There’s a new bug fix release of the 0.23.1 stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux are available now. We recommend all 0.23 users upgrade to this version. Major bug fixes and updates:

  • Vampiric attacks by the player against allies created from Sticks to Snakes and the Ratskin Cloak no longer restore HP or give vampires satiation.
  • Damage from Ozocubu’s Refrigeration has been increased to the correct amount.
  • Placement for the uniques Aizul, Bai Suzhen, Donald, Jorgrun, and Mara has been fixed so they can place throughout their intended level ranges.
  • The chance of Boris to respawn has been lowered to match previous rates.
  • Yellow draconians now correctly receive their rCorr mutation at XL 7.
  • 45 bugfixes, adjustments, and cleanups in total.

You may have noticed during the tournament that certain uniques were a bit hard to find. Sif Muna intones: ”And with gammafunk’s fateful decision to wrap unique placement statements to an aesthetically pleasing 80 character limit, thus triggering a hitherto unknown vault definition bug, the fates of countless adventurers were altered forever…” Oops! We fixed that, so the uniques listed above should show up more often now. You may also have noticed that old Boris had a bit more life in him than he used to. Due to changing his method of placement to better support the new seeded play mode, Boris was respawning roughly twice as often as he did in previous versions. Congrats to the player Volrath on setting a new record for the number of Boris kills in one game, 10 times! This has also been fixed, so Boris should return to haunt you about as often as he did in 0.22.

Aside from the major fixes listed above, there are scores of smaller bug fixes, vault tweaks, description updates, and the like, so be sure to upgrade!

Happy Crawling!