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Clan Unique Harvesting Ranking

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.

#TeamProgress / 88Uniques Slain
1Bakas and Quokkas883 ghosts
1Floor_God_Fan_Club883 ghosts
1Future Player Goats883 ghosts
1Heavy Weight Lifting Club883 ghosts
1Mangled by a Quokka883 ghosts
1My Boolean is Binary883 ghosts
1TeamKillers883 ghosts
1Uncle Xoms Tabbin883 ghosts
1WDIFTL883 ghosts
1Zombie Dream SheepleZzz883 ghosts
2AWBW Rising873 ghosts
2Babushka_ZINa873 ghosts
2CanardsCrawlers873 ghosts
2MMOL873 ghosts
2Robins Lobbin Goblins873 ghosts
2Skysharks with friggen Plasma Beams873 ghosts
2TeamSplat873 ghosts
2Vhis Electric Chargers873 ghosts
3Future Player Poltergeists863 ghosts
3Gozags Part Time Crew863 ghosts
3high energy crawlers863 ghosts
3Lom Lebron863 ghosts
3Make Beogh Great Again863 ghosts
3Octopode Travelers863 ghosts
3OlymP0WER sn0wgr3 st0p-m0tion-bl0CKbuster863 ghosts
3Redfall Toxx Survivors863 ghosts
3Scrubs863 ghosts
3Stacking Considered Harmful863 ghosts
3The Devils Team863 ghosts
4chatdocrawlbr 853 ghosts
4tab dance853 ghosts
4Why did it have to be Snake853 ghosts
5Future Player Ghosts843 ghosts
5Later HOMo843 ghosts
5Lock My Vaults and Throw Away the Rune843 ghosts
5The_Juiceboys843 ghosts
5wherebanana843 ghosts
6December833 ghosts
6Negative Win Rate833 ghosts
7TEAM_MEAT823 ghosts
7The Gnoll Hypothesis823 ghosts
8I Got No Time For DIS813 ghosts
8Tavern Snacks813 ghosts
8The Punchlines813 ghosts
9TheMinors803 ghosts
10Ijyb Blork and Mauds Mephitic Cloud Based Solutions783 ghosts
11affordable-jussy-in-my-plussy773 ghosts
11LostArtBrewing773 ghosts
11No Free Soup773 ghosts
11Two Grums One Chuck773 ghosts
12Splats in Hats763 ghosts
13Spriggan Bakers753 ghosts
14cats-n-pigs733 ghosts
14Gay Orb Desirers733 ghosts
14GnollTeamName733 ghosts
14javacore733 ghosts
14just artmatt733 ghosts
14MFC Endotherm Enjoyers Anonymous733 ghosts
14Reaver Madness733 ghosts
15Enable MiFi Hotspot723 ghosts
15UndeadQops723 ghosts
16My Last Win Was A Sludge Elf713 ghosts
16The Zipper Clan713 ghosts
17DeathDefyingLogic703 ghosts
17YASD703 ghosts
18Abyssal-Alcoholics693 ghosts
18momar693 ghosts
19Socratic Orbs683 ghosts
20Star Rail653 ghosts
211001 Mutations623 ghosts
22Death Cob For Cutie603 ghosts
22Sisters In Arms603 ghosts
22Were gonna need a bigger skyboat603 ghosts
23Anlashok583 ghosts
24Elin573 ghosts
25Not The Yellow From The Egg563 ghosts
26SplatAI553 ghosts
27Moon Landing Truthers523 ghosts
27The I in Team523 ghosts
28Maggie the Jademaiden513 ghosts
29Egg_of_Zot502 ghosts
29The_Biscuit_Boys503 ghosts
30OrbTicklers493 ghosts
30The First Eight Settlers493 ghosts
31CaveCrouchers473 ghosts
32Headless_chicken463 ghosts
33Elvish Costello423 ghosts
34All_About_the_Benjamin413 ghosts
35The last DIVAs403 ghosts
36WinterFox373 ghosts
37AgainstAnyOdds343 ghosts
37My_little_Neqoxec341 ghost
38None323 ghosts
39Deegsters271 ghost
39Eleusis271 ghost
40Ru242 ghosts
41Everdoor221 ghost
42Ziggurine Dreamshard and the Spiders from Nest211 ghost
43The Michael Jordan of Drunk Crawling20
44azu182 ghosts
45Gondolin141 ghost
46Ogre the Hill 30 somethings13
46We have a bigger skyboat13
51not sure were feeling this one again71 ghost
52clam cake61 ghost
52Flubbery Flubbers6
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