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Captain: iamoutofideas

Clan Members:

Overall rank: 93 of 122

Ongoing Games:

0:22:40 ago: iamoutofideas the Firebug (L5 DsFE) killed Grinder. (D:3, turn 2928, dur 0:07:06, cbr2)

Recent games

Recent games for Gozaddy
iamoutofideas8DsIED:1quit the game26352021-01-24 19:45:02cbr2
iamoutofideas4DsFED:1slain by a jackal12872021-01-24 19:14:36cbr2
iamoutofideas22DsIED:1slain by a jackal25792021-01-24 19:13:54cbr2
iamoutofideas81866DsVMVehumetD:15blasted by a fire giant (fireball)15311732021-01-24 19:11:34cbr2
iamoutofideas39DsFED:2slain by Sigmund (a +0 scythe)318682021-01-24 17:35:32cbr2
iamoutofideas125DsFED:3slain by a scorpion427352021-01-24 17:32:32cbr2
iamoutofideas37DsFED:2slain by a gnoll (a +0 spear)311672021-01-24 17:28:08cbr2
iamoutofideas71DsFED:2quit the game412712021-01-24 17:26:22cbr2
iamoutofideas9DsFED:1quit the game22712021-01-24 17:24:02cbr2
iamoutofideas3DsVMD:1slain by a jackal1672021-01-24 17:22:53cbr2

Top games

Top games for Gozaddy
iamoutofideas227799DsIEVehumetSwamp:3blasted by an eleionoma (spray of wooden splinters)18474102021-01-23 02:42:21cbr2
iamoutofideas187882DsIEVehumetElf:3splashed by a deep elf sorcerer's acid17434152021-01-23 23:11:21cbr2
iamoutofideas174743DDFiMakhlebSpider:2slain by an entropy weaver17223742021-01-15 20:18:50cbr2
iamoutofideas150833DsIEVehumetSnake:4succumbed to a nagaraja's splash of poison16386662021-01-22 05:42:37cbr2
iamoutofideas83209DsIEVehumetD:14quit the game15355462021-01-20 17:21:55cbr2
iamoutofideas81866DsVMVehumetD:15blasted by a fire giant (fireball)15311732021-01-24 19:11:34cbr2
iamoutofideas18319DsIEVehumetGauntletmangled by a death scarab12189632021-01-21 00:52:35cbr2
iamoutofideas13208DsIEVehumetD:11blasted by Fannar (refrigeration)11151542021-01-22 21:42:00cbr2
iamoutofideas13003DsIEVehumetD:11slain by a red ugly thing11159542021-01-23 21:25:02cbr2
iamoutofideas11121DsIEVehumetD:11slain by a seven-headed hydra11125392021-01-22 18:57:37cbr2


Category Rank Points
Total 93 9,564
Exploration 24/100 2,400
Piety 2/49 408
Unique Harvesting 45/81 5,555
Winning - -
Nemelex' Choice - -
Combo High Scores - -
Streak Length - -
Best High Score 99 101
Low Turncount Win - -
Fastest Real Time Win - -
Ziggurat Diving - -
Banner Collection 11/100 1,100
Last updated 2021-01-24 20:16:09 UTC.