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0.16 Tournament Results

The 0.16 tournament is over. For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.16 games on the public servers.

The winning player was DrKe, with 5915 points. DrKe won 19 games during the tournament, including an 8-game streak and the second-fastest win by turncount. In second place was Zooty, with 5694 points and 18 wins, including the longest streak (13 games, tied with WalkerBoh). In third place was Yermak, with 5398 points and 23 wins. Yermak was the only player to receive all 22 Tier III banners during the tournament (though teammate Zooty stole the Saint III banner in the end).

The fastest wins in the tournament were achieved by damdam (turncount, 13705 turns with a DDFi of Jiyva) and simm (realtime, 48m 10s with a MiBe). Tabstorm had the highest score, 56M points with a DDBe. joy1999 had the lowest level win, an XL 14 FeEn of Ru that sacrificed two experience levels to Ru and also died twice on the orbrun. The first victory of the tournament was claimed by lessens just 75 minutes after tournament start.

The clan competition was won by Cheighis Khan (20656 points). Kikus Delivery Service (19082 points) and AWBW – Ru-Tang is for the Children (18347 points) were second and third respectively. There were 162 clans in all.

Here are some basic statistics on the players in this tournament compared with the 0.15 tournament (in parentheses):

  • Players: 2773 (2308)
  • Total player time: 43008 hrs (33718)
  • Avg player time: 15.5 hrs (14.6 hrs)
  • Proportion of players using webtiles: 88.9% (85.3%)

Winrate numbers in this tournament were warped by a serious bug that affected the first half of the tournament; see the 0.16.1 release post for details. Here is a comparison of winrates between the first and second halves of this tournament and the 0.15 tournament:

  • Win % in the two halves of the 0.16 tournament: 4.04% / 2.03%
  • Win % in the two halves of the 0.15 tournament: 2.03% / 1.49%

A graph made by johnstein shows how various statistics progressed over the course of the tournament.

Trunk updates, 29 March 2015

Hi, crawlers! The tournament is officially over (results up soon!), and development of 0.17 has officially begun. Here’s what’s new since 0.16.0 came out:

  • Monsters:
    • Most uniques (mainly those that can spawn in D) have had their XP and placement adjusted. In general, their XP has been increased (by anywhere from 50% to 150%), and they’ve been prevented from spawning in areas that were late enough to make them no longer challenging. (E.g., Fannar in Elf.)
    • Phantasmal Warriors’ attacks no longer pierce SH & AC.
    • Silent Spectres are now much rarer in Crypt, no longer spawning outside vaults.
    • Unborn have been merged into death knights; the latter now have Agony, Haunt, and Injury Mirror, and the former no longer exist.
    • Revenants no longer ignore silence.
    • Monster rElec has been changed; rElec++ has been removed, and monsters that had it now either have rElec+ or rElec+++ (immunity).
    • Mnoleg’s attacks have been simplified.
  • Spells:
    • Summon Guardian Golem is now level 3 (previously 4).
    • Sure Blade has been removed.
    • Blade Hands has its offhand attack back (accidentally lost it at the start of 0.16 development), and Dragon Form now has one too. Beware the rising dragon punch!
  • Items:
    • The Cloak of Flash has been merged into the Cloak of Starlight; the latter now has a +2 enchantment and gives Stlth– (from Stlth-).
    • Wands of fireball, lightning, and draining now have 15 max charges, up from 9 for the former & 12 for the latter two.
    • -Cast should no longer appear on non-armour randarts.
    • Staves of power no longer store power for a short while after being unwielded.
    • Quicksilver Dragon Armour has had its base armour reduced by one, from 10 to 9.
    • Potions of decay have been removed.
    • Gnoll sergeants no longer have a special chance to spawn with potions of curing or heal wounds.
    • Staves of summoning no longer have a chance of abjuring on hit.
    • Warding now affects ranged attacks from summoned enemies, in addition to melee attacks.
    • Faith no longer makes your god more likely to save you.
  • Gods:
    • Finesse no longer causes contamination. (It previously caused slightly less contamination than dissipated naturally per-turn.)
    • Shadow Step no longer works on harmless plants (‘plant’, ‘fungus’, ‘bush’…).
    • Beogh’s Smite ability now scales more strongly with Invocations.
    • Lugonu no longer accepts corpse sacrifices. (Piety gains from kills has increased.)
  • All races’ evocations aptitudes have been reduced by 1.
  • MP limits have been reworked & simplified; you now get 0.9 max MP for each experience level, and the lowest highest of (0.9 MP per level of spellcasting, 0.54 for each level of Invocations, or 0.45 for each level of Invocations). The preceding is already out of date – rapid balance changes…
  • Species that cannot wear armour can no longer get the ‘ill-fitting armour’ mutation.
  • Throwing wielded items is no longer three times faster than normal.
  • Krakens no longer spew ink continuously.
  • The rod of shadows can no longer summon friendly pan lords.

Happy crawling!

Crawl 0.16.1: Bugfix release

We’ve issued a new stable version of DCSS that contains an important fix for a bug affecting version 0.16.0 where all melee damage done by the player is approximately doubled. This bug only affects player melee, not ranged or spells, and doesn’t affect monster damage at all. It has a dramatic effect on game balance, so it’s strongly recommended that all 0.16.0 users upgrade. All operating systems have 0.16.1 binaries available on the download page above.

When this bug was discovered, the development team decided (after some deliberation) that it’d be better to fix it immediately, since otherwise many would choose to stop playing online until it was fixed. Nearly all online games played during the 0.16 tournament were affected up until the fix, namely any game played from version 0.16.0 to version 0.16.0-17-g811c1d7. The fix in version 0.16.0-18-g484a79e was made on Sun, 22 Mar 14:24 UTC, however server updates took some time, and not every server was able to be updated at the same time.

For any completed game, the morgue file shows the exact crawl version played at the top of the file (these morgues are linked to on the player tournament pages). Note that this is only the version when the game ended, and some games were played in-part with the affected versions but transferred to a fixed later version. This bug likewise affected online trunk games played from versions 0.17-a0-22-ge0bdd66 to 0.17-a0-123-gf2c12c4. There’s no plan to change anything relative to the tournament (including scoring) now that the bug is fixed.

In addition to this bugfix, here are the other changes:

  • Fix a bug in sprint where controlled blink was blocked as if from the stasis effect.
  • Artefacts with the Contam property are no longer marked as chaotic and hence hated by Zin, since Zin wouldn’t give penance for using e.g. weapons with this property anyhow. There’s now a warning under Zin when Contam items are removed, since this does incur penance.
  • Monsters no longer avoid walking on shadow traps.
  • Fix the build for the Android port of DCSS.
  • For the debian version, build against less recent dependencies to support a wider range of OS.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

NOTE: the developer who introduced this bug has gone AWOL, and we’re trying to track him down. If you see this person, please report him to your nearest centuryplayer. Do not approach him, as he is bugged and extremely winscumming. 

Crawl 0.16: “The Great Annihilating Truth”

We are proud to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.16: “The Great Annihilating Truth”! 0.16 features two new deities and many, many additions to and improvements on the game.

Download DCSS 0.16 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Update: OS X binaries are now available!

The release tournament begins today (13 March 2015), with all online 0.16 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.16′s highlights include:

  • Spells: Five new spells have been added, including Singularity, a level 9 Translocations spell that sucks in and destroys enemies with an intense gravitational field.
  • Monsters: A huge number of monsters have been reworked or added; in particular the Tomb of the Ancients now has a far more diverse population.
  • Gods: Ru the Awakened offers strength through sacrifice; Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy provides power through wealth. Nemelex Xobeh’s decks have been reworked and strengthened considerably, and Elyvilon’s abilities have been completely reworked.
  • Branches: The tides in Shoals now shift only between shallow water & land, preventing players from getting stranded; they also move much faster than before. Each ziggurat successfully ‘cleared’ (by exiting from the 27th floor) makes all subsequent ziggurats even harder.
  • Items: Many new rare and valuable items are now available, including shadow & quicksilver dragon armour, potions of ambrosia (replacing potions of confusion), and the dual-linked artefact quickblades, “Gyre & Gimble”. All chunks of flesh of a given type now merge together into a single, meaty slurry, and rotting chunks are gone. Double and triple swords are back.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.16!


Crawl 0.16 beta

Hi crawlers!

Crawl 0.16 has entered the beta phase; it is now playable on CBRO and CXC, and should be available on other servers soon. Local beta binaries should also be available in the immediate future.

See also the 0.16 changelog and the 0.16 tournament announcement.

0.16 Tournament

The 0.16 tournament will begin in just one week! From 20:00 UTC Friday 13 March through 20:00 UTC Sunday 29 March, any 0.16 game played on any of the online servers will count for the tournament. 0.16 will be officially released before the start of the tournament.

The rules page contains all the details about how to score points and earn banners in the tournament. Quite a few changes to banners, in addition to a few other tweaks to scoring rules – check up!

As usual, clans (teams of up to six players) can be formed and changed until one week into the tournament, so don’t panic if you aren’t on one yet! (Being on a clan isn’t necessary to participate in the tournament, but it can be a lot of fun.)

Once the tournament has started, the tournament leaderboard will contain the current results. (Before tournament start, some scores might briefly appear on this page as we test the tournament scripts, but they are just for testing.)

Community Contributions

With the 0.16 release on the horizon, it seemed like a good time to recognize recent non-dev contributors to crawl. Dungeon Crawl is an open source game, and we’ve always welcomed help from the community, as the name implies. Our devs all started out making volunteer contributions, and many features of the game (like Octopodes) were created by non-developers. We don’t appreciate that as much as we should; so here’s some making up for lost time, a post about non-dev contributors, initially composed by a non-dev contributor! (Thanks, Edgar.)

(If you just want advice on how to contribute, skip to the end of the article!)

== Stats ==

(Global stats as of 0.16 (ish) from

Over the course of Crawl’s development, we’ve had 47,577 commits by 203 authors (not counting contribs not in commit form!) resulting in 373,054 lines of code.

All this took an estimated 101 years of combined effort! A century of crawl.

For 0.16 specifically, we had

  • 50 commit authors.
    • 24 members of the team contributed, the other 26 were community members,
    • with 5 more making contributions but not listed as commit authors.
  • Nathaniel Rook, infiniplex, Edgar A. Bering IV, and Chris Oelmueller all had more than 10 commits; Chris Oelmueller had 39!
  • Altogether 54 tiles were edited or added by community tiles authors, with Bloax contributing to 48 tiles.
  • Over 150 commits credited community members for their input.

During development approximately 580 new mantis tickets were opened on our bug-tracker, and 680 were resolved.

== Highlights: ==

Volunteer contributions ranged the gamut for this commit. Some people added new items, like the unrand Gyre and Gimble (designed by argonaut before being rewritten by wheals), or the new Potion of Ambrosia that replaces Potions of Confusion (thanks again, Edgar!). Others added new dungeon features, like Nathaniel Rook‘s troves that take piety instead of items, or Infiniplex‘s new set of dungeon layout generators. (Probably most noticeable in Elf!) Bloax added an enormous number of new tiles, for monsters, items, icons & features; Chris Oelmueller contributed a preposterous number of balance tweaks, bugfixes, and general quality of life improvements.

== Full breakdown: ==

== Interested in contributing? ==

That’s great! So, what do you want to do?

If you want to make art, that’s great! If you feel comfortable working with small sprites (generally around 32×32), then we can always use new tiles for almost everything – monsters, features, you name it. (Most of our monster tiles date back to the first release of tiles, nearly ten years ago!) You can check out our existing tiles by looking through the subdirectories here, and this document provides a full guide to the rest.

If you don’t feel comfortable with sprites that small, we can always use new loading screens – our existing ones are here.

If you prefer coding, probably the simplest place to start is by looking through the list of open bugs, finding something that looks promising, and uploading a fix. The code is here, and there are also guides to creating a patch.

If neither of those are your strong suit, you can try creating a new vault – a partially randomized area of the game. Documentation is here You can also try designing a new part of the game, like a god, species, or spell, and suggest it on the forums – remember to keep a thick skin and not take criticism too personally, though!

Once you’ve made something, art or a vault or anything else, put it on mantis in a new issue. Don’t feel too stressed about all of the fields – we can fix small mistakes with that sort of thing.

For help with any of these, feel free to visit ##crawl-dev on irc:// – there’s generally devs around to help any time, between 9 AM to 11 PM Pacific. (And even if no one’s around, you can leave a message and come back later – generally someone will read the logs sooner or later.)

Thanks for reading, and happy crawling!