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Captain: slowgraham

Clan Members: esekla, larett, and wendy

Overall rank: 79 of 122

Recent games

Recent games for GnollMoreTrump
Esekla107SpCKXomD:3slain by an orc (a +0 flail)414002021-01-24 18:09:59cko
Esekla69SpCKXomD:3succumbed to Ijyb's poison422082021-01-24 18:02:57cko
Esekla4SpCKXomD:1slain by a kobold12452021-01-24 17:53:29cko
Esekla22SpCKAshenzariD:4blasted by an orc wizard (puff of flame)23752021-01-24 17:45:27cko
Esekla637456BaDeAshenzariZig:7slain by a spectral golden dragon (summoned by a mummy priest)271043142021-01-24 15:25:05cko
SlowGraham172582DrFiGozagSwamp:4slain by a seven-headed hydra17446152021-01-24 14:23:49cko
Larett51GhMoD:2slain by a goblin (a +0 dagger)314972021-01-24 12:33:23cko
Larett94GhMoD:2slain by a gnoll (a +0 spear)413082021-01-24 12:19:30cko
Larett39GhMoD:2blasted by Sigmund (puff of flame)36192021-01-24 00:39:27cko
Larett689GhMoMakhlebD:5slain by Pikel (a +2 whip of freezing)737672021-01-23 20:10:47cko

Top games

Top games for GnollMoreTrump
Esekla745084OpDeGozagTomb:2killed by a guardian mummy's death curse271109172021-01-13 05:40:48cbr2
SlowGraham647058MiAEGozagZot:2slain by a moth of wrath27912732021-01-14 21:03:35cko
Esekla637456BaDeAshenzariZig:7slain by a spectral golden dragon (summoned by a mummy priest)271043142021-01-24 15:25:05cko
SlowGraham605272GnGlGozagZot:1blasted by a purple draconian scorcher (bolt of magma)27912332021-01-22 23:33:35cko
SlowGraham532236MiTmNemelex XobehAbyss:1blasted by a Hell Sentinel (iron shot)25811312021-01-09 02:19:40cko
Esekla419116DrDeAshenzariAbyss:3blasted by an ice dragon (blast of cold)22794522021-01-16 04:05:58cko
SlowGraham264259DsDeGozagDesolationmangled by a saltling19560902021-01-10 14:56:44cko
SlowGraham209542HOCjTrogShoals:2mangled by a merfolk (a +0 spear)18395602021-01-21 13:13:04cko
SlowGraham203551HOIEGozagSwamp:4slain by a nine-headed hydra18386582021-01-13 20:11:35cko
SlowGraham183376GrEnAshenzariSwamp:4hit from afar by bloated husk18282132021-01-19 21:29:55cko


Category Rank Points
Total 79 18,134
Exploration 55/100 5,500
Piety 7/49 1,428
Unique Harvesting 65/81 8,024
Winning - -
Nemelex' Choice - -
Combo High Scores 27 370
Streak Length - -
Best High Score 91 109
Low Turncount Win - -
Fastest Real Time Win - -
Ziggurat Diving 33 303
Banner Collection 24/100 2,400
Last updated 2021-01-24 20:16:10 UTC.