The 0.24 tournament is over. On behalf of the Dev Team, many thanks to all the server admins, outside contributors, bug reporters, and to the many DCSS players who made the 0.24 release and tournament possible! For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.24 games on the public servers. First let’s give a few highlights from the player and clan results. For comprehensive results with first through third place winners in all categories, please see the tournament overview page.

The winning player was Yermak, with 8149 points. Yermak won 50 games during the tournament, including a streak of 22 wins, and won 18 tier-three banners. In second place was JiyvaJigglypuff, with 7979 points and 36 wins, including a streak of 18 wins and 19 tier-three banners. In third place was cosmonaut, with 7717 points, a streak of 24 wins (!), and 14 tier-three banners. MeekVeins was the only player to win all 24 tier-three tournament banners.

The fastest win by turncount was achieved by JiyvaJigglypuff (10299 turns with a DDFi of Makhleb). p0werm0de had the highest scoring game of the tournament, a 15 rune VSWr of Chei won in 28978 turns for 50M points. Caminho had the lowest level win with an XL 14 MiFi of Okawaru. The first victory of the tournament was claimed by p0werm0de, winning a DDFi of Makhleb in just 43 minutes (52 minutes after tournament start). The first 15 rune win of the tournament was by Mintice, winning a MiBe of The Shining One in 1h 47m (2h 11m after tournament start).

The clan competition was won by Grow Some Ballistomycetes (26661 points), followed by Gozag or Go Home (26172 points), and XTAHUA RAWR (22185 points). There were 143 clans in all with points scored in the tournament.

Here are some basic statistics on the players in this tournament compared with the 0.23 tournament (in parentheses):

  • Players: 2880 (0.23: 3100)
  • Total player time: 35422 hrs (0.23: 36643 hrs)
  • Avg player time:  12.3 hrs (0.23: 11.8 hrs)
  • Games played: 63048 (0.23: 65857)
  • People who got a rune: 1046 (0.23: 1046)
  • 540 winners and 1930 wins (0.23: 531 winners and 1770 wins)
  • Winrate: 3.06% (0.23: 2.69%)
  • Proportion of players using WebTiles: 95.5% (0.23: 95.4%)

Looks like winrate keeps on slowly creeping up, so we’ll have to bring on more nerfs (mostly kidding). After a relatively slow development cycle, it was neat to see this release come together towards the end as some large changes landed. I had great fun working on the Sif and Fedhas redesigns, myself. The next 0.25 release looks like it will be a big one. I’m particularly excited to see where ebering’s positional attack magic project goes in 0.25. It’s playable now as an experimental branch on CKO! Stay tuned for future posts about this and other things we’ll be adding in the next version.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 0.24 tournament! Note that we are still interested in a tournament format revamp, and will hopefully make that more of a priority for 0.25 after we nail down some of the CAO score page issues. We’ll put up a wiki page and everything, I swear! But if Xom just replaces it with a recipe for rock worm and boulder beetle soup, well that’s on Xom! Until next time, fellow Ziggurat Zaggers, happy crawling!