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Captain: SushiGirl

Clan Members: bidolon

Overall rank: 75 of 121

Ongoing Games:

3:23:34 ago: bidolon the Conqueror (L25 MiFi of Okawaru) killed Asterion. (Depths:3, turn 68886, dur 4:08:51, cxc)

Recent games

Recent games for good_team
bidolon25386MiFiOkawaruLair:5demolished by Rupert12187832021-08-15 02:56:23cxc
bidolon1283MiFiD:5slain by an ogre847542021-08-15 02:00:35cxc
bidolon1570SpEnNemelex XobehD:7blasted by a gargoyle (stone arrow)887932021-08-15 01:45:50cxc
bidolon865SpEnDithmenosD:5blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)787272021-08-15 00:30:03cxc
bidolon29DDFiD:$got out of the dungeon alive.37672021-08-14 23:46:30cxc
bidolon3692HOMoBeoghD:9splashed by an acid dragon's acid10131992021-08-14 23:02:53cxc
bidolon205HOMoBeoghD:2blasted by an orc wizard (magic dart)541582021-08-14 22:31:42cxc
bidolon30HOFiD:2slain by an ogre311872021-08-14 22:22:37cxc
bidolon126GrFiD:3slain by an orc527362021-08-14 22:20:29cxc
bidolon5679MiFiOkawaruAbyss:1demolished by an ice devil (summoned by a kobold demonologist)10112812021-08-14 22:15:59cxc

Wins and top games

Wins and top games for good_team
SushiGirl1755997GnVMSif Munaescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!27659812021-08-02 01:20:24cao
bidolon329019DECjSif MunaDepths:1mangled by a spark wasp20545012021-08-13 20:40:22cxc
bidolon321069MiBeTrogAbyss:5blasted by a raiju (living lightning)20548322021-08-01 22:20:55cxc
bidolon215413DECjSif MunaSpider:4slain by an emperor scorpion18415072021-07-31 22:23:22cxc
SushiGirl136199GnVMSif MunaElf:3splashed by a deep elf sorcerer's acid17323832021-08-01 07:17:14cao
bidolon100894MiBeTrogShoals:1mangled by a merfolk15316402021-08-13 22:28:36cxc
bidolon63662GnCjSif MunaD:14blasted by a meliai (divine providence)15282322021-08-03 23:57:59cxc
bidolon60707GrFiOkawaruAbyss:2mangled by a thrashing horror15257162021-08-14 17:57:48cxc
bidolon59515MiBeTrogOrc:1slain by a troll14285902021-07-31 00:53:20cxc
bidolon44821GrFiOkawaruLair:6blasted by a lindwurm (blast of flame)14210802021-08-01 14:50:57cxc


Category Rank Points
Total 75 16,118
Exploration 47/100 4,700
Piety 4/49 816
Unique Harvesting 59/81 7,283
Winning 1/12 833
Nemelex' Choice - -
Combo High Scores 30 333
Streak Length - -
Best High Score 77 129
Low Turncount Win 57 175
Fastest Real Time Win 67 149
Ziggurat Diving - -
Banner Collection 17/100 1,700
Last updated 2021-08-15 21:38:33 UTC.