Greetings Dungeon Crawlers! The official server, also known as CKO, is going offline tomorrow. Many thanks to floraline for generously hosting what was often our busiest crawl server since 2018! Additionally, floraline contributed several aspects to WebTiles configuration that continue to be used by other official servers to this day. Your CKO game records will of course continue to be available in Sequell and CAO scoring. We also have a new long-term home for your CKO morgue files. Those should become accessible at the new host in the next couple weeks, after which Sequell and CAO scoring will point to the new morgue URLs for all past CKO games.

Speaking of official servers, I’m upgrading the development server aka CDI to become official! We’re using the aka CBR2 account db as the starting db for CDI’s accounts. Players who were already registered on CBR2 as of Friday March 30 can log into CDI with their CBR2 credentials, otherwise please register a new account on CDI. Users migrating from CKO should see very similar latency, since CDI is hosted in the same New York City data center where CKO was located.

Finally, I’ve set up a Patreon to help cover hosting costs for CDI. Head over there for more details, and thanks for any support you can provide! Observant gizmo inventors might notice qw trying out the new Coglin species in trunk on CDI at some point soon. And who knows what kind of memes one might eventually find on our newest server? As always, happy crawling!