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Tourney ’10 Time!

A quick reminder to all you eager Crawlers out there: there’s less than twelve hours (at the time of writing this, 10 hours, 21 minutes and a few seconds) until the start of the annual DCSS Tourney! Get your crawling kit in, stock the fridge with caffeine drinks and settle down for the ride.

As a reminder,’s official tourney page is here.

We look forward to see you die regularly!

-DCSS Tourney Team, ’10

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Tourney Time Again!

Calling all avid crawlers!

The calendar rolls once more towards August, and August means the annual Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Tournament! It will begin at midnight, August 1st (UTC), and continue through until midnight, September 1st (UTC). All Stone Soup version 0.7.0 games started during this period of time, on both and, will count towards the tournament.

We have several changes from last year’s tournament, including new banners, changes to the scoring system, and much more! You can read all about it on the official tourney page on

This year also introduces the Dungeon Sprint mini-game into the Tournament. Dungeon Sprint, or Sprint, is a variant of Stone Soup created by Chapayev, consisting of a dungeon dramatically reduced in size but increased in difficulty. Sprint games will be counted for the tournament from the 15th of August at midnight (UTC) on both CAO and CDO, and points will be awarded for wins! For more information, check out the tourney page linked above.

As usual, the Tournament will be a fast-paced month of Stone Soup action! Tune in for the blood-shed, tears and the enraged screams of those killed by Sigmund, as well as the joy of snatching the orb, and your first win, from beneath the pulsations of an orb of fire!

The best of luck to you all, we hope you have a great time playing this year.

-The Crawl Development & Tournament 2010 Teams

Stone Soup 0.7.0 “Pacific Pachyderm”

The 0.7 release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is here, complete with elephants, tile awesomeness, and fully recharged electric eels.

Edit: 0.7.1 is now out with a fix for a severe bug affecting ziggurats and other Lua-triggered features such as bazaars. Please update to 0.7.1 if you’ve already downloaded the 0.7.0 release.

All 0.7.1 release files are available on the Downloads page.

You can also read something approximating a changelog for a rough summary of what’s in the release.

I’d like to thank the whole team for working to release 0.7 in the short space we have before the annual August crawl tournament, and I’d like to give extra thanks to kilobyte and rob for their help with the release.

Thanks again to Napkin for hosting Crawl development on CDO, and the Crawl player community for their help improving the game.

RC3 for 0.7.0

The third release candidate for 0.7.0 is out, addressing issues with piety gain, slime wall damage, and other miscellaneous fixes.

Mac and Windows binaries are on the development builds page as usual.

When filing bug reports on Mantis, please attach your save games if you have them. Also, please make your bug reports as detailed as possible to help us find and fix bugs before release.

Second release candidate for 0.7.0

0.7.0-rc2 is out, fixing many of the instabilities and other bugs in the first release candidate.

Please pick up Mac and Windows builds for 0.7.0-rc2 on the development builds page. The new Windows installer is also available directly from the development builds page now.

Source in Gource

Thanks to Gource it’s now possible to enjoy the history of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup’s source code in a nice and futuristic visualized way. Also available in 480p and up to 720p on YouTube! Or grab the original file as MP4 or MKV (572MB!).

Do you remember?

First release candidate for 0.7.0

The first release candidate for 0.7.0 is here, featuring slick new tiles, a new Sprint map from the strange and terrible Chapayev, Demonspawn with fancy new mutations and chrome wheels, and a new tutorial with Extra Bling (TM).

There’s also a detailed list of changes if you enjoy that kind of thing.

Mac and Windows builds for 0.7.0-rc1 are available from the development builds page as usual.

We’re testing a new Windows installer for Crawl from kilobyte, and we’d appreciate feedback from Windows users.

Please file all bug reports on Mantis as usual.

Tile Changes in 0.7

Let her paint an inch thick

If you haven’t been paying close attention (or you happen to be one of those backwards, curmudgeonly console players), you may have missed the boatload of new tile art going into 0.7. New dungeon! New monsters! New trousers! By my count, there were almost 300 modified or added tiles in this release.

This post is an overview of what you can expect to see when you start playing the shiny new version in a week or few.

A lot of this art has come from the ever-prodigious Poor Yurik (who you can thank for the new dungeon look, the spriggans, the kobolds, the goblins, the fabulous elephants, &c &c). However, there’s also a ridiculous amount of thanks for Denzi, coolio, Porkchop, LoginError, minmay, KiloByte, and others as well.
More: Read the rest of this entry…

Mac OSX Builds on a regular basis

We have updated the Development Builds page to also host Mac OSX builds and we intent to keep them updated on a regular basis.

Enjoy! And please keep the suggestions and bug reports coming! :)

A Mac Preview of 0.7 and the Violet Keep of Menkaure

Mac OSX Binaries of 0.7 alpha:

Mac OSX Tiles Build
(Last updated 2010-07-09, 0.7.0-a1-136-g6024cb9)

Mac OSX Regular Build
(Last updated 2010-07-09, 0.7.0-a1-136-g6024cb9)

We’re close to a release candidate for 0.7, but saves will remain compatible with the alpha versions of 0.7. Have fun with Menkaure in the Violet Keep (Sprint), courtesy Chapayev, and please report bugs on Mantis as usual.

Windows builds are available on the Development Builds page.