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RSS Feeds of Development Builds

For all interested in keeping up to date with our development builds for Windows & Mac OS X or the current versions running on CDO, we now provide RSS feeds of each category:

Each feed entry will provide information about the 10 recent changes and a link to download and play the build.

Update: A summary of all RSS feeds can be found here.

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A Playtesting Post to Ring in the New Year

A week into the new year, and still no playtesting post? That’s completely unacceptable!

You already know about the big Armour unnerfing, and also about the the new skill menu, so what else is new?

Well, for one, there have been so many updates to the Zot Defence minigame that, this time around, I had to put them into a subheading of their own. We’ve got a truckload of new tiles. Lots of crash bugs introduced, and even more resolved. Oh, and the noise propagation has been changed to produce pretty pictures. Well, that and to make it less likely to wake up monsters behind several layers of walls.
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