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Clan Nemelex' Choice Ranking

The clan is awarded points in this category in the same way as the indvidual Nemelex' Choice using all of the members' games: one point to each of the first nine clans to win a Nemelex combo. Note: multiple clan members may win a Nemelex combo to deny other individuals Nemelex points, but this will not affect clan Nemelex scoring.

Current combo: MfCj. Chosen on 2022-02-20 20:12:46 UTC.

Previous combos: DDAM (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), DjCA (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), BaAK (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), TeEn (won: 9 individual, 6 clan), FoIE (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), PaAr (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), GhDe (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), HODe (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), DjSu (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), MfFE (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), VpVM (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), KoWr (won: 9 individual, 6 clan), DETm (won: 6 individual, 4 clan), GrCA (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), FoAE (won: 7 individual, 3 clan), PaWz (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), HuEn (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), TeEE (won: 8 individual, 7 clan), SpIE (won: 7 individual, 7 clan), DjGl (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), VpFE (won: 8 individual, 5 clan), MuCA (won: 9 individual, 6 clan), MfAM (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), SpSu (won: 8 individual, 6 clan), BaCj (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), KoAE (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), MuDe (won: 9 individual, 5 clan), BaNe (won: 7 individual, 4 clan), GhWz (won: 7 individual, 7 clan), VpWr (won: 4 individual, 4 clan), DDAK (won: 5 individual, 5 clan), PaEE (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), VSDe (won: 9 individual, 6 clan), DEAr (won: 6 individual, 6 clan), DEWr (won: 4 individual, 3 clan), PaHu (won: 7 individual, 6 clan), DgEn (won: 6 individual, 4 clan), DrCA (won: 7 individual, 5 clan), PaBr (won: 4 individual, 4 clan), DDAE (won: 3 individual, 2 clan), FoNe (won: 2 individual, 0 clan), FeCA (won: 1 individual, 1 clan), and DjBe (won: 1 individual, 1 clan)

1Gozig or Gozag40PaHu (Ge0ff), KoAE (Yermak), KoWr (Yermak), MfAM (Forgeling), MfFE (Charly), MuCA (Charly), MuDe (Forgeling), PaAr (Yermak), PaBr (Ge0ff), PaEE (Ge0ff), VSDe (Forgeling), PaWz (Charly), SpIE (Yermak), SpSu (Forgeling), TeEE (Yermak), TeEn (Forgeling), VpFE (Forgeling), VpVM (Forgeling), BaNe (Forgeling), VpWr (Ge0ff), HODe (Ge0ff), BaAK (Dani), BaCj (Yermak), DDAK (Yermak), DDAM (Ge0ff), DEAr (Forgeling), DETm (Charly), DEWr (GordonOverkill), DgEn (Yermak), DjBe (Ge0ff), DjGl (GordonOverkill), DjSu (Yermak), DrCA (Yermak), FoAE (GordonOverkill), FoIE (Dani), GhDe (Yermak), GhWz (Yermak), GrCA (Charly), HuEn (Yermak), DjCA (Yermak)
2Oh Gnoll You Didnt30KoWr (browni3141), MfFE (browni3141), MuCA (TheMeInTeam), MuDe (Prakerore), PaAr (browni3141), PaEE (agentchuck), PaHu (Prakerore), PaWz (Prakerore), SpSu (TheMeInTeam), TeEn (Prakerore), VpFE (Prakerore), VpVM (Prakerore), DDAM (TheMeInTeam), VpWr (TheMeInTeam), VSDe (Prakerore), HuEn (Prakerore), BaAK (browni3141), BaCj (TheMeInTeam), DEAr (TheMeInTeam), DETm (browni3141), DgEn (Prakerore), DjCA (TheMeInTeam), DjGl (Prakerore), DjSu (TheMeInTeam), FoIE (browni3141), GhDe (browni3141), GhWz (Prakerore), GrCA (browni3141), HODe (agentchuck), KoAE (Prakerore)
2That felt unstrangely rewarding30BaCj (Fagentul), BaAK (acrobat2), VSDe (acrobat2), VpWr (Fagentul), VpVM (Fagentul), VpFE (CryingNoob), TeEE (acrobat2), SpSu (acrobat2), SpIE (Fagentul), PaWz (Fagentul), PaHu (acrobat2), PaEE (acrobat2), MuDe (Fagentul), MuCA (Fagentul), MfFE (acrobat2), MfAM (CryingNoob), KoAE (Fagentul), KoWr (acrobat2), BaNe (Fagentul), DDAK (Fagentul), DEWr (acrobat2), DjCA (Fagentul), DjGl (Fagentul), FeCA (acrobat2), FoAE (Fagentul), FoIE (Fagentul), GhDe (acrobat2), GhWz (Fagentul), GrCA (acrobat2), HuEn (Fagentul)
3ABYSSScummers25PaAr (BorgnjorsVileCrotch), VpVM (altcumming), VpFE (BorgnjorsVileCrotch), TeEn (FoCKShaftsOnD1), TeEE (FoCKShaftsOnD1), SpIE (altcumming), PaWz (altcumming), PaHu (Suckmydevs), PaEE (Suckmydevs), MfFE (altcumming), MfAM (FoCKShaftsOnD1), KoWr (altcumming), DETm (altcumming), HuEn (BorgnjorsVileCrotch), BaCj (Suckmydevs), DDAM (ironchadthunderc0ck), DjCA (Suckmydevs), DjGl (BorgnjorsVileCrotch), DjSu (ironchadthunderc0ck), FoAE (FoCKShaftsOnD1), FoIE (BorgnjorsVileCrotch), BaAK (BorgnjorsVileCrotch), GhDe (altcumming), GrCA (BorgnjorsVileCrotch), HODe (FoCKShaftsOnD1)
4Ziggurine Dreamshard and the Spiders from Nest19KoWr (Implojin), VpVM (Meowism), TeEn (Meowism), PaWz (bad), PaHu (Implojin), PaBr (Implojin), PaAr (Implojin), MfFE (Meowism), MfAM (Meowism), HODe (Implojin), BaAK (Meowism), DDAM (Meowism), DETm (Meowism), DjCA (Meowism), DjGl (Implojin), DjSu (Meowism), DrCA (Implojin), GrCA (Meowism), HuEn (Meowism)
5One Baka vs the World15DjGl (SnakkuSnakku7), TeEn (SnakkuSnakku7), PaWz (SnakkuSnakku7), PaHu (SnakkuSnakku7), MuDe (SnakkuSnakku7), MuCA (SnakkuSnakku7), MfFE (SnakkuSnakku7), MfAM (SnakkuSnakku7), GhWz (SnakkuSnakku7), FoIE (SnakkuSnakku7), DEAr (SnakkuSnakku7), DDAK (SnakkuSnakku7), BaNe (SnakkuSnakku7), BaCj (SnakkuSnakku7), BaAK (SnakkuSnakku7)
6TeamSplat14VpVM (BerryKnight), TeEE (BerryKnight), PaEE (particleface), PaAr (shummie), HODe (particleface), DrCA (particleface), GrCA (RBrandon), GhDe (RBrandon), DjSu (particleface), DjCA (particleface), DgEn (BerryKnight), DDAM (shummie), DDAE (BerryKnight), GhWz (BerryKnight)
7chatdocrawlbr10GhDe (poncheis), VSDe (Behavioral), SpSu (Behavioral), PaAr (poncheis), KoAE (Behavioral), GhWz (Behavioral), FoIE (Behavioral), DjGl (Behavioral), DEAr (Behavioral), BaCj (Behavioral)
7Order of the Cockatrice10GhDe (spicyDoesTourney), HODe (ShadowRider38), MfFE (ShadowRider38), PaAr (ShadowRider38), DgEn (ShadowRider38), DjGl (ShadowRider38), DjCA (spicyDoesTourney), BaCj (ShadowRider38), DDAM (910rd), DjSu (ShadowRider38)
8Eddy and Siggy8MfAM (Jannitor), TeEn (Jannitor), TeEE (Jannitor), SpIE (Jannitor), KoAE (Jannitor), HuEn (Jannitor), GrCA (Jannitor), DEWr (Jannitor)
9Sn0wgr3 mass Pr0-duCKtion7PaAr (p0werm0de), VSDe (p0werm0de), VpFE (vt), SpIE (p0werm0de), PaEE (p0werm0de), KoAE (vt), DEAr (vt)
10Chocolate_Pizza6DrCA (malcolmhunter999), GhWz (malcolmhunter999), KoAE (malcolmhunter999), PaBr (malcolmhunter999), SpSu (malcolmhunter999), TeEE (malcolmhunter999)
11tab dance5DDAK (bobnalice), VSDe (bobnalice), VpVM (bobnalice), DjSu (Poopmaster), DjCA (bobnalice)
11TeamSplit5PaWz (jt), PaBr (jt), DDAK (jt), DDAE (jt), GrCA (jt)
12Mlio_s Wretched Stars4BaNe (agentgt), DEAr (AbyssTournament), DjSu (AbyssTournament), VpWr (agentgt)
12wherebanana4DjGl (dang3rdave), GrCA (Theoretic), MfAM (Theoretic), MuCA (Theoretic)
13No Diesel No Foxfire3DjCA (happy), DjSu (tmoiynmwg), MuCA (tmoiynmwg)
13TavernSnacks3HODe (sanka), TeEE (sanka), MfFE (Strat)
14Babushka_ZINa2BaAK (DevastatorOne), GhDe (DevastatorOne)
14Bay 12 Blacksmiths2SpIE (isplatspriggans), SpSu (isplatspriggans)
14DEI2BaCj (Rubinko), DrCA (Rubinko)
14Future Player Goats2HuEn (iguanaiguana), VpVM (ryathie)
14Gozags Part Time Crew2FoIE (foxor), PaAr (emikaela)
14There and Back Again2BaCj (mitch45678), MfFE (mitch45678)
14This Will Look Bad in Discovery2DDAM (ebering), MuDe (ebering)
15AWBW Ignis v Wudzu1PaEE (HorDDes)
15I Got No Time For DIS1HODe (nogo)
15Negative Win Rate1SpIE (erf)
15Splats in Hats1KoAE (melvinkitnick)
15what refreshed hell is this1KoWr (fiver49)
15Yermak_or_yer_life1GhDe (theMacoje)
Last updated 2022-02-21 01:00:29 UTC.