choice without rTedium, unless you want to learn about Yred wrath. Also, a rather rare monster bound to Abyss and vaults, which invites care/patience due to pain mirror.
deep dwarf necromancer
  1. Tollymain the Skirmisher (L2 LOAK), worshipper of Lugonu, blasted by a deep dwarf necromancer (a deep dwarf necromancer) in the Abyss on 2011-05-08, with 64 points after 192 turns and 0:03:03.
  2. The vapour coalesces into an ice likeness of a deep dwarf necromancer deep dwarf necromancer.
deep dwarf reasons
You feel that resting is boring, unnecessary, and should be removed from the game.
deep elf
Best int, awesome aptitudes "!apt DE" to see those awesome apts. Relative to puny humans, gains 1 less hp per lvl up to level 17, *and* 1 less hp per 3 levels, but 1 extra mp per level. Gains +1 int every 4 levels.
deep elf annihilator
Painful until they cast crystal spear or bankshot you with lightning, then they become deadly.
deep elf blademaster
  1. A deep elf with 27 Short Blades, and (most likely) the ability to outrun you. Has been known to dualwield quickblades. Like all elves, doesn't like curare. Unlike most elves, it has the EV to make curare application difficult.
  2. LordSloth>Buttefry with a blade and haste
deep elf conjurer
Spells: sticky flame, teleport self, {bolt of fire, bolt of cold, cantrip, lightning bolt} OR {iskys, invisibility, stone arrow, bolt of draining}
deep elf death mage
Spams a lot of bolt of draining and raises dead when there are corpses around.
deep elf demonologist
  1. Summons a bunch of demons and then banishes you for the hell of it. Be afraid, be very afraid.
  2. Also chews gum and spits out the side of its mouth.
deep elf fighter
Like a deep_elf_soldier but somewhat tougher.
deep elf high priest
drag0n the Anemomancer (L19 HEWz), worshipper of Nemelex Xobeh, killed by an exploding deep elf high priest on Vaults:2 (nicolae_vaults_triangles), with 229338 points after 78846 turns and 7:47:08.
deep elf mage
  1. Low-level magic user in Elf; not much of a threat in general, but with randomised spells (same as Erolcha, wizard, ogre-mage) can occasionally pull nasty suprises, such as Lehudib's Crystal Spear or banishment. Low MR. See {erolcha spells}.
  2. Prone to killing themselves with fireball.
deep elf master archer
  1. An average threat in 0.4, but in 0.5 a single master archer won 8 times out of 10 vs. a quicksilver dragon. Nerfed into oblivion in 0.6.
  2. !tv Ivo killer="deep elf master archer" 1
  3. This guy looks like this: http://blogs.venturacountystar.com/dennert/archives/robin_hood_men_in_tights.jpg
  4. !tv jeff place=elf:7 3
deep elf priest
Notable abilities: Can smite, animate dead, die
deep elf reasons
You want great spellcasting aptitudes, even if your hp will take a hit.
deep elf soldier
Weakest of the deep elves by a large margin, but can still slow, confuse, turn invisible, and wreck your scrolls. Like a more annoying orc wizard.
deep elf sorcerer
Spells: Bolt of draining, banishment, haste, summon demon, hellfire, and teleport
deep elf summoner
Blinks around while casting summon demon (234), groups of 5s, or summon rats (Plus orange!). Can quickly flood you with annoying things, and dangerous demons like smoke demons can come. Luckily, they find it sound tactics to engage in melee. In 0.13 blinks and summons vermin instead.
deep troll
Slightly tougher than normal trolls, but weaker than iron trolls. It appears alone earlier in the dungeon, but later on you get packs of them including deep troll shamans and deep troll earth mages.
deep troll earth mage
  1. Found as part of late dungeon deep troll packs; they will Dig the environment out around you to let the rest of the pack get at you and LRD you to death. Don't try to run away from them.
  2. <Goncyn> deep troll earth mages digging out the walls to get to me is like, the worst
deep troll shaman
Leaders of late dungeon deep troll packs; they haste and might the rest of the pack. Slightly squishier than a normal deep troll, but hits just as hard.
deep water
  1. This most corrosive of solvents will dissolve almost anything that falls in, even artefacts and hapless adventurers. It may be possible to scramble free, however. Also known as blue lava.
  2. Merfolk, octopodes and grey draconians can enter deep water and pick up items. Fedhas worshippers can use sunlight to make deep water shallow. Apportation and ice form cannot get items from deep water.
  1. Players who have won every currently available to play deep elf. Lifetime membership once you get in!
  2. To see your unwon deep elves, !lg * playable crace=de s=char / won @yourname ?:N=0
default manual training
defe guide
< Chapayev> defe guide is pretty much just blow shit up, isn't it?
deflect missiles
  1. A level 6 Charms/Air spell that helps you dodge enemy ranged attacks (by reducing their to-hit roll (for evasion purposes only) *to* a random amount between: 0% and 66% for penetrating beams, 0% and 50% for single-target missiles). In the books of Enchantments and Sky.
  2. < [Hanged_Man]> The storm dragon breathes lightning at you! You deflect the bolt of lightning! You deflect the bolt of lightning! You deflect the bolt of lightning! You deflect the bolt of lightning!
A monster with this enchant has permanent deflect_missiles
deformed body
This mutation reduces your AC by half of the body armour base AC. In 0.9- you could get multiple levels which had no effect other than requiring multiple removals.
Drains a random attribute (str, int, dex) by 1d4. Will induce stat death if the chosen stat is low enough.
delay message clear
Best option ever, add it to your rcfile. If possible with the comment "# annoy greensnark". Makes it so that messages don't disappear between turns, instead scrolling (in a fashion that many find annoying). To turn it off in trunk, add clear_messages = yes to your rcfile.
delayed fireball
When cast, lets you release a fireball later on (as an 'a'bility) with no cost or delay. Great to have one prepared for emergencies. Only one fireball may be stored at a time. Is level 7, and to know the fireball spell at the same time only uses 7 spell levels total.
  1. Demigods are like humans, except that their stats (including HP and MP) are better. To counterbalance this advantage, they are not allowed to worship a god. They also have worse than average aptitudes for everything.
  2. <mikee_> dg is like playing a living mummy
  3. 78291 the Acrobat (L27 DgJr), worshipper of Nemelex Xobeh, escaped with the Orb and 3 runes on 2013-04-02 03:39:12, with 1500404 points after 115713 turns and 8:01:52.
demigod reasons
God of Death.
You had from -14 to -21 hit points when you died.
demon blade
A terrible weapon, forged in the fires of Hell. (single-handed Long Blade, Dmg 13, Acc -1, Delay 13)
demon trident
A terrible three-pronged weapon, moulded by fire and brimstone. One-handed polearm: Dam 12 Acc +1 Delay 13. Blessable to trishula.
demon weapons
Demon Blades, Demon Tridents, Demon Whips.
demon whip
  1. A terrible weapon, woven in the depths of the inferno. (One-handed medium flail; Dam 11 Acc +1 Delay 11). 12/0/11 when blessed into a holy scourge by TSO.
  2. It's not that terrible!
  1. <jeanjacques> you play as if you are chased by death
  2. demonblade's rankings: spells - http://pastie.org/5946218 ; races - http://pastie.org/7347059 ; classes - http://pastie.org/7347126 ; branches - http://pastie.org/7359303 (link broken atm) ; gods - http://pastie.org/7991806
  3. <Blade-> nobody ever adds my best quotes
  4. <Blade-> and I am reluctant to add them myself
  5. <Blade-> "best"
  6. !lm demonblade fewn br.enter=lair -tv:>4:x1.5
demonic crawler
No, it's not a result of playing crawl too much. Mainly notable for being one of the few things in Spider that sees invis.
demonic guardian
  1. DS mutation, summons demons temporarily, based on tension. Dismisses demons when tension is low but will continue to summon demons until the tension is closer to equal.
  2. Level 1 Demons: White Imp, Lemure, Ufetubus, Iron Imp, Midge ; Level 2 Demons: Sixfirhy, Sun Demon, Ice Devil, Soul Eater, Smoke Demon ; Level 3 Demons: Executioner, Balrug, Reaper, Cacodemon
demonic horde
  1. Level 6 Summoning spell. Summons a lot of 5s, which will mostly be friendly.
  2. --more--
  3. Summon demonic butterflies; the most colorful spell!
demonic plant
  1. It's a plant with a fancy name, how exciting!
  2. It'll banish you if you look at it the wrong way.
demonic rune
  1. Rune guarded by a generic pan lord. Generates randomly in pan levels not already the domain of a unique pan lord.
  2. Guaranteed on lemuel_hellion_island, lemuel_draining_boxes, lemuel_hall_of_pain, and grunt_pan_frozen_over. Other Pan lord vaults are a 1/9 chance.
  1. Abjuration, Recall, Call Imp, Summon Demon, Demonic Horde, Summon Greater Demon. Cannot be read unless you are a level 10 summoner and level 6 spellcaster, or a Vehumite. Cannot be acquired except by "I give up, here's a random book". Vehumet's third gift to summoners and sixth to conjurers. And yet, is still significantly worse than summonings.
  2. see grand grimoire
  1. A race that is pretty average, but gets 5 semi-random good mutations. Has a 1/10 chance of being monstrous. Demonspawn mutations are irrevocable and unalterable, and drawn from a special list.
  2. see ds mutation rules
demonspawn reasons
  1. You think the early game is too easy but need more help playing level 20 characers.
  2. You enjoy adapting to semi-random mutations as you level and you think draconians are boring.
  3. Your demonic ancestry asserts itself... Your feet have mutated into hooves. Your +2 pair of boots of levitation falls away! You float gracefully downwards. You fall into the water! You drown... You die...
  1. Show people how to start <combo>. Suicide when you reach Lair, but not on D:3. If you die frequently and leave enough flame elementalist ghosts sorear may spontaneously offer to demo a character for you. For no particular reason of course. See roundrobin for more.
  2. Ignore [1], is actually a robin intended exclusively for playing DEMo
Equal to how many staircases you must ascend to get to leave the dungeon.
D:17-27 has been replaced by a new branch called the Depths - six levels long, with the Zot entrance on Depths:6.
  1. <TGW> potions of poison give you nutrition right?
  2. <casmith789> pillar dancing aizul using agnes as the pillar
  3. <N78291> if I enter an abyss portal will monsters get to swing at me
  4. <Ragdoll> do monsters follow you into ziggurats?
  5. You throw a dart of flame. The dart of flame misses the hellion.
  6. < rwbarton> if you can reduce your int by a lot you could cast some level 9 spells to get down to very full
  7. The yaktaur captain throws a dart.
  8. <minqmay> can i use imprison on a bush <minqmay> please dont ask why i need to
  9. <minqmay> will a throwing net work against an executioner
  10. <monqy> I can't believe I'm grinding orb run spawns for a disto reaper to banish me
  11. <valrus> just used a potion of resistance to eat a kobold
  12. <syraine> Kyrris, I used Famine as a Spriggan to stop myself starving.
  13. <rwbarton> once I looted cerebov's castle for a ring of fire resistance
  14. <ZRN> does throwing an arrow of dispersal disperse them if it damages them?
  15. <crate> do you get sif penance if you drop books in lava <crate> important question
  16. < elliott> does screaming sword damage get pain mirrored < elliott> extremely important question
  17. <raskol> can monsters resist wand of invisibility
  18. <Sabaki> if you are standing in a conjured flame, does sticky flame do more damage over time?
  19. <jiero> can felid drink the blood fountain to gain nutation?
  20. <djanatyn> do butterflies leave corpses that I can eat
  21. <mikee_> does it make sense to dig in a lab with stone of ee and then run from the ee's
  22. <G-Flex> eith: I found a way to survive <G-Flex> I miscast enough to accrue mutations <G-Flex> and got teleportitis
  23. see felid_reasons[5]
  24. <Sorbius> I went chei so I would not stat death
destroy weapons
Converts weapons and ammo at your feet into 0-1 piety with Elyvilon. Cannot be used to destroy trapping nets (yes, this is special-cased). Piety gain is more likely with more valuable items.
detect creatures
Determines the locations of nearby (radius is power-based) creatures, and places their generic genus glyph on your map. The positions may be shifted somewhat from reality, reduced by power. If the monster is a spellcaster of high intelligence (liches, deep elves, demons, draconians, nagas and so on) they will be awakened. Removed in 0.6.
detect secret doors
Tries to reveal (turn into actual doors) any secret doors that are hidden in the walls you can currently see. Chance of successfully revealing each door is based randomly on power. Removed in 0.6.
dev wiki
The dev wiki (to discuss changes and additions): https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=start
  1. The shillelagh "Devastator". It's a +4, +8 shillelagh that casts radius 1 shatter when you hit something with it, centered on the thing you hit. No, it won't hit you. Nor will it break walls or potions. Spellpower scales with melee damage dealt.
  2. shillelagh: a wooden walking stick, club, or cudgel, associated with Irish folklore. +3 accuracy, 8 dam, 13 delay.
  3. she-lay-lee
  4. http://youtu.be/-rXt8L1Vu8A?t=1m30s
  1. https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=dcss:admin:devteam
  2. (old devteam entries are at devteam_old)
  3. <elliott> minqmay: who ruined it <minqmay> elliott: a dev
  4. <SomeonePA> sweet, the most recent three commits start with "Remove" <SomeonePA> today has been a good day
  5. <SwissStopwatch> did you seriously commit altar vaults just to kill people
  6. <MarvinPA> sadly that bug is literally impossible to fix <MarvinPA> by which i mean i tried like once and then gave up
  7. <+SamB> kilobyte I don't really follow how this is supposed to work :-( <+kilobyte> I don't remember the particular case, but it kept getting stale and causing misbuilds <+kilobyte> and yeah, it's a mess of unholy hacks :( <+SamB> I don't really follow how anything builds at all :-(
  8. http://i.imgur.com/2pgyK9f.gif
  9. <+elliptic> the first thing new players should do when they encounter sigmund is get confused by him and die
  10. <+mumra> it's ok, i cry when i look at my own commits from like a year ago <+mumra> or in some cases, last week
  11. <@dpeg> Wensley: players cursing == their way of complimenting the devteam
  12. A bunch of sadists.
  13. see {minimalism}
devteam old
  1. The Stone Soup Team: Name / SF / IRC: Adam Borowski / castamir / kilobyte, Charles Otto / caotto / pointless, David Lawrense Ramsey / dolorous / -, David Ploog / dploog / dpeg, Enne Walker / ennewalker / Enne
  2. Eino Keskitalo / evktalo / Keskitalo, Haran Pilpel / haranp / haranp, Johanna Ploog / j-p-e-g / -, Jude Brown / bookofjude / due, Steven Noonan / mozillagodzilla / neunon, Nat Lanza / nlanza / -, Paul Du Bois / pauldubois / -, Peter Berger / peterb12 / -
  3. Rachel Elizabeth Dillon / raxvulpine / raxvulpine, Robert Vollmert / rvollmert / by, Stefan O'Rear / sorear / sorear, Matthew Cline / zelgadis / Matthew_Cline (-dev only)
  4. Chris Campbell / marvinpa / MarvinPA, Raphaël Langella / galehar / galehar, Robert Burnham / Cryptic / Cryp71c
  5. Former Soup devs: Erik Piper / - / erisdiscordia. Former maintainers: Linley Henzell, Brent Ross. Never has been: cbus, Eronarn, LordSloth, TGW.
  6. <casmith789> devteam just do whatever they like :(
  7. see death[2]
Increases to hit, damage by a bit (more for short blades, less for M&F), chance of stabbing distracted mons and stealth as well. Plays a significent role in EV if you have dodging skill. Before 0.6, the effect was capped. Boosts ability to shield-block, especially for bucklers, less for large shields.
The software used to serve Crawl on both crawl.akrasiac.org and crawl.develz.org.
2. rob the Ducker (L2 DGBe), killed by the fiery rage of Trog on D:1 on 2008-10-05, with 96 points after 840 turns and 0:03:31.
dgl documentation
<|amethyst> purge_stale_locks fgets ipfile fail
  1. when I first started playing I met some Japanese players who were remarkably better than anyone I've seen play, to this day, and they said that Demigod Wanderers were so easy to ascend with that they classified runs as DgWn runs and Non-DgWn runs
  2. 神々の末裔 放浪者
  1. Demigod Wanderers only!
  2. see dgwn
diamond obelisk
  1. basically a petrified moon troll
  2. You can just step onto the edge of the tornado and wait for 3.0 aut (including the time taken for the step) and then step off onto the loot. Repeat to get out.
  1. Invented by mikee_, the fuel to power the generation of tomorrow.
  2. 115/19/53
  3. <mikee_> diesel means you are like a vehicle that runs on diesel fuel
diesel teams
  1. team oldmen, team oblivion, team mnoleg, team battlemage
  2. team rebel tilescum, team thesaurus, team chaostalk, team boris, team dieselpanlords, team soh
  3. team diety, team epic bugs, team nethack, team cheibriados
  1. Add your dieselrobin bonus mission ideas here. The bonus missions tiers roughly correspond to the equivalent tourney banner tier in difficulty. Some missions will be assigned before starting, and some will be open to any character.
  2. Fully explore Elf:3 before Mission 4 (first Lair rune).
  3. Win without ever having a god (cannot be assigned to Dg).
  4. Win with no skills above level 15 (or 10 or something whatever) and never worshipping Ashenzari.
  5. With one character, kill all of Antaeus, Asmodeus, Cerebov, Dispater, Ereshkigal, Gloorx Vloq, Lom Lobon, and Mnoleg.
  6. Get the slimy rune for mission 4.
  7. Win with less than 5 skill in both Fighting and Spellcasting, never worshipping Ashenzari.
  8. Win without switching gods (1)
  9. Win all N characters (Vizer) (Cumulative)
  10. Fight and kill all 4 Hell Lords at once* in the Vestibule. *not sure how we can ensure this
  1. Add your ideas/suggestions for dieselrobin here.
  2. rather than a fixed play order it could just be 'one person can't do 2 missions in a row'.
  1. The next dieselrobin will be scheduled once the spring tourney dates are announced. Congratulations to DracoOmega, rchandra, and Misder, who won as TEAM DONT LABEL ME. Visit http://dieselrobin.org for more info.
  2. http://dieselrobin.org/(rules|bonus|regular) Scoring spreadsheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvVvVnv6CWSkdHJucW1WM3VGYTJWX25WTmY0RGlOU1E
  3. Signup (frozen): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvVvVnv6CWSkdFBrQlkweGNlOEpJYUJVS0pxdXoxeFE#gid=0
  4. Check with !time. Start: 2013-01-04 19:00 UTC. End: 2013-01-20 19:00 UTC
  5. Github repo: https://github.com/chrishoney/dieselrobin
dieselrobin results
July 2012 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArzjW3MStQCGdHBZYXdJcW9yb0FkVU00M0IzN2JxeGc#gid=1
  1. raise str
  2. drink all the curing potions
  3. scroll-id books
  4. convert to jiyva
  5. include += saverobin.rc
  6. choose FeHe and then disappear
  7. scroll ID every wand
  8. hatch into coc_islands
  9. place exclusions on books with iood in them
  10. use nemelex to make a lab at end of turn, then save in the lab
  1. Team Unpersons: NORBERT DUANE MICHAEL
  4. team minqmaydreams: DUVESSA SIFMUNA SAMANTHA
  5. Team Race/Class: MOWA METR OCWI
  11. team foul language: PROC TANK PUMP
  13. Team Goodchar: OGTH LOAM MDSK
  15. team fleeeeeing: FLEEING FLEEEING FLEEEEING
  22. Team Shopkeepers: SMUTT RIOT ZINEFAG
  27. Team Neocons: DUBYA CHENEY SATAN
  30. team oblivion ii: IMB AXES MUMMIES
  33. team randart weapon: LEVITICUS BUNG X
  35. team meat: CERB BRK PAND
Finish website, finish CREDITS.txt, pare down this query: !lg * name~~(?c)^[[:upper:]]+$ s=name ?:N<=20, add dieselrobin support to henzell's time command, come up with a better regular mission scoring formula
Gets rid of a line of rock walls. Does not work on stone, metal, or green crystal walls.
dimension anchor
A draconian shifter spell that blocks you from teleporting, blinking, etc. during its duration. Also possessed by the Enchantress, because DracoOmega hungers for souls.
dire elephant
  1. A much stronger elephant, this pachyderm hits harder than a death yak, but not as hard as a hellephant.
  2. They can't open doors. Use this to your advantage if you need some time to rest between fights
dire flail
A flail with spiked lumps on both ends. 13 damage, -3 accuracy, 13 delay, two-handed.
  1. One of the hell branches. You can find Dispater with his nice staff at the end. Also home of the Iron Rune. Look out for hellions, fiends, hell sentinels and ice fiends.
  2. http://www.sirgalahad.org/paul/doom/mp3/e3m8.mp3
  3. !lg ubersqueeze 1 -tv:<T114120:>T114730:x1.5
  1. There is usually no benefit to disarming a trap. If you *really* care about the technical details of disarming, see [2].
  2. No disarming magical traps or while berserk. Otherwise fail if d(traps&doors + 2) <= d(depth + 4). Otherwise succeed. To reach 20% success at depth, you need T&D =~ 1 + (depth / 2.5). Accomplished, of course, by pressing ctrl+direction towards a known trap. Failure triggers the trap.
  3. See !tv MrPeeps ktyp=trap max=sc for an example of how NOT to disarm traps.
disc of storms
  1. Evoke to shoot zaps, lightning bolts, and ball lightning in random directions. The chance of working, number of effects caused, and spell power all correlate to your evocations skill. Also makes rain.
  2. Needs to pass 3 checks, each of which fails with probability (30 - Evocations) / 100. "Nothing happens", "The disc glows...", "Little bolts of electricity crackle..." are the messages for failing the three checks, in order.
  3. !lg turnerjer place=slime:1 1 -tv
  4. <crate_> it's kind of like a lamp of fire that recharges by taking your hp instead of with xp
See pan_disco_hall and kobold_disco.
Level 8 Hexes spell, new in 0.13. Has a chance to cause enemies in LOS to go into frenzy.
  1. Pass is "robin". Fun times to be had by all. Give it a shot! (Just don't remove the first part of the config!) If you are looking for whom to blame for this abomination, the answer is slinkies. See also AcidRobin.
  2. Avoid playing if you might need to use your eyes any time soon.
  3. DiscoRobin: It's better viewed than explained (unless you have epilepsy).
  4. Bonus points for dying in the pan disco vault
  1. Wand only. Instant killer of silver and orange crystal statues. Does resistible damage vs other monsters, very effective against low-level enemies. Also effective against rock, translucent rock, and wax walls -- one square at a time. Destroys doors.
  2. If you use it on something made of meat and the aforementioned meat-thing dies, chunks of said meat-thing will be scattered about the area.
  1. Level 8 translocation spell added in 0.12; for a few turns, blinks stuff that's near you to be less near you
  2. bh has been asking around for people's experience with this spell so tell him or something
  3. !lg SGrunt haas won 1 -tv:<T112500:>T112700
A legendary demon that guards the iron rune. Uses Conjurations, summons demons and hurls hellfire. Has the Staff of Dispater.
dispater strategy
!lm logicninja uniq=dispater 1 -tv:<2
dispel undead
  1. Deals very high AC-bypassing damage (up to 87!) to undead. Extremely useful vs. liches, higher mummies, various other things, and player ghosts. Not useful vs. anything not undead. If you are an undead or lich-form player, take care around Kiku ghosts, pan lords, Gloorx Vloq, unborn, and shadow fiends.
  2. Found in the Book of Death.
  3. <Trigramatic> I have dispel undead. <Trigramatic> Wight-out, as it were.
  1. Spell: All monsters that are adjacent to you will be instantly teleported away if they don't resist (via magic resistance). If a monster does resist, it will be blinked instead (even if it's immune!). Does not work on -TELE enemies such as statues.
  2. The ammo brand blinks enemies it hits if it does damage. This ignores MR but not -TELE.
  3. <mikee_> even if it hits, which it won't, it has to do damage, which it won't, to blink it somewhere good, which it won't
To destroy junk: Feed it to a jelly. Sac evil items to TSO, weapons to Ely, or anything to Nemelex. Throw it into deep water or lava, or onto a plant, fungus, statue, or teleporter. Drop it in a portal vault, Abyss, or Pan. Stash it in Temple, Lair, Hive, or Blades. Draw a Tomb card on it.
  1. A sentient, unique jelly who used to be human (a long time ago). Burrows like a boring beetle. If you hear a "sizzling sound", that's him digging through rock. Summons eyes, so treat with great care.
  2. Dissolution says, "There is a problem's solution. Dissolution..."
  3. A mixture of Hell Sentinels and water.
  1. Usually means "out of LOS" in a Crawl context.
  2. see portal distance
distant blaring wail
A monster stumbled into an alarm trap! Oh no! Anyone in range (including you) is probably now awake.
distant slurping noise
A jelly has eaten an item. How rude! This act heals the jelly a bit, and may cause an additional squelching noise, as a second jelly splits off from the original. "You hear a slurping sound" (exactly) is a poison miscast though, not a jelly.
  1. A powerful and dangerous weapon brand. When it hits, inflicts a random option from "1-7 bonus damage", "3-26 bonus damage", "blink", "teleport", or banish. When you unwield, you suffer wild translocation effects - up to 43 raw damage, banishment, teleport+confusion, or lots of glow. The probability of banishment is 207/896, or about 23%.
  2. Just unwield it for Geryon. (If you banish Geryon or the royal jelly, you can banish yourself, then hunt them down in the Abyss and kill them to get the silver horn or unlock the Slime:6 vaults.)
distressingly furry
Probably the best thing you can hope to find. Who cares about the stats? It'll keep you distressingly warm! (Not really, just a randart)
An invisible monster is standing in shallow water, or occupying the same tile as a cloud of smoke or mist. Can also be a submerged fish, alligator, crocodile, or shark.
divination miscast
1: confuse/nothing 2: (1d3 int loss / 3-12 mp loss) and confuse 3: (5-24 mp loss / 3-5 int loss) and confuse
Old spell school that no longer exists, but you can still get divination miscasts!
divine balms
Your orc probably got cured of poison or sickness.
divine shield
TSO ability much like Condensation Shield, but made of piety instead of ice. Unlike condensation shield, it stacks with the shield you are wearing. The piety cost is minor. Duration is based on skill in shields and invocation. Bonus SH increases with shield skill and invocations.
divine smiting
4+d10+4dXL damage; when smitten by another god (and yours isn't Xom), piety/400 chance of no effect. -1 penance.
divine vigour
Divine Vigour restores some HP and MP and temporarily increases max HP and MP.
  1. On a scale from zin to cheibriados, somewhere in the middle.
  2. Enter note: hey I'm starving
  3. djanatyn: since Sky has lichform should I get lichform maybe
  4. <djanatyn> can I banish a toadstool
  5. <sky___> he's going to be like me and crystal spear plants <djanatyn> I LCS'd a toadstool once
  6. <rwbarton> you should be updating your prior distribution according to bayesian statistics
  1. Player species with hellfire (total fire) immunity, rN+++, rC-, high fire aptitude, and a single weird pool (essence) from which they draw both mana and health. 1 MP costs two essence. They have no hunger bar, but pay hunger costs through glow, which only gives them weird temporary mutations. !!Djinn is plural, djinni is singular!!
  2. Wiki page: https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=dcss:brainstorm:species:djinn Git branch: http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/djinn
  3. Cannot use the following: crystal ball of energy, ice form, wucad mu, death's door, leda's liquefaction. Non-spell sources of hunger (Channeling, Regeneration?) also cause some glow.
  4. see djinn_faq
djinn faq
Q: How do djinn work? A: No one knows.
Like mummyrobin, but with a djinni.
  1. Good soup! Hosts ttyrecs, morgues, etc. for crawl.s-z.org .
  2. Also, you can play games there now.
  1. First, halve the part of your dex over 24, and then halve the part over 34. Then your base EV is 10 + size_factor + (7 + dodging * new_dex) / (20 - size_factor). Then subtract your aevp and asp, then halve the part over 30, and then halve the part over 50. Then apply randarts, rings, and merfolk/tengu bonuses. Go stepdowns!
  2. Your dodging bonus is reduced by 30*(EVP - 1)/strength, where EVP is the base penalty of your body armour (does not depend on Armour skill).
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Auabi_BjyRlPdHBSMW5xYmJzMy0zYXRIZ1NUc2pka2c#gid=2
  1. despite never being on IRC, has an uncanny tendancy to react to things people say in ##crawl-dev
  2. <Cheibriados> dolorous * 0.12-a0-665-g9211612: Add spelling fixes. (in the future, 3 files, 5+ 5-) https://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl/commit/921161296685
  1. He is a fellow adventurer, just like you. He is between orc knights and warlords in terms of danger, amphibious, and more resistant to magic. Comes always with a shield, which has a chance of being reflection. Also comes with awesome speech. I hate that.
  2. His speech changes to match the level he's on. I hate that.
  3. see hell_knight[2]
the lorde doome. addicted to sprint
  1. The game you are playing right now.
  2. No, its not structured to play nicely with dgamelaunch. Sorry.
  3. <mikee_>monqy, i bet you're not giftdropping bellies
  4. <mong> i remember when people used to play crawl instead of doomrl
  5. <Ragdoll> these dots intrigue me
doomrl guide
<mikee_> ffffffffhffffffffhfffff <mikee_> cleared those imps out good
doomrl reasons
  1. no eat command, no traps, no secret doors, no mimics
  2. no need to wait around to heal! free channeling! (just press r)
  1. A thing you can close to break LOS/stop unintelligent monsters from getting past. Doors: Not just for opening!
  2. There's a thick-headed creature in the gateway!
door dancing
Who needs a pillar when you can close the same door over and over? It works until some other jerk shows up (or until the opening monster gets a double move, opens the door, and moves onto the door tile).
door mimic
  1. You open the door like a pillowcase!!!
  2. !lg sky 5348 -tv:<3
door reasons
You open the door._A fire drake comes into view._You close the door.
door vault
  1. http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git&a=search&st=grep&s=door_vault
  2. see hilarious_deaths[6]
  3. Run away. Some doors are meant to stay closed.
  1. These existed (along with guardian robots in Zot) in pre-3.40 versions of (non-Stone-Soup) Crawl.
  2. http://pastebin.com/GVjqaPkQ
doroklohes tomb
  1. <N78291> if you wait long enough things happen
  2. The walls of each chamber are diggable, in case you'd rather stab the monsters in their beds one at a time. The loot is nice, by the way.
  3. It can have an ancient lich or an electric golem. And multiple greater mummies.
  4. <danharaj> d'aww it makes a heart shape when you look outside the initial chamber
double sword
  1. A magical weapon with two razor-sharp blades. (one-handed Long Blade; Dam 15, Acc -1, Delay 15). The highest base damage weapon in the game that you can wield with a shield, minimally better than demon blade. (No shield if you're a small race.)
  2. Double swords are better if enchantment+slaying<AC+X (at 20 str: X=0 at 0 skill, 3.4 at 14 skill, 4.5 at 27 skill).
  1. Early deep elf unique caster. Casts throw frost, throw flame, haste, corona and minor healing. Shows up with his sister, Duvessa. Will find "hidden reserves of power" when Duvessa dies, be hasted, and replace his conjurations with throw icicle, stone arrow, corona with blink.
  2. Will not follow you up or downstairs unless you kill his twin or she can follow you as well
  3. http://i40.tinypic.com/xpzb46.png
  4. <Sky__> wait <Sky__> i thought they were both males?
http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/downloads Get your crawl here
dowsing card
Gives 1 to 3 effects out of mapping, detect traps and items, telepathy (detects creatures for a duration). Randomly selects one of the three at power 0, another at power 1 (might be the same again), all three at power 2.
  1. Who stashes things? Seriously!
  2. Keeps Henzell clean with the power of Scrubbing Bubbles(tm)
  3. Lord High Cherry-picker!
  1. If you can't be bothered to type it into the wiki, we cannot be bothered to flesh it out or code it. Use the wiki!
  2. I am not worried much about balance here.
  3. Glass is amazing. Glassglassglassglassoklobsglass.
  4. <@dpeg> no sex please
  5. see death[2]
  6. <mikee_> minmay complained recently about having to take a hatch into v:8 because there was a constrictor near the stairs <dpeg> mikee_: hm, that sounds good to me
  7. The Mark Rosewater of crawl.
  1. Count combos not yet won *in the running tournament*. The n-th such win gives n bonus points. (If we want to be nice, give n/2 points for the second win.) As of now, about 230 combos have been won (2009).
  2. You can get the same bonus of the first winner if you win that combo with more runes. Presentation: matrix of species vs classes; show score and number of runes, highlight good combos.
  1. As a player draconian, you are given a random colour you didn't want upon reaching level 7, usually granting a breath attack and a resistance (sometimes later), and revealing your aptitudes. See "??<color> draconian" for details -- red, white, green, yellow, grey, black, purple, mottled, pale. Enemy draconians are bad news and found mostly in Zot.
  2. Draconians cannot wear body armour or helmets, but have tough scales: +4 AC, +1 per 3 XL. For Draconians, Dragon Form is a Transmutation spell instead of a Transmutations/Fire spell.
  3. Notable weaknesses of monster draconians: low magic resistance, don't see invisible, non-white are cold-blooded. Enemy draconians can be zealots, shifters, knights, annihilators, scorchers, callers, or monks, each with their own set of spells and abilities.
draconian challenge
Win a draconian without ever getting a color, i.e., stay under level 7 the whole game.
draconian knight
An extremely muscular humanoid dragon with wings. Comes in a range of different colours and knows an impressive array of spells: both deep elf conjurer sets, both necromancer sets, or both hell knight sets. Doesn't hit very hard, though.
draconian reasons
  1. You want to cast dragon form.
  2. <SwissStopwatch> And if you die you even get to leave behind a complete jerk ghost with drain breath
draconian shifter
Has two special spells: Dimensional Anchor (Stops Blinking, Teleporting, and Phase Shift) and Blink Allies Encircling (makes other monsters appear around you haunt-style).
draconian zealot
One of the higher priority nonbase draconians: amongside the tweaked orc high priest spell set (twisted instead of animate), also has hellfire burst.
  1. Inventor of a wondrous assortment of new things, such as wretched stars and starcursed masses. Nice guy. Is uncool.
  2. needs to ruin more things so we can hate him properly
  3. Pushed three pages of commits moments after the 0.12 tournament ended. Revamped Crypt and buffed 4s
  4. <bh> and on the sixth day, DracoOmega wrought crawl in his image. And it was good.
  1. Viciously powerful green D which breathes fire for 3d24 damage. Avoid if you lack rF. Dragon corpses can be dissected to possibly produce hides, which can be enchanted to produce fire dragon armour.
  2. There are also steam dragons, storm dragons, swamp dragons, mottled dragons, ice dragons, bone dragons, shadow dragons, quicksilver dragons, pearl dragons, iron dragons, and golden dragons.
  3. And don't forget the most deadly type of dragon, the komodo dragon!
dragon armour
  1. Dragon armour is made from enchanting a dragon hide. Each hide gives a different armour. These are better than common armours of respective EV penalties, although not by much. They also give resistance to that dragon's status, cloud or elemental type.
  2. In 0.9-, without an adjective it meant fire dragon armour. In 0.8-, Dragon King was a "shiny dragon armour" as well.
  3. quick reference: dragon type (AC bonus, EV penalty, egos) (see each armours entry for details)
  4. bone, shadow, quicksilver, and iron dragons leave no hides.
  5. see armours[1]
dragon form
  1. You're a dragon now! RAAAAWR! Breathe fire! Be tough (+50% hp) and strong! Gives +10 str, flight, rPois+ rFire++ rCold-, 34% GDR, +16 AC, huge size (will nuke your EV). Base unarmed damage = (20 + str*(2/3) + unarmed_skill).
  2. Draconians keep their existing scales AC bonus and resistances. Their breath weapon is also augmented.
  3. Usually not very useful because by the time you can cast it, you have great armour and don't really want to meld it and simultaneously nerf your dodging. Also good for getting killed by ice fiends.
dragon hide
Plain "dragon hide" referred to fire dragon hide prior to 0.10. For the different hides and their corresponding armours, see dragon armour.
dragon king
Unrandart +9 gold dragon armour with 50 MR.
dragon slaying
Increases damage by 75% against all dragons (by name, not "D"), all drakes, lindwurm and all draconians, excluding komodo dragons. Also reduces accuracy from dragon and draconian breath by 25%. Only available on polearms.
dragonskin cloak
  1. Tiamat's new cloak after mean people took away her GDA. When worn, every hit has 50% chance to be affected as if you had 1 more dot in relevant resistances.
  2. Resistances checked: rF, rC, rElec, rPois, rAcid, rSteam, rNapalm, rN.
drain life
  1. A Yredelemnul 4* ability; drains 3-10 + a random number less than your Invocations skill HP from all non-drain-resistant hostiles in your LOS and gives it to you. Costs 6 MP, 200 nutrition, and 2 piety.
  2. Also usable by monsters (soul eaters and deep dwarf death knights).
drain status
Reduces your skills until you gain more XP (no long-term effect). Press m to see how much your skills got drained. A potion of experience does not stop the effect.
  1. 2/3 chance of doing on average 25% extra damage to susceptible monsters, doing 1+1d3 extra damage and removing that much from max HP. If the 2/3 chance is hit, it has a further 20% chance to drop HD by 1. Only affects monsters of normal holiness with no rN. Players with rN+/rN++ are still affected (but get drained less and take less damage).
  2. Monsters that lose HD will naturally give less XP, but this is barely noticeable. Reduces the strength of shapeshifter forms. Disliked by good gods.
  3. see drain status
  1. If you have a bunch of one item but only want to drop a few, go into the drop screen, then type in the number of items you want to drop, then press the letter of the item you want to drop as usual -- e.g., "d 15 a" drops 15 of whatever is in slot 'a'.
  2. and dropping (scrolls) is in fact a good way to deal with being on fire (usually due to a mottled dragon or smoke demon). You may want to do this one stack at a time, though, to ensure that you drop your most important scrolls first (multidrop would just go from top to bottom, burning after each stack).
There's lists of different kinds of words that randart generation uses, and Dropbear was added to one.
  1. When you howl your despair into the deaf and uncaring cosmos, it is he who hears you.
  2. Is now an official perv.
  3. learndb miscreant
  4. < DrPraetor> Inverse victory dancing is where you avoid hitting a confused enemy in order to avoid wasting XP on stabbing.
  1. Password: robin, do NOT play on this character unless you are intoxicated. Mild central stimulants such as caffeine do not count.
  3. William S. Sessions, Director, FBI
  4. current high score: Danei
<pere_> do you guys take the risk of using magic balls? <pere_> is it worth it= <pere_> ?
Holy Toledo Batman, I can't find my *hic* utility belt..
dry fountain
Decoration. It might flow again if you leave the level for a while.
Like a tree rock worm that casts awaken forest and summons vines that drag you into the trees.
ds mutation rules
  1. Assuming you aren't monstrous, you get five facets, each consisting of three mutations (which usually just stack together). You will get one scales-type facet, one body-slot facet, two tier 2 facets, and one tier 3 facet.
  2. The scales-type facets are icy blue, iridescent, molten, rough black, rugged brown, slimy green, thin metallic, or yellow scales, or alternatively thin skeletal structure, large bone plates, or a repulsion field. Body-slot facets: claws, horns, antennae, hooves, talons.
  3. Tier 2 facets: PbD, PbP, demonic guardian, nightstalker, spiny, foul stench, fire (scroll cons, rF+, ignite blood), ice (rC+, potion cons, icemail). Tier 3 facets: +30% HP, rN++/rTorment, augmentation, ice (rC+, potion cons, passive freeze), fire (scroll cons, rF+, hellfire). Ice/fire facets are incompatible, as are foul stench/ignite blood.
  4. If you are monstrous (1 in 10 chance), then you get 3 body-slot facets but you don't get scales. You still get 2 tier 2 facets and 1 tier 3 facet, for 6 facets total.
<dtsund> elliott: Speaking as someone who is almost certainly a better player than you, I find that quaff-ID is usually an excellent idea
dual wield
Deep elf blademasters, ettins, and two-headed ogres can do this. You cannot.
  1. An evil mercenary with unusually large ears. He has magic dart, slow, haste and blink. That is all. Gone in 0.8.
  2. Do not underestimate him. !lm sorear uniq=Duane place=Tomb:1 -tv
  3. http://achewood.com/index.php?date=10212005
  1. Sigmund is his only true love.
  2. due != dpeg
  3. The ideal death from playing while stoned: bookofjude the Reanimator (L10 SENe), worshipper of Kikubaaqudgha, hit from afar by a cyclops (large rock) on D:11, with 6849 points after 15262 turns and 0:43:02.
  4. Thinks lichform spriggan should be 'l' instead of 'L'. Tiny lich!
  5. Suggested silencing Cerebov.
  6. Has the memory of an hellephant!
  7. Kicker of asses!
  8. [09:25] == mode/##crawl-dev [+q Gretell!*@*] by due
due reasons
  1. Glass, fleshy orifices and black Lua magic aren't enough?
  2. A single scream of a player killed by an early unique: a thousand prayers of adoring followers.
dull robe
Once always the Robe of Folly, now just a randart like any other.
dumb robins
squarerobi, diamondrob, aoeurobin, robinround, hunterobin, deadrobin, noobrobin, koborobin, hammerrobin, muckrobin, awbwrobin, buttrobin, alphabetskillrobin, alphabuttskillrobin
Press # in game, then type !dump (CAO) or @dump (CDO) or %dump (CSZO) or $dump (CLAN) or #dump (RHF) in IRC.
dungeon master
  1. Level 27 Traps and Doors title.
  2. see syllogism
  3. see heteroy
  4. see reskilling
dungeon sprint
  1. Sprint is a one-level, accelerated version of crawl. Originally coded by Chapayev. Now there are nine playable maps!
  2. No teleportation allowed from any source.
durably summoned
Permanent, unabjurable, no experience or items dropped.
  1. Early elf unique fighter (no spells), has the same kit as a deep elf fighter. Shows up with her brother, Dowan. Will go berserk if you kill Dowan in her sight, or the next time she sees you otherwise. Will not follow you across stairs without Dowan, unless you've killed him. Duvessa will only berserk once.
  2. http://i40.tinypic.com/xpzb46.png
  3. Duvessa hits you. Two slime creatures merge to form Duvessa. Duvessa screams in rage.
dwarf fortress
  1. http://imgur.com/icY16.png
  2. Unlike crawl, losing is fun on that game.
dwarven items
  1. Dwarven items are more resistant to corrosion than non-dwarven items and give slightly better protection (especially for dwarves). Dwarven body armour has an increased spellcasting penalty (unless you are a dwarf). Dwarves wielding dwarven weapons do an extra random2(3) extra damage (randomly 0, 1, or 2) on each hit.
  2. A randomly generated dwarven weapon will be +1 to hit, on a coinflip, and +1 to damage, on another coinflip. Dwarven armour gets +1 AC on a coinflip.
  3. Dwarven armour gets a bonus of (base AC for the item)/11 to their AC, doubled if the player is a dwarf.
dyed items
Skins and leather.
early game
when you play through the night, it eventually becomes this
earth elemental
Slow but heavy-hitting monster created by Summon Elemental spell or the stone of tremors. Not all that tough, but immune to elemental magic and hexes.
earth elementalist
A spellcaster that starts out with some earth magic skill, a book of Geomancy, and some rocks to use with Sandblast.
earth magic
  1. Buffed a lot in 0.8... stone arrow and LRD do actual damage now and most earth/tmut spells were changed to pure earth.
  2. rocks
earth miscast
1: harmless 2: 10-22 AC-blockable dmg 3: 3d15 explosion
Examined monster gives tension of 1-5. An easy fight but not ignorable.
Eat all mut-chunks you find, drink all mut-potions you find. You are allowed to quaff cure-mut and to use decks. You can use rMut amulet but not while eatdudes'ing and you're not allowed to worship Jiyva or Zin.
ecumenical temple
  1. Accessed from the main dungeon somewhere between levels 4 and 7. Is notable mainly for a complete lack of monster spawning as well as potentially containing an altar to almost every deity in the game.
  2. You will always be able to get in. If you don't see a way in search for hidden doors. Also one vault places one of the down staircases and the Temple entrance in a sealed room, so you have to come up from the next level down.
  3. A temple built by early explorers of the dungeon, dedicated to religious unity (for their gods, at least). See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecumenical
  4. see temple_gods
  5. If your temple has a bunch of Lugonu altars, congratulations, you've gotten the corrupted version. That explains all the overflow altars.
  1. Sigmund's jealous, younger, and less magically talented brother. He has more money and wit, though, and a shiny flail!
  2. Edmund says, "People think my brother is the best. I think he's crazy."
  3. He's also quite good with sums.
!lm hyperbolic ddpr type=orb 1 -tv
  1. For his first win, he went into hells with no food, got abyssed, ignored a gate, found a rune while starving, drank 13 healing potions for nutrition, and then found a scroll for FOOD ACQUIREMENT. Then went invisible and spooked Asmodeus good.
  2. < effo> the only threat of any kind was fiends and starvation
  3. RIP Klelaut, who faithfully followed effo up six levels on the ascent before being murdered in cold blood.
  4. In a later game, did Cerebov's with rF-
  5. fuck an elephant
  6. <mikee_> crystal ball of effo
  7. <Ragdoll> effo the seen horror
A demon bearing a flaming scimitar and capable of impressive pyrotechnics, most notably fireballs that it uses uncritically on friend and foe alike. Also trails joysome clouds of flame to menace passing pedestrians. Sometimes found in bottles for convenience (see bottled efreet).
  1. worst name in ##crawl
  2. T_T
  3. pegleglett
  4. Actuall has won. Just offline. Promise it was legit.
A rotten eggplant which you can throw at the Crawl developers. (It's a bug if you ever see this message in Crawl.)
Weapons and armours with the "+x foo of barring" nature. Term from Angband. E.g. boots of running, war axe of electrocution. Also refers to the 'of running' part, eg "'of running' is an armour ego".
egregious splat
!lg * cv>0.9 ((tiles || !@hugeterm)) ntv=0 max=dam -tv
  1. It's like a wraith but more so. Also it's a mega super duper scary spook and gives you the howling fantods. (Has Cause Fear.)
  2. In 0.13, they appear in the crypt and drain your speed with their melee, and can also cast bolt of draining.
Original author of Henzell. His clock speed is approximately 1.3 GHz.
  1. Crawler with a rather long history, made many vaults and maintains trunk binaries. Also known as evktalo and Keskitalo. Web site at http://crawl.develz.org/trunk
  2. Funny abreviations in Finnish: NaPa (belly button), NaSu (Piglet in Winnie the Pooh), HuPa (some jolly fun), KoHu (onomatopoetic reaction to a scandal), MiSu (a hot chick, except feline instead of poultry), KeHu (compliment)
  3. <+Keskitalo> Enchanted rods recharge at a really fast pace..
  4. Doubled GDR from body armour.
  1. If you say something, eith will say it at the same time. :(
  2. is appearently exactly like sheldon from big bang theory
  3. Has a bigass name.
  4. <eith> necromut is my fav spell tbh
  5. <eith> i love pants!
Dr Gh Ha Ke Ko Na Og SE Sp Tr Vp (11) | AE AK Ar As Cj Cr DK EE Hu St Su Tm VM Wn (14) | Chei Fed Jiy Kik Nem Yre Zin (7)
eldritch tentacle
  1. Be very afraid! Extends out from its eldritch rift, melees with chaos attacks that can do almost anything (including paralyze). Immune to enchantments/elements except holy. If you're human speed it is faster than you.
  2. !lg n78291 id=855265 -tv
  3. Crazy Yiuf on steroids.
  4. If you see them placed by a vault, they're going to function as tentacle-statues, without the eventual effects of the spell as cast
  5. see malign gateway
electric eel
  1. A troublesome fellow that likes to zap anyone who comes along, much to the chagrin of anyone lacking electricity resistance. Wise men say poly wands are most useful for this creature, as well as ice - as anyone who has dealt with waterborne creatures should know. Other wise men say to just avoid them.
  2. Bows of flame are highly effective at taking groups of these down as the steam provides very good cover.
  3. The lightning wakes up and attracts nearby mobs. Move towards them as soon as you see them, and you'll get adds.
electric golem
  1. Nasty golem that can shoot bolts of lightning. They can normally be found in Zot. They are resistant to fire, ice, draining, electricity and magic. They are as fast as killer bees, and they blink all the time. Feature af_elec melee damage.
  2. The early game has Prince Ribbit. You get his cousins, Blink Frogs, on top of Sonja and Nessos after that. Then, just when you think the fun is over, you meet an electric golem and, shocking as it may be, your day gets a lot brighter. /pun
Weapon brand that causes your weapon to blast your target with an explosion of sparks on 1 out of every 3 hits, doing 9+d15 additional damage (which ignores AC). Does not work on targets with rElec. Does not work on levitating or flying targets in versions older than 0.13.
elemental evoker
  1. The four miscellaneous evocable objects related to the four elements. Each carries one "charge", gets better as your evocation skill rises, and "recharges" as the player gains XP with them in their possession.
  2. See Lamp of fire, Fan of Gales, Stone of Tremors, and Phial of Floods.
elemental staff
  1. In 0.13-, +3,+1 quarterstaff with protection (+5 AC), Hunger, Noises, rF++, rC++, MR++. If you're interested in staves of (element), see enhancer or staff damage.
  2. In 0.14+,+3,+3 staff (not quarterstaff) {rElec rF++ rC++ MR++ AC+5}. On melee attacks, rolls two (evocations/27) checks, and if either succeeds, it does an extra 9+1d15 damage that randomly checks one of rF, rC, rElec, AC.
elemental statue
Annoying statues in sprint 3 that spam elemental summons. The air statue has the least HP and the earth statue has the most. They do not see invisible.
elemental wellspring
Aquatic monster with primal wave which comes with a small band of water elementals.
Opposite elements (fire-ice, air-earth) antitrain, meaning that it takes twice as much xp to train one if the other is higher.
Plain elephants are green and (relatively) peace-loving pachyderms. This is not the case for their bigger, scarier cousins: dire elephants and hellephants.
elephant shaped statue
If you kill the anaconda guarding the treasure room, some of these will turn into dire elephants.
elephant slug
A slow, rather hard-hitting slug, often found in the Lair. As with all slugs, worms, and sheep, getting killed by one is hilarious to the audience in general and infuriating to the artiste. Probably the worst monster in the game to polymorph, except for Gastronok.
elf 38
<Sequell> 1. [2008-12-18] evktalo the Shatterer (L17 MiPa) killed Boris on turn 46521. (Elf:38)
  1. A robin where you go to Elf:3 as soon as you find it and clear it. It's been done. After a successful elfrobin, you must do every branch when you find it.
  2. Successful elfrobin characters - HOPr x2, MDBe x2, VpMo, SEEE, DsPr, MfCr, LOBe, HOHu, DDBe, NaFE, NaVM, TrAK
elixir card
  1. By card power, 0: 50/50 heal wounds effect / regeneration. 1: If your hp is lower than half, then full heal and full mana drain. Otherwise, do card power 0 instead. 2: Full heal, full mana fill. Found in war, changes, defense.
  2. In 0.14, restores health and/or magic over time, at a rate of 10% maxHP/MP per turn. Power 0: 10-30% health or 30-70% magic. Power 1: 30-50% health if at <50% HP, 100% magic otherwise. Power 2: 100% HP and MP.
  1. <absolutego> disregard the elliott
  2. <elliott> im female and i didnt even notice
  3. 5 con, probably 4 dex, whatever else in str; apparently blocking/heavy armour/controlled retreat is good; sharpness around 650 ft; charge; sprinting; disguise; exchange places; lore-keeper; lore master... perhaps also flanking after sprinting, stun after lore-master (then swap to a heavy great sword apparently?), then controlled retreat after that
  4. <clouded_> I would go 3 into perception and the rest into melee/evasion leaving 500 for whichever melee skill you want to start with <clouded_> and then get keen senses a level or two after <clouded_> then go for melee/evasion to around 10 or so, then branch out into more perception or will or
  5. <elliott> i had a dream i typoed bug as buck and then corrected it i think
  6. [23:41] <elliott> kryft: you have a pretty bad jiyva winrate [23:41] <elliott> imo start not dying as feen of jiyva, can you manage it
  7. <Grunt> Stop making sense!!! <elliott> sorry I try not to <elliott> sometimes it gets the better of me <elliott> I understand I'll get better at it as I get older
  8. <elliott> if i ever meet MarvinPA i'm going to delete his learndb entry irl
elliott patches
  1. X< G< for hell portals (not in D/lair)-also for sewers &c.? & G> pan; memorisation from afar; SPARKLING FOUNTAINS; jiyva jelly neutrality annoyance (wrt stealth etc.); make panlords not cast eyeballs if you worship jiyva or something? (what about shapeshifters?(!shift?)); traps; cloud nerf; grates; potentially new teleportation algorithm; ctele :(
  2. monsters open runed doors this entry dedicated to elliott
  4. the stupid different helmet descriptions that I hate and should die; relatedly: gloves vs. gauntlets (bracers?) 4 chris
  5. hand inscriptions
  6. prompt for casting spells your god doesn't like
  7. prompt for casting borg/ddoor/etc.? maybe just: spell inscriptions?????
  8. language = rot13 ~ this entry dedicated to MarvinPA ~ maybe just lua hook for translations instead????
  9. lehudbibcs crystlr sper FOR MIKEE-
  11. do you really want to go berserk while finesse like an idiot [Y/N] (note: ruins tvs; maybe not a good idea?)
  12. burn spellbooks lets you BURN DOWN BOOKSHOPS (flavour problem: what about books in other shops?)
  14. replace easy_open with an option to make autoexplore/autotravel not open doors
  1. isn't elliptic
  2. ...
  1. <ophanim> One day we'll discover elliptic is a millionaire recluse who made some technology we all use every day <ophanim> like shoe laces or something
  2. <ophanim> elliptic lives in the sea, that's why <HangedMan> his eccentric millionaire palacemansion is underwater
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsDUl9FTpJmLdHNLU05rU1hvMmFlNnRHQTVQdG9rU0E
  4. see {.echo $(randnth (split ' ' (foldr remove_combo $(=currentgames.unplayed $(=nwon.list 3) 7) (split ' ' (!lg elliptic won $(=nwon.list 3) s=char fmt:"${.}" join:" " stub:"XXXX")))))}
elliptic commits
default_manual_training, melee_attack.cc bug killing, action_counts, allow snapping turtles to reach diagonally, spell_slot, autofight improvements, kiku randbooks, lajatang buff, pnoise removal, trove prices, slaying nerf
  1. http://dobrazupa.org/rcfiles/crawl-git/elliptic.rc
  2. Things you may want to change if you aren't elliptic: autoexclusions are off, artefacts/demon weapons/other stuff are on autopickup
  1. always matches the one of (elliott|elliptic) you didn't mean.
  2. <elliott> elliptic: IMO go to hell
  3. <ellisim> MarvinPA: did you delete all the tvs <elliott> MarvinPA: did you delete all the tvs
  4. -!- elliptic is now known as elliot
  1. <Pacra> elona is an elaborate troll disguised as a roguelike
  2. Inspired by ADOM. That's how you know it's quality.
elven boots
Increases stealth by 20.
elven cloak
Increases stealth by 20.
elven halls
  1. Accessed from the Orcish Mines on either the third or fourth level. Three levels deep. There is no rune, but a good amount of loot lies at the bottom.
  2. Dangerous for low-level characters. You should have high magic resistance and a source of conservation (sticky flame will ruin your scrolls). Elf:3 blocks teleport control, so don't rely on blink scrolls to get you out of a hairy situation.
  3. Lots of spells are really good here: poisonous cloud, refrigeration, mephitic cloud, alistair's intoxication, and so on.
elven items
  1. Elven body armour impedes spellcasting less than other armour, especially if you are an elf. Elven cloaks and boots also boost stealth. Shields, gloves, robes and helmets merely weigh less.
  2. Elven weapons give a small to-hit bonus to elves. A randomly generated elven weapon will get +0 to +2 to hit.
design goals: enforce standard rc, nuke all other crawl servers, remove liquids, no orbrun enforce scottish
  1. fortuna is his bitch
  2. <elliott> nobody should race with elynae <elliott> it's like racing a space ship vs. light
  3. <ZChris13> Elynae: What the heck who are you and what did you do to the RNG
  4. <Blade-> NO NO NO <Blade-> this cannot be <Blade-> you are breaking Crawl
  5. see great near misses[5]
  6. <mikee_> elynae with tiamat colors might give me a seizure
  7. <everyonemines> wow he's playing really fast <everyonemines> in zot with low hp
  8. <Elynae> i just make self-indulgent ??elynae entries
  9. wxfedh
  10. Elynae the Divine Porcupine (L23 DgGl), blasted by Elynae's ghost (iron shot) on Zot:2 on 2012-09-22 15:39:15, with 446640 points after 110419 turns and 2:37:46.
  1. Elynae and Xom, united in common interest and insanity on their quest for the Orb of Zot! Including 1000000-turn-D:1-scumming, and of course randomness! And no self-preservation instinct whatsoever! Fun with/for the Fun God!
  2. rTedium+++
  1. The divinity of healing. Most reliable source of protection from being killed while praying, but will impose penance (i.e. not answer your requests for help) if you kill living creatures while praying. Provides healing invocations, but dislikes cannibalism, the use of necromancy, and allowing allies to die.
  2. see pacification
  3. see divine_vigour
  4. <crate> no you fucking moccasin the stairs are right there dont walk away from them <crate> no why <crate> arghh
elyvilon reasons
  1. You like healing. Elyvilon is a one-trick pony in that regard. If you are berserking frequently, Elyvilon's purification ability will remove the slowing (but not the fatigue). Also offers the most reliable source of protection from harm while praying.
  2. see amazing_games[5]
  3. Ugly things.
elyvilon wrath
  1. No effect unless you are worshipping evil. Otherwise, confusion, poison miscasts (0-1), and mass inventory weapon disenchantment. While in penance, Elyvilon will also occasionally block your attacks. This reduces your penance.
  2. <jeanjacques> not having ely is the wrath
  1. Add this to your .emacs file to get C mode syntactic indentation to obey the rules used in the Crawl source: (setq c-default-style "linux" c-basic-offset 4)
  2. There's nethack-mode, why don't we have crawl-mode :(
embarrassing deaths
  1. !tv * killer="death cob" 1
  2. !tv ogaz 1
  3. !tv xyblor ktyp=poison xl=27 1
  4. !tv eternal char=dsdk place=d:10 1
  5. !lg * char=napr place=lab 1 -tv
  6. !tv AuditDaFed HOPr xl=25 2
  7. !tv slickrick killer="yaktaur captain" 1
  8. !lg errol1 haas 18 -tv
  9. !lg BrockL MDFi xl=18 3 -tv
  10. !lg Eronarn splat xl=27 turn=150318 1 -tv
  11. !tv minmay char=DEFE 3
  12. !tv Elynae char=spar place=abyss 1
  13. !tv snow hive:2 1
  14. !lg ryak seee xl=27 1 -tv
  15. !tv gabriellk drvm 1
  16. !lg evilmike place=tomb:1 1
  17. !lg * trmo 1 xl=25 place=slime:5 -tv
  18. !lg ktgrey char=keae xl=24 ktyp=drowning -tv
  19. !lg * ktyp="wild magic" kaux="arcing electricity" 1 -tv
  20. !tv luckyned killer="elf zombie" 1
  21. !tv soul dgee 69
  22. !lg slitherrr race=te class=fe 2 -tv
  23. !lg mpa place=zig:12 1 -tv
  24. !tv * dswr place=pan 1
  25. !lg afd place=coc:7 1 -tv
  26. !lg broco1337 201 -tv
  27. !lg mess kobe xl=22 1 -tv
  28. !tv partyhat hemo pan 1
  29. !lg djoor killer=dissolution 1 -tv
  30. !tv kryft vaults 3
  31. !tv adamaxis tomb 1
  32. !tv pac killer="orb of fire" 2
  33. !tv WalkerBoh fewz swamp:5 1
  34. !tv EvilEd vaults 1
  35. !tv Train ckiller=player_ghost place=Zot:3 1
  36. !lg zecrazy hufi 3 -tv:<0.3
  37. !tv waterpls pan 4
emperor scorpion
  1. A new scorpion in 0.8. Has decent HP, does a somewhat serious amount of melee damage. Still only average speed and has low MR.
  2. http://www.wikihow.com/Care-for-Emperor-Scorpions
empty arch
May be left behind after timed portals close or the player goes through them. Can also be found as decoration in some floors or in the Abyss to raise, and subsequently crush, the hopes of those trying to escape. This is also what gates to the abyss, pandemonium, and the hells will turn into if you've taken the Orb of Zot.
enchancer staff
Enchances on hit with (Evocations+1)/15 success. In 0.10 it's (Enchanchments/2+Evocations+1)/30 instead.
enchant armour
This scroll will enchant body armour in steps of 1 until their base ac, bardings to +4, shields to +3, and hats, gloves, cloaks, and boots to +2. Also can uncurse armours and promote troll and dragon hides into their respective armours.
enchant weapon
  1. See enchant weapon i, enchant weapon ii, enchant weapon iii. All three types will uncurse a wielded weapon.
  2. Odds of success for enchant weapon i and ii: <+4: 100%; +4: 56%; +5: 44%; +6: 33%; +7: 22%; +8: 11%, artefact: 0%. The maximum enchantment on a mundane weapon is +9 +9
  3. Generated items have different limits: base max is 8, +3 Oka hit/Trog dam, +4 no brand, 0/+1 orcish +2/+0 elven +1/+1 dwarven. Artefacts: +12 base, +3 Oka hit/Trog dam. the +9,+15 mace of the Countless Stars (weapon) {crush, rF+}
enchant weapon i
  1. Adds to the wielded weapon's accuracy when read. Can go up to +9 (with less chance the more enchanted it is). Never destroys the weapon.
  2. see enchant weapon[2]
enchant weapon ii
  1. Adds to the wielded weapon's damage when read. Can go up to +9 (with less chance the more enchanted it is). Never destroys the weapon. Has no effect on blowguns.
  2. see enchant weapon[2]
enchant weapon iii
Acts like 1d2 scrolls of EW I followed by 1d2 scrolls of EW II.
A spellcaster that starts with a Book of Maledictions, a short sword (dagger for spriggans), some darts, and some skill in Hexes, Short Blades, and Stabbing. They generally fight by incapacitating their enemies by casting Ensorcelled Hibernation or Confuse and then stabbing them.
  1. Enchantment on armour adds that number to your AC. Enchantment on a shield adds that number to your SH. Don't enchant shields. Positive/negative enchantment on a weapon adds/subtracts random2(enchantment+1) to/from your accuracy (first number) or damage (second number).
  2. Old spell school. In 0.8, was split into charms and hexes.
enchantment miscast
1: corona / random uselessness 2: curse / slowing / berserk 3: 3x curse / paralysis / confusion / 0-18 glow. Charms and Hexes miscasts still use the old Enchantment miscasts.
Makes a vault's layout be the whole level. Use after ORIENT: tag.
Encumbered: Bad. Don't be that ghost. Climbing stairs takes 1 extra turn, +1 to movement delay, +2 hunger, stealth is halved, slows unarmed combat.
encumbrance rating
A number representing how much armour harms your spellcasting, dodging, and melee accuracy. Units are "arbitrary units of encumbrance" (aue).
endless lava
  1. The endless sea of lava is not a nice place.
  2. This is a wall.
energy randomisation
  1. Every time a monster makes a movement (i.e. not an attack/spell), the amount of time taken to do its turn has a 1/3 chance of being 0.1 turns slower, a 1/3 chance of being 0.1 turns quicker and a 1/3 chance of being the normal amount. Over time, these 0.1s add up or cancel out to cause 'double moves' or 'lost moves'.
  2. The purpose of this feature is to make pillar dancing more unpredictable. When a monster gains/loses a move is when it is most likely to lose/gain it again. The worst case for a 1.0 move delay monster and player is a double move every 10 turns.
  3. You can still dance nearly as easily with anything other than a pillar.
You cannot eat any more food, but you can drink a potion of porridge if you are not already at 12000 nutrition. Nothing else special about this state.
Enhancers are things which affect spell power, like a ring of ice, staff of conjuration, or a robe of the archmagi (you feel a surge of power). Negative enhancers include opposite-element staves or rings and lantern of shadows (you feel a numb sensation). See spell power for what this means.
  1. elynae says pseudophilosophic neowildean shit while playing crawl.
  2. Rules: For every defeated monster you need to say one pseudo-philosophical Neo-Wildean sentence before doing anything else. Profound philosophy and philanthropy are forbidden. Password: matilda_
  3. If you aren't bored out of your mind, you're doing it wrong.
  4. Achievements so far: constructed a meta-artistic morality and guidelines for good art; proven that boredom is actually something we should be grateful for
enormous slime creature
When four slime_creatures love each other very much...
  1. Temporarily turns an enemy into an ally. Comes in wand and spell form. Useful on orc warriors and the like with low magic resistance. In both forms, can be very useful to enslave something, tell it to 'wait here' and get xp while it kills things off screen.
  2. You can't enslave monsters that your god doesn't like.
Attack flavour (jumping spiders) or missile spell (Arachne) which puts you in a web and places a web on the floor if possible.
ensorcelled hibernation
  1. Can hibernate various monsters, making them very good targets for stabbing them to your hearts content. Also, it can be resisted several times. After you successfully hibernate a critter, it will resist further hibernation for a long time (might be around 20 turns). Doesn't work against cold-res -- try confuse instead.
  2. Depends on MR. But plenty of late game monsters (say, zot draconians) can be easy to dispatch of, using hibernation. Check it out!
  3. It doesn't work on plants.
No, there isn't really an Entarex.
enter the abyss
  1. 5* Lugonu ability. Pretty much exactly what it says. Really expensive to do (9 MP, hunger, piety). Just because you can depart the Abyss nearly at will does not mean you should use this skill on a whim. But if the alternative is death, this is a pretty great escape.
  2. Also reduces current HP and MP, potentially all the way down to 1. Can kill you if you are poisoned!
entry vault
You arrive in these. They are interesting and unique and you'll get to know and enjoy every last one! Watch out for the river, it has kobolds and darts.
<enygmata> for some reason i always say "it's blork the fucking orc!" out loud when i see blork
  1. get rid of: (by priority) labs. (by alphabet) badforms beogh blade ctele felids forest haste spell meph nemelex deck selection profane halls racial items salamanders submerging tso conducts zotdef.
  2. (already removed) badwiki chaos butterflies gloom Grunt hammers killer bee larvae pan rogue gallery rotswamp secret doors supmoths tavern translucent green crystal warwick von hugsford.
+11,+11 unrandart morningstar, {elec, -TELE rElec SInv}
telnet hack.eotl.org 2000. Crawl major versions 0.4 to 0.8.
epic bugs
  1. if (you.religion = GOD_XOM)
  2. I think I may have just played one of these (like a gnoll castle, but with draconians). Is it supposed to have 200-300 draconians? Or is there an error with the monster generation? https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=4101
  3. !lg turnerjer slime 1 -tv
  4. !lm hjklyubn setm uniq=geryon 1 -tv
  5. see uber octopode
  6. Dash275 writes: There's a rather large security problem with the CSZO server. You don't actually need to enter a password to access an account.
  7. !lm lightli 4268 -tv:<0.1:>3
  8. !lg * max=dam x=dam
  9. DracoOmega * 0.13-a0-338-gd5b758e: Fix all monster attack flavours inflicting 0 damage
  10. !lg spectrina 750 -tv:<T5400:>$
She is the ruler of the lowest level of Tartarus and guardian of the bone rune of Zot. Spells: bolt of draining, bolt of cold, summon greater demon, torment, paralyze, major healing, silence. Has mad crazy amounts of evasion.
A comely spellweaver. She has Venom Bolt, Mystic Blast, Invisibility, Confuse, Slow, and Teleport Self for emergencies. She always wields a scimitar of flaming. Useful for hydrae!
eringyas formal garden
Centaurs, vine-covered golems, fruit traps, troublesome fungi.
eringyas surprising bouquet
  1. From a very old version of Crawl: "Eringya's Surprising Bouquet: This spell transmutes any wooden items in the caster's grasp into a bouquet of beautiful flowers."
  2. nobody is sure what this means or how it's useful, but it's theorized to be of use on cursed weapons
  3. New research into the dark annals of 4.1 sheds light on this spell's true function: SPELL_ERINGYAS_SURPRISING_BOUQUET, // turn sticks into herbivore food
  1. Stone Soups developer-by-proxy, anything that Erik (erisdiscordia) has accomplished in Stone Soups design, he's done so by convincing someone else to do it. Except his vaults. Those are 110% his fault. People keep on obliquely comparing him to Sisyphos for some reason he cant comprehend.
  2. Current characters: EatEverythingOfYou and HorrorMuchShow. Plays on CDO. No point in !whereising "erisdiscordia"; @whereis a character name instead.
  3. <erisdiscordia> Xom > absolutely everything
  4. Dungeon > Play the map > Play the map > Play the map > Play the map > Play the map
  5. trolls casmith789
  6. His jokes are worse than fountain mimics
  7. tempddak
  8. 1xCeHe 1xDGWz 1xDSCK 1xHaCr 1xHuWn 1xKoBe 1xMiGl 1xSETm 1xSpEn 1xTrMo
  9. Shuffle is fun!
  1. L) EroCrawl (unstable): Lava Orcs, Octopodes, Square LOS
  2. <MarvinPA> octopodes and lava orcs and squarelos are on cao <casmith789> ffffffffff
  3. <Elynae> erocrawl is like the best thing that happened to crawl since I started
  4. Tiles version spash screens: http://i.imgur.com/1yi21.png (minmay), http://i51.tinypic.com/23t3y4y.png (Wensley)
  5. <absolutego> oh that wasn't the expected type of ero
  1. A unique ogre magess spawned with a random set of spells, which include friendly things like banishment to the Abyss, paralysis, and LCS. Do not underestimate her.
  2. <Danei> erolcha is your "crawl can and will try to kill you" warning
  1. <Vandal> Eronarn you are probably the least mature of all the devs, just fyi
  2. < G-Flex> he's not a dev, he just plays one on IRC
  3. < Daekdroom> Eronarn is not a dev? O.o
  4. < tensorpudding> isn't eronarn a dev, or is that just the lavaorcsfork
  5. Likes to have gay sex with weird people from SA.
  6. < OG17> who would be stupid enough to implement silly hats
  7. a huge jerk
  8. came up with the idea for vampire mosquitos; is literally hitler
  9. <Eronarn> .9 will be squares, octopodes, and witches
  10. < ZChris13> Eronarn has some good ideas. But what it really needs is like some flowcharts or something. < ZChris13> Like an actual roundtable discussion with powerpoints
  11. made octopodes, the dumbest idea
  12. 1. Eronarn the Necromancer (L27 DSNe), worshipper of Sif Muna, collapsed under their own weight caused by gaining the bat transformation on Lair:2 on 2008-08-27, with 538692 points after 150318 turns and 17:21:18.
  13. < notthepope> there was something in learndb that got taken sort of serious by one guy
  14. < elliptic> eronarn is on tavern? I didn't think he was the type somehow
escape hatch
One-way stairs that always take you to the same position on the next level. Yes, monsters can follow you through them as usual.
Buffed in 0.8 to do more melee damage in a round potentially than any monster short of Antaeus, the Lernaean hydra, and the like. Fortunately it has poor accuracy and still isn't particularly hard to kill.
The word means "good demon". Evil one is "cacodemon" -- but no, others than cacos are usually evil as well.
eudemon blade
  1. Long blade, Dam 14, Acc -2, Delay 12. Can be created by having The Shining One bless a demon blade.
  2. This is another one of Crawl's bad puns: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eudaimonia
  1. A summoner. His name is Eustachio. You killed his favorite bat. Prepare to die! Found from D:4 to D:10.
  2. Beware his glorious mustache! Not to be confused with pistachio.
  3. see multiplayer[2]
  1. Shorthand for evasion (the stat). It is improved by Dodging skill, equipment with evasion bonuses, the repulsion field mutation, and the Phase Shift spell; it is worsened by equipment with evasion penalties.
  2. http://imgur.com/0RSGG.png R code: http://pastebin.com/f6eec73ed
Old spell in ancient versions of crawl, evaporated into thin air in 0.12.
evasion brand
Gives +5 EV. Only appears on launchers.
The rarest mace, but not a demon whip. One-handed. Dam 15, Acc -1, Delay 15.
See evil items or evil gods.
evil gods
  1. Beogh, Lugonu, Kikubaaqudgha, Yredelemnul, Makhleb.
  2. Nottrog, Notvehumet, Notxom, Notjiyva
evil items
demon weapons, asmodeus/dispater/cerebov's weapons, weapons of pain, draining and vampirism, wand of draining, scrolls of torment, potion of (coagulated) blood, necromantic books, staff of death, book or rod of demonology, bottled efreet, lantern of shadows, black knight barding, scythe of curses, sword of zonguldrok, sceptre of torment.
One of the four possible uniques that can be found guarding the abyssal stair.
  1. !lm evilmike noun=cerebov 2 -tv
  2. see evilmike_ambush[1]
  3. -- Just die already!
evilmike ambush
  1. You go down through the gate. Welcome to the Realm of Zot! 3 dragons, 5 moths of wrath, an electric golem, 14 draconians, 4 tentacled monstrosities and 3 death cobs come into view.
  2. !lg olXor 1 natm place=zot:1 -tv:<0.2:>$
This skill affects wands, abilities related to decks, and abilities gained from items. Evocation skill adds to wand power, though spell power caps are still respected.
  1. See evolution[2] for the Fedhas ability or evolution mutation for the mutation.
  2. For some piety, you get a permanent wandering mushroom with a powerful confusing attack. It will follow you normally outside of combat (they are so friendly), but the moment you encounter a monster it stays still while it is in LOS. However, they eventually kill themselves since they lose HD per attack.
  3. Plants turn into oklobs. The rate of fire of oklobs is increased by invocations. Oklobs that you encounter normally don't care about you and thus won't help you, they are jerks. Oklobs are permanent, do a lot of damage, and draw aggro, but Fedhas gets a bit unhappy if one you create dies.
evolution mutation
Gives you new mutations, either random or random good on a coinflip, as you gain experience (and eventually removes itself).
Body armour evasion penalty. Usually (but not always) modified by your armour skill to become aevp.
exclamation marks
. = 1-6 damage; ! = 7-17 damage; !! = 18-35 damage; !!! = 36+ damage.
Use x or X to target a square, then e to cycle through exclusion sizes (normal/single square/none). Exploration and travel will avoid excluded areas and you'll be prompted if you try to walk into one normally.
excruciating wounds
  1. Bestows a temporary, unaffixable pain brand on a weapon. Level 5 nec/charms, in the book of Death. Pain branding is as loud as slamming a door when berserked.
  2. <tensorpudding> excruciating wounds is a pain
  1. Completely unlike ogres for the end game - cannot be outrun without controlled magical translocations, hits for up to 150 damage per turn of yours, sees invisible, and resists elemental magic. Fortunately it's not too hard to kill and can't fly. And with 9 hits to spread damage over, high-AC chars are in little danger.
  2. It is particularly important to note that it is *naturally* twice as fast as "normal" speed. Furthermore, they generally haste themselves right away. They cannot fly, so will be thwarted by levitation and deep water or lava.
executioners axe
  1. You want axes? You want them big? You want to swing your axe into the guts of demons? Do the demons have HUGE GUTS you want to RIP AND TEAR? Then this axe is for you. (Two-Handed, Damage 18, Acc -6, Delay 20; Mindelay Skill 26)
  2. <Mu_> big strong man need big strong axe, mighty axe
Status obtained after berserking, jumping or using Death's Door. You can't use any of them until it wears off.
  1. Crawl has two parallel experience systems. One, your character level. When your level goes up you get more spellcasting slots, health, magic, enchantment resistance, etc. Experience is automatically contributed to this upon each kill. You can see your progress to the next level in the status bar.
  2. The second system is dedicated to your skills and does not level up your character's basic traits.
experience card
Acts similarly to a potion of experience, except the experience gained is not always enough to give you a level (based on card power; guaranteed at 2). Also gives you some exp to spend on skills, 20000 XP at card power 2.
experience pool
  1. No longer exists. We will not miss it. But if you want to know what it was like, read [2-3].
  2. OK. Say you kill a creature worth 200XP. 200 XP goes towards increasing your level, and 200 XP goes into your XP pool. XP is used up from the pool when you practice skills. Skills that are highlighted in the skill list ('m') are being fully practiced. Other skills are being practiced 25% of the normal amount.
  3. Different skills are practiced different ways. Stealth, for example, is practiced just by moving -- something like Evocations is only practiced when you successfully evoke something.
Describes an experience level 7-10 player ghost.
Explosion effect similar to LRD or Fireball on impact. Allegedly does 2d5 damage regardless of missile. Makes lots of noise (duh).
extra lives
  1. Felids get one every three levels. You can't have more than two at a time. If you didn't gain a life due to this, you can get it later by gaining a non-multiple of 3 level with fewer than two lives remaining.
  2. You cannot have more than 9 lives total in a game (meaning 8 extra lives).
extremely dangerous
Examined monster gives tension over 32. Check all wands/jewels several times, wear brown pants...
eye of devastation
A giant eye that shoots irresistible 3d20 bolts of energy. But it's inaccurate and slow. They also disintegrate walls like digging, causing a 'grinding sound'. Fun to use to open slime 6 vaults.
eye of draining
Drains your mana with its gaze, which then heals it. Immune to magic.
2 * mutation level + 1 accuaracy in melee; level 3 grants SInv. When hit in melee, mutation level in 20 chance of attempting a mutation level * 30 power enchantment against the monster's MR. If successful, the monster is confused for 2 + d9 turns.
A "family" of Demonspawn mutations that are related and are gained together over time. Added in version 0.7. Check ds mutation rules to see how they work.
faerie dragon
They don't exist!
faerie dragon armour
A randart with fixed appearance, worn by the Enchantress. Good AC for a light armour, sticky flame immunity, and guaranteed not to have some bad properties like Contam, *TELE, etc. Base type is mottled dragon armour.
  1. No, this game isn't fair. But it was your fault, anyway. Especially because you were casting spells with a 10-99% chance of failure.
  2. <nrook> that's what's so great about Crawl: every time, you don't even have rage at the chance of the heavens to sustain you; you know, with a cold certainty something like that of a priest who has lost his faith in God, that your death was caused by none other than yourself, and that a better man could have avoided it.
  3. (12:31:49 AM) eith: in general crawl is mostly unavoidable deaths, thats one of the design goals
Faketourney banners include: http://i42.tinypic.com/4ttyx1.png
One handed long blade, Dam: 8, Acc +2, Delay 13
famine card
Sets you to halfway between starving and dead. Found in deck of oddities and deck of punishment.
<FaMott> I never realized how stupidly I play <FaMott> GUYS <FaMott> IM RETARDED. <rwbarton> *I'M <FaMott> SHUT UP.
famous last messages
  1. You are too berserk!
  2. You are too confused!
  3. You can't drink.
  4. Magic scrolls do not work when you're silenced!
  5. Careful! You are starting to lose your buoyancy.
  6. You are too injured to fight recklessly!
  7. You may not evoke while suppressed!
  8. You convulse!
  9. You blink.
  10. Your surroundings suddenly seem different.
  11. You die...
  12. You have escaped!
  13. You quit...
famous last words
  1. according to the wiki
  2. <meowfelid> Ah well. Unwielding Distortion on a Demon Whip shouldn't be too bad, right?
  3. <tensorpudding> well, rF+ is enough for zot:5 right?
  4. @??Nikola
  5. <TempMfCr> Phew. Survived Vaults1-7. <TempMfCr> Vaults8 should be not much harder
  6. <rwbarton> maybe I should do tomb for the xp
  7. <ZChris13> What is this ancient lich thing
  8. punpun: four orbs of fire says I should probably run, but I am kind of close to the orb
  9. <Ragdoll> surely i can kill antaeus 1v1
  10. <LordSloth> Oooh, rupert has a glowin exec axe
  11. <keszocze> hm, very large slime creatures are not that impressive
  12. < Brickman> But if I blow all my MP on it I'll get him eventually
  13. <N78291> hm, can you passwall through slime walls
  14. <minced> Hmmm, guardian spirit seems REALLY good for SpEn.
  15. <snow_> im going to try to kill this cerebov person
  16. <Elynae> summon ice beast is so damn good <Elynae> i'll kill cerebov with it to prove that <Gretell> Elynae the Summoner (L11 HuSu), worshipper of Ashenzari, killed by miscasting Summon Ice Beast on Lair:1, with 7605 points after 18288 turns and 1:21:04.
  17. someone on tavern suggested
  18. [16:19] <dpeg_> bhaak: I hope someone takes up the nerfing hammer, it is the single most important tool.
  19. <Sorbius> fancy, orc with a distortion brand on D3... good thing I follow lugoni <Henzell> Sorbius the Skirmisher (L3 DsAK), worshipper of Lugonu, slain by an orc (a +1,+2 orcish spiked flail of distortion) on D:3
  20. 76431 | Abyss | cerebov im going to murder you
  21. i thought i was the other @
  22. i thought a boring beetle was a wall. oops.
  23. shit i'm tied to it
  24. <monqy> i'm going to golubria onto hellion island
  25. 123794 | Zot:5 | This is working better than I expected...
  26. <Scherzo> If there's a wall N of you and you try to blink N, will, oh, wait, I've an amulet of Stasis on
  27. <Whales> haha wow, shatter on vaults:5 is handy
fan mail
<dpeg> We get billions of letters starting with "I want a child from you guys!", I cannot take it anymore.
fan of gales
The air elemental evoker: causes a burst of wind which throws back nearby monsters and clouds, and summons up to 3 air elementals.
  1. "Celestial Star-Crossed Lovers Eternal", by Wensley: http://i.imgur.com/AlHocTv.png
  2. see macbeth
  3. see zeor[1]
  4. "Duvessa", by minmay (NSFW): http://www.cowmuffins.net/stuff/crawl/duvessa_erotic_on_bed_hires.jpg
  1. Ice magic elf with bolt of cold, refrigeration, and summon ice beast. Wears a robe of rC+ usually has an cold staff or quarterstaff of freezing.
  2. The reason why monsters can now wear jewellery. Send your regards to Grunt!
  3. < Ragdoll> the soldier ant next to me was more dangerous than fannar
  4. <bza> he's an elf popsicle
  1. Q: I have a question. A: ??topic
  2. Q: Why do orbs of fire have rDrown? A: <N78291> if you happen to enslave a merfolk aquamancer on zot:5, I think the orb of fire's rDrown will reduce the wave spell damage
  3. Q: <Red_Bucket> Can getting hit by an orb of destruction cause you to get str drained A: <N78291> Red_Bucket: under the highly specific situation in which you worship Jiyva with ****** piety, take more than a 1/4 of your max hp in the hit, spawn jellies and hit the very unlikely chance of draining some str, yes
  4. <JoshTriplett> "You feel a slight, muted jump rush through you." <JoshTriplett> Huhwhat? <N78291> apparently you put a ring of teleportation on in sprint
  5. <eb> also what happens if you use enslave soul on nergalle and then drowns her while ddoor is on
  6. <N78291> does leda's prevent tornado
  7. <Basil> What happens if you poly duvessa and dowan into slime creatures and poly them again when they merge <minqmay> Basil: when they merge, one of them will say the line for the other one dying
  8. <raskol> does penance prevent piety decay
"Farming" or "Farmer" is added to the titles of games lasting longer than 200,000 turns by the IRC bots.
fart jokes
!vault lom_lobon_spiral_st
fast metabolism
Mutation that makes you hunger faster by 1 per level of mutation (default rate is 3 for most races).
You are both hasted and slowed, which makes you move at normal speed. You still get glow from being hasted.
Monster in Forest, new for 0.13. They hex you, and then shoot you - variously casting corona, slow, confuse, ensorcelled hibernation, or cause fear before firing longbows at you.
  1. Pivotal the King of Cash, legendary Demigod Miser
  2. The first cheater whom used crashscumming to get the tomb rune with chei ogfe, after orb run
  3. Now I imagine faze as a Hemingway-esque character, with a cigar hanging out of the corner of his mouth as he angrily pounds out a scathing missive on an old mechanical typewriter.
  4. see {!lg * playable title~~barricade$ s=crace / won @pivotal ?: N=0}
  5. <faze> 81 SH isn't enough
  6. <faze> i'm a zombie?
  7. You awkwardly throw an elf skeleton of Fannar.
  8. A wise man once said, 'In my mind a toon actually using a Large Shield should be a bastion of defense.'
  9. <faze> chei sounds like a good defi god
  1. http://bpaste.net/raw/0mfJJgUDZ89kDH6gMIT0/
  2. D -> Orc:2 -> Lair -> D:9 -> Orc:3 -> Snake:1-2 -> Vaults:1-4 -> D:10 -> Snake:3 -> Vaults:5 -> Zot
  3. devteam: nooodl, elliott, nooodl, nooodl, monqy
  4. (the f stands for "femto-")
  5. <rwbarton> fcrawl is basically a cross between crawl and rfk
You might be looking for Fire Elementalist, or perhaps Felid.
Status that stops you from moving towards a monster or going berserk. The opposite of mesmerise. For the spell or scroll see scroll of fear.
feast card
Makes you as engorged as you can possibly be.
feature mimic
  1. Because being chased by a shop is hilarious.
  2. <rwbarton> wouldn't you rather have real features
  1. Abilities: prayer turns corpses in LOS into skeletons, turns zombies into skeletons (or destroys them), destroys ghoul genus monsters for piety gain, causes toadstools to grow; evolution - turn plants or fungi into stronger species. Upgrading fungi costs piety, upgrading plants costs fruit.
  2. sunlight - illuminates a small aoe inflicting backlit status and evaporating water; growth - creates plants in a circle around you, costs 1 fruit per plant, if a complete circle can't be placed plants are placed on open squares closest to monsters; reproduction - spawn giant spores from corpses in LOS
  3. rain - creates a circle of water around you, the floor becomes shallow water, shallow water becomes deep water, randomly spawns plants and fungus
  4. see corpse violating
  5. Fedhas worshipers can walk through plants. Fedhas worshipers may shoot through friendly or neutral plants. Plants and fungi are neutral towards Fedhas worshipers
  6. You can polymorph giant spores without penance....
  7. <minqmay> beware the fruit cost
fedhas madash reasons
  1. <mikee_> it's like plant zin
  2. Wandering mushrooms are by far the most powerful *..... god ability in the game.
  3. Reasons: You want to have several final ditch effort for survival options, including: Making water around you, making a plant wall around you, making plants to Oklob plants and having them murder your enemies.
  4. Fedhas' abilities also tend to be a mixed bag of odd abilites that come in use in a variety of ways. For example, sunlight can be used to make a land bridge or drain water and thus take care of those pesky submerging fish.
  5. Maurice stole your cool stuff and then drowned.
  6. The kraken flops around on dry land!
fedhas wrath
  1. Summons oklobs and wandering mushrooms in a circle around you. If there are corpses nearby, can turn them into spores. Also, fire/ice/air/earth miscasts. 30 penance.
  2. The oklobs can fire at you -through- the wandering mushrooms. Enjoy!
  3. !lg * killer=~oklob ikiller=~fedhas 1 -tv
!tv zhangfei 5
  1. A cat race that can't use armour, weapons, wands or rods, and can't throw anything. They gain extra lives as they level up. They have claws (lvl 1, +2 dam), fangs, and fur. They cover ground quickly, see invisible, are carnivorous and have slow metabolism.
  2. NyaaKitty is no longer allowed to play any race but this. Soon to be imposed (with a Dis-imported paw) on all Team Cat members. The punishment is to play a non-Felid.
  3. < elliptic> FR: walk on keyboard ability
  4. http://buttersafe.com/2011/05/19/even-more-robot-cat/
  5. bee: wait bee: are felids just cats
  6. !lm demonblade fewn br.enter=lair 2 -tv:>3:x2
  7. <\Echo> this game wants my felid dead <+Zannick> all games want your felid dead
felid deaths
  1. !lm madreisz verb=death orc:3 1 -tv
  2. !lm madreisz fehe verb=death noun=~Boris 2 -tv
  3. !lg zhangfei 5 -tv
  4. !lm madreisz coc verb=death fefe 1 xl=27 -tv
  5. !lm kcgemini xl=14 fecj hp<=0 unique 1 -tv
  6. !lm funkyfelid verb=death 35 -tv
felid reasons
  1. Extra life! You're a member of team cat. You have trouble deciding on a weapon type. You like it when most items are irrelevant to you.
  2. You like automating half the game then winning in 1:05.
  3. You're insane.
  4. Greatplayers.
  5. <Kyrris> I just quaffed experience solely to get an extra life, because I am about to die to poison. <Kyrris> From a needle trap.
  6. JUMP!
felid unreasons
!lg zhangfei x=dam,hp,mhp
fencers gloves
Unrandart +2 gloves {EV+3 Dex+3 Acc+8}
One of three fairly nasty tier 1 demons, all of which can cast torment along with assorted other things. See brimstone fiend, ice fiend, shadow fiend.
  1. the best(/spammiest) invention since ever. telnet termcast.develz.org (FightClub channel) to watch. "!fight cancel" to end a fight that's stalled, or repeat the same command line with "cancel" at the end, e.g. !fight butterfly v butterfly cancel.
  2. Examples: "!fight 20-headed hydra v 10 kobold ; scimitar ego:flaming", "!fight 99 orc v the royal jelly", "!fight electrical eel v 10 rat". Note the syntax for some monsters -- make sure you aren't pluralizing, and spell monster names correctly.
  3. PM varmin your !fight requests to reduce channel spam.
  4. http://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl/blobs/master/crawl-ref/docs/arena.txt
  1. Growing up, this fellow spent all his time on the training field, not in the magic library. Generally starts with: light weapon, scale mail, shield, bonus hp and str.
  2. Optional conduct: you must play while working out in Real Life. GreyKnight's findings: concentration becomes hard, switching hands is hard (do not drop dumbbell on laptop; it won't help)
  3. Also a monster flag that increases the accuracy of attacks. Monsters with this flag add their HD to melee to-hit (25*hd/10 versus 15*hd/10 for most monsters). They also get 20% extra damage and to-hit to ranged attacks.
fighter reasons
Play a fighter give you a shield, play a fighter is simple!
The Fighting skill gives you a bonus to accuracy and damage in melee, and improves your hit points by ((1+racial_factor/10) * Fighting * XL) / 8 (see hp).
fighting bonus
Fighting skill bonus to damage is (40 + 1d(fighting + 1))/40 for unarmed combat, or 2.5% per point, and (30 + 1d(fighting +1))/30 for armed, or 3.33% per point.
a randart prefix
The +3,+5 scythe "Finisher" {speed, Str+3}.
fire brand
This spell sets a weapon held by the caster ablaze. It will not affect weapons otherwise subject to special enchantments. Using this on a slicing weapon lets it chop off hydra heads instead of making more grow. If you are fighting something cold-blooded, you want freezing aura instead.
fire crab
  1. A red t that breathes flame clouds everywhere. Likes to burn all your scrolls.
  2. <archl> the other kind of fire crab is just donald trump
fire dragon armour
8AC, 11ER, 35aum, rF++ rC-.
fire dragon hide
AC 3, EV -3, rF++, rC-. Enchant armour will turn it into a fire dragon armour. Was simply called "dragon hide" before 0.10.
fire drake
Has fiery breath, deals a lot of damage, speed 12, and retreats when wounded.
fire elemental
Fast elemental that trails fire. Doesn't hit very hard, but can destroy your scrolls. Often indicates the presence of Azrael.
fire elementalist
A spellcaster that starts out with some conjurations and fire magic skill and a Book of Flames.
fire elementalist reasons
Sticky flame.
fire giant
  1. Will try to roast you from a distance, which can be very nasty if you don't have fire resistance. Always carries a red-hot great sword.
  2. Confusing it into lava doesn't work. Go figure.
  3. see the royal jelly[7]
fire magic
Spell school for blowing things up, *with fire*.
fire miscast
1: smoke cloud / burn scrolls (2-14 dmg if *vulnerable*); 2: 5-33 fire damage / 3d14 fireball; 3: 9-41 fire dmg / 3d20 fireball / stickyflame
fire storm
  1. L9 fire/conj spell. Deals 55% resistible fire damage in a large radius and leaves behind fire clouds and fire vortices. Like ice storm, it makes a godawful racket when cast. Unlike ice storm, it is smite-targeted.
  2. Player fire storm has a limited range, but monsters can target fire storm on anything they can see. Standing at the edge of LOS will not make you safe from Cerebov.
  3. For a demonstration of how to use fire storm optimally, view this: !lm nfogravity br.end=dis 3 -tv:<-4.5:>6.2
  4. see hilarious_deaths[85]
fire summon
Summons 1-5 fiery monsters: brimstone fiend, hellion, balrug, sun demon, efreet.
fire vortex
A byproduct of casting Fire Storm.
Level 5 Fire/Conjuration spell. Cannot be evaded. Makes noise. Hits a 3x3 area.
  1. A fixedart is an artefact that has special, unique effects defined in the code. Compare unrandart, which is just an predefined, regular artefact.
  2. &|
You just cast a spell with no valid target.
Damage: 10, Acc: 0, Delay: 14.
flame card
{damaging card}: 50% fireball, else {throw flame, sticky flame, bolt of fire} by power.
flame tongue
  1. Spell which throws a low-power puff of flame two to five spaces. Note that the max range is spell power-dependent - don't expect your fledgeling DEFE to fry anything significantly beyond melee. 1d14 at max power.
  2. <ProzacElf> i like flame tongue because it basically integrates the worst features of mdart, sandblast, and shock with none of the advantages
Increases damage by (on average) 25% against non-fire-resistant monsters, 50% on rF-, still 12.5% on rF+, 0 on rF+++. Slicing/chopping flaming weapons will cauterize hydra necks, preventing the heads from regrowing.
flaming corpse
Applies sticky flame on melee hit. Fun!
flayed ghost
Flayed ghosts can deal smite-targeted, irresistible, torment-like damage that heals when the ghost is killed or you stay away from it for a while. Flaying won't reduce HP below 25.
  1. Level 3 Charms/Air. Grants flight for its duration. Flying also increases your stealth a bit, and causes Airstrike to hurt you more.
  2. <elliott> kryft: think of flight like... <elliott> kryft: a treadmill <elliott> and the treadmill is hovering <elliott> and it goes forwards when you walk on it <elliott> also the treadmill lets you pick up things from the floor
flight card
  1. Card power 0: if you currently can, makes you transform into either spider form or bat form. 1&2: gives you flight and swiftness. 2: if on a shaft-appropriate level, generates a shaft beneath you (which you can then voluntarily dive down with >). May also make you invisible, 1 chance in (4 - card power).
  2. <johnny0> wooo flight carded my stash
fling icicle
  1. What the hell were they thinking with that name?
  2. see throw_icicle
floor god
  1. The god of the floor and what lies upon it.
  2. Like Xom except nicer. Except when Nessos gets a draining weapon.
  3. This god likes it when you wield- or wear-id picked up weapons. This god dislikes it when you pay no attention to unided artefacts.
floor mimic
kinda like a trapdoor spider that appears in pan and makes you press x a lot
Regards "mormegil" as his canonical netname and uses the fluffy modifier for hysterical raisins.
You're flying. Blue text indicates you're a Tengu and thus receiving a 1 aut move delay reduction.
flying skull
Fast, swarming undead.
  2. Have you considered just turning off all your skills except the one you want the most?
  3. You can make this easier by adding "skill_focus = false" to your config file.
  4. <SaintGutFree> Focus is the default skill I use when I want some just training in the background
focus card
This card reduces your lowest stat by 1 and increases your highest stat by 1. Only looks at base stats.
  1. Goes in mouth/beak. Without carnivore or herbivore: Royal jelly weighs 5.5, is 5000 nutrition. Meat weighs 8, is 5000 nutrition. Bread weighs 8, is 4400 nutrition. Honeycomb weighs 4, is 2000 nutrition. A chunk weighs 10, is 1000 nutrition. Takes 4 turns to eat rations, 3 for chunks, 1 for ambrosia, and 2 turns for all other food.
  2. Sultana is 70. Grape is 100. Strawberry is 200. Lychee/choko/rambutan is 600. Apricot/pear/apple is 700. Banana/lemon/orange is 1000. Cheese/sausage is 1200. Beef jerky/pizza/snozzcumber is 1500. Porridge is 6040.
  3. http://corexii.com/crawl/permafood/
  4. Do not eat a ration right before teleporting, or this will happen to you. !lg jeremie opee zot:5 1 -tv:<0.5
food acquirement
  1. If you worship Fedhas, you get fruit! Ghouls get some chunks, vampires get potions of blood, everyone else gets rations, honeycombs, royal jellies, or ambrosia.
  2. Do not underestimate it. See effo[1] for a feasible example.
food clock
a clock made out of food
food spells
Animate Skeleton, Inner Flame, Ice Form, Blade Hands, Petrify + {Lee's Rapid Deconstruction}, Orb of Destruction, Dragon Form, Necromutation
food vaults
A series of vaults from which there is a guaranteed vault on D:7-14 which places some food.
The new show_travel_trail option is now the default, showing your footsteps as you go. Set show_travel_trail = false in your rcfile to turn it off.
  1. telnet termcast.develz.org (and then select the letter for FooTV), or http://termcast.develz.org. Do not use SSH. Shows games requested using !tv. Request games by adding -tv to !lg, !lm or !hs, cancel games by adding -tv:cancel to the same command-line, clear playlist with !lg * -tv:nuke
  2. Use -tv:<N to start playback approx Nx before the default start (-tv:<3 to start 3x before normal start), and for milestones, -tv:>N to end playback Nx after normal end, -tv:>$ to end playback at end of ttyrec. You can combine both seek options as -tv:<2:>3
  3. For good fooTV, ??embarrassing deaths, ??hilarious deaths, ??amazing games, ??great near misses
  4. If playback looks weird to you in PuTTY, then try setting the translation to UTF-8 under Window->Translation->Received data assumed to be in which character set
  5. <Kyrris> It's how good players laugh at bad ones. <Kyrris> It masquerades as a learning tool for going in the other direction.
forbidden combos
DgAK DgBe DgCK DgDK DgHe DsHe FeAM FeAr FeAs FeGl FeHu GhHe GhTm MuHe MuTm VpHe
force lance
Level 2 pure conjuration, new in 0.12. Deals modest damage and can knock back its target if it injures them, but is extremely short range. Level 5 in 0.13.
  1. A new branch in trunk! Has all the spriggan monsters, including new types enchanters and assassins, and Satyrs (hexes+ranged combat).
  2. Also (and originally) a D:19-26 whole level vault mock up of the forest branch. Lots of trees and spriggans. Ruled by the Enchantress. Watch out for druids, berserkers, defenders, and her (the first can use awaken forest, the last two have silly EV and get distortion weapons a lot).
  3. Set the trees on fire to win.
  4. <lainiw> i saw someone playing forest earlier, they saved and closed out of irc after trying to kill a dryad
  5. Beware of blowgun paralysis: !lg * forest status=paralysed 1 -tv
forest drake
tree wyrm
forest fire
When you set fire to trees, it becomes a forest fire! Isn't that nice?
"You seem to have forgotten something": No, you didn't; just a harmless message.
  1. Ant-people species with permanent stasis, digging and self-shaft abilities, antennae, low HP and -rPois. Medium-sized but can wield giant clubs, and all other weapons are one-handed.
  2. less weird than djinn, more interesting than gargoyles, more balanced than lava orcs
  3. <rchandra> don't forget to use shafts to go back down after you go up to retrieve an item
  1. https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/
  2. <nyaakitty> It's worse than the wiki because it's actually active.
  3. <crate> mikee_: what, you dont learn fire storm on your spens?
  4. <eeviac_> sometimes I wonder if these people even like crawl
Current plan: dive to elf:5 for a quarterstaff, preferably using one of 0.8's new quite powerful Mummies.
foul stench
Tier 2 Demonspawn facet. Level 1: Saprovore 1. Level 2: rRot, sicken monsters and sometimes emit miasma when damaged in melee. Level 3: emit miasma more often.
  1. Clear blue fountains are decoration. Sparkling fountains sometimes act like random potions. Fountains of blood act like a potion of blood.
  2. Risk-takers, please note that sparkling fountains can make you rot, and with great regularity. (And mutate, and a bunch of inconsequential things).
  3. Aquatic life can survive in these. Cute, isn't it... that electric eel splashing around in the water. Drink the water, yes.
fountain mimic
One of the main dangers faced on the orb run.
fountain of blood
It's like a fountain of water, but with blood instead.
fountain quaffing
  1. don't
  2. see fountain[2]
  3. see fountain[3]
Field of view. In simplest terms, what's blocking your sight.
foxfire card
  1. Summons flying things. High power gives more powerful things, increases the number of things and and reduces the chances of things being hostile.
  2. Summon types are: butterfly, insubstantial wisp, bumblebee, vampire mosquito, vapour, yellow wasp, red wasp. Each monster has an individual chance of being hostile. You'll get a warning message if you manage to summon hostile vapours on yourself with no SInv.
  1. Crawl-speak for Feature Request, a reference to the development page for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup where players can add input as to what they want to see in the game. http://crawl.develz.org/wiki/ but please check the archives first, as there are a few ideas that have been posted and rejected many many times.
  2. Feature requests and feedback go on the dev wiki, which is set up for discussions. Mantis, the replacement for SourceForge, is for bug reports and patches.
  3. Commonly contains ideas of such well-thought-out nature as two-headed ogre PC races, cooking, and Natasha to go with Boris.
  4. Feature requests on ##crawl are usually pithy one-liners that are not meant to be taken seriously.
  5. https://gist.github.com/3914194
Bad mutation, -10% HP per level
The plural form of France, bearing a deep facial scar. Buffed in 0.12 to have a meaner spell set: throw icicle, summon demon, haste, and iron shot. Now hasted, earlier, slightly weaker Frederick.
A wandering demon-summoning Romeo, looking for Frances. Spells: pain, summon demon, smite, animate dead, abjuration, and healing. Gone since 0.8.
  1. A svelte fighter-mage, wearing a gold-rimmed monocle. SPELLS INCLUDE: mystic blast, bolt of cold, invis, iron shot. Formerly known as Adolf.
  2. see hell_knight[2]
  1. A level 1 spell found in a book of Frost that never misses its target, but only has a range of one. It ignores the target's AC, bypassing damage reduction. It also can slow cold-blooded enemies, making it useful all the way through Lair. There's some sort of semi-stun that paralyses for a fraction of a turn depending on power. 1d13 at max power.
  2. Non-cold-resistant creatures are stunned for random2(2 + power/5) ticks (tenths of a turn); power caps at 25 for a maximum of 0.6 turns. The duration is doubled for cold-vulnerable creatures.
  3. see badwiki[2]
Increases damage by (on average) 25% against non-cold-resistant monsters, or 50% on vulnerable monsters. Also slows {cold-blooded} monsters. Still increases damage by 12.5% against monsters with rC+.
freezing aura
Bestows a temporary (freeze) brand on a weapon. Works on the same weapons that fire brand does, and slows cold-blooded enemies like the freeze spell. If you are fighting a hydra with a chopping or slashing weapon, you want fire brand instead. Books: Ice, War Chants
freezing cloud
  1. Fills 8-10 squares (by flood fill from the target point -- this can be manipulated, as it won't fill a square that already has a cloud) with clouds doing cold damage. (Conjurations/Ice/Air 6).
  2. kills things dead, but lasts for a long time after everything dies, so prepare to have a picnic waiting for it to clear.
  3. Sorbius: I imagine the dungeon is just hot as hell and the monsters are like, hell yeah AC! and then realise way to late what's really going on
freezing wraith
Hits you. Freezes you. Doesn't drain you. Slow.
Temporarily forces an enemy to attack anything nearby (turning them neutral during the duration). If they are natural holiness, they also get might and haste. Caused by needle of frenzy and discord.
frost card
{damaging card}: {throw frost, throw icicle, bolt of cold} by power.
frost covered statue
A statue that throws frost at you. Guards certain out-of-Temple Vehumet altars.
frost giant
A giant that seems to emit a blue aura of winter frost. Channels frost into bolts and throws them at you, and is armed with a battleaxe with a similar blue glow.
A fight simulator in wizmode, accessible with &f and &F.
for some value of
Faster Than Light, a spaceship simulation real-time roguelike-like.
fuk da sac
fulminant prism
  1. Level 5 conjuration/hexes, new in 0.12. Conjures an explosive prism at a smite-targeted location which will detonate with a radius-2 explosion after 2 turns, dealing considerable irresistible damage.
  2. The prisms are very fragile and if destroyed prematurely will result in either a smaller, weaker explosion, or no explosion at all (if they are killed immediately after being created).
fulsome distillation
Old spell in ancient versions of crawl, distilled into oblivion in 0.12.
You sometimes make clouds of smoke when you move.
fun with your own corpse
  1. 1. qwqw the Grave Robber (L4 FeNe), slain by a felid zombie (animated by the player character) on D:1 on 2010-10-17, with 99 points after 3994 turns and 0:08:48.
  2. You finish ripping the felid corpse of turnerjer into pieces. You enjoyed that. u - a chunk of felid flesh
  3. see corpse slap
  1. <fungee> octopodes in trunk?!!? <MarvinPA> octopodes <MarvinPA> in trunk <Henzell> Fungee the Summoner (L14 OPSu), worshipper of Nemelex Xobeh, quit the game on Lair:6, with 47902 points after 42277 turns and 3:16:12. <MarvinPA> haha i did just say they're not playable online yet <MarvinPA> that might have been a little premature :P
  2. Huge secondary Touhou fan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unRPhNH-YWo
A non-interactive plant in the dungeon. Nothing special about it, except that it can block an oklob plant's LOF.
fungus form
A bad form. You become a wandering mushroom! Permanent confusing touch, can't move with enemies in LOS, rPois, rN+++. Can't cast spells, eat, drink, wield or evoke wands.
funny messages
  1. You have gained Spellcasting skill! You're starting to get the hang of this magic thing. The kobold looks frightened! _The kobold blubbers, "Mommeee!"
  2. I'm sorry, level 27 is as high as you can go. With the way you've been playing, I'm surprised you got this far.
  3. You dice the ogre like an onion!!!
  4. You spit the hog like the proverbial pig!!!
  5. Something frightening happens. Nothing appears to happen.
  6. The exploding dart explodes!
  7. You freeze the imp. The imp is frozen!
  8. An unseen horror comes into view.
  9. anything donald says
  10. < Nomi> Your burning bush burns!
  11. f _ wandering mushroom (wandering)
  12. Some lava, spattered with blood.
  13. Your ice beast shivers with cold.
  14. <minqmay> _Death has come for you... <minqmay> _The reaper shouts, "I have come for you, minmay!"
  15. The komodo dragon bites the fungus! The fungus looks sick.
  16. You miscast Ozocubu's Armour. Frost covers your body.
  17. The vault guard hits you but does no damage. You writhe in agony.
  18. An electric eel bursts forth from the water. - electric eel (sleeping)
  19. The orc priest calls down the wrath of Beogh upon the orc warrior. The orc warrior is healed somewhat.
  20. You hear words spoken in a strange and terrible language... You hear the tinkle of a tiny bell.
  21. You open the door. 2 Hell Sentinels come into view. You close the door. You feel sick.
+1/+2/+3 AC, 0/0/+1 rC. Beware of furry conventions, though. Fortunately, tail is not included.
gamblers fallacy
  1. Given a long string of independent events, having lots of positive events in a row does not increase the chance that the next event(s) will be negative, and vice versa.
  2. To be clear, the fallacy is NOT believing gamblers_fallacy[1].
game design
  1. < _Jeff> dpeg: This is why you have to run everything past the powergamers and let them break it first :P
  2. <+evilmike> Wensley: ideally, you should make levels that kill players, not levels that make players want to kill themselves
  3. <kryft> I'm inspired by recent developments in Finnish tobacco law
  1. <gamefreak264> I can get really icky if no one is watching
  3. Is popular!
  4. Is rivals with both monky and casmith789. At the same time!
A race in 0.13: Good with unarmed combat, stealth, and earth magic, and bad with air. They have rRot, halved torment damage (like statue form), shatter/LRD vulnerability, low hp, +4 AC, and gain 3/5ths AC per level and intrinsic flight at level 14, making them the tengu of AC and earth.
gas trap
Cloud traps given specific names (though are still vault-defined); remember the results can be huge but is usually short-lived, and the traps can be disarmed. Varieties, leaning further down the list by depth: mephitic, poisonous, calcifying, flame, freezing, chaos, and miasma.
  1. A greedy elephant slug who ate a wizard for lunch and now casts spells! Casts airstrike, spammals, swiftness, slow, and 'slugform'-flavoured cantrip. You feel sluggish! He's even smart enough to open doors!
  2. HD 20 means he has a 95% chance of just ignoring your mephitic clouds. Will happily stand in flame clouds until nearly dead, though.
  3. see hat_of_pondering
  4. http://i.imgur.com/Vxi0h.png
  5. Gastronok has been unjustly deprived of his 150 damage. Please multiply any damage you take from his melee attacks by 3.75.
  6. < SeashellSalesman> holy shit < SeashellSalesman> i just got killed in one hit by a spell casting slug D:
  7. see guru_wisdom[3]
  8. <mikee_> you can 'kill' gastronok by walking out of his los
  1. Pairs of gloves have a 50% chance of being described as pairs of gauntlets.
  2. Jules: how am I able to put on a pair of gauntlets while wielding a cursed weapon?
gauntlets of war
A nice unrandart +3 AC, +5 Acc, +5 Dam gloves.
You can't shoot at gazebos.
Type Gd1 to win after you pick up the orb.
"Guaranteed damage reduction" versus melee attacks, conferred by body armor. If you're making equipment decisions based on this, please reconsider.
  1. The branch of hellfire. Home of Asmodeus and the obsidian rune. Lots of lava to cross, and enough sticky flame and hellfire that you probably shouldn't bother with scrolls. Highest concentration of Fiends in any branch; High HP is recommended here.
  2. Gehenna 7 is a fortress with a moat of lava. Entrance through moat on other side of where you enter the level. Lots of molten gargoyles, lava denizens, and Fiends. Asmodeus hangs out in the fortress, guarding the Obsidian Rune of Zot.
  3. If you can fly and destroy stone, there is translucent stone past the lava lake on either side of the moat providing a possible alternative entry in at least one layout of Geh:7
gelatinous body
  1. It's like scales but not actually scales. Gives +AC.
  2. Strawberry flavour.
  1. Roka, Xtahua, Nikola, and Mara are all guys.
  2. see lugonu[2]
genie card
50% of the time, acts like a scroll of acquirement. The other 50% of the time acts like either a potion of decay or degeneration.
  1. Monsters are arranged into genera (plural of genus). Monsters in the same genus are represented by the same letter. The main game significance of this is that different monsters in the same genus won't be distinguished by Detect Monsters.
  2. Monsters of the same genus will also move aside to make room for one another, and will cast beneficial spells at one another.
  1. The guardian of hell, holding the key to enter the four hells. Note that Geryon's musical skills are hindered by silence.
  2. Even with reaching attacks and summoned tramplers, still acknowledged by most as a wimp.
  1. <G-Flex> Wensley: someone who complains as much as me can't be that resistant to change!
  2. Argues with himself.
  3. <G-Flex> I'm a transhuman so I dont have gender
  4. <G-Flex> Starting an FE can be a little annoying because all you can do is hurt things with fire.
  5. <G-Flex> google "density of water" on google
  6. see desperate[22]
  7. <G-Flex> like my ridiculous sex dice program I wrote while in a confused state of mind
gh guide
Worship Makhleb. Eat chunks to heal. If you run out of chunks, hit things to make more chunks.
  1. Ghosts get damage, hitpoints, resistances, speed, and spells very closely based on the former adventurer. They can be very dangerous in every regard; e.g. fighter ghosts can do 40+ damage in a hit and have more hitpoints than hydras, well-equipped ghosts can resist nearly anything, and well-learned ghosts can fire storm or chain lightning you.
  2. All player ghosts, much like other undead, resist poison, asphyxiation, torment, and negative energy. Unlike player undead (player ghouls, vampires, and mummies), they do not (automatically) resist cold.
  3. Ghosts don't follow you down/upstairs. They are doomed to forever haunt the level. Ghosts don't appear on D:1, D:2, or the Temple.
  4. ghost titles: 1-3 weakling, 4-6 average, 7-10 experienced, 11-15 powerful, 16-21 mighty, 22-25 great, 26 awesomely powerful, 27 legendary
  5. Like all monsters, you don't have to kill them in order to descend.
  6. http://crawl.develz.org/morgues/0.8/banei/morgue-banei-20110619-030928.txt
ghost damage
  1. Take the weapon *base* damage, call it D. Add 4 * weapon skill * D / 100, call it D'. Add D' * fighting / 30, call it D''. Final Damage: figure is D'' + str/4, with a maximum of 50. Note that enchantment is IGNORED.
  2. For unarmed combat, D' is Unarmed skill + 4 + (XL only with claws). For nonweapon, D' = 4.
ghost faced bat
A spectral bat with a different name. Friends with ol' dirty bat, raekwon the bat, and the method bat.
ghost moth
  1. Fast, invisible, poison-resistant moth which gazes at you to drain MP and attacks you to drain stats and inflict poison. Found in Zot and in spider zig levels. They can also appear in the Spider's Nest, especially the last level.
  2. Does not see invisible, so you can turn invisible to avoid the MP drain, but it can still drain you while you are invisible if it remembers your location.
  3. "My mission is to annoy" - Lemuel
  4. You feel you are being watched by something.
  5. <sky__> i find it amazing that ghosts moths can't see invisibl <crate> how do they mate
ghostly fireball
Like a fireball, except partially resistable by rN and checks only half AC. Heals undead caught in the blast instead of hurting them.
ghostly flames
Makes clouds which deal negative energy damage and spawn spectral things.
Griefer account originally created by cbus to persecute the dungeon with powerful ghosts.
  1. Player ghouls have claws (see unarmed combat), rN+++, rC+, rPois, and torment immunity. They also rot over time. Eating chunks can cure rot and/or restore HP; these effects occur independently, and are more likely when eating rotten or contaminated chunks. Monster ghouls do quite a lot of damage, have a ton of HP, and rot you.
  2. You can wear gloves as a ghoul now, at the cost of your unarmed bonus.
  3. Spells player ghouls can't use: revivification, death's door, stoneskin, any form-changing spell (including blade hands and necromutation), and spells that would have no useful effect such as cure poison.
  4. You smell decay. Yum-yum.
ghoul reasons
  1. Strong unarmed melee, high HP, and undead resists. Also good at eating!
  2. Weapons are for cowards. Real men use their hands.
  3. You can eat shadow dragons!
  4. You can eat ghouls!
Also a strange "experimental" 4.1.2 species
giant amoeba
  1. A midgame monster which leaves a poisonous corpse. Not very hard for when you meet it and no special abilities. Notable for being (if you're poison resistant) one of the few things to eat in the Slime Pits.
  2. sorear prefers Polymorph Other. slime creature -> ice dragon is common and produces lots of clean chunks. Also, this way you don't have to fight pan lords.
giant blowfly
A big, fast nuisance. Unlike mosquitos, doesn't cause sickness with its attacks. Swat it. Died out when giant mosquitoes became vampire mosquitoes in 0.7.
giant centipede
A pathetic insect that has the potential to poison you and ruin your day with just low enough odds to be YASD.
giant club
A giant lump of wood. (two-handed mace; Dmg 20 Acc -6 Delay 17)
giant cockroach
It's large, it's disgusting, it moves fast, it doesn't hurt much. A good stomp should kill it. And it shields you from trog wrath.
giant eyeball
  1. While these never have and never will kill any adventurers by themselves, their presence increases the danger of the other monsters enormously due to paralysing anyone they stare at. Great players who have been felled by giant eyeballs include Stabwound, Iaido, and Julius Caesar.
  2. Its gaze doesn't need line of effect, just like smiting. Confusion doesn't stop it from gazing at you! Even magic resistance will not save you! If you're really at risk because one of these has showed up, and you can't escape, you could try something with generous targeting, like airstrike or bolts.
  3. !lg Siveran char=KoAr killer="acid blob" 1 -tv
  4. The giant eyeball evaporates and reforms as a gnoll! _The gnoll picks up a wand of paralysis.
giant firefly
like a killer bee but pathetic and with no poison
giant frog
generic melee guy that moves faster than you
giant gecko
  1. Faster than average and can twoshot a level one mage without troubles. An underappreciated threat, especially when low or out of mana.
  2. Surprisingly strong in 4.1 - I'm not joking.
  3. Since it has clinging, it gains suction while adjacent to walls
giant goldfish
This fish is what your Goldie looks like after overfeeding. It hurts, and hurts even more if you are in shallow water.
giant leech
A swamp monster with a vampiric attack.
giant mite
  1. A creature that's almost dangerous but not quite. Can poison you, though, and hey, 10+ exp!
  2. Mite be dangerous if you're careless.
  3. This creature won't kill you in one turn, but a hill Giant Mite.
giant mosquito
Can make you sick with its attack, only a threat if you're trying to wait out poison.
giant newt
  1. The weakest monster in the game. If you're sufficiently challenged by its presence to consult the bot, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Beware! It swims!
giant orange brain
  1. Summons (shadow creatures), eats your brain, blinks, uses confusion, and teleports itself if wounded. Also uses Cause Fear occasionally.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/Mc0mT.jpg
giant spiked club
  1. It looks *really* painful. Damage rating: 22 Accuracy rating: -7 Base attack delay: 18, (pierce) damage, never generated with a brand unless it's an artefact or god gift. Can only be wielded by trolls, giants, ogres, and formicids. The best twohander in the game.
  2. You crush Tiamat like a grape!!!
giant spore
  1. Explodes when killed or next to you to do 3d15 damage, confuse you, and destroy your food. Fortunately it has no AC and only 1 HP, but average EV - throw a rock at it if you lack conjurations or wands. The bane of Zin-worshippers and spriggans (except you can outrun them)! Use a polymorph wand on it if you like oklob plants.
  2. Giant spore explosions may cause ballistomycetes to grow.
  3. sorear the Marksminotaur (L13 MiGl), worshipper of Yredelemnul, killed by an exploding giant spore (created by an active ballistomycete (created by a giant spore (created by an active ballistomycete (created by a giant spore)))) on D:11 on 2009-11-23, with 37349 points after 19708 turns and 2:06:31.
gift timeout
Measured in piety. Nemelex 5-14, Zin feeding 30-40, Okawaru 30-49 (weap) 60-94 (armour) 4-12 (msl), Sif 40-59, Vehumet 50-59. These are probably slightly off.
giga bat
As big as 1024 megabats
Proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is oooold: Did the Pawlowian trigger of "push turtle" --> "Mario!"
  1. Readonly: git clone git://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl.git Read/Write: git@gitorious.org:crawl/crawl.git Web interface: http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git or http://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl
  2. https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=dcss:help:git
gitorious admins
dpeg, jpeg, due, galehar, Keskitalo, kilobyte
  1. http://www.ohloh.net/p/stonesoup
  2. http://s-z.org/crawl-stats/ — updated infrequently
  3. Sunday is not a day of rest, but August is: http://s-z.org/crawl-stats/activity.html
Starts with: weapon, leather, helmet, nets.
gladiator reasons
Like fighters, but better.
  1. Two Handed Polearm. Damage: 15, Accuracy: -3, Speed: 17
  2. see halberd[2]
glaive of prune
  1. +4,+12 purple vorpal glaive. Unfortunately will *not* turn you into a prune, even if you are a scummy.
  2. Zin still hates the weapon, though.
  3. <giantbat> GOD HATES FIGS
glaive of the guard
+5,+8 glaive of the guard {elec +5AC SInv +Rage}
An ability grey elves received in old versions of crawl at xl 5. It tried to confuse, paralyze, charm, or scare nearby humanoids. It sucked.
  1. chalk the Slicer (L10 KoBe), worshipper of Trog, forgot to breathe caused by an orange crystal statue on D:8, with 3097 points after 11144 turns and 0:34:15. <chalk> Without my glasses on I mistook it for an orc
  2. <minmay> man I need to get some glasses, I'm playing tiles and I just mistook a blue potion for a naga barding
  3. <bmh> shit. That was a crocodile and not a newt.
gloorx vloq
Guardian of the Dark Rune. Arguably the most dangerous pan lord, since he is speed 20 and has a nasty spellset including torment, miasma, and dispel undead. His level also contains lots of executioners, which doesn't help matters.
Armour for your hands. +1 AC. You can't wear gloves if you have large claws or are too tiny due to being a spriggan. If your gloves are cursed you can't put on or take off rings. Ghouls can wear gloves, but their bonus claw damage is taken away while wearing them. Fun for fighting hydras!
gloves of strength
Gloves of strength add +3 to your strength. Good for you. There's not much else to know about them.
A status light indicating your character is backlit; often caused by contamination.
glowing shapeshifter
Like a shapeshifter, only even worse - it changes much more often.
Glow as much as possible all the time. pw: robin
glyph mode
Press F10 if you want to know what's going on in a webtiles game.
< Gmork> sandblast won't get me through 3 rune and zot?
gmos challenge
Successfully proc a gmos. Completed by: mikee, jeanjacques, elliptic.
gmos guide
<Nomi> go tso <Nomi> and get haste and statue form <Nomi> and stoneskin
Present in packs, and predominantly packs punishing polearms of pugnacity. Possess prudence! Possibly provides pnets.
gnoll sergeant
  1. Stronger version of a gnoll. Comes with a "good" spear, armour and shield or buckler.
  2. <Qwertycoatl> Heh. "pulsating lump sergeant"
gnoll shaman
A gnoll that can haste others and heal. Also has petrify as of 0.9.
Woohoo, earth aptitude of 60, but spellcasting of 156. Least played and won race as of 0.4.5. They were cut and replaced by Deep Dwarves.
go ely
Because only mean people go Kiku.
go kiku
go casmith789
go sif
go minmay
  1. One of the three main causes of early-game demonspawn death, though many PCs will practically laugh them to death. Generated occasionally with slings, which make for nasty surprises.
  2. Occasionally goblins have slings. These goblins can be fatal. Don't laugh until you have survived. !lg faze killer~~g ckaux~~ex 1 -tv:<0.2:x0.5
god gift
An item gifted by a god. Not all gods gift items!
Win with every god (including no god)
  1. '?' '/' 'G' for a complete list (in game). Type "??<full god name> reasons" (in IRC) to get a list of reasons which might motivate you to worship that particular god.
  2. Ashenzari, Beogh, Cheibriados, Elyvilon, Fedhas, Jiyva, Kikubaaqudgha, Lugonu, Makhleb, Nemelex Xobeh, Okawaru, Sif Muna, Trog, Vehumet, Xom, Yredelemnul, Zin, the Shining One.
Was meant as a tool to fight inflation, but failed. Money-gold connection removed in 1976.
gold acquirement
  1. Gives 10*(20+1d20+1d8*1d8*1d8) gold. (Min=220, Max=5520, Mean=1218, Median=880, Std=911)
  2. (3:08:51 AM) m0ng: scroll of retirement
  3. <TGWi> I bought a scroll of acquirement for 364 gold <TGWi> and acquired 350 gold
gold dragon armour
  1. 12AC, 17ER, 110aum, rF+ rC+ rPois.
  2. The chance of any particular randomly generated armour on D:1 being GDA is about 0.00873%.
  3. <nht> stands for goddamn awful now
gold dragon hide
  1. 4 AC, EV -5 rF+, rC+, rPois. Can theoretically drop when you chop up a golden dragon, but you will inevitably accidentally sacrifice the corpse instead. Try enchanting it.
  2. see gold dragon armour
golden chain mail
Once upon a time it was always Lear's chain mail. Now just a standard randart.
golden dragon
A dragon that breathes bolts of fire and cold, and big clouds of poison. Less HP than a shadow dragon! Also see gold dragon armour.
golden eye
Come in packs! Confuse(checks MR)! Tiny! Fast! Also, they blink (getit).
A magically animated servant. Often outlives its master, and can end up in the bottom of the sea, waiting for the proper time to finish its mission. During that time, ship anchors falling through the water are good entertainment and provide excitement.
goliath beetle
A very slow, yet reasonably dangerous creature. Do not stand and fight if you are not prepared for melee. You may want to instead take advantage of its slow speed by stepping back when it moves and striking when it cannot, or take advantage of its low MR with a confusion or paralysis wand.
<golms> I love escalators. But people should realize it's not so you can be lazy, it's so you can get there faster. You can still walk on them people. You don't need to stand still.
good excuses
  1. randomised energy
  2. circular los
good gods
  1. Elyvilon, the Shining One, Zin. Switching between them caps your piety at 45.
  2. They're false gods, as proven by the fact that those who went to the afterlife (ghosts) dump these three but not any other god.
good names
  1. the +3 helmet "Brick" {Dex+3}
  2. 134438 | D:8 | Noticed Fear the pandemonium lord
  3. Ponce the Spear-Bearer (L16 DGCr) entered The Chambers of Gutaxe the Cloud Mage on turn 50708. (Vault:6)
  4. <TGWi> - a scroll labeled MUUTATATOTOTS
  5. 166524 | Zig:25 | Noticed Ogremaet the pandemonium lord
  6. <nht> q - 2 scrolls labeled MOMMYXOMUHU
  7. <MarvinPA> & _ Chunky Nibue (sleeping) <MarvinPA> something about tentacles and it hungering for my soul
  8. You see here: Kill the pandemonium lord
  9. <minqmay> t - a scroll labeled UMUTO QUACK
  10. Hero shouts, "Quit, thou corroded moldwarp corpse eater!
  11. Found Riot's General Store. b - a cursed +0,-3 giant spiked club 1 gold c - a book of Control 1235 gold d - 6 +0 darts of dispersal 34 gold
  12. Sif Muna's Arcane Secrets of Secret Knowledge god gift
  13. <instar> _You see here a scroll labeled THE GIAGGOSTUONO.
  14. the ring of Bling {SustAb rF++ MR Dam-4}
  15. Chef moans, "I shall feast on thy spirit!"
  16. t - Smell's Incunabulum of Excruciating Fire
  17. <kast> V - a scroll labeled ZEERUMPY RYCK
  18. Mama has a muscular body with huge, bat-like wings. It is surrounded by a sickening stench.
  19. E - the amulet of the Wild Haggis {Stasis rElec}
  20. 77257 | D:18 | Became a worshipper of Jiyva Jiyfa the Shapeless
  21. 79197 | Zot:3 | Killed Brain the pandemonium lord
  22. the amulet "Doge" {Cons +Blink +Inv rC+ Str-1 Dam+4} http://i.imgur.com/sx6LgXt.jpg
  23. 33263 | Orc:4 | Found Gradius' Weapon Shoppe.
good skill distribution
  1. For 3-runer: Fighting: 14.3, Weapon skill: min. delay Dodging: 13.7 Armour: 9.4 Traps: 5.1 Spellcasting:16.6 One/Two major spell schools: 18.7
  2. Do under no conditions stray from the specified amount of skill level.
good spells
apportation, blink, control teleport, haste, regeneration, repel missiles, swiftness
  1. do not question goodchar
  2. <Henzell> The RNG chooses: OgTh.
  3. <Henzell> The RNG chooses: TeCr.
  4. <Wenzell> The RNG chooses: MuPr.
  1. beem.is_beam = false
  2. maybe_bloodify_square
  1. Autoexplore.
  2. Autotravel.
  3. Non-instant teleport.
  1. In a very short time I will be stepping across the line of Conflict of Interest, and I need to know how to withdraw from this community with confidence.
  2. Request #2: With all due respect I had asked to be REMOVED from this discussion board due to conflict of interest. Could someone please do so or tell me how to do so???
  1. I should have known better, that strategy came from the wiki
  2. Has anyone else noticed ice beasts doing less damage than normal in the latest trunk? Seriously, they can hardly hurt high-AC enemies anymore. Summon Ice Beast is now near-useless as an anti-hydra and anti-bee weapon now, and it's easily outperformed by CCF.
  3. Personally I prefer Ascii,for two reasons. 1)It is l33t!I mean,come on,how many games are there which can be played in a dos box and are actually fun?!
  4. Made all timed portals give messages.
  1. <ophanim> and the best unarmed god in the game tends to be kind of anti-ds :| <SwissStopwatch> makhleb is anti-ds!?!?!?!?
  2. <blackcustard> see when you play on the server you get to worship a second god called ##crawl, which is actually composed of several monkeys that know about crawl and will sometimes help you, but sometimes laugh. it's a little like xom but with fresh lines
  3. <ontoclasm> i'm drawing an elf princess statue
  1. 0006649: jorgrun replaced by a chaos butterfly
  2. Search for the reports of the user "Thrall". Example: https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=6767
  3. <Cheibriados> Forest unique "Pan" named after branch Pandemonium <https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=7168> by chris
  4. Gloorx Vloq spawned on D:9 (might have been a hobgoblin) <https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=7348> by Arrhythmia
10 or more wins.
  1. yeah i hear that, such as,for example, i havent actually ascended with hte orb, but ive had like 3-4 characters where i died in vaults but you know, i count them as wins because the character was (imho) capable of doing zot.
  2. So I've beaten Crawl three times now with three builds. I'm hoping to finally do a full 13-rune run.
  3. i too personally know in irl some real amazing dudes, at crawl, they are like 4-5x times better than elliptic at least. and they all say that minotaur enchanters are super easy, and that if you play a minotaur enchanter and lose, well, your a big noob. none of them play online though for reasons which i wont elaborate on right now
  4. i foind exploit for crawl ,i made a hill orc fighter and moved around the map hitting monsters with an axe until they died. i gained several expeirence levels in this fashion
  5. Don't wear Gourmand in lichform, wear Clarity
  6. macro half the keys on your keyboard to aa and the other half to firestorm and hammer the keyboard wildly with your fists
  7. hey check it out im going play MiBe and wear a +0 leateher armor instead of this enchantable plate armor, its my Playstyle you see. whoa hold up what do you mean im a retard?? you cant say that im wrong in an absolute sense.
  8. Have you tried the walking away spell?
A member of the Something Awful forums. See sa.
Streak FoIE -> GrAs. Completed by N78291!
  1. Amulet of the gourmand lets you eat chunks at any satiation level. However, it takes average 400 turns after wearing to fully kick in. As it charges, the nutrition from chunks when not hungry scales from 1/21 to 100% and the contamination resistance scales from 0% to 100%. Saprovores use gourmand to pretend chunks are rotten similarly.
  2. If you see 'tastes great' when eating a chunk, your amulet of the gourmand is fully charged. If you see 'is not very appetising', you only just put it on.
  3. 'I - 7 chunks of griffon flesh' 'This raw flesh tastes like chicken!'
You disappears!
grand grimoire
Demonic Horde, Mass Abjuration, Haunt, Summon Greater Demon, Malign Gateway, Summon Horrible Things - Requires 6 spellcasting and 10 summonings to memorize spells out of this book.
granite statue
Indicates the existence of a vault, so beware. By themselves they are harmless.
Smallest snack besides sultanas. Eat in 2 turns to avoid starving in the middle of combat. 100 nutrition. Drop the stack for easy eating. Linley Henzell knows how to crush these.
An experience level 22-25 player ghost.
great far misses
!lm xenene 3952 -tv:<0.1:>0.11:x0.8
great ideas
great mace
Largest weapon in the maces & flails category that most races can wield. 18 damage, -4 accuracy, 17 delay (two handed)
great near misses
  1. These idiots should have died.
  2. !lm SGrunt defe rune=serpentine 1 -tv:<0.5:>1.5
  3. !lm ocedius rune=magical 2 -tv:<1:>2.5
  4. !lm casmith789 place=zig:13 char=HEWz -tv
  5. !lm elynae ddfi br.end=tomb 1 -tv:<0:>$
  6. !lm ragdoll place=zig:8 7 -tv:<2:>2
  7. !lm jeanjacques zig:27 2 -tv:<2
  8. !lm minmay br.end=elf 75 -tv:<-6:>11
  9. !lm hangedman seee rune=golden -tv:<4:>6
  10. !lm sky 13269 -tv:<0:>5.0
  11. !lm Gilihad br.exit=zot 3 -tv:<0
  12. !lm erppo br.end=zot mibe 1 -tv:<-10:>$
  13. !lm scummos 223 place=d:4 -tv:<-9:>25
  14. !lg Snufkin 22 -tv:<T154050:>T154200:x3
great orb of eyes
  1. Spell casting monster that leaves mutagenic corpses. Will paralyze, confuse, disintegrate, slow, bite, and possibly even teleport you. Is also immune to enchantments.
  2. Don't be this MDGl: !tv ionfrigate splat mdgl 2
  3. <GreatOrbOfEyes> some day I will be a greater orb of eyes.
great sword
  1. A sword with a very long, heavy blade and a long handle. (two-handed Long Blade; Dam 16 Acc -3 Delay 16)
  2. the sword world continues to overlook in my opinion the efficiency and power and i even say majesty of this great sword
greater healing
At 27 invocations, heals 17 + 2d19 HP.
greater mummy
  1. Like a mummy priest, but a lot worse. Has ridiculously large HP.
  2. To give you a general idea of their HP, it can take around six casts (at max power) of Dispel Undead to kill them.
greater naga
  1. These are the guys that are guarding the serpentine rune. They're not to be taken lightly, they can seriously poison you despite your poison resistance, blast you with orbs of energy and in melee they deal very significant damage. And they can haste themselves.
  2. They also resist any resistable spell (magic immune), so don't bother trying to disintegrate them. All elemental attacks work OK, though.
greater servant
Summons a temporary executioner, green death, blizzard demon, balrug, or cacodemon. Hostility chance is reduced (but never to 0) by invocations skill. Hostile if 1d(20 + Invocations * 3) <= 4 (e.g. 1/5 at 0 skill, 1/11 at 8 skill, 1/17 at 16 skill).
Players who have won every currently available to play mummy berserker, without ever renouncing Trog, plus a DgWn. Lifetime memberships are for Sif-worshipers.
  1. Players who have won every currently available to play demonspawn. Lifetime membership once you get in!
  2. To see your unwon demonspawn, !lg * won crace=ds class!=Th class!=Re class!=Cr class!=Pa class!=Pr class!=He class!=St s=class / @yourname ?:N=0
Devs who have ruined every race and class.
Players who have won every currently available to play combo as well as at least one combo that hasn't yet existed in a stable release.
  1. Players who have won every currently available to play mummy. Lifetime membership once you get in!
  2. To see your unwon mummies, !lg * won playable crace=mummy s=char / @yourname ?:N=0
  1. Means you did at least 183 damage in one hit of melee.
  2. !lg elliptic ogsk 2 -tv:<T78000:>T78100
  3. !lg Nomi opmo 1 -tv:<T141620:>T141634
  4. !lm loguno 88 -tv:<T134600:>T134656
Players who have won one of every currently available to play naga. Lifetime membership once you get in!
  1. Players who have won every currently available to play race and class. Lifetime membership once you get in!
  2. !greaterplayer yourname (plus !greatplayer yourname)
Players who have done all the combos in a streak.
Players who have won every combination of race, class, and god in one streak, 27 times. In a row.
You have won more mummies than anyone else. There cannot be more than one greatestmummy.
Players who have won every currently available to play combo. Lifetime membership once you get in!
  1. Players who have won every currently available to play race. Lifetime membership once you get in!
  2. To see your unfinished races, check "!greatplayer yourname".
DE: elliptic | Dg: bmfx, clouded | Dr: eeviac | Ds: elliptic, Vizer, simm | Fe: madreisz | HE: bmfx, johnnyzero | Hu: Wahaha | Ko: bmfx | Mu: elliptic, minmay | Og: ophanim | Op: bmfx
AK: Pacra Ar: jeanjacques He: elliptic
green crystal
  1. see green crystal wall
  2. Affects throw frost/flame, flame tongue, bolt of fire/cold, fireball, sticky flame(!), and breathe fire/frost/sticky flame
green crystal wall
Reflects cold and flame the way lightning bounces off ordinary walls. Immune to digging and disint, but extremely easy to LRD. Appears very rarely naturally outside of abyss, and then constitute large parts of the level; most obtrusive uses of it signify a vault.
green death
  1. Shows up as a 2. A bloated form covered in oozing sores and exhaling clouds of lethal poison. They can cast poison arrow, venom bolt, and poisonous cloud.
  2. < mikee_> it looked like a green death < monqy> meganewt
green draconian
Breathes mephitic clouds at XL 7 and mutates poison stinger at XL 14. +2 Poison Magic apt.
green rat
A significantly tougher inedible rat that appears in bands (poisonous corpse). Does not have a poison attack.
  1. Doesn't wear pants.
  2. One of the few people who can spell those unpronounceable demons without a crib sheet.
  3. Thinks ogaz thinks slaying should be nerfed.
  4. Slapper of trouts.
  5. loves giant squid appreciation. and nethack. especially Elbereth, he's a big fan of Elbereth.
greensnark maneuver
A nigh-suicidal berserker-charge into the middle of a dangerous area of the game. Frequently ends badly: see !deathsin Tomb.
Greg screams, "Go and return not whilst thou art whole!"
  1. The counterpart to Henzell, for crawl.develz.org. Only accepts @whereis, @?, and @?? from IRC. The evil twin of Henzell. Accepts inquiries on PM.
  2. Code available at http://git.develz.org/?p=gretell.git or git://git.develz.org/gretell.git
grey draconian
A form of draconian which doesn't breathe (they can swim and are unaffected by mephitic clouds). Grey Draconians get stability in water (no fumbling), 5 more AC, +2 Earth, and -2 Air.
grey elf
A race of elves very like deep elves with very good air magic. Removed far back in the mists of time.
grey rat
  2. A: A much more formidable foe than the plain rats, grey rats FREQUENTLY (VERY DANGEROUS !!) kill in the midgame.
Splatter of minotaur berserkers and centaur paladins. Is becoming quite good at it (the splatting, that is).
Hippogriff's big brother. Lots of attacks and fair HP.
!lm grimm place=zig:22 2 -tv
  1. A unique shadow imp who likes to paralyze you and spam pain. Can appear between D:3 and D:6. Has a friendly rivalry going on with Sigmund to see who can get more kills.
  2. !fight sigmund v grinder (spoilers: grinder wins)
  3. <jeanjacques> grinder is like a potion of exp that randomly kills you
grinding noise
  1. Usually made by a Boring Beetle, which destroys walls of the level. If it's happening rapidly and inexplicably, it's in a vault designed solely to annoy you. Can also come from Cacodemons, and from an eye of devastation's energy bolt. Can also come from the disintegration wand of course.
  2. add the line "runrest_ignore_message = grinding noise" to your rc file if this is interrupting your resting or your running.
grizzly bear
  1. If you have to look at tips to fight a grizzly bear, I'm amazed you've made it this far.
  2. You could try hitting it.
  1. SquashMonster's crazy idea for a new race. Great at melee due to having claws/talons/horns to start, but those also reduce potential armor. Has a shroud of darkness, which reduces vision range to half, but also reduces the range at which monsters can see it. But don't expect to use that to be stealthy, as they have nasty innate shoutitis.
  2. Aptitudes: 80 fighting, 180 short blades, 150 long blades, 160 axes, 160 maces and flails, 150 polearms, 130 staves, 100 unarmed, 150 stabbing, 60 slings, 60 bows, 60 crossbows, 60 darts, 60 throwing, 80 armor, 90 dodging, 90 stealth, 130 shields, 60 traps and doors,
  3. 100 spellcasting, 80 conjurations, 110 enchantments, 160 summonings, 120 transmutations, 180 divinations, 80 fire magic, 80 ice magic, 80 air magic, 80 earth magic, 80 poison magic. Invocations and evocations are normal. Experience rate is 130. Strength or Intelligence (randomly) every 4th level.
  4. Patch is available on sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2807004&group_id=143991&atid=757515
Unique gnoll. Comes with wolves. Same damage as an orc warrior. Aw!
  1. <Grunt> I'm really looking forward to the point in 0.12 where someone first comes across a tornado ghost.
  2. his puns are...*glasses*...bad
  3. <Grunt> I want it to be actively malicious :)
  4. Is not Gretell, despite what many zealous tabbers seem to think.
  5. see {horatiocrawl}
  6. The pun machine
nethack variant made by Grunt
!lg * ((tiles || !@hugeterm)) cv>0.9 ntv=0 ckiller="player ghost" max=xl -tv
guardian mummy
A mummy, like normal ones but bigger, beefier, and with necromancy miscasts for death curses. No spells! If you see one of these in Crypt, Khufu or the Tomb entry is probably onlevel.
guardian serpent
  1. A big snake, usually found in Snake:5 or guarding a vault of treasure (or mimics). Venom bolt, lesser healing, slow, teleport other. Leaves mutalicious corpses. Dangerous if they teleport you in Snake:5 because you might wind up on the wrong end of the greater naga vault. Unlike real nagas, they have no hands. Also, they're twice as fast.
  2. They were called guardian nagas in old versions.
guardian spirit
While wearing this amulet, damage you take is divided proportionally between MP and HP. Reduces magic to 0 on wearing. Note that a Deep Dwarf wearing this does not regain MP naturally. Other races that mutate slow healing 3 still do, however.
guide guide
  1. To write a guide for a specific combo, follow these simple steps: 1) Win a game with that combo. 2) Write anything you want.
  2. see {should i write a guide}
guide guide guide
To write a guide guide, either write a guide for a combo you have won and also write a guide for a combo you haven't won, or don't; then decide whether to write a guide or a guide guide and how you will write it or them or neither or won't write either (neither) it's it and them or not.
guide to pandemonium lords
  1. Gloorx Vloq is the aggressive goth Pan lord. If you wear a Bauhaus t-shirt to school, Gloorx will run up to you and shove you against a locker and accuse you through his black lipstick of making Bauhaus mainstream by wearing a t-shirt advertising them.
  2. Cerebov is the goth of authority. He says little but speaks with confidence when he does speak, and all goths listen to Cerebov. If you want to be a goth at Pandemonium High School, ultimately you have to get the approval of Cerebov, or be endlessly hassled by Gloorx.
  3. Lom Lobon is the bookish goth. He owns every Poppy Z. Brite book and, when consoling a goth friend, compares their troubles to the plight of the narrator in Rimbaud's "Season in Hell." He doesn't use the word "sheeple" the way Gloorx does but he still loudly claims at every opportunity that religion is the opiate of the masses.
  4. Mnoleg is the genuinely loner goth. Mnoleg doesn't hang out with the other goths or, for that matter, anyone at all. He only takes off his cat-hair-covered trench coat for his job working the deep fryer at McDonald's, where he's saved up his paychecks for 2 years to buy a sampling keyboard.
guru wisdom
  1. < Rend> crawl is hard
  2. <monky> imo hell is a bad place
  3. <monky> gastronok is like a titan but with less speed and lightning and more spammals
  4. <kats> anyone know what this means? "You hear a thunk." <TGW> kats: it sounds like your character heard something that makes a "thunk" noise
  5. (10:20:46 PM) N78291: having no hp is kind of annoying
  6. monqy: 2751 is a lot of runes
  7. <tensorpudding> sheep lose against tornadoes
  8. <casmith789> bread rations are a lot easier to avoid than executioners
  9. <casmith789> imo don't icestorm yourself
  10. <monqy> ideally you wouldn't be slowed at 19 hp
  11. <chalk> Note to self: Roxanne is not a goliath beetle.
  12. <minmay> generally speaking, sif muna is better than xom
  13. <OG17> one isn't bigger than twenty
  14. <minmay> you can't spell ogre without ogre
  15. < G-Flex> N78291: yeah but things without armor take more damage, don't they?
  16. < [Hanged_Man]> what is this vault guard doing in d:11? < MarvinPA> guarding a vault
  17. <ZRN> what's the best way to take advantage of DS hellfire? <Xiberia> use it on enemies
  18. <djanatyn> wtf is a two headed ogre <G-Flex> an ogre <G-Flex> with two heads
  19. <Ragdoll> plants dont evade much, so it seems
  20. <ens> drinking from the fountain in hell is a bad idea
  21. evilmike * raa65f5f49256 /crawl-ref/source/dat/des/branches/lair.des: Stonehenge is not made of wax.
  22. <Chapayev> 1995 is the year when david bowie peaked
  23. <evilmike> plato doesn't have much to say on video games, sadly.
  24. <faze> technically your head is not a sword
  25. <the_glow> i like to use healing wands when im about to die to increase my hit points
  26. <OneEyedJack> crawl is all about letters so spelling is an important skill in it
  27. <simmarine> well -1 isnt 150
<gvdm> i must mutate too often <gvdm> for a moment i wondered why i wasn't teleporting around
hell hound > war dog > warg > wolf > hound > jackal
stats: dex | skills: Fgt, Ddg, Evo; 5-10 T&D; 7 Shd; SBl until you get a long blade, then LBl | spells: burn all books without reading them | weapon: the best and heaviest you have | armour: light/pda/fda/ida + buckler
haha sigmund
  1. An experimental collaborative Crawl webcomic currently at http://greyfire.no-ip.org/~sigmund -- please contribute your own strips!
  2. Now actually has controls for moving between strips (and more than one strip!) High-tech!
hair stats
extremely bad hair <10, awful hair <30, poor hair <60, choko hair <90, normal hair <120, quite good hair<160, very nice hair<220, extreme hair<300, extraordinary hair <400, incredible hair <520, uncanny hair >=520
  1. Two Handed Polearm. Damage: 13, Accuracy: -3, Speed: 15
  2. When you're low level, you do not want to screw with monsters wielding these.
A polearm with a loaf of bread at the end of it.
Aptitudes like a kobold (sort of). Halflings have slow metabolism 1, hungering one third slower. Has the HP of a sludge elf since 0.6. Allegedly overpowered!
halfling reasons
  1. You like EV.
  2. You like AC.
  3. You like SH.
hall of blades
  1. Entrance is somewhere on Vaults:3-4. Filled with animated weapons which can make your life rough. All of the ones initially spawned have random brands; distortion is fairly likely, so be prepared for the Abyss. Or don't go, that works too.
  2. see dancing weapon
  3. There's also a single rare weapon (quick blade/double sword/exec axe/eveningstar/bardiche/lajatang) branded (vorpal/flaming/freezing/elec/vamp/drain/venom). In 0.12+, there are two, vorpal brand isn't eligible, and pain/anti-magic/holy wrath/distortion are now valid spawning brands.
  4. <Gretell> Charos2 (L26 HONe) escaped from the Abyss! <Gretell> Charos2 (L26 HONe) is cast into the Abyss! (trident of distortion) (Blade)
  5. !lm Meow DEPa type=abyss.enter 1 -tv:<0.3:>0.1
  6. (1/1) rchandra said (17s ago): meet me in the Hall of Blades. nobody goes there, so we can have some privacy.
  7. <rwbarton> the real experience you gain is "don't do blade"
  8. <nonethousand> man why am I even doing blade
hall of fame
  1. Fastest Win: jeanjacques, 9468 turns. Fastest All-Rune Win: Sapher, 21895 turns. Fastest Win (real time): Elynae, 1h 8min. Fastest All-Rune Win (real time): Elynae, 3h 3m. Longest Streak: mikee, 22 games. Most wins: N78291 and elliptic, tied at a lot. Least Friends: xyblor, ?.
  2. Fastest bot-assisted win: parabolic, 32 min.
TSO lights up you and your surroundings like the Olympic Stadium, in a piety-based radius, centered on you. Within the halo's radius, every creature (excluding you) is easier to hit, invisible creatures are revealed, and your stealth is ruined.
  1. Hammer, Damage Rating: 7, Accuracy Rating: +3, Base Attack Delay: 13
  2. This mace isn't a warhammer. This is a carpenter's hammer, and isn't much good for doing more than smashing someone's thumb in.
  3. Gone everywhere except for Crazy Yiuf vaults.
hammer card
Damaging card; by card power 0: stone arrow; 1: iron shot; 2: crystal spear
hand axe
A small axe designed for either hand combat or, in past versions (0.13-), throwing. (one-handed axe; Dmg 7 Acc +3 Delay 13)
hand crossbow
In ancient times, a weapon that could fire darts.
  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ0nrfYa0Ss
  2. "Creator of my own destruction / designer of my own defeat / the maker of my own unmaking / a greater threat to me I'll never meet."
  3. <absolutego> 1learn hangedman more zigs than wins
  4. see great_near_misses[9]
  5. see tragedy[2]
  6. the vaultmaking process: take some obtuse theme barely recognizable, put it into weird shape, talk about it forever while slowly whittling it down from the idea, try to get feedback from people who can't really give much, submit in batches barely making it into each version
  7. ac7c803 | Michael Gagno | 2012-03-22 00:13:50 -0700 || Aerie drop vault. (HangedMan) || Yes, let's combine Lemuel's two most ridiculous ideas into one. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. <HangedMan> vault guard perm_ench:shapeshifter fits really well, but the vault guard equipment is better then everything in the vault
  9. clearly
  10. <rwbarton> HangedMan: well i meant a vault that you would actually want to enter <HangedMan> oh hah
  11. http://i.imgur.com/QKTKT.gif
  12. <absolutego> you just say that because you're a sadist <absolutego> wait, actually a saint
  13. <MarvinPA> i am confused by this vault
  14. https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=user:hangedman
Examined monster gives tension of zero or less.
  1. A human bounty hunter. Spells: bolt of fire, blink. Uses throwing nets. Pretty unimpressive otherwise.
  2. @The_monster@ asks, "Do you mind if I name my boat the '@player_name@'? Your head will be paying for it, after all." @player_only@
  1. Very quick monster with no spells; hits hard and comes in packs. They can steal and destroy your food with melee hits. Does the bat AI thing, but slightly slower.
  2. Speed 25, hits for ~17, twice. Comes in packs of up to 8. Basically 3.5 killer bees duct-taped together, and they will wreck your shit.
  3. Eats food from the floor, the floor at your feet as well as your inventory. If your food is precious to you, throw it far away.
Reduces action delay by 33%. Most commonly found as a potion of speed, wand of hasting, and a level 6 Charms spell.
haste other
Hastes someone else. Have fun with that ogre mage hasting all his ogre chums then paralysing you!
  1. Who-must-not-be-named. Worshippers accrue insanity (piety) by praying (confuses you) over corpses but only with tension high, or by reading scrolls and books (which gives random effects of various kinds.) In exchange, periodically hurls baleful enchantments at enemies, or sends summons.
  2. Not yet implemented.
  3. worshiped by eronarn irl
  1. < TGWi> hatters gonna hat
  2. (9:46:40 PM) OG17: hatters gonna hat get it
hat of pondering
  1. Don't wear this. +3 wizard hat with ponderousness, 30 MR, +5 int and +10 MP. Sometimes Gastronok is wearing it!
  2. <crate> if you have to ask if you should use ponderinghat the answer is no
hat of the alchemist
  1. +2 unrandart cap with rF+ rC+ rElec and 30 MR.
  2. <mikee_> don't wear it <mikee_> it's dirty
hat of the bear spirit
+2 cap with {Spirit +Rage rN+ MR}.
hat of the high council
the +2 hat of the High Council {Archmagi, Wiz- Stlth-}. New for 0.14. Think of it as a hat of wild magic - more spell power but less spell success.
  1. You may only use hatches and branch stairs.
  2. When there are no hatches, you may use staircases. Use new ones if you can.
  1. (L7 summ/necr): Summons 2-6 wraiths and undead "ghost" type monsters around the target. Smite-targetted, but only castable on a monster. Considered to be super good. Causes sickness when cast unless you worship Kikubaaqudgha and pass a piety-in-200 check.
  2. Secret tech: casting haunt at your allies / at butterflies / at toadstools. No longer works in 0.13; the ghosts attack whatever you target instead - they're more powerful, though.
  3. < crate> anyway if you have haunt sickness doesnt matter anyway < crate> because you have haunt
  1. Likes !mut potions and chunks!
  2. < daftfad> Hi N
  1. the whole point of stone soup is to work together and resolve our differences in opinion you jerks
  2. planned unfeatures: unfeatures
  1. Hit Dice; essentially a monster's experience level. Affects a monster's: magic resistance, spell power, experience value, forms it can polymorph into, and susceptibility to some spells such as mephitic cloud and confusing touch.
  2. Monster melee to hit is 18+HD*(1.5 or 2.5). The former for non-fighters, the latter for fighters. Beam to hit is 12*HD.
  3. see hill dwarf
See: high elf or healer.
heal wounds
  1. Restores a moderate amount of HP. Will not cure rotting (but will reverse it), sickness, poisoning, or confusion. Compare with potion of curing.
  2. Heals 10+(3d28/3) hp.
This class starts with some healing potions and a decent standing with Elyvilon. Demonspawn and undead races are prohibited from playing as this class, as they cannot worship a good god.
healer guide
<crate> pacify all the dudes until lair and then do whatever
healer reasons
102309 | Zig:26 | flyingpants: i started as a healer for the optimum stat distribution
  1. Heals a low amount of HP, but is still better than no healing at all. Effects that are significantly better than nothing include curing sickness, poison, rotting, and confusion.
  2. see pacification
see {hp}
heavy armour
Refers to body armours with an encumbrance rating of 5 or more, which are incompatible with {Ozocubu's Armour}.
helix card
  1. Card power 0 adds random mutation, removes random mutation, or both. Card power 1 adds either a random or good mutation on a coinflip. Card power 2 removes either a bad or a random mutation on a coinflip, and then either deletes a bad mutation and adds a random one, or deletes a random mutation and adds a good one.
  2. Expected values: Card power 0, [no net change]. Card power 1, [(0.5) good mutations]. Card power 2, [(-0.75) bad mutations, (0.5) good mutations]. In other words, they will tend to remove bad mutations and give you good ones, but no guarantees -- you could still get teleportitis and lose regeneration from a power 2 helix card.
A branch with four subbranches; see vestibule and hells.
hell beast
  1. Stats are random. Speed: 10-17. AC: 2-6. EV: 7-11. HD: 4-7. Tramples.
  2. An abominable crossbreed of beast and man that makes horrible barking noises. Bark bark bark bark bark.
hell effects
  1. Every ~40 turns in Hell proper, something scary happens. 1-5 random monsters are created. 15/27 chance of a random miscast effect (like Zot traps); else 4/27 chance of an appropriate greater demon.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/CNJ9U.gif
hell hog
Like twice a hell hound that breathes sticky flame.
hell hound
woof woof, bark! Oh, and fire breath also, swoosh! If you see them in the midgame, it's probably a sign of Azrael.
hell knight
  1. Often signifies the presence of Margery. Tends to be outrageously well equipped (often has a demon weapon). When it's not hitting you with a ridiculous weapon, is either casting a) pain and haste, or b) bolt of fire and (in emergencies) blink.
  2. 44.4% no brand, 28.9% flaming, 8.89% draining, 8.89% vorpal, 4.44% pain, 4.44% distortion.
hell layouts
hell lord
There are four: Ereshkigal, Antaeus, Asmodeus, and Dispater, inhabiting the lowest levels of Tartarus, Cocytus, Gehenna and Dis respectively
hell sentinel
A rank 1 demon. Lots of AC, omniresistant, speed 10, spiny, casts hellfire and iron shot (but not torment).
  1. Custom wizard in the demon wizlab. Calls demons, throws around flames and hellfire, blinks. Has a randomly generated name.
  2. Has a nicely decorated lab and stock of ?torment
  1. A pachyderm born in the fires of Hell; it blinks, breathes fire, and hits really, really hard.
  2. Xtahua with blink, mostly.
  3. < N78291> 78291's illusion evaporates and reforms as a hellephant!
  1. 3x3 explosion used by certain high level demons and priests. Much like smiting, but does about thrice as much damage and destroys your scrolls. Not affected by rF or AC.
  2. Comes in two flavors. Hellions, deep elf high priests, and draconian zealots use hellfire bursts, which can explode anywhere in LOS and do 3d15 damage. Deep elf sorcerers, brimstone fiends, draconian scorchers, [player] demonspawn and staff of Dispater use vanilla hellfire, which is 3d20 but requires a clear path.
  3. Also an unrandart +6,+6 crossbow {rF++, rC-, MR+} which shoots hellfire bolts (hellfire elemental damage and exploding); was +6,+9 and merely flaming in 0.13-.
  4. Player (demonspawn) hellfire does up to 3d42 damage, depending on level, and costs 15% of your max health to use. Ignores rF and AC just like monster hellfire. Monsters with rHellfire are completely immune.
hellfire burst
<monqy> hellfire burst is smitey hellfire <raskol> those are two words you don't want to hear describe the same ability
hellfire resistance
Are you a djinni (or a monster)? No? Then you don't have this.
  1. A very dangerous greater demon. Hellfire, hellfire, and more hellfire, and moves enough faster than you that it often double hellfires.
  2. Worth noting that it doesn't like hurting its non-hellfire-proof allies, which means that standing adjacent to a minor demon that isn't rHellfire (like a blue devil) will make it mostly harmless.
hellion island
  1. A very dangerous pan vault, but it always contains a demonic rune. And hellions.
  2. 1970s television show featuring Ricardo Montalban.
  3. see hilarious_deaths[140]
  4. !lg inspector071 pan 1 -tv
A family of three vaults, typically found between D:11 and D:20. Each has a moat of lava, lots of non-flying demons, a good item, and a gate to Hell. Some have hellions.
Four analogous branches, gehenna, cocytus, dis, and tartarus. 7 levels each. Each branch contains appropriate major demons (see fiend); resting is risky due to hell effects (think zot trap); going up any stair takes you to the Vestibule; a demon prince, loot, and a Rune at the end.
  1. A type 4 demon; it teleports self, teleports other, animates dead, and doesn't even pose a melee threat except to pre-weakened characters. Used to be a 3 before 0.6.
  2. But note that teleport other can be dangerous in a few places, such as Elf:3.
helm card
Power 0: 50% chance of phase shift, 50% stoneskin; power 1: 75% phase shift, 75% stoneskin, 50% shield; power 2: 87.5% phase shift, 87.5% stoneskin, 75% shield, 100% potion of resistance. You'll always get either phase shift or stoneskin, and at power 0 only one of the two. Helm card stoneskin works on undead.
+1 AC. Descriptions like golden, horned, visored, and winged are all purely cosmetic.
  1. !help (I need somebody) !help (not just anybody)
  2. see manual[3]
  3. see faq
  4. Don't type help into crawl.
  1. Linley Henzell is the original creator of Crawl. "Henzell" is also the CAO announcement bot. Based on Sizzell, which is based on Gretell.
  2. I am full of lies.
  3. Nobody ever uses me for anything besides jokes.
henzell commands
type !cmdinfo
henzell help
This is the ##crawl bot: see henzell for details. For a list of commands, type "!cmdinfo". For help on command FOO, type "!help FOO". To view a learndb factoid, type "??FACTOIDNAME". To edit the learndb, use "!learn" in public.
You get less nutrition from meat food and chunks, but more from veggie food -- including cheese. At the third level you can't eat meat at all -- if you've played a Spriggan, you're already familiar with how this works. Mutually exclusive with carnivore and generally regarded as less useful, since it makes eating chunks more difficult.
herd card
Temporarily summons between 2 and 8 animals (sometimes varied, sometimes all the same), the number and chance of hostility based on power. Animals are: orange rat, sheep, yak, hog, soldier ant, wolf, grizzly bear, polar bear, black bear, agate snail, boring beetle, basilisk, komodo dragon, spiny frog, hound, elephant, hippogriff, griffon.
heroic deaths
  1. N78291 the Necromancer (L17 DEDK), worshipper of Sif Muna, slain by a shiny mottled dragon hide on D:17 on 2009-12-26, with 179242 points after 48690 turns and 3:12:57.
  2. autorobin the Gouger (L13 FeBe), worshipper of Trog, slain by autorobin the felid zombie (animated by an orc high priest) on Orc:4 (st orc pillars) on 2011-03-31, with 46034 points after 29477 turns and 0:14:57.
  3. subochre the Stinger (L1 FeVM), slain by a helpless rat on D:1 on 2010-12-03, with 22 points after 481 turns and 0:01:07.
  4. Lexicon the Thaumaturge (L9 SpWz), worshipper of Vehumet, fell down a flight of stairs on Orc:1 on 2011-04-30, with 2666 points after 13475 turns and 1:16:23.
  1. Not a female.
  2. Broken dump handling for tournament games on CDO solution: http://crawl.develz.org/morgues/0.7/herself/herself.txt Obviously you should replace herself with your nick.
  1. The cause of greensnarks complaints about the scoreboard.
  2. see stone of earth elementals
  3. <heteroy> h - the Grimoire of Supportive Black Arts 666 gold
  4. Only person to manage to die to an orb of fire on D:1
A variant of Crawl on a hexagonal grid, dreamed up by a deranged mind known only as 'zugz'.
Contains all the good hexes, after Enchantments was split into Charms and Hexes.
hideous screaming
An orcish idol was destroyed.
  1. steam:2/-0,rSteam mottled:3/-1,rNapalm swamp:3/-2,rPois fire:3/-3,rF++,rC- ice:4/-3,rC++,rF- pearl:3/-3,rN+ storm:4/-3,rElec gold:4/-5,rF+,rC+,rPois
  2. Chance of a monster to leave a corpse is 1/2. Chance of a corpse to leave a hide is 2/3.
high elf
Tolkien elves. That is, they are better than you are. For apts, "!apt HE". They resist magic slightly better than Humans.
high elf reasons
You want to have all of the good characteristics in the game; good casting apts; good fighting apts; the best hybrid class.
high scores
highlevel book
"This book is beyond your current level of understanding." Annihilations, Grand Grimoire, Necronomicon. All require Spellcasting 6, <School> 10 to read (or, in the case of the Necronomicon, worshipping Kiku).
Plays games scoring at least 20 million points.
hilarious bot deaths
  1. !tv phybot ckaux=~"arrow trap" 1
  2. !lg phybot killer=~eldritch 1 -tv
  3. !tv autorobin place=snake:5 1
  4. !tv autorobin turn=29722 1
hilarious deaths
  1. For funny deaths that don't belong in embarrassing_deaths. Xom thinks this is hilarious! <greensnark> Also, anyone adding bigterm games to hilarious_deaths should be shot
  2. !tv * place=D:7 killer=lich 1
  3. !tv mafalda 290
  4. !lg by char=ddbe kaux="set off by themselves" -tv
  5. !tv jeff place=elf:7 char=HOBe
  6. !tv daftfad char=trbe 1
  7. !lg Shaijin SENe D:7 1 -tv:<0.3
  8. !tv jovan place=hell 1
  9. !lg mong char=mfgl place=zot:5 1 -tv
  10. !tv mong 325
  11. !lg pointless killer=~minotaur place=lair:2 -tv
  12. !lg sorear dggl xl=27 1 -tv
  13. !lg daindwarf char=mdfi place=zot:5 1 -tv
  14. !lg tcircuits DGWz Swamp:5 1 -tv
  15. !lg Lemuel DGHu killer="orc wizard" 4 -tv
  16. !lg joosa place=hive -tv
  17. !lg Stabwound killer=~scroll 1 -tv
  18. !lg syban 11322 -tv
  19. !tv ronf 863
  20. !lg boxx max=sc -tv
  21. !lg izverg id=408619 -tv
  22. !lg dtsund char=dewz xl=27 turn=167301 -tv
  23. !lg sly hoas turn=45221 1 -tv:<0.5
  24. !lg nht killer=angel 2 -tv
  25. !tv qui killer=~aizul 1
  26. !lg birdoprey fepa 6 -tv:<0.5
  27. !lg ret mdfi place=d:2 2 -tv
  28. !tv predelnik place=elf:7 2
  29. !lg zeddicus killer=merfolk place=Shoals:5 1 -tv
  30. !lg sealer place=pan 1 -tv
  31. !tv tartakower killer=angel char=mube
  32. !tv monqy mube ckiller="killer bee" 1
  33. !lg arafel char=hane place=coc:7 1 -tv:<0.5
  34. !lg puddinbane char=vpcr killer="prince ribbit" -tv:<0.5
  35. !lg Surr vpen xl=26 1 -tv
  36. !tv ponce killer=hellion 3
  37. !tv Butch killer="orc priest" min=turns
  38. !tv crawlie kemo 6
  39. !tv ragdoll char=hopr 57
  40. !lg ophanim killer="zot trap" 1 -tv
  41. !tv lawman0 dsbe xl=27 1
  42. !tv ishanyx map=~lemuel 1
  43. !lg Elynae sprint ktyp=stupidity -tv
  44. !tv jordan7hm shoals:5 1
  45. !tv qui 365
  46. !lg lemuel ktyp=starvation place=dis:7 1 -tv
  47. !lg adamzap hofi xl=21 1 -tv
  48. !lg n78291 drae place=d:15 1 -tv
  49. !tv johnasti tmsg=~annihilations 1
  50. !tv eronarn xl=27 god="sif muna" place=lair:2 1
  51. !tv kaibigan mu ikiller=boggart 1
  52. !lg moocowpong1 598 -tv
  53. !lg lawman0 HOAr d:4 1 -tv
  54. !tv Mong place=bailey 2
  55. !lg Ragdoll killer=~ball 1 -tv
  56. !lg kantan place=zot:5 1 -tv
  57. !lg turnerjer place=slime:1 1 -tv
  58. !lg kumiokru place=d:19 1 -tv
  59. !lg elynae d:1 killer="pit fiend" -tv
  60. !tv soul muar xl=23 1
  61. !tv rkd muck 11
  62. !tv casmith789 killer="shadow dragon" 3
  63. !lg minmay muee 1 -tv:<T18200
  64. !tv kumiokru place=bailey 1
  65. !lg naltkor mdfi place=d:9 1 -tv:<2
  66. !lg sky place=pan 3 -tv
  67. !tv ruthinator deae 4
  68. !tv tenaya ktyp=starvation 5
  69. !tv crawlie koen 12
  70. !lg antiskillrobin trmo 1 -tv:<0.3
  71. !lg leafsnail drtm 20 -tv
  72. !lg magistern mist killer=~freezing 1 -tv
  73. !lg * killer=~garbold 2 -tv
  74. !lg elynae trwn xl=26 place=d:6 -tv:<2.5
  75. !tv topbillin place=hell 2
  76. !tv * na place=geh:5 1
  77. !tv * mifi god=jiyva place=dis:7 1
  78. !tv anubisbafoobis splat 1
  79. !tv Brittlesworth splat 10
  80. !tv demonblade ddak 1
  81. !lg sosloow haar place=bailey xl=27 -tv
  82. !tv dustman mifi 2
  83. !lg dartonias dewz xl=18 1 -tv
  84. !lg theprince dsmo 3 -tv
  85. !lg araganzar defe place=tomb 1 -tv:<0.1
  86. !lg nomi splat decj 1 -tv
  87. !lm mikee_ type=death 6 -tv
  88. !tv sgrunt 107
  89. !lg TRANSMUTILATOR 1 -tv
  90. !tv synoecium ktyp=stupidity 1
  91. !lg slaying 1 -tv:<5
  92. !lg robotron1971 nawr xl=27 1 -tv:<0.7
  93. !lg nokkonen vpen xl=19 1 -tv
  94. !tv sgrunt 147
  95. !tv nht 2970
  96. !tv archibald mufi ktyp=stupidity 1
  97. !tv nooodl 461
  98. !tv carbonbasedlifeform drvm hell xl=27
  99. !lg vidiiot xl=23 4 -tv
  100. !lg jspanek dewz xl=21 2 -tv
  101. !lg ereinion drwz place=snake:4 1 -tv
  102. !lg walkerboh 86 -tv:<1.6
  103. !lg rjrrt mibe xl=15 1 -tv
  104. !lg crate nafe xl=13 1 -tv
  105. !lg afd place=coc:7 1 -tv
  106. !lg stathol killer=xtahua 1 -tv
  107. !lg splash 200 -tv
  108. !lg ret zot:5 1 -tv:<0.11
  109. !lg johnnyzero dear xl=3 place=d:3 2 -tv
  110. !lg ret zot:5 1 -tv:<0.11
  111. !lg zigrobin ddee 1 -tv
  112. !lg fizz 371 -tv:<0.5
  113. !tv izverg hofi place=d:22 1
  114. !lg scummos 1879 -tv
  115. !lg mrclean 156 -tv
  116. !tv N78291 killer="iron dragon skeleton" 1
  117. !tv brocolee place=slime 1
  118. !lg temoid zig:6 1 -tv:x2
  119. !lg partyhat ophu 1 -tv
  120. !tv sapz dsbe 4
  121. !tv ProvTheAverage ckiller=grinder 4
  122. !lg Thorbinator place=elf 1 -tv:<2
  123. !lg * place=zig killer=catoblepas 1 -tv:<1.8
  124. !tv yuichan 6
  125. !lg BAZAAROFNANIWA 1 -tv
  126. !lg blazinghand 315 -tv:<T10000
  127. !tv falaina grak 4
  128. !lg magistern heae chei vmsg=~"blew themself" 1 -tv
  129. !lg MAKHLEB -tv
  130. !lg guido coc:7 1 -tv
  131. !lg runemage chei 1 -tv
  132. !lg WalkerBoh 862 -tv
  133. !tv drag0n trmo zot 1
  134. !lg zkyp mufi abyss 1 -tv
  135. !tv zkyp vault:5 mi xom 1
  136. !lg bolas 1511 -tv
  137. !tv pivotal lab 7
  138. !tv autopi cemo abyss 1
  139. !lg demonblade ddak 2 -tv
  140. !tv doctordoom pan 1
  141. !tv emeraldemon 181
  142. !lg 78291 place=geh 11 -tv
  143. !tv adamzap shoals 1
  144. !lg domo decj tomb:1 -tv:<0.2
  145. !lg drke zot:5 1 -tv:<2
  146. !lg denudes GrMo Pan 1 -tv
  147. !lg subtrckt decj snake 1 -tv
  148. !lg micaeked defe lair 2 -tv
  149. !tv rjrrt mfie 21
  150. !tv joy1999 defe sprint 1
  151. !tv silentsnack killer=~lioppon 1
  152. !lg krave mifi 2 -tv:<0.3
  153. !tv nyaakitty drne 14
  154. !tv impy abyss 4
  155. !tv ciphernetic killer=ancient_bear 1
  156. !lg drahbeg 37 -tv
  157. !tv wheals 2030
  158. !lg ponderinghat killer=mennas 1 -tv
  159. !tv tvsian dsak 5
  160. !lg blazinghand dgfe 7 -tv
  161. !tv elbog hecj 45
hilarious hugeterm deaths
!tv iratsu place=lab 1
hilarious quits
  1. !lg djroomba ktyp=quitting xl=27 1 -tv:<2
  2. !lg tempmfcr quit 3 -tv
  3. !tv nht zot:5 ktyp=quitting 1
  4. !tv julia quit place=dis:7 1
  5. !lg slickrick ktyp=quitting xl=27 1 -tv
  6. exhausted_quits: !lg greepish ktyp=quitting xl=27 1 -tv
  7. !lg nht ktyp=quitting xl=26 1 -tv
  8. !tv elynae mdfe quit place=pan 1
hill dwarf
  1. An extinct race of dwarves, much lamented by Cyrus.
  2. See the removal commit (http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=commitdiff;h=67ff47f25420cc6e8cccd2a4f02f1810eb4fe141) for a for-the-time comparsion of hill dwarf and mountain dwarf
hill giant
Big orange C with big orange clubs that hit for big orange damage and can be big orange trouble in big orange melee. Sometimes carries a big orange throwing net.
hill orc
  1. Like a mountain dwarf but better and exists, try "!apt HO". Also, can worship beogh. And they're saprovorous, which is nice.
  2. The Keanu Reeves of orcs
  3. Orcs are good at all professions.
  4. make really good earth and fire elementalists
  5. Also are good at heavy armour casting, which is for cool kids
hill orc reasons
  1. Very good apts for being heavy armor melee fighters. Only race that can worship Beogh. Saprovore Pride!!
  2. You want to complete some arcane challenge involving worshipping every god.
  3. You want to base your character around the invocations skill and you hate deep dwarves and demonspawn.
  4. You like automating half the game then winning in 0:32.
hillbilly sting
The former practice of throwing poisoned needles at things.
hints mode
Delightfully pluralized by the game as "hippogrives" prior to 0.6; no longer, alas. :(
No kills. No shoes.
history of crawl
  1. http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/the-dawn-of-stone-soup
  2. see hive[1]
  1. You've got mail!
  2. Frustrating, innit?
Very fun branch that was removed in 0.9. Contained a lot of bees and honeycombs and royal jellies.
The one true movement system, allowing much comfier keyboard use. Frequently referred to as "vi-keys", whether or not this is correct, as well as "Rogue" keys. If unfamiliar, start up a game and press ?? to see a diagram of how they correspond to directions. These keys facilitate crawl play even without a numeric keypad, or via a faulty terminal.
Murderous, club-wielding, ruffianly, blackguardly, raffish, and in all other respects untrustworthy killer. Most lethal enemy in the game (other than the legendary quitmonster).
  1. Yeeehaw! This tasty pork roast got lost in the dungeon lookin for them dang Duke Boys. No special attacks to speak of, but it's a pretty rare beast, so be careful that it's not a shapeshifter. Often a sign that kirke may be in the vicinity.
  2. You spit the hog like a pig!!
Every Crawl monster has a holiness stat, from (holy, plant, natural, undead, nonliving, demonic). This stat reflects the monster's general nature, and many effects only occur to some types; polymorph only affects natural creatures and demons, and torment holy/natural, DU undead, etc.
holy armour of zin
Unrand "glowing golden" +6 plate mail. +3 str, ++life, +50 MR.
holy crap
the quarterstaff "Crapp" {holy, rF+ rC+}
holy swine
  1. The holy swine salutes you.
  2. its a pig thats holy
  3. Sacred sow.
  4. Blessed boar.
  5. Pious pig.
  6. Pietistic pork.
  7. Saintly shoat.
  8. Hallowed hog.
  9. made you look
holy wrath
Increases damage by 75% on average against undead and demons. These folks also cannot wield it. Does not hate evil creatures which are not undead or demons. This means that holy wrath is ineffective against hell knights, and some worshippers of evil gods can wield it.
All hill orc monks, all the time. Well, unless some guy fancies a MfBe.
2000 nutrition, light (4 aum), quick to eat (2 turns). Can be eaten by everyone, pure carnivores and herbivores included.
  1. Horse feet. Having them allows you to kick in melee, at the cost of footwear. Slot loss happens at hooves 3.
  2. see unarmed_effects
see {horn of geryon}
horn of geryon
  1. Evoke it if you want to enter hells. Worthless afterward. You can still evoke it to summon a (hostile) beast, though!
  2. Make absolutely sure you don't kill Geryon while he's hovering over deep water or lava. Geryon no longer flies in 0.10 trunk. He can walk into deep water though!
  3. No longer worth any points (neither are any other items, just runes, gold, and time). Even when it was worth points, it wasn't worth very many.
Could you headbutt before? No. But now you can. Lv 1 allows hats only, Lv 3 blocks all headgear. Also makes your headbutts hurt more. Bigger horns, bigger pain.
Some incomplete documentation at http://dobrazupa.org/setting-up-dgamelaunch-and-webtiles
  1. A somewhat nasty critter that's surprisingly fast, even if the damage isn't massive. An upgraded jackal that comes alone. Generally an easy 50 exp unless you are a non-casting light user in which case you curse at them.
  2. Gets released.
  1. bladders
  2. <temp_n> how would you go about getting a spriggan nude and still long enough to draw a picture?
how many runes
Some particularly cocky adventurers brag about having retrieved ten or even fifteen runes through their strength and cunning, but most scholars on the subject of Zot agree that such a thing is probably impossible in the first place, and secondly would be a meaningless achievement in any regard.
how much armour skill
  1. 45
  2. see aevp
how to destroy a tree
conjure flame, lightning bolt, bolt of fire, orb of destruction, bolt of magma, disintegration, monsters with b.energy (eyes of devastation and cacodemons), the lernaean hydra
how to play online
  1. !learn add bad ideas 40+ AC will cause instant death?
  2. <Silenzio> ??topic
Your max hp is (XL * (Fighting / 8 + 5.5) + Class HP) * (1 + Aptitude/10). See !apt hp for the aptitudes.
Human or hunter.
  1. No games for * (killer=hubris).
  2. <HangedMan> it's an ikiller
  1. 1) make the missisippi river from D:1 to D:27 with fedhas
  2. fedhas zig
  3. the most pointless account ever
  1. include += hugedmg.rc
  2. Huge Dmg: 1 dmg
  3. Arrhythmia: are you seeing this? | VengefulNutsack: no | Arrhythmia: well it stopped | Arrhythmia: but if he gets hit | Arrhythmia: it's like | Arrhythmia: "Huge dmg:"
  1. HUGETERM ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. THE SECOND RULE OF HUGEROBIN IS NO TINYTERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. KILOBYTE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ¡
  1. Any terminal size greater than 80x24 makes your games harder to watch for people using the standard size, which also means that all future viewings of your recorded games will be harder to watch.
  2. Don't be that guy.
  3. <mikee_> crushed to death by gigantic terminal
  4. In order to watch hugeterm ttyrecs, maximize your own TDO terminal. It'll usually fix itself the first time the screen is totally redrawn
  5. <Blazinghand> this is the footv version of being abyssed
The average race. Their strength, dexterity and intelligence bases are all 6. Their natural magic resistance is three times their character level, which is the default. They start out with no racial "mutations". To learn their natural aptitudes, type !apt Hu in this channel. HP gain is normal, gains +1 random stat per four levels.
human reasons
  1. <evilmike> human reasons: you haven't won one yet
  2. Awesome slots, apts, and can choose any style of play.
All egmnoqutACEKLMORTV12345&8@, draconians, p other than centaur ghosts, naga ghosts, felid ghosts, octopode ghosts, and W other than spectral things
  1. Obviously, you can't go on without food for too long. In most cases, eating fixes this. Dead: 100. Starving: 101-1000. Near starving: 1001-1533. Very hungry: 1534-2066. Hungry: 2067-2600. Satiated (blank): 2601-7000. Full: 7001-9000. Very full: 9001-11000. Engorged: 11001-12000.
  2. See also: hunger rate and spell hunger
  3. see hunger_cost
hunger cost
<WalkerBoh> if you ever are making a decision based on hunger, and you are not currently starving, then you're doing it wrong
hunger rate
  1. Base hunger rate is 3, always at least 1. Fast metabolism increases hunger by 1 per level of the mutation, slow metabolism 1 or 2 decreases by 1, slow metabolism 3 decreases by 2. Trolls have hunger rate increased by 3 in addition for a base hunger of 9. For comparison, a chunk gives 1000 nutrition.
  2. Other effects: haste +5, invisibility +5, regen spell +4, regen ring +3, hunger ring +4, sustenance ring -40%, troll leather armour +1.5, Cheibriados -1, Hunger+ on an artefact +1. Regeneration effects and items only increase hunger rate while you are injured.
hunger strike
!lg pivotal dsie ktyp=starvation 1 -tv:<T0
You can eat raw meat, and probably should. You're not in immediate danger, but no reason not to - and meat spoils, so hurry up! See hunger.
hungry ghost
A ghost whose primary attack is to decrease your satiation level, by a quarter of your current satiation - it will rapidly reduce you to very hungry or near starving if its attacks connect. If you don't have ranged attacks and can't hit hard and fast, beware. Also eats corpses on the ground.
hunter[1]: A class whose starting gear and skills focus upon a missile weapon of your choice! You also get a short sword.
  1. You bash things AND cast spells! Wow!
  2. <odjn> elliptic: hold on, how am i supposed to cast AND level up melee skills
  3. http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Hybrid/morgue-Hybrid-20101230-055333.txt
  4. see battlemage
  5. (9:00:48 PM) casmith789: which is why hybrids are so good (9:01:04 PM) Eronarn: casmith789 is environmentally conscious :) (9:01:20 PM) casmith789: I try to do my bit
  1. Regenerating monster that attacks once for every head. Slicing or chopping attacks will cut off a head, causing two to grow in its place and healing the hydra for 7+d8 HP. Head count doesn't affect experience gained. Flaming edged weapons remove heads for good. A headless hydra dies instantly.
  2. Weapons that chop off hydra heads are: all long blades, all axes, all two-handed polearms, short sword, sabre, lajatang, and UC if you have Claws 3 or Blade Hands. Hydras are amphibious and swim as fast as merfolk. Polymorph is not a good idea (it is likely to turn into a dragon or something).
  3. Undead hydra(e?) will not regenerate their heads when cut, so slice away. You cannot chop off the heads of spectral hydras, however. Note that hydra simulacra have horrifying damage output if you're lacking rC.
  4. The maximum number of heads is 20. Chopping a 20-headed hydra's head off will reduce it to 19 heads, but it'll grow back to 20 again after you chop another off.
  5. <flamot> no <flamot> it got bigger
<mikee_> eith, it's the worst irc client i have used i think
One of four possible unique guardians at lvl 3 of the abyssal stair. Each of his nine necks ends in a javelin throwing humanoid torso, and he also buffs, heals and sprays hellfire. Carries the madness rune.
Prepended to the names of accounts which are only allowed to play combos chosen at random, and which must play the first random combo given each time. The practice of naming accounts hyper to indicate this only began in early 2011, so older accounts with names beginning with hyper are not part of this; see !nick hyperimposters.
hyperactive ballistomycete
What you get when you upgrade a ballistomycete with Fedhas evolution. It explodes.
  1. My 0.13 SpEn guide: SKILLS: _Approximate_ goals are as follows: 1) 5 Short Blades, 8 Stealth. 2) Invisibility at 6% fail, 8 Short Blades, 10 Dodging, 12 Stealth. 3) 6 Fighting, 10 Short Blades, 15 Dodging/Stealth. 4) 10 Fighting, 27 Stealth, and whatever spell skills you want.
  2. STATS: Raise Str to 8, then raise Int. SPELLS: From the starting book: Ensorcelled Hibernation, Confuse, Invisibility. When you find them: other generally good spells like Haste, Repel Missiles, Regeneration, Dispel Undead, Apportation, Blink, Controlled Blink, etc.
  3. GODS: Ash, Jiyva, Kiku, Lugonu, Makhleb, and Nemelex are all great choices. WEAPONS: Use short blades, stab high-HP monsters with a dagger. For regular melee, early on look for elec, draining, or venom weapons. Later look for a quick blade and/or pain brand a weapon with Kiku. Distortion is nice also. Oh, and get a buckler.
0.13 order: Lair -> D:13 -> Orc -> D:20 -> Vaults (but not Vaults:5) -> D:27 -> get three runes -> Zot. 0.14-a order: see qw[2].
  1. <mikee_> is your strategy just get the character killed off until you roll ddne or spen or something =P
  2. <absolutego> do your hyper strats include leaving slow ghosts then scumming a centaur
i stephen
##crawl's very own blind guy! some day he'll probably be better at crawl than you, too.
Ice beast armour, a MuIE's best friend.
  1. http://www.yohng.com/software/terminalvector.html fixes IBM breakage on servers
  2. http://telecom.tbi.net/asc-ibm.html
ice beast
They claw you, and they freeze you when they do. Can be dangerous to low-level characters, and can also destroy your potions.
ice cave
A kind of portal vault, a la ossuaries and labyrinths. Expect lots of ice-related loot (rings of ice, manuals of ice magic, etc.) and fun things like ice statues, frost giants, and polar bear packs. Possible depths for easy ice caves are D:11-14, Lair:1-8, Orc:1-4 and Elf:1-2. Hard ice caves are in D:14-19, Elf:1-3 and Vaults:1-5.
ice devil
Like a sun demon, except for cold instead of fire. And it's slower. And it does less damage.
ice dragon
like a fire dragon, except with fire and ice switched!
ice dragon armour
9AC, 11ER, 35aum, rC++ rF-.
ice dragon hide
Use an enchant armour scroll on it to turn it into the 9AC rC++ rF- ice dragon armour.
ice elementalist
A spellcaster that starts out with some Ice Magic skill and a Book of Frost.
ice elementalist reasons
You want to do what reavers claim to do, except without being terrible.
ice fiend
  1. A member of the lovable and suave family of Fiends, Ice Fiends share with their winsome relatives the ability to cast torment. They can also sling bolts of cold.
  2. Ice fiend melee attack does up to 106 bonus cold damage which ignores AC. But you don't care because you're an evasion character, right?
ice form
  1. +20% HP, rF-, rC+++, rPois. Melds all armour, but gives 5-12 AC (and has synergy with {ozocubu's armour}). 12+UC base damage with freezing brand. Players in ice form can float through water, but get no aquatic bonuses and can't reach submerged items. Found in Books of Changes, Transfigurations, and Beasts, L4 ice/tmut.
  2. Makes you large, which will reduce EV and raise carrying capacity.
  3. Is NOT able to use wands (Unable to grasp), don't find this out when you need to use a wand of hasting/heal wounds/teleport in a pinch
ice magic
Elemental spell school.
ice miscast
Severity 1: nothing / freeze potions (damage if and only if vuln); 2: 5-16 ice dmg / 3d11 cold ball; 3: 9-31 ice dmg / large freezing cloud
ice statue
A frigid statue that isn't vulnerable to disintegrate, but fire. It has a nasty spell set but is easily neutralised with rC. (But mind your potions!)
ice storm
  1. The most powerful ice conjuration, dealing 40%-resistible cold damage in a large radius and leaving behind freezing clouds. Like its incendiary counterpart, it makes a godawful racket when cast.
  2. !lg @78291 killer=Ghib -tv (Hint, Ghib is a random panlord)
  3. Not completely equivalent to fire storm because of no smite targeting and no vortices, but does tend to do more damage than fire storm in extended endgame since demons tend to have a lot of rF.
  4. Be careful not to catch yourself in the blast! If you are (4,0) or (3,2) squares away from the center, then you are safe.
icy envelope
One of the possible 3rd level mutations for the Demonspawn ice facet. You get +10 AC, but it goes away when you are hit by fire or cast fire magic, and then gradually regenerates. Also makes you immune to freezing vapour, even when dissipated.
identifying weapons
Wielding a weapon will reveal whether it's cursed or not, what brand it has and (for artifact weapons) its other properties. In 0.10- you had a skill/100 chance per hit to identify pluses. In 0.11+ each weapon uses a certain level of the corresponding weapon skill and will only identify the pluses after reaching that. No more plant-whacking!
  1. Unique executioner found in Pandemonium in 0.9. Comes with executioner's axe of pain, casts agony (basically torment that checks MR).
  2. If you don't kill him, he might show up again in a later Pan level.
Abyssal monster in 0.14. Maintains range, casts Corona.
ignite blood
Causes all blood spilled in your LOS to burst into flames (and have a flame cloud placed on top of it), makes more blood get spilled in the first place, and also provides immunity to flame clouds. Alternative to Hellfire as the third level of the Demonspawn fire facet, making it tier 2 rather than tier 3.
ignite poison
Damages all (excluding you) in LOS that leave poisonous corpses or are poisoned (+cures it). Turns poison/str.poison/degen potions and poisoned ammo/corpses (excluding your inventory) to flame clouds. Ignites poison/noxious clouds. Makes a temporary venom brand into temporary fire brand. No effect on staff of poison or staff of Olgreb.
You haven't memorized a spell.
Just because it's an early game 'l' does not mean you shouldn't take it seriously. Hits harder than a worm but is as fast as average.
  1. Unique goblin. Level is his! All his! He chop your head off! Especially if he spawns with a wand - of all the uniques with less than 5 HD, and of all the D:2 uniques, he's the only one that can spawn with a high-tier wand (fire, cold, draining, lightning, paralysis).
  2. see 12_club
  1. < ikeadelic> holy cow, I did not know about the tab key
  2. Plays REALLY slow.
  1. A cunning merfolk water-witch. Summons water elementals. Guaranteed to appear somewhere between Shoals:3-5, but only rarely above Shoals:5.
  2. possible pronunciations: "ILL-soo-yew", "ill-SOOY-ew"
  1. Applies inner flame to everything in LOS.
  2. Great Vaults:$ entrance strategy. !lg jspanek dewz xl=21 2 -tv
  3. Cerebov explodes!
imp parking
  1. Get an imp next to you while standing on up-stairs, go up the stairs, wait for the imp to blink away, go back down the stairs, leaving the imp on the level above you. Good for early-game fire elementalists and others who have trouble with early imps.
  2. Works with phantoms too!
implemented bad ideas
  1. When you hit an ogre with a long blade, instead of opening it like a pillowcase, you dice the ogre like an onion!!!
  2. A cat race that gets nine lives!
  3. A graphical tile interface, so players don't need to read to play Crawl!
  4. Multiplayer crawl. Adventuring parties! [if multirobin counts] {it doesn't} !what are these weird braces for anyway! |it does count if you're a hopr though|
  5. LCS of returning [the unrandart]
  6. You open the door like a pillowcase!!!
  7. Some uniques are friends with each other and will berserk if you've killed their buddy (or lover).
  8. portal/shop/kitchen sink mimics
  9. Octopodes.
  10. Silly hats.
  11. Scroll of Silence.
  12. gigabats
  13. 2057. Ability to surrender to orc priest as orc and be converted to Beogh
  14. [14:46:53] <wheals> fr wielding the sword of jihad while under beogh causes your orcs to go berserk occasionally, just like you
Zin ability. Puts a tomb of silver walls around a targeted creature. Duration is increased with invocations skill.
in touch with death
Necromancy enhancer, like the staff of death. If you are a vampire or mummy below XL 13 and see this on %, you don't actually have it.
You might be looking for amulet of inaccuracy or bolt of inaccuracy, refine your search!
  1. the project name for a 0.12 abyss revamp. features multiple less-morphing abyss layouts layered over each other with less liquids, and abyssal stairs; increasing your abyss depth is required to get the rune and increases rune chance and number of monsters.
  2. wretched star, tentacled starspawn, ancient zyme, lurking horror, starcursed mass, thrashing horror, apocalypse crab, spatial maelstrom
  1. Interesting roguelike that has D&D-style character feats. http://www.incursion-roguelike.net/
  2. Brief introduction guide by pacra: http://pastebin.com/ndKRytHv
  3. <faze> that seems like the simplest way to manage an inventory
inept mimic
Replaces normal mimics from floors 1-6 and occasionally from floors 7-12. Weaker attack, doesn't poison, doesn't resist as much.
Your elemental evoker needs XP to charge.
Skald spell new to 0.13 that buffs your melee attacks with 2+(spellpower/25) extra damage (which is then reduced by monster AC), with a power cap of 50. Drains a point of MP whenever it deals extra damage.
  1. If you're playing locally on Windows, your rcfile is called init.txt
  2. >+>+++>>+>++>+>+++>>+>++>>>+>+>+>++>+>>>>+++>+>>++>+>+++>>++>++>>+>>+
  3. It's a computer program written in the Brainfuck esoteric programming language. See http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck
inner flame
  1. Turns monsters into explosions. Level 3 Fire/Hex. If it's not resisted, the target explodes upon death dealing fire damage and leaving flame clouds behind. Tiny monsters deal 3d15, giant and huge monsters deal 3d25 and have a radius 2 explosion, others deal 3d20. The explosion is as noisy as a mephitic cloud or fireball.
  2. The sheep bleats in terror. The sheep explodes!
  1. <PsiRedEye22> thats a hell of a shaft
  2. < Pigvomit> st_ lemme see that club of yours
  3. see itsmu[4]
  4. <Ragdoll> i jellied him up <Ragdoll> the results were anything but satisfying
  1. !w to prompt before 'w'ielding/unwielding. Same format for 'a'ttacking, 'd'ropping, 'e'ating, 'q'uaffing, 'r'eading, 'f'iring, 'W'earing/'T'aking off armor, 'P'utting on/'R'emoving jewellery, e'v'oking, 'Q'uivering, 'D'estroying, '*'all.
  2. !p / =p prompts before sacrificing stack / item. =g enables autopickup. =k ignores item on ground. =s creates stack. =f removes item from quiver cycling; \+f includes it.
  3. Shortcut inscriptions look like @w1, with a letter for the command type as in inscription[1] and a number 1-9.
  4. try ?6 ingame.
  1. wishes octopodes were in 0.9 so he didn't have to worry with the silly food system and silly traps and other silliness in trunk
  2. is in fact hungry enough to eat another honeycomb
  3. thinks dragon armour should be dragon armour, imps should be imps, fiends should be fiends, and crawl should be crawl without silliness
insubstantial wisp
<greensnark> Insubstantial wisps are like a screaming monkey on your windshield, It's unlikely to kill you directly But all you can see is the monkey
Removed spell (0.11) which gave rElec for its duration.
Affects your spell casting success, your spell power, your spell hunger and how well you can use one or two fixedarts or so. When it reaches 0, you cannot cast spells or read scrolls, and will eventually die -- by far the most common reason to read stat drain.
  1. If you are invisible, monsters won't shoot ranged attacks at you unless they can see you, or can guess where you are. Monsters with sense invisible still have to guess your location, but will only fire if they guess right; others get a random fuzz to their aiming point, which might be inaccurate in the first place.
  2. Monsters can guess your position when you are invisible if they knew your position before and you are still within two spaces, if you are in water, or if they are adjacent to you and make a roll based on their intelligence (usually 1 chance in 3; slightly higher if they are smarter.)
  3. Beams shot at you by monsters who can't see you (even if they can sense you) have their accuracy cut in half. Monsters trying to melee you without see invisible and who have correctly guessed your location have their accuracy reduced by 35%.
  4. If you are invisible, and don't have see invisible, you receive -5 to hit (same as amulet of inaccuracy). If you are attacking a monster you cannot see, you receive -6 to hit. (These stack, of course.)
  5. Fleeing monsters always know which way is away from you whether they can sense you or not.
Used by TSO, Beogh, Cheibriados, Elyvilon, Fedhas, Lugonu, Makhleb, Okawaru, Sif Muna, Yredelemnul, Zin. Not used by Nemelex Xobeh, Trog, Vehumet, Xom, Ashenzari, Kikubaaqudgha. Trog and Ashenzari base invoked powers on your piety, Kikubaaqudgha on your Necromancy, Nemelex on your evocations (which they train).
  1. see all of badreddit
  2. is a pretty cool dude who deserves his own entry
  3. Can play DDBe for about a half hour before suiciding out of disgust.
A great ttyrec player.
  1. the c stands for class
  2. the i and r stand for infrared
iridescent scales
Level 1: +4 ac; Level 2: +6 ac; Level 3: +8 ac.
iron devil
Lots of resistances, but slow and doesn't hit as hard as you would expect. Almost completely ignorable 4. Not even worth killing in the Hells, but be careful if it shows up on D:7 or something (and isn't across lava).
iron dragon
Multi-resistant metallic monster that likes to perforate your abdomen.
iron golem
  1. Omni-immune but slow melee monster.
  2. You can't spell boring golem without iron golem.
iron grate
It slams shut! Blocks travel, fire, but not line of sight. Can blink and smite-target through it. Can be removed with dig, disintegration, or an orb of destruction.
iron imp
A twisted little minor demon. Lots of resists, and slow. Named manes before 0.7.
iron shot
A level 6 conj-earth single target attack spell, formerly known as Bolt of Iron. Has poor accuracy and range, but does a decent amount of irresistable damage; unlike its big brother LCS, Iron Shot is found in a common book (book of Power). It's also found in the book of the Earth. 9d18 at full power.
iron troll
Like a super rock troll with bonus resistances and AC. Not resistant to poison, but don't be fooled; it will still take a couple poison arrows to bring down. Moves slowly.
  1. Like Angband but you can't go upstairs and it's simplified (no shops, town, classes). http://angband.oook.cz/ironband/
  2. <elliott> i feel <elliott> much more slow <elliott> no <elliott> no <elliott> i am worshipping ironband chei
  3. You are surrounded by a black gas! You are blind! It nips you. It nips you! You missed it. It bites you! You die.
  4. You feel the Rounded Pebbles (n) in your pack are average...
ironbrand convoker
  1. Casts 'might other' (and on any type of creature) and also recites word of recall, which teleports in a random group of I_NORMAL creatures from elsewhere on the level after a 3 turn delay. Confusing, silencing, fearing, killing or otherwise incapacitating the convoker will prevent the spell from being completed (but simply moving away will not!)
  2. They are more likely to use word of recall when there are fewer HD of monsters are near them
  3. !tv rexpert vaults 1
  4. The ironbrand convoker is recalled. Lom Lobon is recalled.
ironheart preserver
Durable melee fighters (though not especially dangerous on their own). Casts injury bond, which makes it take half of the damage inflicted upon nearby allies in place of that ally, and generally accompanies bands of other creatures.
  1. In the Ironman challenge you must take downstairs as soon as possible until you reach D:27, and then leave the dungeon alive.
  2. Here is one set of rules: http://ln-s.net/1m:y
  3. The account IronRobin is for ironman games (password IronRobin)
  4. Jeff holds the current record: D21 on the *ascent*. http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/IronRobin/morgue-IronRobin-20080404-084316.txt (OUT OF DATE)
  5. The ironman challenge was apparently completed by nexos: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/IronRobin/morgue-IronRobin-20090308-224908.txt
  6. Completed by mikee in 0.8: !log tartakower char=febe place=d:$ 1
jarpiains preferred handle for games where he controls characters on both cao and cdo with one set of keystrokes for both.
  1. <TGWi> we shouldn't have an irony entry
  2. Ijyb screams, "Level is mine! All mine!" Ijyb falls through a shaft! The shaft crumbles and collapses.
  3. !lm SGrunt teae uniq=nikola 2 -tv:<0.2:>0.2
  4. <kilobyte> why did you rewrite the whole of pre-commit and checkwhite? <mumra> because the pre-commit hook failed to tell me that i was screwing up the pre-commit hook :( and apparently, checkwhite doesn't check itself...
  5. <Gandhi_> can I use 2 rings of slaying?
is cszo down
If you have DNS problems try crawl.dobrazupa.org (webtiles + ssh). If you have too much lag try the other two IPs: dobrazupa.org and admin.dobrazupa.org (ssh only).
is the wiki down
yes, use http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/bots instead (it's better than badwiki anyway!!!)
is this a bug
  1. Probably. You should report it on http://crawl.develz.org/mantis.
  2. <MarvinPA> pfft, it's not a bug unless we admit it by fixing it
is webtiles down
No, but CDO might discontinue webtiles at some point.
The first swimming cat in Britain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Van). Claimed to be the inventor of Mystic Blast, Battlesphere, and Orb of Destruction.
  1. It fall off the wall.
  2. A nearby it withers and dies.
  3. < Henzell> snow the Brawler (L17 TrBe) is cast into the Abyss! (it) (D:20)
  4. Napkin the Spry (L19 SpFi), worshipper of Makhleb, slain by an Executioner (summoned by the player character (woven by it)) on Vault:6 on 2011-01-20, with 210498 points after 86779 turns and 13:51:43.
  5. murphyslaw the Protected (L12 MDFi), succumbed to its poison gas in Abyss, with 14674 points after 18550 turns and 1:26:51.
  6. It vanishes!
  7. The portal to somewhere protects it from harm.
  8. Monster it failed to pathfind!
  9. Hit by a dart thrown by it (4 damage) ...summoned by Xom
  10. 30938 | Snake:4 | Paralysed by it for 6 turns
  11. <Gretell> ZChris13 the Earth Mage (L9 SEEE), worshipper of Sif Muna, succumbed to its dark miasma in D (Sprint), with 3282 points after 1053 turns and 0:04:59.
  12. An aura of fear fills the air! You are terrified of it!
  13. The queen bee calls on it to defend her!
  14. It constricts it!
  15. 1. heteroy the Skirmisher (L5 OpCK), worshipper of Xom, killed by an exploding it (buggy) set off by their pet on D:5 on 2011-09-12, with 467 points after 4092 turns and 0:09:29.
  16. It loses its grip on you. You lose your grip on it.
  17. It is struck by it (buggy) spines.
  18. Its shudder.
  19. It appears!
  20. It crumbles away.
  21. Donald reflects your orb of destruction with its glowing shield!
  22. It evokes its ring.
  23. It materialises.
  24. Killed from afar by a vampire (9 damage) ... with an it
  25. As it dies, the sound returns.
  26. The tentacle segment, the tentacles, and its are blown away by the wind.
  27. The lost soul sacrifices itself to reknit it!
  28. Nothing appears to happen. It falls into the water!
  29. Zin releases it from its prison.
  30. Warning: monster 'it' is not yet fully coded.
  31. The Sword of Cerebov burns away its fire resistance.
  32. It draws it back to her home.
  33. It disappears in a puff of smoke!
  34. it takes 1 damage from cloud: a cloud of scalding steam.
it creaks loudly
see {creak}
it wiggles slightly
Something just wielded a weapon of returning.
item destruction
Potions can be shattered when you are hit by freezing attacks, and scrolls can be burned when you are hit by fiery attacks. The chance of destruction is per item, so carrying useless items won't shield your valuables.
item enchantment
Adds 1 to an item's plus. Comes in four flavours: EW I for +hit, EW II for +dam, EW III for both (d2 times each), and EA for armour. EW will only succeed if the existing enchantment is <4 or <1d9. See also scroll of brand weapon.
  1. You tickle the shadow dragon! You relax the shadow dragon!! You caress the shadow dragon like a lover!!!
  2. "[Mu is] the Grand Moff of Zot Defense." - greensnark
  3. <+Mu_> making fleshy orifices squelch loudly when you shut them during berserk, however, is appropriate behaviour and shouldn't be looked down upon
  4. (3:29:00 PM) Mu_: what's wrong with my coc (3:29:07 PM) elliptic: it is too large :P
  5. Malign gateway was his idea
  6. <Mu_> i wish i were gloorx vloq irl
  7. <HangedMan> 12345 abkdePh monster definition, or 8 for statues, or using three seperate KMONS and a shuffle instead of a : in a single KMONS
  1. Features detachable body parts - you can beat monsters to death with your severed arm!
  2. There's now an experimental curses port by jarpiain at http://orthanc.fixme.fi/ivan/. ssh ivan@orthanc.fixme.fi to play (password "ivan").
  3. <monqy> help my left arm died for no reason
  4. <monqy> if your groin dies, you die
  5. #attnam is their freenode IRC channel. It's got very little activity, though.
  6. <Thyme> Melt your legs so that you can pray for diamond legs
Leading cause of early magedeath, as it is too fast to flee from and tends to swarm. Think of this as an excuse to learn travel exclusions, if you see it sleeping. The average fighter will have few problems surviving to a choke point, after which they are trivial.
jade caves
  1. This branch consists of green crystal walls. You see, or can't see, many unseen horrors here. You will also find many true mimics and some mimic-level excellent items. Statues guard the transparent rune of Zot at the bottom.
  2. see crawl alternative[2]
!lm wasp spwr rune=fiery 2 -tv:>$
After a kinetic force is applied, a brief period occurs during which the javelin travels aerodynamically towards its target coordinates, after which the pointy end goes into the other person. Base damage is 10. Weight is 8 aum.
  1. <jeanjacques> i always train slings as much as I can with an amulet of faith
  2. A +13/+14 purple glaive. It missiles the wielder.
  3. a - +7,+9 demon blade (chaos) - Xom swap ruined my VpFi.
  4. <slartie> It was fun to watch :) Moreso than Jeanjacques. I don't know what that dude is doing
  1. This monster has laid many an adventurer to an early rest with its ability to corrode weapons and armor. The beginner uses darts, the experienced use resistant weapons, the wise use stones, and the cornered use wands. -- In 0.13, no longer slow, so no more stone kiting, and more equipment damage.
  2. If you hear a distant slurping noise, an item you could have gotten has just been digested; if a squelching noise, a new jelly has been born into the world, all the worse for you. If you hear a bunch of slurping and squelching and then it stops, there's probably a hidden Jiyva altar vault on the level.
  3. Jellies can also eat doors and nets you try to hold them with. Also, they heal when they eat things. They can't eat artefacts or stones. Jellies also don't eat ammunition that always mulches, such as exploding darts or missiles of dispersal.
jelly drop
An enclosed vault with awake jellies and a teleport trap they'll wander onto randomly. You hear a distant slurping noise.
jelly growth
You have a jelly attached to you. Gives radius 6 item detection, but has a chance of being knocked off by hard melee attacks.
jelly missile
You have a jelly attached to you. It has a 50% chance of eating (jelly-edible) projectiles after they hit you, healing you for random2(hurted / 2).
jelly vault
  1. A vault full of jellies. Found in D:18-. Contains depth-dependent Js (ooze, jelly, brown ooze, death ooze, azure jelly, acid blob) and maybe a Jiyva altar.
  2. Brown ooze, Acid blobs, Death ooze, Azure Jelly, Jelly, and Ooze are known to spawn here.
Early unique human wizard who is very easy to kill, but between haste, slow, pain, blink, and possibly a wand you might not get a chance. Either a pushover or worse than Sigmund, depending on the will of RNG.
<VolteccerJack> jester was like djinn only more sane and reasonable
Crawl spells it with two "l"s, if you want to do a ctrl-f search
You'll want to check rings or amulets, depending on the type you want to know about
jewellery acquirement
  1. Grabs a jewellery base type, this has a 1 in 3 chance of being a amulet and a 2 in 3 chance of being a ring. If you've already identified that base type it will try again. It will continue this until it hits a type you have not yet identified or until it has tried 10 times.
  2. Rings of hunger and amulets of inaccuracy have a 92.09% chance of being randarts. Other jewellery has a 28.85% chance of being a randart. This is independent from the base type calculation, otherwise.
New Crypt monster in 0.13, has sixfirhy-like movement, but slower (still faster than unboosted players). Hits like a vampiric truck.
  1. *: request jelly invocation; **: gain nutrition on slurps; ***: prayer effect that paralyses slimes in LOS for 5 piety per slime, mutation gifts; ****: slimify, mp on slurps; *****: cure bad mutation invocation, hp on slurps; ******: possible friendly temporary slime if hit for > 25% maxhp, slime:6 walls removed
  2. Jiyva's altar appears in the center of Slime:6 and in jelly vaults. Jiyva will give you mutations (including Jiyva-unique slime mutations), jelly and slime allies, and the ability to pare down your bad mutations. Piety is gained by letting jellies eat all that useless loot lying around the dungeon.
  3. Other powers: Piety / 200 chance of conservation or resist corrosion per item check, slime walls do not damage unless in penance, J and G turn neutral on sight, stats are rearranged based on your armour, burden carried, and skills.
jiyva reasons
  1. You want a non-Nemelex solution to all that dungeon clutter.
  2. A lot of good mutations, although they will come and go as Jiyva pleases. Worshiping Jiyva will also allow you to "clear" the Slime Pits without having to fight anything and get the loot. Good if you don't want to fight the Royal Jelly.
jiyva wrath
  1. ABANDONMENT: 30 penance, all slimes abandon you RETRIBUTION: 1/7 1-3 bad mutations, 3/7 slimify a hostile monster in view if possible, 2/7 glow with 50% chance of uncancelable bat, spider or statue form, 1/7 create 1 + xl / 10 + random2(3) J or G
  2. If you abandon Jiyva and kill the royal jelly, all of Jiyva's altars will vanish once your penance is over.
Find a Jiyva altar, pray at it. Stay with Jiyva for the rest of the game. Scumming for the Slime entrance with a Jiyva altar encouraged. Password: robin
  1. < johnny0> i'm like that guy from south park that got frozen for 3 years or something
  2. owner of a distinctive rcfile
  1. <casmith789> why was six scared of seven? <mikee_> because seven ate 291
  2. How many Ogre-Mages does it take to change a light bulb?
  3. None, there are no more ogre mages as of 0.5.
  4. Three--one to cast Haste, one to cast Apportation on the old light bulb, and one to nghrun urhguhn rguhgrugn please stop forcing my face and head into the toilet bowl
  5. thanks i'll be here all week, try the chunk of young calf flesh
  6. [Mu_] Q: What is a centaur's favourite version? A: Stable.
  7. Q: Why do the developers prefer Fedhas? A: He helps them control their branches.
  8. A yak and a giant frog come into view. A yak, a giant cockroach and a hill giant come into view. 3 yaks and an orc warrior come into view. An orc and a big fish come into view. An orc and a big fish come into view.
  10. <evilmike> new learndb rule: from now on entries have to make the learndb better rather than worse
  11. <Blade-> um...I just saw a mimic on top of another mimic <mikee_> were they door mimics? <mikee_> they could have been engaging in doorplay
  14. see spriggan baker joke
  15. <mikee_> did you hear that the pope has bird flu <mikee_> he caught it from a cardinal
  16. <crate> you should put a metr on your mowa so you know when it is running out of gas
  17. A: AN ANARCHEIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. <raskol> what's with troll of ashenzari anyway <raskol> surely it's Trash
  19. How do you know you aren't digging at a downward angle? Crawl is top-down.
  20. <mikee_> Q: why are scrolls in the volcano? <mikee_> A: because they are read
  21. <Sabaki> what on earth do i keep running into in the swamp, its invisible, and it casts lighning bolt? <mikee_> a vapour
  22. <faze> what if mnoleg said this?
  23. <mikee_> an underaged mummy walks into a bar <mikee_> the bartender says, you can't drink
  24. why did the ogre convert to jiyva?
  25. <rwbarton> how does zin not accept mimic kills btw <rwbarton> surely those are abominations against crawl
  26. <Poncheis> awesome <Poncheis> crawl is getting much better now
  1. A deep dwarf earth mage, with Shatter, LRD, petrify, and dig. New for 0.12.
  2. If he petrifies you and you stay in LOS, you are dead, as his spells do extra damage to petrified targets!
  3. <joosa> I'll start a new game when Jorgrun is removed
  4. <mikee_> jorgrun is just a high ev hobgoblin to me
  1. Unique vampire with crystal spear. And mesmerise. And crystal spear. No longer restricted to vaults! (And his tower isn't silent any more.)
  2. got his first kill 27 months after being added
Looks like a mercenary. He is generated with a quarterstaff, a sling, and sling bullets of pure pain.
A *really* ugly necromancer. Spells: bolt of cold, agony, animate dead, and simulacrum. She'll apport and chop up corpses to turn into simulacra, so be prepared to fight everything eight times.
In 0.10-, he was a bounty hunter until Joseph collected his bounty. Spells: teleport other, heal, venom bolt and slow.
Image format or crawl developer? You be the judge.
jump attack
Gained from boots of jumping or the innate Felid mutation. Attacks a target at range, after choosing a random, safe landing site adjacent to the monster and moving the player there. Causes exhaustion, can't be used while exhausted. The boots have range 4, the mutation has range 3,4,5 by level.
jumping spider
One of Spiders' Nest's many spiders, with blink close, blink away, and ensnaring melee that places what it hits into a web. Also, sense invisible.
  1. A game being developed by a gentleman named Krice (aka Paul Pekkarinen) on r.g.r.d. According to Krice, it is written in C++, the only language a sane man would use, is way better than NetHack and all the other roguelikes in existence, and will be personally advertised by the Riders of the Apocalypse.
  2. However, all other roguelikes have one critical advantage over Kaduria: They are available.
  3. Krice/Pinkbeast OTP!! http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.roguelike.development/msg/cc9d2972d920bde1
  1. Plural of kat.
  2. Bowdlerkats
  3. < ksta> One does not simply autoexplore for 90 minutes into Mordor.
  4. Disapproves of defining oneself.
  5. Plays offline, plays poorly, also plays kazoo
  1. no labs, queen bees do not cause killer bees to berserk, nerfed shadow creatures, nerfed fireball, no enemy sticky flame; removal of fire crabs, monsters do not zap poly other wand; tengu renamed to kenku; no submerged creatures
  2. antaeus valid target for enslave soul
streakbreaker combo
  1. A terrifying, mummified Emperor. Summons demons, undead, smites, torments, and when low on HP, blinks away and casts tomb of doroklohe. When healed, removes the tomb and comes after you.
  2. Use silence, it works wonders.
  3. That's a nasty cough you have there.
  4. <O91> Who's this "Khufu" person and where did half my HP go?
  1. see {auxiliary unarmed[2]}
  2. You can't sit, kick, or engrave. You'll have to piss off your god some other way, sorry.
May one day become great. Doubling is their first goal!
kiku randbook
  1. First book: One of (Pain, Animate Skeleton); two of (Corpse Rot, Sublimation of Blood, Lethal Infusion); one of (Regeneration, Vampiric Draining); Control Undead. (But you will never get a spell you can't cast due to your species.)
  2. Second book: One of (Animate Dead, Twisted Resurrection); one of (Agony, Excruciating Wounds); one of (Bolt of Draining, Simulacrum, Death Channel); Dispel Undead; and then one more of these possible spells that you didn't get already.
kiku ratio
Your kiku:other gods win ratio. The higher this is, the more casmith789 likes you. Only counts people with >5 wins to stop outliers.
kiku reasons
  1. Gifts the first book earlier than any other god, which is good if you want to take up casting. Pain-brands your weapon, which is awesome but especially so for fast weapons. Gives corpses on demand, which is good for sublimation and eating and many other things. Makes Tomb easy by giving rTorment and curse protection.
  2. see casmith789[3]
  3. < Blade-> ooh < Blade-> champion < Blade-> I can have pain now < Blade-> ... < Blade-> maybe I should train necro
  1. God of necromantic awesomeness. Grants necromancy kiku randbooks at 1 and 3 stars, and at 6 stars, will either pain-brand a weapon or grant you the Necronomicon (only one) at an altar.
  2. see receive corpses
  3. From 2*, protects from necromancy miscasts and mummy death curses. This helps in Tomb and the branches of Hell. From 4*, grants torment resistance that blocks 60% of torment damage, on average at 200 piety. At 5*, can invoke torment by sacrificing a corpse for 8-12 piety.
  4. see kiku randbook
kikubaaqudgha wrath
  1. Abandonment: 30 penance. Penance: random2(your xl) > 4 summons corpses with 50% of corpse rot and 50% chance of necro miscast with 20% of another or 10% of torment or 3 necro miscasts if you are undead. no matter what happened, animate dead is cast. 1/20 chance of a necro miscast if you cast a necromancy spell under penance.
  2. <N78291> oh no, he summoned a killer bee larva zombie and a quokka zombie
  1. <GameKnut> killdudes is the zot strategy where you kill dudes
  2. <mikee_> you kill all the dudes and leave a mighty hero
  3. <snow_> i have to kill everything tho
killer bee
  1. If you have poison resistance and decent AC, a nuisance. If only one of those, a real bugger once they start swarming you. If neither, be careful as soon as you spot one, or else you might die.
  2. <myuzinn> in roguelikes, they actively hunt for adventurer flesh and can sting infinitely
  4. https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=3931 BEES
  5. http://i.imgur.com/DsXYT.jpg
  6. !lg m1nced 3022 -tv:<T10800:>T10850
  7. http://youtu.be/-1GadTfGFvU
  8. http://i.imgur.com/fnWMTLM.jpg
  9. http://i.imgur.com/ltnItWf.jpg
killer klown
  1. Zot monster with a lot of HP and klown melee.
  2. Can do 148 damage in a hit if you have rC-. Otherwise, not all that dangerous. See: !lg doy DDBe place=zot:5 1 -tv, !lg Tenaya DDBe place=zot:5 1 -tv, !lg coyo7e HuWz place=zot:4 1 -tv
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer_Klowns_from_Outer_Space
  1. !lg shiori kevm 1 -tv:<0.5
  2. !lg nexos killer=michael 1 -tv
  3. !lg * ckiller="bumblebee skeleton" 1 -tv
  4. !lg Mong killer=sheep 1 -tv
  5. !tv hyperelynae mdfi killer="giant newt" 1
  6. !lg * killer=bat max=xl -tv:<3
  7. !lg * killer=jellyfish ktyp!=poison -2 -tv
  8. !lg SGrunt mfie 5 -tv:<4.0
  9. !lg SGrunt natm 8 -tv:<0.5
  1. <KiloByte> death to useless lines!
  2. Plays tile Crawl running on his phone using X forwarding.
  1. A unique who can make you pink and rooting for truffles. Comes with a pack of hogs and can summon (very) ugly things.
  2. < Chapayev`> captain kirke like to make you an entry in her captain's hog
  3. see porkalator
  4. <Fusha> help I am a hog
The act of hitting a slower monster during free turns with spells or melee and never taking damage.
A cute PuTTY fork. http://kitty.9bis.com/
  1. Chuck Norris's crawl nickname. Tests the way unknown items work on ice fiends.Made an impressive debut on CAO, winning an all-runer DGTm by killing almost everything in dragon form, thus getting the demigod high score, then getting the gnome high score on the next game.
  2. Also doesn't wear pants. You may be starting to notice a theme.
  3. < Kjoery5> Elyvilon is actually a pretty cool god
  1. He just wanted a hug.
  2. A powerful demon, Klelaut has a bruised and bleeding body covered in tiny crawling spiders.
Special damage type used by Killer Klowns. Per attack randomly: nasty poison (spiny frog), rot (necrophage), drain (wraith), fire (lava fish), cold (ice beast), blink self (phantom), antimagic (lorocyproca).
knife of accuracy
  1. +27,-1 thin dagger. Note that weapon to-hit enchantments don't affect stabbing. No longer generated as of 0.14.
  2. Possibly useful if you have +0,+30 slaying.
  3. Note that everything is useful if you have +0,+30 slaying.
Very dangerous early monster that wields halberds, throws nets, and is covered in grass.
  1. One of the three main causes of early-game mage death, thanks to spawning fairly often with either darts, stones, or a blowgun+poisoned needles. Melee characters should not need to worry too much unless the kobold is using curare-tipped needles.
  2. While the true nature of the Kobold remains a mystery, some ancient texts have described it as "a sort of brown moth".
kobold demonologist
A kobold (haha) that - wait for this, summons demons! HAHAHA! (His only non-cantrip spells are to summon common demons [3, 4] and to call imps. If he gets lucky, he could get a sixfirhy or sun demon.)
kobold disco
A disco for kobolds. Has an altar to Lugonu or Xom in the back room.
  1. Has 56% of all posts on Tavern that contain "conjuror".
  2. "i hate slaying, kobolds, lords, there are only 13 runes in the game, centaur is a bad race and the holocaust never happened" "tavern players #1-4: yes koboldlord you are the best!!"
Kobold! Can it get any better?
komodo dragon
Do a ton of damage in melee. Treat with caution.
Banished The Royal Jelly, as a felid, with Jiyva, out of LOS, with a Zot trap.
<Sequell> 1. Koze the Skirmisher (L3 DsCK), worshipper of Xom, on D:2 on 2012-07-01 12:48:12, with 110 points after 1062 turns and 0:02:57.
  1. A powerful sea monster found in the Shoals. It keeps its main body out of reach and uses powerful tentacles (represented as seperate monsters with special AI) to attack you. The tentacles will advance when you are inside the main body's LoS, and retreat when you are outside it. Killing its tentacles hurts the kraken.
  2. <+evilmike> the kraken acts like a multi-tile monster
  3. http://photos.secretgardenparty.com/2013/9dc65c5e-f610-11e2-95f5-fa3410ec1e25?image_keywords=stage:The+Lake+Stage
  1. < bmfx> kryft: btw, why are you quivering your ring mail?
  2. <kryft> Two shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three <kryft> Er, two
  3. see {game design[4]}
  4. <@absolutego> i finally respect you now, after all this time
  1. <ktgrey> incest is best <ktgrey> put your sister to the test
  2. <ktgrey> saving the world through adolescent sex
  3. <ktgrey> i wonder if there is satyr porn
<Henzell> (1/1) nht said (16s ago): /msg Henzell ??foo <Kumelbut> ??foo
  1. 23:14 < Kyrris> OHMYGODDRUNK || 23:18 < Kyrris> something's wrong with my shift key. 23:19 < Kyrris> Why can't I aim shock?
  2. Aims shock with shift key as of 0.6.
  3. Accidentally turned the +3,+11 quarterstaff of Jeunonim {crush, rC+ Dex+4} into a snake on D:7.
  4. 19:50 < Kyrris> "Kyrris: Cheers, Kyrris,"
  5. Suggested play order: Lair 1-6 > get bored and clear Orc 1-4 > D to Vaults > Vaults until Roka shows up > Shoals 1-5 > Snake 1-3 > get Abyssed in the least likely way possible > Pan > Abyss for the rune > Hive > accidental suicide, preferably in Crypt
  6. Cleared Tomb with ORefrig and Icicle.
  7. Doesn't like humor
  8. Kyrris (L1 MiFE) became a worshipper of Cheibriados.
  9. Kyrris the Grave Robber (L2 SpNe), starved to death on D:2, with 119 points after 18315 turns and 0:28:57
  10. Has killed Louise thrice and Frances, Francis, and Rupert twice in the same game. Later abyssed by a deck of escape. Escaped... into Pan. Escaped Pan. Killed by a rat.
  11. <Kyrris> This has been a GREAT discussion to read while stoned.
  12. Note to self: Rewatch Arachne.
!lm hjklyubn deas type=orb 1 -tv
laboratory rat
  1. Have taken the Orange Rat's crown as the toughest rat in game. Still not very tough. Spawn with a random set of special abilities.
  2. They're laboratory mice / Their genes have been spliced.
  1. Look for a cyan \ (or arch depending on your character set) on a level where you hear an "ancient clock" or "distant snort". (1-in-15 chance per level, once per game). Hurry, it times out after a while (you get urgent-sounding messages). Note that magic mapping is likely to show where the lab entrance is.
  2. "You enter a dark and foreboding labyrinth." You are now in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. The labyrinth shifts and deforms out of sight. From rock, head for stone, and then metal to find the exit vault (a minotaur, loot, and escape hatch). The labyrinth is mapped, but rots at a swift rate.
  3. There is a minotaur. Since 0.11 there also can be Donald who is more dangerous than the minotaur. He hates that.
  4. There can be multiple metal-walled areas in a labyrinth, so if you find one that's not the exit, keep looking elsewhere.
  5. http://oglaf.com/skein/ (SFW)
  6. To observe the reason why labyrinths are still in the game, see tragedy
  7. !lm blazinghand gh -tv:<T11278:>T17422:x50 43
  1. Actually a person, no matter what Henzell tries to tell you. He loves deep elves. In leather armour. With elven whips. And high boots. We're not sure if these elves are male or female. Doesn't ever joke. Nevermind. Will have a 350-character learndb entry soon.
  2. Is only killing the wussy ones.
  1. robin that uses lainiw.rc. only orb run tomb felid streaks allowed!
  2. [21:01] <G-Flex> why am I a & [21:02] <G-Flex> walls are R??? [21:02] <G-Flex> oh my god what is happening [21:04] <G-Flex> I refuse to play this any longer
  1. Accessed from the main dungeon somewhere between levels 8 and 13. Eight levels deep. The lair is full of "natural" critters such as rats, snakes, and yaks. One of Swamp/Shoals and one of Snake/Spider appears there, as well as Slime, and there is a relatively hard vault on Lair:8. The petting zoo of Crawl, if petting zoos had hydras.
  2. <sorear> you don't need resists in lair, people. it's just 8 levels of xp and items.
Big brother to the quarterstaff. 16 damage, -3 accuracy, 14 delay, two-handed. Slashing.
  1. The naga queen! Lives in mid-to-late Snake. Casts IOOD, parrow, mesmerise, haste, and Teleport Self.
  2. Oh Lamia is really a nice game for the game lovers. I played this game many a times, but still unsatisfied by it's fire and ice beauty.
  3. <Ryak> remind me to never do snake again
  4. <DracoOmega> !lg * cv=0.12 place=~Snake s=ikiller <Sequell> 222 games for * (cv=0.12 place=~Snake): 64x Lamia, 48x a naga warrior, 37x a greater naga, 10x an anaco....
lamp of fire
Evoke to summon fire elementals. Use lava (or, much more availably: conjured flame) as a source. Will be friendly if you pass a (fire magic skill - 3*number already summoned) in 10 check and also a 96% check. Works completely differently in 0.13, summoning multiple elementals but needing XP to recharge.
  1. Feel free to swear, yell, and generally curse out the game in this channel. However, there are limits. The game isn't 'gay'. Sigmund isn't a 'faggot'. Your character didn't get 'raped'. Language like that is not okay, not even if you are referring to a character rather than a person. The same goes for racial slurs.
  2. see one_true_language[1]
IRC bot for clan, uses $ as its command prefix. Like Sizzell and Gretell, except that TZer0 is using speech-to-text in realtime to form the messages which are shown on IRC.
lantern of shadows
  1. While wielded, periodically summons friendly shadows (which counts as necromancy to the good gods), reduces LOS by 25%, makes everything appear dark, and acts as negative two spell enhancers ("extremely numb sensation" if unenhanced). Sets stealth to 0.
  2. In 0.13, the rate of shadow production depends on evocations; and the shadows spawn as 'wandering' rather than 'following'.
  3. Trivia: In 0.12 and earlier, liches and mummies get more shadows from the lantern than do others.
large abomination
Pretty basic melee monster. Hits relatively hard, but doesn't have much HP or resists except the demonic ones. It has terrible defenses.
large race
  1. If you're large, that means several things, from dodging penalties to stealth penalties to tons of other stuff.
  2. Shields. Large races can't use bucklers, but have a much easier time negating the various weapon/casting penalties. That is, they would if they had the aptitudes for it. A large race can completely eliminate shield penalty at 10 skill (instead of 16 human), a large shield at 16 skill.
large rock
  1. The deadliest projectile available in Crawl. Ogre and troll hunters start with them, and some giants throw them. Low mulch rate, but also very rare. Penetrates targets in .14.
  2. Base damage is 20. Weight is 60 aum.
large shield
Like a shield, but bigger. SH 13, EV -5. Diminishing returns from SH and huge skill investment to remove penalties means that unless one's race has crap defenses alongside reduced penalty removal levels for shields (i.e. trolls), one really shouldn't bother to aim for these.
large shield of ignorance
It's a +8 large shield with: AC+2, EV+2, Int-6, rN+, may recurse itself (one chance in 3).
large slime creature
When two slime_creatures love each other very much...
late game
<ebarrett> late game is when you should be sleeping but you're playing crawl instead
launcher damage
  1. Average damage = (B/2 + L/8 + A/16 + min((str - 10)*(2B+A)*C, (L+1)/4))*(1+skill/D)*(brand multiplier) + slaying/4 + A/2 + (L/2 if using xbow). Here A is min(3, skill/3), L is the launcher enchantment, and B, C, and D are constants depending on what type of launcher you are using (see [2]).
  2. B = 4 for sling+stone, 6 for sling+bullet, 6.5 for bow+arrow, 9.5 for longbow+arrow or xbow+bolt. C = 1/72 for slings, 1/32 for bows, and 0 for xbows. D = 28 for slings, 34 for bows, and 44 for xbows.
  3. <CreepingCrawled> that's quite complicated
launcher delay
Base delay is reduced by (weapon skill) * (weighted combination of str and dex) / 62.5. Strength weights are sling: 1, bow: 2, longbow: 3, xbow: 8.
  1. Slings and Bows have a nasty damage bonus cap. It is the lowest value adjusted from your str bonus and the launcher's damage bonus.
  2. For instance, a Str 20 character using a +0 sling gets +0 damage bonus. a Str 8 character using a +12,+12 bow gets +0 damage bonus.
  1. Fall in it and you'll become a well-done marshmallow. You will also get many guffaws from the audience (if you don't scramble free, that is).
  2. Why would you want to do that?
lava fish
A fish that lives in lava.
lava orc
  1. New species in Trunk! Besides high fire magic aptitude, they have a "temperature bar", mostly tied to tension; they gain a damage-dealing aura and can't use scrolls while it is high.
  2. https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=dcss:brainstorm:species:propose:lava_orc#flavor
  3. Similar to orc warriors, but they tend to have flaming weapons. Watch out for their throw flame attack!
  4. "Apparently they already exist, so maybe they should appear."
  5. <Eronarn> but i want them to be better than MD
  6. < rwbarton> LO is basically HO with better geometry apt
  7. < Eronarn> elliptic: hey you know what mantis issue hasn't been touched for a long time? lava orcs < elliptic> Eronarn: that issue is too hot for me to touch right now, sorry
  8. <Eronarn> mitt romney is directly responsible for lava orcs not being complete
  9. < ystael> guess i should have got some rC+ somewhere :(
lava orc names
  1. Ignatius
  2. Grant
  3. Cliff
  4. Flint
  5. Rock
  6. Jasper
  7. Jem
lava snake
A snake that lives in lava and breathes gobs of lava at you. Bolts of cold will usually miss them, so go for a wand of para or something.
lava worm
Like normal worms, but in lava. About as threatening, too.
lawful gods
Zin. And bless his heart.
  2. <lawman> how babby are formed :(
  4. !tv lawman0 dsbe xl=27 1
  5. oh I killed a ghost lol
  6. < Lawman> I have a boner < Lawman> a crawl boner
  7. <Lawman> punch snakes in the face everyday
  8. pasta eating apt +5
  9. drunk[2/2]: crawl something lawman likes to do
  1. There's a lot of different patterns for crawl levels, from standard rooms and corridors to a level being a giant cross. Comments and potential depths are in dat/des/builder/layout[_foo].des, and &P[layout] to put names to layouts.
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjXhStQL2U2fdEdXSkxMSGFPZVI5Z296MFNUSUM0V1E#gid=3 contains a list of D's layouts by depth and weight, and a full map-to-name chart.
planned features: trog rewards tabspam, doom monsters and doomguy + cyberdemon uniques, being awesome
  1. AKA: Lehudib's Crystal Spear or just crystal spear. Level 8 Conjurations/Earth spell, found only in Book of Annihilations and randart Sif gifts. 10d22 at max power, theoretically, and unresistable. The strongest single target conjuration, but its range is one square less than that of Iron Shot.
  2. Also an unrandart +6 spear of returning that gives +3 int.
  1. A html page of learndb entries is at http://crawl.akrasiac.org/learndb.html . You can also access the learndb at http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/bots .
  2. The main commands for the learndb are add, query, edit, swap, and delete. See [3] for add and insert, [4] and [5] for edit, [6] for query, [7] for swap and move. You can read entries in private queries to Henzell. You cannot change it in private, however.
  3. "!learn add article_name article text" adds an article to the learndb. !learn insert article_name[index] text adds an entry with a specific index.
  4. "!learn edit name[index] s/REGEX/REPLACE/opts" allows you to edit entries in the learndb. Regex refers to the portion of text you are editing, and replace refers to the text you are replacing the edited material with. Continued in learndb[5].
  5. Special characters such as /, (, [ must be escaped in the regex, as in the form "s/text\)/text]", otherwise the utility will add a character. If you need to use edit to insert the / character, you'll have to use an alternate pattern delimiter, e.g. !learn edit math[1] s_divided by_/_ And ^ is the start of an entry, $ is the end.
  6. "!learn query term" is equivalent to ??term. Both forms support [$] for the last entry, or [-3] for the third from the end.
  7. !learn swap entry1 entry2 swaps two entries' order numbers. !learn mv foo bar moves an entry.
learndb police
<frank_> awww my quote <frank_> got deleted
lears hauberk
+27 chain mail that prevents you from wearing any other armour except cloaks and shields. Slots it takes are considered covered for the purposes of acid splashes and Ashenzari.
leather armour
3AC, 4ER, 15aum.
see {leda's liquefaction}
ledas liquefaction
  1. Level 4 earth/hexes spell, found in the book of the Earth. Generates a halo of "liquefied" ground around the caster. Moving on liquefied ground has a -3 player movement malus (slightly more than one item of ponderousness). Applies slow effect to monsters. Doesn't affect flying, clinging, insubstantials; cannot be cast by these.
  2. You will see a lot of "Your unstable footing causes you to fumble your attack."
  3. <elliptic> it's really a very similar spell to double haste
+13,+4 vampiric demon blade. Grants rN+ and -1 to AC, EV, Str, Int, and Dex.
Either the highest card rarity (see legendary deck for more), or the description of an experience level 27 player ghost.
legendary deck
  1. A deck that can get cards of any power level. See card power for more details.
  2. 19:32:06 < Kyrris> What sort of world has legends about decks of cards? 19:32:18 < TGWi> have you ever watched yu-gi-oh
  3. XL27 Deep Elf Chaos Knight
When crawl gives you lemons...
  1. Lemuel Vaults, Inc, supplying your evil vault needs for over 200 years. When it's time for you to stop playing and go to bed, Lemuel Vaults, Inc. is there to end your game "The Lemuel Way"(TM).
  2. Inventor of the greedy-explore concept.
  3. "My mission is to annoy."
  4. Agrees that Iron Trolls don't belong in the Troll Bridge vault.
  5. <G-Flex> I can understand the vault more with divinations in place
  6. <Drahbeg> not gonna play trunk again. <Drahbeg> ever.
  7. Jazzimus: tell lemuel i said he's a jackass
Not the weakest of the 5s. Faster than the average player and cannot fly.
scum a lot of zigs, then dig out d:1-d:27, then write the names of 27 communists on these levels using scythes and hammers
lernaean hydra
  1. A nasty unique in the official release since 0.6.0, but hidden in the source long before that. Rumours say it's a yellow D with 27 heads. Appears in two of the Swamp endings. Thanks, due. First person to kill Lernaean hydra, moq! Congratulations!
  2. Simulacra do four thousand damage with rC-.
  3. If you don't have very high AC/HP, don't use autoexplore around its Swamp:5 vault. !tv minmay killer=~lernaean 1
  4. <Sizzell> araganzar (L18 DrMo) killed the pulsating lump shaped Lernaean hydra. (Swamp:5)
lesser demon
A '5'. Ta-da!
lesser servant
  1. Summons a temporary orange demon, ynoxinul, neqoxec, hellwing, or smoke demon. Hostility chance is reduced (but never to 0) by invocations skill.
  2. The check for hostility looks like this: 1d(20+(your_invocations*3)) > 4. If this is false, the demon will be hostile. The same check applies to greater servant.
lethal infusion
Places the draining brand on a weapon temporarily. (Necromancy/Charms 2)
level annotation
  1. press ! to leave a note you can view later with ctrl-o. Also, if you leave a ! in the annotation, it will prompt you when entering that floor.
  2. If you press ! while standing on a staircase, you will be prompted to annotate the level on the other end.
All levitation is flight in 0.12.
  1. <Sequell> 4/4 games for lexackson (ddbe): N=4/4 (100.00%)
  2. Crawl's most obsessive berserker
  3. Also makes vaults that involve young halflings and flame clouds.
  4. Also implemented cleaving. This should be obvious in retrospect.
library of many secrets
A vault found at D11 and below. Houses many powerful spellcasters (vampire mages, naga mages, orc sorcerers, etc) and magical loot.
A powerful late game undead magic user that lacks hp, but makes up for it with high spell power greater demon, paralyze, crystal spears, banishment and ioods (to name a few). While a lich may be dangerous, an ancient lich is much more so.
  1. Eustachio says, "Summoning is fun!"
  2. <ktgrey> a rod of striking isnt made out of shit
  3. < monqy> item destruction is fun and it makes crawl a better game
  4. <smeej[droid]> tiles rule
  5. <Pacra> it's fun! which is what crawl is supposed to be
  6. <MarvinPA> killdudesing: not the answer
  7. (1:52:52 AM) jeremie: stepdowns make sense
  8. (9:35:38 PM) minqmay: it's more like i've stopped wearing condoms (9:35:45 PM) minqmay: actually, no, there has to be a better analogy than that
  9. <rast> crate: im having fun!
  10. Duvessa is too close now for your liking.
  11. <Lost_Number> Tiles is just too good
  12. <eeviac_> tomb is one of the most interesting parts of crawl
  13. <mikee_> i think 552 is more than i have played
  14. <Lightli> Chei > Zin
  15. <Nomi> i hate slaying
  16. < atomicthumbs> the RNG is broken
  17. Aizul says, "I wasn't actually sleeping!"
  18. <@galehar> players are always happy to have some item destruction :)
  19. <elliott> crawl is not solely for masochists :P
  20. <the_glow> im never p[laying again i told you
  21. <Blade-> mu are secretly really good
  22. <tcjsavannah> spiny worms are fun
  1. Your past!
  2. The original roguelike.
  3. rwbarton> welcome to crawl where living is not the opposite of nonliving
life protection
Resistance to draining attacks, shown on artifact inscriptions as rN+. Three levels makes you completely immune. As in, it turns shadow dragons into mostly harmless kittens. Also gives partial resistance to torment (5% per level, so at life+++, torment will make you lose 35% hp, instead of 50%).
life saving
The good and priestly gods will occasionally negate any single occurance of HP loss that would otherwise be fatal. In extremely old (<= 0.2) versions, Xom would also. Odds are pretty good, but without healing they don't matter much.
  1. is very bad at this game
  2. is very bad at talking to anybody
  3. Thinks Fio from Metal Slug is cute.
  4. is boring
  5. <Lightli> My god, I keep on embarassing myself
  6. [23:53:44] <Lightli> I just cleared Orc before Lair [23:56:06] <Sizzell> Lightli (L12 DDBe) is cast into the Abyss! (orc) (Orc:4) [23:56:08] <Lightli> FU
  7. likes heavy armour, melee, blasters, and to some degree summoning. Favorite gods are Trog and Vehumet, with a soft spot for Lugonu..
  8. dislikes dodging as a sole line of defense, unarmed combat, and hexes. And felids. Least favorite gods are Chei, Nemelex (for being too tedious even for ME), and Okawaru.
  9. 17:34:29 <evilmike> we should remove lightli
  10. is in love with Saber
  11. likes his hill orc berserkers
  12. <Pacra> lightli: explain this saber thing to me <faze> so lightli loves an anime
  13. <minqmay> it's admirable that lightli keeps talking about saber even though everybody knows not to acknowledge him in any way
  14. < Lightli> relax I was just abusing the divine vigor bug for a good acquirement weapon
  15. First person to win a djinn online!
  16. What does a scanner see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does it see into me, into us? Lightli or darkli?
  17. <Lightli> holy god EE takes forever to kill anything
  18. <Lightli> What's the point of being a bat? <ProzacElf> running <Lightli> oh
  19. * Lightli is embarassed and bad at making vaults
  20. <Lightli> what's next on the chopping block-I mean what do you plan on adding next? <mumra> well for a while we've been trying to work on a way to remove people who ask vague and leading questions in irc channels
  21. <Lightli> Has crate stopped being insane yet <lainiw> have you stopped playing hobe
lightning bolt
  1. Level 5 conjurations/air spell. Extremely loud, but follows the same bolt bouncing rules as Shock.
  2. You hear a shout! You hear an angry hiss. You hear a shout! You hear a shout!_You hear a shout! x2
lightning rod
  1. Fires a thunderbolt like a regular beam, then when evoked again fires lightning in the space between the first and second beams.
  2. Quite variable in cost and damage: does more damage and costs less when the resultant spread is smaller. It does good damage if you don't make much of a large spread.
lightning round
If it is a lightning round, you only need to survive!
lightning scales
+6 naga barding of running with rElec.
lightning spire
  1. electric eel statues
  2. !lg xnavy mimo 5 -tv:<0.5
<Henzell> Lilli the Gusty (L4 KeAE) killed Grinder on turn 3108. (D:3) <Henzell> Lilli the Gusty (L6 KeAE), killed themselves with a bounced bolt of lightning on D:3, with 404 points after 3108 turns and 0:07:39.
  1. Nasty little wurm that breathes fire for 3d18 damage. Avoid if you can (and don't have fire resistance).
  2. Unlike dragons and fire drakes these do not resist fire
linley henzell
  1. Linley Henzell is the original creator of Crawl and numerous shoot 'em ups.
  2. Only won his version of the game 3 times, once on a grossly imbalanced non-public debug build.
  3. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:audreyapple.blogspot.com/2007/02/legend-gamer.html
  4. http://orthanc.fixme.fi/linley-at-%23%23crawl.log
  5. http://quote-un-quote.tumblr.com/post/2178789666/interview-with-shmup-legend-linley-henzell
list of mutations
Spoiler of possible mutations here - http://chaosforge.org/crawl/index.php?title=List_of_mutations
  1. !lg command displays info about past games. The manual is available here: http://github.com/greensnark/dcss_henzell/raw/master/docs/listgame.md
  2. For commonly used listgame commands see listgame commands.
  3. * lists all players. usually !lg uses the first argument as a player name or the nick requesting it as the name, if there is no player name as the first. Can sort with max=<field> or min=<field> (eg: max=sc). Can summarise with s=<field> (ex: s=name)
  4. listgame will expand some common searches: !lg place=XX => !lg place=~XX:* (apart from branches with depth 1), killer=uniq => killer!= killer!~~^an_?|^the_ killer!~ghost (kills by uniques), race=Ke => race=Kenku, cls=Gl => cls=Gladiator, killer=hobgoblin => killer=a hobgoblin. These fudges apply to all commands that use listgame selectors.
  5. Fields: src (cao/cdo), v (game version), sc, name, race, cls, char, xl, sk (skill), sklev, title, ktyp, killer, kaux, place, br, lvl (br depth), ltyp (D, Abyss, ...), hp, mhp, mmhp, dam, str, int, dex, god, piety, pen (penance), start, end, dur (game time), turn, urune, nrune, tmsg, vmsg, alpha, splat. See listgame examples.
  6. case-sensitive regex by greensnark: !lg * name~~(?c)^[[:upper:]]+$ s=name
listgame commands
Sort games by version, in order: !lg * s=cv x=max(cv) o=-max(cv)
listgame examples
  1. Your last completed game: "!lg". foo's last complete game: "!lg foo". Most recent game by anyone: "!lg *". Your second-last game: "!lg -2". First game on server: "!lg * 1". Game with highest score: "!lg * max=sc". Fastest turncount win: "!lg * ktyp=winning min=turn". Your last Xom game: "!lg god=Xom". Last game with strength > 40: "!lg * str>40".
  2. Last death on Lair:5: "!lg * place=Lair:5". Last death in 2007 on Tomb:3: "!lg * place=Tomb:3 end<2008". Fastest kenku win: "!lg * race=Ke min=turn". Summarise places of death for 78291: "!lg !78291 s=place". Summarise causes of death for all: "!lg * s=ckiller" (or use !deathsby). Summarise gods of players who died in Zot: "!lg * place=Zot s=god".
  3. If you use no sort (max or min), the last game will be shown (default is "max=end"). You can use indices with any sort (third fastest win: "!lg * ktyp=winning min=turn -3"). The default index is -1. With the default index, the number to the left is the number of matching games (!lg * => "209949. foo the bar ..." => 209949 games).
  4. !lg normally shows games from both cao and cdo, but you can restrict the search to one server as "!lg * src=cdo". Note that Henzell only sees cdo games at 5-minute intervals, so if Gretell has just reported a death, Henzell may not know about it until 5 minutes have elapsed.
  5. Whose ghosts did I kill? "!lm s=ghost" Whose ghosts killed me? "!lg ckiller=player_ghost s=killer" Who killed my ghosts? "!lm * ghost=yourname s=name" Who did my ghosts kill? "!gkills" or "!lg * killer=~yourname'*ghost s=name"
  6. a measure of successfulness per race/class might be found in a query like the following (replace xl>10 with your general sense of what lvl you start to not win so often): !lg xl>1 s=char / xl>10 o=N,% ?: N>0
  1. (7:12:27 PM) Wensley: guys we have literally filled three fifths of my irc log with bacon
  2. <rwbarton> that has been around for literally forever
  3. <omnirizon> workplace blocks IRC ports, so I have to use webchat connections. these have captchas. <omnirizon> my captcha was, literally: better asspic
  4. I thought it was literally a fractional cost, not variable, or something
  5. <elliott> G-Flex: minqmay: i will literally pay you two to have this argument on tavern instead
  6. He nuked me pretty hard, by the time I decided I wasn't going to kill him, I was literally toast.
  7. Cocytus was first and it was quite literally a piece of cake
  8. <Blade-> the non-end vault elves are literally popcorn
  9. <HangedMan> phoenixes are literally 0.5 harpies duct taped together
  10. <clouded_> meatsprint is literally shit
<mikee_> oliver twist was literarily an orphan
local global
A level 8 Tloc spell in crawl alternative, swaps a LOS-sized circle around you with that around a chosen location: features, monsters, clouds, anything but you.
Line Of Fire. Means something is within Line Of Sight, with no monsters in the way. If you could throw a dart and hit it, it's within LOF.
trunk commit log: http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=log
  1. !lg logicninja slime 1 -tv !lg logicninja slime 2 -tv
  2. Want more? !lg logicninja opfe xl=27 1 -tv
Used the infinite experience bug to ascend a mummy of sif in 1:56:33.
lom lobon
Guards the magical pandemonium rune. Has some dangerous spells: ice storm, conjure ball lightning, major healing, blink range. But is not particularly robust, and is rather easy to steal from.
long blades
acc,dam,delay[hands]: falchion 2,8,13; long sword 1,10,14; scimitar -2,12,14; demon blade -1,13,13; double sword -1,15,15; great sword -3,16,16[2]; triple sword -4,19,19[2]
long sword
One-handed long blade (Dam: 10, Acc: +1, Delay: 14)
  1. A ranged weapon with 12 base delay. Fires arrows. You can get one from centaur warriors (1/3 chance), non-specialist elves (5%), deep elf master archers (100%), or Nessos (100%, flame).
  2. Small species (e.g. halflings) can't wield these.
longest randart
F - the ring of Serendipity (on tentacle) {Hunger +Blink +Rage +Lev rElec rF+ rC+ Str+2 Dex-2 Stlth++}
stands for General Purpose Looping Variable
lorc todo
  1. Lava orc monsters
  2. Fix the stat display in tiles
  3. Give temperature inertia in addition to the maximum change currently there.
  4. Make sure all messaging and display tiers match up
  5. Rebase branch after commits are reviewed
  6. remove 'you.' from player methods
  7. move stubs from actor to monster and make the actor methods abstract
lord of darkness
Win without entering Lair.
  1. 10,000th person to die to Sigmund!
  2. Thinks elves taste like chicken!
  3. Climbs ogres.
  4. <nrook> LordSloth: in fairness, you are easily the best player who loses all the time I've ever seen
  5. Devwiki Petrification stabbing jellies, disint jellies
  6. Saprovores with rotten chunks and contaminated non-rotten chunks prefer to eat the rotten chunks first, even with prefer safe chunks = true
  7. tell bmfx about ogre priests after playing
  1. That SporkHack guy, incarnate
  2. The Prince of Pants
Congratulations on typing that. It's invisible and has antimagic melee. Good at making players self-ice storm.
Line of Sight, five to eight steps, depending on direction. Levels 2 and 3 of nightstalker demonspawn mutation reduce this.
lost soul
A crypt monster which tries to stay away from you. If a non-zombie undead dies in its LOS, the lost soul will die instead (fully healing the undead). If a living creature dies, it will become a spellcasting spectral version of that creature. If other enemies are around, will sometimes ignore the death of low HD creatures.
She banishes regularly, stings, blinks, stone arrows, lightning bolts and heals herself. She comes equipped with heavy armour and usually a shield.
  1. You miss Sonja. You feel sick. You die...
  2. !lg Elynae sprint ktyp=stupidity 2 -tv
  3. You grab Duvessa. You squeeze Duvessa.
  1. Lee's Rapid Deconstruction: Turns walls into explosions. Useful for removing inconvenient stone or green crystal walls, though one needs fairly high power to pierce stone, and even higher to pierce metal (see lrd[4]). Causes lots of undodgeable damage to anything foolish enough to be near the wall (but AC is applied thrice).
  2. LRD also works on enemies with varying effectiveness. Regular enemies are untargetable, but statues, most golems, and anything petrified or made of metal, rock, or ice will be damaged and spray fragments of varying range/damage. Pre-0.14, skeletal enemies had a good, power-based chance to instantly die (including bone dragons!)
  3. Works on doors (open or closed), making it one of the more effective ways to open one from afar. Furthermore, it works (without destroying) on stone arches, and can majorly piss Beogh off when used on an orcish idol. It does nothing when the floor is targeted.
  4. You need the following amount of spell power to have a shot at destroying a wall: rock: 40, stone: 60, metal: 80. Green crystal has a 50% chance to be shattered regardless of spell power.
When a character dump (#, !dump) or a !log is generated, it has an accompanying lst file that contains all known info about items and shops you've seen. Change the txt in the address to lst to view it. When you die, the lst file is fully identified, revealing e.g. the slimy gold dragon armor you couldn't afford, or the potions you left in temple.
  1. Lugonu grants the ability to leave the abyss, bend space, banish monsters to the abyss and invoke corruption. You can banish yourself instantly at a significant hp+mp cost, and permanently distortion-brand a weapon once at an altar of Lugonu, which can be easily made by using corruption in the Temple.
  2. Lugonu was originally named Lucy, so it is traditional to consider this god female. The gods intentionally have no gender mentioned in-game though, and it would be considered a bug if they were to.
lugonu reasons
  1. The ability to save yourself by immediately exiting the abyss and the ability to save yourself by immediately entering the abyss. Permanent distortion brand. Corruption can kill Antaeus. On-demand banishment for troublesome monsters.
  2. Easy orc:4 shops, free labyrinths, you can give erolcha/psyche/louise/sonja a taste of their own medicine.
lugonu wrath
  1. ABANDONMENT: 50 penance. RETRIBUTION: 50% tloc miscast (and keep going), else 16% teleport, 8% blink. Even if a preceding effect occurred, continue to: create some abominations, thrashing horrors and ancient zymes, maybe a single tentacled starspawn, wretched star or starcursed mass.
  2. (9:42pm) timecircuits: I have a feeling I'm going to be in the abyss a lot this game (9:42pm) Henzell: tcircuits the Alchemist (L13 MfTm) is cast into the Abyss! (Lugonu's touch) (Orc:2)
lurking horror
  1. An abyssal giant spore that torments (full LOS) when it explodes. Follows you with wandering mushroom AI while at a distance, but becomes increasingly likely to chase you (with speed 12) instead of standing still, the closer it gets.
  2. You can avoid the torment with freezing clouds or explosions hitting the horror just out of LOS, if you can lock down their movement.
The lychee (Litchi chinensis, and commonly called litchi, laichi, lichu) is the sole member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family, Sapindaceae. It is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree native to China, and now cultivated in many parts of the world.
  1. <elliott> did you have to wield the orb to win <mikee_> it has powers in 4.1 <mikee_> does 1d100 damage in melee <Elynae> mikee_: haha, seriously? anything else? <mikee_> i made it up
  2. <elliott> i like ??faq <minqmay> so do i <mikee_> i strongly dislike it <HangedMan> why? <mikee_> i was lying again <mikee_> can we add it to my entry of lies <elliott> yes
  3. <mikee_> he won't shoot with the imp in the way <crate> looks like he will zap through the imp
  4. <elliott> mikee_: there's no bad mutations in light <mikee_> lol <Patashu> really? <elliott> no <Patashu> ok <Patashu> good <elliott> im lying <elliott> can we put it in my entry of lies <mikee_> yes <mikee_> would you like it to go in my entry of lies <elliott> yes <mikee_> we can share it
  5. <elliott> i'm lying again <mikee_> nice try! <mikee_> not getting another entry
  6. <mikee_> secret tech: if you ascend on D:1 with the orb, you win the game <Grunt> mikee_: WHAT!? REALLY!? <mikee_> no <mikee_> i lied
  7. <mikee_> if you hit with a weapon with bad enough enchantment it actually heals monsters <mikee_> so a good trick is to give a goblin that -8 dagger okawaru gifted you and let it heal you up <elliott> mikee_: really? <mikee_> another famous mikee_ lie <elliott> mikee_: joke's on you, I was lying when I pretended to believe you
  8. <Lightli> Wait, what happens if you use bolt of inaccuracy with an amulet of inaccuracy on? <mikee_> it does twice as much damage <Lightli> ...wat <Lightli> It DOUBLE damages? <mikee_> sorry i lied
  1. Install iTerm 2, do not use Terminal.app. If you like X, any sane X terminal emulator will work (xterm, urxvt).
  2. There's a magic .terminal file in this ticket: https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=2070
macabre finger necklace
A unique amulet of warding that gives you an extra ring slot.
!log whog kohe quit 1
A long handle with a heavy lump on the end. (one-handed mace; Dmg 8 Acc +3 Delay 14)
mace of brilliance
the +5,+5 mace of Brilliance {holy, rN+ AC+5 Int+5 SInv Stlth-}. Free halo on equip!
mace of variability
A great mace with the chaos brand. While wielded, each of its pluses independently has a 40% chance per turn to shift either +1 or -1. If this would make the plus go under -4 or over +16, it's ignored (causing it to often linger near the extremes). Also, uncurses itself every turn!
maces and flails
  1. whip 2,6,11; club 3,5,13; hammer 3,7,13; mace 3,8,14; flail 0,10,14; morningstar -2,13,15; demon whip 1,11,11; holy scourge 0,12,11; eveningstar -1,15,15; dire flail -3,13,13[2]; g. mace -4,18,17[2]; g. club -6,20,17[2.5]; g. s. club -7,22,18[2.5]
  2. Things which thump or lash. They don't cut hydra heads off.
  1. http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=blob_plain;f=crawl-ref/docs/macros_guide.txt;hb=HEAD
  2. <Ragdoll> anyway i used macros on the F keys <Ragdoll> instead of summoning more dragons it made me walk into hellion island
mad acolyte of lugonu
A renamed wizard with a guaranteed distortion weapon. Shows up in an Abyss rune vault.
  1. Loves playing felids. Insane.
  2. Is contagious, do not talk to him about felids or you will catch the crazy. See {madreiz[1]}.
  3. this is how your crawl is supposed to look http://i.imgur.com/pe9ragA.png http://i.imgur.com/wlYIOIk.png http://imgur.com/a/8JjBs
  4. <Lantell> fluffyball (L14 FeSt) entered a bailey. (Orc:4) <ProzacElf> FeSt?!? is that you notlainiw? <notlainiw> nope <notlainiw> my fest is on cao
magic dart
Level 1 conjuration spell that always hits if successfully cast. Does 1d8 damage at max power.
magic mapping
Reveals the dungeon map layout around you (but not items or enemies). Doesn't reveal areas on the other side of runed doors, but does reveal the doors.
magic number
  1. It's always 3^n. No exceptions.
  2. Except when it's n^3.
  3. Sometimes n is 72^(1/3) or (log 72)/(log 3).
magic resistance
  1. Magic resistance is your or a monster's ability to ignore hostile enchantments or some other magic. Player MR comes from XL, Trog's Hand, and items. The most important hostile monster enchantments are confuse, slow, deep elf sorcerer|ogre mage|Erolcha|Louise banishment, lich|orc sorcerer|great orb of eyes|sphinx paralysis.
  2. Chances of anything resisting a spell are calculated like this: (magic resistance + 100 - the spells power) is compared to ( random2(100) + random2(101) ) and if the random numbers are less the spell is negated.
  3. Monster MR is a fixed property of the monster, ask Gretell (@? deep elf mage). Player MR is XL * racial-multiplier + randart MR (35-99) + 30 for armor _of_ MR + 40 per ring _of_ MR + 3*(max {Charms skill, Hexes skill} + 3) for staff of ench + 30 * level of MR mutation + 50 if lichform.
  4. Racial factor is 7 for spriggans, 6 for purple dracs, felids and deep dwarves, 5 for nagas and mummies, 4 for elves, demigods, vampires, formicids, and ogres, and 3 for everyone else.
  5. @ values are: not < 10, slightly < 30, somewhat < 60, quite < 90, very < 120, extremely < 150, extraordinarily < 190, incredibly < 240, uncannily < 300, almost entirely >= 300
  6. <ionfrigate> blue deaths have tele other? <ionfrigate> things you learn when you do pan with shit magic resistance
  7. <minqmay> what "hostile enchantments" really means is "effects that can be resisted by "resistance to hostile enchantments""
magic shield
Tier 2 Ds mutation. Level 1 acts as guardian_spirit. Level 2 doubles mana regeneration rate. Level 3 directs a ratio of (maxmp - mp) / (maxmp) of your health regeneration to MP regeneration (i.e. greater proportion at lower MP).
magical trap
A purple ^ which does nasty non-damage things. Cannot be disarmed. You cannot bypass them by levitating/flying over them; they will still go off. Sorry. Comes in zot trap, teleportation trap, and alarm trap varieties.
  1. ne, tm
  2. doesn't understand ranged combat
major destruction
  1. Power is based on invocations. Randomly fires one of: bolt of fire|lightning|draining|iron, fireball, ranged sticky flame, or an orb of electrocution that will explode with radius 2 and make you wish you hadn't fired at something so close to you.
  2. Costs 0-1 piety, with power equal to [ (Invo * 3) + 2d(1 + Invo) ], or more simply put, between 3x and 5x your Invocation skill, tending toward 4x.
  3. be very careful how you use it !tv cykosys killer="hill giant" 1
make altar
Makes a random altar.
make grenades
An ability in Zot Defense, awarded when you reach level 6. Creates friendly giant spores to explode on your enemies. Costs 2 zot points.
  1. Makhleb wants kills and sacrifices, and provides hp-for-kills, two conjuration invocations, and two summoning invocations. Note that Minor Destruction has no piety cost, so you can use it freely (though it is hungering); servants are not 100% friendly; and greater demons are effective against essentially everything.
  2. See minor destruction, lesser servant, major destruction, or greater servant for details on the invocations.
  3. In 0.10 mp-for-kills is gone. The hp gain is HD - 1 + 1d(HD) and the chance of being healed is (piety-30)/piety.
  5. Arrhythmia: 1) every character needs HP to live - Arrhythmia: 2) makh gives HP - Arrhythmia: 3) therefor, makh is good for every character
makhleb reasons
  1. Reasons to worship Makhleb: healing-for-kills is fantastic in general but especially for races that have healing problems, e.g. vampires, ghouls, and deep dwarves.
  2. Blood and souls for Makhleb!
makhleb wrath
25 penance. RETRIBUTION: (4/5) * ((XL-7)/XL) chance of a greater servant (hostile, no abjuration timeout); otherwise 1 + XL/7 lesser servants.
malarious mermaid
Renamed mermaid with less health.
malign gateway
  1. Summons a portal through which an eldritch tentacle emerges. Depending on spell power, it will be friendly for a number of turns, before turning hostile, or the portal closes and it is severed, whichever happens first (either way, it will turn hostile). Level 7 Summ/Tloc found in the Grand Grimoire. 1/3 chance of draining a point of int.
  2. Entering the malign gateway portal hurts you a bit and blinks you.
  3. !lg minmay char=muwn turn=236662 1 -tv
malign offering
A spell cast by elf priests which hurts you and heals their allies. Resisted by rN.
Enemy spell that gives you a usually bad mutation.
You had less than -5 hp when you died.
A tree you can't see through. Found in Swamp.
  1. Throws spikes at you for a not insignificant amount of damage. Note that it has finite ammo, at most 16 volleys. Also moves pretty slowly, which combined with it stopping to flick at you means that you can probably outrun it easily. Won't stop firing spikes at melee range, for what it's worth.
  2. <minmay> it occurs to me that manticores are basically just low-level iron dragons
  1. Manuals let you train a skill more efficiently. In 0.13+ manuals are active immediately when picked up. While you carry it you gain twice as many skill points in that skill as normal until the manual is used up. Dropping the manual deactivates it. The amount of skill points you gain is fixed; you cannot waste a manual's benefits.
  2. In 0.12-, you must read a manual to activate it; reading it again (or dropping it) deactivates it.
  3. To view the DCSS manual online: http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=blob;f=crawl-ref/docs/crawl_manual.reST
manual training
default_manual_training = true
map card
Magic mapping! If the map was blank, the mapping didn't do anything for whatever reason.
A term for the behaviour of Labyrinths and the Abyss where you forget bits of the map as they go out of LOS. Used to be a mutation, divination miscast effect, and trap effect.
  1. Lord of Illusions! Mara creates two identical (stats, spells, weapon, armour) clones of himself, summons a hostile illusion (based on you), casts bolt of fire, blinks, and casts Mislead.
  2. _Mara seems to draw the phantom out of itself!
  3. Your illusion can follow you up stairs, unlike ghosts, so keep that in mind as well whenever fighting Mara.
  1. A lithe spellcaster escorted by hell knights. Usually wearing fire or mottled dragon armour. Spells: bolt of fire, fireball.
  2. see hell_knight[2]
A member of a family distinguished from rodents by its snobbishness.
  1. Isn't marvin from NetHack. Also not from Pennsylvania.
  2. Dungeon (27/27) Temple (0/1) D:5 Orc (0/4) D:11 Lair (0/8) D:9 Hive (0/2) D:11 Vault (0/8) D:18 Zot (5/5) D:27
  3. On his way to an all-ruin win of Crawl. (The thing he is ruining is fun).
  4. On his way to an all-ruin win of ##crawl. (The thing he is ruining is the learndb).
marvinpa rc
Ask NyaaKitty.
mask of the dragon
+0 cap with SInv MR(40) Acc+3 Dam+3.
mass abjuration
Attempts to abjure everything hostile in LOS (like pre-0.10 Abjuration). Level 6, found in the Grand Grimoire.
mass confusion
Tries to confuse all monsters in LOS. Unlike Alistairs, it works on the undead, poison resistant, and pretty much everyone else - but checks MR.
master blaster
Arenasprint's final boss. Have fun.
master elementalist
A wizard type creature that commonly spawns with some form of elemental-resistant robe. Spells: iron shot, summon air elemental, sticky flame, summon water elemental, haste, blink.
  1. <Blade-> there are not 300 hours in a week <kats> there are 240, you're splitting hairs <Blade-> there are 160
  2. see launcher damage
  3. <Sequell> 78291 has played 5991 games ... total time 275d+22:46:45 <scummos> ok *that* is frightening <scummos> it's like two years
  1. No spells. The two most notable things about Maud are that she looks inexplicably like a rodent and that she (like hell knights, frederick, and margery) has a chance of coming with a kick-ass weapon. Associated with forgetfulness in NetHack, reference from Alfred Tennyson's poem, Maud.
  2. see entarex
  3. see hell_knight[2]
  1. A unique thief! He's that green @ that just stole something out of your inventory, and then teleported away. Has a cloak.
  2. Don't mess around with him too much. He'll eventually steal a wand, turn invisible, then zap you a lot, or quaff all your precious potions.
  3. Some people call him maurice.
  4. See mauricescumming
  1. http://crawl.develz.org/morgues/0.9/xomscumming/morgue-xomscumming-20110905-165025.txt
  2. 3 Maurice comes into view.
  3. Maurice blinks!
  4. some people call it mauricescumming
  5. <Ragdoll> pretty much every maurice is worth 395055 points
  6. worst part: acquiring all that gold.
  7. <mikee_> it's like being john malkovich but with maurice
78291 the Farming Infernalist (L27 NaFE), worshipper of Zin, escaped with the Orb and 267 runes on 2010-05-18, with 6222453 points after 841428 turns and 79:07:56.
maxwells patent armour
+15 plate armour with -TELE, -CAST, MR, and preservation.
maxwells silver hammer
Temporarily vorpalized a crushing weapon. Crushing weapons are quarterstaves, clubs, hammers, maces, flails, great maces, and giant clubs. Also a Beatles song. About as lethal. You could be casting Blade Hands instead of reading this entry. Get to it.
  1. planned unfeatures: randomized energy, ranged AI, monster fleeing, water, aquatic creatures, lava, lava creatures, sickness, piles of throwing weapons for orcs, traps, secret doors, t&d skill, nightstalker, mephitic cloud, evaporate,ID mini-game, butterflies, mimics, ignacio, vorpal weapon brand, butchering
  2. planned unfeatures: teleport other, labyrinths, noisy attribute, CONTAM attribute, slay dragon, slay orc, steam, sultanas, memorization failure, vault monsters, stat drain, vampire summon, rot, monster polymorph wand use/badforms
  3. planned features: squarelos, dooroklohe, game ends upon picking up the orb, ALLY BANK, xom overhaul, venom cocktail, quasi-militaristic band leader speech, slime knights, interruptible rests, autojuggle, zombie hands, vacuum
  4. Planned mcrawl feature, autojuggle: attempting to melee with a weapon inscribed with !a automatically swaps weapons and performs a melee attack.
mcrawl changelog
Planned features: mountain dwarves. Planned unfeatures: all other races, especially Tengu.
  1. include += meatsprint.rc
  2. <elliott> meatsprint is like my favourite roguelike
!lm elynae kown uniq=frederick 1 -tv
mechanical trap
  1. A cyan ^ which causes damage when you step on it. Don't walk around injured, especially with low Traps & Doors. Can be disarmed, but if you fail you can take as much damage disarming as you would just walking through. Disarming them may provide ammo or +0,+0 weapons and can protect your pets.
  2. List of mechanical traps - dart, arrow, bolt, needle, axe, spear, blade
  1. It is as big as a bat.
  2. http://twitter.com/flappitybat
Caused by changing forms. Melded equipment temporarily goes away and you lose the bonuses from it, but it will still be equipped once the transformation ends.
not a very good spell
melee character
  1. <Zeon_> how do i get past stone walls if im a melee character
  2. <volteccer> the whole point of a melee character is to run towards enemies
melee damage
  1. Too complicated to realistically explain. Try it and see for yourself how well it works.
  2. see weapon_damage
  1. A unique, early mummy, also found in Ossuary. Knows pain, torment, and haste. Orc-wizard magenta! Gives normal mummy death curses.
  2. Don't leave him for the endgame: !lm ionfrigate hofi uniq=menkaure 1 -tv
  1. A unique angel who casts silence. Has a holy long blade (sometimes a eudemon blade), hits really hard, is fast, has huge EV and a large shield. Have fun!
  2. The size of his field of silence is not particularly large, but he's fast enough to keep you in it if you aren't hasted.
  3. Results vs the unique &s and Cs in !fight: 0-50 cerebov, 1-49 antaeus, 1-49 asmodeus, 5-45 mnoleg, 6-44 dispater, 8-42 the iron giant, 12-38 ereshkigal, 32-18 lom lobon, 45-5 gloorx vloq, 50-0 geryon, 50-0 polyphemus.
  4. <m0ng> so the secret to killing him is to reduce his health
  5. Here: Mennas, wielding a glowing eudemon blade and wearing a dull large shield
  6. If you leave a good enough two-handed holy weapon on the floor, he may pick it up and remove his large shield to wield it.
mennas strategy
  1. !lm xomscumming uniq=mennas 1 -tv:<3
  2. !lm snow de place=vault:6 uniq=mennas 1 -tv:<2
  3. !lm swinepaste uniq=mennas char=deee place=spider:5 1 -tv
  1. Legendary startscummer. Has been known to quit 24 int deep elf wizards without making a move.
  2. One of only two people who is BANNED FROM C-SPLAT.
Is most assuredly not related to nyaakitty in any capacity.
meph reasons
  1. no
  2. You want to "trivialize" your opponents.
  3. You like it when confusion "proc"s.
  4. You need a good "bread and butter" spell.
  5. You want to send early orc wizards "to oblivion".
  6. It's a "no brainer".
  7. You're "running" a "caster".
  8. You're "rolling" a "caster".
  9. You need more to-hit for your "nuke".
  10. You want to be a "gatling gun" later on.
  11. You want a form of "crowd control".
  12. You want to turn extremely dangerous monsters into "popcorn".
  13. You are having trouble dealing with "mobs".
  14. You can't "tank" for very long.
  15. You lack a good "panic button".
  16. You need a good spell for "nasties".
  17. You are going to "pump" Air Magic anyway.
  18. HELPs you "into" the game.
  19. It's "imba".
  20. You want to "gank" monsters.
  21. It's a spell you want to "get online".
  22. It turns a fight into a "crapshoot".
  23. It's a real "game-ender" for your enemies.
  24. It might help you make a "meatshield".
  25. It pretty much "dominates" the early game.
  26. You want to give monsters a "death sentence".
  27. It's "worth learning".
meph unreasons
An explanation for the hatred in the meph cloud and meph reasons entries: The people who hate it hold it as a boring, unreliable, annoying crutch, with very few uses that don't fall under this.
mephitic cloud
  1. Fills the target square and some of the adjacent squares with clouds of noxious fumes. Any creature breathing these fumes may become confused unless resistant to poison and/or confusion. Conjurations/Poison/Air 3. Loud.
  2. You will only be confused on a given turn if a random number from 1 to 27 is greater than or equal to your experience level. The formula for determining whether a monster will resist the effect of a mephitic cloud is HD/21, with a flat 98% chance to resist at or above HD 21.
  3. Will not expand diagonally if the vertical and horizontal are blocked by walls.
  4. As loud as Fireball, which means loud enough to wake up off-screen monsters.
  5. "augh so mephitic"
mercenary card
  1. Summons a mercenary who demands money (between 85% and 115% of its XP value in gold). If you pay, you get a permanent friendly ally. If you don't or can't, you get a permanent enemy (and no XP or items from it). Found in decks of changes, war and defence.
  2. Possible mercenaries are: big kobold, merfolk, naga, tengu, orc knight, centaur warrior, spriggan rider, ogre mage, minotaur, random coloured (classless) draconian, deep elf blademaster. Higher card power level makes more of them available, and starts you higher up the list.
  3. !lg mindlar drfe ikiller=~"player char" 1 -tv:<4
  4. Fuck the tengu comes into view. It is wielding a dwarven hand axe. Pay Fuck's fee of 140 gold?
  1. Player merfolk in water get spriggan speed, +50 stealth, a 25% EV bonus (guaranteed +2, capped at +9), a tailslap attack, and (cursed) boots are melded.
  2. Plain merfolk enemies are mostly unnotable, although they sometimes generate with nets. On the other hand merfolk with classes, such as merfolk impalers, are extremely dangerous. Thankfully they're rare outside of Shoals.
merfolk aquamancer
sorear named these. Water mage in 0.6 shoals.
merfolk reasons
Excellent melee/caster hybrids: amazing polearms and dodging, good at enchantments and ice. Alternatively, good transmuters. Swimming makes Swamp and Coc:7 less painful!
  1. Inhabits the shoals and sewers. Sings a song that can mesmerise you.
  2. see mesmerise
Bow mastery title.
  1. Being mesmerised means you can't move away from the mermaid/siren and cannot go berserk. You can still cast spells. Mesmerisation can be broken by breaking LOS with the mermaid/siren; killing or confusing it; reading a scroll of noise, silence, or vulnerability; or zapping a wand of lightning. Clarity prevents it.
  2. When mesmerised, you cannot blink away from the mermaid/siren - you can only make uncontrolled teleports away it (if you have cTele, try selecting an area with walls or deep water).
  3. Some ways to break LOS: moving behind a corner, closing a door, wielding a lantern of shadows, creating a cloud of fog or steam with a scroll of fog (unreliable), evaporation or shooting fire or flame over water.
  4. If you are mesmerised by the obsidian axe, you cannot cure it except by breaking LOS, but you can go berserk.
Press 'm' to send a message to a player you're watching. To reply to a player watching you, press ':'.
metabolic englaciation
Level 6 Ice/Hex. Attempts to slow all non-rC+ monsters in sight. The duration of the slowing is based on power and reduced by monster HD (and unaffected by MR). Cold-blooded monsters are slowed for twice as long.
metal wall
A wall of metal, presumably conductive, and immune to most magical effects. It absorbs lightning (including Shock), and is extremely hard to destroy with Lee's Rapid Deconstruction.
metamorphosis card
Transforms you based on card power. Power 0 gives spider form, ice form, or bat form. Power 1 gives statue form or blade hands. Power 2 gives lichform or dragon form. Note that lichform from this source will not anger the good gods, but you must still watch out for the unarmed brands of spider (poison) and lich (draining).
Metarobin can't be played unless another robin account is being played. Metarobin must follow the rules of all active robin accounts.
  1. Like jellyfish, but they fly through the air and have life draining attacks which also magically contaminate you. Really, more like vampire mosquitos only with tons of hit points. Endemic in the abyssal stair, otherwise found only in a few Lugonu themed vaults.
  2. Vulnerable to cold, and have a special vulnerability to explosions (missiles with the brand, being next to an LRD, and so forth.)
mf guide
Pick up a polearm, hit things with it.
Not as good as MfIE.
Poisons, slows and gives a 50% chance of rotting per turn. The poison is resistible by rPois but the slow and rot are only resistible (for players) by being undead, being a demonspawn with the miasma mutation, nonliving (statue form) or using Zin's vitalisation.
<Sequell> 34 games for * (ckiller=~michael): 12x 0.4, 10x 0.2, 9x 0.5, 0.3, 0.5-a, 0.4-a
  1. Bigger than a nanobat
  2. Not to be confused with an acrobat.
mifi challenge
Streak every MiFi. See "!streak elynae mifi" for the current champion.
  1. +1d10 melee damage and 5 Strength.
  2. When a monster is under this effect (shows as "unusually strong") - it does 50% more damage than usual.
might other
Mights someone else. Deep troll shamans use it to might trolls; convokers use it to might everything. Have fun dealing with a hasted/mighted troll pack!
Describes a experience level 16-21 player ghost.
  1. Used to be a good player, nerfed in 0.6. Now is a greatplayer!
  2. pretty diesel
  3. everyone has to do the same as him, sorry guys
  4. (1:48:00 AM) mikee_: You finish putting on the +3 shield "Struimostri" {rElec rF+ rC+} (1:48:02 AM) mikee_: sigh
  5. he will play your account in exchange for playing any of vaults:1-7 on his own
  6. <mikee_> i like to think of myself as a fist of iron inside a velvet glove
  7. is a meanie
  8. Is officially awesome. (mikee the Conjurer (L16 MuVM) killed Xtahua on turn 104484. (Snake:4) without rF or haste)
  9. <casmith789> I hate mikee
  10. <mikee_> i want to turn the whole world black and green.
  11. lair -> orc -> hive (not anymore) -> lair branches: 1-4 -> elf -> get bored and stop playing
  12. <mikee_> it is hard to have nicknames in irc
  13. <mikee_> spiders have lots of time
  14. slayer of quokkas
  15. mikee_: i am the winston churchill of crawl
  16. Is right.
  17. <mikee_> one hour is about the time it takes me to get past char selection
  18. <monqy> mikee_'s account is kind of like coolrobin, but with a different password
  19. <mikee_> i am a vietnamese fuckshop
  20. wins
  21. <Codrus> I killed Louise and they dropped _A - a large shield mikee. What the heck is Mikee?
  22. Here forever.
  23. is a hideously deformed monstrosity, adept at licking elbows with the tongue on the end of its other elbow
  24. [mikee_] i've never been sick and on fire
  25. [02:42] <mikee_> cheese conducted with eggs [02:42] <syraine> Absurd [02:42] <Pacra> delicious
  26. <mikee_> i dont even have "rules"!
  27. <Henzell> mikee is awesome.
  28. <mikee_> i don't play crawl so i don't know anything about it
  29. ruins everything. EVERYTHING
  30. [23:08:18] <mikee_> a great thing about phonebooks is...[23:08:21] <mikee_> that they can also be hats!
mikee reasons
  1. You enjoy being amazing at everything (and very slow) ((better take chei))
  2. < mikee_> if you play as mikee you find 25% more slaying and do 30% more damage to greater mummies
  3. <mikee_> i am too buff
mikee avoid
killing what you want to avoid real fast
mikee guide
  1. It's 1996 and you drop your magic cards deck while trying to ollie off the railing next to the football field, scuffing your vans and dropping your discman and scratching your copy of "Portrait of an American Family."
  2. Your friend Tyler comes up to you and helps you dust the dirt off your NOFX hoodie. "Hey we're doing a MI tonight." An MI ("Mission Impossible") is when you and Tyler shoplift wine from the grocery store by putting bottles of it in the deep side pockets of your trench coats. "You want to come?"
  3. "Yeah I got a bag," you whine, fishing a film canister out of your hoodie pocket and showing Tyler the crumbs of pot stowed inside it. "Alright!!" Tyler exclaims, already digging around in the junk at the bottom of his Jansport for an apple or an empty soda can to make a makeshift pipe with.
mikee ninja
mikee teleport + mikee avoid
mikee reasons
Finds enough slaying to one-shot greater mummies.
mikee speedrun
do lots of risky things you would never normally do
mikee teleport
  1. running to where you want to teleport real fast
  2. Level 0 Translocations spell. Gradually teleports you to any spot on the map over a path not obstructed by walls. The time it takes to cast is (100 / player move delay * distance) turns.
char_set = ascii
who needs reasons, when you have mikee_.
I'll just list all the ones I can think of: curse system, food system, brokenness of summons/ally play, the abyss, making midgame branches easy by doing them late, too much resting
  1. Milestone fields: v, cv, name, race, cls, char, xl, sk, sklev, title, place, br, lvl, ltyp, hp, mhp, mmhp, str, int, dex, god, dur, turn, nrune, urune, time, type, noun, milestone, game_id. game_id points at the game owning the milestone, to see the corresponding game use !lg * id=<1245>. game_id may be null.
  2. type = type of milestone (see !lm * s=type for all types), noun = the thing that the milestone refers to. noun may be Sigmund if type=uniq, for instance.
  3. As an alternative to saying !lm type=X noun=Y, you can use !lm X=Y, for instance !lm uniq=Sigmund. As an alternative to !lm type=X s=noun, you can say !lm s=X, for instance !lm s=ghost.
  4. Examples: !lm * (most recent milestone of any player), !lm s=ghost (summarise ghosts killed by you), !lm * s=uniq (summarise uniques killed by anybody), !lm s=abyss.enter (summarise causes of banishment).
  1. They imitate items and features, and chase you when you come within a square of them. Their bites are poisonous. Now they can have constriction too! Enjoy! Gretell knows it as FEATURE MIMIC.
  2. You feel somewhat more hungry. The centaur goes up the stairs. _The centaur goes up the stairs. The staircase is a mimic!
min delay
  1. Min delay for a melee weapon is min(7, floor(base delay / 2)), or 5 for a sabre. To achieve min delay, you need your weapon skill to be at least max(base delay, 2*base delay - 14), plus 1 if odd, or 14 skill for a sabre.
  2. see attack delay[5]
!lm m1nced type=zig.exit -tv
mind elayer
<ontoclasm> mind elayer <puke> theyre sorta like mind flayers but instead of causing psychosis they just hit you with stuff until their skills are up to par
A tag on slimes, some undead, and some bugs that causes them to step into various clouds when they cannot step around them, without regard for their HP. They also cannot be pacified with Elyvilon, and they cannot use stairs.
minefield card
Makes lots of traps near you. Radius is based on card power. Makes deep water/lava instead in the Abyss.
  1. minmay's deleted Tavern posts can be found in full at https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/search.php?author_id=62&sr=posts&sf=all&ch=-1
  2. http://i.imgur.com/lMKXl0D.png http://i.imgur.com/mSoffbF.png
  3. <minmay> MuIE seems better than SpEn
  4. <TGWi> why the fuck is there an eye of devastation in lair
  5. <inspector071> who is this minmay person and why are his sadistic creations in this game!?
  6. (6:44:12 PM) minqmay: !learn del minmay[18] (6:44:13 PM) Henzell: Deleted minmay[18/18]: Deletes his own entries
  7. <minmay> I had cock worms a few weeks ago
  8. <Vizer> fuck minmay
  9. [Mu_] i do not actually possess a ring of farts, minmay.
  10. <minqmay> i like to lick elves
  11. <minqmay> i have never actually had sexual fantasies involving ginny weasley <minqmay> nor do i expect to in the future <minqmay> just to be clear <minqmay> plus that's a fruit bat anyway, hard to get rabies from those
minmay guide
  1. you make a pot of noodles and you eat half of them then you put the other half in the refrigerator so you can eat them later
  2. real noodles, not like some beef-flavored top ramen shit
minmay reasons
you want to have sexy elf dreams
minor destruction
  1. Power is based on invocations. Randomly fires one of: puff of flame, pain, stone arrow, shock (zap), acid. There is no piety cost. Costs 1hp.
  2. Very useful for softening up enemies or finishing them off when they're fleeing.
minor healing
A monster-only spell, usually used as a 'last resort' or 'escape' spell. Unrelated to Ely's ability, though possibly using the same code.
  1. Horns, all that sort of thing. Nasty things that gore you, and are chosen to be guardians for Labyrinths. If you see one not in a labyrinth, it's probably a shapeshifter.
  2. Also a bashy player race.
  3. http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/comics/00000030.jpg
  4. http://cs416320.vk.me/v416320592/5452/2RmMEqZNzAk.jpg
minotaur reasons
  1. You want to hit things.
  2. you can kill things without hitting them
misc acquirement
Decent chance of good decks. You probably dont need the ?acq if you consider this.
Failure to cast spells causes various generally nasty things to occur, becoming nastier with spell level and spell failure. Miscasts come in severity 0,1,2,3; 0 is always harmless. See {<school> miscast}.
  1. Monsters never spawn in Vestibule. (Spawning actually never stops there, though it is slow.)
  2. Base damage is king. (Early game it is basically the same as weapon enchantment, and it only becomes twice as good as weapon enchantment with maxed skills.)
  1. While affected by this status, monsters will appear to be other monsters in glyph, name and tile. It is temporary and purely cosmetic. It is blocked by clarity.
  2. <Patashu> sphinx golden dragon ice devil deep elf conjurer <Patashu> THEY WERE JUST BUTTERFLIES
  3. #1590: "The mottled dragon twitches its whiskers."
  4. The pulsating lump chants a haunting song. You are mesmerised by the pulsating lump!
  5. 'I mean, we don't have illusion magic in RL, but I guess quite a few druggies had a situation like "WTF? A yellow elephant wants to arrest me???".'
  6. fire vortex (berserk)
  7. The silent spectre roars!
misshapen and mutated
Examined monster is wretched to some degree. This effect applies a speed penalty when first acquired, as well as increasing armour, evasion, and damage penalties as more mutations are received. Caused by the malmutate spell.
  1. Find the entrances to Lair and Orc. If you die, you may try again up to twenty times, though at the cost of the point for this mission. New locations: D:1-13, Temple.
  2. Find the three branch entrances in Lair. New locations: Lair.
  3. Enter the shops in the Orc:4 shop vault and find the entrance to Vault. New locations: Orc, Elf, D:14-20.
  4. Get a Lair rune. New locations: one Lair subbranch.
  5. Find the entrance to Tomb and enter the end of Crypt. New locations: Vault:1-4, Blade, Crypt. (Missions 5, 6, and 7 can be done in any order.)
  6. Get a second Lair rune. New locations: a second Lair subbranch. (Missions 5, 6, and 7 can be done in any order.)
  7. Find at least one entrance to each of: Pan, Hell, and Zot. New locations: D:21-27, Vestibule. (Missions 5, 6, and 7 can be done in any order.)
  8. Get the silver or golden rune. New locations: either Vault:5 or Tomb, along with Zot (since you have 3 runes now).
  9. Get a third Lair rune. New locations: the third Lair subbranch. (Missions 9-14 can be done in any order.)
  10. Get the silver or golden rune. New locations: either Vault:5 or Tomb. (Missions 9-14 can be done in any order.)
  11. Get three Pan runes. New locations: Pan. (Missions 9-14 can be done in any order.)
  12. Get the remaining two Pan runes and return to D. (Missions 9-14 can be done in any order.)
  13. Get two Hell runes. New locations: all four hell branches. (Missions 9-14 can be done in any order.)
  14. Get the remaining two Hell runes. (Missions 9-14 can be done in any order.)
  1. <M-Kaibigan> Cast sticky flame on yourself.
  2. you could make this spell blow the balls wherever.
  3. Now you can Golubria the balls wherever!
  5. !lm vicht rstart=20100709110637S uniq=~royal -tv
  6. Nikola says, "Vicht, I like you."
  7. !lm Vicht rstart=20100728220719S uniq=~"royal jelly" -tv:<3
  8. (Arguably) Most crazily creative player.
  9. !lm vicht turn=265790 -tv:<5
  10. Perma-dragon, raised from birth: !lm Vicht vptm place=shoals rstart=20100731235236S type=br.enter -tv
  11. < M-Kaibigan> I like sphinxes
  1. Guardian of the Glowing Rune. Comes with hordes of neqoxecs. If you died to him in hive, you got a prize!
  2. Sort of telefragged by syllogism once! See !lm syllogism place=pan type=br.enter 3 -tv
mnoleg to stand on
blazinghand (captain), dienosore, n1000, rchandra, salivanth, zauren - http://dobrazupa.org/tournament/0.12/clans/blazinghand.html
  1. Multi-purpose robin! Play as mnoleg and die to everything, or dive to and kill mnoleg as early as possible! Dying to mnoleg accepted and encouraged! Name: Mnoleg; Pass: robin
  2. Mnoleg the Imperceptible (L14 SpEn), worshipper of Ashenzari, slain by Mnoleg in Pandemonium (mnoleg), with 89421 points after 16802 turns and 1:14:26.
  3. Mnoleg the Jinx (L13 SpEn), worshipper of Zin, mangled by Mnoleg in Pandemonium, with 52535 points after 17560 turns and 1:31:07.
  4. Mnoleg the Bringer of Life (L13 DDHe), worshipper of Elyvilon, slain by Mnoleg in Pandemonium (evilmike mnoleg eyes) on 2012-11-24 12:39:18, with 46866 points after 17010 turns and 1:44:55.
  1. http://pastie.org/pastes/4252521/text
  2. if you are testing this proof-of-concept alpha, please test for hangedman's sake the following strategies for mnoleg: TSO, sanctuary, distortion, rain, water card, antimagic
Mobile OBject: A term used to refer to Creatures and NPCs, stems from the MUD days of yore.
modified stealth
/2 when encumbered, /5 when overloaded, /3 when confused; +20 elven cloak, +20 elven boots, +50 boots of stealth, +80 shadow card effect, +-artefact modifiers (randarts have 10 to 79 or -10 to -98), -6*EVP^2 for armour with an EVP, +10 when in air, +50 if you swim, /2 if you can't, -10 hooves, -50 silence.
Said god is not angry with you anymore.
molten gargoyle
Flying monster whose bite engulfs you in flames (and can destroy your scrolls).
momentarily disoriented
You just used a scroll of magic mapping on a level you already explored. Great work!
  1. <mong> I've always wanted my own learndb entry, but it seems vainglorious to make one for myself.
  2. !lg * id=712233
  3. m0ng
  4. <minmay> do deep dwarf ghosts get damage shaving? <m0ng> only if they nick themselves with the razor, minmay
  5. <mong> I am preparing for a marathon crawling session this evening, to include bagel bites and box wine.
  6. <mong> in my defense, i am drunk
  7. <m0ng> i don't remember anything that happened last night. i came back to my character this morning and i'd switched from trog to jiyva, and had a qblade of distortion
A badass melee fighter who couldn't afford weapons or armour. Starts with a robe, unarmed combat skill, stealth and dodging. Also gets ** piety upon first following a god in 0.10+. For a martial artist type with powers, try a Transmuter.
monk reasons
When you're satisfied with punching your enemies in the face until they die
  1. hi
  2. killed good players, is a horrible person
  3. this space for rent
  4. <monqy> abuse every bug/major design flaw, don't scum [in a way i don't like], don't cast meph
  5. <monqy> Your giant spiked club {WASHINGTON} is devoured by a tear in reality.
  6. sucks
  7. see salamander[2]
  8. squarelos, orb run hells, buff mnoleg
  9. Note to self: outrun wolf spiders
  10. key contributions to society: revealed existence of executioner bands; added this entry
  11. roguelikes suck
  12. <monqy> volcanoes <monqy> take a peek
  13. <monqy> i forgot mennas could silence ok
  14. <monqy> i have no goals in life so im just going to drink from this toilet
  15. don't let him enter dieselrobin. everyone (especially monqy) will regret it
  16. alt ideas: chebylos, qyes
  17. "A wise man"
  18. loves the art of door dancing, will teach you it
  19. want to get back into crawl? try ogtm of chei
  20. killed goodplayers. locked the general god mechanics page then unlocked it. rather likes white butterfly
  21. the artist formally know as squarelos
  22. <mnoqy> murder is "pretty cool"
monqy clouds
cset = cloud:xa4
monqy guide
monqy patches
banishment hell effect
  1. cset = cloud : xa4
  2. cset = cloud : x263a
  1. work in progress
  2. work in progress
  3. monqy scrawl
  4. http://gitorious.org/~monqy/crawl/41qys-crawl
  5. <Nomi> thanks a lot <Nomi> it was awesome
  6. see 41qyscrawl
monster damage
  1. 1d(monster damage rating) + [random2(weapon base damage) + random2(weapon damage ench) - 1d3]. Multiply by 3/2 for might and 5/2 for stab.
  2. Damage reduction is max(random2(AC), gdr_percent*[monster damage + weapon base damage]). For example, a player with 50% gdr always gets at least 15 damage reduction against an anaconda and 22 against a stone giant.
  3. weapon brands work the same as for the player. Elemental attacks are different, however. See af_cold, af_elec.
monster generation
  1. Every 5 full turns there is a 5 in rate chance of something spawning. Rate starts at 240 in each dungeon level and 50 in pan. From 3K until 15K turns on a level, it lineally increases to 6 times its value. All generation stops after 15K turns.
  2. In the abyss, generation happens every 5 turns. In hell, the rate starts at 240 and goes up (less spawning) after 500 turns. If you're running home with the orb, the rate is set to always be 8.
monster ranged combat
The arrow hits you! The bolt hits you!
monster regeneration
If it's regenerating or withdrawn, 50 HP per 10 AUT. Otherwise, the percentage chance of 1 HP being gained a turn is HD (25 * ((15 - HD) / 4), divided by 2 for Enslaved Souls, 4 for Undead, 5 for Constructs. This is floored at 0.1. Monsters heal off-level by 1/50 of this value.
monster speed
  1. A number from 3 (boulder beetle) to 30 (unseen horror, megabat) representing the movement and attack rate of a monster. speed = 100/delay.
  2. If your delay is X, and the monster has speed Y, then in 10 moves of yours the monster will make floor(X * Y / 10) moves.
  1. Dirty cheaters.
  2. The most up-to-date code for @?? and @? can be found at http://s-z.org/neil/git/?p=monster-trunk.git , or clone from http://s-z.org/neil/git/monster-trunk.git , branch 'bleeding-edge-crawl'.
  1. Pseudo-predefined mutation set guaranteeing 3 body slot facets and 3 other regular ds mutations ; 1 / 10 chance; gives "You feel monstrous as your demonic heritage exerts itself." message when you gain your first body slot facet.
  2. see ds mutation rules[4]
moon troll leather armour
the +4 moon troll leather armour (Spirit MP+5 Regen). Base type is troll leather armour, which stacks with the intrinsic 40 regen (unless you are a troll).
Many years ago it was the property of a powerful mage called Boris. He got lost in the Dungeon while seeking the Orb. {-1,+4 dagger; Pain Brand; Magic Resistance +; +5 Intelligence}
Use the !log command to get the morgue for your last splat on any server. (It will be autodetected.)
  1. Oh wow, I haven't looked at those little guys in a long time. How powerfully can they shoot that stuff?
  2. Behold, greatest spectacle in all the land, it's Morri the teleporting headless freak! part 1: [!lg Morri char=NaSt place=Zot:5 -tv] part 2: [!lm Morri char=DEFE place=Wizlab -tv:<-2:>7]
  1. a nonexistent trueart that adds rSleep
  2. Sindarin for Blacksword
A mace-group weapon. Not to be confused with an eveningstar, which is better. Damage: 13, Accuracy: -2, Delay: 15.
  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bats
  2. must... 5... streak...
most won
SpEn, MDFi, MfCr, DDNe, MiBe, HOPr, DEFE, DSBe, HEWz, TrBe, SETm, KoBe, GhFE, HaTm, MuNe, NaWz, DrMo, HuPa, CeFi, OgFE, KeFE, FeBe, DGCj, VpNe (for each race). Note that HaTm, GhFE and OgFE were nemelex choices in 2009 or 2010. See also {combo ratios}.
moth of suppression
  1. Think silent spectre, but with an aura of suppression rather than silence.
  2. <elliott> oh <elliott> there's a ghost moth <elliott> shit <elliott> my sinv ring is suppressed
  3. rwbarton: moths of suppression aren't that bad when you don't have any good equipment
moth of wrath
Monster which has a surgically implanted larynx to scare off adventurers. Terminate with extreme prejudice post-haste; they send other monsters (and you!) berserk. Seen only in Spider, Zot, Ziggurats and in a Trog altar vault, so if you see it anywhere else it's a shapeshifter.
mottled draconian
A form of draconians that can spit sticky flame (range 1, can splash onto adjacent monsters). Player character gets +1 aptitude in Fire Magic. Also has sticky flame resistance at xl 7, but this doesn't stop the impact of sticky flame from doing scroll damage.
mottled dragon
A dragon that breathes sticky flame, but is otherwise unremarkable. Kill it fast if you value your scrolls. Its hide, when enchanted into armour (6AC, -1EV), provides immunity to all sources of sticky flame.
mottled dragon armour
A magical armour made from the scales of a mottled dragon. Although unlike the armour made from the scales of some larger dragons it does not provide its wearer with much in the way of special magical protection, it is as light and relatively uncumbersome as leather armour. (light armour; AC 6, EV -1, napalm immunity)
mountain bat
move delay
  1. 10 by default. Boots of running lower this by 1. The quickness mutations lower this; level 1 by 2, level 2 by 3, and level 3 by 4. Centaurs start with the second level, Spriggans with the third, Felids start with the first. The minimum is 6. delay = 100/speed. See also what delay.
  2. 8 delay (such as with swiftness or boots of running) moves at 12.5 (between an ant and a snake). 7 delay (such as a player centaur) moves around 14.3 (between a jackal and an actual centaur). 6 delay (such as a spriggan) moves at 16 and 2/3 (just less than a war dog).
Cast spells with this. Max of 50mp without bonuses; any bonuses over 50 are halved (staff of power, ring of magical power).
Perpetual lab with wizlabs that are also normal labs. The anti-kcrawl.
As of 2012-02-12, the first of two players to have died on d:1 while carrying the Orb of Zot.
A wrapper for PuTTY/KiTTY that allows you create connections in tabs rather than separate windows. http://www.ttyplus.com/multi-tabbed-putty/
  1. Win this (without abandoning Xom) and you can win any argument before it starts.
  2. <Blade-> this death involved confusion
  3. <nonethousand> it is about as fun as drunk sudoku
muck guide
  1. 1. Find a sabre of speed (preferably the captain's cutlass). 2. Find a book with sticky flame and bolt of fire. 3. Avoid dying to Xom confusion. 4. Win!
  2. This guide has a 100% success rate.
  1. Pass: robin. You must not leave D:1 until you have been banished at least once. No restrictions after that!
  2. !tv muckrobin 2
see {!lm * gid=mudo:cdo:20120316143317S s=zig.exit}
muen guide
  1. <N78291> go upstairs -> hit 5 until they fall asleep -> stab
  2. <heteroy> did you know that MuEn is not a very good combo?
  1. The chance of breakage is: 1/6 for curare and darts; 1/8 for sling bullets, stones, arrows, and bolts; 1/12 for non-curare needles; 1/20 for javelins; 1/30 for tomahawks; and 1/50 for large rocks. Throwing nets only take damage when struggled against. Other thrown things such as hand axes aren't technically missiles, and won't break.
  2. Flame- or frost-branded missiles (not if branded by the launcher!) have twice the chance of breakage.
  3. German for "destruction of missiles on use".
  1. "guys i have another question...its been bugging at me for a while now but i've fought 2 named characters by now that look like other players and they had names. One was named jlyq or something and one was named Jessica. I managed to kill them both and loot them but they didnt drop anything except their weapon and armor."
  2. "those pkers are dam annoying, i died again as a vampire assassin because i couldnt kill this guy who kept spamming low level summons since i was stuck with a -2,-2 cursed dagger."
  1. Like other *robin accounts, you share it with other players. Unlike other *robin accounts, they're logged in at the same time you are. In fact, all keypresses are shared! See multirobin[2] for setup/login details. See multirobin[3] for something awesome.
  2. wget http://eronarn.info/misc/multirobin_key ; ssh -i multirobin_key multirobin@eronarn.info (you may need to change the key's permissions). There's a shared account at multirobin/2ghouls1zot, but you could use your own, too.
  3. Holy shit, you can play multirobin in your browser! http://eronarn.info/multirobin/ ha ha ha just kidding you can't
  4. If you get display errors, try hitting ctrl+r to force redraw the screen. If you get latency issues, not much that can be done about that. Sorry!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8qgehH3kEQ
  1. Hitting a single foe several times with the rebound of a lightning spell, like Shock or Lightning Bolt
  2. In modern versions you can only hit a given monster twice with a single lightning bolt.
  3. see trizap
  4. quintizap: !lg ionfrigate killer="deep elf annihilator" 2 -tv
  1. When destroyed, all mummies cast a death curse. For normal mummies (i.e. 'a mummy'), this could curse items. For other mummies (e.g. 'guardian mummy'), it will be a random necromancy miscast effect. Regular mummies are vulnerable to fire damage.
  2. Try a wand of enslavement or summons to handle the regular sort. It'll let you avoid the death curse.
  3. Mummy PCs do not need to eat food to survive. They also resist necromantic and cold attacks, are immune to poison, but vulnerable to fire. Also, they get permanent necro magic enhancers at xl13 and 26. Lastly, they cannot drink potions, change form or go berserk. According to syrion, PC mummies use bladders for firing blowguns.
  4. Spells player mummies can't use: regeneration, revivification, symbol of torment, death's door, stoneskin, alistair's intoxication, any form-changing spell (including blade hands and necromutation), and spells that would have no useful effect such as cure poison.
  5. Take your gear off, drop it all, including your weapon, and challenge a mummy to a good old fashioned round of fisticuffs. Not only does this avoid the death curse, it is also extremely gentlemanly.
  6. Zetwiuwo moans, "Get thee gone, thou cockered inflammable dustbag!"
  7. <Ragdoll> man, look at these apts <Ragdoll> with a + before them
mummy challenge
Win a mummy who stays at rF- all game. Alternatively, streak every mummy. Bonus points for combining the two challenges! (rF- challenge completed by: nago)
mummy priest
Like a curse skull on legs. And it smites. And it curses you with necro miscasts when it dies. And it melees.
mummy reasons
  1. You want to die quickly. Or, slowly and in a way that you can't prevent.
  2. You draw a card... It is Famine. You feel rather smug.
  3. You love golden eyes and want to hang around them a lot.
  4. This trove needs 20 potions of curing to function. Give it the items?
mummy warrior
A guardian mummy that wears armour and can haste itself.
  1. In this robin challenge you have to wait for monster generation to stop (takes 15k turns) on every level before you can move on to the next. Backtracking to earlier levels is only allowed if you have stopped monster generation in the entire branch. If you are shafted, use your conscience as a guide for what to do. Password: robin
  2. One game took so long that it actually tripped over the save compatibility break and couldn't be played further due to crashes. Heed this warning: play incredibly long and annoying things quickly.
  3. Used to be 20k turns, but was changed at some point.
<Grunt> mumra: go to sleep; isn't it like 7AM where you are? :b <mumra> go to sleep? i got MSVC all fixed up so i could start coding :P
mumra patches
make pan/abyss/hell portals not overwrite doors
!lm * noun=~helpless s=name
murphy slaw
  1. figured out how to kill 30 ice beasts on d:1
  2. thesaurus trickster
  3. synonym sleuth
  4. thesaurus technician
  5. < murphy_slaw> you see here a +3 condom of penetration
  6. <effo> like cole slaw's brother
  1. A mighty demonic skull rolling along the dungeon floor. Summons undead and torments. Only found in 1 in 4 Vestibules.
  2. See the curse of Monkey Island for more info.
  3. How appropriate. You fight like a CAO.
<Sequell> No games for * (ckiller=murray).
mushroom circle
spawns a ring of fungus around the target square for 10ZP
<Sequell> * (char=musk) has won once in 1 games (100.00%): 1xMuSk
musk reasons
You're getting tired of your 23-game streak.
musu reasons
You hate your spectators, and probably yourself.
mutagenic corpse
Attempts to give a single random mutation. Gives no nutrition.
mutagenic fog
Shimmering purple, deliciously mutagenic! Will polymorph monsters and give you bad mutations! Remember to wear your resmut amulet.
mutagenic fog abyss
Blame evilmike.
Quaff all mutation potions, eat all mutagenic corpses, throw all cure mutation potions and amulets of resist mutation into lava. Worshipping Xom or Jiyva is encouraged. Password is robin.
  1. A semi-permanent change in your body. Can be good or bad. Mutations may be removed by a potion of cure mutation or the intervention of certain gods. Check list of mutations for spoiler.
  2. When being mutated (not by a god), you have a (current mutations)/15 chance of: (2/3 of the time): cancel the mutation, (1/3 of the time): remove a random mutation. This means your weirdness list is limited to about 20-24 lines; sorry, you can't have every non-exclusive mutation in the game.
  3. (8:26:52 PM) eternaljwh: Can you get your pre-existing conditions mutated or are mutagens like bad health insurance?
mutation resistance
For adding a mutation: 1 or 2 = 66%, 3 = 100%; Deleting a mutation: 2 = 50%, 3 = 100%. Amulet = 90%. Zin: (piety/2)%
mutation roulette
a dumb name for a dumb practice
If you want to make summoning more tolerable you can edit your config (init.txt) to include these lines (without quotes): "message_colour ^= mute:misses your" "message_colour ^= mute:[yY]our.*but (do no|doesn't do any) damage" "message_colour ^= mute:Your.*disappears in a puff of smoke" "message_colour ^= mute:Your.*miss(es)? (the|it)"
muwz guide (written by elynae): http://crawl.chaosforge.org/index.php?title=The_Better_MuWz_Guide
  1. A flooder somewhere from Russia. Loves stalking Webtiles games and asking weird questions.
  2. Is occasionally useful, might provide a bonus to Attention. When evoked, might give a hint. Don't use him with any demon weapon
  3. Plays as Hedgefox in Webtiles.
  4. <MyO> How does one make a "hard redirect"
mystic blast
  1. Range 7, does a maximum of 2d22 damage but explodes with a 3/(2 + 2*distance) chance. The explosion is directed away from the caster, so don't worry about hurting yourself with it.
  2. "The following name [Iskenderun's Mystic Blast] was found in the hack.exe file of an early version of PCHACK - credit goes to its creator (whoever that may be):"
  1. The player race has sInv, rPois, a poisonous spit attack, +5 stealth apt and natural stealth boosts, plus xl/3 natural AC. In return, they have a penalty to movement speed, recieve halved base AC for body armours, and cannot wear boots (though bardings have 4 base AC). Nagas gain constriction at xl13.
  2. The monsters vary in threat. If you have poison resistance then nagas and naga warriors pose no special threat, but naga mages and greater nagas can still potentially do terrifying amounts of damage.
naga mage
They cast venom bolt, mystic blast, haste, poison arrow, and teleport (both you and themselves). Take them out before warriors and regular nagas.
naga reasons
  1. Poison resistance, spitting venom, automatic AC gain through leveling up, decent weapon skills, nifty message for kneeling at altars
  2. You get lots of tail.
  3. You don't like having the ability to run from things.
  4. http://www.elfwood.com/~dreamstone/Naga-on-Tree.2696286.html
naga warrior
A tough naga who spent a lot of free time at the gym. Usually comes armored and armed.
named wizards
conj: iskenderun | hex: tukima | charm: NONE | summ: NONE | necro: borgnjor, zonguldruk | tloc: golubria | tmut: cigotuvi, eringya | fire: NONE | ice: ozocubu | air: NONE | earth: lehudib, lee, leda, doroklohe, maxwell | pois: olgreb, alistair | div: wucad mu
nethack.alt.org, go and visit #nethack
nasty poison
Possessed by queen and soldier ants, queen bees, giant centipedes, emperor scorpions, and ghost moths. Inflicts two levels of poison on a successful hit. Can still be stopped by rPois, but otherwise always takes effect, unlike other kinds of poison.
natural trap
A brown ^ indicating a trap that has managed to manifest via completely natural means! Types: shaft.
  1. New status effect in 0.10, replaces sickness from contaminated chunks (but not sickness from other sources). While it is active, you can't eat unless you are starving or near starving (and you only get half nutrition then). Gone in .13.
  2. <minqmay> iirc, sartre suggested it was a feeling that something is and isn't there at the same time <minqmay> but it turns out this was a symptom of existential angst, the need to define a meaning for one's own life
  1. features: poison storm, choko storm, firestorm storm, mephitic storm, iood storm, dispel storm, oklob storm, bug storm, inaccuracy storm, chaos storm, mutagenic storm, drain storm, blink storm, apport storm, hydra storm, thunder storm, porkalator storm, wall storm, xom storm, door storm, enslavement storm, deconstruction storm
  2. http://gitorious.org/~nooodl/crawl/ncrawl
  3. You see here 644 chokos.
  4. vvvvvv 125 fire vortices
  5. The orbs collide in a blinding explosion! x14
  6. The storm dragon bites your program bug! Your program bug dies!
  7. Mangled by a 3084792-headed hydra (16 damage)
necklace of bloodlust
Cursed amulet of rage. +2 str, -2 int, +5 dam, 30 MR, -20 stealth, makes you angry (equivalent to berserkitis 3), and recurses 1 in 3 times when worn. Extends your berserk duration slightly on 50% of kills.
necro challenge
  1. Win a pure necromancer with no allies: pain, corpse rot, sublimation of blood, vampiric draining, dispel undead, agony, borgnjor's revivification, no other spells, and no damaging or affecting any monsters with anything else.
  2. Completed by Rapigel in 0.10.2.
  1. Class starting with a Book of Necromancy.
  2. Brightwhite human @ that casts bolt conjurations and undead raising spells. Notable as one of very few edibles in Crypt.
  3. <crate> if mikee_ makes it to turn 1 on ne, he wins
necromancer reasons
You want to do what skalds claim to do, except without being terrible.
  1. Branch of Crawl magic concerned with undeath, unlife, and unholy modification of life.
  2. Also a book with the following spells: Pain, Animate Skeleton, Vampiric Draining, Dispel Undead, Animate Dead
  3. Governs spells that make undead things, or suck life force out of your enemies. Casting them pisses "good" gods off. Has a number of excellent combo spells. Many necromantic spells require corpses, which are not available in all parts of the dungeon.
  4. Really high necromancy lets you cast necromutation, and also raises the power of a few great spells like dispel undead. It also increases damage dealt by the pain brand.
necromancy miscast
By severity: 1: Slowing, (living) 5-19 dmg, rotting. 2: 1-3 shadows, (living) draining, 15-37 damage. 3: Reaper, soul eater, 1-7 statloss, draining, (living) severe rot, or torment.
  1. Level 8. Induces lichform: draining-brand unarmed, +6 AC, +50 MR, rC+, necromancy enhancer, and undead for all game purposes (NO POTIONS, rN+++, rPois, mutation immunity, torment immunity, no transformations, no berserk, dispel undead vulnerability, no regen spell or ddoor or borg or self-sublim).
  2. Contrary to popular belief, not required (or necessarily even advisable) for a "caster" even if you are planning to all-rune.
  3. Also known as "mummyform"
Borgnjor's Revivification, Haunt, Death's Door, Necromutation - Requires 6 spellcasting and 10 necromancy to memorize spells out of this book.
This undead can cause sickness and rotting and may eat corpses it walks across. Will also pick up stuff and throw it. And you can't animate its remains.
  1. Psyche says, "Once you're dead we can play together!"
  2. Followers [of Makhleb] are expected to cleanse others by inflicting suffering and death on them in Makhleb's name, and can gain further favour by ravaging the freshly dead.
  1. Boost charms and necro, get a weapon of pain, and before you know it you'll be xl27 and on Zot:5
  2. The best thing.
!tv buffalo66 dis:7 1
needle of frenzy
  1. Fired from a blowgun; causes frenzy, as the name suggests.
  2. <mikee_> needles of frenzy are like <mikee_> meth
needle of paralysis
  1. You can paralyse anything live or demonic with this given enough throwing skill and blowgun enchantment, even Cerebov.
  2. see {blowgun[2]}
needle of sickness
Like poisoned needles except they are useless.
needle trap
No damage, but seriously poisonous.
  1. Needles come in a variety of flavours, each with an individual status effect. They do not cause direct damage (except for curare).
  2. Needle brands are: poison, curare, paralysis, sleep, confusion, slow, sickness and frenzy. Currently only poison and curare do not use the checks described at blowgun.
  1. Step 1) Worship Trog. Step 2) Get 27 Throwing. Step 3) Needles of Paralysis/Sleeping/Confusion, in order of preference. Step 4) Fire at Cerebov. Step 5) Kill anything . Step 6) Get it nerfed.
  2. Step 6 has been accomplished! (needles no longer work on non-living and undead)
negative energy
Name for the bolts fired by wands of draining, the Bolt of Draining spell, and certain extremely pesky monsters. Can arise from wands of random effects. Also used to mean draining generally, as in tartarus[1].
  1. !lg neil 3512 -tv
  2. <minmay> the +3 robe "Neil" {Str+4 Int-3}
Play for as long as you want, then kite as many enemies at once and die surrounded by them. Password 'robin'. See neil for an example game
  1. http://crawl.develz.org/info/tile.php?q=nellie
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eti21PVHXrg
  1. The gambling god. In return for sacrificing anything and everything, you get decks of cards, as well as abilities that let you manipulate the decks in your favor. Nemelex abilities use evocations instead of invocations, and can be used while silenced.
  2. Abilities: Draw One lets you draw a card without wielding the deck. Peek at Two shows you two cards and identifies the deck. Triple Draw draws three cards and gives you the choice of which to take. Deal Four draws four cards at once and uses up the deck. Stack Five chooses 5 cards for you to reorder, discarding the rest.
  3. Information for most cards can be found in Henzell, under ??<card name> card. Card descriptions can be looked up in-game with ?/C.
  4. Corpses,chunks,blood count for half as much weight as other items. Also, their value is proportional to mass. Whenever you receive a deck, your sacrifice weights that went towards that deck type decrease by 20%.
  5. Deck weighting is based on the gold value of sacrifices, or the mass for chunks/corpses.
  6. "A symbol of foo" usually means that your leading deck sacrifice category just changed. It can also show up with 2% chance after any sacrifice.
  7. < rwbarton> Soyweiser: press ^! and then look at the screen very carefully
nemelex choice
  1. The Nemelex' Choice banner is a tournament banner awarded to players who win certain randomly selected combos during the tournament. See [2] for a list of the combos that have been selected in the past.
  2. Choices made from 2009 through to 2012: OgFE HaNe TrIE MfTh KeCK | GhFE HaTm SEAs MDEn NaPr | HaVM TrAs VpAE OgCj KoSk HOAr DEHu CeWz SpDK DDEn SEGl HuAK HENe KePr | MiSt HuPr FeSk DDAM VpCj DrWr DgAs HaEE MfNe CeHe HOAE KoWn SEDK | OpHu TeDK MiNe GhAE DDSu KoCj VpAK HuAM FeCK MuWn HEAs CeWz
nemelex guide
  1. Press ?/c
  2. Have you ever used a vacuum cleaner?
  3. Q: With Nemelex, (some stuff about decks or sacrifices or if the sacrifices go away when you get a new deck or what the symbol means or what happens if you sacrifice a potion of confusion or how can you make sure you get decks of wonder)?? A: NOBODY KNOWS.
  4. Seriously though, sacrifice every corpse you get and then use the summoning decks you get against tough things.
nemelex xobeh reasons
  1. Reasons to worship Nemelex: Nemelex is very useful for all characters; a collection of decks of summoning, good Evo skill, and Nemelex's abilities are enough to win the game with.
  2. (Decks of summoning are probably the most life-saving deck for a Nemelexite, but summoned creatures aren't always stealthy, so stealth-based characters may find Nemelex less useful.)
  3. An old dream, successfully realized by syllogism in 0.3.3, is to play a Troll, let its strength grow to a huge number (as Trolls' strength does), and then draw a Shuffle card to get huge Int, so you can (later, after training Necromancy) cast Necromutation. (This isn't easy.)
  4. Your body glows slightly and disappears.
  5. You like summoning multiple hostile wasps
  6. You draw a card... It is Wild Magic. Something terrible reaches out for your soul!" "You draw a card... It is Damnation. The soul eater is devoured by a tear in reality. The Blue Death screams as it is devoured by a tear in reality."
  7. <Red_Bucket> Minefield is kinda good for deploying a tele trap to make a stash
  8. <Nomi> Ye deal a card... Ye haf dealt Damnation. <Nomi> Cerebov be devoured by a tear in reality.
nemelex xobeh wrath
Two stages. You are forced to draw from the deck of punishment; and any cards which you have stacked are randomly shuffled. Drawing from decks at any point could also mean you have to draw from the deck of punishment. Marked cards are 3 times more likely to be swapped for punishment cards.
  1. Probably the fourth most dangerous of the common demons, neqoxecs summon imps, mutate you, drain Int, and generally make your life miserable. These mutations are overwhelmingly bad and cannot be resisted with Magic Resistance (teleportitis anyone?), and that INT smashing does not require LOF.
  2. rMut helps, but even with resist mutation try to kill them as soon as possible.
  3. The name "neqoxec" was created using a highly advanced, finely tuned cryptonomenclaturic Demon Name Generator involving the use of physical force applied to a keyboard.
Summons spectral orcs (like haunt but with orcs), then casts haste other on them and bolts of draining through them. Also has Death's Door.
  1. A unique centaur, generated with a longbow of flame, poisoned arrows, a centaur barding, haste and blink. Also blinks away from you. Fires poisoned arrows of flame (no, you can't). His magic resistance is considerably low, so he's susceptible to slowness, paralyzing, etc.
  2. Nessos, the merfolk. Nessos shouts, "I'm half man! Half horse! And all stone-cold KILLER!"
  3. < Pacra> Nessos evaporates an' reforms as a death drake! Nessos casts a spell. < Pacra> _Nessos seems ta speed up.
net trap
  1. Does no damage, but holds you immobile for a few turns. You can still cast spells, but no melee or movement.
  2. Be warned! While it sounds harmless, getting stuck in one of these while atttempting to run away from an enemy (take your pick from: Sigmund, an Ogre, a gnoll pack, or perhaps a jelly) will most likely kill you very quickly.
  3. see hilarious_deaths[41]
  1. That other game.
  2. Used as a semi-epithet by some ##crawl members, as in "that sounds nethackish", since said Crawl players got tired of Nethack before trying and liking Crawl.
  3. Design principle 1: If in doubt, do it unlike Nethack and D&D.
  4. the bash.org of roguelike code bases
Self-claimed successor to NetHack. Shares channel with AceHack, #acehack
nethack mode
If you're using putty and having trouble getting the numpad to work with modifier keys, go to Options > Terminal > Keyboard and set 'Initial State of Numeric Keypad' to NetHack. See also ?? putty
nethack reasons
29-win streaks
  1. Half of the Freenode network lost connection to the other half. To each person in each half, each person in the other half will quit with reason "*.net *.split". This usually fixes itself soon enough.
  2. see {!lg * tmsg="blown up themselves" s=xl} - < pigvomit> this whole place blown up themself
new abyss
Abyss from 0.9-0.11 where the layout was an infinite plane that shifts terrain around the player over time. Still was indefinite and tedious, so inception occured to improve conditions further.
new testament
<+kilobyte> abuse item-cloning bugs (like that one with two breads and five fishes), log in simultaenously on your player and admin accounts, etc
see {badreddit[$]}
seems to have completed the ironman challenge.
leaves terrifying speedrun ghosts everywhere. watch out or it might apport you!
  1. !nick <ircname> <crawlname> to add; remember to include !nick <ircname> <ircname> as this isn't included by default! !nick <ircname> -rm to remove all nick mappings. !nick <ircname> -rm <name> to remove <name> from the <ircname> nick mapping.
  2. Works with Sequell and Henzell only, not (yet) Gretell or Sizzell.
  3. 114704 | D:23 | Noticed Nick the pandemonium lord
<elliott> the_glow: gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you <eb> abyss romance
+40/80/120 stealth -1/-2/-3 LOS. Remember, LOS is reciprocal, so when your LOS is reduced, so is the LOS of everything else in the dungeon.
  1. If you don't have rElec, go away. If you do have rElec, go away. In either case, just use curare. Kill him for his cloak and gloves and sabre of elec!
  2. Nikola yells, "Danger! Danger! High voltage!"
  3. Spamming butterflies is an easy way to (mostly) nullify his chain lightning, if you can use them.
  4. see famous_last_words[4]
Increases EV
  1. The act of grabbing a rune or orb without killing its guardian or guardians. Most common in Zot, Hell and Pandemonium.
  2. <danharaj> I remember your last one it looked like you were walking into your house and picking up your car keys.
Nethack variant with an improved interface and other good stuff. http://nitrohack.org/
no vaults
If you started your game before the dungeon split and Vaults didn't generate, transfer your game to -844 or later and/or ask for a server rebuild
  1. While this weapon is wielded, it has a 1 in 20 chance each turn to make a loud noise (unless you are silenced).
  2. It's an ego weapon... with personality!
  1. Nomi the Sorcerer (L12 FeBe)
  2. <Henzell> Nomi the Grappler (L15 TrBe), worshipper of Trog, demolished by an anaconda skeleton (animated by a shadow imp (summoned by a neqoxec (summoned by a deep elf summoner))) on D:1 (zotvault4), with 79863 points after 8176 turns and 2:55:37.
  3. Thinks bolt of inaccuracy is the best spell in the game
  4. <[Hanged_Man]> 0.9 statue form gsc of holy wrath > dragon form > troll uc > op uc > enhancer staff > uc > quickblade of pain > everything else
  5. !fight 3 stone giant;large rock ego:steel, 3 stone giant;large rock ego:returning, 3 stone giant;large rock ego:chaos, 3 stone giant;large rock ego:exploding, 3 stone giant;large rock ego:penetration v 2 chuck, 2 chuck;large rock ego:penetration, 3 the iron giant;large rock ego:steel spells:cantrip
  6. K - tha +16 plate armour "Cauwn" {+Inv Dam+4}
  7. <Nomi> i almost never cast charms
  8. <Nomi> Q - the +0,+3 mace of Nomi's Painful Death {drain, rF+ rN+}
  9. not nooodl
  10. <Nomi> !learn add bad_ideas shattering sprint III's crypt <Nomi> this looks like i'm screwed <Nomi> or i could shatter again
non weapon
Attacking with a non-weapon does no damage and has delay 15. Don't do it.
A roundrobin for anyone who's pretty sure they'll screw up and die in the next 10 turns. noobrobin gets as far as he does, and no one cares when he dies, so have at it. MiBe is recommended, but not required. Login: noobrobin Password: robin
  1. Dungeon -> Catacombs -> Laboratory -> Drowned City -> Underpass -> Cave -> Communications Hub -> Vault -> Lair -> Chapel
  2. The "Almost Good"
  3. splatted as a MiBe with maxwell's once
  4. died to a shop in a bazaar once
  5. in TOMB, of all places, i can't stress this enough
  6. (the first thing not the second)
  7. < nooodl> holy shit makhleb takes offers? i'm an idiot
  8. never has more than 14 runes
  9. < nooodl> heal wounds is pretty bad
  10. not noooodl
  11. not nooodle
  12. (well technically it's "the second thing not the third" now)
  13. my defe guide: blow shit up
  14. not Nomi
  15. see elliott[3]
  16. hey
Removed in 0.8, Norbert was a skilled warrior with no spells and not much skill.
  1. A tan, fit and thoroughly evil ex-surfer. Feeds on your intelligence, smites, paralyzes, confuses, turns invisible, heals himself, and smokes Cuban cigars.
  2. < petato> I see Norris lost his board. poor guy :( <+sorear> anachro police got it < petato> timecops go home
not desperate enough
  1. <valrus_> how am I supposed to train charms with brands when I have three different elec weapons
  2. [21:20] <Ragdoll> darn wand of healing #5
  3. <mikee_> damn, i'm having trouble training melee skills <mikee_> because i kill everything in 1-2 hits
  4. <minqmay> identifying weapon enchantment is such a pain when you one-shot all the plants
  5. <scummos> hmm, Lair:8 is difficult if you firestorm everything <scummos> because it's loud
  6. <magistern> ugh another acquirement
  7. < tensorpudding> i can't get electric golems and orbs of fire to notice me
  8. < simmarine> i wish i didnt have to choose between stone arrow and shatter for killing
  9. <elliott> not another wand of teleportation
  10. < valrus> who needs 20% hp
  11. <elliptic> this char is the weakest 57/23/32 char ever <elliptic> I should just go win
  12. see lightli
  13. <elliott> Blade-: nice tele wand <Blade-> I have a billion already
  14. <doome>do i stop training shields and use this vampiric triple sword i acquired <doome> is it worth it it probably is
  15. <N78291> fr: you aren't forced to train some dumb skill when you run out of others
not gay
!lm ebarrett defe place=pan 6 -tv:<2:>-1
Graphical frontend to various roguelikes. http://www.roguetemple.com/z/noteye.php . Challenge: win crawl in first person perspective.
nothing appears to happen
You didn't see anything. I was never here. You will not speak of this to anyone.
  1. Likes to streak wins on AcidRobin.
  2. Likes to vandalise the learndb.
  3. <notthepope> when i grow up i'm going to be a fireman <notthepope> on the space shuttle
Number of plays on footv since ntv was last reset.
  1. Wear nothing but your socks. Dance. Fight. Die.
  2. (ingame.)
  3. Dying is optional.
You need a num to go deeper.
numpad reasons
There are no letter keys on your keyboard.
  1. see {!nwon}
  2. The Sequell command "!nwon n k" lists combos that have been won at most n times, with those in progress at XL >= k annotated as such. Defaults are n=2, k=12. The command "!randnwon n k" picks a random not-in-progress combo from this list.
  1. Likes cats. A lot. Preferably the Dis versions.
  2. Holder of the Book of Nekomancy. Create Hairball (L1), Summon Dead Rodent (L2), Cat Missile (L4), Meow Kapow (L6), Catastrophe (L9). Me-OW!
  3. Shamelessly will play your games for you to desired points like a cat walking over your keyboard. Discreet with passwords and has a splat rate of 0% with other people's accounts right now!
  4. zotwaltzes and doesn't afraid of anything
  5. Pre-nyaakitty greatplayers win percentage: 5.58%. Post-nyaakitty greatplayers win percentage: 4.75%. Effective April 24th, Sunday, 2011.
  6. knows what is what
  7. <meowfelid>N-Nemelex-chan, don't leave me like it's some cheap eroge, stay with me forever like it's an expensive eroge that I want to have dirty sex with pleasseesee
  1. This is the second-best button in Crawl. See tab for the best one.
  2. Saint Roka is the best o in Crawl.
The fifth branch of hell, where all of your abilities are as overpowered as they have been in any version of Crawl.
only uses features that are in oblivion (a place where nerfed things go)
obsidian axe
  1. A +12, +15 broad axe of chopping that mesmerises you whenever a monster is in sight. +3 Str, SInv, +Fly, always recurses, sometimes summons a usually-friendly demon (3 or 4) when you kill stuff. Also cures confusion when you're mesmerised.
  2. Visions of slaying the oklob plant flood into your mind. You cannot move away from the oklob plant!
octagon level
Has orthogonal and diagonal sides, a ring of pillars or stone arches around the center, and probably a bunch of stairs grouped together. It's designed to make you die.
Month named after octopodes. Try to win 8 of them during it.
  1. Players who have done a streak of 8 or more octopodes.
  2. see october
  1. Player species, added in 0.10. Can equip 8 rings, amulet, a shield, and a hat (no helmets), but no other armour. Wields items normally, and also has constricting tentacle attacks. Has camouflage for added stealth.
  2. For four days in 2012, octopodes had eight times the normal squeeze damage (96 instead of 12), allowing them to one-shot greater mummies (among others) with ease. Introduced, and then ruined, by |amethyst; rest in peace.
  3. http://robertbowenart.com/wp-content/themes/RobertBowenArt/images/The-Guardian.jpg
octopode reasons
You like being killed by bats.
octopus king
see trident of the octopus king or ring of the octopus king
Recently discovered his first ever rune was a complete fluke :(
offhand punch
Does 5 + (unarmed skill / 3) damage. Gets +5 bonus for blade hands. Gets a +1d3 bonus for claws (if you're not using bladehands).
doesn't count
offline reasons
  2. lacks fantasy
  3. Is terrible, doesn't charm shit.
  4. can't spell extroidinare
  1. <Henzell>Unemployed Ogre
  2. Master of dumping ghouls into lava while hunting for the Abyssal rune.
  3. If you don't ask a question, his answer is always "go kiku".
  4. Also known as 'Captain Obvious'
  5. Said to be personally responsible for the death of rupert.
  6. Thinks greensnark thinks ogaz thinks slaying should be nerfed.
  7. ogaz: also what is disarmer a title for
  1. Ogres have low accuracy and health, but can deal a lot of damage when they hit. It is a good idea to pick them off from a distance, using poisoned projectiles. Are notable for their slow attacks with giant (spiked) clubs. If you step away after it swings, you might create a gap.
  2. Also a player race. Excellent HP, and great aptitudes in fighting (+3), maces (+3), and spellcasting (+1), pretty bad aptitudes at everything else. Unfitting armour like Spriggans and Trolls, fast metabolism 1, saprovore 1, tough skin 1 (AC+1).
  3. <еlliptic> well ogres are strong <syraine> Ogres are strong <mikee_> ogres are strong <madreisz> are ogres strong
  4. <ogaz> in shocking news ogres are bad at things
  5. < crate> actually my real defenses are a +5 gsc of freezing with 5 slaying and halo
  6. <G-Flex> I have a +2 hammer of protection and a giant spiked club <G-Flex> I'm still tempted to use the hammer because otherwise I have half the AC
ogre challenge
  1. Streak every ogre. clouded is the current leader with a streak of seven (OgCj, OgPr, OgMo, OgVM, OgAE, OgGl, OgHu).
  2. Streak one ogre.
ogre mage
  1. Like Erolcha, but with more HD, haste other, random generation, a band, and a delicious magenta flavour. All the same warnings apply.
  2. Playable race in Crawl versions before 0.5
ogre reasons
  1. You want to play a troll, but don't like regeneration or good unarmed damage.
  2. <N78291> ogen has deceptively high hp that might make you think it can melee an unarmed gnoll
Another roundrobin, the goal is to play an...you guessed it - an Ogre. Ogaz the OgAs is the key to victory.
ogtm guide
Code/contribution metrics gleaned from the git history: https://www.ohloh.net/p/stonesoup
  1. Heroism (*) temporarily gives +5 to all non-magic skills except Invocations and Evocations, although Fighting skill from it gives no extra HP. Finesse (*****) halves attack delay but does not stack with haste or berserk and is blocked by stasis. Also gifts weapons and armour, and ammo if you have a ranged skill >= 8.
  2. <G-Flex> I picture oka as this old guy going through his attic and just discarding old junk as gifts
  4. You finish putting on the -5 robe of Misfortune {god gift, -Cast Contam+ *Tele EV-4 Str-2 Dex-2 Int-2 Stlth-- Curse}.
  5. Gives almost no piety for easy fights, none at all for trivial ones.
okawaru reasons
  1. Reasons to worship Okawaru: heroism and finesse are somewhat useful.
  2. You enjoy being gifted +0 animal skins.
okawaru wrath
ABANDONMENT: 25 penance. RETRIBUTION: 1+XL/5 punishers, chosen from (orc warrior, orc knight, naga warrior, centaur warrior, stone giant, fire giant, frost giant, cyclops, hill giant, titan). Abjurable summons in 0.7, permanent summons in 0.8 (no xp or items).
oklob plan
oklob plant
  1. An immobile plant that spits acid. Can be affected by hexes.
  2. An oklob plant comes inta view. Tha oklob plant spits acid at ye. Tha splash o' acid hits ye! Tha acid corrodes yer +0 pair o' gauntlets! Tha acid corrodes yer cursed +0 pair o' boots! Tha acid corrodes yer cursed +0 orcish shield o' reflection!
  3. see obsidian_axe[2]
  4. Your oklob plant has already reached the pinnacle of evolution.
oklob sapling
A weaker version of an oklob plant with lower HD, health and MR.
oklob sapling temple
blame marvinpa
oklob temple
  1. Blame minmay.
  2. see oklob_sapling_temple[1]
old dk
<wreck> so what's playing a DK like..I have no idea <N78291> walk along, miscast your 1 pain spell, die to a hobgoblin
old score
[your gold + ((your experience * 7) / 10) + value of inventory, only if you won + (number of different runes^2 * 1000, only if you won)] or 99,999,999, whatever is less (THIS ONLY APPLIES <= 0.3.4)
The swamp worm uses the watery terrain to its advantage. The swamp worm bites you! * * * LOW HITPOINT WARNING * * *
  1. see {!nwon}
  2. All playable combos have been won in v>=0.11! Oldwon will likely resume after the 0.12 tourney.
  1. see staff_of_olgreb
  2. You also may be looking for olgrebs_toxic_radiance
olgrebs toxic radiance
  1. Poisons everything in sight (including you). Does not work on things that are resistant to poison or are invisible (including you), or enemies that are submerged. Inflicts stronger poison half of the time (not including you). Level 4 Poison spell, not very good. Stacks now! Still not very good!
  2. In 0.13 it poisons creatures over several turns and ignores the caster's rPois, unless you're wielding the Staff of Olgreb.
won (won) has won once in 1 games (100.00%): 1xMDFi
one handed
One handed weapons behave how you'd expect a weapon to behave. No penalty for using these with a shield. If you use a one handed weapon without a shield you get an off hand punch.
one true language
one true tournament
not a square
Linley Henzell knows how to dice these.
this seems to mean 'working', or 'usable'
<Henzell> onlydeepdwarves the Gusty (L5 CeAE), succumbed to an adder's poison in D:4, with 275 points after 3643 turns and 0:08:49.
  1. <ontoclasm> one day i'm going to say something stupid enough to get my own learndb entry <ontoclasm> but it is not this day
  2. <ontoclasm27> !learn edit ontoclasm[2] s|.*|<ontoclasm2> learn add ontoclasm <ontoclasmell> ontoclasm[2/2]: _ontoclasm_: The ontoclasms merge to form a Titanic Ontoclasm!
  3. <Sequell> 238. Laeklar the Firebug (L1 DEFE), collapsed under their own weight caused by ontoclasm the ring of strength on D:1 on 2012-10-31, with 27 points after 270 turns and 0:02:03.
  4. < Sequell> 12. Poncheis the Demonologist (L19 MuWz), worshipper of Sif Muna, slain by ontoclasm fish in Hell (vestibule of hell mu) on 2012-03-17 21:56:35, with 288913 points after 32158 turns and 6:36:23.
  5. <ontoclasm> dear whoever invented the entry vault where kobolds across a river throw darts at you: <ontoclasm> fuck you to death
  6. see goodirc[3]
  7. <ontoclasm> i hate players and want them to die
  8. <ontoclasm> we'll wait till it kills someone <ontoclasm> in a hilarious manner
  9. <ontoclasm> i'm a goodplayer???
  10. <ontoclasm> i play like a crazy person
  11. <Zifmia> What are you considering distorting? <ontoclasm> the truth :C
  12. <+ontoclasm> fucking mammals all look the goddamn same
  1. Crawl sometimes generates unusually hard monsters to keep you on your toes. The maximum possible is a 9 level difference, or 5 on D:1; add 12 as a special farmer penalty which only triggers after ~1k turns and is quite rare even then. Other times when something seems overly powerful, it's just a vault -- e.g. death yak guarding the lair.
  2. see orb of destruction
ood interesting
This option is set to 8 by default. This makes Crawl automatically note monsters which are eight or more levels out-of-depth which you meet in the Dungeon branch. To check if the game noted of the monster you're fighting as ood_interesting, press the '?' key then the ':' key to see your game's notes.
The Order of the Stick, an outstanding D&D webcomic: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0001.html
Slow, but it can do FIVE damage with a single blow. Beware the HP cost.
  1. Overpowered, or the abbreviation for octopodes.
  2. <Alexor> I don't think that octopodes will ever really be successful in crawl. I don't think that ASCII and tile graphics can ever really capture the true essence of having a giant octopus, covered in bling, latched onto your head and beating you to death with its tentacles, like some sort of maelevolent dreadlock wig.
open guide
!lm bazaarofnaniwa br.enter=slime 1 -tv:>$:x10
  1. Casts bolt of fire and creates holy flame clouds around you (but not under you).
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophan
  1. !lm ophanim dsbe uniq=duvessa place=orc 1 -tv
  2. !lg ophanim 1000 -tv
  3. tea is pansy coffee
  1. what do you even mean, turn optimal? time optimal? resource optimal? safety optimal? opportunity costs easily make this term mean nothing.
  2. <danharaj> let mikee do it for you, optimally.
  1. <Wensley> elynae: eventually they will run out of arrows
  2. <nht> ideally one would just go xom, drop on 3 pan runes and get rotated to an exit <nht> then fall down shafts to zot:5 and get rotated to the < stairs on the way up
  3. <Ragdoll> im planning all mummy classes streaking with xom
  4. <rwbarton> maybe the other ogre will banish this one
orange crystal statue
  1. Most monsters in this game attempt to kill you by slowly draining your hitpoints. The orange crystal statue attacks your intelligence score instead. Also confuses and drains mana, but can be instakilled with a wand of disintegration.
  2. OCS attacks are actually just divination miscasts--in fact they are implemented in the source code by calling the code for a divinations miscast.
orange demon
  1. 4 that drains random stats in melee. Vaguely notable for being one of the few demons with no rPois. It's orange.
  2. In 0.13, its poison attack has reaching and gives the weakness status instead.
orange rat
  1. It drains, it bites, it's fast, and it will kill you quick from up close. Unless you find a rat vault, though, they usually only show up when you're plenty buff enough to take them. Roars on awakening and moves faster than normal.
  2. http://www.dapper.com.au/whatrat.htm#argente
orb card
  1. Power 0: IMB, power 1: IOOD, power 2: multiple IOODs in a burst around you. Found in decks of destruction.
  2. !lm crate hoar bazaar 1 -tv
  3. !lg Yermak ktyp=disintegration 4 -tv
orb glow
Causes -cTele, hurts stealth and slows down dissipation of magical contamination. Does not block invis, change to-hit/EV or cause contamination on its own.
orb guardian
Beasts that guard the Orb, only found in the Zot:5 vault. Hits like a stone giant and moves faster than you. Becomes more dangerous when berserked by one of the moths of wrath that invariably spawns in the vault.
orb of destruction
  1. Iskenderun's Orb of Destruction - level 7 pure conjuration homing missile spell. Moves at speed 30 with inertia - if something casts this at you, sidestep, but watch out behind you! It does less damage at short range; at melee range it only does about half damage.
  2. Unfortunately, any monster with a shield may be able to block the orb (and take zero damage). Monsters such as these (Daevas in particular) should be blasted a different way. Another thing to watch out for is an orb hitting another orb. In short, they'll explode with a small radius (so don't cast them very close to each other).
  3. Does 9d(pow / 4) damage, but power gets an extra stepdown and will never exceed 87. Power is further reduced by 50/30/10 percent if the orb has only traveled 1/2/3 spaces.
  4. If the mobs are using darts/arrows of dispersal, OOD is risky, as you might blink into the path of your own orb.
  5. <Pacra> I like iood because boom kablooie big explosions!
  6. If you are a felid, this is one of the few ways for you to dig walls and destroy hostile statues.
orb of electrocution
Epic electrical storm. Was Annihilations-exclusive in pre-SS versions of Crawl; now Makhleb and Nemelex exclusive. Very deadly to anyone within 3 squares; 150+ damage has occured.
orb of fire
  1. Lots of health, immune to elemental (except for cold, which it only resists) and necromantic attacks, lots of damage and a mutating attack. Never underestimate their power, lest you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  2. The orb of fire glows yellow. Strange energies course through your body. A pair of horns grows on your head! _The +2 helmet of Saih {+Rage rF++} falls away!
orb of zot
  1. Goal of the game; get it and return to the surface. Found on level 5 of the Realm of Zot. Picking it up seals portal entrances dungeon-wide, bestows the -cTele status in a radius of 2, and causes all monster generation to become extremely rapid and to consist solely of abyss- and pan-type nasties, including pandemonium lords. Weighs 60 aum.
  2. The Orb of Zot comes from the BASIC text adventure Wizard's Castle. (Source: the manual for Linley's Dungeon Crawl 2.72.)
  3. <st_> well apparently the orb of zot is created by the wizard zot and actually lies in the realm of bydl
  4. see the wizards castle
orb run tomb
elliott's favorite spectator sport.
orb spider
  1. Moderately uncommon spider mostly in the Spider's Nest that tries to maintain its range and shoot orbs of destruction to try and make you side-step into webs, continues the fine tradition of new monsters being puns as an orb-weaving orb weaver spider.
  2. <inspector071> melee vs orb spiders is hell if you cant corner them <inspector071> and of course you cant because they wont let you <inspector071> rCorner
orbit of destruction
  1. By itself, a pushover; but usually accompanied by lots of friends. Has 1d6 + 4 hp.
  2. see orcish mines[1]
orc high priest
Like orc priests, but with more HP and summon demon. Try to kill them as fast as you can, if you can't, then run.
orc knight
Their warcries will wake and strengthen nearby orcs.
orc priest
  1. Generally the nastiest of the orc family in the early game, and a delightful green colour. Can smite with Beogh's power, and also melees. Regularly comes in a pack of normal orcs, generally with a orc wizard, and maybe even a orc warrior.
  2. Luckily, orc priests do not always try to cast a spell, and smite is watered down with cantrips, so even if they do, it might not be a smite. Also, if they are in melee range, they are rather more likely to swing then cast (which STILL might not be smite). Most dangerous when far away and closing/behind orcs.
orc slaying
Increases damage by 75% against orcs. It can only be found on artifacts. If a Beoghite, orcs will have a lowered chance of converting to friendly if you are wielding a weapon with this brand.
orc sorcerer
  1. Probably the greatest purely magical threat in the Orcish Mines, they are fire resistant, can drain your life, paralyze you, and summon a lot of demons (which will also fight you, drain your stats and mutate you.) You'll probably want to kill them fast, or failing this possibility get out of their sight as fast as you can.
  2. see hilarious_deaths[36]
orc warlord
orc warrior
Very much more of a melee threat than a regular orc, especially when first encountered. Tends to spawn with a good weapon and good armor and a good ability to use both, potentially beyond one's own when first met.
orc wizard
  1. Annoying by their lonesome as they will happily destroy your scrolls and pots in the early game, though very susceptible to poison and melee damage. Group it with a bunch of orc meatshields and an orc priest and you may well have a recipe for trouble.
  2. Spells: { 2x magic dart, 2x blink, slow, haste } OR { magic dart, throw flame, invisibility, 2x confuse } OR { magic dart, throw frost, throw flame, invisibility, haste, cantrip }.
  3. If slow has the potential to kill you, step carefully around these guys until you're very resistant to magic.
orcish fort
Mid game vault you can find from dungeon 7 and higher. It's a fort with 4 towers surrounded by water. Contains lots of orcs, wargs, orcish warriors and sometimes Orc Knights and Orc Warlords. There may be some loot inside, but nothing spectacular. Due to orc knights and warlords it might be dangerous for low level characters.
orcish idol
Silly statue that indicates presence of orcs usually. Destroying one can result in beogh_retribution.
orcish items
  1. If you are an orc, orcish armour impedes spellcasting less than other armours and improves your effective Armour skill. Orcs do slightly more damage with orcish weapons. The Armour and damage bonuses are larger if you are also a follower of Beogh, growing with piety.
  2. A randomly generated orcish weapon will be -1 to hit, on a coinflip, and +1 to damage, on another coinflip. Orcish weapons have a 50% chance of having their ego removed, if they tried to generate with one.
orcish mines
  1. Found in the main dungeon, between D:6 and D:11. Four levels deep.
  2. The only loot you will find (besides the occasional shop or three) is a substantial amount of gold and a huge amount of orcish equipment. You will need to be able to handle multiple orc warrior packs simultaneously; watch out for knights, warlords, sorcerers, high priests, Saint Roka, and elves.
  3. The stairs in the bottom level are guaranteed to be connected, so the risk of being stuck in a pocket is low.
  4. Don't not go to Lair not second. Seriously.
  5. !lg hyperelliptic dghu 1 -tv:<T23000:>T23100
orcish rune
  1. You can see these on robes and short swords that orcs are using.
  2. Donald says, "I asked for directions to the rune, but they belched at me."
  3. Donald says, "These orcs are so stupid, they must've eaten the rune."
ornate deck
A Deck with power level 1 or 0 cards. See card power for more details.
  1. No diagonal movement! Password robin.
  2. Except when autoexploring. Because CTS is for other roguelikes.
  1. plays Windows Tiles trunk. maintains a selection of bad_ideas at https://sites.google.com/site/cherrypickedbadideas/
  2. ortoslon's suggested play order: Rogue > DoomRL > Crawl > Spelunky
  1. An early game portal to a miniature tomb, stuffed with mummies and zombies and traps and things. The portal is timed and will eventually close on its own.
  2. If you get the vault with guardian mummy, just run around in circles and get out of Mummys LOS. Then you can get into the vault for all the loot.
Ouch! That really hurt! This message means something just blasted you for half (or more) of your hit points.
  1. Avoid, or meet your future.
  2. !tv stossel hefe place=D:6 1
  3. !tv SGrunt defe place=zot:5 1
worse than encumbered. cannot move up stairs. +3 movement delay and hunger. 1/3 stealth.
  1. Probably some ice mage who came up with some badass spells.
  2. A magical serial murderer infamous for stuffing the corpses into his fridge.
ozocubus armour
  1. Extra 4 + ice/3 (5 + ice*7/12 if in ice form) AC lasting for 18 + 2d(power) turns. Incompatible with Stoneskin and armour with EVP >= 2 (or Enc. >= 5), but DOES work on the undead and bodily transformed.
  2. Partially melts if you cast, are hit by, or think about anything warmer than room temperature.
ozocubus refrigeration
  1. A fun and powerful L6 Ice spell that hits everything in LOS (including invisible/submerged things. and YOU, so have cold res) with AC-bypassing cold damage. 50% chance to slow cold-blooded monsters. This can shatter your potions if damage is >0, so drop them or at least wear conservation. Works nicely in many places, e.g. Slime, Snake, Elf, Zig.
  2. Taking damage from this spell does not wake sleeping monsters.
  3. You kill the orc! x3 You kill the orc priest! You kill the orc! You kill the orc! You kill the orc! You kill the orc! x11
  4. Does not pass through trees.
  1. The guy who died to a death cob.
  2. The guy who control-teleported into a closed box without anything to get out. Got stomped by crystal golems.
  1. Followers of Elyvilon can pacify monsters with healing abilities and wands of healing. Success rate depends on invocations skill and the strength of the healing ability in comparison to the monster's maxhp, modified mostly by holiness. Piety is not involved. Pacifying a monster gives half the normal xp and has a chance of raising piety.
  2. Strength of the god-given healing abilities depends on invocations skill. Strength of the wand of healing depends on evocations skill (for pacification calculations only). At high evocations, the wand is stronger than high-invo greater healing.
  3. Monster's maxhp is multiplied by 1 (animals), 1.5 (your species), 2 (holy), 3 (other), 4 (undead), 5 (demonic) for the check. The check is whether 1d((invo+1)*healed) > modified_maxhp. Healed is strength of healing (average 5+invo/3 for lesser, 19+2*invo/3 for greater, 22+5*evo/6 for wand).
  4. (not lesser) the god power has about 25% chance of pacifying a hydra with 5 invo. With 10 invo, 69%. See http://www.niestu.com/caracal/pacify.html for a table of approximate probabilities.
pacifist run
Be a MuCK of Xom. Polymorph every monster into a snake. Make Xom polymorph every snake into an arrow.
pacify immunes
  1. Pacification immunity is confirmed to be due to I_PLANT intelligence. List of confirmed immunes on [2].
  2. List of confirmed immunes so far: All J*, all G*, Swamp and Spiny Worms,(* denotes an exception explained in [3])
  3. Notable creatures not immune to pacification: Dissolution, Giant Orange Brain, Great Orb of Eyes, all tier 1-5 demons
  4. Pacification always fails if the monster is of I_PLANT intelligence or less, of type MH_NONLIVING or MH_PLANT, asleep, or stationary.
The strategy where you pacify everything. Except when you are hungry.
  1. If you're getting encumbered or running out of slots, drop your excess stuff! Use d#. Start a dedicated stash, or just drop it wherever on levels you've cleared. Identify your stuff! Use show_inventory_weights. Don't carry valuable enchants/cure mutation. Ctrl-f is great for finding things you dropped, so you don't need to carry it with you.
  2. You don't need to carry every weapon you find. One of each wand you're *going to use* is fine. When was the last time you needed to eat 10 rations at once? If you actually need more than like 2-5 of any given scroll or potion all at once, you're doing something very wrong. Go back and get that spellbook in 5 levels when you'll actually use it.
  3. I will give you 5 dollars if you actually ever wear that amulet of clarity. If you're never going to drink the potions of invisibility, why carry them? I bet you really need all those detect curses too, as well as the 5 you'll find on the next level. You're not going to swap armors for resistances, don't even pretend you are.
  4. Note: the above is the opinion of slinkies/Mayhem, and his opinions do not reflect those of the channel as a whole.
  1. Various creatures come in groups of 4 or more: gnolls, orcs (several orcs plus a priest, wizard, and sometimes an orc warrior), ugly things, slime creatures, yaks, death yaks, sheep, jackals, war dogs, wolves, bees, boggarts, deep trolls, insubstantial wisps, yaktaurs (lower levels, with a captain), centaurs (lower levels, with a centaur warrior).
  2. Also, kobolds (with a single big kobold, large amounts of either is a kobold room), ogres (lower levels, plain and two-headed, wiht a mage), blink frogs, green and grey rats, skeletal warriors, giant mosquitoes.
  1. Likes: ogwn, Lugonu, mnoleg, footv. Hates: dragonform, weapon delay %.
  2. Mnoleg the Jinx (L13 SpEn), worshipper of Zin, mangled by Mnoleg in Pandemonium, with 52535 points after 17560 turns and 1:31:07.
  3. doesn't borg at 4hp because he doesn't need to
  4. !lm pac uniq="the royal jelly" 24 -tv
  5. <Pacra> one of my favorite current things to do is make my enemies surrender, then tie them up with rope and drag them around the dungeon <Pacra> then levitate and drag them into lava <Pacra> because im a psychopath
  6. Comestibles: c - 20 bread rations
  1. L1 necro spell, exclusive to the Book of Necromancy. Inflicts 1hp non-fatal damage on the caster. Does 1d(4 + pow/5) damage, with a limit of 25 power, and bypasses AC - but checks MR and only affects monsters without life protection, or players without torment resistance.
  2. see pain brand
  3. Linley Henzell knows how to cause great amounts of this.
pain brand
  1. Brand which inflicts 1d(necromancy skill) extra damage on necro out of necro+1 successful hits. Does not affect those with rNeg (demons, undead, unliving, shadow dragons, death drakes, holies). (For the record, a monster's necromancy skill is HD/2, HD if undead or demonic, 0 if mindless/animal).
  2. Available as a temp brand (Excruciating Wounds - L5 charms/necro; Unlife), only affixable via a one-time gift from Kiku.
pain card
A so-called {damaging card}; by card power, 0: pain 1: bolt of draining 2: torment symbol
pale draconian
A form of draconians that is able to breathe steam. Player character gets +1 aptitude in Air and Fire magic, +1 aptitude in evocations, and steam resistance.
  1. An infinite dungeon branch, Pandemonium consists of an infinite number of dungeon-type levels. Pan levels are populated with demons instead of dungeon monsters. Pan entries have a 25% chance of generating on each of D:21-27, and one is guaranteed on D:24.
  2. Almost all Pan levels contain a vault, containing a demon lord (&), maybe some loot, and maybe a rune. There are four unique demon lords each with a unique rune (Mnoleg, Lom Lobon, Cerebov and Gloorx Vloq); other demon lords are randomly generated and may guard a demonic rune.
  3. There are a few random Pan lord vaults (draining_boxes, hellion_island, hall_of_smite) with a guaranteed demonic rune. Other random Pan vaults have a chance of containing either a rune (1/9) or an exit (2/9).
  4. <evilmike> minqmay: pan is like when you go on a long road trip, you always forget something
pan disco hall
One-occurrence-only vault in pan containing color-changing walls and floor and three distortion weapons (demon blade, demon trident, lajatang). No pan lord or rune on this level!
pan lord
  1. There are four fixed ones, see pan[2]. Others are random: HD 12-30, hp 103-250, speed 10-19, random resistances, random melee brand (possibly distortion), random spells (including hellfire).
  2. Possible spells include fire storm (at HD 30 with 1.5x damage of Cerebov's!), ice storm, summon eyes, torment, greater demon, haste, and most others.
  3. see {fuk_da_sac[3]}
Lua bot that autoplays HOBe, returning control to a human pilot when it is scared of something. Written by elliptic and elliott. Piloted to a 32-minute win by elliptic. URL: http://dobrazupa.org/rcfiles/crawl-git/parabolic.rc
A monster spell, wand effect, and needle brand that deprives the victim of action for a few turns. Performed by wizard, giant eyeball, great orb of eyes, sphinx, lich, ancient lich, ogre-mage, vampire knight, deep elf mage, orc sorcerer, Grinder, Rupert, Ereshkigal, Norris, Erolcha, and anyone who picks up the wand.
  1. You can't act. The spell can be resisted by MR, and all sources are blocked by stasis. See the next entry for a highly incomplete list of monsters.
  2. Monsters that have the spell (* means only sometimes): ancient lich*, Ereshkigal, Erolcha, great orb of eyes, Grinder, lich*, Norris, ogre mage*, orc sorcerer, Rupert, sphinx, vampire knight, wizard*, pandemonium lord*.
  3. Additionally, giant eyeballs can paralyse without checking MR, as can chaos, potions of paralysis, miscasts, using Borgnjor's Revivification during Death's Door, needles of paralysis, and wasps.
Play with the parabolic bot! Slightly modified to work on 0.13. Password:robin.
<Pariah> pizza counts as a mace, right? :p
  1. Specifically with imps: have one follow you up the stairs, wait until it blinks away, and then go back down the stairs.
  2. "I've never sat in a parked car with an imp before..."
passage of golubria
  1. A spell that lets you set up controlled teleport traps on the floor. Acts like the portal gun in Portal, but without the fancy physics. Something walks in one end and appears out the other, player and monsters included. Level 4 Tloc, in books of Warp and Burglary. Can't be cast on -cTele levels. Not affected by -Tele or stasis.
  2. There is no limit on how many passages may be open at one time (but if more than two are open, a random exit will be chosen for you). After 40-50 turns, the passage will disappear (making some noise in the process) so be careful if you were relying on it for escape.
  3. <Zermako> sounds cool <Zermako> i don't know how you would use it
passive freeze
One of the possible 3rd level mutations for the Demonspawn ice facet. You freeze things that attack you, with the same effects as the spell (slowing cold-blooded creatures). Works even if the attack is blocked/misses.
  1. Allows passing through diggable wall/statues with a free turn (useful for guaranteed stabbing) on the other side. Delay before passing is 2+distance turns and is not stopped if attacked. Range is 1-13 based on earth/spell power; guaranteed minimum is 1+earth/8 tiles (max of 4, at skill 24).
  2. You begin to meditate on the wall. You continue meditating on the rock. (x3) You finish merging with the rock. You fall into the water! You drown... Your meditation is interrupted.
  3. In 0.8 or later passwall fails if you would end up in lava or deep water (unless you can survive in these enviroments).
planned features: pack/kiting monster AI, eliminate D:1/start at xl3, shiren style traps, double brands/double egos, more quad damage, better misc evokables, nightmare difficulty, maybe crawl light's neostairs
  1. breaker of footv (2 times and counting!)
  2. ******* 7 orbs of fire (!lm patashu abyss.enter 8 -tv:<0.5:>0.2)
  3. Doesn't know how to deal with silent spectres ( !lg patashu !won xl=27 1 -tv )
A behaviour for monsters in vaults to make them go back to their point of origin when not chasing you down and killing you.
paw claws
Claws level 1, +2 damage
  1. Hacks NetHack, hosts a site that includes "bilious" in its name, is the Emperor of Peru, and operates solely on electricity. Pick any two.
  2. Also demonstrates some of the behavioural anomalies of electric golems.
  3. Is awesome. <3
  1. fix default ^x behavior, look at traveling on magic mapped floors, inscribe dig wands zapped by unseen monsters with tried, toggle to view excluded squares in-game, lua function to detect sprint map, fix unique names in terse item inscriptions, fix experience potion bug on mac
  2. learn lua by doing this for hangedman: non-constant, depth-adjustable stuff for the aut in the lua timer in the pastie see {gauntlet[2]}, figure out how to make walls appear instead of disappear on a timer
  3. damage dealt/received table for morgues
"perl" "compatible" "regular" expressions
pear dragon
pearl dragon
  1. A holy monster! It breathes holy flames (3d36) that cause extra damage for evil beings. Its claws are holy-wrath branded.
  2. Up to 162 per breath plus 48 per turn in clouds. Cerebov's firestorm is up to 136 (76 with rF+++) + resistable clouds. "Caution advised" is an understatement.
pearl dragon armour
10AC, 11ER, 40aum, rN+.
pearl dragon hide
Enchant it to get pearl dragon armour.
  1. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=9163D30ECE5BA2F9 http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=09913DB36548A7D6
  2. https://crawl.develz.org/wiki/doku.php?id=user:pedjt
peek at two
Discards a card from your deck, draws two other cards and shows you their names. Deck is re-shuffled with two shown cards and inscribed for future reference.
peering into the shadows
The monster can see or sense invisible, but is running from you or does not have a target.
  1. With every god (not just yours), you have a penance number, which can be increased for long-term punishment. Every 20 turns, you have a 1/100 chance of taking retribution for each god for which you are in penance; you then lose 1d3 points of penance for that god.
  2. There is a chance that divine retribution will confuse or slow you in addition to the normal effects, which can be found in ??<full god name> wrath.
  3. Penance also denies the use of most (active or passive) abilities.
Missiles fired from a launcher of penetration act like bolt spells and can hit several targets. Not unique to crossbows anymore, as javelins may have this brand as well. Also on piercer in 0.14+.
  1. see b0rsuk[6]
  2. < Omnijim> The +7 +5 executioner's axe of the Penguin (Speed, +Inv, rElec, MR)
  3. <st_> G - the -2,+0 executioner's axe of the Penguin (weapon) {speed, Str+3}
Penis the Stickfighter (L15 HOMo) reached level 5 of the Snake Pit on turn 38147.
pentagram card
Summons a demon, greater common or lesser by power rank. Always friendly. Found in decks of summoning (and indirectly, war)
  1. Unlike chunks, permafood does not rot away. Types of permafood include bread and meat rations, royal jellies, fruit, etc. The only rotting food are chunks and blood potions.
  2. see food[3]
<Sequell> Perryman has 13 consecutive wins (DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE, DEFE).
Big fan of reading the changelog and Surfing Norris. Last seen on irc December 2009. :(
Turns the target to stone after a brief period of slowness. While it's petrified it takes a bit less damage but can't do anything. Lv. 4 Tmut/Earth, in the books of Hinderance, Geomancy, and Alchemy.
phantasmal warrior
  1. Crypt monsters that can temporarily harm your MR with their melee (like a scroll of vulnerability), and can use Blink Close.
  2. Their melee also only checks half AC and ignores shields altogether
  1. A ghost that is the same sort of bastard blinker as an imp. Has more AC and hits harder, but can't use weapons or armour.
  2. Their regeneration rate is quite low so its possible to damage them, get away, rest and they won't have full hp (while you hopefully will)
phase shift
Level 5 translocation spell, temporary +8 EV. Found in the Book of the Warp, the Book of Dreams, and Xom's random spell list. Duration can be extended via recasting to a maximum of 30 turns. Replaced forescry (div 5) in 0.6.
phial of floods
The water elemental evoker: hits monsters with a beam of water (damage and knockback), making a temporary shallow water pool. Also summons up to 3 water elementals.
friedrich nietzchei, ludwig wittgenchein, georg wilhelm friedrich HeGl, soren kikugaard and nicolo macheivelli
  1. http://people.msoe.edu/~brayshaj/files/irdc/irdc.2008.David.Ploog.v2.pdf
  2. video of the talk: http://people.msoe.edu/~brayshaj/files/irdc/irdc.2008.David.Ploog.ogv
  1. Holy flier. Revives, unless you destroy the corpse.
  2. !lg mpa place=zig:12 1 -tv
<Sequell> phyphor has won once in 7001 games (0.01%): 1xMiBe
<instar> how can swamp have shafts. all the water would drain out
  1. A custard pie. Use it to blind enemies, or as a snack.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/9P8cx3H.gif
  3. You throw a tomahawk. The tomahawk blinds the orb of fire.
+2 +10 longbow of penetration (velocity in 0.13-), -2 EV.
piercing whistle
You are wearing amulet of stasis and drinking potion of slow/speed
  1. With your current god, you have a piety number nominally from 1-200. If your piety reaches 0, you are excommunicated. piety[2] describes piety and penance. piety[3] describes piety growth in general. piety[4] describes piety growth for each god. piety[5] describes uses of piety. piety[6] tells you how you can determine your piety.
  2. When you gain piety, first try to deduct as many points of penance. Failing that, deduct that many points from the gift timeout. Failing that, or 1/4 chance if gift timeout was reduced, you either get a god gift or piety, depending on randomness, your god, and your current piety.
  3. Piety growth slows at high levels; 0% at 200, 44% at >=151, 66% at >=101. Sif Muna's taper is slower - 0% at 200, 80% at >=151.
  4. Piety for most gods decays over time: 1/14 every 20 turns for Trog, Oka; 1/16 for Makhleb, Lugonu, Beogh; 1/17 for Yred, Kiku, Vehumet, Zin; 1/20 for Jiyva; 1/25 for Ash; 1/35 for Nemelex, The Shining One; 1/50 for Elyvilon; 1/100 for Sif. Xom has his own system. Chei and Fedhas piety does not decay.
  5. Piety controls what abilities you can use, chance of miraculous salvation by good gods, and ability power with Trog; gaining it is the way to get divine gifts.
  6. Piety display: 0-5 Sinner, displeased; 6-20 Believer, noncommittal; 21-29 Believer, pleased; 30-40 *, pleased; 41-49 *, most; 50-70 **, most; 71-74 **, greatly; 75-99 ***, greatly; 100 ****, greatly; 101-119 ****, extremely; 120-130 *****, extremely; 131-160 *****, exalted; 161-200 ******, exalted
Linley Henzell knows how to spit these.
A (big) kobold slaver, on his way to the Orcish Mines to sell his wares. Comes with a band of 4 humans, which will be pacified when you kill Pikel. Has a whip of either flaming, freezing, or electrocution.
pillar dancing
  1. Common tactic for regenerating health while running from an enemy. Find a pillar and keep making circles.
  2. Kills Gastronok.
  3. Pay attention when you're doing this: !lg roundrobin ghsk 1 -tv:<0.3
pillar of salt
<Gretell> pillar of salt shaped pillar of salt (8) ...
Linley Henzell doesn't know how to open these.
pit fiend
not hell sentinels
  1. <pivotal> I am the undisputed King of Cash and utterly free.
  2. faze
pivotal teleport
getting abyssed
http://dobrazupa.org/rcfiles/crawl-git/pivotal.rc this is just ellipticrc with pickup_mode = multi, mostly.
plague shambler
  1. Replacement for rotting hulks in 0.13. Speed 10, stronger, more hp, inflict a Retching status that blocks food/potions, and on death spawns a cloud of miasma that spreads one tile per 10 aut.
  2. If the miasma has to move through a corridor, it will be "compressed" and travel farther than in an open area.
plain deck
a deck with only power level 0 cards. See card power for more details.
  1. Plant. It will die if you hit it a lot.
  2. How do they get the light to grow in the dungeon? It is a mystery.
  3. Kobolds love sneaking up on people killing plants.
  4. <twelwe> the tried and true strategy of 'running away from the plants' worked out
plate armour
10AC, 19ER, 65.0aum.
player status
People who are willing to playtest your vaults and patches. !nick playtesters for the list.
  1. You can help DCSS by playing the most recent version: telnet crawl.develz.org 345. Windows builds available at http://crawl.develz.org/trunk/. See the next page for today's hot topics.
  2. bugs
Cryptic <3s it.
  1. When Crawl's name generator generates a name too short, it returns "Plog" instead of rerolling. That's why this name appears relatively often.
  2. No relation to Trog, apparently.
  3. Misspelling of ploog.
  1. Misspelling of plog.
  2. Also the last name of several developers.
plutonium sword
  1. The +12,+16 plutonium sword {Contam Stlth-}. Base type is triple sword. Sometimes causes transmutation miscasts (damage, petrification, confusion, polymorph) on things it hits.
  2. <danharaj> I feel like learndb should have an entry on not hitting ballistomycetes with plutonium sword.
  3. Mutagenic energy flows through the plutonium sword! Gastronok evaporates and reforms as an acid blob!
  1. <Danei> My character's skills run the gamut / but not Traps and Doors; I just spam it / Now on hive level 4 / I shall search for the door / search, search, search, search, search, search, search, splash, damn it.
  2. <punpun> what is grum? baby don't hurt me.
  3. An elf corpse falls through the shaft / Damn centaur drowns with all his arrows / ITEM: nothing, nothing, nothing
  4. GDA! / DAMN! / mimic
  5. < CatEater> is this the nature of crawl? a pack of yaktaurs, about to kill a player, forever?
  6. Ignite it and kite it. Sticky flame for the fame.
  7. see trizap
  8. Grum is engulfed in a mutagenic fog! Grum evaporates and reforms as a warg!
  9. <[Hanged_Man]> this dgsk's ghost tile has a spear and a knife <[Hanged_Man]> for some reason I don't think that was what he had in life
  10. <mong> five oklobs stand guard / over the entrance to slime / one ice storm is cast
  11. <kats> People try to put us down (javelins of penetration) Just cause we're too heavy to carry around (javelins of penetration) Without throwing skill I'm badly missed (javelins of penetration) Hope I die before I get abyssed (javelins of penetration)
  12. <archl> HP 200 spbe... <archl> I want tobe...
  13. <Kyrris> So many Jiyva altars. <Kyrris> And me with bad mutations. <Kyrris> But oh, to fire storm.
  14. https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?p=107965#p107965
  15. <elliott> nerfing shit in crawl / fuck you gay stone soup dev team / summoning is dead
  1. A condition that reduces HP every few rounds. Comes in a few different flavors corresponding to severity and duration of the poisoning. Yellow is minor to moderate, whereas red is severe.
  2. Monster's level of poisonedness = P. [If 50% chance: dam = 1d(P+1)]. [If P>=4: dam += 1]. [If vuln poison: dam += 2dP -1]. So on average: Dam = (P+1)/4. If vuln: (P+1)/4 + P-1.
  3. Monsters with ordinary poison attacks have a 1/4 (1/20 if you took no damage) chance of inflicting 1 level of poisoning; medium poison, 1/3 (1/15 with no damage) chance of 1d3 levels; nasty poison, 100% chance of 2 levels; strong poison, 1/3 (1/5 with no damage) chance of 2d5+1 levels, or the effects of medium poison if you are poison-resistant.
poison arrow
Level 6, range 7 conj/poison spell (Annihilations exclusive), inflicts incredible damage, deals 70% resistable damage and poisons poison-resistant natural creatures, the undead cannot be poisoned but still take some damage. Used by naga casters and draconian/deep elf annihilators, as well as Aizul, Green Deaths and Gloorx Vloq.
poison bolt
You probably meant one of venom bolt and poison arrow but we can't tell which one.
poison magic
  1. Let me blow your mind: this skill lets you cast spells which poison people. Poison is absolutely fabulous against anything which isn't immune to poison, since it confuses things and kills them while you wander off and do more important things. Unfortunately, the scariest baddies are immune to poison.
  2. There are a lot of great poison spells, but few of them are high level. High poison magic isn't useless, but you can almost always get away with just turning poison magic off. There are poison-vulnerable enemies everywhere except Pan - they can be dispatched with the 3rd level spell meph. cloud with poison magic 0.
  3. The primary gem of the poison school is poison arrow, which is arguably the best single-target damage spell - even against poison-resistant enemies - in the game.
poison miscast
1: 2-4 poison / meph cloud self 2: 3-11 poison / large meph cloud / 1 stat loss if not PR 3: 10-28 poison / poisonous cloud / 1-5 statloss
poison needles
These handy items come in two major flavors: poisoned needles and curare-tipped needles. The latter are far more potent than the former due to their ability to slow down enemies as well as inflict damage over time. Both require a blowgun for best effect.
poison resistance
  1. Reduces by 90% the damage from poison attacks, as well as the chance to be poisoned. Only 50% effective against parrow. Also lets you eat poisonous chunks and walk safely through poison / meph clouds. Useful in Swamp/Snake/Spider, not so much anywhere else.
  2. Warning, many poison spells still have impact damage even if you can't be poisoned.
poison weapon
This spell will temporarily bestow the venom brand.
poisonous cloud
Level 6 poison/air/conjurations. Very strong if you get it castable early. Smite targetted. Destroys Elf and other places. Does not actually make ignite poison good.
polar bear
Resistant to cold, as you would expect. As, er, you may or may not expect, they are amphibious as well. Bears go berserk when afraid (due to Fear or low HP).
[hands](Dam,Acc,Delay): Spear[1] (6,4,11); Trident[1] (9,1,13); Demon trident[1] (12,1,13); Trishula[1] (13,0,13); Halberd[2] (13,-3,15); Scythe[2] (14,-4,20); Glaive[2] (15,-3,17); Bardiche[2] (18,-6,20)
polearms reasons
  1. You are a merfolk.
  2. You are not a merfolk.
  1. Gives you a random form, usually bad, and changes monsters into other monsters, likely to be harder, but without equipment.
  2. Monsters turn into monsters of the same holiness and with similar HD, but undead and nonliving monsters cannot be polymorphed.
  3. Good targets for polymorph wand: killer bees, jellies, boggarts, harpies, electric eels, wasps, brown ugly things, and well-equipped monsters (e.g. orc knights).
  4. 3173 | D:4 | Grinder changed into Grinder the Executioner
polymorph other
  1. see polymorph
  2. <mikee_> it polymorphs others
  1. A cyclops. Throws large rocks. Comes with death yaks and the like. Same ranged damage as a stone giant, but better melee, more HP, and worse MR. Normal speed, unlike other cyclopes.
  2. Polyphemus says, "@Foe_genus@ for dinner? Sounds delicious!"
A player who has won every available god. Type !polytheist to check your (or somebody else's) progress.
  1. 6 games for * (musu sc>20000000): 6x Poncheis
  2. <Poncheis> nooooooooo
  3. <Poncheis> come on me bro
  4. <Poncheis> but a thing i like of eyeballs <Poncheis> is that it makes a nice burger
  5. <Poncheis> think on yourself as a famous commander <Poncheis> think on yourself as a diesel eustachio
  1. todo: mumo of chei, mibe of chei, optm of chei, 4-game chei streak, sp of chei, na high-socre, spell-less naga maybe 15-runes, chei min-turns
  2. long term goals: join greaterbarricades
  1. Bad armour brand that adds +2 to movement delay. Bad.
  2. <phyphor> +8 platemail! <phyphor> of ... <phyphor> oh, suck
  3. Bad.
  1. A player shrouded in mystery who does not have the goal of placing a player ghost on every possible level of the dungeon, even though it may appear that way. A hero to all.
  2. Tremble, mortals, and despair - poop has come to this world!
  3. <Pooooop> When I play priests of Beogh, all the orcs are like "Beogh is great, and so is poop!" It confused me at first.
popular combos
see {!lg * won playable recent s=char x=cdist(name) o=-char join:" " title:"Popular combos" fmt:"${.}" ?:cdist(name)>=10}
Polearms 27 title. Also a new monster in 0.8.
porcupine form
Small, spiny, fast-moving form. Can't cast spells or use wands.
  1. A unique spell of Kirke that transforms you (or anything else she sees) into a hog. You get faster movement (unless you're already moving quickly), but no equipment. Just run away and wait it out.
  2. <minmay> (pig form is basically paralysis except you can move)
  3. Was the reason demon polymorphing was added. No, really.
You may be looking for portal vault or portal card. Also used to be a spell that teleported you across levels in the main Dungeon.
portal card
Teleports you. power_level/2 chance each of being controlled and of randomly blinking you. The teleport control lasts for several turns.
portal distance
Portal distance by adjective: a long way away, >30; distant, >15; nearby, >7.
portal mimic
  1. It is as big as a portal.
  2. They can reproduce the portal messages, so if you get one stop looking for the portal.
portal projectile
  1. Teleports a fired (wield launcher) or thrown missile directly to its target, greatly increasing its accuracy (but not damage). Has many interesting tactical uses, e.g. hitting the orc priest hanging out behind the pack. Does not pass (transparent) walls. It is the rough opposite of apportation, in that it can also fire whatever wherever whyever.
  2. Projectiles of returning do not return when Portal'd.
portal to somewhere
Beware eldritch tentacles, may be summoned by a zot trap.
portal vault
  1. A vault on its own separate map/maps, entered through a portal (same symbol as e.g. the Hell entrance). Portal vaults include labyrinths, bazaars, treasure troves, ziggurats, sewers, ossuaries, baileys, ice caves, volcanoes, and wizlabs. Each vault type has its own entry in the learndb; see it for details.
  2. see portal_distance[1]
positive energy
Armour brand that gives resistance to draining.
potion card
Gives the effect of a random potion from agility (2/11), brilliance (2/11), might (2/11), curing (2/11), confusion (1/11), slowing (1/11), paralysis (1/11). 50% chance of replacing it with with magic/invisibility at power 1, or speed/resistance with another coinflip at power 2.
potion of blood
  1. Vampire food. Decays, but quicker to eat than sucking a corpse. And weighs less. Other species get only a very small amount of nutrition, and often get sick if they do not have gourmand or carnivore. Can also be wielded for sublimation of blood.
  2. Blood decays 10 time slower in the bottle than in the body, so extract them fast if you want them to last.
potion of coagulated blood
A potion of blood that is about to completely rot away soon.
potion of cure mutation
  1. Removes 1 to 7 randomly chosen mutations.
  2. When you've got crippling mutations, the Random Number God will make sure you won't find one for 20 levels. Enjoy your crippling mutations.
  3. When you find one of these, usually you'll want to leave it on the ground so it doesn't get shattered.
potion of curing
Common potion that restores 5-11 health and cures sickness, poison, confusion, and rotting. Compare with potion of heal wounds.
potion of decay
Immediately rots 3-5 MHP. Don't drink.
potion of experience
Gives you a bunch of experience. The amount of XP you get is enough to take you the same proportion of the way between the next two levels as you currently are between your level and the next one. You gain 750 * (your new XL) experience to spend on skills.
potion of gain dexterity
You gain a point of dexterity. Replaced with potion of beneficial mutation.
potion of gain intelligence
You gain a point of intelligence. Replaced with potion of beneficial mutation.
potion of gain strength
You gain a point of strength. Replaced with potion of beneficial mutation.
potion of lignification
Replaces potions of slowing, causes temporary uncancellable treeform.
potion of magic
Is just like a potion of heal wounds except for MP.
potion of mutation
Attempts to give you three random mutations. Also, outputs the message "you feel extremely strange" whether it succeeds or not -- if you're looking here to see what that message means, you probably quaffed this while resistant to mutations.
potion of poison
One of the more useful potions to evaporate, it creates a 3x3 squares poisonous cloud. Also, don't drink the potion, it's not good for you.
potion of porridge
  1. A special treat for Oliver Twist! 6040 nutrition. Gluggy white or gluggy brown potion.
  2. Unless you are at 12000 nutrition, you can drink this even if you are engorged, if for some reason you want to. This will waste most of the nutrition.
potion of resistance
  1. Gives temporary resistance to fire, cold, electricity, and poison. Duration is between 10 and 29 turns. Nice against Nikola and on Zot:5.
  2. Good against anthills, beehives, elec eels, enemies with venom weapons, fire drakes, lindwurms, Harold, and Fannar, too.
  1. agility, beneficial mutation, berserk rage, blood, brilliance, coagulated blood, confusion, cure mutation, curing, decay, degeneration, experience, flight, heal wounds, invisibility, magic, might, mutation, paralysis, poison, porridge, resistance, restore abilities, slowing (0.13-), lignification (0.14+), speed, strong poison
  2. Certain potions have fixed unidentified appearance descriptions, or are limited to a few; porridge can only be gluggy brown or gluggy white, blood is always red, coagulated blood is always sedimented red, and water is always clear. These are identified automatically in 0.14.
  3. See quaff_id for advice on when to identify potions by quaffing them (as opposed to using scroll of identify).
powered by death
  1. Appears as 'Regen+'. Turns on when you kill something. While on, for each corpse in mutation_level * 3 radius, your regeneration rate is boosted by 100 (max of 700). Duration of the status is mutation_level * 8 + 2d8 (maximum of 40 turns). Corpses from Kiku don't count.
  2. For each corpse affected by PBD, the corpse rots faster, chance of rotting is a factor of duration left on PBD. Additional decay is fairly insignificant.
powered by pain
  1. Taking damage sometimes restores MP (50%), or gives agility (25%) or might (25%). Tier 2 Ds mutation.
  2. Requires random2(damage) > 2 + 3*mutlevel or damage >= maxhp/2 to trigger. You regain 3d(2 + 3*mutlevel) MP, might/agility effects last 35 + random2(20*mutlevel) turns.
Describes an experience level 11-15 player ghost.
  2. see dpeg
  3. <N78291> will anything bad happen if I run out of bazaar maps
  4. <Heteroy> i starved a kobold of nemelex. i had some decks of dungeons stored and i kept getting bazaars but none of them had any food
  5. <Sky__> Too many items on level, removing some. Too many items on this level, not dropping the item. <Sky__> what <Sky__> what do you mean too many items D:
  1. Cloud wizlab is cool :)
  2. thanks for the message on entering labs with teleportitis
  3. <3 new uniques except menkaure
  4. Through all the complaining, we're still here. <3
  5. <sluggo> Hey everyone.. I just wanna say profs off to all the devs.. I am really digging v7+ . I just had my first good game and had a blast.
  6. greensnark is awesome, see listgame[1]
  7. Thanks for improving sequell to count sprint trunk! <3
  8. tornado looks amazing in shoals
  9. Praise be to dpeg!
  10. zonguldrok is awesome
  11. You are under the weather. You are standing in the rain.
  12. whoever added the description for normal spiders: I like it
  13. Crawl inspires great passions in its players. Forgive us.
  14. <vimpulse> Also, thank you, all, for making Crawl what it is. <vimpulse> (Probably the most-fun game I've ever played.)
This means that you are currently praying (because you pressed p). View the ^ screen to see what this means for your god.
  1. see cloak_of_preservation
  2. It's rCorr that (partially) protects equipment from acid damage, not Preserve; so an amulet of resist corrosion is at least as good as a cloak of preservation in Slime.
press s
!lg djanatyn place=pan 1 -tv
pressure plate
A mystery trap whose function is defined in lua
In 0.12-, a class that started out with a quarterstaff, a robe, some Invocations skill, and piety with a god. Priests of most non-evil races started with Zin (they get some healing potions), and Hill Orcs started with Beogh (they got a hand axe instead of a quarterstaff).
primal wave
A merfolk aquamancer and elemental wellspring spell that does a lot of damage, creates water, and knocks you back. No longer able to hurl the PC into deep water, or destroy staircases. :(
prince ribbit
  1. Blink frog unique. Found in the main dungeon. Nearly the same as a regular blink frog, except that he's light blue, has a human (contaminated) corpse, talks, doesn't come with 3 more blink frogs (except in Lair), and knows teleport self for when in trouble. Found as early as D:4.
  2. He's a prince who got turned into a frog, in case your parents never read you fairy tales when you were a kid.
  3. No, you can't polymorph him into a human.
pristine statue
A silver archer statue, armed with a crossbow and silver bolts. Watch out, as their damage is relatively high. Found only in Sprint III.
private messages
If you need to read all of a topic, use these (/msg Sequell ??foo) instead, so you don't choke up discussion on the whole channel. Sequell will respond in private. Henzell will also respond to some ! (foo) commands in private, Gretell will respond to @ commands in private, and Sequell will respond to !lg, !lm, and even !tv.
  1. The chances of something with 0.01% probability occuring are certain given how much Crawl you play.
  2. see availability heuristic
  3. see gamblers fallacy[1]
  4. <elliott> ZRN: that's not meant to happen by virtue of it being really improbable
When the thingy does its thingy thing.
<mikee_> i just wanted to play a dsmo with a dumb name
profane halls
blame Grunt
profane servitor
A terrible angel, with both vampiric and draining attacks, and sometimes a demon whip. Resistant to holy attacks because of its blasphemous nature! Surrounded by an unholy umbra, which cancels out halos and causes accuracy penalties (but undead/demons/**+ Yred worshipers are immune)
projected noise
Trivialized zigs, Tomb:3, and probably other places too. Projected to oblivion in 0.11. Will live on in our hearts.
Bonus AC. On rings, anywhere from -6 to +6. On weapons, +5 AC. On shields, +3 AC. You could also have learned any of this by viewing the in-game item description.
  1. <elliptic> it seems like projected noise could be potentially useful on late zig levels
  2. (5:57:02 PM) casmith789: I attack orbs of fire with sbl all the time
  3. <elliptic> should have worn the gloves <elliptic> unless you did, in which case you shouldn't have
  4. <elliptic> hatm is nearly as good as spen
  5. <BirdoPrey> lkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiu <BirdoPrey> switch from crawl window to irc window before cat steps on keyboard
  6. For the record, Sure Blade is far from useless both early and late in the game. If anything, the spell is closer to being overpowered than underpowered. --rwbarton
  7. <N78291> 3d30 really means "tickles a bit" if you have any AC at all
  8. <rwbarton> yeah, attacking with exec axe is a good way to rest faster
  9. < TGWi> ice cave strategy: teleport to the end, put on all the rC gear, then clear it backwards
  10. <ebarrett> just don't land in sight of hellion island but with it out of tornado range with your back to a wall and forget to dig
  11. Your two-headed ogre shouts, "Beware of monsters!"
  12. <rwbarton> xom is possibly more useful than TSO for much of the game
  13. <minqmay> wand of paralysis is not very harmful in the early game
  14. <monqy> HangedMan: keep a moth around so it will zerk the priests/sorcs so they won't summon neqoxecs
  15. <elliptic> invis > haste
  16. <Chapayev> on a stabber with no disint and no ability to do enough damage to get through 20 AC, apport the staff and go in invisible and use the staff to hit the statue
  17. <Patashu> if you cheimove everywhere your turncount is lower <Patashu> if your moves are three times as slow <Patashu> they still only take one turn <Patashu> and other stuff is happening 3 times as fast
  18. <crate> disc of storms might actually be kind of OP now in zigs
  19. <crate> xom is much better than godless for trolls
  20. <elliptic> zin is much better than yred
  21. <mikee_> there's not a lot of brilliance because i drink brilliance for food
  22. <mikee_> so if you go downstairs and you see a wand between you and an imp you might want to go back upstairs and then back downstairs
  23. <SwissStopwatch> imo don't go into rune branches drunk
  24. <G-Flex> in some ways having a higher level is actually better
  25. <crate> if cshield is good for you then you should learn it
<prussian> im a ddne irl
  1. Plays a lotta unwons.
  2. Favorite achievement: Pseudonut the Merry Mummy (L27 MuBe), worshipper of Trog, escaped with the Orb and 3 runes
  1. A purple unique magess that is generally unremarkable in both dungeon spawn location and ability, but can still be quite dangerous when she hastes herself and unloads a wand or chaos dagger on you. Or in the 25% of the time that her dagger is distortion.
  1. "Strange energies run through your body." This message, by itself, is meaningless.
  2. <Rebthor> what does You have a feeling of ineptitude. mean?
  3. "You feel odd for a moment."
pulsating lump
Has a mutating melee attack, but if you let it catch up to you then you deserve it.
An auxiliary unarmed attack you can get if you have claws or unarmed skill and you're not using a shield or two-handed weapon. Damage is 5 + (unarmed skill / 5). Add +(claws mutation level)d3 with claws, or +6 with blade hands.
A +9, +12 sling of frost. Gives rC+.
< Sizzell> puppykicker the Charmwright (L4 MuSk), slain by a hound on D:4, with 254 points after 2514 turns and 0:09:28.
pure caster
!tv elynae killer=eidolon 1
  1. An unusually thin and nervous troll. Sad, really. :(
  2. True professionals that play trolls will religiously kill and wear Purgy to prove they are the mightiest troll bully of them all. What a bunch of trolls. :(
  3. Do it. Be the troll troll.
Removes negative conditions (Rot, Poison, Slow, Sick, ...) and restores all stats
purple draconian
A form of draconians that has an affinity for spellcasting. Player character gets +1 aptitude in Spellcasting, +1 in Charms/Hexes/Evocations, and higher magic resistance than other draconians. Breath weapon is a bolt that dispels buffs.
  1. Can be found at: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
  2. If you need help connecting with PuTTY, check this link out: http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.roguelike.misc/msg/895edd287e71faa2
  3. If even these settings are insufficient for your preferred numeric-keypadding ways, under Terminal -> Features, try checking the box for "Disable application keypad mode". This will cause +-/*enter on the keypad to behave as expected, and possibly other things. Der slinkmeister knows no fix for making shift-keypad5 do a long rest as per local mode.
  4. Control+Numpad does not work in 0.58 release, upgrading to 0.60 fixes this, and keeps all your old config.
  5. If you are tired of right-clicks entering everything in your clipboard as input, you can disable this feature in Window->Selection->Control uses of mouse. Set action of mouse buttons to Windows. You can also Ctrl-right-click to bring up the normal context menu if you don't want to disable this feature.
  6. If you don't like having Putty clutter your taskbar when not playing (for there are *no* other reasons imaginable for wanting minimize-to-tray), you might appreciate PuTTYtray: http://haanstra.eu/putty/
  7. see terminal_size
  8. You may also want to use KiTTY. KiTTY is only designed for the Microsoft Windows platform.
  1. !lg * ((tiles || !@hugeterm)) cv>0.9 ntv=0 ktyp=quitting|leaving max=xl -tv:<2
  2. see hilarious_quits[1]
quad damage
  1. QUAD DAMAGE! (as in proper Quakes, ie, any but Q3 and QLive)
  2. !lm syllogism sprint uniq=antaeus turn=30902 -tv
  4. Due to reckless vandalism by last year's graduating class, the quad will remain closed until further notice.
  5. < Chapayev> quad damage (lowercase) divides your damage by 4 instead of multiplying it by 4
  6. !lm HangedMan sprint 155 -tv:<3.5:>0.5:x2
quadruple sword
Comes with a coupon for $2.50 off a can of Barbasol.
quaff id
  1. Don't. Unless you know what you're doing, in which case why are you reading this entry?
  2. !lg blazinghand 315 -tv:<T10000
A fast and accurate stick that you hit things with. Damage: 10. Accuracy: 3. Delay: 13. Two-handed.
A weakish demon which moves very quickly, has high evasion, and resists all elements except lightning. Drains dexterity in melee, but does little damage and can be killed easily enough despite the resists. Also rather low MR. Doesn't fly.
queen ant
Queen of the ants.
queen bee
Will berserk killer bees!
  1. This is elliptic's Sequell clone. He usually only runs it when Sequell is down. It currently doesn't have most older games in its database, but it should be up to date with newer games. Currently it doesn't do FooTV, sorry. It also doesn't know about existing !nicks.
  2. The name was suggested by valrus.
quick blade
  1. The only weapon that can never get a speed brand. Damage: 5. Accuracy: 6. Delay: 7, with the minimum delay being 3 (2 with haste). Doesn't chop off hydra heads, if you were wondering. Is classified as a short blade, longer than a dagger, but shorter than a short sword.
  2. Because of insanely fast attack speed, you may add pain and electrocution brands to your wishlist.
  3. It can't get a speed brand because it wouldn't actually do anything, it's too fast already.
quicksilver dragon
  1. Extremely dangerous monster that moves 50% faster than you and breathes irresistible 3d20 status-dispelling energy bolts. Fortunately it is very rare, so rare that if you find one (outside Vaults:5) it's probably a shapeshifter.
  2. This is a good target for that curare you've been forgetting to use.
  3. This is a good time to die and then look silly because you had a ton of curare in your inventory.
  4. !lg TRANSMUTILATOR 1 -tv:<2
Targeted silence in {4.1}.
quintuple sword
We can extrapolate that its stats are 27, -10, 27. It's not anywhere near as good as the giant spiked demon blade.
  1. Quitters never win or escape or die.
  2. , thou bumbling whey-faced bounder!
quite powerful
  1. 0.8 mummy
  2. <evilmike> net stabbing is theoretically quite powerful
  3. < minmay> this spear of reaching is actually quite powerful
  4. Stashing items under bushes
  5. Using maurice as a stash
  6. < evilmike> the | command is quite powerful
  7. <[Hanged_Man]> throwing skill is quite powerful in 0.10 with the javelin gifting
  8. https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2543
  9. <rwbarton> well if imprison worked here it would be quite powerful
  10. I've got to learning the values of Banishment, and noticed that it is quite powerful...
Incorrect example: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/QuitRobin/morgue-QuitRobin-20080514-063933.txt
  1. Some Australian cat or something?
  2. http://quokkagirl.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/beach-quokka1.jpg
  3. http://i.imgur.com/UvFTC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NJDsz.jpg
  1. A fully automated lua bot written by elliptic, with some code borrowed from parabolic and xw. Won once (with minor manual bugfixing in Lair to make it not choose a -Tele weapon).
  2. Branch order: D -> Lair:8 -> Orc:3 -> D:16 -> Snake/Spider:5 -> Vaults:4 -> Depths:6 -> Swamp/Shoals:5 -> Vaults:5 -> Zot
< Pseudonut> because they drink a lot
The one true movement system, allowing much comfier keyboard use. Frequently referred to as "qw-keys", whether or not this is correct.
race list
0.13 races: Ce DD DE Dg Dr Ds Fe Gh Gr Ha HE HO Hu Ko Mf Mi Mu Na Og Op Sp Te Tr Vp
racial items
Racial items can be elven, dwarven, or orcish. Additionally, if you are a demonspawn, you get racial-weapon-style bonuses for using demon weapons (note that demon weapons are distinct base items, whereas elven/dwarven/orcish are modifiers to a base item).
  1. <someonepudding> god i hate wights
  2. < mikee_> the orc jeers, as orcs often do
  3. <Stathol> The grey draconian zealot mumbles some strange prayers to its god against the black draconian.
  4. You cannot memorise any of the available spells because you are a mummy.
  5. <evilmike> hangedman isnt from mars, but i think he might be from quebec, which is weirder than mars imo
  6. <minqmay> i hate kobe but i hate ko everything
  7. Jessica shouts, "I don't like beings like you!"
  8. n - a scroll labeled ZUKKO MY GOOK
  9. <ruwin> i just think minotaurs are dumb
  10. ProzacElf: i did prove my thesis that a blaconian can kill itself with its own breath a week or two ago =P
  11. <Cheibriados> unknown monster: "kike"
  1. see xomscumming
  2. shields
Are you interested in the amulet of rage or just being berserk in general? +Rage is evocable. *Rage activates randomly on attack.
Abyss hounds in bands of 2 or 3 with AF_ELEC and the ability to transform into a lightning bolt (which makes them re-appear at the end of the lightning bolt). About as strong as smoke demons, with less sticky flame
rain cloud
makes water
  1. This spellcaster likes to make clones of itself and then turn invisible. The clones only have 1hp, but can be maddeningly difficult to kill due to their Evasion. The clones can, however, be Abjured quite effectively. Turning invisible allows you to easily distinguish the clones as well. Magic dart kills the clones!
  2. Rakshasa clones will get the original's inventory, and have HD:1 and Damage:0, letting them deal (very inaccurate) damage with cloned weapons. Be especially careful if the original picks up wands, rods, or brands that don't rely on percentages such as distortion and chaos.
The rambutan, Nephelium lappaceum) is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae, and the fruit of this tree.
  1. A randomly generated artefact; its appearance and name have no special significance. Keep in mind that artefact status by itself does not dictate worthiness. A +8 randart hand axe (with +3 str) is still not a battleaxe, and a +5 ring mail (with +rage) is still not a plate mail.
  2. Randarts can be generated as early as D:3 but are not generated on D:1 or D:2 except possibly in vaults.
  3. http://xkcd.com/1114/
randart spellbook
May be either a theme book (29/30 chance), with spells chosen from one or two schools; or a level book (1/30 chance), with a number of spells of the same level. Unless gifted by Sif Muna, randbooks never contain rare spells.
1dN - 1
"random2avg() returns same mean value as random2() but with a lower variance" [decreasing with increasing second argument].
ranged combat
  1. Nobody understands ranged combat.
  2. see launcher damage
  3. Bows gain a lot of damage from Str, to a low cap, and a little speed from Dex. Slings gain a little damage from Str, to a high cap, and slightly more speed from Dex. Crossbows gain trivial speed from Str. Throwing, predictably, gains some damage from Str.
  4. Launcher brand does not override ammunition except when elemental opposites (which cancel - flame & frost).
rare messages
  1. You're already berserk!
  2. Your small zombie zombie hits Vizer's illusion but does no damage.
rare rings
Rings of invisibility, regeneration, teleport control, and slaying are about 1/3 as likely to be generated as any other non-artifact ring types.
rare spell
Spells which occur only in the three highlevel books cannot appear in ordinary randbooks, but only those gifted by Sif. The only non-rare spell in a highlevel book is Orb of Destruction (in Power as well as Annihilations).
  1. The same speed as a normal player species, almost no magic resistance, killable in one hit, but high EV.
  2. These also come in green rat, grey rat and orange rat flavors. The first does three times the damage of a normal rat, the second is 20% faster and does 40% more damage, and the third does 20 damage, drains you and has several times the HP.
  3. Also makes a nice burger
rat vault
ratskin cloak
+1 unrandart cloak with {rPois rN+ Dex-1 Int-1}.
  1. "Never more."
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrxZblVUkMU
raven skeleton
If you see one of these, then you got a badass crypt vault
ravenous mimic
The top tier of mimic. Has constriction, but still not very dangerous.
  1. Barracks, cmon, do I have to tell you guys everything?
  2. don't !tell; just email rachel at akrasiac dot org
  1. Intoxicated ponies!
  2. all the cat sluts in the club lappin' up raxohol
  1. Hosts CAO!
  2. Is as awesome today as the day they were born!
  3. Ponies!
  4. is the recognized expert on doing Zot with teleportitis.
Resist cold (see resistance), scroll of remove curse, or crawl.rc rcfile, the configuration file.
  1. Accessible via www: CAO: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rcfiles/crawl-{0.7|0.8|0.9|0.10|git|lorcs}/$name.rc CDO: http://crawl.develz.org/configs/{ancient|0.6|0.7|0.8|0.9|0.10|trunk}/$name.rc CSZO: http://dobrazupa.org/rcfiles/crawl-{0.10|0.11|git}/$name.rc
  2. http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=blob;f=crawl-ref/docs/options_guide.txt;
  3. As of August 2012, 86.92% of cao trunk players use an unmodified rcfile
  4. Examples: http://crawl.develz.org/configs/trunk/MarvinPA.rc | http://dobrazupa.org/rcfiles/crawl-git/elliptic.rc
  5. CAO: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rcfiles/crawl-git/name.rc, CDO http://crawl.develz.org/configs/trunk/name.rc, CSZO: http://dobrazupa.org/rcfiles/crawl-git/name.rc
Accessible via www: CAO: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rcfiles/ CDO: http://crawl.develz.org/configs/ CSZO: http://dobrazupa.org/rcfiles/
  1. <rchandra> oh I'm an idiot
  2. notlainiw: i found you can change the glyph of submerged monsters with cset = invis_exposed : X
  3. <uberrath> you crazy bastard
  4. http://s-z.org/neil/tmp/crawl-glyphs-narrow.html
  5. gammafunk: sorry that's %git branch^{/search_term}
Paste your rcfile into it and see if it works. If your game is in limbo, but you can't stop improving your rcfile, this account is for you.
  1. Weapons of reaching can be e(v)oked (or use TAB) to attack something up to two squares away. The attack will pass monsters 50% of the time and the other 50% of the time hit the monster in the way instead of the target. It will fail instead of hitting friendly monsters in the way. Appears only on whips.
  2. Major reaching cheese: merfolk/octopode+water, tengu/black draconians/flight+water/lava, spriggan/centaur/swiftness (tiresome), sputterflies.
realism of crawl
  1. whacking KILLER FUCKING BEES with a halberd and throwing javelins at them
  2. Bananas and strawberries that last forever.
  3. There are no ninjas or pirates.
  4. Death by lack of intelligence.
  5. You can't bleed to death.
  6. Resting to recover from a venomous snakebite.
  7. circular los
  8. can't fire arrows over a rat at an elephant
  9. <dchimera> a snapping turtle just invoked a zot trap against me
  10. standing still doing nothing for a while so your flesh wounds go away
  11. <Anticipation> The thing I love about Crawl is the potential for ridiculousness. How would you feel if a flying octopus with spikes on its testicles attacked you?
  12. inscribing grapes
  13. unable to close a door because a dart is in the way
  14. Raw flesh tastes terrible
  1. A type 2 demon with no spells, but has high damage and HP and comes with a branded scythe. If the RNG hates you this will be distortion or pain.
  2. !lg Iaido killer=reaper -tv
A weapon brand that turns everything you kill into friendly zombies if a corpse is generated. Appears only on the unrandarts Zonguldrok and Botono. Considered evil by the good gods.
Ex-background, removed in 0.8. A conjurer with a weapon but with no MP or int.
rebel tilescum
  1. The legendary webtiles dieselrobin team. Accounts: LaughItUpFuzzCrawl CrawlbaTheHutt LukeTilewalker PrincessTileah. Turn order: rootoo -> topbillin -> R18 -> Daydreamer -> rootoo -> ...
  2. spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsDUl9FTpJmLdEh2ZnYtUlp3a3BESWJlUERqYklCdUE#gid=7
  3. Considering the combos assigned, they really should have renamed it Team Eating Disorder...
http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rebuild/ https://dobrazupa.org/rebuild/ http://crawl.lantea.net/rebuild http://rl.heh.fi/rebuild/ Bug kilobyte, |amethyst, or Napkin for CDO. Use your powers wisely.
Warps all friendly creatures on the current level next to you - very useful. Level 3 summoning/translocations spell in the books of summonings, unlife, and the warp, and the rod of summoning. Yred and Beogh grant recall ability for the followers they grant.
receive corpses
  1. At 1*, Kikubaaqudgha grants an ability that gives you corpses of level-appropriate monsters -- freshness, power, number of corpses depending on necromancy skill. Gives 1-4 branch-appropriate corpses.
  2. Use which ability? (? or * to list) _Kikubaaqudgha delivers you corpses! _You see here a shapeshifter corpse. _You see here a shapeshifter corpse. _You see here a shapeshifter corpse.
  1. Causes various effects to chaotic, unclean, evil or heretical creatures in view. Four-turn action, with strength depending on piety and invocations. Effects scale from things like confusion and fear on humanoids, to smiting and instakilling chaotic creatures, to permanently blinding or paralysing heretic priests.
  2. Abominations (chaotic, differently insane): damage, Ablutions (impure): damage, Apostates (intelligent): fear/confusion, god worshippers: blind/anti-caster, Anathema (unholy): fear/confusion/damage
  3. !lg goetter killer="vault guard" god=zin 1 -tv
  4. As of 0.13, you can do anything during the recitation that doesn't require your voice, like spellcasting or shouting, which will interrupt the recitation.
  5. things that stop recite: spit poison, breathe * abilities, zin's abilities (including donate gold), t command, eating, drinking (potion or fountain), reading a scroll, casting a spell, or being silenced, paralysed, confused, slept, petrified (completely) or berserked
record games
  1. !lg * won min=turn -tv:<T1
  2. !lg * won min=dur -tv:<T1
  3. !lg elynae won min=dur -tv:<T1
  4. !lg * won urune=15 min=turn -tv:<T1
  5. !lg * won urune=15 min=dur -tv:<T1
  6. !lg * won max=nrune -tv:<T1:x10
  7. !lg * won min=xl -tv:<T1
  8. !lg * won min=xl -2 -tv:<T1
  9. !lg * !won max=sc -tv:<T1:x10
  10. !lg marvinpa drie nrune=54 -tv:<T1:x10
This is what you are doing when you simultaneously have the Sick and Regen statuses. Your HP won't regenerate, but the disease goes away more quickly.
Property on some artifacts. The item will sometimes recurse itself upon equipping.
red devil
  1. Red, polearm-toting demons that tend to reside in gehenna and pan. A good source of demon tridents.
  2. In 0.13, they are a slightly worse source of demon tridents, and have a trick where they will hop backwards, hitting you if they have a reaching weapon.
red draconian
A form of draconians with a fiery breath that leaves a flame cloud. Player character gets +2! aptitude in Fire magic, and -2 in Ice magic. Resists fire at xl 7. In dragon form they get rF++, rC-.
red sonja
Sprint I.
red wasp
Hits like a freight train, and if you don't have rPois paralyzes. One of the few ways left to die in one move, and certainly easier than getting double bolted by an ancient lich or mauled by a hydra.
  1. The main feature of this deep arachnid is its ability to take an otherwise healthy player to dark red poison in one hit.
  2. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Big_Redback_8MP.jpg
reddit run
  1. A weekly Crawl contest on the /roguelikes/ group at the news aggregator Reddit. See http://www.reddit.com/r/roguelikes/.
  2. a way a lone a last a loved a long the / redditrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.
  1. A shield of reflection will reflect blocked things back the way they came from. Mostly useless. Note that The Shining One can give you penance if you reflect a poisoned projectile.
  2. Donald reflects the poison arrow off his shield of reflection! Your +2 dwarven buckler of reflection reflects the poison arrow! Donald reflects the poison arrow off his shield of reflection! Your +2 dwarven buckler of reflection reflects the poison arrow! Donald reflects the poison arrow off his shield of reflection! The poison arrow misses you.
  1. Increases the rate at which you regain HP per turn, at the expense of more nutrition. Different sources stack and vary in effectiveness. The default hunger rate for most races is 3 nutrition per turn. A ring of regeneration takes that to 6 per turn. Regeneration doesn't work when you're sick; instead it makes Sickness disappear faster.
  2. The base regeneration rate is your maximum hitpoints / 3. If this number is over 20, then divide the result by two and add ten. For example, 100 max health results in a regen rate of 26. RR accumulates every turn and for every 100 RR you gain, you regenerate 1 hp. For 1 hp per turn, 540 health is needed. For 1 hp per 2 turns, 240.
  3. A ring adds 40 to your rr, troll leather armour 30, player mutation 20 per level, and the status effect (spell) 100. What this means is that a single ring of regen or piece of troll leather armour effectively doubles your healing rate (or better) for most characters.
  4. The regeneration mutations conflict with slow metabolism, but do not otherwise affect your nutrition.
  5. If a character cannot regenerate passively (this means DD or bloodless Vp or any character with slow healing 3), items or spells that increase regeneration rate won't help. Trog's Hand will though!
  6. Only increases hunger if you have HP to regenerate; you don't need to switch out the ring when not regenerating. Player mummies can't memorize the regeneration spell; too thicke y'all's's.
  7. <crate> regen is a spell you cast if you are not at full hp
<someonim> I shouldn't have started drinking
Reduces electrical damage to 1/3, 1/6, 0 by level (but players can only get level 1). Available from potions of resistance, staff of air, storm dragon armour, statue form, mutations and artefacts.
remove curse
  1. A scroll which uncurses every cursed item you are wielding or wearing (weapon, armour, jewellery, wielded misc. items.)
  2. Ashenzari worshippers can corrupt this to produce scrolls of curse jewellery, curse armour, and curse weapon.
renounce religion
Voluntarily cease your worship of a god, usually resulting in horrible things. See wrath. If you don't know what you're doing, don't try this unless you are a follower of Xom or a "good" god like Elyvilon or The Shining One.
repel missile
A level 2 Charm/Air spell that helps you dodge enemy ranged attack (by reducing its to-hit roll *to* a random amount between: 50% and 100% for penetrating beam, 0% and 100% for single-target missile).
repel missiles
A level 2 Charms/Air spell that helps you dodge enemy ranged attacks (by reducing their to-hit roll (for evasion purposes only) *to* a random amount between: 50% and 100% for penetrating beams, 0% and 100% for single-target missiles).
repel stairs
  1. Xom effect. Good chance of moving stairs around when you really need to use them. Lasts for a while.
  2. It moves portals, too.
  1. Creates giant spores anywhere there's a corpse and no monster. Hilarious if you can kill one monster in a pack and use that corpse as a bomb. Gives full XP!
  2. Fedhas protects your food from exploding spores, but not you! Fancy that.
  1. You just tried to enslave a monster, but your god disapproved (e.g. you're trog and you tried to enslave an orc wizard)
  2. All ways to get 'is repulsed': 1) good god, monster is unholy/evil 2) fedhas, monster is corporal undead 3) evil god, monster is holy 4) zin, monster is unclean or chaotic 5) trog, monster is a spellcaster
repulsion field
Gives (2/3/4) extra EV. Gives rMsl at level 3. Permanently.
repulsiveness card
summons ugly things or very ugly things, dependent on power
resist corrosion
  1. Provides a 90% save against equipment damage from acid, and halves damage. Available as an amulet or in cloaks of preservation. This is not enough to save your equipment in Slime, but you'll want it anyway for your HP. To protect your HP, a cloak helps a lot, even if it sucks.
  2. Yellow draconians(rA++) and others mutated with yellow scales >1 (-/rA+/rA++) also resist acid *HP* damage: 50% at rA+, 34% at rA++, 27% at rA+++.
resist mutation
Comes in amulet form, mutation itself (3 levels) and Zin. Provides at most 90% protection from mutations except Zin, who provides mutation immunity at max piety. Has a 50% chance to stop mutations from magical contamination.
resist poison
  1. Level 4 poison/enchantment, formerly found in the book of Envenomations. Grants poison resistance for a few turns, then expires without warning. No longer exists.
  2. schuay the Frost Mage (L10 MfIE), worshipper of Sif Muna, succumbed to miscasting Resist Poison's residual poison on D:9, with 4346 points after 7920 turns and 1:15:37.
resist slowing
This doesn't exist, unless you think stasis is a substitute.
  1. Player: rF-,rC-: melee: 200%, ranged: 150%; rF+,rC+: 50%; rF++,rC++: 33%; rF+++,rC+++: 20%; rN+: 66%; rN++: 33%; rN+++: 0%; rCorr: 50% (acid); rPois+,rElec+: 33%
  2. Monster resistances. rF-,rC-: melee: 200%, ranged: 150%; rF+,rC+: 50%; rF++,rC++: 20%; rF+++,rC+++,hellfire: 0%; rElec+,rPois+: 33%; rElec++,rPois++: 17%, rElec+++,rPois+++: 0%.
<elliptic> you don't need more than one + in anything except rF <elliptic> and that's only for zot:5 <elliptic> resists after the first + are generally overvalued
Ashenzari's 5* ability. Pick a source and destination skill and exp will move from one to the other as you earn exp, at the cost of lots of piety and 10% of the exp being transferred.
Fully restores your Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, and heals a large amount of rotted hit points.
restore abilities
Does what it says on the tin! Restores abilities to their correct state: drained stats (INT, DEX, and STR) which show yellow are restored. Also removes breath timer!
In 0.10, minotaurs get a (str+dex)/100 chance at a free headbutt whenever an enemy misses them in melee.
You can't eat food or quaff potions. Inflicted by plague shambler melee.
return alive
A pretty interesting wordless, numberless puzzle roguelike made in a month, heavily inspired by Cave Noire. http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Return_Alive/
  1. A brand that makes the weapon return to its owner's hand when thrown. It is not guaranteed to work, and requires some Throwing skill to work at all; 3 levels gives a failure chance of 14%, while 27 gives 3%. When thrown by an enemy, fails to return something like 1 time in (HD+3). Based on some quick testing, Portaled Projectiles will not return.
  2. Please refrain from throwing your weapons of returning at enemies in deep water or lava. You'll regret it.
  3. Resist corrosion items continue to work on the thrown weapon, but only so long as it returns.
A Crypt monster with ghostly_fireball, ghostly_flames, dispel_undead, and blink_away. Spectrals from ghostly flames can push past it, so try not to get pinned by them in corridors.
reverse ddpr challenge
Like reverse fepr challenge, but with a Deep Dwarf instead of a Felid.
reverse fepr challenge
  1. Play FeBe. Abandon Trog on turn 0. Go Zin; stay with Zin for the rest of the game. (completed by: lainiw)
  2. Good luck.
round robin for rupert_farming
rec.games.roguelike.misc, Usenet newsgroup with occasional mention of how much Crawl sucks. Can be viewed using Goo Groups at http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.roguelike.misc
  1. Used to be a Finnish server. Still is, but used to be, too. ssh rl@rl.heh.fi , or visit http://rl.heh.fi:8080/ for webtiles.
  2. Administered by joosa
  1. see rings
  2. A piece of jewellery. A powerful demon, Ring has a sickeningly deformed body with fleshy wings. It moves with an unearthly grace.
ring hunger
Doesn't exist, except for ring_of_hunger and regeneration.
ring mail
5AC, 7ER, 25aum.
ring of evasion
A ring that affects your EV by a nonzero amount between -6 and 6. Negative value rings are usually cursed.
ring of fire
A ring of fire (jewellery) acts as a positive fire enhancer, a negative ice enhancer and gives rF+ rC-. Not to be confused with ring of flames, a spell.
ring of flames
  1. Level 7 charms/fire. A third ring of fire, because two rings of fire aren't enough for some people. Surrounds each square around you with a cloud of flame and leaves clouds of flame in your wake. Confers rF++ and rC--, and makes you (but not loot!) immune to clouds of flame.
  2. Does not prevent clouds from appearing under you. You make more flames if you're hasted or moving quickly!
ring of flight
A ring that grants flight using the Evocations skill.
ring of ice
  1. fire vuln, +1 cold res, +50% to pre-stepdown ice magic spell power and acts as a negative fire enhancer.
  2. Wear one and pain mirror against Orbs of Fire!
ring of invisibility
  1. Evoking this (or any other Evoke Invisibility) is one of the biggest single-turn sources of magic contamination available, although not enough to be a threat by itself.
  2. Need about 10 Evocations to activate it reliably. Failure costs nothing though, so just stand round a corner and evoke it until it works, regardless of skill.
ring of magical power
+9 max mp. Remember that mana regen is proportional to max mp, so if your max mana is 3, this ring quadruples the gains! If you would end up with over 50 mp, you get diminishing returns.
ring of regeneration
Regenerate 0.4 HP per turn at the cost of 3 hunger. Stacks with other sources of regeneration (including more rings), and doesn't cause hunger when your HP is full.
ring of robustness
Unrandart ring; +8 AC.
ring of shadows
Unrandart black ring of invisibility with +4 ev, -4 acc, rN+, sInv, stealth++
ring of teleportation
  1. Evocable teleport and teleportitis.
  2. A speedrunner's best friend.
ring of the mage
A nice little unrandart, it gives wizardry, 50 MR and +3 int.
ring of the octopus king
Crawl's first set item. Each ring gives +1 to AC, EV, Str, Int, and Dex. There are eight of them - and eight can spawn per game - with each providing an additional power unique to that ring (one property out of Regen, rF+, rC+, SustAb, Hunger-, Wizardry, MP+, rN+).
ring of vitality
A ring of regeneration that gives +15 HP.
  1. dexterity, evasion, fire, hunger, ice, intelligence, invisibility, levitation, life protection, magical power, poison resistance, protection, protection from cold, protection from fire, protection from magic, regeneration, see invisible, slaying, strength, sustain abilities, sustenance, teleport control, teleportation, wizardry, 24 in total.
  2. Rings of invisibility, regeneration, teleport control, and slaying are rarer than the others; approximately 2/3 of them are replaced by one of the other ring types.
  3. Alternately, ?/i=
river lethe
Big predefined level, with water, 2 orange crystal statues "placed for maximum pain", Maud, and probably a lich in the back. As usual, blame Lemuel.
  1. More properly a *pseudo*-random number generator. Unlike true random numbers, pseudo-random numbers are generated out of spite, in order to make you cry.
  2. Xom is an avatar of the RNG. !rng dont choose xom you stupid rng dice rolling machine -> The RNG chooses: xom.
  3. The RNG has it out for you. Really.
  4. Technically speaking, it's the Mersenne Twister God. Except not anymore, because the Mersenne Twister generator was removed! Now it's the Modified Marsaglia's KISS with an Alternating Step Generator to Thwart In-Game Cryptanalysis God.
  5. <Schwern> The RNG giveth, the RNG chokes you with it.
  6. !rng @badchar -> The RNG chooses: MfIE
  7. No, it doesn't stand for "really nice guy".
  8. As Monster Hunter veterans will tell you, all RNGs have a desire sensor that explicitly lowers the drop rate of anything you'd actually want or need, and the only way to improve one's chances is to not actually want or need it. No, reverse psychology won't help.
  9. For a period of almost nine months, Sif Muna and Ashenzari were very rarely found in Temple. Really.
  10. !rng:!rng !rng::1
  11. https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6871&p=96209#p96085
  12. I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
A player who got the high score on CAO by a large margin by escaping with all 15 runes in 43k turns. Also has the win with the lowest turncount since {Atomjack}.
2AC, 0ER, 6aum.
robe of augmentation
+4 robe that gives +4 to all stats. Whoopee.
robe of clouds
A +3 robe with +Fly and rElec. It trails fog behind you as you walk. This can turn floor into shallow water and then shallow water into deep water.
robe of folly
A +3 robe of the archmagi {int+5, MR-100!}.
robe of misfortune
the cursed -5 robe of Misfortune {-CAST Contam *TELE EV-4 Str-2 Dex-2 Int-2 Stlth-- Curse}
robe of night
the +4 robe of Night {+Inv MR SInv Stlth++} 30 MR and 50 stealth. Reduces LOS by 2, partially stacking with lantern of shadows, nightstalker and Darkness.
robe of resistance
rF+, rC+. Still just a robe.
robe of the archmagi
Acts as one enhancer for all spells. In ancient times, divided incoming XP by 4.
Account for round-robin games (one player plays the character, then another, etc.). Login: roundrobin, demorobin, ghostrobin, quitrobin, noobrobin, zigrobin, mnolegrobin, ironrobin, mutarobin, elfrobin, slimerobin, hippyrobin, acidrobin, drugrobin, blindrobin, discorobin, blinkrobin, skillrobin, mummyrobin, dgwnrobin, pararobin; Password: robin
  1. For when Crawl has got you down.
  2. After abyss scumming, the second most popular source of useless ttyrecs.
  3. <myuzinn> robotfindskitten is a tale of love, tragedy, and the question of human existance
10% more max HP per level of this mutation. (Tier3 DS Mutation)
Unrand ring of +8 AC, counterpart to the ring of Shaolin.
rock wall
The basic fabric of ordinary dungeon levels (Pan's weird stuff is functionally identical, too). Unlike other kinds of wall, it can be removed by wand of digging, wand of disintegration, Summon Elemental, stone of tremors, boring beetles, Dissolution, IOOD and bolts of energy. LRD, Shatter and Corruption also destroy them easily.
rock worm
  1. A worm that burrows into walls (does not dig, just enters them), and is there protected from harm. Suggestions: fight far away from walls, blast as they run off. Disintegration (only when in rock), freeze, vampiric draining, smiting, torment/agony, and shatter are the only ways to hurt them when in walls.
  2. The undead variant of this monster can move into walls as well.
  1. Contains a few spells. Wield and Evoke to cast them. Uses an internal mana pool which recharges gradually over time, even if not wielded. A scroll of recharging increases a rod's limit and enchantment by 1d2 (up to a max of 17 and +9 respectively), and (always) recharges its mp to full. See rods for a list of types.
  2. Evoking rods causes hunger in the same way casting spells does; see spell hunger for specific numbers.
  3. Evocations skill and rod enchantment increases its recharge rate. A +0 rod with no skill gets 1 mana per 25 typical turns. Taking that same rod to +4 will double the recharge rate, 8 triple. Having 7 evocations skill will double the recharge rate. Having 14 evocations will triple the recharge rate.
  4. So, to sum up, just increasing the rod enchant to +9 can cut the time from 25 turns to 7.69. Increasing your skill from 0 to 27 can cut the time to 6.25 turns. Having the rod and skill at max pretty much guarantees a small bit over one point of magic every two turns.
rod of demonology
A rod with Abjuration, Call Imp, and Summon Demon. (Good gods don't mind if you use abjuration from this rod, even though the rod is purple in your inventory.)
rod of destructionice
Throw frost, throw icicle, and freezing cloud.
rod of frigid destruction
Evoke to cast throw frost, throw icicle, freezing cloud.
rod of smiting
  1. A rod which allowed you to smite. Removed.
  2. !lg * killer=rakshasa kaux="by divine providence" 1 -tv:<1.5
rod of striking
A rod which uses its mana to do 1d(1.5*evo) extra damage per hit when you use it like a weapon, like a inbuilt infusion. Each hit drains one of the rod's MP. Before 0.13, it shot 1d8 force bolts.
rod of venom
Spells: OTR, poison arrow, poisonous cloud.
rod of warding
Spells: Abjuration, condensation shield, cause fear, deflect missiles.
rod power
5 + 3 * Evocations
That other game's IRC bot.
  1. striking, lightning, destruction (3 types), inaccuracy, swarm, demonology, warding, venom
  2. Previously rod of smiting.
  1. Fighting letters to collect punctuation.
  2. Utter rubbish, and a waste of time.
<mikee_> an orc comes out of nowhere! i hate them because they burned my village down once <mikee_> i yell the name of trog and go into a berserk rage at the sight of the orc <mikee_> RARRGRAHA
status caused by Treants which cancels flying, reduces EV
  1. A temporary condition much like poison but attacking max HP instead of current HP. The condition can be cured with a potion of curing. The damage, once done, can be fixed (very expensively) with curing or heal wounds at full health, or with Ely's purification.
  2. Sources of rot: necrophage and ghoul melee attack; necromancy miscasts, which may come from Zot traps, Hell effects, or mummy curses; miasma, including death drake breath, unless you have rotting resistance. Player ghouls rot gradually over time.
  3. Ghouls can restore hit points by eating chunks. Mummies have to rely on wands of healing or their Self-Restoration ability (gained at level 13, costs 1 permanent MP).
Chunks and corpses with this descriptor either sat out too long or come from undead corpses and cannot be eaten unless your race has saprovore - for sap1: 1/3 chance of sickness, sap2: 1/5. Ghouls with sap3 can eat rotten meat with impunity.
rotting devil
Found mostly in Tartarus and Pan. Has a rotting attack and trails miasma efreet-style.
rotting hulk
Renamed and revamped in 0.13 as plague shamblers
rotting resistance
Protects you from miasma; for the most part only undead, demons, and non-living creatures have this. Zin provides it with increasing chances at high piety.
rough black scales
Level 1: +4 ac, -1 dex; Level 2: +7 ac, -2 dex; Level 3: +10 ac, -3 dex
roulette of golubria
  1. Wizlab. Abyss-themed, contains a nasty teleporter roulette, lots of mean monster decision/placement, tloc-themed/abyss-escape loot, and pretty good cloaks (shrouds). Give feedback to HangedMan if you get the map!
  2. The teleporters work out so that if you want to go through every section you should exclude each teleporter after using it. Also, invis is a pretty good way to deal with the nasty statue/tentacle room, and LRD devastates it.
round robin
Akrasiacs account for round-robin games (one player plays the character, then another, tc.). Login: roundrobin, squarerobi, diamondrob, ghostrobin, aoeurobin, robinround; Password: robin. Login: IronRobin Password: IronRobin for Ironman games.
  1. A unique earth mage who was fortunately turned into an immobile statue. Knows powerful earth conjurations and can blink you closer to her so that she can use them. Her powerful spells are short range - try wearing stasis.
  2. Roxanne isn't specially affected by a wand of disintegration. She is, however, affected by silence. She also cannot see invisible! Like all statues, she also doesn't regenerate.
  3. There's a transmutation book in Roxanne's hands, that you can only get if you kill her, but it's not guaranteed to have statue form.
  4. You don't have to put on the red light.
  5. http://www.pbfcomics.com/254/
roxanne strategy
!lm skillrobin 507 -tv
royal jelly
A 5000 nutrition food that also restores abilities. For the boss of the Slime Pits, see the royal jelly.
bot for the rhf server
rugged brown scales
+1/2/3 AC, +3%/5%/7% HP. Possible demonspawn mutation.
  1. Remove a monster for every monster you add.
  2. If it's not dead for 300 years at least, we cannot add it. Sorry.
  3. Remove two gods for every god you add.
  4. Switch out a branch for every branch you add.
  5. When in doubt, nerf tornado.
  1. Mystic keys (and status symbols) - you need at least three to enter Zot. They can be found at the end of some (but not all) dungeon branches, in Abyss:3-5, or in certain levels in Pandemonium. Runes are permanent, weightless once picked up, and tracked outside of inventory.
  2. Dungeon: Spider (gossamer), Snake (serpentine), Slime (slimy), Swamp (decaying), Shoals (barnacled), Vaults (silver), Tomb (golden). Abyss: (abyssal). Hells: Gehenna (obsidian), Cocytus (icy), Dis (iron), Tartarus (bone). Pandemonium, by guardian: Cerebov (fiery), Mnoleg (glowing), Lom Lobon (magical), Gloorx Vloq (dark), or randomly (demonic).
  3. The generic demonic runes can be found occasionally on non-unique Pan levels. Once you pick one up, you won't get any more. See also: abyssal rune for tips/info, pan[3] for how to recognize each unique Pandemonium guardian's level, and {pan[6]} for a quite serious warning. The entries on each area (or guardian) have more info.
  4. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MacGuffin
  1. Congratulations, you've found a magic item! Or perhaps a runed door?
  2. Means that it either has an ego, is cursed, or has high plusses. Conversely, items with an ego will always be glowing, runed, shiny, dyed, or embroidered. Cursed items can appear either with or without such a "cosmetic" description.
runed door
A door that autoexplore or monsters won't open on their own. Will cease being runed after you open it.
runed hands
A bodyslot Ds facet under development (in a branch). Gives a spellpower boost and antimagic melee.
Change in 0.14: you need a rune to enter Vaults.
Not a crusader. Will "look more energetic" 2 turns after his berserk wears off (and promptly zerk again). Spells: paralyse, confuse, berserker rage. Is generated with a good two-handed weapon. For laughs, watch: "!lg * mfre killer=rupert 1 -tv:<0.5" or "!lg * kewn killer=rupert 1 -tv:<0.5".
rupert farming
  1. The practice of turning a single powerful unique into a friendly army.
  2. Turn Rupert into a jelly, feed him items until he splits a bunch, polymorph the jellies into animals, use tame beasts on them, and then polymorph them into cool things. Ruined by devs; rest in peace.
  3. Instead of polymorphing to animals and taming beasts, try a high-powered crusade card.
  4. Drag uniques into abyss and out again; they will be cloned, with a clone coming with you, and a clone staying in the abyss. Also ruined.
  5. Try polymorphing to an orc and using Beogh conversion. Maybe not ruined yet?
  6. Foolproof!
  7. < slyshy> Rupert farming, oh god, this is straight out of nethack
  8. < BirdoPrey> rupert farming is the awesomest thing ive heardof
  9. <rwbarton> imagine a paralyzing, berserking golden dragon, and then imagine you have a dozen of them
<clouded_> rw is like watching a baby grow
rwbarton: i would kite slugs wherever and use them as hp banks
cset = cloud : x26a1
  1. Eww, a bug!
  2. Eww, a snake!
0.12 Thread: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3547339
  1. <Sabaki> The first time i apported the orb, i thought it said "shrinks" not shrieks, so every game i would go apport it a few times to make it smaller and easier to carry. Felt so stupid when I realized my mistake
  2. <Sabaki> ??water tower
Base damage:7, To-hit:+4, attack delay:12 short blade. Best common short blade in the game, though daggers are better for stabbing. Special-cased to have a minimum delay of 5.
sack of spiders
When evoked, generates friendly spiders and webs. Contains 5-15 charges and has a 1/5 chance of failure when evoked. The kinds of spiders you get vary with evocations; at really high evocations you get the occasional ghost moth.
sacred scourge
A demon whip blessed by TSO. Dam 12 Acc 0 Delay 11.
  1. Pray on a square with items to attempt to sacrifice them to your god. To avoid sacrificing items you might want to keep they can be inscribed with !p or !*. One inscribed item will protect all the items on that square.
  2. Trog's burn books is invoked as an 'a'bility.
sage card
  1. Gives you the "Sage" status, which causes 50% of all incoming XP to be multiplied a bit (1 + .5*card power) and put towards one skill (same the whole time). The skill is selected randomly, weighted towards those you know better (the weight is based on card power, and at 0 is completely random).
  2. The effect lasts until a certain amount of XP has been diverted. Multiple sages can be active at once.
saint roka
  1. Unique orc who comes with a pack of more orcs, often including knights and sorcerers. Has the spell set of a Daeva (smite, smite, smite). Sometimes has a crossbow.
  2. While not guaranteed, Saint Roka often comes with heavily enchanted plate mail that has a useful ego. Worth checking out if you use heavy armour!
  1. <Danei>A perfect and elegant maid. <SakuyaIzayoi> ...Yes.
  2. <ontoclasmnei> FR: change name of step out of time to Za Warudo
  1. Strong fire creature. Can be rarely found in lava lakes anywhere. Generated with a flaming weapon or bow. Hits for 50 or so damage in melee. Very dangerous for people without ranged attacks. Due to its fire attack property and flaming weapon, you get burned twice.
  2. Don't go near them if you are worshipping Xom and wielding a weapon you care about, unless you want this to happen: A salamander, wielding the +1,+11 sabre "Centaur's Doom" {pain, +Lev rElec rC+ Str+1} (lava).
  3. You can recover an item from a salamander by using Tornado to remove it from lava (but beware of the tornado killing it first).
  4. Xom weapon swapping with salamanders is gone in 0.14.
salamander hide armour
A +3 leather armour, rF++, evocable berserk.
SamB is totally a developer. He ruined cursed blunt weapons -- you can butcher while wielding them now! He also ruined runes and made them look stupid.
Creates a divine refuge (5 square radius; full size for inv/2 turns, then gradually shrinks over next 7 until gone). Enemies within range retreat and can't attack, blood and harmful clouds are erased, a holy word is recited, your pets rush to your side, and all traps are revealed. The sanctuary ends (and Zin gets mad) if you attack. Looks AWESOME.
Wield stones (sling bullets don't count) to do more damage and increase range from 2 to 3 with this spell. Sandblast with stones maxes out at 2d20 damage, which is really good for a level 1 spell, although damage reduction from enemy AC is applied three times instead of once. Og, Tr, and Fo can use large rocks, with damage maxing out at 3d20.
  1. Plays tiles. Gets ridiculous high scores. Confirmed to be mikee_.
  2. 2714 | Swamp:4 | Sapher: bad timing for speedrun
Lets you eat rotting meat (8/10 normal nutrition at level 1, 14/15 at level 2). Also gives more nutrition from eating contaminated chunks: 1/2 nutrition at level 0, 9/10 at level 1, and 29/30 at level 2. Level 3 is a ghoul.
Better known as Eidolos, or the Mouth of Sauron.
Big brother of fauns; they use {leda's liquefaction} against you, and fire longbows at you as you get stuck in the mud. 50% chance of getting a pack of fauns with them.
An elongated lump of low-grade gristle, entrails and cereal products encased in an intestine. Yum!
scale mail
6AC, 11ER, 35aum.
  1. A group of resistance-related scales mutations. Includes Molten Scales (rF+), Icy Blue Scales (rC+), Yellow Scales (rCorr), Green Scales (rPois), or Metallic Scales (rElec). The resistance is gained at mutation level 3. Different colors have different levels of AC, and some colors don't give a resistance.
  2. (+AC unless otherwise specified) Molten[1,3 -1EV,4 rF+] Icy[1,3 -1EV,4 rC+] Yellow[2,3,4 rCorr] Green[2,3,4 rPois] Metallic[2,3,4 rElec] Iridescent[4,6,8] Bone Plates[2AC 2SH, 3AC 4SH, 4AC 6SH] Black[4 -1 Dex,7 -2 Dex,10 -3 Dex] Brown[1 +3% HP,2 +5% HP,3 +7% HP]
sceptre of asmodeus
+7, +7 staff. Evoke for an evo/30 chance to summon a charmed efreet/sun demon/balrug/hellion/brimstone fiend (which will turn hostile before timing out). Can't be abjured!
sceptre of torment
+7,+6 (jewelled golden) mace which invokes Torment on 50% of attacks and 1/200 on just being wielded for a given turn. Useful if you have torment immunity. Counts as necromancy for the good gods, but if you worship a good god, you are susceptible to torment, so this is going to cause you far worse problems than penance.
A long sword with a curved blade. One-handed Long Blade; Dam 12 Acc -2 Delay 14.
scimitar of flaming death
the +7,+5 scimitar of Flaming Death {flame, rPois rF++ rC- MR}
scintillating colors
If an enemy's weapon has just been surounded with scintillating colors, that means that xom just enchanted it with the chaos brand. Run away fast!
scorch marked granite statue
  1. It's a robotic flamethrower in disguise. Stay away.
  2. Except it might be the Temple entry vault.
  1. [modified XP + gold (capped at 1000000) + 1000*(#runes)*(#runes + 12) + if won: 250000 + (#runes + 2)*2000 + 6250000000*(#runes)^2/(1+turns)], capped at 99999999
  2. Modified xp = 0.7 * xp up to 250,000 + 0.4 * xp between 250,000 and 1M + 0.2 * xp between 1M and 3M + 0.1 * xp above 3M. For an XL27 character, this works out to roughly 0.5M + XP/10. Note that there is an XP cap of 9M.
  3. As of 0.9, inventory value no longer contributes towards your score.
{cf. http://crawl.akrasiac.org/scoring/overview.html }
  1. Source for the CAO scoring pages: http://github.com/greensnark/dcss_scoring
  2. see score
Pain by poison. Lots of both.
scorpion teleport
  1. Teleport behind someone and punch them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhK0mEQWEqI Also, a spell (not in crawl)
  2. http://nrook.com/scorpion%20teleport.tar.gz
  3. http://screencast.com/t/S54OlUWcZAOR
scorpion vault
Early dungeon vault containing a lot of scorpions, some giant mites and a few random critters. You can often find an executioner's axe or eveningstar there. Don't ask why. If you do, it will have negative enchantment to start with (but can be enchanted up as usual).
  1. Upon falling into deep water, if not in statue form, you will scramble free if you're adjacent to land or shallow water and you're carrying less than a random amount of your capacity between 50% and 100%. The same goes for lava, but you need at least rF+, and you will take massive hp damage (10+(2d50) / rF), not to mention your poor scrolls!
  2. Note that this means that as long as you are carrying less than 50% of your maximum capacity, it is impossible to drown by falling into water that is adjacent to land. Need to cross a one-tile-wide channel? Lighten your load, confuse yourself, and scramble across.
scroll of blinking
Gives you a controlled blink. It doesn't qualify as high-powered (unlike the spell), and so degrades to completely random instead of semi-controlled in areas that prevent cTele.
scroll of brand weapon
  1. Adds the vorpal brand to an unbranded (non-artefact, non-blowgun) weapon; or makes a temporary brand (freezing, flaming, electrocution, draining, venom, or chaos) permanent; or rebrands a permanently branded weapon (see[2]). Known as scroll of vorpalise weapon, with no rebranding, in 0.12-.
  2. Rebrands weapons to flaming, freezing, venom, draining, vorpal, electrocution, protection, vampiricism, chaos (in order of rarity). Ranged weapons get flame, frost, venom, vorpal, evasion, electrocution, chaos. Always chooses a new brand, and one that your god doesn't hate. Rebranding away from distortion still causes a distortion effect.
  3. Applying brands causes fancy effects. Vorpal/evasion/protection: alert nearby monsters, flaming: immolation, freezing: refrigeration, venom: OTR, draining/vampiricism: draining, electrocution: orb of elec, chaos: orb of chaos. Temporary pain and distortion brands can't be affixed (and trying causes torment/distortion effects respectively).
  4. see hilarious_deaths[73]
scroll of detect curse
No longer detects curses (because it doesn't exist).
scroll of fear
  1. Scares monsters away from your current position, with a chance to save based on MR. Only affects living, non-berserk monsters. Also a level 4 hexes spell "Cause Fear" with similar effect (but based on spell power).
  2. Enemies with reaching weapons will take a stab at you while running away. Take note when using this on orcs/gnolls/etc!
  3. Very useful if you're trying to run away from something living that matches or exceeds your speed.
scroll of fog
  1. For the "oh shit there's an oklob plant/pack of yaktaurs/etc and the nearest cover is 5 squares away" moments. Creates 8-15 tiles of fog centered on you - may be black smoke (25%) which spreads further on successive turns. 2 tiles of fog will block LOS mutually. This is a very valuable emergency-prevention scroll!
  2. Any beam will have its to-hit reduced by 2 if it targets something in a cloud.
  3. Don't forget that an invisible creature becomes a "disturbance" when in a smoke cloud. Could be handy against unseen horrors.
scroll of holy word
  1. Deals damage to all demons/undead in LOS and paralyses them for 2 turns. If you are undead or demonspawn, it halves your current hp as well.
  2. good
scroll of identify
Tells you everything about one object. Most useful for jewellery and potions, as all other objects can be easily IDed with use. IDs one item, but 1 in 5 times will ID 2 or 3 items (equal chance).
scroll of noise
Makes a lot of noise. There is generally little use for these, but they are louder than a shout, and they can break the hold that a mermaid has on you.
scroll of random uselessness
This entry reassembles itself in your head!
scroll of recharging
  1. When used on a wand, refills a varying number of charges. When used on a rod, will increase the rod's enchantment by 1d2, restore the rod's power, and add 1d2 magic points to its limit, up to 17.
  2. Wand limits: invis, heal, haste, fireball, tele: 9; lightning, drain: 12; fire, cold: 15; other: 24. Note that these limits apply to recharging only, not starting values. One scroll will add to # of charges between 1 and two less than the maximum number of charges, weighted to the middle of the distribution.
  3. Recharging a wand sets the charges to the lesser of x*3 or charges+1+random2avg(((x-1)*3)+1,3), where charges is the current number of charges and x is 3 for invis/fball/tele/heal/haste, 4 for lightning/drain, 5 for fire/cold, and 8 for others.
scroll of silence
A scroll. It casts silence.
scroll of summoning
  1. Creates 2d2 friendly shadow creatures, with higher duration than the spell.
  2. see {hilarious_deaths[162])
scroll of vorpalise weapon
  1. Adds the vorpal brand to a wielded unbranded (non-artefact, non-blowgun) weapon; or makes a temporary brand (freezing, flaming, electrocution, draining, venom, or chaos) permanent. Upgraded to scroll of brand weapon in 0.13+.
  2. see scroll_of_brand_weapon
scroll of vulnerability
  1. Halves the MR of everything in LOS, including you. Also removes _all_ enchantments, whether helpful or harmful. Use it on tough enemies with high MR, that can't cast any status effect magics themselves - don't use on sphinxes! Also removes 1 to 5 points of magic contamination.
  2. Cerebov screams as he is devoured by a tear in reality.
acquirement, amnesia, blinking, curse armour, curse jewelry, curse weapon, enchant armour, enchant weapon I, enchant weapon II, enchant weapon III, fear, fog, holy word, identify, immolation, magic mapping, noise, random uselessness, recharging, remove curse, silence, summoning, teleportation, torment, brand weapon, vulnerability.
Lets you see through walls.
The strategy of collecting easy rewards in unchallenging areas, e.g. when a high-level character visits levels suitable for low-level characters. Has a number of derived terms, eg. stair scumming, save scumming, abyss scumming.
  1. When you see a giant eyeball and monsters that can kill you fast in the same room you have two options, blink/teleport and killing the eye in one hit.
  2. The shrieking winds of pandemonium may cause insanity.
  1. polearm, 14 damage, -4 accuracy, 20 delay, 100% junk.
  2. It's Sigmund's favorite crappy weapon. It's not worth picking up.
  3. Edmund says, "A flail is better than a scythe, any day of the week!"
scythe of curses
  1. +13,+13 scythe of draining which curses your equipment and inflicts necromancy miscasts on living targets it hits. Better than many bardiches!
  2. Death has come for the toadstool...
  3. "it hits like a bag of trucks" - ontoclasm
sea snake
A snake, commonly found in the Shoals, that is quick and carries a -hefty- poisonous bite. Carry a way to counteract poisoning, or your game might end in a pyrrhic victory. Beware them in Shoals zig levels!
searing ray
Level 2 conjuration spell in the book of Conjurations that fires a weak medium-range ray. After firing the first ray, waiting (with . or s) will fire 3 more successively stronger beams at the same place, costing 1 MP each. The final beam is penetrating. Damage starts below that of Throw Frost/Flame and ends above.
  1. <Sequell> Sebi has not won in 104729 games.
  2. Legendary start scummer who has dethroned Meow in terms of quitting|leaving. Personally responsible for over half of all games ended by leaving the dungeon.
  3. Responsible for 4.78% of all online Crawl games.
  4. Responsible for 34.12% of all wanderers played online.
secret doors
  1. what's that
  2. If you're looking for secret doors, the best place to search is at the dead end of narrow corridors. You may also want to check the walls of any large rectangular rooms. If an area has any walls that are of an unusual shape or composition, there could be a secret door. They can be anywhere! With practice, you can almost "feel" where they'll be.
  3. Except now that feeling is a lie, because secret doors were removed!
secret entries
  1. see nothing appears to happen
  2. Entries that aren't seen outside of prior knowledge or looking at the learndb outside of IRC or being redirected from another entry, because the first entry is a re-direct. Don't create these or your learndb privileges may be revoked!
secret tech
  1. ogee
  2. see slowimp
  3. hitting plants while berserk
  4. My fav 'trick' is to get hungry & just eat corpses.
  5. *RAGE weapons with Chei
  6. slaughterboxes save
  7. dying in the middle of a streak so your streak entry doubles in length
  8. going into tree form to wield vampiric for free
  9. with chei, go into dragon form and trample your own butterflies to take quick steps
see invisible
  1. Self-explanatory. No combat penalties, can aim at invisible things correctly, etc. -- everything in invisibility. Contrast with the creature flag sense invisible. The ability for PCs comes in ring, helmet or cap ego, and mutation form.
  2. <N78291> Memorise See Invisible? It hits you but doesn't do any damage. Your memorisation is interrupted.
  3. N78291: here is a quick reference guide on monster see invisible: yes
seething chaos
Causes chaos effects.
semi controlled blink
When you blink under the effect of cTele. It moves you in a direction you choose but not to the square you choose. Less reliable than a controlled blink, but good for getting out of tight spots.
sense invisible
  1. Monsters which "sense invisible" can see invisible opponents if they are distance 4 or less away, and have bonuses to perception in other cases.
  2. Since circlelos is awful and 3*sqrt(2) > 4, a monster with sense invisible can't see you if you are 3 squares away diagonally and invisible.
sentinels mark
Reveals your location to all awake monsters on the level while in effect, and makes them more able to pathfind towards you. Caused by vault sentinels and alarm traps.
The ##crawl bot, handling game statistics, the learndb, and more. Operated by greensnark. See http://github.com/greensnark/dcss_henzell/raw/master/docs/listgame.txt If you want the source for *this bot*, go here: http://github.com/greensnark/dcss_henzell (not a typo).
You are in holy pan. The other monsters here are more dangerous.
serpent of hell
A proper unique in 0.8+. It will randomly appear in one of the branches of hell and have suitable abilities to match. Hellfire and flame breath in Geh, freezing cloud and refrigeration in Coc, miasma and bolt of draining in Tar and metal splinters and quicksilver breath in Dis.
See cao, cszo (US) or cdo, clan, rhf (EU). Also http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/howto
set off by their pet
  1. crate the Ruffian (L7 TrNe), worshipper of Xom, blasted by quasit (set off by their pet) on D:5 on 2012-04-15, with 855 points after 4089 turns and 0:12:20.
  2. SilentWolf the Vandal (L8 KoAM), worshipper of Ashenzari, killed by set off by their pet on D:6 on 2012-04-17, with 1070 points after 6104 turns and 2:42:42.
  3. heteroy the Skirmisher (L5 OpCK), worshipper of Xom, killed by an exploding it (buggy) set off by their pet on D:5 on 2011-09-12, with 467 points after 4092 turns and 0:09:29.
  4. Began as a Mummy Chaos Knight on May 30, 2012. Was a Plaything of Xom. Killed from afar by ogre (55 damage) ... with a set off by their pet
  1. The Sewers, initially conceived by Eino Keskitalo, who apparently had some to spare. They are timed and will disappear eventually if you do not enter them. Contains fish and rats, at the least. "Rats" includes up to orange, and some layouts have giant frogs.
  2. < LordSlothN> Why ist here an altar to zin in the sewers? < pointless> Zin purifies the waste that flows through the sewers
  3. <ogaz> is an altar to a good god guaranteed in sewers? <FreekillB> ogaz: no, sometimes you get zin (zing)
324435 | Pan | evilmike: because you have sexy elf dreams
  1. !tv sexyelmdreams sprint 114
  2. !lg sexyelmdreams sprint ddee 1 -tv:<4
  3. !lg sexyelmdreams sprint 60 -tv:<T200:>$
  4. !tv sexyelmdreams sprint ddee 5
  1. The command is @?kobold. "!wtf" is just for character combos. WD and MT are not races.
  2. MDFi|HOBe|??Pa DEFE|HEAE|??NE [Sp|Se][Ar|En|Tm] [Gh|Tr|DS|DD][CK|DK]
  3. Master of avoidable deaths. Or just quitting accidentally if things are going too well. See !hs sfogarty ktyp=quitting
  4. "vorp it if it isn't egoed"
In 0.13, they'll go invisible and then stab you for more damage.
shadow card
Turns you invisible. If card power >=1, increases your stealth (by 80, so quite significant) for a duration based on the power level.
shadow creatures
L5 summoning, Book of Summonings and Dreams. When you cast it, summons one always-friendly level appropriate monster (some will come with an appropriate pack). When monsters cast it, summons up to 8. Good to use in places where normal monsters are nasty, like Zot.
shadow demon
a speed 11 shadow creatures and summon demon spamming jerk
shadow dragon
  1. A dark dragon, emitting an unholy aura, and it sees YOU as its next snack. Breathes bolts of draining, so prepare for it. While it has rN, it is not undead, so you can still torment it!
  2. Does leave a corpse (tastes like necrophage!), but doesn't leave a hide. There is no shadow dragon armour. Sorry.
shadow fiend
  1. Type 1 demon that uses torment, bolt of draining, bolt of cold and dispel undead.
  2. If you want to avoid dispel undead (and you should - it'll kill you), keep the fiend beyond 6 squares and blast from afar.
shadow imp
A small and shadowy minor demon. Enjoys reanimating your lunch if hostile. Also casts pain.
shadow wraith
Invisible. Drains speed on hit.
A trap that drops you one, two, or three levels. A cool escape route if you're desperate. Try not to fall down one and land directly in a jelly pit. Disappears when used.
shallow water
  1. Waist-deep pools of water. Moving through this stuff is gonna be really slow! Non-Ogre, Troll, Gray draconian, Naga, Merfolk, or Octopode players in shallow water will fumble their attack 4-out-of-DEX times, and 20% of the time regardless as well. Monsters will fumble 1 in 4 times.<