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Captain: Froggeryz

Clan Members: Delamore

Overall rank: 77 of 121

Ongoing Games:

6:51:17 ago: Froggeryz the Covert (L14 OpBe of Trog) became the Champion of Trog. (Lair:6, turn 22529, dur 0:25:49, cue)

Recent games

Recent games for Knifeback
Froggeryz8954OpBeTrogLair:1slain by a wolf11110532021-08-15 07:56:21cue
Delamore198GrFiD:3slain by Crazy Yiuf529822021-08-12 10:25:12cue
Delamore3096GrFiGozagD:10blasted by Fannar (refrigeration)9100922021-08-12 10:22:39cue
Delamore212GrFiD:3blown up by Ijyb525872021-08-12 10:14:56cue
Delamore527GrFiD:4slain by Pikel751222021-08-11 22:32:18cue
Delamore88GrFiD:3blasted by Ijyb (bolt of acid)423582021-08-11 22:28:04cue
Delamore4769GrFiGozagD:8slain by Harold1060852021-08-11 22:26:19cue
Delamore4610GrFiGozagD:8mangled by Grum1066112021-08-11 20:11:23cue
Delamore30793GrFiGozagAbyss:2blasted by a hellion (damnation)13152192021-08-11 01:19:19cue
Delamore187GrFiD:3slain by a white imp530322021-08-11 00:55:51cue

Wins and top games

Wins and top games for Knifeback
Froggeryz1832444GrGlOkawaruescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27611512021-07-31 22:03:52cue
Froggeryz335152OpBeTrogShoals:4slain by a merfolk impaler21359092021-08-05 22:32:30cue
Froggeryz303850OpBeTrogVaults:1blasted by an ironbound frostheart (creeping frost)21429882021-08-06 16:34:40cue
Froggeryz163412OpBeTrogSwamp:4hit from afar by a thorn hunter (volley of thorns)17344442021-08-03 13:37:11cue
Froggeryz139909OpBeTrogSnake:1succumbed to Aizul's poison arrow17298682021-08-08 15:26:15cue
Froggeryz126597OpBeTrogShoals:3hit from afar by a manticore (volley of spikes)16316672021-08-03 00:53:34cue
Froggeryz72559OpBeTrogOrc:1mangled by an ogre15266172021-08-08 20:48:46cue
Froggeryz37116OpBeTrogIceCvslain by an entropy weaver simulacrum13121832021-08-06 09:18:42cue
Delamore30793GrFiGozagAbyss:2blasted by a hellion (damnation)13152192021-08-11 01:19:19cue
Froggeryz30245OpBeTrogD:11slain by an eight-headed hydra13207412021-08-07 15:21:31cue


Category Rank Points
Total 77 15,840
Exploration 45/100 4,500
Piety 3/49 612
Unique Harvesting 56/81 6,913
Winning 1/12 833
Nemelex' Choice - -
Combo High Scores 34 294
Streak Length - -
Best High Score 74 135
Low Turncount Win 44 227
Fastest Real Time Win 19 526
Ziggurat Diving - -
Banner Collection 18/100 1,800
Last updated 2021-08-15 21:38:33 UTC.