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Stone Soup 0.6.0: Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.6.0 has been finally released after 4 months of the most active development ever! The switch to git, the new wiki, the new bug-tracking system, this wordpress (350k hits last month!) seem to have attracted a lot of new players and developers. Only the constant stream of new ideas and permanent testing of new features made this shiny release possible! A big Thank You to all participants – players and developers!

The new files are available on our download page. There are binaries of Tiles & Console for Windows & Mac OSX and, of course, the source! If you are new to the game, head over to the preliminary screenshots section to decide. The release notes can be found here.

The online servers (CAO & CDO) are hosting 0.6.0 too now and CDO is back to also hosting early 0.7.0 versions (unreleased, unstable, may cause your computer to explode, etc, etc…).

And a special thanks to doy for handling and coordinating this fine release :)

Update #1: CAO is now hosting 0.6.0 games.
Update #2: SourceForge now has Mac OSX builds uploaded.
Update #3: CDO & Trunk builds updated.

Fourth Release Candidate of 0.6

Well, the list of bug reports has gotten steadily smaller to the point where I think we’re about ready for a release! Before that happens though, I wanted to run one more release candidate out there to test out some issues people were having with tiles builds (in particular with weirdness on input (dropping keys, etc), and with random lagginess). Barring things going severely wrong though, I think the actual 0.6.0 release is likely to happen sometime within the next week. Thanks for all the testing and bug reports, we’re almost there!

Changes since rc3:

  • Remove the framerate limiter from tiles, as it was causing quite a few issues.
  • Fix lag in tiles when autoexploring into a shop.
  • Fix crash/save file corruption when Mara fails to summon an illusion.
  • Using Lugonu’s Corruption ability no longer prevents special branch effects (such as re-enabling teleport control after picking up the rune in Tomb) from triggering.
  • Used staircases are now colored green for upstairs and red for downstairs, on both the main screen and the X map (to be more easily distinguishable from unused staircases).
  • Artifact amulets of stasis can no longer get the Rage or *RAGE properties.
  • Weight display misalignment on the ^X screen should be fixed.
  • Unwielding a non-weapon updates the wield display properly.
  • Fix an error in the 034_monster_glyphs file.


0.6 Release Candidate 3 Mac Tiles Build

You can now play-test 0.6.0-rc3 on Mac using this tiles build:

Crawl 0.6.0-rc3 Mac Tiles

I’m not the person who usually builds Mac binaries so I may have screwed something up. If you notice problems with the build, please file bug reports on Mantis as usual.

Third Release Candidate of 0.6

Yup, 0.6.0-rc3 is up on the server to play online and for download on the trunk page. rc2 was made a mess of due to my attempting to do things on not nearly enough sleep, so we’ll just forget that ever happened.

Important bug fixes since 0.6.0-rc1:

  • Fix various permanent stat change bugs related to equipment melding during transformations
  • Monster list targeting should actually work properly now
  • Fix tiles lag issues, and make the maximum frames per second configurable (for slower systems)
  • Fix TSO worshippers not healing when killing demons
  • Wizlabs have more balanced loot, random monster lists for shadow creatures, and have all tiles properly specified
  • Fix acquirement giving players with bad shield apts almost solely two-handed weapons
  • Fix Kirke’s hogs being hidden until they move, when they turn into humans on her death
  • Fix monsters not showing up immediately when gaining see invisible from armour
  • Rods should no longer highlight spells as though Vehumet is empowering them
  • A few documentation fixes

Thanks for all the bug reports, and keep them coming!

Closer and Closer to 0.6

Hi! As some of you may already know, I’m the release manager for the 0.6 release, and I’m here to announce that the 0.6.0 release is coming very soon! I’ve just uploaded the first release candidate version (0.6.0-rc1) to the CDO server and to the Windows Builds page. What this means is that 0.6 is essentially finished. No new features are going to be added, and bug fixes are going to be restricted to only the most critical of bugs (at least until it’s time for 0.6.1). We’d like to get as much testing as possible done on this version; the sooner we’re convinced of its stability, the sooner we can release 0.6 as the new stable version (or, the sooner we find the remaining critical bugs, the sooner we can get the next release candidate out for testing, as the case may be(: ).

And for those of you who have been holding off on playing trunk builds because of stability issues, well, the wait is almost over! If everything goes incredibly smoothly and according to plan (no guarantees!), we should be able to have an actual release by early next week. Thanks a lot to everyone who has filed bugs, submitted patches, brainstormed new ideas, and tested all of the numerous builds we’ve released over the course of this (admittedly long) release cycle… we couldn’t have done it without you (:

Play-testing: Hit Me With Your Dowsing Rod

Where’s my dowsing rod?

As some devoted players may have noted already, the Divinations school is gone: vanished, disappeared, no traces left. Actually, that’s not quit true, some traces are still there.

But one thing after the other — why did the developers, blessed with their insight and wisdom, remove a whole spell school? The main reason is that some effects are interesting and useful, but should never have been spells. Most former divination spells belong in this category, including: Identify, Detect Curse, Remove Curse, Detect Creatures, Detect Items, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Traps and Magic Mapping.

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Dungeon Sprint: Fast and Furious!

We were quite surprised when the unexpected announcement for Dungeon Sprint showed up on our mailing list a few days ago! It got installed on CDO early and it was extremely well-received! It sends you off into the dungeon and the big show starts immediately – no waiting, no resting – immediate death or victory in an intriguing level map! But, let’s see what the author himself has to say about it:

“Dungeon Sprint” is a twist on Dungeon Crawl: only one dungeon level is generated, but it’s..

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