Trunk updates, 21 July 2014

Hi crawlers! Another week, another set of crawl changes.

  • Draining no longer permanently reduces monsters’ stats (“hit dice”); instead, it now applies a temporary “drained” status, which reduces their hit dice while in effect for most purposes. This means, among other things, that draining attacks will no longer reduce the XP you get for killing monsters even slightly.
  • Draining weapons now trigger slightly less often, but will always apply “drained” to monsters when they do. (The old effect only activated for 20% of “draining” hits.)
  • A few more ranged weapon tweaks, tidying up after last week. Sling bullet & crossbow damage slightly down; longbow base delay, also slightly down.
  • Similarly, deep elf master archers & centaur warriors are now slightly stronger (to adjust for their weapons being weakened), and Joseph is slightly weakened (similarly).
  • Various sprites added; ghost crabs, triple crossbows & hand crossbows (the latter being a placeholder). Greatslings sprite still pending, possibly because everyone’s arguing over the name.
  • Sprite revamps: in addition to the continuing work on ability & spell icons, there are new sprites for the Hellfire effect (purple, to make it clearer that it’s Not Actually Fire), Shadow Demons, and the demon blade Leech.
  • New tiles option: tile_show_player_species, to display the player using the monster tile for their race instead of the normal sprite. (Note that this won’t display any equipment other the weapon & shield you’re using, and not even that for a few races.)
  • Dispelling effects (the potion of cancellation, purple draconian/quicksilver dragon breath…) now reduces transformation durations to one turn instead of cancelling them instantly, to reduce instant deaths.
  • New Gozag wrath effect: a 1/5 chance of potion drinking to simply fail.
  • Donning & doffing armour now always takes 5 turns.
  • Grey draconians have lost their former “trample monsters that are in a water tile while standing in deep water after successfully hitting with a tail-slap” ability.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 13 July 2014

Hi crawlers! Things have been pretty quiet until the last few days; lots of behind-the-scenes work, not much exciting to report. That’s happily over now, though, so here’s the latest changes in trunk!

  • Big ranged weapon changes! The second half of the Great Ranged-Combat Rebalance:
    • Slings have been split into two types: hunting slings, which replace the old basic sling type, and a new rare ‘greatsling’ type. Both have had their damage increased considerably.
    • Crossbows have also been split up into multiple weapons. The hand crossbow returns as a starting weapon for crossbow hunters; “crossbows” have been renamed to arbalests, and adjusted to fill a mid/late-game role. There are rumors of a third, rare & powerful crossbow type…
    • Bows have had their delay increased somewhat; shortbows now have slightly lower base damage, longbows somewhat higher.
    • Various unrands have been adjusted as appropriate. Punk is now a +7 greatsling; Hellfire is now an arbalest; Sniper is a “heavy crossbow”, with a base delay of 27.
  • Scrolls of vulnerability have been split in half. Status effect removal has been moved onto a new item type, “potions of cancellation”, which replace potions of paralysis. Scrolls of vulnerability now only have the “halve magic resistance on all visible creatures” effect.
  • Mimics are now somewhat more polite; they will no longer mimic doors, statues, fountains, or hatches.
  • The hoof mutation no longer gives extra damage or a stealth penalty when covered by boots.
  • Ashenzari now considers Felids fully bound when all three jewellery slots are cursed.
  • Undead monsters will now fall to pieces in deep water, instead of hiding invisibly.
  • Big fish, sharks, and lava worms have swum off to the great aquarium in the sky.
  • Potions of strong poison have taken the poison pill; they are no more.
  • Flying creatures no longer have a 2/3 chance to dodge throwing nets.
  • Brown (contaminated) chunks are gone, replaced with normal chunks.
  • Qazlal no longer provides a permanent resistance gift at 6* piety.
  • Pigs now have trotters.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 26 June 2014

Hi crawlers! Sorry for the downtime earlier this week; the database died, and then the backup database died while attempting to restore the primary. Thankfully, our admin was able to recover almost everything. So here’s a fresh pile of changes, seized from the heart of a dying sun!

  • Beogh gifting has been somewhat revised:
    • Beogh will now improve allies’ equipment, enchanting them and improving their base type. (The latter would sometimes occur before, but very rarely.)
    • And he’ll gift weapons, armour, shields, and ammo to orcs who lack them.
    • And he’ll bless weapons and armour that the player has gifted.
    • And he’ll give some extra ammo to any orc that the player chooses to gift a ranged weapon to.
    • And orcs won’t drop their melee weapons when the player gives them a ranged weapon, or vice versa.
  • The Trident of the Octopus King now gets an additional +1 for each Ring of the Octopus King its wielder wears, up to a maximum of +16. (But good luck getting that!)
  • Godless hill orcs can now convert to Beogh with ‘p’ when orc priests are nearby, as an alternative to using the option from the abilities menu.
  • The Deck of Wonders is back to giving mainly strategic effects (e.g. Helix, Mercenary, etc), rather than duplicating the Deck of Battle.
  • New monster: torpor snails, found in Lair and Spider. Their enemies are slowed on sight, somewhat like ancient zymes.
  • Weapons and armour which aren’t visibly enchanted no longer have enchantments higher than +0.
  • The Staff of Air now activates its extra melee damage as often as other elemental staves.
  • Brown oozes and pulsating lumps have oozed off to the great slime pit in the sky.
  • The dragonslaying brand has been slain. (Except for Wyrmbane, of course.)
  • Scrolls of Enchant Weapon are now rarer, and always succeed on use.
  • Most randomly-placed teleport traps now disappear after one use.
  • Lost souls now make enemies into ghosts instead of specters.
  • Skullcrusher now gives +7 STR.

0.15 will be released in mid-August.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 15 June 2014

Hi crawlers! A whole pile of changes, just waiting for some enterprising adventurer to seize them:

  • Weapon enchantments and slaying bonuses (from artefacts and rings of slaying) have been merged into one number, which gives both +accuracy and +damage. Enchant Weapon scrolls have likewise been merged into a single type. Various unrands have been adjusted to account for this.
  • Monster item pickup:
    • Monsters will no longer pick up items that players have seen.
    • Friendly monsters will no longer pick up any items at all. (And, accordingly, the old ctrl-t functionality has been removed.)
    • Beogh has a new ***** piety ability, allowing the player to gift items directly to named followers.
    • Beogh now improves allies’ equipment by blessing them.
    • Mercenaries now start with slightly better items.
  • Ctrl-T now toggles displaying enemies’ weapons’ glyphs while playing console.
  • Cross-training now gives a direct bonus to skills, rather than providing an aptitude bonus.
  • Anti-training has been removed.
  • New monster: Ghost crabs, appearing in the Crypt and Tartarus. The clouds of ghostly flame they breathe summon dangerous specters into fleeting existence.
  • Giant fireflies have flickered out of existence; spriggan riders now buzz into battle on deadly wasp mounts.
  • Halfling and kobold stats have been tweaked; halflings now have more str and less int/dex, and kobolds now have slightly more dex and slightly less str.
  • TSO no longer blasts you with cleansing fire when you kill holy monsters.
  • Simulacrum now works on a single corpse at the caster’s feet, creating several simulacrula from it. Monsters instead have an animate-dead like version that works on all corpses in LOS and produces half as many simulacrula.
  • Sublimation of Blood no longer uses chunks; it now only draws from the caster’s HP.
  • Temporary brand spells (Excruciating Wounds and Warp Weapon) can now be used on branded non-artefact weapons to temporarily re-brand them.
  • The Sack of Spiders now places webs directly onto enemies, rather than spreading them randomly around the area.
  • The Frost card has been removed, and replaced with Hammer; Flame has been renamed to Cloud, and now produces either fire or freezing clouds.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 7 June 2014

Hi crawlers! Fresh changes, right from the spriggan’s oven:

  • Shields have been rebalanced:
    • The effects of SH have been doubled; each point of SH now gives twice as much block chance as previously, making it very roughly equivalent to EV point-for-point.
    • All sources of SH have been halved, except for shield enchantments.
    • Large shields can now be enchanted up to +8; normal ‘shields’ can be enchanted up to +5. (Bucklers still cap at +3.)
    • Unrand shields have been tweaked. The Large Shield of Ignorance is now +6 (a small buff); the Shield of the Gong is now +18 (a larger buff); the Shield of Resistance is now +2 (a small nerf).
  • Uniques are now announced by title when first appearing onscreen. Beware: Sigmund the Dreaded awaits!
  • Darts have darted away forever. Warpers now start with tomahawks of dispersal instead.
  • Confusing Touch has had its duration increased (though multiple casts no longer stack), and causes your attacks to do no damage while it’s in effect. Once it successfully confuses an enemy, the duration ends. It’s now level 2.
  • Giant Slugs and Elephant Slugs have gone to the great vegetable garden in the sky. Gastronok survives, now the last member of his species. His eyestalks quiver in a fashion both noble and tragic.
  • Curse Skulls have returned to their natural, immobile state.
  • The amulet of conservation and cloak of preservation are gone, now that item destruction is no more.
  • Maxwell’s Patent Armour now gives rF+ rC+ instead of conservation.
  • Acquirement no longer avoids giving you items you’re currently carrying (e.g. lamps of fire, etc)
  • Iron Trolls no longer appear outside Dis. (But watch this space!)
  • Spellforged Servitors will no longer turn on the player when damaged by their own conjured ball lightning. Or ever.
  • You can now cast Inner Flame on allies without angering them.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 29 May 2014

Hi crawlers! There’s been enough changes this week for a slightly early update:

  • The new_nemelex branch has landed:
    • Nemelex
      • Nemelex only gives piety for exploration rather than item sacrifices or deck usage.
      • Peek at Two now reveals the top cards of a deck but cannot be used with other Nemelex abilities
      • Nemelex now only gifts decks of war and escape.
    • Cards
      • New cards
        • Fortitude, which gives Damage Shaving and a bonus to strength.
        • Storm, which can make shallow water, a tornado, or cause swiftness.
        • Degeneration, which polymorphs nearby monsters into weaker ones.
        • Shaft, which creates a shaft under the player. This is an old effect of the Flight card.
        • Illusion, which summons an illusion of the player.
      • Revamped cards
        • Flame card now spawns flame clouds around the user and on hostiles rather than dealing damage.
        • Velocity card now hastes the slow and slows hasty rather than simply speeding up the player.
      • Warp, Portal, Hammer, Spark, Flight, and Genie cards have been removed
    • Decks of War now contain the Dowsing and Potion cards
  • The chance of corroding equipment no longer considers item enchantment
  • Item destruction of scrolls and potions has been completely removed.
    • Demonspawn facets which gave potion/scroll item conservation now give freezing/fire cloud immunity earlier and separately.
  • Halflings have rebalanced aptitudes, shifting them towards defense.
  • Kobolds no longer have disease resistance.
  • Tukima’s Dance now animates weapons held by monsters. The weapons will fight against their former owners. It is also now level 3.
  • Spider Form now moves at normal speed.
  • Some ability icons have new tiles.
  • All types of fruit have been merged together into one item type.
  • Cheese and sausages are no more.
  • New unrand: the +6 Majin-Bo {vamp, Archmagi, MP+6 Int+6}. A quarterstaff that takes HP every time you cast a spell.
  • The dagger of Chilly Death now sometimes flash-freezes enemies, slowing their movement.
  • The scimitar of Flaming Death now sometimes applies sticky flame to its victims.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 23 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s your roughly weekly dose of trunk update news:

  • The special diets of centaurs (fast metabolism 1, herbivorous 1) and halflings (slow metabolism 1) have been removed.
  • Vampires always get the full effect of all potions, can always mutate, and always get the full effect of all mutations.
  • Corrosion affects all of your equipment, but only temporarily.
  • Purple (very) ugly things deal extra damage in lieu of a sickness attack.
  • Sustain abilities effects no longer stack.
  • Scrolls of brand weapon can roll any brand on an unbranded weapon.
  • Ambrosia and royal jellies have been removed; honeycombs have been renamed to royal jellies.
  • The Mercenary card generates base demonspawn instead of spriggan riders.
  • Sif Muna wrath can no longer cause amnesia.
  • Gods that give missile gifts can do so sooner, i.e. there is no skill-related breakpoint associated with it.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 14 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s what’s new in trunk:

  • The Lava Orc species has been removed.
  • Player clinging (seen only in Spider Form and with the boots of the Spider) is no more.
  • Kobolds, hill orcs, and ogres are no longer saprovorous.
  • Ogres no longer have a fast metabolism.
  • Silver statues and orange crystal statues are immune to disintegration, but have less health and AC and have their abilities converted to spells such that they spam less; this implies OCS confusion can be resisted.
  • Bog bodies no longer randomly rot.
  • Removed monsters: shedu, plague shamblers.
  • New unrand: the +8 orange crystal plate armour {Archmagi, Int+3 Clar SustAb}
  • Potions of blood cure a point of ghoul rotting.
  • Removed unrands: the boots of the Spider.
  • Decks of wonders now contain Dowsing, Battlelust, Helm, and Shadow instead of Experience, Helix, Sage, and Trowel.
  • Decks of dungeon are no more.
  • The Potion card has a new list of effects: power 0 is decay/curing/agility/ might/brilliance; 1 has a chance of resistance/haste; 2 has a chance of magic/heal wounds.
  • Removed cards: Experience, Sage, Water, Vitrification, Trowel, Minefield, and Shuffle.
  • Zin’s Recite no longer prompts for a book, instead affecting all monsters in sight with the strongest effects that would impact them.

Happy crawling!

Interim Win32 trunk builds

Hi crawlers! While we figure out how to get our server’s trunk build system up and running again, I’m going to provide occasional trunk builds for those clamouring for them.


EDIT: We’ve reached a solution to get our trunk build system ready to serve builds again.

EDIT: Greatzebu’s OSX build bot died but he managed to get an OSX Tiles build up, too!

Trunk updates, 7 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s the latest and greatest from trunk:

  • The gods branch has landed, bringing two new gods: Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy and Qazlal Stormbringer. Both are temple gods with an altar either in Temple or on D:2-9.
    • Gozag
      • Charges a service fee for joining, dependent on the amount of gold that has been generated in the game.
      • Does not have piety.
      • Defeated enemies turn to gold; these gold piles distract nearby creatures, causing them to sometimes not act.
      • Potion Petition: purchase one set of potion effects.
      • Call Merchant: fund a merchant to set up shop somewhere near to areas of the dungeon you have explored.
      • Bribe Branch: send money to the inhabitants of a branch to turn them + temporarily neutral or incite them to join you.
      • Duplication: one non-artefact item can be duplicated at an altar.
    • Qazlal
      • Piety on kills.
      • All followers are immune from their own clouds.
      • 1*: Storm Shield: you passively generate elemental clouds around you and gain bonus SH, and gain RMsl at 3*; you also generate a lot of noise.
      • 2*: Upheaval: blast a small nearby area with elemental forces.
      • 3*: Elemental Force: turn nearby clouds into elementals.
      • 4*: Elemental Adaptation: taking elemental or physical damage sometimes temporarily grants you resistance against that element.
      • 5*: Disaster Area: blast the entire area around you with elemental forces.
      • 6*: at an altar, gain a permanent elemental resistance of your choice for as long as you worship Qazlal.
  • The Abyss no longer sometimes blocks blinking.
  • Wanderers have tweaked starting kits with generally better items.
  • Teleportitis cannot be controlled.
  • Manticores have an unlimited number of spike volleys.
  • Base draconians can become nonbase draconians with experience.
  • Undead and nonliving enemies regenerate as fast as other enemies.
  • Ghouls and necrophages can no longer equip weapons or armour.
  • Monster melee attacks can no longer destroy items.
  • Death Channel lasts twice as long.
  • The blowgun of the Assassin returns; it has a chance to affect the target more than normal blowguns.
  • Gloves of archery no longer penalise melee.
  • (Plain) bows have been renamed to shortbows.
  • Identify scrolls now always identify a single item.
  • Monsters with special attack flavours have this noted in their descriptions.
  • Summon Elemental has been removed.
  • Spriggan enchanters (the monster) and phoenixes have been removed.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 3 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s what’s new in trunk:

  • The ranged_combat branch has landed – it is a rewrite of the ranged combat system to be based on many of the same formulas as melee attacks, so the effect of AC/EV on ranged attacks is more predictable, weapon delay is more predictable, and even Throwing should be a viable option compared to the other ranged weapons.
  • Jewellery automatically identifies on equipping it.
  • Cleaving hits the full eight squares around a player.
  • Rebranding a distortion weapon no longer causes a distortion effect.
  • Scrolls of brand weapon can no longer affix brands; they keep their effect of rerolling a weapon brand.
  • Blessed weapons can be rebranded.
  • Amulets of inaccuracy are always cursed.
  • New rings of stealth and loudness, which positively/negatively adjust a player’s stealth; these take the place of rings of sustenance and hunger.
  • Followers of good gods no longer get a chance to turn holy enemies neutral.
  • The Book of War Chants is no more.
  • Removed spells: Fire Brand, Freezing Aura, Lethal Infusion, Poison Weapon.
  • Removed enemies: silver stars, flaming corpses, grizzly bears.

A brief reminder that the gods experimental branch is still available for testing on cszo and cbro; if you want to help get our newest potential additions to the pantheon into the game, be sure to help us try them out!

Happy crawling!

0.14.1 bugfix release

Hi crawlers:

With the tournament over, here is a new minor release fixing the known bugs that cropped up during the tournament – 0.14.1:

  • Several crash fixes.
  • Fire dragons correctly grant bonus Dithmenos piety.
  • Ranged attacks from invisibile monsters correctly turn off autopickup.
  • Good gods punish the player properly for negative energy clouds.
  • Natasha no longer revives after being pacified, and does not get a new item when reviving.
  • When playing a race with permanent flight ability, it is now possible to remove an item granting flight over dangerous terrain.
  • Wanderers do not occasionally get more MP than other backgrounds.

Builds for most platforms are now available over at the downloads page.

Happy Crawling!

Trunk updates, 27 April 2014

Hi crawlers! With the end of the tournament, trunk development is gearing up again. Here are some of the changes that have already been made:

  • A large number of enemy glyphs (for console players) have been changed; see Mantis #8242 for more details.
  • Crypt has been reduced to three levels (was five); the entrance to Tomb is always on Crypt:3.
  • Some areas of the Tomb layout can now vary.
  • Formicids can no longer throw large rocks.
  • Tengu gain their permanent flight ability at XL14 (was 15).
  • Changes/improvements to forms: all non-undead forms can eat and drink normally; all forms can butcher; wisp form can read scrolls and cannot blink innately.
  • Enemies are more intelligent about using some attack spells such as Symbol of Torment and Chain Lightning when the player is not in LOS.
  • Manticores can now move as fast as the player.
  • Komodo dragons bite harder but can no longer sicken the player.
  • Deep dwarf death knights are now (human) death knights.
  • Removed enemies: vapours, thorn lotuses, giant goldfish, silver stars.
  • Dazzling Spray replaces Invisibility in the book of Maledictions (the Enchanter starting spellbook); Invisibility in turn replaces Apportation in the book of Burglary. (Note that each of these spells is still available in at least one other spellbook.)
  • When the player casts Ozocubu’s Refrigeration, they are now prevented from using potions for several turns instead of having their potions destroyed.
  • Damage from the electrocution brand has been reduced slightly.
  • There are status lights for might, agility, and brilliance.
  • Followers of good gods no longer get a chance to pacify holy enemies.
  • The low-level weapon branding skills and the book of War Chants have been removed.
  • Scrolls of brand weapon can no longer be used to affix brands, and do not trigger a distortion effect on rebranding a distortion weapon.

In addition, has some experimental branches available for testing: “ranged_combat”, containing a mostly-complete rewrite of the system of ranged combat (bows, crossbows, etc.), and “gods”, featuring two new deities – Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy and Qazlal Stormbringer. These branches should also be available on shortly.

Happy crawling!

0.14 Tournament Results

The 0.14 tournament is over. For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.14 games on the public servers.

The winning player was Tolias, with 6521 points. Over the course of the tournament Tolias won 18 games, all of them with Nemelex’s Choice species/background combinations. In second place was johnnyzero, with 5824 points and 15 wins, including the win with the latest start time. In third place was Yermak, with 5534 points and 12 wins, including the first 15-rune win.

The fastest wins in the tournament were achieved by elliptic (turncount, 16177 turns with a DDBe) and simm (realtime, 1h 16m with a MiBe). 4tharraofdagon yet again had the highest score, 40M points with a TrMo of Cheibriados. Basil had the longest streak, of 7 games. Three Tier III banners were attained by only two players each: Nature’s Ally, by Basil and Megaslime; Lord of Darkness, by jeanjacques and joy1999; and The Heretic, by jeanjacques and Piginabag. The first victory of the tournament was claimed by Roarke, a mere 16 seconds before runner-up Basil.

The clan competition was won by how I learned to stop worrying and lock the vaults (21281 points). Aqua Felid (17973 points) and Talkin Bout MiGl (17673 points) were second and third respectively. There were 139 clans in all.

Here are some assorted statistics on the tournament games (with quits removed), compared with the 0.13 tournament (in parentheses):

Players with at least one game: 2318 (1771)
Players with at least one game to reach XL 9: 1589 (1129)
Players who got a rune: 787 (528)
Players who won a game: 325 (246)
Total wins: 743 (603)
Win %: 1.31% (1.37%)
Total player time: 35858 hrs (25902 hrs)
Avg player time: 15.5 hrs (14.6 hrs)
Proportion of players using webtiles: 80.4% (76.5%)
Proportion of winners using webtiles: 70.6% (62.6%)

CSZO broken

Hi Crawlers,

This is a very inopportune moment, but it seems that CSZO vanished from the Internet this morning. The maintainer Amethyst opened an emergency ticket with the ISP a few hours ago; there has been no response yet.

For the time being, please use CAO or CBRO. If the downtime persists, we will try to host the tournament page elsewhere until it is resolved.

Update 2014-04-16 14:43 UTC: The ISP says they are having technical difficulty with their fiber connections to two upstream providers, and have been working on the issue since it started about eight hours ago. Several customers are experiencing problems, not just CSZO. They expect the network to be “back up and running soon”. -neil

Update 2014-04-16 20:55 UTC: The network is back up, but there is still some packet loss for the time being, so expect some lag until everything is fully resolved. -neil

Crawl 0.14: “The Shadowy Depths of Madness”

We are proud to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.14: “The Shadowy Depths of Madness” is released! 0.14 features two new races, a new god, a new branch, many new spells, enemies and items, and a wealth of other changes.

Download DCSS 0.14 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world!

The release tournament will begin at 20:00 UTC on Friday 11 April, with all online 0.14 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.14′s highlights include:

  • Characters: Two new races: Formicids, an insectoid species with permanent stasis and an affinity for digging, and Vine Stalkers, a parasitic plant on a human host – very fragile, but possessing great regenerative ability, permanent guardian spirit, and a powerful magic-draining bite. Recommended backgrounds and species have been adjusted; in particular, backgrounds can recommend species that don’t necessarily recommend that background and vice versa (e.g. Chaos Knight -> Troll may be recommended whereas Troll -> Chaos Knight is not). Fighters and Gladiators start with better weapons. Poison damage is now deterministic.
  • Places: The lower half of the dungeon has been transformed into a new branch, the Depths; five levels long and containing the entrance to the Realm of Zot. The Vaults require a rune to enter. Ziggurats now require three runes to enter in lieu of an entry fee.
  • Monsters: A great deal of new enemies appear, primarily in the Lair sub-branches – from new specialist nagas to plants with vicious volleys of thorns to demonspawn with a variety of sets of mutations and jobs. Three new uniques make their debut: Natasha, the lost felid familiar of a powerful wizard; Asterion, a powerful minotaur king; and Vashnia, leader of an elite squad of naga sharpshooters. Adjustments have been made to many other enemies.
  • Gods: Dithmenos the Shadowed makes a debut, granting followers an aura of shadows and many abilities related thereto. Divine wrath is now contingent on gaining experience; it can no longer be “waited out”. Zin and Okawaru no longer care about the deaths of allies.
  • Spells: A great deal of spells have been added to the Summoning school, allowing the creation of minions from lightning spires to harpies and sphinxes to your very own spell-casting construct. Glaciate, a level 9 Conjurations/Ice spell, makes its debut as a replacement for Ice Storm; it creates a powerful cone-shaped icy blast that can freeze enemies solid.
  • Items: Several new rods have been introduced, from the rod of clouds with its ability to call forth strange and powerful cloud effects at high power to the rod of ignition with great explosive power. Many new pre-defined artefacts are available, and several have received tweaks and modernisation. All scrolls now identify on read.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.14!

(Update 2014-04-10 16:20 UTC: OS X binaries of 0.14.0 are now available from the downloads page. Many thanks to frogor! -neil)

(Update 2014-04-24 20:36 UTC: Debian/Ubuntu packages in 0.14 are now available! See the downloads page for more info. ~Grunt)

0.13.2 bugfix release

Hi crawlers!

In anticipation of the imminent release of 0.14, we’re happy to announce the final 0.13 release, 0.13.2. Get the source code and Windows builds over at the Downloads page.

Check back in a week or so for the final 0.14 release!

0.14 Tournament

The 0.14 tournament will begin in just one week! From 20:00 UTC Friday 11 April through 20:00 UTC Sunday 27 April, any 0.14 game played on any of the online servers will count for the tournament. 0.14 will be officially released before the start of the tournament – at the moment, a 0.14 beta is playable on all the online servers except CDO.

The rules page contains all the details about how to score points and earn banners in the tournament. There are quite a few changes to the banners this tournament.

As usual, clans (teams of up to six players) can be formed and changed until one week into the tournament, so don’t panic if you aren’t on one yet! (Being on a clan isn’t necessary to participate in the tournament, but it can be a lot of fun.)

Once the tournament has started, the tournament leaderboard will contain the current results. (Before tournament start, some scores might briefly appear on this page as we test the tournament scripts, but they are just for testing.)

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A sneak peek at future development

Hi crawlers!

For a limited time, we’re offering an insight into the future of Crawl development. To see the latest and greatest the devteam has to over, check out trunk on .

Happy crawling!

Crawl Art exhibition now open!

Inspired by a tavern thread, I realised how much artistic talent goes largely unnoticed! Thankfully, artist baconkid immediately agreed to immortalise some of his work on CDO − if you haven’t seen his drawings yet, make sure to dash to the new

Crawl Art page

Consider yourself a good Crawler if you recognise the content of one or two pictures at once. And a hopeless addict if you get all four. :)

It looks very spartan right now. I would be happy if, over time, more drawings and possibly fan fiction or other art find a home over there. If you want to recommend something for the Crawl Art page, please contact me (private forum message or email). In the long run, we may need to set up an editorial office, but for now this will do.