Hello crawlers. It’s been a busy week in Dis:7 with many demons hard at work studying the ancient runes and bringing forth new crawl changes. Before we get to the changes, CPO admin chequers is on a mission from Santaeus to bring you some crawl Christmas cheer, hosting the second annual crawl Secret Santa tournament. A big portion of the changes are a new take on attack magic, which will be described in its own post. As for the rest of what’s been happening, read on!

  • Chaos branded weapons now can cause might or agility effects, no longer cause spell miscast effects, and the clone effect now creates either hostile, friendly, or neutral clones.
  • The Elemental staff is now a spell enhancer for all elemental schools. It counts for each elemental school separately, so spells that use more than one element get doubly enhanced by it.
  • Elyvilon’s Divine Protection from death becomes guaranteed at ***** piety, instead of the previous unrevealed piety value between ***** and ****** piety.
  • Trog no longer gifts ammo or launchers, and (aside from unrandart gifts) only gifts melee weapons either with no brand and a higher enchant or one of these three brands: vorpal, flaming, or antimagic.
  • Crawl Lua gains the ability to interface with the targeter system; for you advanced Lua scripters.
  • Renouncing your religion can now be done while silenced
  • Monster wands and quivers are displayed in ^x and xv, and there are better warnings for quivers, wands, and dangerous brands held by dual-wielding monsters when multiple monsters come in to view.
  • Poison level indicators have been added to tiles, and corresponding descriptions to console.

To read about magic changes, click through to the next post. Until next time, happy crawling!