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Clan Unique Harvesting Ranking

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.

#TeamProgress / 81Uniques Slain
1Babushka_ZINa813 ghosts
1chatdocrawlbr813 ghosts
1Gozig or Gozag813 ghosts
1Oh Gnoll You Didnt813 ghosts
1TeamSplit813 ghosts
1That felt unstrangely rewarding813 ghosts
1Ziggurine Dreamshard and the Spiders from Nest813 ghosts
2Chocolate_Pizza803 ghosts
2One Baka vs the World803 ghosts
2Sn0wgr3 mass Pr0-duCKtion803 ghosts
2TeamSplat803 ghosts
3ABYSSScummers793 ghosts
3Future Player Ghosts793 ghosts
3Future Player Goats793 ghosts
3Krazy Kobold Krew793 ghosts
3Lees Keyboard Deconstruction793 ghosts
3Order of the Cockatrice793 ghosts
4AWBW Ignis v Wudzu773 ghosts
4DEI773 ghosts
4I Got No Time For DIS773 ghosts
4LowELObros773 ghosts
4tab dance773 ghosts
4zooknoob773 ghosts
5Gozags Pump and Dump763 ghosts
5No Girls Allowed763 ghosts
5Splats in Hats763 ghosts
5TEAM_MEAT763 ghosts
6Mlio_s Wretched Stars753 ghosts
6sweetlord753 ghosts
6The Spellsmiths753 ghosts
7Mox Diamond Erred Nom Aid Xom743 ghosts
8Flash in the Pan733 ghosts
8Negative Win Rate733 ghosts
9DropItLikeItsZot723 ghosts
9flipadelphia723 ghosts
9Gozags Part Time Crew723 ghosts
9TavernSnacks723 ghosts
10Getting_It_On_With_Geryon713 ghosts
10wherebanana713 ghosts
11No Diesel No Foxfire693 ghosts
11Scrubs693 ghosts
12Enfeebled683 ghosts
12MFC Ignis to Win This683 ghosts
13IgnisACinderellaStory673 ghosts
13Lair Lair Pants On Fire673 ghosts
13LostArtBrewing673 ghosts
13slain by a quokka673 ghosts
14Legacy Crutches663 ghosts
14Trinary_Search_Tree663 ghosts
15Bay 12 Blacksmiths653 ghosts
15Eddy and Siggy653 ghosts
15One_Human_Can_Be_a_Team653 ghosts
16Big DjCK Energy643 ghosts
16March of the Tenguins643 ghosts
16The Devils Team643 ghosts
16This Will Look Bad in Discovery643 ghosts
16YASD643 ghosts
17CanardsCrawlers633 ghosts
17how high should i raise traps and doors633 ghosts
17Mennas II Society633 ghosts
17The Zipper Clan633 ghosts
18Ignis goes to New Hells623 ghosts
18Lesser Beckoning - Now Even More Lesser623 ghosts
19ogre-the-top613 ghosts
20GWJ - Ad Hoc593 ghosts
21DeathDefyingLogic583 ghosts
21Orb Roadtrip583 ghosts
22cats-n-pigs573 ghosts
22GWJ - The Abyss Stares Back573 ghosts
22momar573 ghosts
23Better Yred Than Dead563 ghosts
23TeamKillers563 ghosts
24MFC_Ignis_is_Bliss523 ghosts
24The Yuuters523 ghosts
24what refreshed hell is this523 ghosts
25jbopre513 ghosts
26Hubris tomato pasta503 ghosts
26HurryHard503 ghosts
27Spanky and the Boys493 ghosts
28paint the world483 ghosts
29Gondolin473 ghosts
29Sisters_In_Arms473 ghosts
30Spiny_Hawgs453 ghosts
30There and Back Again453 ghosts
31Not The Yellow From The Egg442 ghosts
31ZeroBoltage443 ghosts
32Fresh Soup Kitchen433 ghosts
32Gnoll Pointer Error433 ghosts
33KenziesTeam423 ghosts
34Yermak_or_yer_life393 ghosts
35Ashenzari Not Zari383 ghosts
36BlenderBrothers373 ghosts
37Ignus 2 Ignition363 ghosts
38drunkducks343 ghosts
39TransylvanienTransa332 ghosts
40high energy crawlers31
41OmegleRandos262 ghosts
43DECEMBER202 ghosts
45TapirHorse181 ghost
45Teeth the destroyer of hot dogs18
46Malmuthaters171 ghost
49Stupid BaCA71 ghost
51Magical Grills3
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