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Baka Patrol

Captain: SnakkuSnakku7

Clan Members:

Overall rank: 11 of 121

Recent games

Recent games for Baka Patrol
SnakkuSnakku7276286VSSuthe Shining OneDepths:2blasted by a deep troll earth mage (blast of rock fragments)20266442021-08-15 10:54:22cbr2
SnakkuSnakku73VSSuD:2slain by a goblin11942021-08-15 09:55:17cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72MiSuD:$got out of the dungeon alive.11332021-08-15 09:54:35cbr2
SnakkuSnakku74MiSuD:1frozen to death by an endoplasm11222021-08-15 09:53:39cbr2
SnakkuSnakku779MiSuD:6slain by a water moccasin414972021-08-15 09:53:17cbr2
SnakkuSnakku711MiSuD:1slain by a giant cockroach23212021-08-15 09:50:23cbr2
SnakkuSnakku746MiSuD:2slain by Sigmund311652021-08-15 09:49:47cbr2
SnakkuSnakku73MiSuD:1slain by a hobgoblin11332021-08-15 09:47:54cbr2
SnakkuSnakku70MiSuD:1slain by a quokka1732021-08-15 09:47:35cbr2
SnakkuSnakku74MiSuD:1slain by an endoplasm13392021-08-15 09:47:12cbr2

Wins and top games

Wins and top games for Baka Patrol
SnakkuSnakku724646209GrNethe Shining Oneescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!27611902021-08-05 11:30:00cbr2
SnakkuSnakku73927553TeWrFedhasescaped with the Orb and 6 runes!27785002021-08-08 05:07:01cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72683382VpWzKikubaaqudghaescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!27569202021-08-14 11:54:58cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72379481PaCKXomescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!27716582021-08-05 04:02:36cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72268206TrFEHepliaklqanaescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!25392072021-08-09 09:08:17cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72148123MfAEVehumetescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27427932021-08-14 02:29:02cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72098714NaSuCheibriadosescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27447272021-08-12 00:38:43cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72037140PaMoMakhlebescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!25469452021-08-09 11:53:29cbr2
SnakkuSnakku72014744DEGlOkawaruescaped with the Orb and 4 runes!27909492021-08-03 21:20:20cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71977831DsBeTrogescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!24471652021-08-08 09:05:01cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71942547VpCjGozagescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27741002021-08-15 06:52:12cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71915781FoBeTrogescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27537422021-08-14 08:21:25cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71909222MuWrGozagescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!24507992021-08-13 10:39:00cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71887628MiWnUskayawescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27567302021-08-11 01:20:38cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71863293HOIEBeoghescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27580682021-08-10 09:10:34cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71795263DrAMOkawaruescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27660412021-08-07 07:08:07cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71791317HuDeNemelex Xobehescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27622452021-08-10 04:58:57cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71776031MfNeescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!26584042021-08-07 18:42:21cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71761856OgEnWu Jianescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27672882021-08-13 08:17:57cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71745538GhCjYredelemnulescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27657852021-08-11 05:27:38cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71724571MfEnAshenzariescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27693782021-07-31 04:58:37cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71699387VSVMSif Munaescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27739362021-08-09 01:57:36cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71666289MuAKLugonuescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27717032021-08-01 08:46:17cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71605880DEBrZinescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27841272021-08-12 19:35:21cbr2
SnakkuSnakku71577970VpHuDithmenosescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27923082021-08-10 13:08:49cbr2
SnakkuSnakku7686870VpHuQazlalD:10blasted by a Brimstone Fiend (damnation)27971822021-08-04 07:37:25cbr2
SnakkuSnakku7604749VpWzKikubaaqudghaZot:4slain by a green draconian26617902021-08-14 00:21:49cbr2
SnakkuSnakku7432281FoBeTrogVaults:5blasted by a frost giant (bolt of cold)25464102021-08-14 06:32:56cbr2
SnakkuSnakku7409217OgDeCrypt:3blasted by an eidolon (bolt of negative energy)23442552021-08-06 12:51:52cbr2
SnakkuSnakku7306360GrEnJiyvaZot:1blasted by a white draconian stormcaller (divine providence)20371012021-08-15 09:41:56cbr2


Category Rank Points
Total 11 49,311
Exploration 100/100 10,000
Piety 46/49 9,387
Unique Harvesting 80/81 9,876
Winning 4/12 3,333
Nemelex' Choice 6 1,666
Combo High Scores 12 833
Streak Length 5/24 2,083
Best High Score 7 1,428
Low Turncount Win 16 625
Fastest Real Time Win 14 714
Ziggurat Diving 15 666
Banner Collection 87/100 8,700
Last updated 2021-08-15 21:38:33 UTC.