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Clan Unique Harvesting Ranking

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.

#TeamProgress / 81Uniques Slain
1ABCDEF814 ghosts
1chatdocrawlBR814 ghosts
1MurtBurtJurt814 ghosts
1TeamSplat814 ghosts
1The Golem and the Djinni814 ghosts
1XTAHUA RAWR814 ghosts
2Baka Patrol804 ghosts
2Cheis Angels Take it Easy804 ghosts
2CrawlDegenerates804 ghosts
2DECEMBER804 ghosts
2Djinni Monks of New Ashenzari804 ghosts
2fruktland804 ghosts
2GarajGaming804 ghosts
2Gozag or Stay Home804 ghosts
2Gozags Part Time Crew804 ghosts
2Scrubs804 ghosts
2The Devils Team804 ghosts
2WDIFTL804 ghosts
3AWBW Reboots of Rampaging794 ghosts
3Babushka_ZINa794 ghosts
3Death Cob for Cutie794 ghosts
3FuturePlayerGhosts794 ghosts
3Irradiated Dongers794 ghosts
3Newts794 ghosts
3Rif Flings Regrets794 ghosts
3Sigmund Grindset794 ghosts
3TEAM_MEAT794 ghosts
3TeamSplit794 ghosts
3The Zipper Clan794 ghosts
4cats-n-pigs784 ghosts
4DropItLikeItsZot784 ghosts
4In the Pocket of Big Ogre784 ghosts
4MFC_CBROs-in-Arms784 ghosts
4PaWn to Zot5784 ghosts
4Scroll of retirement784 ghosts
4TavernSnacks784 ghosts
4Team Ahma784 ghosts
4The Egg of Zot784 ghosts
4The Wu Jicha Council784 ghosts
5Casual Snowstorm774 ghosts
5Do Caustic Shrikes Dream of Acrid Trees774 ghosts
5high energy crawlers774 ghosts
5LostArtBrewing774 ghosts
5Not The Yellow From The Egg774 ghosts
5tovarich774 ghosts
6Do Androids Dream of Stone Soup764 ghosts
6Gay Orb Desirers764 ghosts
6How To Lose A Run In 20 Turns764 ghosts
6Order of the Chickatrice _nethack_764 ghosts
7TalkingTime754 ghosts
7tooblords754 ghosts
8Gondolin744 ghosts
8TrueGodTrog744 ghosts
9Ordo734 ghosts
10Bay 12 Blacksmiths724 ghosts
11frens714 ghosts
11The Michael Jordan of Drunk Crawling714 ghosts
12Nemelex Dual Links703 ghosts
13CanardsCrawlers684 ghosts
13IfBinaryVampireThrowGnollPtrError684 ghosts
14team_dog674 ghosts
15MFC Mamma Halflings Djinnjer Tea664 ghosts
16Splats in Hats654 ghosts
17Bowl of Englaciation644 ghosts
18The_Juiceboys634 ghosts
191Rune Run624 ghosts
20good_team594 ghosts
20momar594 ghosts
21Stair Wars The Phantom MiFi584 ghosts
21TransylvanienTransa584 ghosts
22Blink Brothers LTD574 ghosts
22Order Of the Cockatrice Team 1574 ghosts
23Knifeback564 ghosts
24KenziesTeam554 ghosts
25Gidgets Utopia Destroyers all the monsters are so peaceful544 ghosts
26Urugs Gurus534 ghosts
27Russian Commonwealth of Statuephiles512 ghosts
27ZeroBoltage514 ghosts
28Atlantis Georgias502 ghosts
28heregoesnothing504 ghosts
29CompanyOfDoom494 ghosts
30AheadJustByCourage484 ghosts
30GWJ484 ghosts
31MilwaukeeSlayers472 ghosts
32Magical Grills464 ghosts
33Mifi One A Stair Wars Story454 ghosts
34Crusade_against_Slime_creatures444 ghosts
35Thinking of Maud434 ghosts
36Mirza Smells414 ghosts
37Losers_in_Pajamas384 ghosts
38Genshin374 ghosts
38YASD372 ghosts
39Sisters_In_Arms352 ghosts
40Hubris will tear us apart344 ghosts
40LostKobolds344 ghosts
40O and Tab342 ghosts
41TwoHornyRogues333 ghosts
42Death_Nel313 ghosts
42The Non Prophets314 ghosts
44Gettin Jiyva With It29
46Jean_Djinni263 ghosts
47The Scarlet Empire241 ghost
47Xom almost notices you24
48Everdoor222 ghosts
49High Elf Low Win13
50Desirers of the Gay Orb11
51Petulant Birds101 ghost
52nice meltdown7
52No Runes7
53the costco chickens5
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