We are pleased to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup 0.23 “Nemelex Needs Traps Badly!”

DCSS 0.23 features an overhaul of the trap system, a new Gauntlet portal thrown down to replace Labyrinths, a complete revision of Nemelex Xobeh, nine certified-pre-owned refreshed unrandarts plus one new unrandart, and support for seeded dungeon play. This is all in addition to dozens of new fatal vaults, some refreshed monsters, UI improvements, and many more smaller changes. For a full list of significant changes, please see the changelog.

Download DCSS 0.23 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Packages for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available now.

The tournament starts 20:00 UTC Friday 8 February with all online 0.23 games counting towards your score. See the tournament page for more details, including how to join or set-up a clan.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to DCSS over the years. A special thanks to the following community members who contributed to DCSS 0.23 and a warm welcome to the first-time contributors, listed in italics.

Brent Adams, AndSDev, Beargit, biasface, bjobae, Matthew Boeh, David Candido, cws, Doesnt, Erich Erstu, Floodkiller, floraline, freepotion, Ge0ff, GenericPseudonym, Aaron Golden, Max ‘Ploomutoo’ Hon-Anderson, ICC, johnstein, Alex Jurkiewicz, Nikolai Lavsky, Jean Martel, Johannes Maier, Jacob Meigs, mgdelmonte, Muffindrake, NormalPerson7, Aaron Olowin, palyth, psywombats, RealzHS, Sandman25, Umer Shaikh, Stenella, WanderingBlade, ximxim

Happy Crawling!