CSZO broken

Hi Crawlers,

This is a very inopportune moment, but it seems that CSZO vanished from the Internet this morning. The maintainer Amethyst opened an emergency ticket with the ISP a few hours ago; there has been no response yet.

For the time being, please use CAO or CBRO. If the downtime persists, we will try to host the tournament page elsewhere until it is resolved.

Update 2014-04-16 14:43 UTC: The ISP says they are having technical difficulty with their fiber connections to two upstream providers, and have been working on the issue since it started about eight hours ago. Several customers are experiencing problems, not just CSZO. They expect the network to be “back up and running soon”. -neil

Update 2014-04-16 20:55 UTC: The network is back up, but there is still some packet loss for the time being, so expect some lag until everything is fully resolved. -neil

Crawl 0.14: “The Shadowy Depths of Madness”

We are proud to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.14: “The Shadowy Depths of Madness” is released! 0.14 features two new races, a new god, a new branch, many new spells, enemies and items, and a wealth of other changes.

Download DCSS 0.14 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world!

The release tournament will begin at 20:00 UTC on Friday 11 April, with all online 0.14 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.14′s highlights include:

  • Characters: Two new races: Formicids, an insectoid species with permanent stasis and an affinity for digging, and Vine Stalkers, a parasitic plant on a human host – very fragile, but possessing great regenerative ability, permanent guardian spirit, and a powerful magic-draining bite. Recommended backgrounds and species have been adjusted; in particular, backgrounds can recommend species that don’t necessarily recommend that background and vice versa (e.g. Chaos Knight -> Troll may be recommended whereas Troll -> Chaos Knight is not). Fighters and Gladiators start with better weapons. Poison damage is now deterministic.
  • Places: The lower half of the dungeon has been transformed into a new branch, the Depths; five levels long and containing the entrance to the Realm of Zot. The Vaults require a rune to enter. Ziggurats now require three runes to enter in lieu of an entry fee.
  • Monsters: A great deal of new enemies appear, primarily in the Lair sub-branches – from new specialist nagas to plants with vicious volleys of thorns to demonspawn with a variety of sets of mutations and jobs. Three new uniques make their debut: Natasha, the lost felid familiar of a powerful wizard; Asterion, a powerful minotaur king; and Vashnia, leader of an elite squad of naga sharpshooters. Adjustments have been made to many other enemies.
  • Gods: Dithmenos the Shadowed makes a debut, granting followers an aura of shadows and many abilities related thereto. Divine wrath is now contingent on gaining experience; it can no longer be “waited out”. Zin and Okawaru no longer care about the deaths of allies.
  • Spells: A great deal of spells have been added to the Summoning school, allowing the creation of minions from lightning spires to harpies and sphinxes to your very own spell-casting construct. Glaciate, a level 9 Conjurations/Ice spell, makes its debut as a replacement for Ice Storm; it creates a powerful cone-shaped icy blast that can freeze enemies solid.
  • Items: Several new rods have been introduced, from the rod of clouds with its ability to call forth strange and powerful cloud effects at high power to the rod of ignition with great explosive power. Many new pre-defined artefacts are available, and several have received tweaks and modernisation. All scrolls now identify on read.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.14!

(Update 2014-04-10 16:20 UTC: OS X binaries of 0.14.0 are now available from the downloads page. Many thanks to frogor! -neil)

0.13.2 bugfix release

Hi crawlers!

In anticipation of the imminent release of 0.14, we’re happy to announce the final 0.13 release, 0.13.2. Get the source code and Windows builds over at the Downloads page.

Check back in a week or so for the final 0.14 release!

0.14 Tournament

The 0.14 tournament will begin in just one week! From 20:00 UTC Friday 11 April through 20:00 UTC Sunday 27 April, any 0.14 game played on any of the online servers will count for the tournament. 0.14 will be officially released before the start of the tournament – at the moment, a 0.14 beta is playable on all the online servers except CDO.

The rules page contains all the details about how to score points and earn banners in the tournament. There are quite a few changes to the banners this tournament.

As usual, clans (teams of up to six players) can be formed and changed until one week into the tournament, so don’t panic if you aren’t on one yet! (Being on a clan isn’t necessary to participate in the tournament, but it can be a lot of fun.)

Once the tournament has started, the tournament leaderboard will contain the current results. (Before tournament start, some scores might briefly appear on this page as we test the tournament scripts, but they are just for testing.)

A sneak peek at future development

Hi crawlers!

For a limited time, we’re offering an insight into the future of Crawl development. To see the latest and greatest the devteam has to over, check out trunk on http://crawl.s-z.org/ .

Happy crawling!

Crawl Art exhibition now open!

Inspired by a tavern thread, I realised how much artistic talent goes largely unnoticed! Thankfully, artist baconkid immediately agreed to immortalise some of his work on CDO − if you haven’t seen his drawings yet, make sure to dash to the new

Crawl Art page

Consider yourself a good Crawler if you recognise the content of one or two pictures at once. And a hopeless addict if you get all four. :)

It looks very spartan right now. I would be happy if, over time, more drawings and possibly fan fiction or other art find a home over there. If you want to recommend something for the Crawl Art page, please contact me (private forum message or email). In the long run, we may need to set up an editorial office, but for now this will do.

Crawl 0.14 beta and tournament schedule

Hi crawlers!

Crawl 0.14 has entered the beta phase; it is now playable on CSZO and CAO, and should be available on other servers soon. Local beta binaries should also be available in the immediate future.

The release will most likely occur a day or two before the tournament’s start date on Friday 11 April 2014 at 20:00 UTC. The tournament will run until Sunday 27 April 2014 at 20:00 UTC.

See also the 0.14 changelog and the tournament rules.

Trunk updates, 22 March 2014

Hi crawlers – here are some more changes as we wind down 0.14 development:

  • MR-granting items now grant fixed increments of magic resistance (see the % screen – there are numbers involved behind the scenes but those exact values aren’t important).
  • Orbs of destruction don’t explode if they collide with another orb of destruction before travelling more than a short distance (so feel free to abuse those high powered decks of destruction).
  • The colours of the species/background menu selector have been changed again.
  • The amount of poisoning dealt by poisonous monster attacks has been adjusted slightly (less for early game enemies, more for late game enemies).
  • Josephine has a new spell set (and rN+++).
  • Formicid self-shafting is no longer noisy.
  • All tiered demon enemies can now open doors.

Look forward to news about the release of 0.14 soon, and happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 16 March 2014

Hi crawlers – here’s another round of last minute tune-ups to 0.14:

  • Formicids can no longer wield giant (spiked) clubs and have slightly adjusted aptitudes.
  • Throwing nets no longer degrade; instead they mulch similar to other projectiles.
  • Fighters start with a potion of might.
  • Swinging a chaos weapon no longer polymorphs or shafts the attacker.
  • The shopping interface has been simplified.
  • Spells can be memorised even at 100% failure rate.
  • Picking up runes in Pandemonium increases the chances of exits being generated.

Here’s to a 0.14 release in the near future – and happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 11 March 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s what I’m hoping will be the last major round of changes before 0.14 gets prepared for release:

  • All panlords now see invisible.
  • Player merfolk can now be mesmerised by mermaids and sirens.
  • Plain formicids no longer generate as enemies.
  • Formicid venom mages lose Stone Arrow and gain Localized Ignite Poison.
  • Artificers and Wanderers do not start with knowledge of scrolls/potions they don’t actually possess.
  • Chaos champions lose Rearrange the Pieces and gain Random Bolt (per the rod of destruction).
  • Spriggan enemies in general now merely have fast movement speed instead of fast speed in general, more damage and less EV.
  • The movement behaviour of sirens has been adjusted to make them less likely to be completely out of reach of the player.
  • Spriggan air mages have Haste (replacing Shock).
  • Spriggan druids’ Druid’s Call now calls 2-3 creatures out of LOS nearby and does not invisibly might creatures; instead, nearby creatures are healed and frenzied on their death. Stone Arrow also replaces Sunray in their spell set.
  • Shock serpents no longer have a lightning torrent attack.
  • Boggarts are more durable.
  • Rakshasas gain a monster spell “Phantom Mirror”, which summons a clone of a nearby allied monster with half the hit points with a 50% chance of swapping the clone for the original; this replaces their previous self-cloning abilities. Rakshasas can now also cast Iskenderun’s Mystic Blast and will summon two clones of themselves at 50% HP as a one-time effect.
  • Giant orange brains now have Mass Confusion instead of Confuse.
  • The main Dungeon is now 15 levels, and the Depths five; the entrance to Vaults is now on D:13-14.
  • The duration of Sentinel’s Mark has been reduced by 25%.
  • The Enchantress now appears as a normal unique in Depths.

Look forward to more news about the 0.14 release soon, and happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 6 March 2014

Hey crawlers – since a pretty significant number of changes have just landed, here’s an update sooner than usual!

  • The ring of Shadows now has a small umbra in lieu of EV+4 and AC-4.
  • Racial armour has been removed (thus there is no racial equipment left).
  • Nemelex’s deck gifts are now independent of sacrifice type.
  • New summoning spells:
    • Summon Mana Viper (L5 Summoning/Hexes); it appears in the Book of Beasts.
    • Monstrous Menagerie (L6 Summoning), which summons a manticore, some harpies, a lindwurm, or a sphinx (at high spellpower); it appears in the book of Beasts and the book of Summonings (replacing Summon Ugly Thing).
    • Forceful Dismissal (L6 Summoning), which ends all player summons and damages enemies next to them; it appears in the Grand Grimoire.
    • Aura of Abjuration (L6 Summoning), a less powerful but per-turn mass abjuration effect; it replaces Mass Abjuration in the Grand Grimoire.
    • Spellforged Servitor (L7 Conjuration/Summoning), which summons a servitor with a subset of the player’s most destructive conjurations; it replaces Fireball in the book of Wizardry.
    • Dragon’s Call (L9 Summoning), which for its duration of effect summons dragons near targets at the end of LOS (at the full spell cost per summon); replaces Summon Dragon in the Book of the Dragon.
  • Removed spells: Summon Ugly Thing, Demonic Horde, Mass Abjuration, Summon Dragon.
  • Poison damage is now deterministic.
  • Fighters and Gladiators now start with better weapons.

Most of these changes are now live on the servers, so happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 3 March 2014

Hi crawlers! Here are the latest things to look forward to in your next trunk game:

  • Djinn have poofed.
  • Agate snails, giant centipedes, ancient bears, and rotting devils have been removed
  • The timeout of conjured ball lightnings has been reduced considerably.
  • Clouds once again can be cast to hit squares out of the player’s LOS; instead, player-created clouds now timeout considerably faster when out of LOS.
  • Glaciate, a level 9 Conjuration/Ice spell replacing Ice Storm which blasts targets in a cone-shaped area of effect for large damage, creates freezing clouds, encases targets in ice (slowing them for three turns), and occasionally freezes targets killed by it into a block of ice.
  • New unrands:
    • The +7,+7 lajatang of Order {silver, rMut}.
    • The +7,+7 great mace “Firestarter” {flame, rF++}; it fills its victims with an inner flame.
  • Autosacrifice now works with Fedhas.
  • Sparkling and blood fountains can no longer be quaffed from.
  • Eyeballs cannot use their abilities through translucent walls.
  • Substantial edits to wizard labs.
  • Substantial revisions to rods:
    • The rod of frigid destruction has been transformed into the rod of clouds – evokable to produce a cone of clouds in front of the player, with duration and type varying with evocation power.
    • The rod of demonology has been transformed into the rod of shadows – evoke to get shadow creatures, the toughness of whom depends on our evocation power.
    • Rods of venom are no more.
  • The arena_delay option, which controls animation speed of some effects (and the speed of action in arena itself), is now available outside of arena as view_delay.
  • A substantial overhaul of item values (courtesy of minmay).
  • Wand shops have been merged into gadget shops, which now also sell rods.
  • Potions of blood and curse scrolls no longer randomly generate.
  • Enchant weapon scrolls now ask for a target (like brand weapon).
  • The Horn of Geryon now summons 1-4 hell beasts (hostility dependent on evocations skill), and recharges with experience as with the elemental evokers.
  • Formicids no longer have innate rPois-, and now gain levels more slowly but gain more HP and MP per level.
  • The monster lists for the Dungeon, Vaults, and Depths have been adjusted.
  • All scrolls now identify immediately on reading them.
  • Curse scrolls now always prompt for a target (as the player is unlikely to see them outside worshipping Ashenzari).
  • Zin warns the player of shapeshifters.
  • Monster (molten) gargoyles now generate with mace-type weapons and can cast conjurations.

Have fun with these, and happy crawling!

Downtime: CDO (Website, Bug Tracker, Wiki, Forum)

I’ll be moving everything on CDO to a new server starting this Thursday. Shouldn’t take long, but I can’t take the old IPs with me, so DNS refresh might cause an additional delay of up to 4 days.

During that time CDO will be closed for external connections, which means this website (including the bug tracker, the wiki and the forums) will be unreachable.

Wish me luck and stay tuned :)

Trunk updates, 24 February 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s what’s new in trunk:

  • New summon spells:
    • Summon Lightning Spire (L4 Summoning/Air), which places a lightning spire up to two squares away from the player; it replaces Summon Scorpions in the book of Callings.
    • Summon Guardian Golem (L4 Summoning/Charms), which creates a golem that protects the player with Injury Bond and occasionally explodes on death; appears in the book of Callings.
    • Summon Forest (L5 Summoning/Translocations), which summons a dryad and temporarily converts terrain near the player to forest; it is in the Book of the Warp.
  • The speed brand now consistently grants 2/3 weapon delay and no damage reduction (previously it was 1/2 delay and 10% damage reduction for melee weapons).
  • Fulminant Prism is now level 4 (was 5); Iskenderun’s Battlesphere is now level 5 (was 4).
  • Formicids are no longer rPois- and have the same HP and XP aptitudes as humans.
  • Grey rats, spiny worms, giant amoebae and deep dwarf berserkers (the monster) are no more.
  • Spellbooks of types you have seen before are automatically identified (like staves).
  • Racial weapons no longer generate.
  • The rod of destruction now fires random bolts instead of having a pre-set spell list.

Enjoy the tweaks, and happy crawling!

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Trunk updates, 17 February 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s the latest and greatest from trunk:

  • God wrath has been changed to trigger only as experience is gained; it occurs more frequently, but tends to occur only during / after significant battles.
  • Several deities – Okawaru, Trog, Vehumet, Makhleb, Yredelemnul, and Kikubaaqudgha – have had their wrath tinkered with, mainly to scale better with the player’s XL.
  • The shadow mimic behaviour of Dithmenos (formerly Dithmengos) followers has changed – spells aren’t directly mimicked (except for enchantments), instead yielding a shadow shard or shadow bolt depending on the original spell, and damage output from physical attacks has been reworked.
  • All skills usable by divine abilities are available to train immediately on worshipping that god, rather than needing to wait for the abilities to become available. For most gods this is Invocations where applicable; for Nemelex this is Evocations; for Kikubaaqudgha this is Necromancy. TSO followers can also train shields at any time (cf. Divine Shield).
  • New unrand artefacts: the +3,+5 arc blade {discharge, rElec}, a cutlass which causes a static discharge effect on one third of melee attacks; and the +3,+6 demon whip “Spellbinder” {antimagic, MR+}, which inflicts miscast effects on spellcasters related to the spells they can cast.
  • An experimental new Swamp level layout, appearing on 2/7 of all non-ending Swamp levels.
  • Summoned allies will attack enemies without needing to be being prompted to do so.
  • Another redesign of the Vaults:5 layout – the outer ring has returned, and all of the corners of the quadrants are now open to the ring.
  • Item destruction from sticky flame has been reduced.
  • Felids can now use wands.
  • The list of recommended combinations has been revised heavily; as part of the changes, species and background recommendations are now independent of each other – that is, a species may recommend a background where that background does not necessarily recommend that species, and vice-versa.
  • Large rocks are no longer inherently penetrating (this was itself a trunk experiment).
  • Dith’s Shadow Form now causes skill drain on taking damage, and is usable by all races (i.e. undead can use it).
  • Crystal golems have been replaced with crystal guardians – less HP, but the ability to fire a crystal bolt which bounces off of all features and deals either fire or cold damage on a per-bolt basis.
  • Lemures and jellyfish are no more.
  • Many other smaller changes.

Happy crawling!

DCSS Survey Results 2012

After a long time of waiting, finally here they are: the results of last year’s Stonesoup survey. Ideally, this would have been out exactly a year ago. We hope the tables and charts are still of interest to some of you.

Below we give an extremely abridged report. For an in-depth treatment, read the full report (pdf, 37 pages).

There have been 5735 meaningful replies, arriving between 16/02/2012 and 29/12/2012, a period which included the 0.10 and 0.11 releases and tournaments.

The average participant is male (92%), 24 years old, and lives in the USA (46%). He strongly prefers the Tiles version (76%) because he feels that tiles are less confusing and easier to understand than ASCII glyphs. He is playing Crawl offline (72%) and would like to use the online game if it was as same comfortable.

The average Crawler has started playing Crawl within the last three years (74%), and hasn’t won the game (76%) or even found a rune yet (66%), but has made it as deep as the Orcish Mines and Lair. He doesn’t use spoilers or only in moderation to read up on the most deadly of enemies. He’s quite likely to have played Diablo for a while (57%) and may also have tried NetHack (63%) or Dwarf Fortress’ adventure mode (51%) at some point, but otherwise has little experience with roguelikes or comparable games. The survey was his first interaction with the devteam in any shape or form (85%).

Among the 1224 participants who did snatch a win, some have achieved additional feats of even greater difficulty: 430 won allruners, 375 have won more than five games, 197 have completed Ziggurats and 72 obtained streaks of at least three wins in succession.

About 15% of all participants consider themselves thoroughly spoiled by the time they won their first character whereas 36% consider themselves completely or mostly unspoiled, at least when it comes to monster properties. This has actually informed on-going Crawl development, as 0.13 will disclose monster spells to players, something that was regarded as the most pertinent spoily monster information.

New USA webtiles/ssh server: crawl.beRotato.org

As some of you may have already heard, a new public server is available: crawl.berotato.org (or CBRO).

I actually didn’t plan on creating an official server; I just wanted to start learning some crawl dev with a few friends and needed a webtiles server.  In the past when I messed around with this stuff, I simply used the webserver setup that comes with the source.  This time however, I found some documentation on the dev wiki and decided to go all-out.

It took a while, but with help from a bunch of folks in ##crawl-dev (primarily |amethyst/neil (CSZO) and TZer0 (CLAN)), CBRO finally went online.

Oh, and people keep asking, “What’s a Rotato?”.   It comes from the (smallish) gaming community, MeFightClub. I learned about Crawl from there and we’ve had about 30 players the past two tournaments, so it’s been a fairly big influence on my crawl experience so far.

Being Rotato can be summed up in the following quote:

“Be Excellent to each other. If you can’t be excellent, Be Civil. If you can’t be civil, Be Offline”



  • Also known as CBRO.
  • Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • It will serve the latest stable released version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
  • It also serves the latest development version and updates daily around ~ 0800 GMT.
  • Additionally Dungeon SprintZot Defense and the Tutorial.
  • Access via SSH (port 22): username “crawler” – SSH-keys (PuTTY key Unix key) (no password access).
  • Access via WebSocket: WebTiles (port 8080)
  • Accounts and save files for SSH & WebSocket are shared.
  • Morgues, rc files, and so on are available online.
  • Games & milestones are recorded by Sequell and reported in ##crawl on freenode by the bot Rotatell.
  • Scoring pages are also updated (though there may be a short lag before the games are logged).
  • johnstein can be reached in IRC via ‘!tell johntein’ in ##crawl, or email: johnstein@beRotato.org

Trunk updates, 9 February 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s some of the latest interesting changes to trunk:

  • Repel Missiles and Deflect Missiles now time out on a per-deflection basis, rather than being a duration.
  • Portal Projectile is now a duration instead of a one-shot effect; for the duration it portals projectiles for 1 MP per projectile.
  • The outer ring on the final level of Vaults is no more.

Not all of these changes are available online / in the current builds yet, but within a day or so they will be there.

Although it’s not in trunk (yet), I’ll take a moment to point out that crawl.s-z.org has a new experimental branch for the purpose of testing several implementations of the spell Glaciate, a proposed replacement for Ice Storm. Read the discussion here.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 3 February 2014

Hello, Crawlers! This is meant to be the first of many posts updating you on recent changes to trunk, much as has been done with the blog in the past.

Without further ado, here are some things you may not have seen yet, relative to the last time an update was posted here (which was a while ago, so some things here may not exactly be news):

  • The lower half of the Dungeon from D:16 onwards is a new dungeon branch, the Depths – six levels long and containing the entrance to the Realm of Zot.
  • The Depths (and D:15-) do not require a rune to enter; instead, Vaults requires a rune to enter.
  • Two new races to play with: Formicids, an ant-like people with innate stasis and the ability to dig through walls and shafts in the floor, and Vine Stalkers, a plant-like parasite on a humanoid host who regenerates quickly, cannot heal through wands or potions, and possess an innate spirit shield effect and an anti-magic bite.
  • A new deity: Dithmengos the Shadowed, granting a number of shadow-themed abilities.
  • Ziggurats no longer charge gold for entry, but require three runes to enter.
  • New uniques: Asterion, a minotaur of Makhleb; Natasha, the ex-familiar of a powerful wizard with some magic of her own; and Vashnia, the leader of an elite squad of naga sharpshooters.
  • Many, many new regular enemies, especially in the Lair branches and Pandemonium.

The relatively infrequently-updated changelog contains more details on many of these, and can always be found by way of Gitorious at http://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl/blobs/master/crawl-ref/docs/changelog.txt.

Not everything that’s tested in trunk will end up in a stable release, so be sure to enjoy things while they last! You can play trunk online, or download a local build of trunk from here.

Happy Crawling!

Experimental rule change: the rune lock

Yesterday, a slightly controversial commit got pushed:

    Commit: #f2529f3

    Rune lock.

    You need a rune to go to D:15. Downstairs of D:14 could be recoloured
    or replaced by a portal (maybe more consistent with D:27 zot portal).

This is a mandatory Vow of Courage I banner. The idea is quite old and was pushed after the 0.13 tournament so as to have as much time for testing as possible. You can read discussions about it on a old dev wiki page, or in several forum threads: here (locked), here (locked), here and here.

If the rune lock is considered to be good enough to stay for the next release, there will definitely be follow-up changes, cosmetic ones (locked staircase appearance, dungeon appearance before and after the lock) and balancing ones (unique generation springs to mind).