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Captain: Meta

Clan Members: Itza, Silvos, and Zorasti

Overall rank: 57 of 121

Ongoing Games:

1:51:52 ago: Zorasti the Peltast (L22 GrFi of Uskayaw) killed Roxanne. (Swamp:2, turn 52349, dur 2:24:51, cko)
99:47:23 ago: Meta the Chopper (L1 HOBe of Trog) began the quest for the Orb. (D:1, turn 0, dur 0:00:00, cko)
211:23:52 ago: Itza the Protected (L14 GrFi of Okawaru) reached level 6 of the Lair of Beasts. (Lair:6, turn 20419, dur 1:27:26, cko)

Recent games

Recent games for Ordo
Silvos205133DsFiOkawaruSnake:3slain by a salamander18317402021-08-14 13:35:26cko
Silvos3DsFiD:1slain by a kobold11102021-08-14 12:26:21cko
Silvos94OpFiD:3mangled by an ice beast423322021-08-14 12:25:41cko
Silvos54OpFiD:3slain by an orc319342021-08-14 12:02:47cko
Silvos91OpFiD:3slain by a goblin (led by Robin)422752021-08-14 11:57:12cko
Silvos11OpFiD:1slain by a hobgoblin2402021-08-14 11:53:52cko
Silvos8OpFiD:1slain by a frilled lizard21542021-08-14 11:52:17cko
Silvos147OpFiD:3slain by Grinder517972021-08-14 11:51:33cko
Silvos2975OpFiDithmenosD:8slain by a yak985402021-08-14 11:40:21cko
Silvos99DgFiD:3blasted by an orc priest (nerve-wracking pain)425382021-08-14 10:51:18cko

Wins and top games

Wins and top games for Ordo
Zorasti10670433DECjVehumetescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!271599322021-08-05 21:11:07cko
Silvos724636DsFiUskayawSlime:5mangled by an azure jelly27973552021-08-05 16:34:02cko
Silvos668983DrFiQazlalZot:5slain by an Orb Guardian27715502021-08-03 13:52:33cko
Zorasti438885DjCjCheibriadosVaults:5blasted by a deep troll earth mage (blast of metal fragments)25398702021-08-09 18:56:10cko
Itza276400GrFiOkawaruSwamp:4splashed by a goliath frog's acid20425722021-08-04 17:17:09cko
Zorasti250028DjCjRuShoals:3shot by a satyr (arrow)18301572021-08-11 13:37:48cko
Silvos244534DsFiLugonuVaults:1slain by an ancient lich19417192021-08-04 14:43:54cko
Zorasti227515GnWrCheibriadosDesolationdemolished by an imperial myrmidon19409752021-08-13 01:30:41cko
Silvos205133DsFiOkawaruSnake:3slain by a salamander18317402021-08-14 13:35:26cko
Zorasti193692MiBeTrogSwamp:1engulfed by a cloud of spectral mist17299242021-08-13 20:56:56cko


Category Rank Points
Total 57 26,144
Exploration 99/100 9,900
Piety 8/49 1,632
Unique Harvesting 73/81 9,012
Winning 1/12 833
Nemelex' Choice - -
Combo High Scores 34 294
Streak Length - -
Best High Score 54 185
Low Turncount Win 85 117
Fastest Real Time Win 86 116
Ziggurat Diving 18 555
Banner Collection 35/100 3,500
Last updated 2021-08-15 21:38:33 UTC.