The 0.23 Winter tournament is over. On behalf of the Dev Team, many thanks to all the server admins, outside contributors, bug reporters, and to the many DCSS players who made the 0.23 release and tournament possible! For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.23 games on the public servers. First let’s give  a short summary of player and clan results. To see first through third place winners in all categories, please see the tournament overview page.

The winning player was Yermak, with 8721 points. Yermak won 35 games during the tournament, including the longest streak at 22 games, and won 21 tier-three banners. In second place was MrMan, with 8092 points and 31 wins, including the second-longest streak for 20 wins and 17 tier-three banners. In third place was JiyvaJigglypuff, with 6631 points and 36 wins and 16 tier-three banners. The players ethniccake and watermold were the only ones to win all 24 tier-three tournament banners.

The fastest win by turncount was achieved by Yermak (13586 turns with a DDFi of Makhleb). Yermak also had the highest scoring game of the tournament, a 15 rune GnEE of Chei won in 19994 turns for 71M points. p0werm0de had the fastest realtime win in 25 minutes with a DDFi of Uskayaw, and Yermak had the lowest level win with an XL 15 FeEn of Ashenzari. The first victory of the tournament was claimed by JiyvaJigglypuff, winning a MiFi of Makhleb in just 33 minutes (38 minutes after tournament start). The first 15 rune win of the tournament was by YTcomUltraviolent4, winning a GrGl of The Shining One in 2h 29m (2h 31m after tournament start).

The clan competition was won by Tab and Dab (26578 points), followed by Gozag or Go Home (22637 points), and Big Dispersal (19276 points). There were 126 clans in all with points scored in the tournament.

Here are some basic statistics on the players in this tournament compared with the 0.22 Summer and 0.21 Winter tournaments (in parentheses):

  • Players: 3440 (0.22: 3130, 0.21: 3153)
  • Total player time: 38876 hrs (0.22: 41988 hrs, 0.21: 41283)
  • Avg player time:  11.3 hrs (0.22: 13.41 hrs, 0.21: 13.09)
  • Proportion of players using WebTiles: 95.88% (0.22: 95.39%, 0.21: 94.48%)

It’s nice to see that this tournament had the most players of any we’ve run so far. It looks like the winrate decreased from the high of 2.82% in version 0.22 down to 2.46%, which is similar to version 0.21. We buff players by locking up ghosts, then we nerf players by giving them new traps and Klown pies to the face. Yet you all keep coming back for more! It must be the shiny loot…

We had a lot of fun bringing the 0.23 release together, with multiple devs individually putting in hundreds of commits. We also had lots of great outside contributions ranging from vaults to artwork to bugfixes, including some important feature implementations. Thanks to all those taking the time to contribute to the project! A 0.23.1 bugfix release is imminent, so be on the lookout and be sure to update if you’re playing offline.

In the meantime, we on the Dev Team are excited to start work on the next version. Thanks again, everyone, and happy crawling!