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Captain: XLukarX

Clan Members: XxLukarsButtSlavexX

Overall rank: 68 of 121

Recent games

Recent games for The_Juiceboys
XLukarX2492HOFiBeoghD:8succumbed to a killer bee's poison985672021-08-15 18:15:51cao
XxLukarsButtSlavexX315201TrMoUskayawZig:6blasted by a white draconian annihilator (iron shot)20335712021-08-15 18:13:46cao
XLukarX392HOFiBeoghD:4mangled by an ogre634232021-08-15 18:09:26cao
XLukarX51HOFiD:3slain by Sigmund329972021-08-15 18:04:14cao
XLukarX115HOFiBeoghD:3slain by an orc522982021-08-15 18:01:09cao
XLukarX42HOFiD:2slain by an adder311902021-08-15 17:56:20cao
XLukarX8HOFiD:1succumbed to a kobold's poison21522021-08-15 17:54:19cao
XLukarX324HOFiD:4slain by a gnoll shaman632022021-08-15 17:52:46cao
XLukarX520HOFiD:5mangled by an ogre751062021-08-15 17:48:22cao
XLukarX2913HOFiD:9asphyxiated999562021-08-15 17:42:33cao

Top games

Top games for The_Juiceboys
XxLukarsButtSlavexX1137736DsFiGozagZot:5slain by a Killer Klown271325352021-08-11 23:33:42cao
XLukarX619499HOFiBeoghZot:2slain by a fire dragon27591302021-08-12 04:21:14cao
XxLukarsButtSlavexX315201TrMoUskayawZig:6blasted by a white draconian annihilator (iron shot)20335712021-08-15 18:13:46cao
XLukarX206108HOFiBeoghVaults:2blasted by an ironbound frostheart (creeping frost)18432952021-08-03 01:54:35cao
XLukarX191131GhMoRuAbyss:3collided with a rock wall caused by a wretched star18308252021-08-03 20:58:19cao
XxLukarsButtSlavexX137664OgBeTrogSwamp:1slain by a spriggan rider17292102021-08-09 21:48:52cao
XLukarX134758GhMoWu JianSpider:3blasted by Nikola (bolt of lightning)17408632021-08-13 02:59:46cao
XLukarX129283HOFiBeoghSnake:1mangled by Agnes17262292021-08-02 00:40:56cao
XxLukarsButtSlavexX123016DjFEGozagElf:1shot by a deep elf knight (arrow)17243312021-08-01 17:54:28cao
XLukarX121662HOFiBeoghShoals:4blasted by a merfolk aquamancer (shard of ice)16341412021-08-07 02:42:55cao


Category Rank Points
Total 68 20,147
Exploration 75/100 7,500
Piety 9/49 1,836
Unique Harvesting 63/81 7,777
Winning - -
Nemelex' Choice - -
Combo High Scores 36 277
Streak Length - -
Best High Score 88 113
Low Turncount Win - -
Fastest Real Time Win - -
Ziggurat Diving 29 344
Banner Collection 23/100 2,300
Last updated 2021-08-15 21:38:34 UTC.