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Clan Unique Harvesting Ranking

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.

#TeamProgress / 81Uniques Slain
1Babushka_ZINa814 ghosts
1FuturePlayerGhosts814 ghosts
1GarajGaming814 ghosts
1Gozag or Stay Home814 ghosts
1Gozags Part Time Crew814 ghosts
1Irradiated Dongers814 ghosts
1Make Beogh Great Again814 ghosts
1Team Toxic Radiance814 ghosts
1TeamSplat814 ghosts
1TeamSplit814 ghosts
1WDIFTL814 ghosts
2cats4gold dot com804 ghosts
2Death Cob For Cutie804 ghosts
2General TSOs Chicken804 ghosts
2Nineball Gang804 ghosts
2Nobody loves Fedhas804 ghosts
2Scroll of retirement804 ghosts
2TavernSnacks804 ghosts
2Washed_Up_Smiters804 ghosts
2XTAHUA RAWR804 ghosts
3Hack the Net794 ghosts
3Jackfish794 ghosts
3Late_to_tournament794 ghosts
3LostArtBrewing794 ghosts
3Scrubs794 ghosts
3Splats in Hats794 ghosts
3Streambunnies794 ghosts
3Tab O Negative794 ghosts
3TalkingTime794 ghosts
3TEAM_MEAT794 ghosts
3YASD794 ghosts
4Frozen in our Ramparts784 ghosts
4Gay Orb Desirers784 ghosts
4Hajpojkarna784 ghosts
4Jorgruns Crystal Guardians784 ghosts
4Knifeback784 ghosts
4Russian Commonwealth of Statuephiles784 ghosts
4Sect of the Kabashur Woe784 ghosts
4Spriggan_Bakers784 ghosts
4Tovarich784 ghosts
4Untiled Gardening Project784 ghosts
5Dude wheres my ration774 ghosts
5Ogres Knight Klubbin774 ghosts
5Team Ahma774 ghosts
5What Happened To UV4774 ghosts
6bolsonaro bad764 ghosts
6huhhuhhuh764 ghosts
6Snorg Cube764 ghosts
6This is My Swamp764 ghosts
7Hubris will tear us apart754 ghosts
7Ordo754 ghosts
8BallsToTheCrawl744 ghosts
8cats-n-pigs744 ghosts
8momar744 ghosts
9CanardsCrawlers734 ghosts
9GWJ - All Out Of Funny Names734 ghosts
9TeamKillers734 ghosts
10Kim-Chei-Statue724 ghosts
11At_Home_Apple_Juice704 ghosts
11Noise Resistance Research Group704 ghosts
11The Devils Team704 ghosts
12AWBW Something Something684 ghosts
12The_BLOC684 ghosts
13BulwarkOfTheWeak674 ghosts
13GWJ Hindsight is 2020674 ghosts
13Soltanis_Soldiers674 ghosts
14cozy664 ghosts
14MeFI Trogging it up once again664 ghosts
14MR and MRs Will664 ghosts
15GnollMoreTrump654 ghosts
16Gettin Jiyva With It624 ghosts
17Incompetent Army614 ghosts
18Ankara604 ghosts
18E-boys604 ghosts
19Crawlopedes594 ghosts
19Eddy and Siggy594 ghosts
19Stone Soup Heroes594 ghosts
20Gondolin584 ghosts
20Team_dracia584 ghosts
21Deegsters574 ghosts
22Sisters_In_Arms564 ghosts
23A Distant Zot544 ghosts
23deadFerrets544 ghosts
23Fellowship of The Orb544 ghosts
242Butts534 ghosts
24Kimchi Storm534 ghosts
25Minato Shirokane502 ghosts
26Lulwy_of_Wind494 ghosts
27No Runes474 ghosts
28Gozaddy454 ghosts
29Chei_Guevara424 ghosts
29OneUpMan424 ghosts
29Smelly Scoundrels424 ghosts
30hawawa404 ghosts
30RoadkillAficionado404 ghosts
31Paradox Plz Make a Game374 ghosts
32Tomahawk_Takedown344 ghosts
33Crawldegenerates311 ghost
33First Strike Flamingos311 ghost
33SeniorenBingo314 ghosts
34Malmuthaters291 ghost
34POLAR292 ghosts
35Nobody loves Fedhas284 ghosts
35Wights_Arent_People281 ghost
36Trogs Frogs274 ghosts
37Lost in the Lair231 ghost
38Soltanis_Soldiers171 ghost
39Raiders of the Lost Zot161 ghost
40colder than scale mail121 ghost
41ByeByeMyPrettyDemons111 ghost
43The Dog Pound4
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