Hello Crawlers, and welcome to a new batch of trunk updates. This sometimes-regular blog feature has seen the dark of Kikubaaqudgha and risen from the grave. There’s no telling whether or not it will survive the whole 0.25 development cycle. But while it’s here lets get the latest from Tar:7.

  • Various bug fixes from the 0.24 tournament. The 0.24.1 bug fix release is coming soon.
  • Monster clinging has finally lost its grip and is now removed
  • Boris will now pursue you on the orb run
  • While hostile guardian golems were great ways to make the game harder, summons now dismiss when attacked instead of becoming hostile. The exception is Greater Demons, who are none to pleased to be bothered with your mortal issues.
  • Local tiles gains monster threat level indicators which can also be enabled in WebTiles with the tile_show_threat_levels option.
  • Fedhas now protects your plants from collision damage.
  • On the back end,
    • aidanh’s long running ui overhaul has made significant strides
    • Monster pathing code has received some optimizations, which should reduce lag when stepped from time. (Cheibriados regrets the need for haste).
  • Carrying corpses has been removed again.

Looking to the future, my positional attack magic experiment has grown and twisted. It’s just been merged, details will appear in the next trunk updates post!